Shake It Up! s02e21 Episode Script

Protest It Up

So remember that thing I wanted to tell you but I didn't tell you because I didn't think you could handle it? Yeah.
Still don't think you can handle it.
Would you stop? Okay, I'm sure I can handle whatever you have to tell me.
The school is disbanding the debate team.
What? No! They can't do that! I can't, I won't I made it up.
That was a test.
And you failed.
Okay, come on.
Just tell me already.
So my mom took on some extra weekend work as a security guard on a movie set.
Really? That's it? I am so not freaking out.
Now Shake It Up, Chicago! presents one of the hottest dance crews in America, I.
The star of the movie is Taylor Lautner.
And we're going to meet him.
Wow, they really love us here.
Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4 Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore Don't knock it, We can't take it no more Bring the lights up, bust the doors down Dust yourself off, Shake it up, shake it up DJ set it off, take it up a notch All together now, shake it up, shake it up Sh-sh-sh-shake it up, You got to change it up And when you've had enough, Sh-sh-sh-shake it up Bring the lights up, bust the doors down All together now, shake it up, shake it up Shake it up -Mom.
-Huh? Something smells weird in here.
-What? -Delicious food! That's because I brought food home from work.
Where did you work today, heaven? Whoa, that's the biggest pork chop I've ever seen! That's because it's stuffed with a twice-baked baked potato.
Well, in a minute, it's all gonna be stuffed in a Flynn! Flynn, leave Mom alone.
She needs to relax after her long, hard day at work.
Come in here, Mom.
That's right.
Right this way.
Now, who is ready to soak their tired feetsies while getting a shoulder massage? -Hmm? Are those rose petals in the foot bath? Nice touch.
I'm afraid to ask what's going on here.
Mostly because I don't want it to stop.
This is about celebrating you, Mom.
You're a hero.
Risking your life during the week to work as one of Chicago's finest.
And now working on the weekends to provide for your family.
You, Mrs.
Jones, are a true inspiration.
I just wanted to say, you're the best mother ever.
Oh, and I just want to say, there is no way you're coming down to the set to meet Taylor Lautner.
What a waste of rose petals! Hey, guess who finally got the new YOphone.
No way.
The one with voice recognition? Yeah, check it out.
Text Deuce.
Texting David.
Text Deuce.
Calling Grandma.
No! Text to Deuce.
Take a deuce? There are four bathrooms nearby.
Very impressive.
The phone is worth every penny you paid for it.
Thank you, Deuce.
Oh, sure, now you get it right.
Hey, Deuce.
Looking good.
You really got your shaboom on today.
Whoa! Raina Kumar just acknowledged me.
And my shaboom.
What's that about? That my friend, what is known as the girlfriend phenomenon.
Girls are always attracted to guys who are taken.
I guess I have noticed girls checking me out since I've been with Dina.
All right! Whoa! Stop.
Stop, no, keep going Back off! He's mine! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
There's enough shaboom to go around! Okay? Yes, plenty.
Oh, shaboom Snap out of it.
Look, you have a girlfriend Hard to believe, but you have a girlfriend.
You found the girl you're gonna be with for the rest of your life.
Day in and day out.
Year after year after year after year.
Deuce and Dina till the day you die.
I guess what I'm saying is, we're only 14.
And I feel like we were 13 when we started this conversation.
Could you please get to the point? It's not you, it's me.
What's not me? Well, it's not not you, it's us.
Well, it's not us.
I mean, it's Oh, Deuce, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you were breaking up with me.
You're breaking up with me? You're breaking up with me? I just think we should see other people.
I Fine.
See other people.
Except for one people.
Good news, ladies! This giant hunk of eyebrows and halitosis is now available.
All five-foot, nothing of him.
So, come and get it! So, I'm guessing the whole "staying friends" thing is off the table? Flynn? What are you doing in there? You have to take me to visit Mom on that movie set.
I'm out of food stuffed with other food, which is why I'm stuffed in this locker.
Flynn, look, I want to go to that movie set, too, and meet Taylor Lautner, but you don't see me showing up at your school and climbing into your little cubby-hole, do you? I need more gourmet food.
I've been to the culinary promised land and I cannot go back to Mom's hot around the edges, frozen in the middle, microwaved slop.
I can't, and I won't! Okay, look, I want to meet Taylor Lautner too, or Tay-Tay as he will eventually ask me to call him, but we are not sneaking onto a movie set.
Hey, I snuck out of class, I snuck into your school, and I snuck into this locker.
How hard can a movie set be? And, by the way, CeCe, you need to take your gym socks home to be washed.
It's time.
Hello, ladies.
One large pizza with a side of extra spicy Martinez.
Let's get out of here, girls.
What? No, no, come on.
Where's everybody going? The Martinez also comes in mild.
Dude, I don't get it, okay.
I thought these girls were into me.
Now they're acting like I just ran over their puppy.
Okay, let me break it down for you.
An important part of the girlfriend phenomenon, having a girlfriend.
That makes sense.
Of course it does, you heartless little troll.
Excuse me? Oh, sorry, that's what all the girls at school are calling you after you dumped Dina.
It is pretty catchy.
Oh, no.
Why did I even do this? I like Dina and she likes me.
I have to apologize and beg her to take me back.
Yeah, well, let me know how that works out.
I gotta stop talking to you before I become a troll by association.
What's up, Dina? Hey, Ty.
Dina, sweetie, um, I want to apologize.
I don't know what I was thinking.
In fact, I wasn't thinking.
You're my everything.
I'm so sorry.
Could you ever forgive me? It's okay, Deuce, I'm not mad at you.
Oh, you're the sweetest, nicest, kindest girlfriend in the world.
Oh, yes, I am.
But I'm not your girlfriend, I'm Kevin's girlfriend.
What? Hey, babe.
'Sup, bro? Have you met Kevin McCall? Honor student, star of the wrestling team, and my dreams.
And a series of body spray commercials.
I'm wearing Eau de Glacier.
What are you wearing? Eau de Loser? No! Okay? For your information, I don't need some spray to smell like this.
I smell like this naturally.
This is all me! Wouldn't brag about it if I were you.
I need water.
Can't take one more step.
Why me? Why? Flynn, knock it off! People are staring.
I cannot believe we made it on to the lot.
And it was so easy! Security didn't even look at us.
Please, it's the oldest trick in the book.
Walk around with a clipboard and you can get in anywhere.
Hey, maybe that's how I can get into college.
Oh, wait, I think Taylor is close by.
My Tay-Dar just went off.
Soon, we'll meet, and he'll tell me I'm the girl he's been looking for his whole life.
Oh! Whoa, that's the dessert I've been looking for my whole life.
I've gotta find that catering table.
Oh! Flynn, you are not going anywhere, okay? First we're gonna find Taylor Lautner, and then we're gonna hit up the food table, okay? We are sticking to the plan.
Before we do any of that, we might need to hide from my mom! Change the plan! Change the plan! You there, in the blue jacket.
I see you pretending to text when you're really taking a picture.
You think I haven't seen that trick before? There'll be no looky-loos while Georgia Jones is on the job.
I'm Chicago PD, not some mall cop.
Nothing gets past me.
Hey! I want to talk to you.
I don't know what you think you're doing with Dina, all right, but it's not gonna work.
She and I are meant to be together.
And the only reason we're not is because I'm an idiot.
And wow, do you smell good! I just got back from reading to the blind.
That's the smell of selflessness.
If you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from Dina.
Oh, yeah? Or what? Or You better hope you don't find out.
Let's just say, you're lucky I'm not on the wrestling team.
Because I would kick your butt.
But like I said, not on the wrestling team, you're gonna have to take my word for it.
Why don't you come to the gym tonight? Oh! And we'll see if that puny body can back up that giant mouth of yours.
Tonight? Today's tonight? Uh, yeah, not gonna happen.
I gotta kick someone else's butt tonight.
Can we reschedge? Deucie? What are you two talking about? Your ex-boyfriend was just challenging me to a wrestling match tonight.
Weren't you, Deucie? Have you lost your mind? You can't wrestle! I can't wrestle? Please, okay? I can.
And I will.
It's on.
And Kevin, you are going down! Hard! Okay.
Sounds fun.
Come on, Dina.
Hey, dude, can I borrow your YOphone for a second? Yeah, sure.
YOphone, how close is the nearest emergency room? Don't you mean "morgue"? Hey, look at that, it's working! This better not take long, because Oh, I smell slow-cooked tri-tip with a molasses-mesquite rub, stuffed with garlic bread! No, Texas toast! I'm getting weak.
Here's a mint.
That should tide you over.
Beep-beep-beep-beep, beep-beep-beep.
My Tay-Dar's going off.
Okay, CeCe, you're being ridiculous.
There's no such thing as a I will never, ever, doubt you again.
Oh! It's open! CeCe, you can't just go into Taylor Lautner's trailer.
Not without proof, I'm not.
Here, Flynn, get a video so I can have it as a souvenir! Or evidence to be used against you in a court of law.
I will not allow you to go in there.
What do you mean there are three kids snooping around the trailers? Go! Go! Get in there, now! What is wrong with mothers today? Who lets their kids run around unsupervised like that? Copy that.
I will plant myself in front of Mr.
Lautner's trailer.
No one is coming in or out.
Thank you.
Okay, I don't know what's more embarrassing.
That you agreed to get your butt kicked, or that you agreed to get your butt kicked while wearing that outfit.
It's regulation! Okay? Plus, it's made of lycra, so if Kevin really pummels me, it'll help keep all my organs inside my body.
Now would be a good time for some words of encouragement.
Okay, I encourage you to put on some big boy pants.
Look, all right, she's my girl, and I gotta fight for her and get her back.
Now, here's my emergency contact information.
Man, your mom drank three bottles of water and still hasn't left her spot.
I mean, she's got the bladder of a camel.
I'm starving.
At this point, I'd settle for a once-baked potato.
Guys, check it out! It's Taylor Lautner's jacket.
Look, Taylor's hugging me.
Oh, CeCe, I'm hugging you.
Oh, CeCe, what nice hair you have.
Yeah, keep that up, and I'm going to be throwing up on you.
At least I would if I had any food in my stomach.
Oh, hi, Mr.
Lautner, nice to see you again.
He's here! Shh.
We have to hide! Now what do we do? I don't know about you two, but I gotta go.
So turn around and close your eyes.
-Flynn! -What? Not everybody in this family has the bladder of a camel.
It's Taylor Lautner's hair.
I wonder if we can clone him from this.
Get a grip.
Nothing, man, I'm just on the set.
I'll be done in a couple of hours.
Oh, that sounds awesome! Talk to you later.
I just gotta hop in the shower.
It's not the perfect situation, but at least we're about to meet Taylor Lautner.
I think you're about to meet more of him than you planned.
You're not Taylor Lautner.
No kidding.
I'm his cousin, Robert Lautner.
He's on set.
Oh, man.
What a huge disappointment.
Tell me about it.
-What's going on? -I don't know.
I just opened the curtain and these kids were in here.
We came to visit you at work.
That's what we did.
-You know them? -Nope.
Not a clue.
Mo But, but, Mrs.
Jones? Mrs.
? I've never been married in my entire life.
I'm a single, childless woman.
And if I did have kids, they would be better behaved than you three.
Now, let's go, CeCe.
Or, whatever your name is.
Nice singlet, bro.
It's regulation! So's this! Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Come on.
You want some more? Huh? Okay.
Put him down! What Deuce, what are you doing? I'm not sure what the official wrestling term is, but I like to call it "Having my rear end handed to me on a platter.
" But why? To win back the girl I love.
I can't stand the idea of this athlete-slash-scholar-slash-supermodel taking you away from me.
You left out do-gooder.
On purpose! Do you really think I'm into that brilliant, hunky, strapping ball of testosterone? I like short guys with big eyebrows and deep jacket pockets.
I was just doing this to get back at you and make you jealous.
Really? So you were just using me for my good looks and brains? I hate that.
And I'm going to take it out on you, Martinez! Come on, let's finish this! If you say so.
It's finished.
Thanks, Dina.
You're welcome.
But do me one favor, Deucie? Never take you for granted? Yes.
And never wear that thing again.
It's regulation.
Okay, the bad news is we got caught sneaking onto the set.
But the good news is, my mom got fired! How is that good news? Because when we go back to the set, she won't be able to bust us.
Or won't I? What are you doing in my locker? You can't just show up at my school! You're embarrassing me.
Aha! Not so fun when the shoe is on the other foot, is it? - Um, Mrs.
Jones - Mmm-hmm.
How the heck did you get in there? More important, how the heck am I going to get out? Girls, girls Sorry, Mom, but I promise you I won't be late for class anymore.
Cece? Rocky? Hello? Hello?