Shades of Blue (2016) s02e11 Episode Script

The Quality of Mercy

1 Previously, on "Shades of Blue" He will never stop.
He is going to keep coming after me.
I was hoping you could pull a DNA report so I can pair it to a new sample.
His name is Miguel Zepeda.
He's been texting as if he's Miguel, posing as some private investigator, using her to get to me.
Come near my daughter again, and nobody will ever find you.
I recommend a suspension, effective immediately.
The Fed they're chasing Bianchi, but I wanna make sure that they don't get you instead.
You say there's a bullet waiting for us allomewhere.
There's gonna be blood.
[gunshot] [grunts] - [glass shattering] - Woz, get down! [gunshots] You're gonna hunt these shooters down.
This is Elena, Bianchi's side piece.
We're gonna play a fun little game.
Where's Bianchi? Too bad I don't have a son to step in front of it for me.
[gunshot] All right, I'll tell you! But it won't matter.
He's got dirt on everybody who's anybody in New York.
- Where does he keep this dirt? - Lawyer's office.
There's a box locked up there.
[screams] [gunshot] [ominous music] We got to get him to the hospital! Get me the 12-gauge from the pantry! [gunshot] Heavy fire.
Requesting immediate backup.
So much for remodeling the kitchen.
You shouldn't be here, not when it looks like this.
I needed to see it.
Where does it end, Woz? How many more bodies do we need to leave behind? I sleep fine.
So should you.
You got blood on your shirt.
I have others.
Gonna come a day when it doesn't wash off.
You want to set the world right again? There's a price we gotta pay.
So long as I can live with myself when it's over.
It's not over until we get that mobster, Bianchi.
Then we can worry about living with it.
You heard what his mistress said.
That box of secrets Bianchi has is a dead man's switch.
She also told us where he is right now, and who knows how long he'll stay there? Yeah, and who knows what kind of trouble waits for us in that box? Woz, we entered this nightmare by kicking through a door without knowing what it would bring.
And look: Caroline, Julia, Nate.
He shot my boy.
And he'll pay for it.
If we can't tie him to that, we'll tie him to the two dead bodies at his mistress' apartment in need of a perp.
And then we pick him up.
But first, we got to get that box.
[dramatic music] Yo, yo, just 'cause you got a suit, man, don't mean you own the sidewalk.
What the hell, bro? Last man out, lawyer's floor is completely clear.
I thought cops had bad hours.
Can I help you gentlemen? Detectives, what can I do you for? Have you seen this girl around? What did she do? Pickpocket, prowls the Wall Street happy hours.
Takes over 10 grand.
You sure about the cameras? Yeah, the firm only installed them in the supply room to deter employee theft.
No eyes in the hallways or the offices? No, not according to the very helpful clerk at the alarm company.
[dramatic music] [elevator bell dings] No crime scene tape.
We made it here before the neighbors noticed the smell.
Your respect for the dead is really something, you know that? I respect the dead by putting away the people that killed them.
Why didn't Woz just call it in when he found them shot? It's best for him to stay out of it.
This is staying out of it? Bianchi pulled the trigger himself? Cautionary tale.
Don't date mobsters.
Well, she'll get the last laugh.
Bianchi's definitely gonna do some time for this one.
[tapping on wall] Imagine that, a safe behind a picture.
Unless this has a custom program, these things usually have a four-digit combination.
Well, let's hope this asshat was too cheap for an upgrade.
When you're ready, start giving me numbers.
You sure you haven't seen her? It's not a face a man would forget.
That body neither.
[laughter] Hey, I saw on the news about those cops who got shot at the other night.
Do you know those guys? [phone beeping] Tell you one thing, I am not gonna scroll through her pictures.
Okay, "Bianchi re "recuires answers.
Wants to meet at my place tonight.
" You spelled "requires" wrong.
Oh, I'm trying to make it authentic.
She strikes me as a bad speller.
[keypad beeping] Scratch 3-1-7-9.
What was that? 3-1-7-9? Woz are you even what? What? Try 1973.
[keypad beeping] [lock clicks] Oh! - [chuckles] - Secretariat.
That's when he won the Triple Crown, 1973.
My dad used to bet the ponies.
- Now for the fun part.
- Wow, did we get lucky.
Yeah, let's see which one of these puppies'll put Bianchi away permanently.
I wonder how close Woz came to interrupting their little lovers' quarrel.
All right, you ready to wake the neighbors? Yeah.
[knocking at door] NYPD, open up! [knocking at door] Elena, it's the police.
Open up! Material witness.
She could be in trouble in there.
Then I guess we don't have a choice.
[door crashes] This is just a bunch of jewelry and a will.
Nothing juicy enough to ensure a mobster doesn't stay in jail.
Dirty pictures, and no politicos I recognize, so this ain't it.
All right, well, fingers crossed.
[keypad beeps] - Oh, wait, this has to be it.
- Yeah.
What Bianchi's mistress said he has in here, I buy the high-tech roadblock.
This one's coming with us.
Guy's snorting a line of coke off her thigh.
[laughter] See, that's unbelievable.
The action ain't out there with us, man.
[phone beeping] It ain't.
You know, I was wondering, uh What? It is true there's really a helipad on the roof? For sure, brah.
Killer view.
Come on.
I'll take you up.
Really? - Yeah.
- Go on, man, I'll stick here.
If anyone comes in, NYPD has you covered, all right? [elevator bell dings] Oh, God, what are you doing here? Shouldn't we be asking you that? I thought I'd still beat everyone in.
I was planing to be here 20 minutes ago to serve the coffee.
Still can't use these 4 a.
London calls.
It's a lot during midterms.
Oh, it's inhuman, but don't worry.
We grabbed some coffee on the way in.
I'm sorry, who are you again? Oh, uh we work for Mr.
Shelton, dropping off files.
Off hours sometimes.
Okay, I just I don't remember anyone mentioning a delivery.
We don't have time.
Okay, I got this.
I'll be right behind you.
Look, some of the clients here really value their privacy, and we do work for them that they prefer not everyone know about.
Don't worry, everything's fine.
I work two jobs to put myself through law school.
Please, I don't want any trouble.
Neither do we, okay? A girl who gets up at 4:00 a.
for a meeting to pay for tuition is a girl with a bright future.
Nothing needs to get in the way of that.
Check the clock.
There's hidden camera the senior partner uses to spy on how many breaks we take.
Son of a Look, you're gonna be fine.
[elevator bell dings] Just go.
Get ready for your call.
If we can't open it, why don't we take it to Bianchi's skull? Eh, it's tempting, but then he'd know we have it.
Without a fingerprint, some schmuck's gonna spend his days drilling titanium steel.
[chuckles] I walked into that one.
Go to my garage.
Use whatever you need.
Make sure nobody's following you.
And if anybody shows up who's not me or my wife I got it, I got it.
Shoot first.
Good, save us both the trouble and put the cuffs on yourself, genius.
You should invite Nava over again.
It was fun to see you all squirmy and uncomfortable.
I was not.
Do you love him? I'm glad you're enjoying this.
See? Squirmy and uncomfortable.
Hey, wait up! Don't you have a geography test you have to ace? - Geometry.
- I thought it was geography.
Well, then I wasted a lot of time on the Pythagorean theorem.
The smiling's a nice change of pace.
Well, I smile.
Look, I'll pick you up right here as soon as school's over.
Mom, you practically have me on house arrest.
It's almost over.
And hopefully, at the end of today, we're smiling.
Well, how? Did you find out who shot at you? You know, there's some lucky girls out there whose biggest concern is prom dates and pimples.
Those girls aren't lucky.
They're vapid.
Focus on geometry.
Well, now you have me worried that it's actually geography.
[laughs] Seriously, Mom, I like him.
So what, you're saying "try not to screw this up"? I'm saying it's nice to see you happy for a change.
So yeah, don't screw it up.
Love you.
[school bell rings] [laughs] Normally, these results take a little bit of time.
You're precise and methodical.
I understand that.
But a little girl may be living in a house with a murderer, so I'm gonna wait right here while you expedite this DNA analysis.
Of course, Mr.
Double homicide.
What's your theory? Well, it looks to me like they both got shot in the head.
You sure you don't wanna consider a career as a detective? I'm asking if you think it was him.
Yes, we believe Bianchi shot them.
It was his mistress' apartment.
She was the go-between.
This guy here, this is Bianchi's cleaner.
So Bianchi's tying up loose ends.
Gives us motive.
Can we place him at the scene? We have a string of texts from the phone of the male victim.
Suggests Bianchi was upset that the hit on us went bad and demanded a meeting.
Suggests? Was the text from Bianchi? It's from the mistress.
But she said that he was the one who made the demand.
He killed them both because he didn't want the shooting at my house to come down onto him.
I believe it.
That's different than being able to prove it.
I thought you said he wanted justice for his dead girlfriend.
Excuse me? Woz, he's just asking questions.
We're the ones throwing ourselves onto the line of fire.
We're all just trying to do our jobs here.
Well, then why don't you do yours? Secure us an arrest warrant so we can get this guy before he vanishes.
He's slipped the cuffs before.
Which is why we need you.
Bianchi has his eyes and ears all over the courts.
If he knows we're coming, he'll run.
Or we'll march right into our own death.
Isn't there a judge that you can go to for the arrest warrant? Someone you trust who can keep this quiet? We could link him to the double murder and the shooting.
We know what his location is, but we don't know for how long.
This is our shot, James.
[sighs] That's impossible.
Test it again.
I'm not saying there's no genetic connection.
It's just inconclusive.
How do we make it conclusive? Well, you need another sample.
See this? There's no root.
We can only get DNA from the root.
All these crime shows have really misled Yeah, I know how DNA works.
Well, then I don't have to tell you.
The fresher the sample, the better.
[sighs] You get the arrest warrant? Not yet, but I want to be in position for when we do.
Tufo, get the battering ram.
Let's go.
Got it.
Counselor, let us know when it comes through.
Harlee, let's go.
Any chance I could bribe you to sit this one out? I'll be fine.
ESU will back us up.
I'm talking really good bribery.
A cabin in the Berkshires, fireplace, no cell service Would you settle for another dinner? Does that mean I passed inspection? Earned a follow-up, anyway.
You know, you two are cute.
You're like a soldier going off to war.
Careful, you might get hit with friendly fire.
I'm just saying, you should get him one of those USO outfits.
Come on, your whole timeline is predicated on a supposition about parking.
People do walk in New York City.
[knocking] And completely inadmissible.
Why don't you get to the real reason for your call? What are you, from the ESL intern pool? I'm sorry, sir, but there's something I need to tell you.
[faint sirens in distance] You said it was a man and a woman? Do you think you could ID them from a photo? I think so.
Stay right there.
[phone beeping] [line trilling] You've got a problem.
Address is good.
Thank you, Elena.
All right, I'll call you when it's done.
I will, promise.
[phone beeps] Nava got the warrant.
He's moving.
He knows he's exposed.
Yeah, probably realized that his mistress isn't returning his calls.
Or the intern talked.
Your conscience comes at a price, Harlee.
[gun clicks] Gotta move.
ESU's not coming, are they? We've got plenty of backup.
I thought, since we went through the trouble of planting the victim's blood on him, getting the warrant We're doing it smart, like you said, only I got a hunch Bianchi's gonna resist arrest.
All right, this is the end.
Are you in or are you out? [car door slams] [engine turns over] [tires squealing] Hands where we can see 'em, and get out of the car slowly.
I had a feeling you might darken my doorstep.
Yeah, I like to return the favor when someone comes to visit my house.
I said, out of the car.
Give me a reason.
I heard you made a little detour this morning.
Grabbed something of mine.
[knocking on roof] Sincerely hope you're here to return it.
Come here, on the hood.
There's nobody here to protect you now.
You would've been better off taking that assault and battery charge like a man.
Tess, Loman, lock down the house.
CSU is gonna be coming by looking for trace evidence.
Another frame job, wow.
You guys really need to expand your playbook.
What's the charge this time? Double homicide.
I can understand you killing your cleanup guy, but why the hell would you kill your mistress? She gave me up, and you killed her anyway? No, you killed her.
You killed her when you lit up my house and put my son in the hospital.
There's more to that story.
Yeah, I would've loved to have heard it.
You couldn't go out like the quiet type, could you? You gotta go out in a hail of bullets.
That's the kind of mobster you are! [sirens blaring] Woz? Woz, we got company.
Did someone call this in? That patrol car has a grille camera.
[indistinct police radio] [car doors slam] Congratulations, detectives.
- You're kidding me.
- What? I brought in NYPD Organized Crime to watch you two successfully arrest Michael Bianchi, notorious mobster.
That is what you two were doing, right? Arresting him? Interrupting investigations.
Is that your way of procrastinating, or are you just playing for the other side? You go after criminals.
I go after crooked cops.
Looks like we both won here, no? Come on, do we really need to go through this procession again? I hope your lawyer passed the bar and can build a defense without that box of blackmail.
I wouldn't open it, sweetie.
You're not gonna like what you find! [phone rings] Will you accept a collect call from Riker's Island Correctional Facility? - Yes.
- Hi, Mama.
Miguel, how are you, mijo? I miss you, Mama.
[keys clacking] I miss you, Mama.
- [audio rewinding] - I miss you.
When are you coming? Soon, next weekend.
I wanna see you.
[audio rewinding] I wanna see you.
Have you seen Cristina? - No.
- I asked you to.
You know how her mother is.
This is not right.
We are her family.
I miss you, Mama.
I wanna see you.
Hi, Mama Hi, Mama.
I wanna see you.
That's some crazy stuff.
My mom's closest encounter with death was when she told my grandma that her turkey was dry on Thanksgiving.
My mom would rather get shot at than spend Thanksgiving with my grandma.
Your mom is a badass.
I wish my family was that cool.
You know, sometimes it'd be nice to have - a more normal one.
- [phone buzzing] Let's go, we don't want to be last in line.
Hey, it's grilled cheese day.
Um, yeah, I'm actually not that hungry.
I'm just gonna stay and study for geometry.
[phone beeps] Hi, Cristina, this is your father.
I miss you.
I wanna see you.
Can we dispense with the handcuffs? Mr.
Bianchi is a respectable businessman.
Respectable, but not bright.
Your client tracked the victim's blood into his own safe house.
Are you trying to make a career of losing prosecutions based on planted evidence? Michael, please.
Strong motive, crime of passion.
Found your mistress with one of your men, and you shot 'em both.
It's better this way.
Organized Crime takes the collar, and we get to move on with our lives.
Not while he's moving on.
From behind bars.
We got his blackmail.
And I bet he's run out of politicians to hide behind.
Bianchi's gonna get what he deserves.
He deserves a bullet.
Why make it quick when he can face a lifetime locked up as a cop shooter? Closure.
[phone beeping] [school bell rings] I have to confess, I wasn't sure you guys were gonna bring him in alive.
I wouldn't have cried if he gave us a reason not to.
- Solid case.
- So far.
We'll see what forensics digs up.
I hope this brings you some peace.
I know it will eventually bring some to Caroline's family.
But I'm gonna have to find a new list of reasons to come visit you.
Who says you need an excuse? I thought you wanted to keep this on the DL.
Well, now that you've come over for dinner, I think the cat's out of the bag.
[phone ringing] It's Cristina.
Tell her hi for me.
I have to get to court.
[phone ringing] Hey, sweetie, how was your test? You're the one who's about to be tested.
Who is this? Where's Cristina? Don't worry, we've got eyes on her.
If you don't want us to get more acquainted with her, let Bianchi walk.
Fair trade.
Stay away from my daughter.
I was about to offer a similar instruction.
I'm following her now.
If I see you or any of your cop friends, I shoot.
I don't get a call from Bianchi, I shoot.
- No, wait! - [phone beeping] Eight, nine, ten.
Ready or not, here I come! - [giggles] - Cristina? [giggling] [echoing] Where are you? No, not behind the curtain.
- [giggling] - What was that? I think I heard something.
You can't fool me.
I know that you're hiding in the closet! - [giggling] - What? [echoing] Where could she be? [echoing] Harlee? Cr Cristina.
Shh! She's awake.
Hey, Harlee, who are these guys? Did they give a name? No, no.
They're following Cristina.
- They sent me a video.
- Hey, hey.
I can't see what train it is.
Look at her.
She doesn't even know how much danger she's in.
- Oh, God.
- Did they say anything, Harlee? Bianchi, they want Bianchi.
And we don't have him anymore.
You know, if they don't get him, they said they could Look at me, I promise you we're gonna find her.
I'm gonna bring her home.
I don't even know where she is.
They have her phone, and they turned off the GPS.
Well, here, keep looking at this.
See if you can find a station, a number, anything.
Woz, Woz, if this is Bianchi, we're all targets.
Have Joe take the kids out of school and then put a Uni in front of your house.
Where are you going? Woz? Did you try calling? Try texting? They have her phone, so She's supposed to be in school.
It's looks like she's getting off at the next stop.
That doesn't help us if we don't know what train it is.
Hold on, let me see this.
The paint on the pillars.
See, every subway's color-coded.
This one's green.
Yeah, so are about 200 others in the city.
Wait, that girl's getting off too.
She goes to Hudson University, so if she's going to class, then that narrows it down to a few stops.
She could be going home, Harlee.
It's something, I mean let's just get a subway map.
[line trilling] Ayres for Mayor, Julia's phone.
Can you put her on? May I ask who's calling? My name comes up on the phone.
She's in the middle of an interview.
She won't be available for an hour, Mr.
Yeah, ha have her call me back, okay? What do you got? - 14th Street subway exit.
- Near Hudson University.
- I don't need to know.
- Two to a car.
[sirens blaring] Text her phone.
Tell them that we're working on Bianchi's bail.
He won't get bail.
He's a flight risk.
They know that.
We have a stand-in willing to take the swap.
Even if it only gives Bianchi an hour's freedom, that's gonna be enough.
Bianchi's not going anywhere.
Organized Crime won't let him out of their sight.
- It's my fault.
- Don't.
He knew we were coming.
He was warned.
This is his counterattack.
The intern, I let her go.
I knew she was a liability, but I just thought she's someone else's daughter.
A little mercy is a good thing.
Hold on to that.
We're gonna get her back.
You don't know that.
[phone ringing] - Hello? - Hello again.
How's your day so far? Tell me she's safe.
For now.
I wish I could say with confidence that it'll stay that way, but I suppose that's up to you.
We're working on getting Bianchi out of custody.
It's just gonna take time.
Do I sound overly patient to you? Please, just tell me she's okay.
Not a care in the world.
Call me back when you have him.
No, wait, I just I need to see her.
Send me something.
Prove that she hasn't been hurt.
Look, I'm doing everything that you asked me to do, just please hello? [dial tone droning] - Hello? - [phone beeps] Hmm, I don't know.
[giggling] Wait, what is this? - Is this a foot? - [giggling] I think there's somebody hiding under this blanket! No, there's not.
There you are! I knew you were under here! I missed you.
[giggling] Tess! Nothing? We can't cover this whole area by ourselves.
I mean, she could be anywhere.
Are you sure there's nobody that she knows around here that she could be meeting? I don't know.
I mean, I don't think so.
[phone ringing] Woz, another video.
Come on, where are you, baby? Wait, what what? Go go back, go back! - What, where? - Look, in the window.
You son of a bitch.
The hell is Stahl doing there? Doesn't matter, we need him.
Well, you sure you wanna leave Cristina's life in that creep's hands? - Whoa, whoa.
- He's got eyes on her.
We don't.
[phone ringing] [phone beeps] Did you find another way to torpedo my life while I was sleeping? Stahl, just listen.
No, I'm not gonna listen to you.
I'm too busy filling out unemployment forms.
Stop lying, okay? I know you're with my daughter right now.
I need your help.
With what? We arrested Bianchi.
He got word to his men, and they're stalking Cristina.
If we don't release Bianchi, she's dead.
Must be a real problem if you haven't already kicked him loose.
I can't get my hands on him, and I can't get eyes on Cristina.
I just I just need you to tell me where she is.
This is not about you and me.
This is my kid.
Stahl, please.
Union Square, north side, Coffee Hut.
[phone beeps] She's at Union Square.
Get eyes on Union Square, ASAP, and get a good vantage point.
Don't let her recognize you or else the stalker will know that she's got company.
[faint sirens] I see her.
She's having a coffee.
Is there anyone suspicious around her? Can you narrow that down? If one looks promising, point me at him.
I'll recon from up close.
All right, well, there's someone who's videotaping her, so look out for that.
Every person in New York is glued to their cell phone.
That won't help.
All right, look, this is what we'll do.
We'll get as close to Cristina as we can and do a kamikaze run.
We shield her, and then we just get the hell out of here.
No, the triggerman could be the guy at the table right behind her.
We won't make it.
Stahl's gotta get her out of there.
Anyone approaching is gonna be risky, Harlee.
Whoever's watching is less likely to recognize Stahl than one of us.
[phone beeps] She's out there all alone, Woz.
Wow, this is a nice house.
It's a tent.
It keeps monsters out.
No monsters are ever gonna find you.
I will make sure of that.
Hey, Cristina.
Clark, what are you doing here? Your father called me.
I'm sorry, he's just he's not gonna be able to make it.
No, he wouldn't he wouldn't call me after a month - and then stand me up.
- He said something came up.
And why would he call you and not me? He said he tried to reach you and couldn't.
My phone must've dropped out of my bag on the subway.
He, uh he said I should meet you here and make sure you got back to school safely.
So I can walk you to the subway right now.
Well, maybe I should call him.
I could use your phone.
Okay, Cristina, the truth is, your dad's involved in something that could put you at risk.
What do you mean? Something illegal? I'm sure that he's a good guy.
He just he might have gotten involved with some dangerous people, and he doesn't want you to get involved in that too, so we should go now.
And I mean right now, Cristina.
She's moving.
- What are you doing? - Just cleaning up.
Keep eyes on who's following her.
There's somebody with her.
Wait, wait, wait, I know that guy.
- Wait, that's the - He's an acquaintance.
We needed all the help we could get.
You know, I don't need a chaperone.
I can get myself to school.
Miguel just wanted to make sure you were safe.
I'd be safe without your assistance.
Whoa, wait, hold on, blue baseball cap.
He was in the plaza.
He's following her now a few yards back.
I mean, if he's in some sort of danger, don't you think we should try and help him? I'm trying to help, Cristina.
If your mom finds out you ditched school to see your dad, that's it.
Game over.
She'll never let you see him.
So we really try to get you there as soon as possible.
I don't need a babysitter.
We're made, we're made.
Loman, Tufo, get ready to take him.
Move in, move in! Seriously, stop, you're making me uncomfortable.
Hands in the air! Cristina, I'm just trying to help.
Fine, you helped.
I can handle my family on my own.
I'll get ahold of my mom.
She's a cop.
Get on the ground and put your damn hands in the air.
I'd do what the woman says.
Get back! [screams] Take your own advice.
Get on the ground.
Hands in the air.
[gasping] Let her go.
That's entirely up to you.
Do what he says, please! [gunshot] [screaming] [knocking at door] Well, isn't this a nice surprise? I at least owed you a house call, don't you think? Look like you can use a drink.
[grunts] What were you doing out there with my daughter? Saving her life, apparently.
You're welcome, by the way.
- Before I called you.
- Doing you a favor.
I contacted Cristina to let her know that Miguel's no longer reaching out to her.
I warned what would happen if you talked to her again.
You'd rather, what? She kept asking about a man who isn't coming back? A man that we both know is dead.
You're stringing along this poor kid who just wants to see her father.
How do you live with that guilt? I couldn't.
Guess that's the difference between you and me.
Look, this whole thing all of it, it's done, all right? Leave it alone, and put your life back together or it will not end well for you, I promise.
- Another threat? - No.
Just how it is.
You're only as sick as your secrets.
That's what they say.
Believe me, I know from experience, Harlee.
They can keep you in a coffin of fear and shame.
But now that you've exposed me I'm free.
Yeah, I'm I'm ashamed.
I'm probably gonna lose my job, but I've got nothing left to take away.
[chuckles] And that empowers me to do what I always wanted.
To be who I always wanted.
I'll leave you to it, then.
I'm serious, Harlee.
The truth hurts, but it also heals, and I see you walking around, and you're carrying all this anger and tension and terror.
Your secrets have poisoned you.
It's okay.
'Cause soon, I'm gonna heal you.
[tense music] Soon, I'm gonna heal you.
[tool whirring] Alcohol and power tools.
Don't you think that's kind of a risky combination? - Yeah, maybe for amateurs.
- [laughs] As if this house hasn't seen enough danger.
This is where you keep the beer.
Figured this crap assignment should come with some perks.
So how's it coming? I'm about four beers in.
So slow.
Is this punishment for the transfer papers? Trust me, today, you drew the lucky number.
Well, I've been at this all day.
I gotta know.
What's in this thing? The sins of the city.
Evening, Detective.
Tell me you like pepperoni.
Pretty universal, isn't it? - Quiet shift? - Crickets.
- Who's on next? - Baxter, in a half hour.
Make sure you save him a slice.
Above and beyond, Harlee.
Cristina? I'm here, Mom.
I need a hero I'm holding out for a hero Till the end of the night [tool whirring] He's gotta be strong And he's gotta be fast And he's gotta be fresh from the fight I need a hero I'm a holding out for a hero Till the morning light He's gotta be sure And it's gotta be soon And he's gotta be larger than life Somewhere after midnight In my wildest fantasy A city and all her sins.
Beyond my reach, there's someone Reaching back for me You in bed already? Long day.
Those geography quizzes can really tucker you out.
[chuckles] Sorry I couldn't pick you up.
Ushered out in a patrol car.
I'm the talk of the school.
Mm, adds to your mystique.
What are we reading? "Macbeth.
" Scary stuff.
You remember your tent? For keeping monsters out? It never failed.
Yeah, I wish we still had it.
Mom, the tent was just a blanket.
You were the one who kept all the monsters out.
And the storm and the flood I can feel his approach Like a fire in my blood [both giggling]