Shake It Up! s03e06 Episode Script

Home Alone It Up

This is so depressing.
I mean, we're back to dancing on the El platform, it's like we've made no progress in our careers over the last three years.
Rocky, until Shake It Up, Chicago gets back, we have to keep our dance muscles flexed.
And, if we happen to pass around a super-cute hat, and people happen to toss money into it.
Well, that's just the fruit-juice sweetened frosting on the low-fat, gluten-free cake.
Hey, this is our turf.
The old lady dance platform is at the next stop.
- Oh, that's it! - Okay.
Excuse me, exactly who are you? - I'm Jaycee.
- And I'm Dylynn.
And we're DJ's Mix! Well, I'm Rocky, and this is CeCe.
And, tell you what, how about, we have a little dance-off to see who wins the platform? - You got it.
- Okay.
(Boom box playing) Girls and boys I can dance, I'm gonna make some noise.
Dance we're the real McCoys.
We keep it going as long as we can hear the sound.
I'll never let them shut us down.
After party! Yeah, yeah! After party! Yeah, yeah! After party! We ain't never gonna stop! Never gonna stop.
After party! After party! After party! We can dance until we drop.
The party's going on at night.
Baby, you look out of sight.
Oh yeah.
Spinning like a satellite.
Don't wanna go back down.
Down! They won't shut us down down, down! At the after party.
Come on.
After party! After party! We ain't never gonna stop.
After party! After party! After party! We can dance until we drop.
Woo! Yeah, um You know We have to finish this this whole dance battle later, because, um My boom box is broken.
You guys are awesome! Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
Okay, what about this one, huh? Does this outfit say, "I'm good enough to date your son?" You're only going away for one night, mom.
You don't need that many costume changes.
You're not Katy Perry.
Oh, but this is the first time I'm meeting Jeremy's mom and, I really want to make a good impression.
Ugh, what if she ends up hating me before I even get to unpack? Relax, mom, she's going to love you.
And you know why? Because you trust your daughter.
And it's one of the most likeable things about you.
Oh! Whatever you want No! But, mom, why can't I just watch Flynn from the comfort of our own home? Not gonna happen.
You're both going to Rocky's.
But that wouldn't give you the opportunity to prove how much you trust me.
Unless you don't trust me? Because if you don't, it's just a reflection of how poorly you raised me.
No wonder Jeremy's mother doesn't think you're good enough for him.
No, it's not that I don't trust you, it's just No, it's that I don't trust you.
But Rocky's parents are one flight up.
Plus, Mrs.
Locasio from down the hall is always snooping on us.
(Knocking on door) Did someone say my name? Mrs.
Locasio, my mom is going away for one night.
Do you think you could check in on us once and a while, make sure we're okay? Of course, dear.
By the way, it's not snooping.
It's called being neighborly.
(Gasps) Oh, please tell me you're not going to wear that dress to meet the fireman's mother.
It's so loud, I heard it across the hall.
Good seeing you too, Mrs.
And she wonders why Mr.
Locasio refuses to wear a hearing aid.
Come on, mom.
You're always telling me to grow up.
Well, I have, so, please give me the opportunity to prove it to you.
Okay, CeCe, stop selling.
Between Rocky's parents upstairs, and Mrs.
Locasio across the hall - Mrs.
Locasio: Did someone say my name? - No! Okay, okay, you can stay here and watch your little brother.
Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wait am I hearing this right? You're leaving my life in CeCe's hands? What? You couldn't find a drifter or a rabid squirrel to watch me? Mrs.
Locasio, we're fine.
You checked on us 10 times last night.
I wanted to make sure you didn't sneak out to the discotheque.
That's right, I know what's what.
Well, we're all good.
And my mom'll be home before dinner.
With her cooking, you'd be better off if she came back after dinner.
Where's the boy? CeCe: Flynn! Flynn, tell her you're fine.
- I'm fine.
- See? He's fine.
Bye, Mrs.
All right.
I'll check on you again after I have my fitting, for my Civil War reenactment costume.
Don't ask.
Wasn't planning on it.
We have to stay on schedule.
We have chores to do.
Yes, starting with going to the Indoor Fun Zone.
They just put in an awesome new ball pit.
I want to get in there before some kid loses a Band-Aid.
No way.
I want to show mom that I am responsible.
It's the only way she's going to let me go on an actual date.
I've got to get in the game before everyone's all coupled up.
Not interested.
Which, if you're planning to date, is a phrase you should get used to hearing.
Ooh, one day sale at Kleckner's Shoes.
Which would be totally irresponsible to go to.
Of course, not saving money on shoes would be Fiscally irresponsible.
So, I really have to go.
And you're coming with me.
No, no, no! And for our international friends, nein, nyet, nicht! Fine.
You're staying home.
Home? Alone? Oh, please.
I am responsible enough to make arrangements.
Five Four Three Two One If you're stuck, the next number would be zero.
What took you so long? I texted you like 20 seconds ago.
I can only breathe through one of my nose holes.
I'm sick.
I feel like my brain is made of mucus.
Which is actually what the ancient Egyptians believed to be Ah, forget it.
I'm too sick for fun facts.
Great, you can rest here and watch Flynn, while I go to the big shoe sale at Kleckner's.
- I'm dying.
- Me too! Up to fifty-percent off! Now, Rocky, you need to watch Flynn carefully.
I need to know if that you're as responsible as me.
Really? CeCe, I blew more responsibility into this snot rag than you have in your entire body.
(Sneezes) Correction Much more.
CeCe: Half-price new shoes in my bag.
Doo-dah, doo-dah.
Used to be a door right here uh-oh.
Uh-oh! Flynn, you are so busted! Flynn! Flynn! Flynn? Flynn.
Rocky, Rocky.
Rocky, where's (Groans) (Water dripping) Ah! Oh! Uh What the heck happened here? I have no idea.
Where is Flynn? I have no idea.
Why is there no door? I have no idea.
Why am I all wet? I have no idea.
You lost Flynn! How could you let this happen? I know.
What's wrong with me? Oh, that's right.
I'm sick! Oh, well, you seem well enough to give yourself a peanut butter facial.
Oh please, CeCe.
I think I would know if I had peanut butter Hey, I have peanut butter on my face.
Why do I have peanut butter on my face? Oh, I don't know.
It's way down on my list of questions, somewhere below, why is there a fountain in my kitchen? And what's with all these super-cute puppies that I'm dying to play with, but I can't because I'm too busy freaking out about my missing brother? Oh, I know.
I must still be dreaming.
And in a second, Ryan Gosling is going to walk through that door That isn't there anymore.
And re-enact my favorite scene from The Notebook.
(Urinating) Or a puppy will pee on my leg.
Flynn must have tried to stick a note to your head.
Whenever we run out of tape, Flynn uses peanut butter.
I must be really sick because that kind of makes sense.
My mom gets home in three hours.
I have no idea where my brother is, and I'm starting to get really scared.
So we need to find that note.
Hey, look CeCe, I found your report card.
From sixth grade? Don't you guys ever clean this house? Oh! I found it, okay, all right, it says, um, "Rusty's".
Oh! Maybe it's the name of the dog.
Hi, Rusty.
Come here, boy, Rusty! Yeah, boy, where's Flynn? Uh, first of all um, the nursing puppies make me think she's a girl.
And second, dogs can't talk.
- But sometimes - No! Anyway I think the note said "Crusty's".
It must have lost the "C".
Right! He's at Crusty's.
Okay, let's go! Hey, CeCe, I think someone should stay home just in case Flynn decides to comes back.
Good idea.
Ty! Thank you, CeCe.
I'm now down to one good nose hole and one good ear hole.
Ewe, you look worse than Rocky.
Ha, ha, you look worse than hey! Look, I'm tired, I'm achy, and I just want to curl up and watch Sleepless In Seattle.
I mean, Superman.
Yeah, if Superman was a delightful romantic comedy about how, true love triumphs over distance and time.
And makes you cry.
I'm going back to bed.
Wait! Ty, please wait here and see if Flynn shows up.
My mom's Sleepless In Seattle DVD is in the cabinet.
Fine, you have exactly 105 minutes.
Now, where's my tissues? For my cold.
Deuce, have you seen Flynn? Sure.
Yeah, he's about yay high, half of which is hair, always with a sarcastic quip.
Today, Deuce.
Have you seen him today? No, why? What, you lose him? No! Rocky lost him.
Why do you assume that it is my fault? Well, you know Maybe Flynn ran away because he was a-scared of Rocky La Bandita.
- I'm sick! - Of running from the law? Watch it.
One sneeze and this whole place could be shut down by the health Department.
Guys, this is serious.
We have to find Flynn.
Oh, I got it! Make a missing persons poster.
Then you can hang it up in The Post Office right next to Rocky's "Most Wanted" poster.
Okay, I'm done.
(Cell phone ringing) Oh no! It's my mom.
She has to think that I'm at home.
Um, everybody Be quiet! You, stop chewing! Hi, mommy.
So, how was Jeremy's mom? Oh, his mother is delightful.
It's her extensive ventriloquist dummy collection that's a little off-putting.
But uh, I'll tell you about that when I get home, in about an hour.
Uh An hour, that fast? Um Mom, if Jeremy's speeding, it's your duty to pull him over and give him a ticket.
Better yet, put him in jail.
Oh! Would you tell Flynn when I get home I'm going to take him to that new ball pit.
Ball pit! Yes, that is a fantastic idea! Honey, I've got to go.
My phone's dying, and (Phone beeps) Oops! What's so exciting about a ball pit? It's not like she said Brad Pitt.
Flynn talked about wanting to go to the ball pit all morning.
Let's go.
You heard her.
Better round up your posse, Sheriff Rocky.
You asked for it.
Flynn? Flynn! Flynn! Oh, I found him, I got him.
- You're not Flynn.
- Aren't you a little big for a ball pit? Aren't you a little small to have that big a mouth? Flynn! Rocky, he's gone.
He's not here.
This is all your fault.
All my fault? You left me alone with Flynn to buy shoes when I was at death's door.
Oh, well thanks to you now, I don't even have a door! Huh! Oh, is that all you've got? Ouch! Hey! Face it, you can't handle responsibility.
Ow! Well, I handled it longer than you did! It was only two minutes before you fell asleep! That's not my fault! Ow! Oh, you're right It's never your fault! Because you're Little Miss Perfect! I'm not perfect, okay, I'm sick! (Sneezes) All: Ewe! Okay.
I guess it wasn't very responsible of me to be in here when I have a cold.
No You're right.
This is all my fault.
I guess I'm just not ready for the responsibility.
I hope he's okay.
CeCe, come here.
CeCe, Flynn's a strong kid, and I'm sure he's fine wherever he is.
We'll find him.
- Are you sure? - Promise.
And I would totally give you another hug if I didn't feel a giant sneeze coming on.
One second! (Sneezing) All: Ewe! Mom! Wait! I can explain the The door.
You see, you just put the key in the keyhole, you turn and, well You're a grown woman, you probably know how the door works.
Yes, thank you, CeCe.
Hey, Flynn.
(Gasps) Hey, mom.
Hey, CeCe.
Hope you don't mind, but I finished all my chores and decided to play a video game.
Of course, I don't mind! I'm just so happy to see you.
Oh! Uh Because it's been more two minutes since we've checked the mail.
And, yup! Still not delivering on Sundays.
Huh? Oh, hi, Ms.
Uh, Flynn and I was just playing Bag head.
It's a new game.
Kids love it.
Oh, that reminds me.
Jeremy's mom wanted me to give you something.
What'd she want to give me? Nightmares? Well, everything looks great.
I'm really impressed with you, CeCe.
But impressed.
I'm gonna go change.
All right, spill it.
Where've you been and what the heck happened? And how'd you get this place looking this good again? And who won bag head? Well, it all started as soon as CeCe left.
Rocky was asleep, and I tried to wake her up, when I heard scratching at the door.
(Scratching) (Yelling) I got it, Rocky! Hey! Well, you really scratched up that door.
What're you, Wolverine? You're a fat little doggy, aren't you? You opened the door to a stranger? It was a dog.
I went to get the dog some water, and the faucet broke.
No! Ah! Ah, Rocky! No boy, don't potty in the house.
You're not a boy.
And wait that's not It's the miracle of life! And it's disgusting! And I slept through all of this? And you snored too.
You know how hard it is to coach a dog birth when someone's sawing logs? Okay, so where did the door go and how did you clean it all up? Hey, who's telling this story? I knew I'd need help, so I was going next door to get Rusty the super.
It was Rusty's, not Crusty's.
Flynn: Before I went, I left Rocky a note.
I had to use peanut butter to stick it where I was sure she'd notice.
Oh, stop Ryan Gosling.
You're so fresh.
Rusty removed the door to sand out the dog scratches because, you know what a perfectionist Rusty is.
When we brought it back, Rocky was gone and Ty was asleep on the couch.
He was pretty gross with all his snoring, so I put a paper bag on his head.
Then, Mrs.
Locasio came back to check on us.
Where's the girl? I told her you were at the library, not a discotheque.
And it turns out, the puppies were hers.
Ooh! Mrs.
Barkowitz had her puppies! Now we just have to figure out who Mr.
Barkowitz is.
She was so happy I helped her dog, she cleaned the entire apartment.
So, where were you two? We were looking for you in the new ball pit at the Indoor Fun Zone.
You went there without me? How could you? The most important thing is that everybody is safe and your mom didn't find out.
Boy, CeCe, I've got to say, the apartment's cleaner than when I left.
That's not saying much.
CeCe's super responsible.
No, I'm not.
I left Flynn here with Rocky to go to a shoe sale.
And, long story short I lost him.
The apartment was a disaster zone, and the truth is I guess I'm just not ready for that kind of responsibility.
Wow! Well, coming clean like this is a step in the right direction.
Besides, I would have figured it out anyway.
How? Um, exhibit A.
Exhibit B.
Let's not talk about exhibit P, which is all over my bedroom floor.
CeCe: I take you to be my lawful puppy husband.
To like and to cuddle, till death do us part.
Rocky: I now pronounce us Mr.
& Mrs.
I may now lick the bride.
And they lived happily ever after.
The end.
That's it? "Talk about a wooden delivery".
You can do better.
Come on, Flynn.
We've been doing this for over two hours already.
But what happened to the Evil Queen Locasio? Mom said your punishment was to entertain me, and, frankly, my review is thumbs down.
Oh, no, here comes Evil Queen Locasio.
Did someone say my name? Did someone say my name? All: No!