Shameless US s03e07 Episode Script

A Long Way From Home

Here's what you missed on shameleslast time.
Not too much.
I was kind of light last week.
- Jesus christ! I need you to do this! I need you to get your shit together and get the kids back.
No drugs, no booze.
I need your piss clean and your eyes white.
- That's why the good lord put me here-- So I can take in all his babies Don't nobody else want.
Rule number one: No sitting on the good furniture.
- We have filed the paperwork to adopt liam.
Oh, no, liam.
Did you pee on the couch again and the wall too? - How the hell are we gonna get that out? - Take it back to the hospital.
Somebody will want it.
I want it.
It's me or the baby.
What is that for? - Sex swing.
- Oh, god.
It's good for us to grow.
- No! - No, we're just taking fake wedding pictures for the I.
I hate this I.
Aw, shit.
What the fuck? - No son of mine is gonna be a goddamn aids monkey.
Who reported us? - I would like to report a negligence situation.
Six kids living in squalor, no parental supervision.
If it's all right, I would like to remain anonymous.
- think of all the luck you got know that it's not for naught you were beaming once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? round up the friends you got know that they're not for naught you were willing once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? - Get the locks? - Hardware store isn't open.
- Did you knock? Manny sleeps upstairs.
- I'll get it.
- Let's go.
Deadbolts, front and back.
Frank's not allowed in anymore.
- You gonna rip him a new one? - We're done with him.
Let's go.
Come on.
Don't want to be late.
You sure about this? - What the hell? Tv's broken.
Uh, parental controls.
We wouldn't want you stumbling onto something you shouldn't.
- That's the only reason to watch.
- It still gets discovery kids, disney, and bravo.
Come on.
Put the remote down.
It's time for your bath.
- How many damn times do I have to smell Like mango and pomegranate? - Uh, if you think I'm gonna let you near your tutor without one, You got another thing coming, young man.
- Tutor? - To brush up on your math.
You're two grade levels behind.
- Only two? - Daddy! - I missed you, baby.
- They finally let maria's dad out of prison, huh? - He'll be back.
So will she.
Till then, drop the mop.
Come on.
- You want me to do laundry first? You're going to replace her.
Downstairs? - You gonna make me push you down? Okay, all right, find a seat and get busy.
- Debbie, here! Next to me.
You can share my krazy glue.
- She forces us to make jewelry? - Oh, no.
You don't have to.
Not if you're not hungry.
One bracelet gets you a burger.
Four earrings, french fries.
- I don't think this is legal.
- Used to be only a couple of us down here, But business took off when mama kamala Started slapping those "made in africa" stickers on.
Dust gets my allergies going.
- Yeah, well, the mold and rat droppings can't be helping.
- I'd take more, but it makes me sleepy.
- Idle hands are the devil's work, hmm? Last one.
- If I had a dime for every time I heard you say that, I'd have exactly one dime.
Court hearing's tomorrow.
- I thought you already pissed in a cup.
- Spot test.
Anything to keep families apart.
One more.
- Amen, frank.
Gestapo tried to declare me an unfit parent.
- You brought a crack pipe to the courthouse.
- Who the hell tries to run a crack pipe Through a metal detector? - I know the dog and pony-- show up in a suit, Flash some aa chips, character reference.
They'll hand the brats right over.
- Well, it's nice to know the bar is set so high.
- Nothing more american than a second chance.
Or a third or a fourth.
Redemption, tugs at the heartstrings.
Shot for the road.
- Oh, you be careful, frank.
Those child-stealing liberal bastards are out for blood.
- Broke my judicial cherry years ago, chester.
They will never take my kids from me.
I want the kids.
- your parents know? - Not yet.
- They'll relinquish their rights? - My dad's made a career of refusing responsibility.
- Mom's m.
- What are my chances? Cases I take are all about Whether a kid's gonna live in aspen or monaco.
- Well, my brother said you'd help.
- I told chip I'd give you five minutes.
- Please, mr.
- You can't afford me.
- You do pro bono? - As little as possible.
- My brothers and sister are in foster homes, And my father is the reason why.
I need custody now so I can get them home, And you're not going anywhere until you tell me how to do it.
You know, the firm makes me do one pro bono case a year, And I guess this won't be as bad as representing Those scary motherfuckers at the innocence project.
What do I have to do? - Get your parents to terminate their rights And prove you can provide a stable environment.
Get w-2s to show you've got a full-time job.
You got a place for the kids to live? Uh-huh.
- Hey, get your arm out of the door So I can go bill somebody? Thanks.
Baby's finally asleep.
Oh, no.
- Should be able to squeeze in a good 40 minutes Before he's back up.
- Babe, this is gonna blow your mind.
- What if I don't want my mind blown? - All I'm gonna be thinking about while you choke me out Is how much I love you.
- Sweetheart, I can't hang you.
I hang myself.
I just need you to cut me down when I pass out.
Aah! Do not do this! - No! Take this down! I gotta get that! Get down! Yeah, that'll work.
- Oh, hello.
Can I help you? Show-- tell her.
- Uh, I think you have my baby in there.
Uh, we need it back.
- What? - You have an asian baby in there.
Uh, my mom wants him back.
Tell us your name.
welcome, paula.
- Keep coming back.
Keep coming back.
- All right, would anyone like a 30-day chip? - Right here.
Right here.
Let's skip the hug.
It's a little gay.
Bullshit! sober for 30 minutes.
Mind your own business.
- I can smell the booze from here.
- Just give me the chip.
- Don't do it! Just let me borrow it.
- You've got to earn the chip like we all did, Through blood, sweat, and tears.
- Only requirement for membership Is the desire to stop drinking.
If I'm tempted by the bottle, I can look to the chip for encouragement.
Pay it forward, nance.
- This meeting is for people Who have changed their lives for the better, frank.
Come on.
Can't do it.
For the better? You're all dying a slow, miserable death, Thanks to this cult of self-improvement.
Drop off the kids, You call that a life? This ain't north korea.
Alcohol is a gift.
- Get out of here! It's time to go.
- Nance, what happened to you? You used to dance on tables! Now it's cleaning your dad's catheter And the graveyard shift at the drugstore! You're young! Don't pack it in! - All right.
All right, slow down.
- I need to make a will.
- What? - I could probably download one from the internet.
- All right.
For who? - Aunt ginger.
I gotta finally make it official.
I'm getting the house.
And I need a w-2 to show I have a job.
It doesn't matter If you can't get monica to sign away her rights.
I don't need her to sign.
I was forging doctor's notes in first grade.
- Hey, I thought I heard the door.
- They let you out of the group home? Oh, yeah.
They cut us loose from dawn till dusk.
I found them.
I'm going to visit carl and liam.
He asked for m-80s, nintendo ds, And ninja throwing stars.
- Could use your help.
- How? I'm getting custody.
Of us? - It's the only way to bring everyone home And keep it that way.
- Timmy is the father! The father gets the baby! It's the law! Tell them, you never give up your rights! - Well, we got rights too, lady! - If we want to get rid of a kid, we stay in china! Show me the baby! Don't you do it.
- She is his grandmother.
- So are you.
- Please.
- Okay, okay.
- What's wrong? You break him? - He's got down's syndrome.
- We fix him.
- Fix him? - Fix the baby.
Traditional chinese medicine.
Special herbs from guangxi province.
Good as new.
- You can't fix down's syndrome.
It's an extra chromosome.
- We have an herb for chromosome.
Have an herb for everything.
Chromosome goes away.
Isn't that right, beautiful boy? - What's this? - Nothing.
It's for the dog.
Sparky! Can I hold him? Oh! Where's the mother? Father is here.
Baby needs a father.
We have a big family.
Many little cousins to play with.
What's taking so long? - You don't have to do this.
It's a big responsibility.
- Lip'll help.
And ian.
It's permanent.
- Exactly.
Frank permanently out of our lives.
- Doing kev's taxes every year since I was ten Is finally gonna pay off.
You just gotta scan the w-2 and change the name.
Yeah, it's so easy, It's like they're daring you to commit fraud.
- I don't want to get kev in trouble.
- Yo, kev? - Hey, need a refill? - No.
Is it cool if we put fiona's name on your w-2? - Sure.
What's a w-2? - Hmm? Look, even if he gets pinched, right? The feds'll figure out pretty quickly He can't do his own taxes, let alone fake someone else's.
Anything else? - Yeah.
I need you to get a will notarized.
- A will? - Aunt ginger's.
Good news.
She died.
We're getting the house.
- Will's no good without a death certificate.
- Yeah.
We're gonna need a body, too.
- Uh, where are you gonna get a dead body? sorry to bail.
It's my mom.
- Everything okay? - Uh, yeah, it's just divorce Plus copious amounts of chardonnay Equals expensive accidents.
I'll call you later, okay? - Bacardi, and leave the bottle.
- Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Estefania texted 911.
Immigration's at her house.
- She told me they were coming tomorrow, man! Go, go, go, go, go! Open the door! Go! What the fuck are you watching? Cartoons, man.
Roadrunner is funny as shit.
- Jesus christ.
- Three bracelets and one necklace.
Enough for chicken rings.
- Just two? - Two earrings.
- Four earrings.
- Two pairs.
Earrings come in pairs.
God helps those who help themselves.
You want 'em or not? Can I use the bathroom? - Where do you think you're going? Mama kamala sees everything.
- Ah! - Sorry to keep you waiting.
Steve wilton.
Estefania's husband.
What are we doing? - Hey, need a favor.
- Uh-oh.
That's how I started the talk with my mom.
I hope you're not asking me to mount your man.
- Those geriatrics at the nursing home Drop like flies, right? - Thought it would be, "wham, bam, thank you, mom," But kev's sperm were as gun-shy as he was.
Bought an ovulation calendar.
Have to track her damn cycle.
- You're going again? - What choice do I have? At least this way, I'll know when she's fertile.
I don't want kevin fucking my mom any more than he has to.
So, you must lose A couple of those seniors at the home a week, right? - More when bernice is working.
That negligent bitch is like the grim fucking reaper.
Why? - I need a body.
To get the kids back.
- A real live body? - Not live.
Knew I could count on you.
- Father pete.
Just who I was looking for.
- The silver's locked up, frank.
You always had a great sense of humor, padre.
There's not enough laughs in religion these days.
Too much fire and brimstone.
It turns the kids off.
- Got a sermon to write.
- While you're putting pen to paper, How about dashing off a letter for yours truly? - Kids got taken away again? Superlatives appreciated.
- I wrote you character references the last two times, And you're still a deadbeat.
- I've turned over a new leaf.
- You're the reason we had to install security cameras.
Close the door on your way out.
- So that's it? You're turning away sinners who are looking for forgiveness? This-- this is why white kids are flocking to allah.
We are in a war for hearts and minds, And you are shipping american youth To terror camps in pakistan.
This is what happens When you put a german in charge of the church.
- You're not leaving, are you? You could just reprint The one you did last time.
- Then you'll get the hell out? Use parish letterhead.
- And if he gets a diaper rash, try the desitin.
And, um, at night, sing him song sung blue.
- Song sung - Yeah, he loves neil diamond.
I put the words in the diaper bag.
And tickle him.
Don't forget to tickle him.
He loves that, especially under the armpit.
He laughs so hard.
- Are you sure this is what you want? - He should know his dad.
This way, he'll get to be with everyone, Just like a timeshare.
I love you so much, hymie.
- Come tomorrow.
Tickle him.
I will.
And we'll see you weekends and holidays.
Don't forget neil diamond! sweet caroline And cracklin' rosie get on board! He loves neil diamond.
It's the right thing to do.
- Can't see how.
I miss him already.
You want to go upstairs? Babe? - I should get back to fiona.
- Immigration is getting suspicious.
Not my fault.
How much money do you have in this account, exactly? Gas bill.
You're going to be here now mornings and nights, yes? In case immigration makes another surprise visit? - Yeah, absolutely.
Wouldn't miss it.
Other than tomorrow.
- Uh, my girlfriend's trying to adopt her siblings.
The court hearing's tomorrow.
You know, didn't even ask me.
Just assumed I'd be on board.
And why would she ask you? - It's not only her decision.
It affects me too.
- You always take care of your family.
- Yeah, well, I didn't exactly sign up for that.
- She is too good for you.
- You mind if I make one of these out to cash? Nothing big.
Just some "walking around" money.
Just a couple grand.
- Joint bank account is for immigration only.
- Have a heart.
I'm tapped.
My parents' money is tied up in their divorce, And I'm gonna need some cash If I'm supporting a whole family now.
You always take care of your family.
- You take care of them, not nando.
- There was an old lady who lived in a shoe.
She's 22.
- Had so many kids, she didn't know what to do.
- What difference does it make? She's been doing the job for years.
- You cool with it? - Whatever it takes.
You? - As long as I don't have to call her "mom.
" Oh, sh-- - guess who? Jimmy's dad? - Hey, you seen mickey around? He's been missing.
He owes me 50 bucks.
- He'll be on his feet soon.
- What happened? - My dad pistol-whipped him.
- Why? - Since when does anyone need a reason to pistol-whip mickey? Have you signed up yet? - For what? - S.
The deadline's tomorrow.
I told you.
- I'll do it online.
It takes two seconds.
- Yeah, you said you'd graduate too, And you're on your what, fourth semester of senior year? - My third.
Only two courses left.
- All right.
So, where are we going? - Uh, drew up a will.
We need it notarized.
- Ginger gallagher? - It's a long story.
- Well, it looks like you wrote down the wrong year.
- Uh, no, that's the right year.
Come on.
2006? You're taking the s.
? - Not unless someone's paying me.
- Hey.
- You must be sheila.
Yes? - Jody's told us so much about you.
- Oh.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Are you friends of jody's? - Oh, it was so good to get his call.
Hadn't heard from him in a while.
- Outlet? - Um, it's around the corner.
- Where do you want the plastic? - Plastic? - Yeah, the carpet looks nice.
Wouldn't want to ruin it.
Oh, um, let me-- jody? Did jody hire you guys to work on the house? - Yo, shawn, this enough lube? Made a costco run.
Got another in the car.
- Should last us for round one, right? Jody! - What's up, fellas? You stretch yet, old man? - Yeah, yeah.
Where do you want the gatorade? - Uh, the fridge is fine.
- Can I, um, talk to you? - You meet the guys? - Yeah, I-I did.
- I'll be right back.
What's-- what's wrong? - Get them out of here! - Why? I thought you'd be into it.
- Are you nuts? - I figured it'd get your mind off stuff.
- I was right to have hymie go with the wongs! What? - This is not a healthy environment for a child.
- You mean I'm the reason he's gone? So is-- is this gonna happen or what? I gotta pick up my daughter from ballet in an hour.
- No! It is not! - Yes! Yes, it is! Somewhere else.
- Don't sweat it.
I got an evite to a bukkake party on the west side.
- Sweet.
All right, guys.
Let's get out of here.
- Jody? Jody.
- Hey, thanks for getting the deadbolt.
- Hey.
- How's your mom? - Just needed a little tlc.
- I need to find frank.
- Oh, he's upstairs.
- You let him in? - No, he was already raiding the fridge when I got here.
You seen my suit? - I'm gonna take the kids off your hands.
All you gotta do is sign a form.
- Can't find anything in this goddamn house.
- Did you hear me? I want the kids.
- If you want a kid so bad, toss your birth control pills.
- I want you to give up your parental rights.
I'm serious.
I already got monica to sign.
- You'd have to find her first.
Where is she? - Not telling you.
She's my wife.
- If she wanted you to know where she is, She would have told you herself.
Now, you gonna sign the form? - No! - She did.
- She would never do that.
- I got a witness.
It's not like you want your kids anyway.
They're my kids! - You're the one who called dfs on 'em To have them taken away! - Bullshit! - I heard the tape.
- I never fucking called anybody.
- Of course you don't remember.
You're drunk all the time.
Just tell me what it's gonna take.
What? Suddenly, you give a shit about your kids? You don't want to sign, fine.
I'll have you declared unfit.
I already got a lawyer.
I'm getting the kids.
- You're not taking my kids! It's veronica.
Says she's got a dead body for you.
All right.
- Hey, v.
I'm hungry.
- Make more earrings.
They're easier.
- Gotta escape.
Get food.
- Mama kamala sees everything.
- Could attack her with scissors.
- That's like going after a rhino with a butter knife.
- Oh, you call that a cross? Give me the damn krazy glue, carley.
Give me your benadryl.
- Now, this is a cross jesus would be proud to be nailed to.
- You want to play with this? All right.
- Hey, careful with those throwing stars.
They could pierce a jugular.
- You gotta get me out of here.
- Why? They took my rifle away, They make me brush my teeth after every meal, They're always around, seeing if I'm okay.
- Do you mean they're trying to be good parents? - Uh, don't forget, carl.
Church in ten minutes.
That's fiona.
I gotta go meet her.
But, hey, um, see if you can get The security codes for this place.
We'll come back in a couple months And steal a bunch of this shit, all right? Hang in there.
Come on, mandy, we gotta go.
- I'll take 'em all.
See you, buddy.
So, uh, thanks to me, You've been pistol-whipped and shot in the ass? Just want to make sure you're okay.
Hey, I can't stop thinking about it, What happened.
Would you at least look at me? Fine.
- Hey, seen any of your boyfriend's Sex addicts anonymous chips? I need one for court.
- He doesn't care about sex addicts anonymous anymore, And it's all my fault.
- You know where he keeps 'em? What's going on? Where's the kid? Mrs.
His grandmother.
- You let her take him? - Not forever.
But this is not a healthy environment for a child.
Jody is out of control, And he told me this would happen, And I just pushed him and pushed him and-- - I'm gonna miss that little half-wit.
- I'm just packing up some of his favorite toys.
- Made in china, just like him.
- No wonder he likes 'em so much.
- Must be a sense memory thing with the lead paint.
Don't let the kid go.
Fight for him.
How? We can't have a child here with jody's problem.
He just won't even listen.
- Well, don't take no for an answer.
We could help him see.
we? - An intervention.
- Whoa! No, no, no, no, no.
- Yeah.
- Interventions aren't my thing.
- Oh, frank! Please.
- My libertarian leanings.
Live and let live.
You understand.
- Okay, well, take a day or two before you have to move out.
Move out? - Laronda.
Come on, laronda.
This is our chance.
- Mama kamala sees everything, hmm? - I can't believe I'm doing this.
- You take care of the will? - Signed and notarized.
- I told you.
Two taps, then three.
- Forgot the code.
Let us in? - Which one of you is looking for an old white woman? - Just booked a first class ticket to eternal damnation.
- Out of rigor mortis, starting to decompose.
And, lucky for you, set to be cremated.
- Won't her family ask questions? - Got a jane doe in the back, never been I.
Best thing about ashes-- they all look the same.
- What do you want for her? - I could use a pick-me-up.
Night shift's killing me.
- What's your poison? - I'm not picky.
- Hmm.
Can you guys handle it from here? Mom, she got a little ambitious on the ambien.
I'll meet you back at the house.
- You'll want to work fast.
She won't stay cold long.
- I told you, I don't speak spanish.
Get the fuck out! - Give me a couple minutes.
I'll recharge.
You got any roast beef? I just need some protein.
Ho-- ! Where the hell did you come from? - My husband.
- Yeah.
- I thought she was lying about being married, man.
- Oh, no, we're married.
Joint bank accounts.
I can show you the paperwork.
- You go! - I need my clothes! - Go now! I'm naked! - Hey, that wasn't the I.
, was it? - Ten seconds, all he has! Push, push, push, done! - You called me here for this? - Finish me? - You're kidding.
Okay, so that's all I'm good for now, Is, uh, babysitting and a-- and a booty call? Coming? - Hopefully not for at least ten seconds.
- hey, I've been around the world with the fantasy girls and I ain't never seen an ass like that - Okay.
- Get the legs.
Jeez, it fucking reeks! - Need the biohazard mask they use when ebola breaks out.
- This is the best we've got.
Cover your nose.
- Lip, get her fucking legs, man.
- Are we really gonna do this? - We're not taking any chances.
Okay, okay.
Come on.
- You got her? - Lift up! - Okay.
- All right.
- Okay, okay.
Oh, boy.
Okay, who wants to do the honors? Look, the real aunt ginger lost a toe.
Somebody's got to snip it.
V, you're a nurse.
Not a chance.
- All right.
Ah, fuck.
Won't it bleed? Heart's stopped pumping.
- Oh, fuck.
No, no, no, no.
Oh! - Glue it shut when I'm done.
- Debbie? What's going on? - Are you okay? - I can't talk.
- Are they not feeding you? - Do we have any more milk? - You're not going back there.
- I've got to bring food to the others.
- Grab bread and cereal.
We're gonna need grocery bags.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You're coming home, debs, I promise.
- Sheila, can you get me the ice pack? What's going on? Why is tommy here? - Jody, we're here because we care about you.
What? - Your drinking is destroying your family! - It's not that kind of intervention.
- Intervention? - Sit down, jody.
- I just dropped a dozen loads.
I need to get some ice.
- Sit down.
Sheila has prepared some remarks.
I have.
"jody, when you tried to get me to be intimate "with three of your friends, "it made me feel sad and overextended.
"sex in a committed relationship "shouldn't involve sheets of plastic And depriving a body of oxygen.
" Sheila, I'm-- - "if you do not get the help you need, "you will force me to shut you out of my life "and the life of my grandson hymie, Who needs a healthy environment.
" - Sheils.
- Gotta go cold turkey.
- Can we talk about this? - There's only one way.
Handcuff yourself and sweat it out.
Not that easy.
Need something from you.
- What? - Chips are earned through blood, sweat, and tears.
When you've earned them, you'll get 'em back.
Fair enough.
Over there.
I'm proud of you, jody.
Thank you, frank.
Attaboy! Paramedics buying it? - Been dead at least a day or two.
- We were gone for a few days.
We found her when we got back.
- You're patrick's cousin, right? - You know patrick? - Play softball together.
He's, uh, he's a hell of a bat, But he can barely make it to first base without oxygen.
You are in a lot better shape.
- Well, that's not saying much.
Cousin patrick's like a coronary waiting to happen.
Look, I know this isn't exactly a great time, But, uh, are you seeing anyone? - Can we talk about it after I've buried my aunt? - Right.
Um, I'll make sure to pass along my condolences to patrick.
You're sure about this? - It's the only way we can keep you from resisting your urges.
It's really hard.
- I'll be with you the whole time.
- No, I mean, it's really hard.
Handcuffs turn me on.
They don't give you extra credit for showing up early.
- Where's your lawyer? - In labor, crapping out a kid.
Representing myself.
- Well, got some bad news.
Aunt ginger passed away.
On the plus side, it turns out she left me the house.
- What did you do? - Only what I had to.
How about a thank you? Now there's no danger they'll haul you away For social security fraud.
- No more checks to cash, either.
Fuck you very much.
- Always about the money, isn't it? - Can we work this out inside? That's why we're here.
I'll see you in there.
- Fiona! - Hey! I missed you so much! Hiya! Hi! Where's my little man? Hi! - Hey, room for us in here? - Hi.
- Get the will? - Yeah, yeah, got it.
- Go file it now.
- Okay.
- Frank! Is it you? Mom.
Oh! Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm just pretty hungry.
Would you make me something? - Oh, my god.
Of course I can cook you something.
- Dfs.
I'd like to get it started here.
Thank you, your honor.
Britney sturges, department of family services.
After receiving a report about the gallagher home, I found the children under francis gallagher's care In a state of neglect.
We subsequently removed the children from the home For their own protection.
- Mr.
Gallagher, you want the children back? - They're my kids, your honor.
- The mother has relinquished her parental rights.
What does that mean? - Monica doesn't want to be our mom? She did it for you guys, So I can bring you home.
- And ms.
Gallagher has filed a petition To terminate the father's parental rights.
Yes, your honor.
- Are you prepared to assume custody? I am.
I can provide a stable environment for the kids, Something that has been sorely lacking with our father.
I have a full-time job, and I will soon own a home.
- Hi, um, cleopatra.
I'm here to file a will, please.
- Ginger gallagher.
- Mm-hmm.
- Second one today.
- What? - Had another will filed earlier.
- Um, how-- how is that possible? Well, here it's, uh Dated last year.
It supersedes yours.
- Who the hell filed it? Patrick gallagher.
- Cousin patrick.
- She leave the house to him? Thank you.
Next! - Eggs benedict, coming up.
Mmm! Voila! Uhh! Good.
- Toast.
Some fruit.
Mmm! I owe you an apology.
I never should have said those things.
I never should have made you choose.
Um Where is he? My baby? - He's not living here right now.
Where is he? He's with his daddy.
He's where he belongs for now, And you're back where you belong.
- I don't deserve him after what I did.
Don't say that.
I don't.
- The best thing about mistakes is, We get to correct them.
His name is hiram, and we call him hymie, And he is a beautiful, wonderful baby boy.
- Go on.
Eat it while it's hot.
Thank you.
I love you.
- Your brother ian testified About your father's months-long absence.
Did his disappearance make you sad? I don't know.
- Were you glad when he came back? He got me into camp.
- Camp? - My first time.
Had a good time at camp? Yeah.
Happy when he came back? I guess.
What about you, deborah? Were you glad when your father came back? - I was glad he wasn't dead.
- Did you miss him while he was gone? Uh, very much.
- Did he get you into camp? - Mm-mm.
I spent the summer at the pool.
Daddy helped me learn.
How to swim? - Sort of.
It was a hard summer.
I wouldn't have made it through without him.
Fiona helped me too.
- Mr.
Gallagher, you have very special children.
- That's why I had to leave, your honor.
I couldn't stand to see them Live through my battles with addiction any longer.
It's my fight, not theirs.
- So, you left.
- To get help.
Sometimes the hardest part is admitting you need it, And I didn't want to come home until I was clean and sober, A father they could be proud of.
It isn't easy, But every day I still have one of these is a good day.
- You're not buying this, are you? - Ms.
- Have you seen his record? Right here.
Breaking and entering, drunk and disorderlies, Public urination, solicitation, possession, Possession with intent, domestic disturbance, Four duis, and you don't even own a car.
- Alcohol is a cruel mistress.
- He hasn't stopped drinking, and he never will.
Your honor, if I may? Fiona has been hurt by my behavior too many times To believe I've changed.
That's my fault, not hers.
She has kept things going in my absence, And I will be forever grateful.
I'm not the perfect parent.
I like to have a good time, to live life to the fullest.
Sometimes I go too far.
But I love my kids.
They mean the world to me.
I don't know-- I don't know what I'd be If I wasn't a dad.
I'd be nothing.
Please don't take my kids away from me.
- Ms.
Gallagher, you want to tell me Why your father should be declared unfit? - We were living out of a car once.
Uncle nick had kicked us out.
We couldn't find anyone else who'd take us in.
Lip and ian and me were sleeping in the backseat When frank pulled over.
Middle of the night.
I think it was halstead.
Told me to take the boys and sit on a curb, And he'd be right back.
I was six.
Few hours later, we're still sitting on the sidewalk, And ian's head is burning up.
He's hysterical.
I don't know what to do.
So I ran down the street, lip under one arm, Ian under the other, trying to flag down help.
It would have been easier scoring crack Than a ride to the clinic.
I finally made it on foot.
They said ian had a fever of 104.
Another couple hours, who knows? I didn't find frank till a couple days later.
First thing he asked me Was how much money I had on me.
I wish I could say that was the only time, But it was just the first.
My mother's bipolar And my father's an alcoholic and an addict.
He takes what he pleases and he offers nothing.
No money, no support.
I've done what I could to help raise my siblings.
I wish I could have done more.
I'm not asking for your pity Or your admiration.
I just want to be able to give these kids Everything that they deserve, Because they're great kids and they deserve better.
Chambers, please.
I know you didn't ask for it, but you've got my admiration.
Your siblings are very fortunate to have you.
- I just want to bring 'em home.
- Well, from all appearances, Your father's a pathological liar, And it's just a matter of time before he screws up again.
Now, it's my job to determine What's in the best interest of the children, And I would rather not leave them in his care, But here's my problem.
Neglectful as he may be, That's not enough to prove abuse.
- So you're gonna let him keep his rights to the kids? - I'm considering appointing you the guardian, Which would give you legal rights To make decisions about these kids.
- As guardian, you'd have a legal role in their lives From here on.
- Okay.
- Hold on.
I said I was considering it.
Taking care of these kids would be your life.
It already is.
- And you're prepared to be responsible for them Until they're 18? You have one brother who's two.
That's 16 more years.
- If that's what's in their best interest.
- Well, what's in your best interest? I have a daughter, And when she was around your age, She went to college.
She traveled across the country.
It was the best time of her life.
Now, if you decide to do this, There's no changing your mind.
Your siblings come first, even-- even if you decide That you want your life back at some point.
Even if you get married and you and your husband Want to start a new family.
I appreciate how you feel about these kids, But I wouldn't want that for my daughter.
We're talking about the rest of your life.
Gallagher, you have admitted it's been challenging To handle this responsibility on your own.
Now, if I allow you to retain your parental rights, Would you consent to your daughter Becoming guardian to these children? They'd still be my kids? - Provided you attend - But she'd have all the responsibility? Not all, but yes.
Works for me.
- Would you agree to be the guardian Of these children? Yes, I do.
- Well, that will be my order, then.
Take your children home.
oh! - You gonna tell her about the house? Not yet.
I got my kids back! Drinks on the house! - Just one.
Just one.
- Just one.
- Just one.
We'll start with one.
- So, where are the kids at, frank? - Eh, fuck if I know.
Who's got the next round? I got xbox! - Who wants to hit the pool? - Oh, me! I got swim diapers.
- Guess we're not getting our own place anytime soon.
I'll grab towels! put the window down move on over here Jody? Are you blowing yourself? - Hey.
When'd you get home?
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