Shameless US s02e12 Episode Script

Fiona Interrupted

This is what you missed last week on Shameless.
My baby! True love.
Hey, hot stuff.
What do you do? Real estate.
I live in Miami.
I kicked Lip out.
Where'd he go? Is it all right if I stay over tonight? Was it weird seeing Jimmy? Who's Jimmy? Jimmy is Steve.
Holy shit.
I'm gonna see the little guy on Friday? Yep.
For, like, a second.
Christ almighty! This cocksucker's killing me! When they're good, they're good.
You're the only one who truly understands me.
Is something wrong with her? She hasn't gotten out of bed in days.
Monica's bipolar, Debs.
Time for you to go back on your meds, huh? - Holy fuck.
- What happened? Mommy, Mommy Oh, God, there's been an accident.
She's bleeding badly.
They're on their way.
You with me? It's gonna be okay.
We're good, we're good.
Stay with me.
How is she? She's stable.
You should go home.
Lip just called.
He's coming? Karen's having a baby upstairs.
Holy fuck! It's coming, it's coming! What's wrong with him? He's has Downs Syndrome, Debs.
What the fuck, Karen? I never said it was your baby.
I got the baby, I got the baby! Come on, come on! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Whoo! I've got a baby! Think of all the luck you got Know that it's not for naught You were beaming once before But it's not like that anymore What is this downside That you speak of? What is this feeling You're so sure of? Round up the friends you got Know that they're not for naught You were willing once before But it's not like that anymore What is this downside That you speak of? What is this feeling You're so Sure of? Monica! Monica? Monica! Monica Jean Kallagher! Monica! Oh, God.
Oh, shit.
Oh, God Jesus.
Hey! What the hell are you doing? You stole my wife! What? You stole my wife, and I want her back.
Okay, visiting hours are 9:00 to 4:00.
You want to see her, come back then.
Come out, Monica! Hey! Get out of here.
Monica, come home! I love you! I'll never leave you! Never You're an angel.
A blessing.
My little Kung Pow blessing.
Gotta figure out how to get this security thing off.
What a big, beautiful, panda-Pooh Bear boy you are.
Oh, look.
He's still got his little dingy-ding skin.
Should we get him circumcised? Hell, no.
Let that extra derma ride.
Oh, he needs a name.
What about Hiram, for my father? Are you a Hymmie? Hmm.
Think they can track this thing, like a baby LoJack? Are you a little Hymmie? A Hymmie-wymie? The name should be something Chinese.
Keep him connected to his people.
Chinese Chen, Chan, Chang Wing? Wang? Wu? Hm it's pretty tight.
I don't want to slip and cut his leg off.
Well, you could clip his ankle bracelet and his foreskin at the same time.
Hey, my friend Cindy went back to work.
Has to pump.
For a five-spot, I bet she'd hook us up with some breast milk.
Oh They're going to be looking for him.
We need to hide him.
How about the attic? Like that movie about the Hebrew girl.
No, it gets cold in the winter.
What about the basement? No, it's the first place they'll look, sweetie.
Dryer? Just can't forget he's in there.
Oh I'll clear the table.
Debs, bedtime.
Oh, Jesus.
These poor kids.
Don't worry, they're already pretty fucked up.
I mean Ah Okay, you can breathe.
Ah! Keep breathing.
You gonna be all right? Fiona, I I should know Who I am by now I walk The record stands somehow Thinking of winter Your name is the splinter inside me While I wait And I remember the sound Of your November downtown And I remember the truth A warm December with you But I don't have to make this mistake And I don't have to stay this way If only I would wait The walk has all been cleared by now Your voice is all I hear somehow Calling out, winter Your voice is the splinter inside me While I wait Fiona? I remember the sound Yeah, come on in.
You awake? Yeah.
And I remember the truth A warm December with you But I don't have to make this mistake And I don't have to stay this way If only I would wait I could have lost myself in rough Shh.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
I remember the sound Of your November downtown Hey.
Somebody stole the baby.
They think it was my mom.
You call the police? She probably just freaked out, like always.
I'm gonna get it back.
Well, maybe you should let your mom keep him for awhile.
You know, at least till you're sure you're not gonna change your mind.
I'm not gonna change my mind.
Yeah, but you don't know that.
I mean, you could really I don't want that fucking thing anywhere near me, okay? Go ask somebody when I can get the hell out of here.
I want to hit Wendy's before they stop serving breakfast.
Kids still sleeping? Uh, yeah.
Turkey and eggs? With mashed potato pancakes and cranberry jelly.
You back to being a legal resident around here, Steve? Jimmy.
His name's Jimmy now.
Steve was just an alias he used to lie to me about who he really was.
Ooh, not cool, Jimmy-Steve.
Eggs? To go.
I changed my name 'cause I was stealing cars.
Didn't want anyone to be able to track me down if things went south.
It didn't have anything to do with you.
I want to meet your family.
Oh, no, you don't.
Yes, I do.
They're miserable people.
Nasty, egomaniacal shit-heads.
All of them? Yeah, Mom's okay when she's knocked back enough Chardonnay.
How many of you are there? Uh, Mom, Dad-- shit-head superstar.
Older brother Chip-- shit-head superstar-in-training.
Can't wait to meet them.
You're going to be disappointed.
Wouldn't be the first time someone's disappointed me.
You look beautiful.
So, you getting okay care here? Good drugs? You need anything? Uh, cigarettes, shampoo, hacksaw? Clothes.
Mine are a mess.
I'll bring by some stuff.
I really screwed up Thanksgiving.
No, it was no big deal.
The kids? I must have scared the shit out of them.
They're good.
We, uh, talked it out last night, and I tucked them in, they're fine today.
You didn't tuck them in.
I read books to them, the little ones, anyway.
You'll be out soon.
You'll see for yourself.
Not soon.
You already got I signed myself in for 60 more days.
Voluntary commitment.
Well, tell them you changed your mind.
I can't.
That's part of the deal.
Frank, I got to get myself normal.
I can't keep doing this to them.
You're just a little blue.
It happens to everyone every now and again.
I can take care of you at home.
No, you can't.
I love you.
You belong with us.
I'm I'm where I need to be, okay? I got to go.
I got group.
Can I borrow a cup of cocaine? All out.
Coffee? How are the little ones this morning? After seeing their mother slit her wrists? Traumatized.
Has to be support groups for kids who've seen shit like that.
Yeah, in maximum security prisons after they've mowed down half their classmates.
You let Steve spend the night? You mean Jimmy? Fuck that, I'm calling him Steve.
I sent him out on a quest.
Mm! Making him re-win the heart of the virgin? Christ, V, I can't let him back into this madness.
Isn't that his choice? Well, he thinks he wants it now, but just wait a year or two.
When I have one in the oven and Frank throws up in our bed in the middle of the night or Monica tries to hang herself in a closet with an old shoelace.
He's a big boy, he can make his own decisions.
Hey, Carl.
Sleep okay? What do you think? You hungry? - Let me make you a sandwich.
- Okay.
Disability check doesn't come for another week, Frank.
I went to visit your mother in the hospital this morning.
We have to get her out of there.
Best place for her.
She's fragile.
She's broken.
They want to make her normal.
They want to help her.
By which they mean average, boring, medicated, a Stepford Monica.
She tried to kill herself last night; boring would be a blessing.
They perform lobotomies now.
No, they don't.
Shock treatment? No.
Actually, I think they do.
Princess Leia did it.
zapped into her skull! Draws so much power, it takes out entire city blocks.
When our lights dim, some poor fucker's getting his brains fried.
Don't listen to him, Carl.
Eat your breakfast.
What's a lobotomy? They jam a screwdriver into your head and scramble your brains.
No, they don't.
Jesus, Frank.
Yeah, they do! They're gonna put Mom back on her me.
They're gonna make her better.
She's not better on her meds.
She's a zombie.
She gives up everything she loves in life.
Yeah, like what? Drugs, alcohol, you? Us.
I'm gonna bust her out of there before they steal what makes Monica Monica.
Are you with me? Leave her alone, Frank.
She needs a chance to get well.
Somebody can steal what makes you you? No.
Carl? He's not helping you, either.
Can I bring my Mac-10 pistol? Leave him out of this.
The pistol's going back to the cops.
Where's your sister? Shower.
Leave Debbie alone, Frank! No.
Monica will be better when she comes out of the hospital, Carl.
I passed.
The GED-- I passed.
Daddy! Daddy, you're supposed to knock! Do you love your mother? Cindy says they make this thing for women who can't produce their own milk.
You hang this doohickey around your neck, and then you tape these right over your nipples.
And the baby can still breast-feed.
It's okay, honey, I-I can do it.
No, it's important for both of us to bond with him.
There, sweet boy.
That's Whoa.
Whoa! Now I know what all the fuss is about.
Someone's here.
Mom? Mom.
Sweetie! My goodness! Home already? Did the hospital let you leave? Where is it? Thought they usually like to keep you for at least a day.
Where is it, Mom? Where's what, honey? It.
The baby that shoved its ginormous head out of my cooter for six endless hours last night.
Oh, my.
Did they lose it? They showed me the video footage of you taking it.
Oh, that baby.
They were gonna call the police, but I said no.
Where is it? Now, Mom! In the dryer.
Take it out.
I think he's napping.
Take it out! I don't want to touch it! You're leaking.
Isn't he beautiful? Take it back to the hospital.
Somebody will want it.
I want it.
Well, you can't have it.
He's such a sweet boy.
He never cries.
He's so handsome.
We want to name him Hiram after your grandfather.
Or maybe Ming, to keep him wired into his Chinese-ness.
Shut up, Jody.
It's going back.
Karen, please don't do this.
They'll give it to the retarded freaks' home or whatever.
He's my grandson.
I won't let you throw him away like used Kleenex.
You know, Karen, your mom might be right.
Maybe she should keep him for a while.
You know, who knows what social services is going to do with him? Butt out, Lip! What are you even doing here? He's not even yours.
This is none of your goddamn business.
At least call Tim Wong or whoever the father is and tell him about it.
Get out! You dodged a fucking RPG getting tossed over by this one.
Don't I know it, man.
Take it back to the hospital.
What if they won't take it back? Then drop it in a basket and leave it at the fire station.
I don't give a shit.
Yes! He is staying with me.
Fine! Then I'm calling the police.
Lip here? Lip! It's your sister.
So How'd you find me? Jimmy.
How's Karen? Girl's a fucking bitch.
My cousin, Eli, was born with a foot coming out of his knee.
Now he's a blacksmith.
Only one who can pump the bellows without using his hands.
I passed my GED.
Don't look so surprised.
No, I'm not.
That's, um that's great.
So deal's a deal.
Ah, too late.
Spilt milk.
I passed.
You go back to school.
Water under the bridge.
Knock off the clichés.
Road not taken.
I want you home, Lip.
We all do.
It's cold water and sleep deprivation.
Make you stand all day with electrodes tied to your genitals.
I think you're mistaking Cook County for Abi Grabie.
Abu Gradie.
Abu Ghraib.
Did a tour with the Guard-- Basra.
They don't do any of that, Frank.
I was in there last year after my accidental overdose.
Accidental? You set yourself on fire freebasing.
It was mostly us sitting in a circle in a group talking about how your family - screwed you up.
- Oh, Monica talking about Frank? That ought to take a while.
Frank, you got any cash? Moolah? Green? I got to spring her out of there.
She's the yin to my yang.
She's the scotch in my soda.
We are Fred and Ginger.
John and Yoko.
Mickey and Minnie.
More like Siegfried and Roy.
Adolf and Eva.
Your boy still working nights at the hospital, Tommy? Support services technician, yeah.
Support services technician? I thought he was a janitor.
A job's a job.
At least Pat's got one.
What time's Patty go to work? We're on for tonight.
What's tonight? Dinner with my family.
You asked, you got it.
Are they coming here? Uh no.
Dad hasn't been south of the Art Institute Gala since Billy Joel played Comiskey Park in '84.
Going to their house for dinner? Nope.
Uh, Mom would have to have you deloused first.
She's a germophobe.
You want an almond out of the serving dish, you have to wear surgical gloves and use tongs.
I met your mom.
She's she's cool.
You met his mom? Candace.
A little heavy on the Botox and Chanel No.
5, but nice.
So where are we meeting? Uh, Morton's, downtown.
Dad has a wine locker there.
Little brass plaque with his name on it and everything.
Everybody invited? Yep.
Dad's buying, so order the most expensive thing on the menu.
Prime rib? Sure.
Bone-in porterhouse steak? Anything you want.
What do you say, Debs, free meal? No can do, Jim.
Doing what? Sleeping over at Holly Herkimier's.
Don't do anything she does.
Big-ass lobster? You bet.
Bad, bad heart Bad, bad mind Thinking bad thoughts All the time Waking up in the morning Jesus Christ! Don't you ever hose these things out? Smells worse than a dead hooker's ass in there.
Keep your voice down, all right? Easy, cowboy.
That orange one's for experts only.
Hey, you do get caught, you never heard of me, all right? Doing good in there, pumpkin? Mm-hmm.
A-okay, Daddy.
Cops! Aah! Come on, Mom.
Hurry up.
I'm hurrying.
Okay! Mom, come on! Police are here, Mom.
Hello, Mrs.
How's your mom? The diabetes still giving her fits? Yes, ma'am.
Lost two toes over the summer, but she's hanging tough.
Well, she'd have to be-- all those years skating with the Ice Capades.
Uh we got a call about a kidnapping.
Oh Mom and Jody stole my baby from the hospital.
You had your baby? Congratulations.
It was a fucking horror show, but I finally had the damn thing.
They stole it, and I want you to take it back.
You don't want to keep the baby? It's retarded.
I want it to go back so they can give it away to the Down Syndrome baby do-gooders or the county or whatever.
Correct term for Downs kids is "developmentally delayed.
" Well, my baby was stolen by my mom and her developmentally delayed boyfriend.
He's not my boyfriend.
I'm not? Uh, Mrs.
Jackson, did you take your daughter's baby? Baby? What baby? Ma'am, is the baby in the laundry basket? Yes.
Give it to the cop, Mom.
Karen, honey, please don't do this.
Ah, man.
Look how handsome you are.
Yes, you are.
Yes, you are.
Give it to the damn cop, Mom! So this is your mother, and she wants to take care of the baby? Yes, but I don't want it here.
And you want a total stranger to take him or the State of Illinois to be responsible for him on the taxpayers' dime? You hungry? I'm thinking Thai.
That's it? You're just gonna leave? Nice seeing you, Mrs.
I'll tell Mom you asked after her.
It's either me or that baby, Mom.
Your choice.
I think this must be the place.
Can I get out? It's hot in here.
Ow! Monica? Monica? I can be if you want me to be.
Jesus! Monica? Monica? Monica? Kermit? Frank? What'd you do to your head? Oh, um, my therapy.
It calms my nerves.
You let 'em zap your head? Helps with my seizures.
Try it before you knock it, Frank.
Very restful.
Have you seen Monica around? Yeah, um across the hall on your left.
Monica? Monica? Hey, Monica? Frank.
I came to get you out.
I told you I don't want out.
Why'd you stop? Did you come? Um Frank, this is Jill.
Jill this is my husband, Frank.
Mom? Fiona! Fiona, look! Boys.
Carl Sorry.
We don't let him out of his cage very often.
Carl! Get over here.
So, Jim, what have you been up to? Still finding new and creative ways to underachieve? I was traveling around South America till recently.
Are you still handling all the hemorrhoidectomies for Dad? Chip just joined Dad's practice after his surgical residency, following in the great man's footsteps.
So you get to cut into people? Awesome.
He take you skiing yet? Uh, no.
My only talent involving snow is knowing how to shovel the walk without disturbing my father sleeping on it.
And Carl's pretty good at peeing in it as well.
What was the name of that girl that he took to St.
Moritz on New Year's? Chrissie? Lizzie? Something.
I remember it had "ie" on the end of it.
I was 17.
You took a girlfriend to Europe in high school? Dad offered a ticket.
He drags her all the way to the Alps, then leaves her in the hotel room sitting there for some French girl he met on the gondola.
Chip, leave your brother alone.
Two things you can count on: Mom's naked favoritism for her youngest That's not true.
My brother still thinks of me as the runt that didn't punch back.
and her youngest's quick and stealthy exit after he weasels her out of another ten grand.
I was hoping to milk her for another 20 this time.
With a name like Chip, you'd think you'd want to defy the stereotype.
Fiona, don't.
It's fine.
No, it's not.
Well, sorry to be late.
Whipple on a stage-four patient.
So, you are the mysterious Fiona.
And these are Fiona's brothers, Carl and Ian Well, nice to meet you, Ian.
Have we ordered? Excuse me.
And your drink, sir.
Thank you.
Ah, you know, I gotta wash my hands.
I'll have the iceberg lettuce salad and the sea bass.
Double-cut, medium-rare, and the two-pound Maine lobster, please.
Do they know you're gay? I'm not gay.
Really? What's this then? Honestly? Anything that walks, that's me.
Jesus, Moni, another lady? You know, I get lonely.
Do you love her? I just met her.
What are you doing here? We came to break you out.
I told you, I don't want out.
Oh, hell, I do.
No one's offering, Jill.
And why did you have to drag Debbie into this? I didn't think you'd come if it was just me.
What is she in for? Psych evaluation to see if I'm competent to stand trial.
What'd you do? Shot my husband 26 times.
Jesus, what'd you use, an AK? Pistol.
I reloaded twice.
Moni, we want you with us.
The kids need you.
I need you.
Does it hurt? No, I'm okay.
I'm sorry you had to see that, honey.
I was just so low, you know? Mm-hmm, yeah.
But I'm okay now.
So What's this grand plan you have for busting us out? Got it.
That's short.
That's a long way down.
Could tie sheets to the end.
What?! Hey, it's only two stories down to the roof outside the ladies' john.
You want me to go pick up Liam? Uh, V will be okay keeping him overnight.
Great restaurant, Jimmy.
Check out this cool knife I stole.
That's going back.
Hey, they won't miss it.
They got tons of 'em.
Give me that.
Bed, now.
Hey, nobody touch my leftover lobster.
I want to put it in my cinnamon toaster waffle in the morning.
Hey, Fiona.
Hmm? Jimmy's dad Lloyd, he, uh.
Good night.
What? I love you.
Are you gonna leave? No.
Everybody always leaves.
I won't.
Patience Stop that! Steve! Steve! Estefania Jesus! Hey, hey, hey, Estefania.
What is it? Estefania, hey, calm down, calm down.
What the hell happened? Hey Marco Wait.
Marco did this to you? He hit you? Did Marco hit you? You my husband Help me, please? Please help me! Please? What are you doing? Uh, I couldn't sleep.
Needed a smoke.
You don't have to do it out here.
With Dad home, the whole house is an ashtray.
Christ, it's freezing.
Karen? Yeah.
I don't know.
I-I don't know.
I don't get how you have a kid and not give a shit what happens to it.
Retarded, two heads, no face, whatever-- it's still you.
No face? Yeah, well, maybe it would have to have a face.
You should go home.
Oh, you kicking me out? Get your ass back in the house and stop thinking so much.
You want to fuck again? I'm only gonna be up a couple more minutes.
Hey, pal.
Hey, buddy! Pal! Got a light? When are you gonna give those up? They're gonna kill you.
I know.
I'm gonna try hypnosis next.
Uh, no, don't.
No, sorry.
Where's your I.
badge? Oh, left it in my locker.
Shift's not over.
Left my inhaler in the car.
Tuberculosis and asthma.
Chuck, we got trouble on seven.
Psych unit.
Roger that.
Got to keep your I.
badge visible at all times on hospital grounds.
Debbie! Get in the car.
Debbie, get in the car.
Get in the car.
Debs, get in the car! Get in the car! I love you, Debbie! Debbie, I love you! She said we're better off without her.
You will have two hours for this exam.
This is multiple choice.
If you change an answer, be sure to fully erase your first answer and clearly circle your second.
I am not I am not a mind reader.
If you do not know an answer, move on and come back to Where you going? Anywhere far the fuck away from here.
Hey, I went back to school today.
Took the AP Physics final.
You haven't even been going to class.
I read the book a couple years ago.
This is it, Mom.
Last chance.
I'm not kidding, I'm gone.
It's me or the baby.
Please don't do this.
Me or the baby.
The baby, sweetheart.
Karen! Karen! You know, you're going to regret this.
Ow, ow, ow! I thought you said these things didn't hurt! I lied.
Ow! Dude, knock it off.
Ow! Carl's having an air soft war with Jimmy in the living room.
They're gonna put a dent in the TV screen again.
Outside! I told you both twice already! Turkey? Get used to it.
That and Carl's Morton leftovers are going to tide us over for the next two weeks.
Listen, I kind of need to talk to you about something.
Don't worry about her.
She doesn't speak any English.
She living here now? Good Lord, I hope not.
You know, Jimmy's dad Lloyd? I, uh, think we kind of Oh, Jesus.
We're broke, Frank.
I haven't hidden money in there since you cleaned us out last May.
Where is it? There is no money.
Whoa! No.
Those are mine.
Come on, let him go, Ian.
No, put it back! What, are you fucking kidding me? Hey! Hey! Watch it! Get off of me! Hey, stop that! Are you kidding me?! Hey! Hey! Listen! Fucking stop it! Knock it off! Don't you fuck with me! You little The evening sleeps away Another day has come and gone The streetlights soak the shade Synthetic rays replace the sun Conscience soon dying When you get what you want Foresight goes and fades In retrospect, we'll figure out The evening sleeps away Realize the afterthought of doubt Well, these last couple days Been why we're going there and how Lip! For these three days on end Got to be hopeful These three days on end Got to get up and catch my second wind Got to be up for it.
I can't again.
I got to sleep.
Kids have school in the morning.
I got to find a shoebox for Debbie's art project.
Carl hasn't done his spelling.
Carl's class is having a bake sale.
I got to-- I'm gonna make cookies.
Cookies, right.
And Liam has to go to the clinic for for his next set Screw it, get up here.
We will know what it's all about And today is the day Lip? I so cold.
You hot? Okay.
And I want to say, as I survey Oh.
I'd like to take you miles away With me today Sweet lover, got nothing on me You want it, but you can't see You want it, so just say so One time, if you just let go Baby, freedom's got nothing on me I'll give you everything you need Baby, give and take is part of the game Reacting like it's one and the same You thought you'd find something on me Slow down, you got to slow down.

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