Shake It Up! s03e04 Episode Script

Lock It Up

It's a good crowd.
I miss dancing on Shake It Up, Chicago! So much I'd be happy dancing for three people! There are more than three people out there, right? Okay.
CeCe, do you think I would book us a gig at a hospital, if it wasn't flu season? Dr.
Blue! Thank you so much for arranging Oh, uh, not now, CeCe.
I'm going over my introduction.
I'm opening with the joke about the guy who comes into the ER with no nose.
Guess how he smelled.
Terrible? That's right, that's right! Thank you, everyone, for your Patience.
Get it? Hey, CeCe.
What a better place to tell you to break a leg than a hospital? You get it? Break a leg You know, you get your sense of humor from your dad.
- Oh, thanks.
- Not a compliment.
And now, a dance salute to the '80s.
I mean the 1980s, not people who are in their eighties.
But good for you if you've made it that far.
Contagious love.
It might rain just a little but, yeah! We dance in it.
Rock to the rhythm and we put our hands with it.
One life to live, so we live it too the fullest.
Young and pretty.
Yeah, you know how we do it.
Head in the clouds and the sun shines bright.
Open your eyes and it shines that light.
Gravity its self couldn't hold you down.
Joy inside and a marry-go-round.
And we bring it right back.
Positive energy, magnetic attract.
Ha ha! So we spread that love! Now everybody share it now, do it all together now.
Hit me up with some love everybody needs contagious love.
And I'll be happy with just enough.
Ha! Let me get back and save this love yeah! Hit me up with some love everybody needs contagious love.
And I'll be happy with just enough.
Ha! Gimme, gimme that contagious love It might rain just a little but, yeah! We dance in it.
Rock to the rhythm and we put our hands with it.
One life to live, so we live it too the fullest.
Young and free, yeah, you know how we do it.
Ha! Hit me up with some love yeah, everybody needs contagious love.
And I'll be happy with just enough.
Let me get that contagious love.
Yeah! Hit me up with some love everybody needs contagious love.
And I'll be happy with just enough.
Ha! Gimme, gimme that contagious love.
Yeah! Hit me up with some love everybody needs contagious love.
And I'll be happy with just enough.
Ha! Gimme, gimme that contagious love.
Yeah! Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
Oh, sweetie, your dancing put everyone in a good mood.
Maybe we should have you go to their house and dance for them when they get their hospital bill.
Thanks, dad.
You know what? I think I'm gonna sign up to be a hospital volunteer.
That way I can kind of keep this good feeling going.
Oh! And you may realize that you want to go back to my dream, I mean your dream, of being a doctor.
No pressure.
But you get all the good feelings - Plus a paycheck.
- Plus a paycheck.
That's right, that's right.
Hi! My name is CeCe.
Nice to meet you.
I'm one of the dancers, but of course you already knew that, because I was dancing! I couldn't help noticing you Noticing me.
Oh! You noticed that, did you? I did, and I was wondering if you wanted to get a pizza with me one afternoon.
You know, when you get out of the hospital.
I'm not a patient.
I'm just here visiting my grandfather.
Your grandfather's sick? That's great! I mean, not that he's sick, but that you're not the one who's I get it, CeCe.
Sure! Let's get some pizza.
Crusty's, tomorrow after school? I'll see you then.
Rocky! Rocky.
Rocky! I just scored a date with the cute guy, who, weirdly, brought his dog to the hospital.
CeCe, he's blind.
His dog is blind? That's so sad! Wait.
Don't dogs have their own hospitals? The dog's not blind, CeCe.
He's blind.
Oh! Oh! Oh! - Hi, Ty! - Hi! Hey, sweetie.
I've been meaning to ask if I could leave my history book in your locker.
It'll save me a few extra minutes in between classes, which I can spend Lavishing attention on your awesome boyfriend? I was gonna say "receiving" lavish attention from my awesome boyfriend.
Now, about that locker Deucie.
So, is it okay or not? Mi locker es su locker.
- Hey, can I see Dina's book? - Yeah.
- Ow! - What is wrong with you? You can never let your girlfriend leave anything in your locker.
Everybody knows that.
Oh! Did Flynn tell you that? Because even he's had more girlfriends than you.
It's just one book.
Oh! I forgot.
Can I leave my sweater in your locker, too? Oh, and my lunch.
It's tuna.
No reason to stink up my locker! Go ahead.
What's going on? Uh, hello? Why is the door locked? I'm trapped in here? Are you kidding me? Come on! Okay, please tell me that this is just a little joke that you play on all the new volunteers.
Please? So! Here we are! At Crusty's, about to have pizza.
Like we said we would.
My biggest restaurant pet-peeve is that they never put, the specials board where I can see it.
It it was a joke.
Are you sure it's okay if I laugh at that? Yes, CeCe, it's just a little humor to break the ice.
Okay, cool.
So, did you see that new zombie movie? Of course you didn't, because you don't go to the movies.
So! Touch any good books lately? Actually, I do go to the movies.
I just wear these special headsets that describe what's happening on the screen.
Oh! That's so cool.
Hey, can anybody get those? Because I get confused a lot.
Good one! Oh, was that not a joke? Look, I'm sorry, I'm just a little nervous because I've never hung out with a guy who's Incredibly good-looking? CeCe, it's okay.
I know I'm blind, and I have been since birth, and I'm cool with it.
I'm totally capable, and I don't let it hold me back.
So don't worry, just be yourself.
I will.
Oh, um, by the way, you have a Some cheesy bread stuck in your teeth.
Oh, no, I'm so embarrassed - Wait a minute.
- Gotcha! Hey! So? How's my little quaran-teenager? She's quaran-tired of being stuck in here.
- Do you have any more information? - Oh! So here's the good news.
There is absolutely no chance you have that highly contagious thingy you're being quarantined for.
- Oh, that's great news! So I can leave? - Of course you can leave! In 60 hours.
After we get the lab results that prove that the good news is really good news.
Hospital rules.
Wait, so I'm gonna miss three days of school? This is a disaster! I had two tests tomorrow that I was really looking forward to! Well, you'll have plenty of tests in here to keep you busy! Fine.
Guess I'll just consider this a pop whiz! - That is a good one, honey.
- Thanks! I'll be here all week! Literally.
Uh, sweetie? You know Kind of need to put away my book into uh My locker.
Hold your horses! I'm almost done! Oh! Uh Where am I gonna put my stuff now? Right there, behind the potpourri pillow and next to my sack of unmentionables.
Oh! Gotta run.
See you soon, baby! What are you looking for? Your manhood? Maybe it's behind your makeup bag.
Yeah, you know what "Ty" stands for? "Told ya!" Ha! Oh! Doctor! Do you go around dancing with all your patients like this? What? Just me? I'm your favorite possibly contagious patient ever? Oh! Go on, now.
May I cut in? Or, better yet, how about you cut it out? Flynn! You're not supposed to be in here! I'm under quarantine.
How did you even get in here? Hello? The door code is 1-2-3-4.
And this Hazmat suit is not a fashion choice! But enough about me.
I'm here because I'm worried about you.
That doesn't sound like you.
And, word on the street is you may be sharing a room with an alien.
That sounds like you.
- See you, Rocky.
- No! Please? I'm so bored.
Will you stay and hang out with me? - Forget it.
- What Ah! I'm exposed! I'm exposed! I am so, so sorry, but the good news is There's only another 36 hours until we get the test results back.
Don't bother doing my test, Dr.
I know I've got the possibly contagious thingy.
First I was sweating, then I was freezing, and now I'm sweating again! Rocky? Stop playing with the thermostat.
If you take away torturing Flynn, I've got nothing.
Well, I did bring you a smiley-face balloon to cheer you up! Rocky! Guess what? I had the best time with Louis! I was so relaxed, because I didn't have to worry about my hair, or if I was chewing with my mouth open And at one point, my false eyelash fell off And wound up in my pizza.
I probably ate it.
And you know what? Didn't bother him! I'm telling you, this guy is a keeper.
That's great, CeCe.
Anyway, um, I'm starting to get a little anxious Me, too! I haven't heard from him since our date.
Not a text, or a phone call, or even an email.
I'm sure he'll be in touch soon.
Now, as far as my test results go, I Oh, come on, Rocky.
I'm sure you got an "A" like you always do.
So, did I tell you the best part about Louis? He's a really good listener.
Anyways, gotta run! A good listener! Well! I guess opposites really do attract! Hey, Flynn.
Has this happened to you yet? Because it will! Guess who! I'm guessing CeCe? Oh! How'd you know? Did you recognize my perfume? No, I just don't know anyone else who would put their hands over the eyes of a blind guy.
Right! So? What you doing here? I came to visit my grandfather.
Oh! So that's why I haven't heard from you since our date.
Uh, well, that's part of the reason.
Uh, the other part, very small part, uh, was I wasn't planning on seeing you again.
Because you can't.
Good one! I'm sorry, I wasn't joking that time.
I I don't understand.
I really enjoyed myself.
To be honest, I kind of felt like you mostly talked about yourself, and you didn't really try to get to know me.
That's so weird.
I'm really sorry.
Usually, I'm an excellent listener.
And I'm so interested in other people.
Like your grandmother, for instance.
Is she feeling any better? It's my grandfather, but thanks for asking.
Deuce! There you are! I'm gonna be late to math! Where have you been? Sorry, Dina, Coach Lesseur put me in charge of re-stacking the free weights for the rest of the year.
Bonus for you, I'm gonna be huge! You know, but, unfortunately, I'm always gonna be late, so looks like this locker thing won't work.
I mean, darn you, Coach Lesseur! You're right.
This isn't gonna work.
Unless Give me your locker combination.
But, like I don't really Like, I heard this one time that Sometimes you gotta jiggle it.
Thanks, sweetie.
- So did you stick to the plan? - Yeah.
- Made her wait? - Yeah.
She get mad and you gave in like a coward and told her your combination? Yeah.
That's quite the dynamic you two have going.
Can't wait till one day when you're Mrs Dina Garcia.
Can you believe he wasn't going to call me again? He thinks I'm self-absorbed! Isn't that just ridiculous? I'm not saying you are, but what I can say is I've been stuck in here for the past three days, like a fish someone won at a fair, waiting to see if I have a highly contagious thingy, and you haven't even noticed.
You went to the fair without me? No.
I've been quarantined.
Oh! I thought that this was part of your volunteer work.
Really? So you thought Flynn was volunteering, too? Because he's been here since yesterday.
Oh! I thought he was in his room watching cartoons.
I would have never thought that Oh.
Louis was right.
I was being self-absorbed.
Now I have to go apologize.
Maybe he'll give me a second chance.
CeCe, he's just some guy you had pizza with.
Why is it such a big deal? I don't know.
He was pretty cool and I guess maybe I want to know that a guy can like me even if he can't see me.
And that is why I'm going to prove to him that I am not self-absorbed, and I can be a good listener.
Good luck on the last part! So, what kind of music do you like? More importantly, what kind of music do you like? Well, I know it's a little geeky, but I totally love classical music.
Me, too! You know, I'm really glad that you gave me a second chance, or else I would have never learned that we both love classy music.
You mean "classical".
I just know it so well I call it by its nickname.
Anyways, so, what else do you like to do for fun? I love to read, especially about Civil War history.
Me, too! I do love The Civil War.
You know, these wars today are just so rude and ill-mannered.
But more than anything, I like school.
Yeah, I'm actually thinking about taking some classes in the summer Just for fun.
Me, too! I love School.
In fact, quite often, I stay after school 30 extra minutes.
Great! How about I sign us both up for the summer school class, where we study Civil War history while listening to classy music? - Wait, are you - Kidding? Yes, CeCe! I am.
Look, I'll give you credit, this time you totally took an interest in me, and I I really appreciate it.
But I'm blind, and even I can see we don't really have anything in common.
You're right, Louis.
And now that I've taken the time to get to know you, I can see you're not really my type, either.
But you know who is your type? My best friend, Rocky.
And if she isn't dead in the next four hours, I'm totally gonna fix you two up.
I need you.
Come closer.
It was a two-day setup, but it was worth it.
Do that again, and you might be right about not leaving here alive.
Good news, kids.
The tests came back.
And, as I suspected, nobody has that highly contagious thingy I knew you didn't have.
Oh, that's great! So we can get out of here? You're both free to go.
I knew I didn't have it the whole time.
This one, though? What a hypochondriac! Oh.
I forgot my bear.
What the Oh, come on! Well, Deuce, of all your ill-conceived, poorly executed plans, this is your most recent.
Thank you, Ty.
- Hey, Ty.
- Hey.
Hey, Deucie.
I got your text.
What's the big surprise? Well, I bought out the locker next to mine, took out a wall, moved the structural support beam, and ta-da! We got one huge locker! Now we can put all our stuff in here together, all the time.
Whoa! Hold on a second, Martinez! This is so sudden! I just don't know if I'm ready to move in with you.
It's such a big step.
Stop pressuring me! I'm not even 16! Wow! It worked! You got rid of her! Yeah.
But now, my locker suddenly feels so empty without her.
Well, at least now there's plenty of room for your masculinity.
Not that you'll need it.