Shake It Up! s01e18 Episode Script

Model It Up

And that was jungle boogie! And I'm Gary wilde and I'll see you next week on shake it up, Chicago! Or you can come to my gym, Where I'll be hosting the gun show.
Okay, everyone, gather up.
I've got a very exciting announcement to make.
Ooh! There's a photographer here who's going to take.
A group photo of all of us for the new shake it up, chicago! Billboard? Stop reading my emails! Oh, everybody smile.
Cece, did you hear that? We're gonna be on a billboard! That's number 12 on my "things to do list before I turn 16.
" Actually, it's number 11.
Number 12 is to have vampires and werewolves fight over you.
Stop reading my emails! everybody, everybody, get out on the floor it can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4 make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore don't knock it till you rock it we can't take it no more bring the lights up, bust the doors down dust yourself off shake it up, shake it up dj set it off, take it up a notch all together now, shake it up, shake it up sh-sh-sh-shake it up you got to change it up and when you've had enough sh-sh-sh-shake it up bring the lights up, bust the doors down all together now, shake it up, shake it up shake it up I can't believe it.
I can't believe it! editor of glam magazine.
Oh, so, he's some fashion guy? He's not some fashion guy.
He's the fashion guy.
He worked with Cindy, iman, Linda and gisele.
Who are they? Would you stop that? Someone here would like to meet you.
You should see a doctor about that wheeze.
Picture this, I'm on my way to the airport.
When I see a billboard with the most beautiful face I've seen in years! Is it me? Do you think I'm beautiful? Why, yes, I do.
Your eyes, your lips, your nose, you're perfect.
Thank you! But, perfect is out of style this year.
What? Now, it's all about unique and striking.
And, darling, you've got it.
Please tell me one of your parents.
Is really, really, really tall.
Well, my dad's, like, 6'4" Um, I have some modeling experience.
I'm the "fruit of the week" for Willy and Bubba's produce mart.
I'm the strawberry.
Ah, when I discovered Kate moss she was dressed as a strawberry.
Really? No.
So, tell me, have you ever considered modeling? Modeling? Me? Are you serious? Oh, I'm calling your parents.
And setting up a photo shoot to take some test shots.
The camera will love you.
Any chance the camera has a secret crush on me, But it's too afraid to admit it 'cause it doesn't know if I'd like it back, 'cause I so would? Oh, you'll be a wonderful model.
You already have the pushy and self-centered part down.
Thank you! Rocky, can you believe it? We're gonna be models in a photo Yes! I know, But what do I know about modeling? Don't worry, I've been working with a modeling coach.
That I think can help you, too.
Really? Who? Hello, bay-bee.
Locassio, Do we have to watch soap operas every time you baby-sit? My soap stories can teach you wonderful life lessons.
But I don't understand what's happening.
I thought that guy came over to clean her pool.
Well, that's enough life lessons for today.
I'll get it, Mrs.
Locassio! Hey, Mrs.
We're here to take over.
Sorry we're late, long line at gamebusters.
I'm 112, you think I got an extra hour to hang around? Look what we got.
Whoa! You got battle call three? Yup.
Pop it in and let's get it started.
Whoa! Look at those graphics! I'm gonna blow that up.
I'm gonna blow that up.
And I'm definitely gonna blow that up! Oh, no, my console died! Bummer, little dude.
This is why you can't play it all day long.
I don't! You guys do! And now you have to buy me a new one.
Yeah, like we have that kind of money.
You kids need cash? I got some chores that need to be done.
I recently lost my housekeeper.
Quit? No, died of exhaustion.
First lesson: Poses! All models have a signature pose.
I am a panther.
Find your inner cat.
Is he for real? He was a model in the old country.
Yes, I modeled wool sweaters.
On the home sheeping network.
Oh, I saw that.
You did? No, you dingle! It was on the home sheeping network.
I don't even think the sheeps watch that.
Look, I've never modeled at all.
And I'm going to this photo shoot, And I have no idea what I'm doing.
Watch and learn.
Hit it, Marco! Witness the panther.
I am stalking my prey.
I pause.
Am I ready to pounce? You cannot take your eyes off me.
What am I doing? Have I frightened you? How about now? Now it is your turn.
What is your inner jungle cat? Jaguar.
Do not tell me, show me! Okay.
You're running through the rainforest.
You hear a sound.
Are there people coming for you? Are they hunters? Run, Jaguar! Run! Wait.
Where will you hide? Oh! At your best friend's lair, the snow leopard! That's me.
That's my inner cat.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Oh, would you like something for lunch? Here is some fresh kill.
Now fight for it! Go, Jaguar.
Go, snow leopard.
Yes, you're wonderful.
Okay, here we go.
shake it up So, what can we do for you, Mrs.
L? You can start by cleaning my shower.
I want to see my reflection in the tile.
Your reflection? Mmm-hmm.
In the shower? Mmm-hmm.
You sure about that? And you, teen wolf, I got six litter boxes upstairs overflowing.
And not with love, if you get my drift.
Actually, I'm allergic.
Like I care.
That leaves you.
And don't forget, you have to wash my unmentionables by hand.
Never seen a pillowcase like this.
What kind of pillow goes in here? An unmentionable one.
Ew! All right.
You, I want a blue gel on that light! You, I want the chrome on that bike shinier! And, you, take off that vest! It offends me! Now, where's my angel? Why are we clapping? Well, we're clapping for you, Raquel.
Well, thank you, but it's Rocky.
Not anymore.
It's Raquel.
Although, I reserve the right to change it to zuzu.
Zuzu? Mmm-hmm.
Let's get started.
Hey, come on, Cece.
Napoleon, I think there's been some kind of mistake with my outfit.
It looked better on the cow.
You don't need to look fabulous.
She needs to look fabulous.
Well, can I at least have some accessories? We have a snake.
Never mind.
I love my outfit.
Hey, you look cute in this.
Really? Because I think I could fit a small hippo in this jacket.
Yeah, well, my outfit's kind of lame, too.
Now in this photo, Raquel, You're the angel which represents everything.
That is good and pure.
And what am I? Background.
Stand to the side and look tough.
All right, yeah, I can do that.
Just gotta Think you're, uh, crowding up my hog, chump.
Sally say what? Uh, you look great, Rocky, and I'm making new friends.
Cut! What are you doing? Um, I didn't think you could see me.
Yeah, that's what I was going for.
Now sit back down.
Stop, stop, stop.
There's something distracting in my shot.
Get it together, people! You're bothering Napoleon.
No, you're bothering Napoleon.
Get off my cloud.
Okay, I'll just get right back on my bike.
Oh, no, I have a better idea.
I want you front and center.
Really? Great, where should I stand? In the parking lot.
Was it the too perfect thing? No, it was the too annoying thing.
I get that a lot.
You know, my mother is single.
Call us.
I'm really sorry.
I hope I didn't mess up your big chance.
Cece, it doesn't matter.
I mean, I was never gonna be a model anyway.
Am I crazy or did a helicopter.
Just land across the street? There she is.
My newest cover girl.
Me? No.
Raquel, darling, your test shots are to die for.
I'm offering you an exclusive one-year modeling contract.
Are you serious? Serious enough to write a check.
That's serious.
I can't believe I'm gonna be a model! Rocky, this is awesome.
Now, darling.
I'll see you in New York in three days.
New what? New York.
Well, you have to move there if you're going to be a model! But I have a math test next Tuesday.
Oh, cookie, Make sure those pork chops are well done.
Rare meat gives me gas like an old hound dog.
Oh, man, please burn that meat! Oh, you stop whining and keep rubbing.
Oh, right there, that's the spot.
Dig in, dig in.
Oh! Those bunions are older than Hawaii.
Stop! We made it! We have enough money to buy our console.
What are you talking about? You said $5 an hour.
So, $5 an hour times the three of us No, what I said is $5 an hour.
For all three of you.
What? But at that rate we'll be working for you.
Hey, I just heard the news.
Is Rocky really going? Yeah.
She's staying with my aunt.
I can't believe my mom's letting her go to New York to become a model, But she still makes me sit in the back seat of the car.
If Rocky goes, who's gonna pluck my eyebrows? That's right, I man-scape.
And without Rocky, this is gonna become.
An angry raccoon and it's coming after you.
Aren't you upset about this? Why should I be upset? There is no way Cece's letting her go away.
Yeah, you're right.
She'll have a plan to stop her.
Hey guys, Here's a bon voyage card for Rocky.
Sign it.
You call that a plan? How is that gonna stop Rocky from leaving? It's not.
And we're not gonna stop her.
Look, the idea of her leaving breaks my heart, But if it were reversed, She would support me, so I have to be supportive of her.
And she can't miss out on this amazing opportunity.
Just because she's worried about us.
And Deuce's freaky pet eyebrow.
You know about the man-soaping? Deuce, you used to have one eyebrow, Now you have two.
Even I can do that math.
So, for Rocky's sake, We're gonna convince her.
That we're not gonna miss her for a second.
In fact she doesn't even get a card.
Ah! Okay, What is gonna spray me, bite me, or jump on me.
When I open my locker? I'm just smiling because once you move to New York I'm turning your bedroom into a media room.
Stop being so selfish.
Think about Rocky.
Thank you, Deuce.
And how she's gonna introduce me to a bunch of hot models.
But there's a lot to think about.
I mean, my whole life is gonna change.
Living with my aunt, going to a new school.
Guys, I don't know if I wanna go.
Of course you're going! But aren't you guys gonna miss me? Wow, she's been a model for like five minutes.
And it's already "me, me, me.
" It's not all "me, me, me.
" There she goes again.
Whatever, guys, I gotta go to class.
Rocky! The bell's not just for you.
It's for everyone else too.
What an ego on this one.
It's just a nose.
And a chin.
And eyes.
I don't get it.
I mean, I know Napoleon says I'm the next big thing, But I just don't see it.
Don't see it? You saw those test shots, didn't you? How gorgeous are we? Well, yeah, the test pictures were great, But New York is so far away.
I don't know anyone there.
Yes, because no one wants to hang out with a model.
Except for cute guys, rock stars and everybody else.
But I'm gonna miss my friends and family.
Really? Because it didn't seem Like anyone of them were going to miss you.
That's not true.
Isn't it? They were so heartbroken They did almost everything But pack your bags and drive you to the airport.
You know what? You're right.
I should go.
It's time for me to stop thinking about everyone else.
And start thinking about me.
Me, me, me.
Because I'm Smoking hot! Yeah.
Hey, guys.
Now, Rocky's upstairs saying goodbye to her mom.
Remember, when she gets back here, We're really, really happy she's going.
She's right.
If we make a scene, Rocky's not gonna leave.
But I don't want her to go.
Who's gonna trim my eyebrows when she's gone? This is, like, losing my favorite sister.
What? Sorry, no offense.
Here she comes.
Get it together.
There's our supermodel! Hey, hey.
All right, well, I guess this is it.
I'm gonna miss you guys so much.
It's gonna be tough doing all that on video chat, But we'll figure it out.
All right, well, here I go, Getting into the limo, flying first class to New York.
Unless anybody has anything to say to me? Rocky, wait! Yeah? First class is for chumps.
Fly coach and pocket the difference.
Thanks for the good advice.
All right.
Everybody, keep waving.
I'm gonna hide so she doesn't see me crying.
I'm gonna start crying too.
Am I made of steel? You don't think I'll miss her too? I have boogers I still miss.
A-ha! I knew it! I knew you guys cared! Of course we care! Then what is wrong with you people? I didn't want to go to New York.
Why didn't anybody stop me? We didn't want to hold you back! Hold me back from what? From being with everyone I love? We love you, too.
Cece made us pretend we didn't care.
Why would you do that? I was trying something new.
Like what? Being supportive? Well, knock it off.
Okay, fine.
I swear I'll never support anything you do ever again! I'll be totally self-centered, self-involved and selfish.
That's the Cece I know and love.
shake it up Hey! How come I'm always the first one to get killed? Hey, it's a battle.
It can happen to anyone.
Yeah, but it seems like as soon as the game starts, All the tanks and battleships are pointed at me.
Yeah, wonder why that is.
Hey, ty, you just shot me! We're on the same side! Why would you do that? It was an accident? For the 37th time? sh-sh-sh-shake it up! Shake it up!