Shadowhunters (2016) s02e19 Episode Script

Hail and Farewell

1 My name is Clary and I'm a Shadowhunter, born to protect mankind from demons.
A never-ending battle against evil, but I know who I can count on.
Simon, my oldest friend.
A vampire.
Magnus, a warlock from Brooklyn.
Luke, a werewolf pack leader and New York City cop, and Jace, Izzy and Alec, three of the bravest Shadowhunters alive.
Alone, we're strong.
Together, we are unstoppable.
MAX: Previously, on Shadowhunters JACE: Well, he's Valentine's son.
We were trained to do the impossible.
CLARY: Jonathan attacked Max and came for the mirror.
ALEC: He's not getting out alive.
CLARY: You forgot something.
(GROANING) GUARD: GO, GO, GO! (GRUNTING) (GROANING) (GRUNTING) Ahh! ALEC: Go after him! Doesn't it seem strange that Clary's runes would be powerful enough to destroy a Mortal Instrument? Doesn't CLARY: AR I didn't that Cladestroy the mirror.
The mirror is Lake Lyn.
What happened? My position within the Institute was compromised.
Where is the Mirror? I said, "Where is it?" Clary, uh took it from me.
You know, in all honesty, I would have figured Jace to be the only Shadowhunter capable of giving you a run for your money.
It's only a matter of time before the Institute comes breaking down that door.
See, I wonder I wonder how they learned where you live, huh? OK, being discovered wasn't part of my plan.
But killing you was.
Then it would seem you have some issues with follow through doesn't it? (TENSE MUSIC) Clary, don't.
No, I knew there was something off about Sebastian or Jonathan.
I should've never second-guessed myself.
He would've found his way into our lives, one way or another.
The only thing that matters now is taking Jonathan and Valentine out.
Jonathan! Turn around and face us.
Where is Valentine? (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) What, did Valentine kill him? He's been dead for days.
Tortured first.
This was the real Sebastian Verlac.
Ave atque vale.
ALL: Hail and farewell.
Jace (DEMONIC HOWLING) (SNARLING) It's a possessing demon.
The same kind that murdered my mom.
Then we know how to kill it.
- (GRUNTING) - (DEMONIC HOWLING) We'll make 'em pay for what they did to you.
We're going to make them pay for everything.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) We're coming After you This is the hunt This is the hunt HERONDALE: Have you notified the Verlac family yet? The Penhallow daughter, Aline, will deliver the message in person, Madame Inquisitor.
Defiling the body of a fallen soldier and turning it into a booby trap is sadly par for the course - for Valentine, isn't it? - The possessing demon wouldn't have done this its own.
The trap could only have been set using the Mortal Cup to command it.
So he had it all along.
And our intel shows he's also in possession of the Mortal Sword.
Do you have any good news for me today, - Mr.
Lightwood? - Valentine and Jonathan believe that the New York Institute is in possession of the Mortal Mirror.
They won't leave the city without it.
Thank the Angel that at least he wasn't able to find that.
ALEC: We were.
Clary My connection with the Angel led us to it.
It's in Idris.
The mirror is Lake Lyn.
That's the very same water that Raziel first rose from.
Who else knows about this? Unfortunately, the number of people we can trust is getting smaller by the day.
We thought it best to tell you first.
We'd like to officially request soldiers from the Guard to be placed in the surrounding woods around the lake.
It may only be a matter of time before Valentine realizes he's been had.
I'll speak to Consul Malachi about deployment at once.
Good hunting.
So what do we do now? There's only nine million people in the metro area.
How hard could it be to find two? The job is too big to go alone.
We need to ask for help.
From who, Alec? From everyone.
After the night is through, you're gonna wish you had these.
Just because you're not willing to face Alec sober, doesn't mean the rest of us shouldn't walk into this emergency Council meeting level headed.
No need to be hurtful.
You're right.
Sorry, it was a long night with the new cubs.
Where is Meliorn? The Queen will be attending this very special meeting in his place.
And exactly how do you know that? She told me.
And I'd suggest you both cozy up to her, sooner rather than later.
She's a fanatic.
Valentine is a "fanatic.
" The Clave is filled to the gills with fanatics.
The Queen is simply a woman with a strong point of view.
Does that "strong point of view" differ from breaking the Accords? Because last time I checked, war with the Clave was the order of the day.
Unless Valentine succeeds in raising Raziel, kills everyone with demon blood first.
In which case, she'd like to offer the entire Downworld protection in the Seelie Realm.
She insists the Court has been beyond the reach of the Angels and their power - for quite some time.
- So we live in safety as what, her subjects? Loyal guests is how she worded it when I brought up the same concern.
Oh, mhm.
And you believed her? I believe that Seelies cannot lie.
Look no pressure, but I have already accepted her offer on behalf of the Warlock community in Brooklyn.
What's the catch? You're gonna want that drink now.
Where, oh where is Simon? Your Highness.
What an unpleasant surprise.
I'm sure she didn't mean to No offense, Alec, but I agree with Clary.
Your Majesty is this another one of your little games? The Institute called an emergency meeting of the Downworld Council.
I speak on behalf of the Downworld.
Magnus, is this true? Henceforth, when you need anything from the Downworld, you shall address me, Mr.
Such is the nature of our new agreement.
ALEC: Your Highness, Valentine believes the Institute has the Mortal Mirror; and he's not going to leave the city without it.
I would like the Downworld's help in locating him.
In order to capture him so that he might escape once again? In order to execute him so this threat may finally end.
Why should we believe you? (SIGHING) I understand why you might doubt my intentions after what happened with the Soul Sword.
And for that, I am sorry.
But I founded this council to make things more transparent between the Downworld and the Clave.
And how has that been going? It's been a bit of a work in progress.
For far too long, the Downworld has depended on the Clave and your Institute to protect us from men like Valentine.
It's time we learnt our lesson and started fighting for ourselves.
We can't do this alone.
Valentine is a threat to all of us.
The answer, Shadowhunters is no.
Come along.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) WOMAN: Not so fast! I'd say let us know what you find out but you're not allowed to do that anymore, are you? I'm sorry it had to be like this.
Well, as long as one side catches them, that's all that matters, right? Right.
CLARY: Luke, wait! Why are you doing this? You and I both know the Seelie Queen doesn't have your best interests at heart.
To be honest, I don't think she has a heart.
Look, I gotta think of my pack.
Her Court can protect us from anything that Valentine and his son can throw at us.
The Institute can't.
(ACOUSTIC MUSIC) No matter what don't let either of them leave the city.
Me and my wolves will die trying.
Please don't.
Time comes Time is scarce The light Creaking out Your shape Gone too soon Shouldn't you be waking up every vamp in the city to start hunting? I texted Eloise to start spreading the word.
We'll search every tunnel, sewer and darkened corner that we can.
Until the sun sets, that's the best we can do.
I'd be more than happy to join them, but Magnus was kind of my ride.
(SIGHING) Yeah, I was surprised he'd leave you behind like that.
He's got bigger things on his mind right now.
He's been through a lot lately.
We all have.
I'm truly sorry.
For everything.
Our worlds, turned against each other, it's It's not quite how I pictured our paths would cross again.
How did you picture it? I made a mistake, Isabelle.
And whatever there is between us it's not just about craving each other's blood.
I know.
I know.
Well If there's any good that comes out of being at the brink of war it's being able to stand here, in front of you.
Do you really think it's gonna come down to war? If the Downworld stays the course and refuses to work with the Clave that could be a violation of the Accords.
What did you want to say I'm stuck inside a timeframe MAIA: You may not like to hear it, but orders are orders.
Luke said start spreading the word, pack to pack, about Valentine and his son.
It's imperative that they be found.
Look, all due respect.
Luke was overwhelmingly clear when last we spoke.
I am only to listen to my Alpha.
Right? So why should I listen to you? Because.
That's your answer? Because she's the Beta wolf.
And everyone knows when the Alpha's not around, the Beta's in charge.
Come on, everyone knows this, man.
I mean, how long have you been a werewolf? Don't look at me like I'm supposed to know what he's talking about.
SIMON: You turned him and you don't even know the rules? I think what Simon means to say is that you should probably just go.
Pretty please.
(TRADITIONAL CHINESE MUSIC) Greek alphabet, huh? Who knew dating a college boy would come in handy.
Oh, no.
What? Was it the word "dating?" No, no! It was the word college! I mean, I haven't been to school in forever! Classes started like a week ago, and my mom already paid the meal plan.
And I don't even eat anymore! So she's out, like, three grand, and then Wait are we dating? Would that be a bad thing? No.
I mean, no! I just things like going to class.
Boyfriend, girlfriend is still very Mundane.
Considering how insane everything's been.
We should just stick with, like I like you.
And you like me.
But what if I like-like you? Sorry to interrupt.
MAIA: Clary.
Long time.
Hey Maia.
Um Simon, we need to talk.
So, you and Maia, huh? Yeah.
I guess it kind of just uh happened.
If it makes you happy, then that's totally OK.
Hey I miss you.
I miss you, too.
But take it from someone who knows all of your looks.
This is not just checking in with my best friend.
- What's wrong? - OK, look.
Given everything that you and I have been through, I know that asking you for a favor right now might be a little awkward Derek Russel's seventh birthday party.
You sat in chocolate ice cream, and were afraid people might think Yeah, you switched pants with me so that nobody would notice.
And I was never invited to another one of his birthday parties ever again.
That's awkward.
This is us.
You know I always have your back, Fray.
And there's no job that's too big.
I need you to talk to the Seelie Queen.
That job's too big.
Hey! Luke talked to you about what happened at the Downworld Council meeting, right? Look, of the Clave goes to war with the Downworld, everything that we know and love will be destroyed.
And you, Simon Lewis, are the one person on the planet that even has a chance of getting the Seelie Queen to change her mind and work with us.
And how do you know this for sure? She asked about you.
Me? Mhm.
At the meeting for the fate of the whole world? Yeah.
Oh boy.
She'll at least hear you out.
(SIGHING) Magnus! Sweet Pea! (LAUGHING) It's so good to see you.
So many Warlocks, all in one place! Mhm! (CHUCKLING) Don't get comfortable, kiddo.
My dearest Catarina.
Why so tense? I just pulled a double in the E.
Mundanes can't seem to get out of their own way, can they? Hm! You would know more than most.
(CHUCKLING) Thank you so much for coming, by the way.
Hm Our kind only rallies for birthdays and funerals.
You're not in a suit, and there's nary a cake in sight.
So what's the special occasion? Remember when we bottled Malta during that god-awful demon attack? What are you trying to keep out of New York? It's not what but who.
Two very bad Shadowhunters who cannot leave.
Did the Clave OK this? Suffice to say the common ground between the Downworld and Alicante is shifting.
Then it's a good thing I wear comfortable shoes.
(TENSE MUSIC) (INDISTINCT SPEAKING) See? See Buddy, you watching? That's right.
The others have gathered.
So, what's our plan of attack to infiltrate the Institute? Why waste our time on that when the mirror is actually in Idris? See, my operative in Alicante just sent me a fire message.
The true mirror is in Lake Lyn.
Why didn't you tell me you had a spy in place? Compartmentalized information is the only way movements like the Circle can be sustained.
Right right.
See, the true path to victory is found by being in control of every aspect of your situation.
You understand? Warlock! Let's be on our way.
(RUSHING AIR) (GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (RIPPLING AIR) (GROANING) (GROANING) Make me a portal! I can't Someone must have erected portal wards around the city.
Even if I wanted to, - I couldn't bring them down.
- Fine.
We'll fly to the nearest airport and hike across the mountains to Brocelind Forest.
I've seen this type of ward before, but they're rare.
They're wired to keep Nephilim blood from passing through.
You're trapped.
(WOLVES HOWLING) Hold them at bay as long as you can.
Jonathan you and I have to keep moving.
Are you with me? Until the bitter end.
(WOLVES HOWLING) (SNARLING) I have an open invitation with the Queen herself.
I just need a minute I just need a minute of her time, and then And so you show up, unannounced? No, this is a game I play with my, uh, my neighbor and her kid.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) And walking away, pretending not to know me is part of the game.
The kid made it up.
We pretend there are fairies in the water.
And I'm the only one that can talk to them.
(GIGGLING) Silly boy, the Fair Folk hide beyond the water, not in it.
You're a Seelie.
Ah I need a minute with your queen.
Your Queen stands before you.
You were a child, and now you're confusing.
Different outfits for different occasions.
You're wary of me, aren't you? Is it because of the little game I played with you and your friends in my Court? No.
No, not at all.
That's all water under the b Your Highness, I'm here on business.
That whole moving out against the Clave that could lead to war.
I ask that you please reconsider.
I mean, you have to know this won't end well, regardless of who stops Valentine.
So long as you're at my side when the wind changes, not a single hair on that perfect head of yours will be tousled.
You don't want things to end well, do you? - You want war.
- I want change and you, Daylighter.
Join me in my Court.
Give me what I ask, and I shall grant you whatever your heart desires.
Thanks, but no thanks, your Highness.
You've refused me twice now.
No one, in my very long life, has ever dared do such a thing.
Well Considering you're trying to get vampires, werewolves and warlocks to play nice you might wanna get used to some rejection.
(PHONE RINGING) CLARY: I thought you weren't supposed to be helping us.
LUKE: Consider this an anonymous tip.
We ran down his Circle members, but we lost Valentine when Jonathan grabbed him and pinballed up three fire escapes and leapt out of sight.
Yeah, Blondie moves like a demon.
That's because he is one.
Well, on the plus side, he won't get very far.
By the order of the Queen, Warlocks have put up Wards all around the city.
No portals or travel, in or out, for anyone with Nephilim blood.
A Shadowhunter crosses that threshold, they get vaporized.
So be careful.
We'll continue the hunt on our end.
- Hey.
Spread the word.
Shadowhunter movement into and out of the city stops immediately.
We're on it.
No more Shadowhunters die today.
ALEC: Hey.
Isabelle's on her way back with Rufus; guess who just tried to portal to Idris? Valentine must know that we don't have the Mirror.
And, presumably, where the real one is.
Look, let's stay focused on what we can control, not what we can't.
We will figure this out.
ALEC: So we're stuck inside the city along with them now, but have no way of finding him Who is JC? ALEC: tracking runes.
I might be able to speed things up but I'm going to need Jace's help to do it.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) - SEBASTIAN: A cemetery? - VALENTINE: As you may recall, Shadowhunters keep a secret stash of weapons on holy ground.
Enough to hold off the entire Downworld? And then some, my boy.
And then some.
JACE: So you want to use your blood to track your un-trackable brother through the Angelic connection that you and I share? Well, totally.
That sounds great.
I want to try.
Jonathan and I both have Morgenstern blood in our veins.
I had this flash of a rune when I was thinking about the three of us.
Maybe I can use our shared connections to figure out where Jonathan is.
Which, I realize looking back, is a bit far-fetched.
But, hey.
This from the girl who can shoot sunlight out of her hand and make portals out of thin air.
Well, sometimes.
Help me find a blank spot? Um, could you (METALLIC RINGING) You are so worthy Of everything I have to give But I bound My feeble offerings Oh, what I've made So take All Of me Please take All Of me (RUSHING AIR) PREACHER: So Jesus, returned again, came to the tomb (METALLIC RINGING) (GROANING) (PANTING) What's wrong? I we've been located despite my anti-tracking rune.
Well, I won't say that I'm not impressed, but this certainly complicates things.
How long will it take your remaining soldiers to locate the source of the Wards? Time is a luxury that we no longer have.
There's one avenue of escape which I'm hesitant to explore.
I'll need you to hold the Institute at bay while I do what needs be done.
I see.
I'm a dead weight, am I? I know when I'm being played.
Believe me.
Where I need to go, it's too dangerous for you to follow.
You, Jonathan Morgenstern, are brilliant and as cunning and vicious as I have ever hoped for.
Listen to me.
I will come back for you.
I promise.
I will kill them all.
Then let's stack the deck in your favor.
Excuse me.
I couldn't help notice your tattoo there.
Yeah? You ever thought about getting a second one? (GRUNTING) Feel the angelic power coursing through your body? See, it empowers my kind, but (GROANING) but drives yours to a certain kind of madness.
(GRUNTING) (DEMONIC HOWLING) Take care of my son, will you? I'll go find some more.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
(HONKING) (RUSHING AIR) CLARY: Why would they hide in a graveyard? They probably raided an old weapons cache.
Doesn't explain what happened to everybody else here.
(DOG BARKING) I don't think they left.
Another demon trap? Let's split up.
Teams of two.
- I'll go with Alec.
- I'll go with Izzy.
OK (FAST-PACED MUSIC) (EERIE MUSIC) Wanna talk about whatever happened between you and Jace at the Institute? There's no point in talking about any of that 'til we figure this out.
Thank you for not asking any questions about Clary.
I figure you'll talk when you're ready.
I knew there was a reason you were my parabatai.
(GROWLING) Is she hurt? No she's forsaken.
Mind if I take you outside for a moment? (GRUNTING) (DEMONIC HOWLING) (GRUNTING) (GROWLING) AH! (GROWLING) (GRUNTING) (GROWLING) I think that's the last of them.
- Alec, are you OK? - I'm OK.
Where's Jace? Sebastian.
We gotta find them.
Guys! (GROWLING) Izzy, Alec and I got this.
Go get Sebastian.
You've got the whip.
The electrum.
We know it can hurt him.
Go! (GROWLING) (CHAINS RATTLING) (GROANING) (CHOKING) You'll make an excellent trophy to present father with.
(GRUNTING) (CHOKING) (JACE CHUCKLING) Lack of oxygen getting to your brain, is it? He left you.
He's probably not coming back.
(CHOKING) My father is a man of his word.
He made you spaghetti, too? (GROANING) - He'll be back for me.
- No.
He will.
He abandoned you again.
He came back for me, though.
Kinda makes me the favorite son, doesn't it? (GROANING) If you are trying to goad me into a fight (GASPING) IT IS WORKING! (COUGHING) (ELECTRONIC HUMMING) You care to find out who's the best JC once and for all? It would be my absolute delight.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) You know, my father taught me about a certain spot on a man's back where you can stab him through the spine and the heart at the same time.
Would you mind awfully if I showed you? You know, for a split second, when I found those journals, I actually felt sorry for you.
I don't need your pity.
I need your life.
(GRUNTING) AHH! I wonder have you stopped blathering on because I just (SCREAMING) punctured your lung? (GROANING) Or maybe you've realized, here at the end that I have always been better than you? (GRUNTING) Stay away from him, you son of a bitch! Well, I suppose this won't be a fair fight, then, will it? You didn't seem to have a problem when you took a run at my baby brother.
I trusted you when I was at my weakest! At my lowest! I brought you into my life into my family and you betrayed me! I saved your life.
That should be worth something.
That's why I'm giving you a more honorable death than you deserve.
That spot on a man's back Father taught me, too.
You know, you don't have to heal them all at once.
(METALLIC RINGING) Valentine is still out there.
Yeah, well at least we got Jonathan, right? If we would have been one second later, he would have You would've been People die in war, Clary.
My mom and then Dot, and I can't lose you, too.
You're not the only person afraid of losing someone.
I'm tired of being afraid.
Can we get over this Are we too deep in the night To see the day LUKE: Thanks, Alec.
Yeah, I'll inform the Council.
And by Council, I mean the Queen.
Give Maryse my best.
SIMON: Luke! Oh, there you are.
We need to talk.
- Have you seen Maia? - No, she was supposed to meet me here.
We were gonna tell the rest of the wolves that Jonathan's dead but Valentine's still out there.
- Oh no.
- What? I went back to the boat basin and I found this outside the Jade Wolf.
It's Maia's.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) What happened to her? I don't know.
(GROANING) (GROANING) (GROANING) Someone drugged me (GASPING) Where is the Queen?! Her Majesty will be along shortly, just as soon as she's dealt with a more pressing matter.
It's been a long time.
Your Majesty.
So good to see you once again.
You've kept the Downworld quite busy today.
How pleased they'll be when I deliver your head on a pike.
I haven't asked you here to fight.
Nor come here to be captured.
I've come make you a deal.
Hah! What could you have that I would possibly want? Walk with me, won't you? It's such a lovely night.
Though not so beautiful as what tomorrow may bring to the both of us.