Shake It Up! s02e19 Episode Script

Whodunit Up?

I'm so prepared for this assembly.
How do you prepare for an assembly? Well, you see, I stayed up super late last night, I brought my travel pillow, and I have these, my napping glasses.
Yes, you'll fool everyone when you're snoring and drooling with your eyes wide open.
I don't snore.
Yes, you do.
Good morning, students.
Only 122 days until summer vacation.
That's right.
You're not the only ones who count.
And now, some announcements.
The auto shop clubwill be meeting in the parking lot, coincidentally, right next to my car.
Also, the school board has informed me that starting one week from today, all students will begin wearing uniforms.
Rocky, I just had the worst dream.
I dreamt that Principal Rabinoff said we have to start wearing school uniforms.
CeCe, that wasn't a dream.
No! Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4 Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore Don't knock it.
We can't take it no more Bring the lights up, bust the doors down Dust yourself off Shake it up, shake it up DJ set it off, take it up a notch All together now, shake it up, shake it up Sh-sh-sh-shake it up, You got to change it up And when you've had enough, Sh-sh-sh-shake it up Bring the lights up, bust the doors down All together now, shake it up, shake it up Shake it up Cheese pizza all around.
We're calling it the school uniform special, because everybody's is the same.
And it's all plain.
Okay, lighten up.
You guys wear uniforms all the time on Shake It Up, Chicago! Those aren't uniforms, they're costumes.
What's the difference? Costumes are supercute.
See,look,you can take away my cool clothes, but you can't take away my cool.
See,clothes don't make the man, attitude makes the man.
You understand? Hey! Careful with that pizza.
This is a new shirt! Look, I don't like the idea of wearing a uniform either, but there's nothing we can do.
The school board has their reasons.
Oh, come on, guys! I can't be the only one who really cares about this.
I am Gunther.
And I am Tinka.
And we are the Hessenheffers! Tomorrow my biggest fear comes true.
I'll be wearing the same pants as CeCe.
But tonight, our finale of fabulous.
Our swan song to fashion! Oh, boy.
Here it comes.
Get it? Swan song? I believe the expression is go big or go home.
Well, in that case, I vote go home.
Okay! Dude, you look like a pinata.
I don't know whether to say hello or hit you with a stick.
Dude, it's not funny.
All right? Without my jacket,I have nowhere to hide my merch.
I'm praying you mean merchandise.
I've got problems of my own, man.
There's something wrong with the back of these pants! What is that? That's your waistband.
What's it doing up on my waist? Hey, look, you gotta remember what you said.
All right? The clothes don't make the man, the man makes the clothes that makes the Something like that.
You know what? You're right.
We still got it.
We're still cool.
Yeah! Really? Well, I'm out of here.
No! Come on.
You look fine.
No, I don't.
I look like everyone else.
It's embarrassing.
Really? You're embarrassed? The uniform company doesn't even make pants long enough for me.
They're on special order.
Okay? So for the next six weeks, I have to endure comments like, "Hey, Stretch, where's the flood?" But there's nothing we can do, so the sooner we get used to it, the better.
Hey, Stretch,where's the I'll crush you,Martinez.
Well, I mean, there's gotta be something in here I can use to zhuzh my uniform a little.
Glittery belt, no.
Kicky beret, no.
Fanny pack, no.
Fanny pack? How the heck did that get in there? Man, if you're this bad off, I can only imagine how bad Gunther and Tinka are.
Hello, babies.
Don't we look drabulous? Well, you two are taking this well.
Uniforms are the best! It is the first time in years we have not woken up at 3:00 in the morning to plan our outfits.
We got 10 hours of sleep, and the sky seems bluer,the sun seems shinier.
Of course, you two still look like something that came out of the wrong end of a chow chow.
Oh, hey! A cute little pin.
I mean, it's not the best thing, but at least now I can face the day.
Jones, there's something wrong with your uniform.
Yeah,tell me about it.
Oh, I will.
That pin is not regulation.
You just bought yourself one hour of detention.
But it's just a little pin.
Of a peace sign! Well, there's nothing more peaceful than detention.
You want to go for two hours? But why? I was just trying to make my uniform my own.
Rocky, help me.
CeCe, there is nothing you can do.
Okay? Just go with it.
Good attitude, Stretch.
Dude, talk to her already.
What are you talking about? Well,I know you're not drooling over that beef stroganoff.
Come on,say something to her.
Just go! Oh.
You've got, uh Uh Uh I like your outfit.
I like your outfit? Dude.
Come on.
We're wearing uniforms.
I know.
Look, I'm a little off my game today.
Man, these pleats are my kryptonite.
Hold on.
When did you learn how to speak Russian? We have so much free time since we started wearing uniforms we learned a new language! You've got five minutes, Jones, and then it's back to detention.
How you holding up? Oh, now you care? Because you certainly didn't care in the hallway.
CeCe You just took my pin and bailed while I got busted and sent to the joint.
I mean, it's not fair.
I don't get to see my family.
My mom.
How's he doing? Has he grown? CeCe, you've only been in detention for 20 minutes.
Hey! That's a lifetime to a kid.
Look, CeCe, I'm sorry.
I just thought I couldn't say anything because it was Principal Rabinoff.
I have a clean permanent record.
You know how much that means to me.
Besides, I'm not strong like you.
I can't do hard time.
Yeah,well, I remember a Rocky who would never put up with something that wasn't fair.
You know what this is? A butterfly sticker? We call it detention ink.
It cost me four pencils, but it was worth it.
It represents inspiration and freedom.
Two things I thought still mattered to you.
They do matter.
I'm sorry, CeCe.
I should have stood up for you.
I'm going to make things right.
Word on the street is the school board is meeting tonight.
I say we show up and make some noise.
So we'll take it to a vote.
We are sorry to interrupt this board meeting.
Girls, please, we're in the middle of very important school business.
Now, all in favor of shepherd's pie Tuesdays, say "aye.
" Aye.
Principal Rabinoff, we came here to talk Miss Blue, Miss Jones, you have not been recognized.
Really? Because you just said our names.
Principal Rabinoff, please, we've come here to talk to you about the school uniforms.
- A lot of - I'm sorry, girls.
But there are steps that you must take before you're permitted to speak at these meetings.
If you have not taken those steps, you cannot speak.
-But I really -You cannot speak.
-I understand -You cannot speak.
You cannot speak! Okay.
Fine, we won't speak.
We're just going to do a little something called expressing our individuality.
Rocky, I thought we were going to dance.
We are, CeCe.
We are.
I'mma show you how to do.
I'mma show you how to do.
I'mma show you how to do.
How to just do you.
I'mma show you how to do.
I'mma show you how to do.
I'mma show you how to do.
How to just do you.
Haven't you all heard the news? It ain't about your fancy shoes It's just about the way you feel You just gotta keep it real Yo, stop it with your swag.
It ain't about your bag Your nails, your hair accessories, or what you wear It's your flair that makes everybody stare 'Cause you wear the clothes.
They don't wear you Keep it real, Let your soul shine through I'mma show you how to do.
I'mma show you how to do I'mma show you how to do, How to just do you I'mma show you how to do.
I'mma show you how to do I'mma show you how to do.
How to just do you Haven't you all seen today? That there ain't no better way Forget the bling you've got to sing I'm just gonna be myself Forget superficial and give your initial 'cause it's official Your stuff is unique.
Your style's so sleek Individuality, the new chic! Chic! So now that you see shout out and be free Gonna be the best me I can be I'mma show-o Show-o I'mma show-o.
What you gonna show? I'mma show-o Show-o Show you how to do show you how to do I'mma show-o Show-o I'mma show-o Show-o I'mma show-o Show-o Show you how to do show you how to do I'mma show you how to do.
I'mma show you how to do I'mma show you how to do.
How to just do you I'mma show you how to do.
I'mma show you how to do I'mma show you how to do.
How to just do you Making us wear uniforms is limiting to our personal liberties.
What's next?Taking away our cell phones? Restricting our web access? And making everyone eat the same lunch? Ladies.
You make some excellent points.
Thank you.
So you'll reconsider the uniforms? Absolutely not.
But tell me that part about taking away your cell phones again? That's a good idea.
I hope somebody wrote that down.
I cannot believe that it didn't work.
I know, where was the applause? Let alone the begging for an encore.
Mmm! Well, we tried.
I guess there's nothing else we can do.
Nothing else we can do? Did Gandhi just give up? Did Nelson Mandela just throw in the towel? Did Martin Luther King just roll over? Did Rosa Parks just get off the bus at the next stop? I'm guessing from the tone of your voice the answer is no? That's right.
And do you know what all these people have in common? They all sound familiar but I have no idea who they actually are.
When they were told no, they didn't listen.
They stood up for what they believed in.
Except for Rosa Parks,who actually remained seated for what she believed in.
CeCe, I think it's time for a little civil disobedience.
All right.
Everybody, listen up.
Now, our pleas have fallen on some deaf ears.
-But will we be ignored? -No! -Are we going to be heard? -Yes! -Are we going to walk out? -Yes! Not now! Not now! We are going to plan a protest.
Tomorrow, at the start of third period, we are all walking out of class to make our point.
Wait, wait.
Can it be second period? I have a math test I don't want to study for.
CeCe! Power to the people.
Dude, I heard your sister's planning a walkout today.
You going to do it? No way.
Third period is Home Ec and we're making mini-pizzas.
Oh, hey, look.
There's Melanie.
Go ask her out.
Uh, I don't know, man.
You're Ty Blue.
You're the man.
Yeah, the man in these stupid pants.
Come on! You can do this.
You're a swagamuffin! Look, I'm nothing without my skinny jeans! And never call me a swagamuffin again.
I knew that right after I said it.
Oh, I have an idea.
It's in here somewhere.
Man, it's so hard to keep things organized with such little pocket space.
Got it! Stapler.
-Turn around.
-Oh okay.
Whoa! Hey.
All right.
Almost done.
Skinny pleated pants.
Oh, yeah! Okay! Okay, here we go! Hey! Walkout, 11:30.
Next period.
11:30 sharp.
Don't forget, there's gonna be an all you can eat brunch buffet.
CeCe, why are you telling everybody that? To make sure we get a great turnout.
Not everyone is into social change, but hey, who doesn't like a nice omelette? I know I do.
Gunther and I worked up quite an appetite last night doing volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity.
You helped build a house? Helped? The two of us actually built an entire house.
Amazing what you can accomplish when you are not worried about choosing fabulous clothes.
Not that you two ever worried about choosing fabulous clothes.
See you guys at the omelette bar.
Oh, she's talking about the walkout.
Next period.
Don't forget.
Could you say that a little louder? Preferably into my bun.
Okay, uh Don't forget about the walkout.
Next period.
I believe you have her, Principal Rabinoff.
What? Thank you, Tinka.
Wear a wire and work for the man? Check! Hey, buddy! My Prince-a-Pal! Rocky, I am very disappointed in you.
Now, Principal Rabinoff, when I said "walkout," what I really meant was walk out side and get some fresh air, like kids ought to do more often.
I mean, boo, video games.
Call it off, Rocky.
But No buts.
Call off the walkout.
O, say, can you see? By the Rocky! This is Rocky Blue.
The walkout is off.
Repeat, the walkout is off.
Walkout! Walkout! Walkout! Wow, really? A school event and I was the only one who showed up? CeCe, didn't you hear? The walkout is called off.
Really?Doesn't look called off to me.
Oh, my godmother! It's happening! Oh.
I thought you two traitors weren't going to join us.
Turns out, we had so much free time on our hands, we did everything on our to-do list.
Except join a pointless, futile protest, so here we are! We won't conform to uniforms! We won't conform to uniforms! We won't conform to uniforms! Enough! Back to classrooms! Now! Rocky, tell them it's over.
I'm sorry, but this is just too important.
We won't conform to uniforms! We won't conform to uniforms! Okay.
You want to play hardball, so can I.
Rocky, get back to class or this is going on your permanent record.
I'm sorry, guys.
I just can't do it.
But on second thought We won't conform to uniforms! We won't conform to uniforms! Okay, congratulations, you've accomplished absolutely nothing.
I weathered the Chocolate Milk Walkout of '94.
I'm not bending on this.
And their chant was stellar.
"We won't quit till it's chocolate! "We won't quit till it's chocolate! I couldn't get that out of my mind for months.
This is Action News, live on the air at J.
Hughes High, where students have walked out of class over school uniforms.
Who's in charge here? Oh! She is! Rocky Blue! Champion of freedom and color-coordinated leggings.
Rocky, why the walkout? Well, we believe express who they are to The school board has ignore us now.
They can't ingore us now.
We won't conform to uniforms! We won't conform to uniforms! We won't conform to uniforms! Care to make a statement, Principal? Uh I just want to go on record as saying there's nothing I can do.
It's the school board's decision and they're not about to change their Excuse me.
Hello? Oh, you're watching.
Uh, yes, I guess it does look bad.
Good news.
I've convinced the school board to reconsider its position.
No more uniforms! We won! Go, Bulldogs! There you have it, a victory for students and individuality .
And style! Don't forget style! Hi.
I'm CeCe Jones,Action News! We won! You know, the only thing I can't figure out is how Action News know to come here? Let's just say I know how to get people to show up places.
Now let's get out of here before they realize there's no waffle station.
Two tickets to Josh Groban and a memory foam body pillow.
Oh, yeah.
Pleasure doing business with you.
I missed you, old buddy.
Man, I know just what you mean.
Now that I'm back in these super tight, totally constricting jeans, I feel free! Hello, babies! Hello, Gunther and Tinka! Looking good! All right.
This shepherd's pie needs some salt.
I bet they took it away because of the sodium content.
You know what? That is not right! They are denying us flavor and I will not stand for it! Bring a halt to banning salt! Bring a halt to banning salt! CeCe, it's right here.
We win again!