Shake It Up! s01e16 Episode Script

Sweat It Up

Vietnamese subtitle credits to Itfriend.
ORG Team No mater which fansub translating it to Vietnamese!! Hey, guys! Ruh-roh.
Here comes the nerd herd.
Hey, Howard.
It's, uh, 27 degrees in Brazil.
It sounds cold, but it's Celsius, so it's actually quite warm.
Howard, I'd stay and chat, but I never have any idea what you're talking about.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
So, Rock-a-roni, me and the posse were hoping you'd join us in our super cool, totally sick annual co-ed laser tag tournament this Saturday.
We're hoping to actually have a girl there this year.
You could be that girl.
Wow! Laser tag? With you guys? That sounds so awesome I couldn't think of one reason why I wouldn't want to go to that.
Ooh, I thought of one.
I am going to be in the hospital.
I'm having my appendix taken out.
We could do it next week.
Oh, yes, we could.
But, um, I'm having my other appendix taken out.
Well, I hope you'll feel better.
Let's go get our study on.
Motherboard, plot us a course to the library.
Engage! So, where did you disappear to? I was beamed to another planet with all the cool people.
Well, you'll be glad to know that I just narrowly avoided being branded.
Rock-a-roni, Queen of the Laser Dweebs.
See, Rocky, this is what happens when you get involved with those guys.
That's why I don't take honors classes.
Yeah, that's why.
Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4 Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore Don't knock it till you rock it We can't take it no more Bring the lights up, bust the doors down Dust yourself off Shake it up, shake it up DJ set it off, take it up a notch All together now, shake it up, shake it up Sh-sh-sh-shake it up You got to change it up And when you've had enough Sh-sh-sh-shake it up Bring the lights up, bust the doors down All together now, shake it up, shake it up Shake it up Martinez! Boy push-ups, son! Boy push-ups! But they're harder.
- Hey, Coach Lesseur.
- Hey, Blue.
- How you doing? - I You're doing great.
- Feel like leading the stretches today? - Well Sure you do.
'Cause you're a team player, aren't you? Heck yeah, you are.
Do you like to answer your own questions, Coach? Yeah, you do.
Hey, Coach Lesseur.
Hey, Jones, what's wrong with you? Looks like you got a bum wheel there.
Nothing, sir.
I'm ready to go.
Um, I'll just go change, no matter how much it hurts.
I'll try not to cry too loudly, I don't want to disturb the class.
You think I'm going to let you walk out there and risk further injury? Heck no, I'm not.
Grab some bench.
But all I can do over there is text and do my make-up.
Oh, hurry up and get better, leg.
Wow! Very impressive performance, Cece.
Luckily he didn't notice that you switched legs when you limped over here.
Come on, why can't you just participate? Get all sweaty, mess up my hair, and smell all funky? No thanks.
That's your thing.
What? People expect me to be stylish and fabulous when I walk down these halls.
Wow, you're such a good liar, you even believe yourself.
Oh, so look who's lecturing me about lying.
Oh, by the way, who's performing your surgery this weekend? Doctor Liar, Liar or Doctor Pants on Fire? I didn't lie to Howard, I just told a tiny, little mistruth to protect his feelings.
Like if you asked me how your hair looked today I would say, "Great.
" Oh, thank you.
I put in a new conditioner.
Hey! Thumb wrestle for it? You just made the biggest mistake of your life.
Come, on.
That's my pizza.
That's my pizza.
That's my pizza.
You ain't getting no pizza.
That's my pizza.
Give it My pizza.
Thumbs are still, baby.
Hey! Hey.
We were thumb wrestling for that.
Why? I'm already eating it.
I'll get it, Mom! Hi, Flynn, I'm going on vacation and my dog-sitter just canceled on me.
Would you be a dear and watch my sweet dog Bitsy? I don't know how I feel about dog-sitting.
I'll give you 50 bucks.
Now I know.
I love it! I just have to ask my mom.
Mom, can I dog-sit? I didn't hear a "no.
" Thanks, Flynn.
I'll go get the little cutie.
Fifty bucks? You know, dog-sitting is a lot of hard work.
How about we help you out and split the profits? How 'bout no? How 'bout no way? But I'll let you smell it though.
Thanks again, Flynn.
Here's everything you need to know.
I'll go get the little cutie.
Come on, Bitsy.
Come on, baby.
If that's the baby, I'd hate to see the mother.
Why'd you name him Bitsy? 'Cause he's bitten so many people.
Okay, guys.
I'll cut you in.
First job: Get him off me! What happened here? Begging, whimpering and I almost had to clean up after an accident.
And that was just Deuce.
So where's that filthy animal? He's in there giving the dog a bath.
He's not even wet.
Deuce, what happened? I thought you were giving him a bath? Bitsy and I had a disagreement about who was giving who a bath.
Let's just say, I'm not gonna have a problem with fleas for the next few months.
No, no, no, no, no! That's Bitsy's seat.
Relax, man.
He's just a dog.
On second thought, I feel like standing.
Eat the little one, he has the tenderest meat.
Hey, how was your surgery? You seem to have bounced back quick.
Uh, I'm still a little sore.
Uh, see you later, Howard.
By the way, great dancing this weekend on Shake It Up, Chica! Aw, thanks.
It was kind of a hard dance to learn because it was Uh, I mean, ow.
Why didn't you just tell me you didn't want to laser tag with us, liar? No, no, no, no, no.
I'm not a liar, I'm a feelings saver! If I would have told you guys that I didn't want to hang out with you, then you would have felt bad.
See? That's the face I was trying to avoid.
I've got news for you, Rocky.
Don't you mean Rock-a-roni? You don't deserve a "roni.
" Cool nicknames are for cool people.
Like us.
Tungsten, Isosceles, CD-ROM, Motherboard and Allergies, let's bounce! Wait.
But, Howard, wait! Come on.
Ow! Might need to get some surgery for that.
Sh-sh-sh-shake it up Shake it up Hi, Coach Lesseur.
Hey, Jones.
You want to hear a story? Sure you do.
I'm babysitting my niece this weekend and she begs me to turn on her favorite show.
You know what that show is? Wizards of Shake It Up, Chicago! Never heard of it.
So I start watching the show, and I see this dancer who looks just like Cece Jones, doing the salsa.
But I say, "That can't be Cece Jones, because she has a bum leg.
" Did I tell you I have a twin sister who's always making trouble for me and dances like nobody's business? You're busted, Jones! And what kind of grade are you looking at? An F.
And what does that mean? Summer school.
Summer school? Yeah.
And if you think playing dodge ball is boring now, wait until you're the only one playing and you have to throw the ball at yourlf.
Anything, just please don't call my mother.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
Oh, great.
This just keeps getting better.
Hi, I'm Georgia.
Coach Lesseur.
I assumed.
Otherwise you've been held back a lot of years.
Not that you're old, I'm just Okay, so, um, this is usually how it goes.
You tell me why she's failing, I promise she'll do better, she fake cries, I real scream and then you email me her schedule for summer school.
Well, I wouldn't have to email you if you gave me your number.
Ew! Vietnamese subtitle credits to Itfriend.
ORG Team No mater which fansub translating it to Vietnamese!! Mom, you going on a date with Coach Lesseur is embarrassing, ridiculous, inappropriate and I will not stand for it.
Cece, relax.
It's not even a date.
It's just two adults getting coffee, talking, getting to know each other better.
Mom, that is a date! Yay! I'm dating! Oh, I have to go put on lipstick.
And my good butt pants! This is so gross! Ugh, that's him.
Cece, go to your room.
This is a job for the man of the house.
I'll get it, Mom! Hey.
Are you Flynn? Sure you are.
I'm Gordon Lesseur.
Put her there.
No, why don't you put it there? My mom will be out in a minute.
You know how women are.
You laughing at my mom? What? No, no, no.
I was laughing at your "women" comment.
So, Gordon, you teach gym.
I prefer Physical Education.
And I prefer you didn't correct me.
Let me see your driver's license.
Why do you need to see my Dial it back, Riddler.
I'll ask the questions here.
Pass it over.
I see you're not an organ donor.
That's a little selfish.
Yes, um, I'll fix that tomorrow.
What if I need a kidney tonight? They're all yours.
One more thing.
I want her home by 10:00.
Because at 10:01 you'll have to deal with this.
Hi, Coach.
Hey, Jones.
So is Coach taking out your mom a little weird? Sure it is.
Is Cece throwing up in her mouth a little? You bet I am.
You know, Jones, I've been thinking that I was a little hard on you, so I've decided to let you off the hook about summer school.
But I don't want you to think it's because I like your mom.
Don't think? You're looking at the queen of don't think.
Hi, Gordon.
Ready to go? Yep.
You two kids, such a great couple.
Have a great time, and don't rush home.
Thanks, Cece.
Night, Flynny.
Oh, and, Coach, do you know CPR? Yes.
Good, 'cause sometimes my mom passes out in those pants.
Thanks for the note, Jones.
See ya around, pal.
You're not my pal.
Bitsy's my pal.
In Africa, they use them to hunt lions and gym teachers.
We're fresh out of lions.
I can't believe it! Howard just kicked me out of the Honors Science study group.
Ha! Ha! Nerds are picking on ya.
Hey, look, I like Howard.
And we're all in the same honors classes together.
There's a certain level of maturity that is expected from you when you're gifted.
You wouldn't understand.
All I know is now that Coach is dating my mom, I won't have to break a sweat for like the next four years! If I could only get her to date my science teacher.
Rubenstein? Hey, guys.
Hi, Mom.
How was your date? Are you in love? It was fine, but I don't think we'll be going out again.
He's not really my type.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go cut myself out of these jeans.
What No, no, no, Mom.
Come on, come on.
Give him another chance! Like, until the end of the school year.
Uh, no.
Well, the good news is, now she's free for Ms.
All right, here's the plan.
We get down the hallway, pass the cafeteria, and recapture the Galactacon flag.
On three.
One, two You're gonna have to get past me first.
It's intergalactic go time! Boom.
Hey, Rocky.
I don't know what to do because Coach Lesseur wants to see me.
You don't think he's got it in for me because of my mom, do you? Cece, Coach Lesseur is an educator.
Boom! He won't let his personal feelings about your mother influence his judgment.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
Oh, is this new? It's so cute.
Cece, don't leave me behind! Tell my family I love them.
Okay, reset! Let's do this.
I'm begging you, Bitsy.
No more Animal Channel.
Fine, one more show.
All right, I picked up Bitsy's lunch.
And I picked up his breakfast.
Uh-oh, time to give Bitsy his vitamin pill.
Deuce, you pull the dog's tail.
Huh? And when he opens his mouth to bite you, Ty, you throw the vitamin in.
Huh? And what are you gonna do? Standing way over here.
Ready to stop the bleeding.
Hey, Coach.
Change of plans, Jones.
Rocky, grab a seat.
Uh, you are no longer off the hook.
You have five minutes to complete this obstacle course, or you'll do it during summer school.
And in July there's no air conditioning in the gym.
But my hair.
That's right.
Circus clowns will stop and ask you, "How did you get it so big?" Is this because my mom blew you off? Because I've got to tell ya, you could do better.
You have 30 seconds to put this ball into that bucket.
Come on, Cece, you can do it, Cece.
That's what I'm talking about! That's what I'm talking about.
You have 30 seconds to pin Gretta.
You've got to be kidding me.
You will mount these rings, maintain a vertical position and then dismount using a back flip.
And then when I'm done I'm gonna ride through on my unicorn.
All right, Jones, 10 chin-ups and you're done! Coach, these arms were built for strapless gowns.
Not chin-ups.
Oh, come on, Coach.
All right, Blue.
Go help her out.
Ready? All right, ready.
All right.
Rocky, ow, Rocky! Ow, Rocky! Ow, Rocky! Ow, Rocky! Stop! All right, Jones, did you make it? Not really.
Am I going to count it? I guess.
Yeah! Yay! Hey.
Good work, honey.
You ready for coffee, Gordon? Yeah.
Mom, what're you doing here? Are you two still going out? Cece, we're just two adults enjoying each other's company.
That is going out.
It is? Oh, yay! We're going out.
So wait, this was all a set-up to teach me a lesson about lying? No, we just thought it would be funny.
But your version makes me sound like a much better parent, so let's just go with that.
Okay? Okay.
Class dismissed.
Shake it up Are you sure it was cool letting Flynn walk Bitsy all by himself? Do you want to walk dog-zilla? Yeah, you're right.
He'll be fine.
Doing good, Flynn! Yeah.
Bitsy's slowing down.
I think she's wearing out.
A couple more laps and he'll be out of gas.
My bad.
He's actually picking up steam.
Oh, Ms.
Lee! Thank goodness you're back! What happened? I hurt my arm water skiing.
I was hoping you guys could keep Bitsy for another couple days.
No way.
Not a chance.
I'll give you another 50 bucks.
Take the money! Sh-sh-sh-shake it up! Shake it up! Vietnamese subtitle credits to Itfriend.
ORG Team No mater which fansub translating it to Vietnamese!!