Shake It Up! s02e11 Episode Script

Jingle It Up

People always say we're the same And you're my best friend But just to set them straight I am my own thing This mirror image life I'm stuck in Alice in Wonderland Gotta break the frame we're not the same at the edge of the mirror I feel you looking at me mimicking my every move Move I can feel the mirror bending to tell me what you're gonna do Do do! Hey, you, standing right in front of me Stop, go dancing like a wannabe Have to move your body We're putting on a show Gotta break the frame We're not the same At the edge of the mirror Here we go! Watch out! One, two, three, four Whoo! Give it up for Pink Frames.
All right! That's our show.
Didn't Shake It Up enough? You can shake it up again Thursday when two of our best dancers will be performing live on Good Morning Chicago.
Bye, everybody! Who is it? Who did you pick? Oh, isn't it obvious? So, what time should Gunther and I be there? Oh! Keeping in mind I need an hour for makeup.
And I need an hour and a half for hair.
What? This doesn't just happen, people.
Yeah, and neither does you and Tinka being chosen for Good Morning Chicago.
Yes, he said the best dancers.
Not the most delusional.
It's not Gunther and Tinka.
Ha! In your face! The winners are CeCe I knew it! And Gunther! I didn't know that.
What did she just say? You know, I don't feel comfortable repeating it in the company of these young ladies.
But rest assured it had something to do with the horse you rode in on.
Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4 Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore Don't knock it We can't take it no more Bring the lights up, bust the doors down Dust yourself off Shake it up, shake it up DJ set it off, take it up a notch All together now, shake it up, shake it up Sh-sh-sh-shake it up You got to change it up And when you've had enough Sh-sh-sh-shake it up Bring the lights up, bust the doors down All together now, shake it up, shake it up Shake it up But we are the Hessenheffers! Alone, and I am a Heffer.
Sen Tinka, as much as doing it without you, it hurts more to think of doing it without me.
Well, she's taking it better than I thought.
Look, Rocky, doing this without you.
We're like peanut butter and jelly.
Shampoo and conditioner.
Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds.
They're not together anymore.
I know, but they should be! CeCe, Gunther, when you have a minute.
Listen to me.
I'm happy for you.
Do I wish it was us? Sure.
But we're not connected at the hip.
I'm going to cheer you on and later there'll be times when you cheer me on, like when I'm valedictorian.
Wait, why can't I be a valamictorium? I think you just answered your own question.
Now go.
Gary's waiting for you.
I'm proud of you! Thank you.
Oh, come on, Rocky.
Acting like you're not jealous.
Like a big tub of expired egg salad, nobody's buying it.
Why don't you pretend like you're a big tub of egg salad and put a lid on it? We're not all as petty as you are.
By the way, Gary asked me to join.
Gunther and CeCe on Good Morning Chicago.
What? That's not fair! I'm just as good as you guys! Ha! I made it up.
Maybe you're not as petty as I am, but you have potential.
Check it out, a number two pencil! Get it? Number two.
Great for when you have to take a test right after a breakfast burrito.
All right, snack time.
I don't know what you guys are having, but I'm having Mmm! Chicken fingers! All right, that is my time and don't forget to tip your waitresses! Flynn Jones, everyone! Yeah! All right, all right.
Next up at Crusty's open mic night, or should I say open mic day, since most of us have to get home before dark, the rap stylings of Ty Blue! Yo.
Uh! I roll up to the mall on a Friday night My collar popped up and I'm looking real tight Got a long story but I'mma keep it short My posse and I roll up to the food court But I can't stay long someone wish me luck Gotta head to Happy Sam's for a nine-dollar haircut Word! Okay.
Let's hear it for Ty Blue! Let's hear it for the fact he's done.
Yes! All right.
We're gonna take a quick intermission.
We'll be back in a few.
Tough crowd! Speak for yourself.
I did so well Uncle Frank's naming a pizza after me.
The Flynn.
It's a little cheesy, with just the perfect amount of ham.
I mean, I don't get it.
My rhymes were off the chain! You mean your rhymes were awfully lame? Oh, come on! Who raps about getting a good deal on a haircut? Someone who enjoys saving for college and wants to keep it real at the same time.
Rap is supposed to be edgy.
It's about hardship and struggle.
The only struggle with your rap was listening to it.
Hey! Don't worry, I can help.
Give me all your cash.
Then I won't have any money and I'm hungry.
Broke and hungry? Sounds like the title of your first album.
You're welcome.
All right.
Five, six, seven, eight.
You're my passion Keep on dancing Hot as lightning I feel unsteady But now I'm ready So come and get me It's enough to make you barf up your lunch, right? Would you stop, okay? It's just one dance.
It'll be over sooner than you think, okay? Just like this conversation.
I'm going to party tonight Do it up, do it up Gimme, gimme some more Thanks.
Wow, you're amazing.
You ever repeat that and I'll cut off your legs.
Well, you can only be as good as your partner.
Ever repeat that, and I'll hand you the knife.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Wow, whose genius idea was it to pair you together? Oh, that's right, mine! And I just decided you're also getting this week's spotlight dance.
Oh! Yes! That's so awesome Hang on.
Uh, Rocky, are you okay with this? Because if you're not I'll go tell Gary Please! Please! I am thrilled that you're getting the spotlight dance! Okay? In fact, they should put a spotlight on me right now to show everyone how excited I am for you! You know, 'cause I'm excited! Whoo! So how about you go over there, and I'll be right back.
Envy, party of one.
Your table is ready.
Why can't I be on the morning show and get a Spotlight Dance? It's not fair! It should be me! Can I just say, this is the first time I almost sort of kind of liked you.
Now here is what we are going to do.
What is that? A flu-infected tissue, courtesy of Randy Himmelfarb.
It's full of his sickness, which we can spread to CeCe, rendering her unable to dance.
More than usual.
That's a great plan.
Oh, I can't wait to What am I saying? You know what? I'm just going to do the mature thing and talk to CeCe about my feelings.
Mature conversation with CeCe? Text me when you're ready for operation snot rag.
Okay, Ty, if you want to be a successful rapper, you've got to get rid of that squeaky-clean, goody-two-shoes image.
You need a reputation.
I do have a reputation.
No cavities five years in a row.
Can I get a what-what! No.
But you can get a "who cares.
" Trust me, this is the perfect plan.
Everyone's going to be talking about the day Ty Blue stole a pizza.
Hands in.
One, two, three.
Bam! Let's do this.
I'm taking this pizza! Ty Blue's stealing a pizza! You didn't pay for that! I'm calling the police! Go ahead! I'm not afraid of the cops! He's not really gonna call them, is he? No.
Wow, Ty Blue is one tough guy who's not afraid of authority! I'm not afraid of no authority.
Yo, bro, you dropped your purse! Oh! Thank you! That thief tried to steal my purse.
What's your name, son? Ty Blue.
Well, there's a butterscotch in here for you because Ty Blue is a hero! No, I'm not a hero! I'm a bad boy.
Well, you're the sweetest bad boy I've ever seen.
Ty Blue! Ty Blue! Ty Blue! Ty Blue! So that's it.
I mean, I am so embarrassed.
I admit it.
I was jealous.
What kind of terrible person is jealous of their best friend? Me! Rocky, I'm jealous of you all the time.
Your good grades, your amazing sense of style, your ability to reach things on high shelves.
You forgot my smile, my creativity, my ability to forgive you for making jokes about me being freakishly tall.
Thanks for making me feel better.
You're welcome.
All right.
Now, let me show you the dress I got for Good Morning Chicago.
Time to be jealous again! Oh, my gosh! I hate you! Thank you! Oh, your highlights are done.
Thank you again for doing them for me.
Of course! I want you to look extra special for Good Morning Chicago.
Ooh, ooh, careful.
Wait, what's wrong? It's red, it's green, it's red, it's green It's horrible! I look like Christmas threw up on my head.
Rocky, how could you do this to me? Uh, it wasn't me.
It was Tinka! She's out there, the fire escape! I don't see her.
She was just there a second ago! And she had green hair dye! You know what, Rocky? It's one thing to be a little jealous.
It's another to sabotage your best friend.
She's back! She's right there! Oh, please, Rocky.
I may not be a valamictorium, but I'm not an idiot! I think it looks cute.
Knowing you, you'll start a trend and every girl in school will want to wear their hair that way.
Yeah, they'll all wish they were me.
CeCe, the sea monster.
Okay, look, how many times do I have to tell you I'm sorry? Once, Rocky.
Once! You keep blaming it on Tinka.
Because she did it.
I swear! Oh, okay.
Tinka magically appears and disappears and does bad things to me.
I believe you.
Thank you.
Wait, you're being sarcastic, aren't you? No! You know what? If you're so jealous that you don't want me to be on Good Morning Chicago, just say so.
Okay, if you can't actually commit a crime, how about this? We read the newspaper and find an unsolved case.
You confess.
Nothing too violent, maybe a bank robbery.
You'll go to prison for 25 to life, and knowing you, you'll be out in 18 for good behavior.
People will still know what a b dude you are because it'll be tattooed on your face.
Then you just gotta make some rhymes and you'll be on your way.
Or we can keep spitballing.
What if you released an animal from its cage at the zoo? It'll get you tons of attention.
Oh, I know! You can release the lions.
Okay, okay.
I like where you're going.
But you know what also could work? Penguins! Do penguins sound dangerous to you? Because there is a reason the movie was callHappy Feet and not Scary Feet.
Then what's in between lions and penguins, then? Uh, if I recall, there's a men's bathroom and a churro cart.
What, am I the only one who's been to the zoo before? Uh, delivery for CeCe Jones.
Wow, look at that.
They're amazing.
Who died? Oh, that's right.
In this country, balloons are used for celebratory purposes.
There's a card.
"I may not be with you on the dance floor, "but I'm always on your side.
Love, Rocky.
" Aw! I wish she was here right now.
I would give her the biggest hug.
Aw! Rocky! You know what, Rocky? I'm really glad you're here.
Really? Yeah.
Could you get my makeup bag? Somebody put it on a top shelf.
Thank you.
You know I'm happy for you, don't you? Of course I do.
Now, wish me luck! What did you do to the door? Nothing! You broke it, and now we're locked in here! No, no, no, no! That wasn't me.
Oh, let me guess.
It was Tinka again, right? Rightie-oh! And I helped! Now you are stuck in there and I will go on in your place! Ha-ha! Oh! I never doubted you.
I knew it was her all along.
Okay, what do you say, instead of lions, we go to the petting zoo? Oh, I can wreak some serious havoc with those baby chicks.
That's a great idea.
Are you kidding me? Sorry.
It was the churro talking.
They make me so happy.
Let me see.
I'm just gonna Oh! Oh, that is good.
Is that nutmeg in there? I feel a new rap coming on.
Ch-ch-ch-ch-churro! Hey, that wasn't very nice.
Exactly! Rappers aren't nice! They don't talk about petting zoos and nutmeg.
Now go release those lions! So, that's a cross-stitch! Could be so interesting, huh? Hey, listen, coming up next we got two of the stars of the smash hit dance show, Shake It Up, Chicago! Stick around! When I get out of here, I'm going to kill Gunther.
And I'm going to kill Tinka.
Hey, you sound really funny.
So do you! All my passion Oh, oh, I'm sorry, kids.
No time for you to dance, 'cause we got to dance over to the Chicago Zoo, where we got some breaking news.
Cheryl, I hear some in order, huh? S are.
Yes there is, Mike.
Delivered a baby panda.
Sir, can you tell us what happened? Is that It is.
I was totally minding my own business, when I saw a panda needed my help.
So I held her paw "Breathe.
Just breathe.
" It was the most I ever seen.
What an amazing story.
Ty Blue, you are for children the world over.
Actually, I'm also rapper whocore.
Back to you in the studio, Mike.
That is a heartwarming story.
Well, that's all for today.
e have.
This is wishing you a good day.
I can't believe after all that nobody even got to dance.
And I still can't believe we're still locked in this room.
Oh! Maybe we can call for help on our cell phones.
Good idea! Okay.
Hi, you're gonna need to call someone else.
Mmm! Nothing hits the spot like a good slice of Flynn.
Can't believe you got a pizza named after you.
I work here, my uncle owns the place, and there's nothing named for me.
Dude, reality check.
Do you really think anybody wants to eat something called "the Deuce.
" Okay, you got a point.
No offense, but yuck! The Flynn is disgusting.
Translation, you're green with envy.
I'm green with something else.
I don't think the Flynn is agreeing with me.
- Number 2 pencil.
- Good idea.