Shake It Up! s03e24 Episode Script

Loyal It Up

Rocky, look, I'm a bell.
Ding-dong, ding-dong! Well, I don't know if you're a bell, but you're definitely a ding-dong.
If I told you there was a skirt moving toward us, would you think I've totally lost it? CeCe, whatever you had, you lost a long time ago.
Besides, skirts can't move.
Voice: Psst! Rocky, CeCe.
Over here.
But apparently they can talk.
Both: Gary Wilde? Shh! I don't want anyone to know I'm under this dress.
Yeah, I don't blame you.
It really does nothing for your figure.
It's a disguise.
Just meet me later at Crusty's to talk about a top secret opportunity.
Okay, Gary, if this is about selling pre-paid calling cards again No.
Just be there! Now, I better go before I call attention to myself.
Oh! Ow! Ooh! Ow! [Groans] Gotta say, I've missed that guy.
Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
[Music] This is weird.
Gary made a big deal about meeting us, and he doesn't even show? No, what's weird is that he called this meeting from under a skirt.
And we actually took him seriously.
Gary: Psst! In here.
Hey, guys.
What's up? Wow, that hoop skirt's starting to look downright dignified now.
Let me guess, you want to do a little trash-talking? I know it's a bit much, but I don't want anybody to see me talking to you.
[Scoffs] Okay, Mr.
Trash Can Man, the feeling is completely mutual.
Anyway, I got some great news for you guys, but you have to swear not to tell anyone.
Both: Okay.
Shake It Up, Chicago, is going down the toilet! Yay! Our TV show is going down the toil Wait, how is that great news? Because there's a new show starting called Dance Factor that's going to be bigger, better and more awesome than Shake It Up, Chicago and I'm going to be the host! Wow, that's fantastic Hey, guys! - What's up? - Both: Nothing.
Then why'd you stop talking when I walked up? Okay, fine you caught us.
Gary Wilde is hiding in the trash can, and we didn't want you to find out about it.
Don't tell me.
As I was saying I get to pick the dancers, and I want you guys.
[Gasps] Oh! This is awesome! Why aren't you jumping up and down with me? Because we already have jobs.
On a show that's going down the toilet.
Plus, on Dance Factor, you'll get your own makeup person, your own hairstylist, your own dressing room and a huge clothing allowance! Oh! Clothing allowance! Okay, now why aren't you jumping up and down with me? Because as flattering as it is to get a job offer from a man hiding in a garbage can.
- [Sighs] CeCe and I can't - Decide Until we've talked it over in private.
We'll get back to you.
Come on.
Deuce! Okay, we need to talk.
I have life-changing, Earth-shattering news! Why do you always have to be so melodramatic? The company that makes Spongi Kakes is going out of business.
No! No! Yes, it's the end of an era, people.
Goodbye, Spongi Kakes, the only vitamin-enhanced, fruit juice sweetened, good for you cake that's actually healthy for a growing body and tastes good.
Great snack, lousy slogan.
Come here.
Without our Spongi Kakes, how will we celebrate all of life's victories, small and large? We ate them after you lost your last baby tooth.
We ate them after we accidentally broke CeCe's laptop and successfully pinned the blame on Ty.
We ate them the first time you taught me how to ride a skateboard.
We ate them after we found out your ankle was just sprained, not broken.
Both: Mmm, good times.
You know what? We can't just take this lying down.
Now, what are we going to do about it? Dude, I'm 11.
You come up with something for once.
[Panicked voice] Oh, no! [Chuckling] Just kidding.
I'll figure something out.
We'd be totally crazy to stay on Shake It Up, Chicago! We should just bail.
No way.
I am not a bailer.
I'm a sticker-with-er.
That's not even a real word.
Well, I'm sticking with it because that's what sticker-with-ers do! Look, this is about staying loyal.
I am staying loyal.
[Sing-songy] To my new dressing room and clothing allowance! Cancel your microdermabrasion appointments.
Because I'm about to rub your faces in my good news.
I have just been poached by Dance Factor! Isn't it supposed to be a secret? Oh, yeah.
BT dubs, don't tell anyone.
Gary asked us too.
So how did he ask you? I was having a pedicure.
And I looked down and realized Nikki the nail girl was Gary Wilde! [Chuckles] Oh, yay, the three of us get to be on Dance Factor! - [Squealing] - [Giggling] Really, still not jumping? You want to know what makes Rocky Blue jump up and down? Honesty and commitment.
You know what they call people who insist on being loyal in the old country? "Prisoners of the revolution".
Okay, grab a backpack, Rocky and hop on the bus, because I'm about to school you on loyalty.
Who gave us our first shot at being professional dancers? Gary.
And who fired Gary? Phil.
Yes, the same Phil that didn't want you back on the show.
I can't believe I'm going to say this, but you make a good point.
Well, ring-a-ding-ding, class dismissed! Okay, fine.
But we can't just quit.
We have to do the honorable thing and discuss it with Phil.
He's a reasonable businessman.
Okay, he's a businessman.
Maybe he'll just let us leave.
Sounds good to me.
Yay, so we figured it out.
Yeah! [Chuckles] Really? I'm the only one jumping? [All squealing and giggling] Rocky, Mom wants you.
[Whispering] Ladies, we will speak more on this topic tomorrow.
[Mutters] - What was that all about? - Both: Nothing.
Something's up.
Is it about me? - Nope.
- No.
Okay, now I'm sure it's about me, and I'm not leaving here until you tell me.
Uh okay.
[Chuckles] Fine.
Uh Tinka has a crush on you.
Really? Oh, yeah.
Big crush.
Elephant stepping on a hard-boiled egg-sized crush.
Oh, I'm a little surprised.
And it took her so long to recognize my game.
[Whooping] [Sighs] I can tell you what game he doesn't have Clue.
If this works, we'll have Spongi Kakes whenever we want.
And we can sell them and make a Spongi fortune! Well, they look like Spongi Kakes.
They smell like Spongi Kakes.
And they have the squeeziness of Spongi Kakes! [Vocalizes playfully] - Oh! Ugh! - Oh! And they taste like urinal cakes.
I'm guessing.
Tinka! May I just say, the sparkles you're wearing really bring out the sparkle in your eyes.
And may I say, your body spray really brings out the breakfast from my stomach.
Uh, playing "hard to get," huh? No.
Playing "get away from me".
Oh, yeah, she's got it bad.
Everyone, please gather.
Phil has an important announcement.
Where is he? Right here.
Sorry I'm not there.
I'm in New York with the bigwigs.
Look, there's a new show starting up called Dance Factor.
They may have a bigger budget, but we were here first, and we will be here long after they're gone.
[All cheering] That means so much to me, you guys.
I know at first, I came off as gruff and Unapproachable.
But now I realize that we are a family.
United we stand.
I love you, guys.
Come on, group hug! Okay, turn me off.
I don't want everyone to see me cry! Wow, I can't believe how sweet Phil was being.
I'm going to miss that guy when we go on to Dance Factor.
Wait, for real? You still want to leave after that speech? What about what he said? We're a family! You guys got to look out for yourselves and do what's best for your careers.
You make a good point.
Complete stranger who I've never seen before.
All: [Gasp] - Gary Wilde! - Shh! Look girls, here's the thing.
I want to do my best at this new job.
And I do my best when I'm surrounded by people I can count on and really like.
- All: Aw! - But don't wait too long.
Dancers are a dime a dozen! Look, guys, I love Gary Almost as much as Gary loves Gary, but Phil needs us now more than ever.
Okay, we are not quitting, agreed? Both: Agreed.
I'm so glad I could trust you two to do the right thing.
But just in case, I'm writing this all up, finding a notary public, and having us all sign it.
Now, we may have promised not to quit, but we didn't say anything about getting fired CeCe, that's a great idea.
You know, I must say, it is nice when your two brain cells work together.
[Both chuckle] Hey! [Music] So how do we get ourselves fired off of Shake It Up, Chicago!? Well, mediocre dancing hasn't worked for you so far, so we can cross that off the list.
Well, we can get fired for being totally obnoxious.
Oh, wait, hasn't worked for you so far.
All right, point taken.
[Sighs] Oh.
Here's something I just thought of off the top of my head right this moment What if we create a gossip blog and post salacious tidbits about you and Rocky? But wouldn't that take a long time to create? Not as long you'd think! Pictures of me and Rocky looking bad.
Fake stories about me and Rocky acting bad.
And is this a cartoon of us pushing elderly people into traffic? That's awful! Tinka, what is this? Oh, it's just something I threw together for my own personal amusement.
There's computer animation here! No, no, it's all hand-drawn.
Time consuming, but what a giggle fest.
[Giggling] May I have your permission to make it public? [Mimicking tinka] No, you can't have my permission to make it public! Fine, then how do you propose we get fired? [Normal voice] It's got to be something that will really get under Phil's skin.
Oh! Ooh! Ooh, I know.
The Shake It Up, Chicago! Billboard.
The one he paid for and designed himself? That's Phil's pride and joy.
Now, wouldn't it be a shame if something happened? You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say your two brain cells had a baby brain cell! Hey! [Grunting] A little help here? Yeah well, it's a lot easier to lift when you haven't carried it 10 blocks.
You know what else makes it easier? Not having the upper body strength of an infant.
Well, I guess what I need is some vitamin infused, super tasty Spongi Kakes! Excuse me, we just scoured the entire city to get our hands on the last case of Spongi Kakes ever.
And we had to fight off that scrappy troop of Rainbow Girls.
And you just want to dive right in? But I carried a box 10 blocks, and I'm super hungry.
Come on, these Spongi Kakes have to last us the rest of our lives.
They're for special occasions only.
Okay? You get straight A's, you get a Spongi Kake.
You get into college, you get a Spongi Kake.
You get over your weird fear of being beaten up by a boxing kangaroo, you get a Spongi Kake.
- Got it? - I totally agree.
Hey, we agreed on something! Sounds Spongi Kake-worthy to me.
Right? [Laughs] Okay, so I'm thinking we paint, "CeCe, Rocky and Tinka were here" in big letters.
Or, we could just paint, "yoo-hoo, police!" "Come and get us!" We want to get fired, not sent to the stockade.
I don't think I like your attitude.
Okay, so then maybe we should write "Dance Factor's number one, SIU's number two"? [Snickering] Get it? "Number two"? It ain't Shakespeare, but it'll do "Do".
[Laughing] You see what I did to you? [Both laugh] Okay, CeCe.
You do the painting.
I will be the lookout.
Why do I have to do the painting? Why can't I be the lookout? Fine, you be the lookout.
Wait, why do I have to be the lookout? Why can't I do the painting? - Oh, just do it.
- No, you do it.
- No, you do it.
- You do it.
Neither of you should do it, because I just climbed all the way up here and neither of you noticed me.
Rocky, how did you know we'd be here? Oh, you remember that Find My Buddy app you made me install on my phone? Yeah, well, found ya! Being up here is dangerous, and if you deface this billboard, the only place that you're gonna be dancing is the prison yard.
For an hour every day.
For your mandatory exercise.
- Now, let's go! - Uh, listen, Rocky Do-Right.
We aren't leaving here until we do something to get us fired! [Siren wails] Cop: [On loudspeaker] Do not move.
Step away from the paint can.
Oh, no.
It's the police! What do we do? What do you mean "we"? Okay, it's official.
I'm deleting her from my Find My Buddy app.
Something totally special and amazing happened today! Well, it wasn't learning to knock, was it? I got a "B" on my Spanish test.
Sounds Spongi-worthy to me.
[Chuckles] Deuce, you speak Spanish fluently.
That's not Spongi Kake-worthy.
Did I mention it's my parents' anniversary? Did I mention I don't care? Uh, I did a push-up in gym.
It was girl-style but still, big day.
That's not Spongi Kake-worthy.
It's just sad.
Okay, I told you, they're for special occasions, only.
And you're not getting any.
Woman on TV: Scattered clouds and mild temperatures reaching a high of 56 degrees.
And finally tonight, a happy ending for you Spongi Kake fans.
Due to public outrage, the company has been purchased and will start production again immediately.
That's good news for my sweet tooth.
- Yeah! - Woo! Well, if that's not an occasion worth celebrating, I don't know what is.
No! No! No! When did you eat all of these? The day we got them.
Take a good, long look at these two.
This is what betrayal looks like.
Okay, Phil, it's not what you think.
Really? Because I think you two were caught in the process of defacing the Shake It Up, Chicago! Billboard.
Okay, it is what you think.
But Phil, this has nothing to do with Rocky, it was me and Another person whose identity is still a mystery and remains at large.
She also remains a major weenie.
Why would you two do this to me? Well, Gary wanted us on his new show, and CeCe was trying to get us fired.
But now I don't want to be on Dance Factor.
We are 100% loyal to this show.
We want to help you bury them.
You need us and we're here for you.
Group hug! All right.
Well, I'm touched.
Or at least I would be if I cared about the emotional journey of annoying teenagers.
Which I don't! I should just fire the two of you! - But, Phil - But I can't, because I no longer work on Shake It Up, Chicago! - [All gasp] - [Gasps] That's right.
You're looking at the new executive producer of Dance Factor! But I thought we were a family? I despise my family.
But I do love money and power.
And I'm firing that Gary Wilde for trying to poach my dancers.
So long, you little miscreants! Have fun dancing in this low-rent dump.
Okay, assistant, march me out with an air of superiority.
Wow, after all that, we're right back where we started.
Which is right where we belong.
Poor Gary.
What's he going to do now? Welcome to Shake It Up, Chicago! I'm your host, Ty Blue And I'm your new executive producer/host, Gary Wilde! That's right.
Shake It Up, Chicago! Is staying on top because I'm back! And it's about to get "Wilde" up in here! No, it's about to get "Blue" up in here! - No, Wilde! Wilde! Wilde! - No.
Blue! Blue! Blue! - Now dancing to blow the system - Your Shake It Up, Chicago! Dancers! [Audience cheering] Whoa! [Upbeat music playing] Play or not play it to me.
Jump the beat, make it hard to move me.
Don't waste my time, you lose me.
Let's go! I just want what's mine.
Make me come alive.
Let's go for a ride.
Let's go for a ride.
We know the time is right.
Let's take the morning flight.
Let's reach for the sky.
Louder! I got the burning fever.
And the dance floor when I need them.
Turn it up and bump the speaker.
The volume's way too low.
Just keep up with the rhythm.
Let loose now blow the system.
Bl-bl-bl-blow the system.
Come on now, here we go! Shh! Let's go! Feel the pressure! Let's tear the house down! Turn the sound up.
Get the Dice and roll 'em out! And when you had enough, I'll make it louder.
Louder, louder, louder, louder.
I got the burning fever.
And the dance floor when I need them.
Turn it up and bump the speaker.
The volume's way too low.
Just keep up with the rhythm.
Let loose now blow the system.
Bl-bl-bl-blow the system.
Come on now, here we go! Oh, oh, oh-eh-ooh.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh-eh-ooh.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh-eh-ooh.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh-eh-ooh.
Oh, oh, oh.
[Audience cheering and applauding] [Music] So, Tinka, me and you this weekend.
I'm thinking dinner and a show? Only if you drop off the dinner, then show yourself out the door.
Oh, Tinka.
Drop the act.
I know you got a thing for me.
[Laughs] Oh, poor, soft-headed Ty.
Where would you get an idea like that? CeCe and Rocky told me.
Oh, they also gave me the gift you made.
What? The I heart Ty-tanic? Oh my goodness, is that you and me in the iconic "King of the World" pose? [Sighs] Oh, where's a zip line when you need one?