Shake It Up! s02e02 Episode Script

Three's A Crowd It Up

I don't get it.
We bust our butts every week and instead of rewarding us with the opening number, Gary gives it to some no-name dance crew off of the street! I know.
If he wanted no-names, he could have just gone with us.
- So not cool.
- So not cool.
So not cool.
I say off with Gary's head! Relax, it's just an expression.
In this country.
You know what? We should protest.
Sign a petition.
Stage a walkout.
Or, we hit him where it really hurts.
Hide his hair spray.
Yeah! Yeah! No, the three of us are going to march into Gary's office and demand that he fire that lame dance crew.
Let's do it! Okay! I like that.
Hola, chicas.
Hey! Well, on the other hand, we're all dancers here.
We should support one another.
It's the nice thing to do.
Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4 Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore Don't knock it We can't take it no more Bring the lights up, bust the doors down Dust yourself off Shake it up, shake it up DJ set it off, take it up a notch All together now, shake it up, shake it up Sh-sh-sh-shake it up You got to change it up And when you've had enough Sh-sh-sh-shake it up Bring the lights up, bust the doors down All together now, shake it up, shake it up Shake it up I gotta run.
I gotta go get to the library before it closes.
Oh, Cece, I'm really impressed.
You're really studying hard.
No, I just left my phone there.
In that case, I'm just where the library is.
Hola, Rocky Blue.
You know my name? I'm so flattered.
Actually, the tag "property of Rocky Blue.
" Great.
I am Julio Roberto Torres.
I love your accent.
Please keep talking.
Please? You're funny.
Hey, I just moved from Miami to Chicago.
Tell me, chica, what's your favorite pizza place? Oh! Crusty's on Third.
They're amazing.
Let me write down the address for you.
Or we can save a tree and you can meet me there.
I'm totally about saving our natural resources, too.
I think it's really important that Wait a minute.
Did you just ask me to have pizza with your accent? I mean you.
How's Monday after school? Sounds good.
See you at Crusty's.
I just had my first and second kiss.
I got it, Mom! Greetings, my one and only friend who doesn't have multiple graduate degrees framed and hanging on his wall.
Hello, boy genius who is clearly delusional because I'm pretty sure I'm your one and only friend, period.
I hope you don't mind me just showing up uninvited this way, but I really am under great duress over my current predicament.
English, Henry! English! My dad wants me to spend more time with kids my own age.
I think he just wants you out of the house.
But it's cool.
My mom wants me to do more charity work so make yourself comfortable.
Oh, no, no, no! I'm so sorry I left you behind, baby.
Momma will never do that again.
Dude! Watch where Oh, hi! Hi! I'm so sorry I ran into you.
Totally my fault.
I don't think we've met officially.
I'm Cece and you're hot! Hola, Cece.
Me llamo Julio Roberto Torres.
Nice to meet you, Me Llamo.
You're very funny.
I love funny people.
So, Cece, I just heard about this great new pizza place, Crusty's.
Would you like to meet there Monday after school? Well, as long as it's not a date, 'cause I'm not allowed to Oh, who am I kidding? See you then.
Why did I have to meet you so early? I didn't even have time to do my hair.
That's your bedhead? What, do you sleep standing up? Don't be fresh.
I washed and rinsed, but I didn't have time to repeat.
Well, you still look good and weird to me.
You're going to love this! Ta-da! I know you've been dying to get your hands on the Betwinkler X-96 Turbo, which can betwinkle fabric from 20 feet away.
But you should really read the instruction booklet first because it can get a little Oh, my goodness.
You're welcome, Principal Rabinoff.
Sorry, Deuce.
Been there, betwinkled that.
I got one two weeks ago.
What? That's impossible.
There are only four of these in the world and three of them belong to the U.
figure skating team.
Well, there must have been a fifth, because your girlfriend, Dina, got it for me.
Dina? But you're my customer.
Oh, I don't know what to say.
Oh, wait, I do know what to say.
Don't ever call me again.
Hey, hey, hey.
Oh, my gosh, Cece! Oh, my gosh, Rocky! You'll never guess what happened to me! You first.
Okay! I was at Okay, stop, stop.
You go first.
Okay, okay, okay.
I was at Shake It Up, Chicago! Me, too.
And one of the cute guys from the dance crew came over to talk to me.
Me, too! And then he asked me to go to pizza at Crusty's.
Oh, that's great! You have a date! Oh.
And there was one more thing I wanted to tell you.
Me, too! We have dates! I know! My guy, he cares about the environment and he's got the cutest accent.
My guy is supercute and he thinks that I'm really funny.
Ooh! They're in the same dance crew.
We can all hang out together all the time.
Yeah, and then one day we'll go to prom together, and then we'll have a double wedding.
And then we'll go on our honeymoon together.
And then, one day, we'll get matching beach houses and matching French bulldogs.
Slow down, Rocky.
I never agreed to matching French bulldogs.
I like Labradoodles! We got a date! We got a date! This is it.
Tomkins is finally on maternity leave and we've got eight weeks of substitute teachers! So, let's see if our months of preparation has paid off.
Textbooks, go! Sweet! Good job, troops.
Tack on the chair? Check.
Drawers glued shut? Check.
Apple juice on the floor to look like pee? Check.
We're more than ready, and I couldn't be prouder.
Hello, class.
I'm your new substitute teacher.
Henry? Oh, my.
This is an awkward turn of events.
What are you doing here? I'm the new substitute teacher, and perhaps you should call me Mr.
Dillon in the classroom.
Okay, Mr.
In the classroom! Dude, this is not good.
You need to go and request a transfer.
But you and my dad both agreed that I need to spend time with kids my own age.
So, just treat me like you would treat any other substitute teacher.
Are you sure about that? I'm positive.
If you say so.
Ready! Aim! Fire! Spitballs? Oh, what is that? Oh, no! I stepped in pee! I stepped in pee! There's a towel in the supply cabinet! Welcome to Jackson Elementary School, Henry.
Oh, I mean, Mr.
In the classroom.
Hey, Dina.
There you are, baby.
I haven't seen you all day.
I've missed you.
Really? 'Cause you certainly haven't missed any of my customers.
What's that supposed to mean? Nothing.
Just my business has been in the toilet lately.
Oh, I think I got something for that.
Look, it's got a motorized head for big jobs.
You're missing the point, sweetie.
Look, it's cute that you do a little business, unless it steps on mine.
Oh, I get it.
You want me to stop selling and instead be the cute, supportive girlfriend who does her hair all nice and bakes you cakes and stuff.
It's like you read my mind! And added cake! I was joking! Like I'd ever quit my business just because I'm doing better than you.
And if you thought I was outselling you before, just you wait.
Now I'm gonna bury you.
Yeah? Yeah? Well, I hope you got a shovel! I don't! I sold the last one to your mom! Wait, last minute breath check.
Mmm! Minty.
Hey! There's my guy.
Julio! No, that's my guy, and his name is Me Llamo.
First of all, no one's name is "Me Llamo.
" His name is Julio.
He lied to me about his name? Wait, I don't think we're on a double date.
I think we're on the same date.
With the same guy.
Do you think he thinks we're the same person, too? Okay, I'll go get us some drinks.
Okay, thank you so much.
All right.
What the heck is going on? Why would he invite both of us? I don't know.
Maybe he likes us both but he's trying to figure out which one of us he "like" likes.
Okay, I got a plan.
We'll both hang out with him till we figure out which one of us he "like" likes.
Then the other one will gracefully bow out.
Sounds good.
So when it's clear that he "like" likes me, I'll give you this signal, you'll find an excuse, and leave.
Or When it's clear that he "like" likes me I'll give you this signal and you'll "leave" leave.
Wait, should I change my secret signal? This doesn't look like I'm picking my nose, does it? Not at all.
I got us the special.
Crusty's souvenir cups with the dancing pizzas.
They were just so cute they reminded me of you.
So, Julio, I'm really glad you asked me out.
And it was nice of you to invite Cece.
So she didn't feel left out.
And it was nice of you to invite Rocky, because she's never asked to go anywhere.
So, here we are.
You and me.
And Cece.
I don't know how it could get any better.
I am sorry to be late for pizza, Julio What the heck are these two yutzes doing here? I've got seven tickets to Lady Gaga's sold-out concert.
Yeah? Well, I've got tickets to Lady Gaga, too, and I'm throwing in a free T-shirt.
I'll throw in a free T-shirt and my dad will drive you to the concert.
Yeah, well, my tickets are free and I'll pay you five bucks to take them.
You know, as a successful businesswoman, I pride myself on being able to recognize a good deal when I hear one.
Oh, thanks, Dina.
You're welcome, sweetie.
But actually, I was holding out my hand for the five bucks you owe me.
So, do you understand the plan, Tinka? If this one came up with it I think a garden mouse could follow along.
Vegetarian for you, right Rocky? Yeah.
Thanks, Julio.
That was so sweet of you to remember.
I've got to tell you, Cece, it's really impressive to see a girl eat a slice of pizza that's bigger than she is.
In all fairness, everything is bigger than she is.
Wow, you're a little mean, huh? You have no idea.
My secret signal is ridiculous.
I want a new one.
What? Um Um Unlike your adorable accent, hers is hard to understand.
And annoying.
She doesn't like her drink and she wants a new one.
Would you mind? Thank you.
Okay, you two can leave now.
He likes me.
No, it's time for you two to leave.
He likes me.
How about this for my new secret signal? You two, get out! Hey! Hello! Oh, my gosh.
You're so nice.
So, for today's lesson plan, I thought we'd discuss the famous novel written in 1844 by a French man named Alexander Dumas.
His book, The Count of Monte Cristo, is known as the granddaddy of all revenge stories.
Oh, I see.
You glued the chalk to the tray.
Very clever.
Oh, you got me again.
Nothing I enjoy more than a little tomfoolery.
Moving on.
Can anyone tell me where France is on the map? All right, troops, back off.
I think we should all give Mr.
Dillon a break now.
No, not Mr.
Call me the Count of Jackson Elementary! Ha! Take that! I invented the first human magnet last night! So, who's the sucker now? In your faces! Mmm-hmm.
Well played, my genius friend.
Well played.
Thank you.
And with that, I quit! Wait, Henry, aren't you forgetting something? Oh, right, of course.
I'll just come back for that later.
Looks like we got the last laugh.
Cece, I feel really bad about yesterday.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
We should never let a boy get between us.
Unless it's Taylor Lautner.
From now on, sisters before misters.
What are you two talking about? Which one of your sisters is a mister? No.
Cece and I agreed to never again fight over a boy.
So, what I'm hearing is he's mine.
Over your dead body.
Um, Cece, actually, the expression is No, I said it right.
Looks like the fiery gopher has claws.
You want a piece of this? Bring it on.
You ready to cook? 'Cause it's about to get hot.
Oh, yeah! Cece, stop! Come on, there's gotta be a better way we can settle this.
Rock, paper, scissors? Perfect, I have a large rock in my purse.
Oh, you meant the version with the fingers? Yawn, but all right.
Ready? Rock.
Scissors! I'm meeting someone.
Over here, Julio! What are you two doing here? I knew you two couldn't be trusted, even after I won fair and square.
Uh, I don't think so.
I threw paper and paper covers rock.
Yeah, but my scissors cuts your paper.
And my good looks and superior hair trump you both.
Would someone please tell me what's going on? Well, these two weren't sure which one of us you "like" liked.
We weren't sure, so we played rock, paper, scissors.
And I won.
No, you didn't.
I won.
What? No, I won! Whoa, whoa! Hold on! You guys rock, paper, scissored to see who won me? Yes, I thought we were very clear about that.
Not too bright, this one.
Maybe Cece should get him.
This is crazy.
I'm a person, not the last cookie on a plate.
I don't "like" like any of you.
I thought we were all friends.
Besides, I'm not even allowed to date.
I'm only twelve and a half.
Oh, well, in that case Ew! Sorry, Julio.
Okay, mister, these sisters are out of here.
Just out of curiosity, if you were 14, which one of us Cece! Cece! Coming! Sorry, I couldn't resist.
I couldn't resist either.
Here, have mine.
Hey, Dina.
May I? Of course.
Look, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting lately.
I was thinking about it and I'm proud that my girlfriend is such an awesome businesswoman.
Thanks, Deucey.
Now, just wondering, would you ever be willing to bake me a cake? I'll do you one better.
Two cakes? No, baby, I've been thinking.
What do you say we go into business together? "D and D.
You want it.
We can get it.
" Wait.
There's no phone number on this.
That way no one can trace us.
Wow, you're good.
Just wondering "D and D".
The first D is for Duece, right? Yeah, ok.
Whatever you say, cuties.
Yes! Shake It Up!