Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

In My Memory Lock'd

1 SNORING Oh, hello.
Yes! Morning.
Nice of you to join us on this fascinating adventure.
Thank you.
You're all heart, you are.
She's probably on her way to the Maldives right now.
Honestly, Frank, I don't know why you let Marlowe talk you into doing this sort of stuff, cos it's always a complete waste of time.
Not always.
Sometimes the fugitive returns to the childhood home.
We'll get paid either way.
Yeah, not enough to spend an entire night in the car with you snoring your head off.
Er, excuse me, I do not snore.
I've never snored, thank you.
SHE PLAYS RECORDING OF SNORING What's that? Um, terribly sorry to disturb you.
I was just wondering if you could tell me where I am? Er, yeah, you're in Stratford, mate.
Thank you.
Ah, look at his neck! Excuse me? Hi.
Are you all right? Yes.
Only, you're bleeding.
Can you tell us what happened? Um, I don't .
I'm not sure I can.
What's your name? Absolutely no idea.
Are you sure it was a good idea to ignore the doctor's advice? I can't find any answers from a hospital bed.
Didn't you two say you were private investigators? Help has arrived! Frank, this is my last favour.
He's got amnesia, a blunt trauma to the back of the head.
Yeah, and the doctors can't say whether it's temporary or permanent, poor lamb.
No phone, no wallet, no ID.
Just a single key in his pocket.
OK, well, we'll put some feelers out for missing persons reports.
Joe, can you take a picture, please? Put the feelers out? He might be the victim of a crime.
Or he just fell in a ditch.
Sir, if your memory does return, then please come down to the station to make a statement.
And if we want to reach you, then? He'll be with us.
What?! What about some facial recognition? Oh, come on! We've already got our hands full staking out your fugitive.
Oh, sorry, did no-one tell you? We caught her two days ago.
What are we supposed to do with him? Find out who he is, of course.
Look, you know I like nothing more than helping complete strangers, out of the goodness of my heart, but what's the golden rule, Sebastian? Pro-bono is a no-no.
Well, it might not be pro-bono? Well, look at him.
He's practically homeless.
A hobo.
No, he's posh and he's wearing expensive clothes.
He could be a millionaire.
Excuse me? Hi, excuse me?Hi.
If you were a millionaire, how much would you pay us? Gosh, um .
a lot.
See? There you go.
Find the identity, find the pot of gold.
What if there is no gold? Just a big, empty pot? Nothing but a lifetime of regrets, failure and penury? I'm just saying, we don't know he's rich.
Oh, yes, we do.
Dun-dun-duuun! Uh, would you like to come through? So, what do you remember? Well, I, um .
IWell, he doesn't.
Does he, Frank? That's the point.
OK, what's your last memory? What were you doing before you met us? Walking outside.
Splitting headache.
It was dark.
Cold, without a coat.
And then I saw the sunrise, it was .
rather magnificent, actually.
It was, wasn't it? I thought that.
Yeah, all right.
So, you've no idea when or how you were injured? No.
I'm dreadfully sorry.
Don't be.
Don't be.
Everything about you is a potential clue.
You know, like why were you outside without a coat? Without your phone and your wallet? Maybe he was mugged, clumped on the head.
What, and they left a 20 grand watch? No wedding ring, so probably not married.
And you have got a little nicotine stain there on your finger, so you might be a smoker.
OK, so, he goes outside for a cigarette, and leaves his phone and wallet behind.
Oh, sorry, these are, um, I'm doing a disguise module on my course.
Did you know that most people don't remember details about faces? Just remember the big things, you know, like hats and haircuts, beards.
Obviously, you'd remember a beard on me - that would be easy.
Look, we haven't got time for that.
We need to access what's in here .
Oh! I know.
Don't worry, sweetheart, I used to hypnotise my fellow students all the time.
Only one psychotic incident, caused by bad dope.
So, no need to fret.
Are you sure about this? Yeah, well, you wanted to jog his memory, didn't you? Just sit back, relax, close your eyes.
Concentrate on your breathing.
That's right, in and out.
In and out, good.
Now, I want you to picture a door to a stairway, leading down to a basement.
I want you to walk slowly down the stairs.
At the bottom, there is a door.
Behind that door is a safe place.
I want you to step through the door.
Tell me where you are.
I'm in a meadow.
Springtime, it's beautiful.
Now, I want you to picture a table in that meadow.
On it is a book of your life, going back to the beginning.
I want you to go to the book and open it .
and tell me what you see.
It's empty.
The pages are blank.
Wait .
there's a hotel.
Two lions and a shield, above the entrance.
Inside is a black and white striped carpet.
Which leads to .
it goes to .
everything's gone blank again.
It's all right, you've done really well.
But I want you to come back to us now.
So, when you're ready, slowly open your eyes.
The hotel with the lions, I think it's the Duke Vincent.
Good morning, sir.
Morning, madam.
Oh, morning.
Welcome to the Duke Vincent.
Do you have a reservation with us? No, we're not checking in Checking in, no.
I'm Frank Hathaway, and this is .
and I'm Luella Shakespeare, we're privateInvestigators.
Could we speak to the manager, please? I'm the manager.
I'm Claudia Farrel.
This is my daughter, Izzie.
May I ask what this is about? Well, we have a client and I would tell you his name, but we don't know what it is.
He doesn't know.
He's got amnesia.
But we think he might have stayed here, possibly as a guest, but we're, we're not sure.
Um, wonder .
do you recognise him? I'm sorry, I don't.
Izzie? No, I haven't seen him before.
Do you recognise him? Us neither.
Well, thanks anyway.
This is a gorgeous hotel, by the way.
It really is.
What do you call that ceiling? Mock Tudor I think.
Mock Tudor! Mock Tudor, yes.
Well, listen, thanks for your help.
We'll see ourselves out.
Thanks, bye.
What was that about, with the ceiling?Shh.
So, he has been here? Possibly.
They were hiding something, that's for sure.
Is that blood? I think it is, yeah.
They're all the same brand.
Our smoking friend must've stepped out onto one of these balconies, up here.
Fell, jumped, or was pushed and I'm willing to bet some of the staff know exactly which one.
A sophisticated redhead? More like Ronald MacDonald, if you ask me.
Well, she's not asking you, is she? Ignore him.
You look lovely.
Thanks, Sebastian.
Ring any bells? That's it.
That's the carpet! The corridor leads to a door with a pin code, 5 4 4 5.
Inside, there's a small kitchen, sofas and a row of lockers.
I go to the one at the far end.
And I'm sorry, that's all I remember.
That's all right, the pin code's more than enough.
Just wish you could remember your own name.
That sounds like a staffroom.
But then why would you be in there if you were a hotel guest? An employee, then? Dressed like that? This may be a locker key.
We need to get in that staffroom.
They'll never let us in there.
Hey, but if a sophisticated Southern redhead was to just walk on in there and say, "Hey, guys, where's the rest room?" Hey? IN SOUTHERN ACCENT: Howdy.
THEY LAUGH Sorry, it's such a mess.
I never meant for you to get drawn into this, sweetheart.
Mum, it's not your fault.
Hey! Who, are you? What are you doing in here? Uh, I'm sorry, I thought the men's room was in here.
Seems I got myself all turned around.
'Scuse me, ladies.
DOOR CREAKS Mum, it's not your fault.
Hey! Who are you? What are you doing in here? And I found this in the locker.
Bertie Crudburke.
What kind of name's that? Looks like a caretaker.
Who do you think he is? What, you don't recognise him?No.
At least, I don't think so.
Why do I feel like I know him? Because maybe you do.
Put that on.
There, look.
See, look at the eyes, it's definitely him.
It's you.
I think you're right.
Hey, you could take some disguise tips from him.
Right, Frank Hathaway, 50 quid says I will fool you yet.
Make it 100.
Sorry to interrupt, but are you saying I'm this Bertie Crudburke? No, we're saying you disguised yourself as him.
The big question is why? Why the interest in my caretaker? It's just a line of inquiry.
Yeah, we're going to talk to the rest of the staff, as well.
Well, I hired Bertie a couple of weeks ago.
He was quiet, but worked hard.
Everyone seemed to like him.
And then he didn't turn up for his shift two days ago.
We haven't seen him since.
As for the rest of my staff, I'm certain none of them know anything about this amnesiac of yours.
But you're welcome to question whoever you like.
Now, if you don't mind.
You wouldn't happen to have Bertie's contact details, would you? I already tried calling, there was no answer.
If you do speak to him, tell him that he still has a job here.
We believe in second chances at The Duke Vincent.
Thank you.
I'm pretty sure she had no idea Bertie was a fake.
See if that goes for the rest of them.
In the meantime, let's hope this address is real, at least.
Hello, again.
I was just thinking, this just must be so nice to work somewhere like this.
Hard work, obviously.
It is hard work, but we're used to it.
And we know how to have fun.
Best job in the world.
Right, Leon? Ah, that's unusual, isn't it, these days? Happy employees.
Which kind of makes me think - why did your caretaker, Bertie, never come back? Do you know where he is?No.
He was sound.
He liked old cars.
It's funny you should ask about Bertie, because, uhsomebody broke into his locker this morning.
Do you know anything about that? Me? No.
Oh, excuse me, I need to get this.
Hello, Sebastian.
Hey, how did you get on at Bertie's address? He must've picked it at random, just some pensioner.
How'd you get on with the staff? Tight-knit and tight-lipped.
Bertie had them fooled, though.
Oh, and Seb called, there's no results on that name check.
So, we're still no closer to finding out who he is.
I'll speak to you later.
Yes, we're going to treat him with the utmost respect, Mrs Parsons, I can assure you.
Chief Constable's wife.
What's in the box? Yeah, she reckons it was poisoned.
She says she left the Duke Vincent Hotel yesterday afternoon, when Fuzz Ball carked it early this morning.
The Duke Vincent Hotel.
Well, there's a coincidence.
We think our amnesiac might've been injured there, possibly by a member of the staff.
"Think, might've, possibly.
" He is definitely connected with that hotel, OK? Christina, could you run that photo through facial recognition for me? Yeah, I already did.
I told you I'd do you a favour, didn't I? No match was found.
OK, that's that, then.
Different photo.
Try this one? This is the CCTV footage taken two weeks ago, outside a local newsagent's.
That's definitely him in disguise.
Can you get a close-up on the number plate? Yes, I was doing that, thank you.
Moment of truth.
IN CROAKY VOICE: Spare some change, darling? Sorry, love, I'm a bit short today.
But I'll have £100 soon enough.
Really?! So, his name's Alfred D'Angelo, he's 43.
He inherited a multi-million pound trust fund when he was 18.
Oh, and he happens to be the owner of the Duke Vincent Hotel.
No! He owns it? Yeah, there's more.
A dog died from eating a poisoned steak, which I suspect was meant for Alfred.
And the very same day he took a tumble from a balcony.
Someone tried to kill him in that hotel.
Are they raisins? Rice Krispies! Oh.
Ugh, no.
IN CROAKY VOICE: Wait for me! Thank you.
I'm scared, Gloria.
What if I get my memory back and I don't like who I am? Darling, "In thy face, I see the map of honour, truth and loyalty.
" OPERA MUSIC PLAYS Uh, you might want to sit down for this, Alfred.
Alfred? We know your name.
And where you live.
Maybe, um, maybe we shouldn't go inside.
I mean, we don't even have the keys.
I came prepared.
Well, I can tell you one thing.
There's definitely no women living here.
There's not a scatter cushion in sight! Hello.
Huh! Well, at least we know we're in the right place.
This is the hotel.
It's like hidden cameras? You were spying on them.
Why would I do that? Maybe you suspected they were up to something.
That's why you went under cover! Try and catch them in the act.
Yeah, but in the act of what? I don't know.
But whatever it was, it was worth trying to kill him for.
So, the undercover recordings were made three days ago, the day before Bertie fell off the radar.
Though I think Alfred ditched the Bertie disguise and checked himself into the hotel as himself, to confront someone with whatever he found.
But who?Well, Claudia told Izzie that she was sorry for dragging her into something.
What were mother and daughter up to? And the doorman and bellboy, I mean, they would've known Alfred, but they denied it too.
Are they trying to protect themselves? Or someone else? Well, if we go through the footage, we might find out.
"We?"Stop whingeing.
We've got other things to do, like going back to see Claudia.
It's time for a shakedown.
Your client is Mr D'Angelo? Yeah.
We showed you his photo yesterday.
It's a bit strange, isn't it, that you didn't recognise your own boss.
I've never met him.
As long as the profits roll in, Mr D'Angelo's always been happy to leave the running of the business to me.
I think you're lying, to cover up the fact he fell from one of your balconies two nights ago.
That's utterly absurd.
He's never even stayed here.
Ask anyone.
Mum? The police are here.
Toadstools? According to our toxicology report.
It was meant to look like mushroom sauce, on a steak.
So if the intended target was one of your guests, I don't have to tell you how serious that is.
No, of course.
I'll do anything I can to help.
Thank you.
We'll need a list of everyone who ordered room service that night.
Um, I'd also like to interview the kitchen staff.
And anyone else who was on shift that day.
Should keep the staff busy for a while.
Time to get our hands dirty.
What do you mean by dirty? A little bit of help would be nice.
The answer's still no.
I mean, what makes you think he's got any luggage anyway? There must something in here that proves he checked in.
Frank! This is everyone who had steak.
As I said, I'm happy to assist, but not if you're going to single out my staff for harassment.
Excuse me?Darren and Leon are reformed characters, and I won't have them treated like criminals, thank you.
OK, you need to check this list.
See if anyone's fallen ill.
Oh, a bit of leg work, eh? Chop, chop.
You need to take a shower, mate.
What? What do you think she meant by reformed characters? Yeah, the concierge and bellboy.
They'veboth got records.
What for? Sorry, Frank.
No more favours.
Oof! Hey, stop it.
Why don't you go to the office, see what you and Seb can dig up about these two? Yeah.
In the meantime, I've got an MG to find.
Oh, look, you might want to start by looking there.
Did you find the car? Yeah, and some kind of log book.
How'd you get on? Right so, Leon Jones.
He's an ex-army mechanic, er, he did time for GBH.
And he was picked up a few other times for vagrancy and drunk and disorderly.
But he's had no trouble with the police since he started working for Claudia Farrel five years ago.
What about the bellboy, Darren Morgan? SEB CLEARS THROA Persistent young offender, until he was caught burgling the Duke Vincent Hotel - Claudia dropped all charges and offered him a job.
Which is why everyone's so loyal.
Good work.
Ooh, wait, there's more.
Seb found something on Alfred's laptop.
Bertie the caretaker.
Oh, trust me, there's hours of this.
But eventually What did he take? We've tried slowing it down but that stupid pot plant's always in the way.
Do you know what he took, Alfred? I'm sorry, I don't.
Well, on the upside, guys, I've worked out what you were keeping your log book for.
You were making a note of how many hotel rooms were occupied.
Now, there were virtually no vacancies during the whole time you were under cover.
However, when you look at the company books for those two weeks, they say the hotel was only two-thirds full.
So, Claudia was stealing from you, and you wanted to prove it.
Here's a question for you - why would a multimillionaire go to so much trouble over a few measly quid? I don't "Rich only to be wretched, "Thy great fortunes are made thy chief afflictions.
" Are you picking on him? Because if you are, you shouldn't, you know, because he's the victim, really.
He's been losing thousands of pounds a month.
At least I've earned some of it back.
Bertie's wages.
Let's have a look, shall we? That's very generous for two weeks' work.
And why's half of it in cash? Maybe Claudia was stealing it from him and giving more to the staff.
Run that CCTV footage back again.
I know what he took.
We know you've been diverting money into a second bank account.
If you had any evidence of that, the police would already be here.
I don't hear a denial.
Mr D'Angelo's making a handsome profit.
A far cry from when I first came here, with miserable staff offering a shoddy service.
Now the Duke Vincent is world-class, and that's because my staff are valued, whether Mr D'Angelo likes it or not.
That's all very altruistic.
I'm sure you don't keep a big chunk of change for yourself.
You're welcome to examine the books Mr Hathaway.
I'm sure you'll find them all in order.
Doctored records don't interest me.
I'm after a missing chip and pin terminal.
You know, the one from reception? The one I'm sure you've been looking for as well.
Great trick.
Hm? Getting a third of your guests to pay into a secret account without their knowledge.
Only problem is, every chip and pin machine has a unique ID number.
Alfred had it with him in his possession, before the accident.
We find it, we've got you.
Well, it's a pity his memory's been erased then.
We need to get you inside that room, Alfred.
It might help you remember.
Can I help you? Good afternoon.
Oh, right, yes.
I'd like to stay in the room thatthat I was in before, please.
I'm sorry, sir, what room would that be? Well, he owns the hotel! So, I don't know, the Luxury Suite, maybe? Izzie, give Mr D'Angelo the King Lear suite.
I believe it's unoccupied.
I'm with them.
This is the same bed.
I know it.
I couldn't be sure before, but Izzie was here with me that night.
When you say Izzie was "with you".
Well, we werewe were about to Oh! Right.
She didn't seem too pleased to see you just now.
OK I want you to walk me through what happened that night.
You stepped outside for a cigarette.
If Izzie was here, she could've just walked up behind him and pushed him No.
You didn't see the way she smiled at me.
Blast it, I'm tired of guessing! I should jolly well go and talk to her.
LOUD SMASH Wait here! You just washed your hands.
Of course.
It was you on the roof just now, wasn't it? You tried to kill Alfred, and you pushed him off the balcony two nights ago.
What? Only you didn't plan on him surviving, so you got your friends to cover for you.
Why would Izzie want to kill Mr D'Angelo? Why would anyone? Because he found out that her and Claudia were stealing from him, maybe? I don't care about the money.
I just want to understand what happened between us.
Stay away from her.
It's all right, Darren.
Isabel, please just talk to me.
I know that you and I were lovers.
Lovers? I only went to your room because you blackmailed me into it.
You said if I didn't sleep with you, you'd have my mother thrown in jail, and everyone working here fired.
So I agreed.
Itried But I couldn't, and I left.
I don't know how you fell from that balcony, and I don't care.
If you died, who would miss you? There'd just be one less rich, selfish creep in the world.
Justlet him go.
Take it all off.
How about you take a flying jump? Isabel.
I remember everything.
And Isabel was right.
I'm not a good person.
I never was.
I feel awful, Lu.
So you should.
Well, not that you deserve it, we'll drop you at A&E.
Get you checked out.
Your brakes have been cut.
Somebody must really want you dead.
Well, if your memory's back, do you know who pushed you? I didn't see their face.
But I do remember this.
Well, this'll get Claudia for embezzlement.
But we still don't know who tried to kill Alfred.
Claudia's got the biggest motive, hasn't she? Although it might have been Izzie.
She might've just pushed him for being a slimeball.
Can't say I'd blame her.
Whoever cut Alfred's brakes knew their way around a car.
Leon's a mechanic.
With a history of violence, and he's got an undying loyalty to Claudia.
Darren's interested in cars too, you know.
I saw Leon teaching him.
And that's not all he's interested in.
I think he's got feelings for Izzie.
How do you mean - teaching him? Leon was getting someone's engine started.
Darren just stood there, watching.
He was watching? Maybe he didn't want to get his hands dirty.
I don't know, Frank.
Oh, come on.
I gave you the chip and pin, didn't I? That's got to buy me at least one more favour.
We know who it is.
But that's not enough.
We need a confession.
Claudia Farrel, you're under arrest on suspicion of theft and false accounting.
And Isabel Farrel, we're taking you in for questioning over the attempted murder of Alfred D'Angelo.
You don't have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention something which you later rely on in court.
Please let my daughter go.
Please! Izzie didn't do it! She didn't! How do you know that? Because it was you, wasn't it? You knew that Mr D'Angelo had been trying to sleep with Izzie.
OPERA MUSIC PLAYS And you couldn't bear the thought of him touching her, could you? Ooh! MUFFLED THUD I never.
Must've jumped.
What? Like the way he had to jump out the way this afternoon? I suppose he poisoned his own food as well, did he? And cut his car brakes.
But Darren wouldn't do all that! He's had a hard start, but he's a good lad.
You tampered with the car before you went up onto the roof.
I know because I found motor oil on the door handle.
Just like I'll find in those nice, clean, white gloves.
No, you won't.
Take them off, then.
Get off.
Get off me! I'm not sorry I tried to kill him.
I'm just sorry it didn't work.
Excuse me, um, I'd like to say a few words, if I may? I have a confession to make.
For two weeks, I've worked amongst you all, as Bertie, the caretaker.
And I discovered how hard you all work.
And how much you care.
You deserve the decent wage that Ms Farrel decided to pay you.
And I give you my word I'll honour that.
Now, I know today has been traumatic for you.
But I know Ms Farrel would want you to continue doing your jobs as professionally as ever.
As do I.
So Thank you.
I'm so sorry, Isabel.
I'm not asking for forgiveness, just a chance to put it right.
If I can't get the charges dropped, I'll find the best solicitor I can for your mother.
What do you want from me in return? Just a promise.
That if you do stay, the accounts will add up in future.
I'll keep my promise if you keep yours.
Nice to see a rich man spreading his wealth around.
Speaking of which.
Yes, of course.
I trust this will cover your services.
Oh, yes Thank you both, for helping me find a better man within myself.
It's just one thing I still don't get.
Why did you throw the steak out of the window? Did you know it was poisoned? No.
I'd asked for it to be rare, you see.
And it was clearly medium-rare.
What a shame Lu wanted to study rather than celebrate with us.
I know.
But listen, we couldn't have cracked the case without you two.
And as a token of my gratitude .
I'll get another round in.
How generous of you.
Oh! Don't worry, darling, he'll part with some of that money sooner than you think.
Right I'll have a pint of lager, a whisky, and a red wine, please, my good man.
That's no problem.
That'll be £100, please.
£100?! OTHERS HOOT WITH LAUGHTER Oh, ho-ho-ho! Ha-ha! Got you!