Shake It Up! s02e07 Episode Script

Review It Up

Well! It took forever to be finally full.
What do you guys think? Pretty nice, huh? Yeah, it's a giant tank of awesome! Yeah, but I had to pee three times watching you fill it.
Oh, great, four.
False alarm.
You know, I'm a little torn.
It's beautiful to look at, but I just can't get over the fact that they're swimming around in their own bathroom.
So were you in Nana's pool last summer.
So, where'd you get it? I got it from Jimmy One Eye.
It was either that or his massage chair.
And I happen to know that he's used that one in the buff.
Solid choice on the fish tank.
Be right back, Uncle Frank.
I'm gonna go deliver to Vainglorious.
All right.
Vainglorious? Theodore Vainglorious? Yeah, why? He's the hottest choreographer of the 9os, who began his career as a young dancer on Broadway in the short-lived adaptation of Jaws: The Musical.
One night he met Madonna and she said, "I love your moves," and the next thing you know, she was doing his moves and he went on to choreograph every major music video of the decade.
How do you know all that? Well, remember that one time I got an A on a research report? Oh, right, "Theodore Vainglorious: "An Exploration of Modern and Supercool Dance.
" Yeah.
My mom had it framed.
It's on the wall right next to all my participant ribbons.
I still have no idea why he's such a big deal.
Because he's the guy who came up with this.
The Double Pegasus! I know that move.
See? Wow! Deuce, we are delivering this pizza.
What? Uh, excuse me, we're not just gonna show up at Theodore's apartment with a pizza.
We're not? No.
Not until we figure out what dance moves we're gonna show him.
Ooh, guys, check it out.
A triggerfish, a clown fish, African cichlids, oh, gouramis, oh, and gobies! What? You think you're the only one who's ever gotten an A on a research report? Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4 Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore Don't knock it We can't take it no more Bring the lights up, bust the doors down Dust yourself off Shake it up, shake it up DJ set it off, take it up a notch All together now, shake it up, shake it up Sh-sh-sh-shake it up You got to change it up And when you've had enough Sh-sh-sh-shake it up Bring the lights up, bust the doors down All together now, shake it up, shake it up Shake it up We are about to meet choreographers of our time.
Plus, I've seen pictures.
He was two ** back in the 9os.
Yeah, but that was a long time ago.
I bet now he's got distinguished older guy vibe like Usher or Justin Timberlake.
Come in! Are you sure this is the right place? Well, if not, I think we found Theodore's than we are.
New delivery girls.
Hey, what happened to the kid with the eyebrow? Yeah, more important, what happened to the guy on the horse? Um, are you the same Theodore Vainglorious who invented the Double Pegasus? Oh, oh, I understand the confusion.
I've had my teeth whitened since the portrait was commissioned.
Right, I knew there was something different.
It's me.
I got tired of my penthouse overlooking the city.
I'm really into the urban scene now.
Drink in my view.
Gorgeous! Now, run along, girls, Got a big show to get ready for.
Oh, you're choreographing something new? No, I'm watching Wheel of Fortune.
It's college week.
Run out of your favorite color of spray tan, Gary? No.
My bosses want something promotable on the show, something that'll grab viewers and slap the remote right out of their hands, but I got nothing.
Ooh! Ooh! Wait a minute.
We can get Theodore Vainglorious! You can? We can? The Theodore Vainglorious? Theodore "Double Pegasus" Vainglorious? Theodore Vainglorious? You know him? Sure, the three of us are like this.
I mean, this.
Do it.
I'm gonna call corporate and take all the credit.
I mean sing your praises.
No, I mean take all the credit.
Okay, one, what are you doing? And, two, what are you doing? Look, we are going to help Theodore Vainglorious.
Rocky, if we really wanted to help him, we'd get him a couch that's not held together by duct tape and willpower.
Come on, let's not get involved.
CeCe, Theodore's fallen on some hard times.
And I know he's not what he once was, but we could help pick him back up.
Unfortunately, I'm a little busy doing absolutely anything else.
Come on.
CeCe, if I fell, wouldn't you be there to pick me back up? Wait.
Don't answer that.
I want to believe the answer is yes.
Deuce! I got something for ya.
Let me guess, another insult? What are you gonna make fun of now? My hair? My hygiene? Or you're gonna go with a classic, like my eyebrows.
You are so sensitive, you furry, stinky, caterpillar-eyed guy.
No, I need someone to hold the key to the cash register.
Me? Yeah.
You trust me the most? No, you're just the first one I saw.
Well, you can count on me, Uncle Frank.
I swear I'll put that key in a place where no one can ever find it.
Oh, you're gonna put it next to your deodorant? Hey, I do insult you a lot.
Don't lose that key.
Wow, that's a big responsibility.
Are you sure you can handle it? Please.
How hard is it to hold onto a key? And where exactly is the key right now? It's right I lost it! Not good.
All bad.
Life ruined.
Game over.
Dude, he hasn't given it to you yet.
I knew that.
I'll have the rent check tomorrow, I swear! Uh, it's not your landlord.
It's opportunity knocking.
What are you girls doing here? I didn't order a pizza.
We want you to choreograph the next episode of Shake It Up, Chicago! You mean the local teen TV dance show? Yeah! No thanks.
Wait, no, wait, wait.
No, no, no.
This could be a very great opportunity for you.
But that's not where my head is at.
I prefer the world of teaching now.
You teach dance? I teach the senior citizens aqua aerobics class at the Y.
You're a little young, but feel free to stop by.
It's never too early to battle arthritis.
You're a genius, and we really, really need you.
You have my attention.
Go on.
Well, we just think that this would be a great opportunity to expose a whole new generation to your amazing talent.
Still listening.
It pays 500 bucks.
I am in! Lake Superior whitefish.
Let's rock, ladies! So, there we were on top of Madison Square Garden.
Me, Madonna, a young Lady Gaga, who back then was called Baby Gaga, to those of us who really knew her, Goo-Goo Gaga.
Can I talk to you for a second? Dude, helping Theodore was a great idea.
He's amazing! Yes, but the show is in two days, and he hasn't shown us any moves.
We've learned nothing.
Um, excuse me, I believe we've learned that Madonna's not a morning person, and Usher was once an usher.
So, we all jump out and yell, "Surprise!" Michael was so shocked, one of his sequined gloves fell off.
I said, "Now, that is an interesting look.
" And the rest is history.
Great story, great story.
Hey, how about we learn that dance? Okay.
Uh, good idea.
I guess it's time.
Okay, kids, the maestro will begin conducting.
Okay, hands up, clap, turn, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, girls face forward, one step up, shake, shake, shake, guys turn back, hands up, clap, everybody jump to the right.
Whoa, whoa! Interesting.
Worked in the pool.
Theodore, how do we put this gently You don't seem to know what the heck you're doing.
I'm sorry? Excuse me? Rocky, you know you can't talk to him like that.
He's Theodore "Double Pegasus" Vainglorious.
Born in Ohio to Marge and Chester Vainglorious.
My mother was in labor for two days and I came out kicking! So, you're kind of late for everything.
You really gotta start teaching us that dance.
You're absolutely right.
But there's one teeny-tiny problem.
It's just a little hiccup.
I'm a fraud! A fraud! I'm creatively bankrupt.
I haven't come up with a new move in 15 years.
I even stole my water aerobics routine from another teacher at the Y.
Now I'm wondering if he really did know 50 Cent back when he was just a quarter.
The show is in a couple of days and our choreographer is nothing but tears and leg warmers.
Come on, we've got to tell Gary.
Oh, just give him a few minutes.
He'll pull it together.
See? He's fine! All right, we'll tell Gary.
Oh, good, 'cause here he is.
What? No, no, no, no! Gary! We need to talk to you about Theodore.
I know what you're gonna say.
I've already taken care of it.
Oh, you did? Yeah.
It was wrong for taking all the credit about bringing in Theodore, so I did the right thing.
I told my bosses it was all Rocky and CeCe's idea.
What? Maybe you should call them back and tell them it wasn't all our idea.
Not our idea.
No! Oh, yes it was.
It was all you, you, you! You thought of it, you got him, you "rought him.
But you approved it.
It was you! Yeah, you did! Stop being so modest! And here's the best part.
They're promoting the heck out of this episode.
Spending tons of money on billboards and radio, and it is all because of the two of you! What ya doing? What? Oh, nothing.
Just Just thought I'd straighten up the trash can.
So you're not looking for the key? "Looking for the key.
" That's rich.
So you know where the key is.
Of course, okay? For your information, much like America's nuclear arsenal, I have devised a plan where every 15 minutes, I move the key to a new, safe, secret location where no one will ever find it.
So this cash register key is just a decoy key that you made to look like the real key? If that'll make me look less stupid, then yes.
Yes, it is.
You know what, dude? Just let me hold it.
It's my responsibility.
I can handle it.
Okay? Nicely handled.
Oh, no! Key in the tank! Key in the tank! Hey, at least one of the fish didn't eat it.
Oh, wait Spoke too soon.
So annoying! How long does it take to build a 20-story building? I'm guessing longer than two hours, CeCe.
Okay, so what do we do now? The show is tomorrow and we have no choreographer.
Wait, this is your area of expertise.
What do you do when you have a test the next day, but you haven't studied at all? I fail.
You know what? We're just gonna have to call Gary and tell him.
I give up.
Really, Rocky? You're just going to give up 'cause there's a little obstacle in the way? "Ooh, there's a tree in the road.
"I better turn around and go back home.
"I'll discover America another time.
" What are you talking about? Columbus came here on a boat.
Because he didn't give up.
Look, we're dancers.
Why can't we just choreograph it? Wait, that's actually a great idea.
Okay, let's come up with a dance.
But who can concentrate with all that noise? I know! Those stupid construction workers with their little and their bang! Bang! Oh, I wish they would go build a building somewhere else.
No, it's a good thing.
Yes, I know, it stimulates the economy and creates jobs.
One, I am very impressed that that just came out of your mouth.
And, two, no.
Do you remember your paper? It said that Theodore got his inspiration from everyday things that occurred around him.
So, do that, uh, jackhammer thing again.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! I got it, I got it! You got it? Okay, ready? Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Did you find the key yet? Yeah.
I found it Now I'm just looking for buried treasure.
Well, if you're gonna be like that, I'm not gonna help you at all.
You're not helping at all! Beg to differ.
If it wasn't for me, the key wouldn't even be in there.
Deuce! Hey, Uncle Frank.
What're you doing here? Thought I'd stop by and check out how your restaurant's doing.
Oh, wait, it's mine.
That's a good one, Uncle Frank.
You should write that one down.
In your office.
At home.
Hey, have you seen, uh, Deuce? Uh, he's floating around here somewhere.
Hey, have you checked out the eel in the fish tank? Eel? What eel? Apparently there's this rare electric Mexican eel in there.
How do you think Jimmy One Eye got his name? Quick, get out! There's an electric eel in there! Eel? Help me! Help me! Wait, wait.
There's no eel, you big galoot.
Wait, if you knew he was in there, why didn't you say anything? Well, I would've.
I was just so thrilled that he finally took a bath.
Now get out of there.
I need that key I gave you.
Key? Uh-oh.
I'd like to thank you girls for dragging me down here so I can witness my failure firsthand.
Perhaps later on, you can give me a paper cut, we'll pour lemon juice on it! Um, actually, I think you'll be pretty happy with how your dance turned out.
What do you mean? Just watch.
Welcome back, Chicago.
You've heard about it all week, now get ready to scrape the skies with the newest dance from my personal friend, Teddy Vainglorious! Theodore! Larry, my name is Theodore.
Don't you know I got mad mad skills? With a hammer and and drills So I'll get your house house built But you gotta gimme a gimme a big stack of bills Come on everybody help me raise this roof Raise this roof Rai-rai-rai-raise this roof Come on everybody help me raise this roof Raise this roof Rai-rai-rai-raise this roof Never gonna eat Never gonna sleep I'm working overtime Gotta stay up late Gotta get paid I'm working overtime Just gonna hit it harder I'll push it faster, stronger Never gonna eat Never gonna sleep I'm working overtime Overtime Oh, oh, oh, overtime Oh, oh, oh, overtime Overtime Oh, oh, oh, overtime Oh, oh, oh, overtime Let's give it up again for our Shake It Up, Chicago! dancers! And our guest choreographer, the legendary Theodore Vainglorious! I have to be honest, I had nothing But amazing, amazing ideas, total genius moves.
A true legend to work with.
Well, I don't know what to say, except it's true! Don't you know I got mad mad skills With a hammer and and drills So I'll get your house house built But you gotta gimme a gimme a big stack of bills And here are some exclusive clips of Lady Gaga's latest music video! Am I crazy or is Lady Gaga doing our construction dance moves? How is that possible? Wait, there's Theodore.
It is great to be working with my old friend Lady Gaga.
I knew her when she was in diapers.
And not for fashion reasons.
But seriously, I could not have made my stupendous return to the dance world without the help of two very special girls back in Chicago.
Oh, my wow! Oh, my wow! Oh, my wow! He's going to mention us! He's going to mention us! Pocket and bridges.
My two calico kitties.
I'll see u when I get back from the tour of asia(??) girls.
Do u know what that means? That he totally ripped off for dance ** credit? No, we just qualigraph Lady Gaga.