Shameless US s04e02 Episode Script

My Oldest Daughter

Where the fuck were you last week? You and Mike getting serious? No, he's my boss, so we're going slow.
You really haven't slept with him? No, but I probably should soon.
That was great.
Do you need me to do anything-- something else for you? Touch you or whatever? No, no.
I'm-- I'm good.
Let's get slutty and head over to the arcade, troll for high school boys.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Want a ride home? - Sure.
Have a good night.
Yo, Stan.
Hear you're not feeling so good.
What the fuck, man? He's dead! I don't understand my grade on this paper.
That would be a D.
- What was wrong with it? - Uh, it sucked.
Why are you taking this class anyway? Because it was the only freshman English class available after noon.
You don't want to work any harder than this piece of shit, I suggest you find yourself another course.
Holy crap, there he is! - He looks just like you, baby! - He kind of does, doesn't he? You got to be shitting me.
- I'm pregnant.
- We're gonna have two? How is that possible? Mother nature can be a tricky bitch sometimes.
- Police! - Hands out, now! - Frank? - Frank? - Yeah.
- He's really sick.
- Oh, he's sick, all right.
I don't think he can make it downstairs.
He won't be any trouble.
- No.
- I can take care of him.
- No.
- Yes! Fine.
I have these things in my throat that bleed if I try to swallow alcohol.
So I have to figure out other ways to get it into my system.
Alcohol goes in this bag, this goes up the poop chute, and voila, more than one way to get booze into a Gallagher.
think of all the luck you got know that it's not for naught you were beaming once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? round up the friends you got know that they're not for naught you were willing once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? He's had this rash on his arm for over a month now.
That's eczema.
Nothing to worry about.
I'll send you home with a cream.
- Who you texting, Debs? - Her boyfriend.
- Shut up, Carl.
- You have a boyfriend? - I don't tell you everything.
- You used to.
But I am concerned that one of his testicles hasn't descended yet.
- What? - Ha-ha, you're a eunuch, Liam.
Hasn't anyone told you this before? No, they barely speak English at the free clinic, and this is the first time I've had insurance, so no.
Well, he's almost three years old.
This puppy should have dropped by now.
Be honest with us, Doctor.
Is it because he's black? You'll have to excuse him, okay? Puberty has turned him into a barbarian.
Yeah, that's 'cause he masturbates - ten times a day in the bathroom.
- Enough! This nice doctor is gonna think we live under a rock.
Well, if it doesn't drop soon, he's gonna have to have surgery.
- All right, Carl, you are next.
- Wow.
All done, all done, all done, all done, all done.
All right, let me see your pits.
Oh, you got a couple sprouts coming out, don't you? Yeah, and I got some down below too-- you wanna see? I'll take your word for it.
It sounds like you are going through the throes of puberty.
Yeah, and the stress is giving me headaches.
Probably need some oxy.
Oh, don't listen to him.
He's trying to get it for his father.
He's dying.
His bed.
He made it.
Does my insurance cover the pill? It sure does.
Co-pay is $5.
Oh, wow, that's great.
Beats waiting in line at Planned Parenthood for two hours.
I want to go on the pill too.
What? No.
You haven't even gotten your period yet.
- Donna Doty got her period.
- What? She's nine! And she's riding the cotton pony.
Ugh, this isn't fair! Uh, here's your prescription for ortho.
- Thanks.
- While you got that thing out, - a few pain meds? - Sorry, buddy.
Ugh, this isn't fair! Welcome to the wonderful world of teenagers.
I see your muffin, English, and raise you.
Well, give him five dollars.
Okay, okay, Jesus! I raise you a damn donut.
Oh, shit, I fold.
Shit! - I call.
- Call.
- Okay, show.
- Let's go.
Oh, come on.
- Hey, better luck next time.
- It's okay.
Hey, where are you going? Oh, I got a quiz in 15 minutes.
Need time to study.
- 15 minutes? - I'm just doing me, amigo.
- All right, man.
- See ya.
- See ya.
- See you, guys.
- Another one.
- Another one, come on.
For the love of Jesus! Aah! Question ten, which of the following could cause simultaneous increases in inflation and unemployment? A, a decrease in government spending, B, a decrease in money supply, C, a decrease in the velocity of money, or D, an increase in inflationary expectations? - D.
- Who said D? You got it.
Pass the quizzes back to the person they belong to.
- Sorry.
- Oh, 60? That's not bad-- I mean, with the curve, it's probably like a B+, right? - In what country? - All right, settle down.
Did you study for it? Yeah, a few minutes before class.
I was up all night.
Obviously, your system worked better than mine.
If anyone wants extra credit, I suggest you spend some time answering practice questions with my tutor.
Okay, who has read ahead to chapter seven? All right, who can tell me if a large government budget deficit raises or lowers the national saving? - Lowers.
- Exactly.
All right, now evaluate the following statement When was the last time these things were cleaned? April.
Here you go, Alan.
Breakfast of champions.
And some OJ if you'd like.
Yeah, I wouldn't count on that expiration date, though.
Not much use of orange juice in this place.
Really, I'm good.
Dad didn't age very well, did he? And he was in his 60s in those pictures.
You should've seen him in his 80s.
- Whoa.
- Hey, man's dead.
- Have some respect.
- No, no, it's fine.
He and I, I'm sure you know, didn't get along very well.
You know, to be honest with you, I didn't even know you existed.
He only mentioned having a daughter.
That would be me.
When you're ready, we can begin.
I have Stanley's will here, which I'd like to read to you.
Um, but out of respect, you know, I'll skip some of the colorful language.
Oh, no.
Please, go ahead, read it.
I'm sure we've all heard it before.
Uh, I, Stanley Winston Kopchek, being of sound mind and body, leave to my sniveling, faggoty, fag of a fagorama daughter by the name of Alan Willard Kopchek my gun collection, in the hopes that she'll kill herself before she chugs another AIDS cock.
Not sure we all heard that before.
And to the man who I wished had been born my son, Kevin Ball, I leave my beloved Alibi room.
- What? - Oh, my.
I knew it would be bad.
I didn't know it would be that-- Alan, I'm sorry.
I had no idea.
- I'll contest the will.
- Absolutely, you should.
He was probably drunk when he wrote it.
Everything was done by the book.
You know what? Never mind.
Let Kevin have the bar.
Alan, are you-- are you sure? That doesn't seem fair.
Oh, come on, do you think the homophobes that come in this place are gonna take to me as the owner? You could always sell it.
Okay, tell you what we'll do.
Kevin, why don't you send me $500 a month for two years, about what I would've gotten if I had sold this shit hole? Okay.
So I'll-- I'll write up the paperwork.
I'll get you both a copy then.
That sounds fair.
Alan, thank you.
I-I promise, I will uphold Stan's legacy.
The good stuff, not all that "faggoty, fag, AIDS cock" stuff.
Do you mind if I take dad? Of course.
Thank you.
- Morning, Fiona.
- Hi, Gena.
You know, you should join us for yoga sometime.
It's a good way to start the day.
Yeah, I'm just getting used to having health insurance.
Not sure I can handle the gym just yet.
All right.
Knock, knock.
- You wanted to see me, sir? - Yeah.
- Everything okay last night? - Yeah, why? Eh, I don't know.
You said you'd call and come over.
Aw, were you lonely without me? Uh, well, I figured you might be a little afraid that I would kick your ass in strip backgammon again.
Uh, you wish you could kick my ass in strip backgammon.
Are you throwing the gauntlet down right now? Yeah, anytime.
Bring it on.
Okay, you got it.
Hey, about last night-- Is this why you wanted to see me? No, no, no, actually, I wanted to see you because I have decided to put you out in the field.
Like a cow? Exactly like a cow.
I have three sales calls that I am sending you on today.
The first one, The Dog House, then The Riviera Theater, and then the Lincoln Arena, - where the Illinois Gliders play.
- Okay.
So, you know, since Wally's retiring in, what, a couple of months, I thought it'd be a good idea for his clients to meet their new sales rep.
Me? Well, if they like you, yeah.
I take it boobs wouldn't hurt? Yeah, they've been dealing with Wally for the past 16 years.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
So legs would be good too.
As your boyfriend, I say no.
As your boss, oh, hell, yeah.
Oh, oh, oh, hey, have Mario hook you up with a company car.
Really? A car? Yeah, a car.
Did you expect to take the El? I-I guess not.
You have a license, right? Sure.
Of course.
Hey, Lip, wait.
Amanda's sorority's having a happy hour later.
Thought you could use a pick-me-up.
All right, baby.
I'm all finished up.
You want to say something over the ashes? That's a good idea.
Stan, you son of a bitch, you taught me that a man isn't a man unless he's loved a woman, eaten the heart out of a live goat, or ripped a German soldier's face off.
One out of three ain't bad.
I'm proud to call you my foster pop.
I'm gonna miss you, old man.
Nice, baby.
All right, I'm gonna take him outside, and then I'm gonna go home and take a nap.
I'm not feeling so good.
- What's wrong? - The baby, and I'm sure inhaling Stan's DNA didn't help.
Hey, good timing, you getting this bar when you're about to have two babies, huh? Yeah, no shit, now I can afford all that ridiculous maternity crap Carol keeps bitching about, and V can stop worrying about money.
Damn straight.
My baby daddy can take care of me! And your baby and your mama's baby.
We're a regular modern family, baby.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Hey, V.
Bye, V.
Guess who's your new boss, Kate.
- What she talking about? - Mm.
You gotta do everything I say now.
Stan gave me the bar.
Why would you want it? Have you looked at the books lately? So itchy.
Hey, Frank.
Did you get me anything from the pediatrician? No, Fiona wouldn't let me.
But I figured a way to rub one out at my desk in the middle of math class without anyone noticing.
That's real good, son.
Benefits of sitting in the back, right? Yeah.
What's that smell? Me.
- What? - My liver's finally giving up.
Want me to steal you one from the grocery store? Not that easy.
- Mine is rotting inside my body.
- How do you know? You see these spider veins on my chest? And my eyes are-- are probably bloodshot, right? Look at this.
Ew, cankles.
Like a teenage lacrosse player on the rag, retaining water.
What do we do? Nothing we can do unless somebody wants - to give me their liver.
- Who? A dead guy.
Get rid of it.
No, no, no, no.
Out the window with the Gatorade pee.
Gonna wind up there anyway.
I'm just cutting out the middleman.
No more alcohol, just drugs, whatever you can get me.
Me? A dying man can't be expected to wean himself off booze by himself.
What do you want? Whatever you can get.
Pot, Percocet-- - Morphine? - Valium.
- Ativan? - Vicodin.
Sizzurp? I always wanted to try that.
I'm on it.
I'm proud of you, son.
Won't let you down, dad.
I can dress my baby like a pink lamb.
I better have a girl and not a stupid boy.
No, you better abort that thing.
- Too late.
- Never too late.
Matty invited me over to his apartment later.
- His parents gonna be home? - Didn't say.
Bet they're not, which means he'll want to do it.
Here, better bring a condom.
- I always forget to do that.
- Duh.
If he's a classy guy, he'll have a condom in his wallet.
Look, I can dress my baby like a geisha girl.
I'm not sure I'm ready to have sex.
Right now is the perfect time.
If you don't bleed, then you can't breed.
When am I gonna get my period? Donna Doty got hers, and she's nine.
I heard Donna Doty blows dogs.
It says here some women don't menstruate till they're 25 due to the chemicals in our water.
That'd be sweet-- if your ovaries are polluted, then you can screw without protection till you're old.
But we're just getting to know each other.
I haven't even told him how old I am yet.
He'll dump you if he finds out you're 13.
Keep your mouth shut, and act like you're 16.
- How? - Lick your lips a lot.
He'll think you're gonna blow him.
- Have you yet? - I-I don't think so.
Make him buy you something first.
Like what? I don't know, clothes, jewelry, an iPad.
Something from Urban Outfitters.
You're always in there.
It's disgusting.
Hey! tell me I belong What are you looking at, fucktard? Just making a mental image for my spank bank later.
Turn left in 2/10 of a mile.
Yo, yo, yo.
Hey, you get in the car and on the road okay? Yeah, all good.
This thing has heat.
And you didn't tell me I get a meal per diem.
- How could life get any better? - I'm glad you're enjoying it.
Hey, you mind if I put my boyfriend hat on for just a second? Mm, as long as you're not wearing anything else.
Just standing here on the loading dock totally naked.
No, I wanted to finish our conversation from this morning, actually.
About me kicking your ass in backgammon? Oh, about you saying you were gonna call last night.
Oh, my God.
Really? Look, I worried about you when I didn't hear from you.
You could've called me.
Yeah, but that's not the point.
What is the point? That you said you were gonna call.
You will reach your destination in 500 feet.
I gotta go.
I'm almost at the arena.
Okay, cool.
Yeah, go get 'em.
Uh, we can finish this later.
Hey, you, uh-- you here for the tutoring? Yup, the earlier session's still in there, though.
- I'm Shelly.
- Uh, Lip.
What's it stand for? Lipschwitz or Phillip, your choice.
I like Lipschwitz.
Then that's who I am.
So are you having trouble with macro? No, no, not really.
I just-- I don't give a shit about it.
Why not? I don't know, I mean, you really think it's something that is gonna help us out in the real world? Oh, so you're not planning on running the federal reserve, huh? - Are you? - Maybe.
I don't know.
I doubt I will.
So why are you here, then? I'm here to talk the tutor into giving me some extra credit points.
Then I'm gonna split.
Well, I hope that works out for you.
Always does.
All yours, Shells Bells.
You coming in, Lipschwitz? Shit, you're, uh-- you're the tutor, huh? Let's see if you can talk me into giving you extra credit.
You sure Fiona said it was okay? She wants to help Frank now that he's not drinking anymore.
- So what you got for me? - I got a punch in your face if you ever wake me up from my nap again.
Holy crap! I'm a nurse.
No, you empty bedpans for old people.
I'm a ghetto nurse-- better for folks around here to come to me than to wait Percocet, that should do it.
Not so quick, sparky.
Let me call Fiona first.
Come on, just give me five, and we'll call it a day.
See, I knew you were lying.
At least I don't have a cabinet filled with drugs.
Where'd you get that stuff-- steal it from the geriatrics? I got it from mind-your-business town.
Jeez, you're crabby today.
I don't feel good.
Is that why you got blood on your ass? What? Why didn't you tell me sooner? Oh, shit.
I'm spotting.
We gotta go to the hospital.
I might be losing the baby.
Come on.
And what does this mean? Stan hasn't let me send in his payroll taxes since 2007.
Oh, dear lord.
And I'm assuming it's not because he didn't owe any.
You're assuming right.
He also hasn't renewed his business license since 2010.
How much does the bar make every month? Well, after paying us, the utilities, payroll taxes, maybe $1,300 in a good month.
All right, that's it, no more.
From now on, everybody has to pay for their nuts.
Hey, speaking of paying for nuts, I dumped my load in Mickey's wife's hand last night.
- Not bad.
- Kev.
It's Fiona's kid, Carl.
Something about V and him going to the emergency room.
Hello? I can't believe I've grown up in Chicago and I've never been here.
How many fans does this place seat? Giant.
- What percentage buys beer? - About 90, I bet.
So about 14,000 cups a game? And I'll bet at least 1/3 of those cups are leaving the arena.
That's about right.
So if those cups had the Illinois Gliders logo on them instead of just being plain cups, what is that, like, 5,000 pieces of free advertising just walking around out there? Are you trying to upsell me, sweetheart? I'm just trying to learn more about your business, Leonard.
And Mike said this was just a friendly meet and greet.
And am absolutely enjoying meeting and greeting you.
Why don't you show me the concession stands? Do you guys have churros? - I love me a churro.
- Churros, churros, churros.
What's so amusing? Oh, uh, definitely nothing in this book.
Did you learn anything in chapter seven? Yes, uh, poor people with bad credit can still get a mortgage.
- What's that mortgage called? - Subprime.
Hey, do you want to go to a party with me this afternoon? Look what happens when he actually reads the textbook.
- He learns something.
- Sure, yeah.
Useless information I could just find on the internet, but it doesn't answer my question.
Well, that useless information just got you ten extra credit points.
- Do you want to make it 15? - Good-bye.
And I'm already going to the party-- it's my sorority.
If you die, can Frank have your liver? I'm not gonna die.
You would if I shoved a pillow over your head.
Oh, there you are.
What is going on? Can I leave now? Don't you want to wait and find out what's wrong with me? Go.
- What happened? - I started spotting.
Must be why I wasn't feeling so hot today.
- How's the baby? - We're waiting for labs.
The doctor's out looking for an ultrasound machine now.
Are you kidding me? They can't afford a fucking ultrasound machine in every room? This is some bullshit.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me! - Kev.
What? I need a hug.
- Hey.
- How can I help you? - I need a liver.
- What's wrong with yours? It's for my father.
His is rotting.
- It smells.
- Oh, my, that ain't good.
Is he on the donor list? I don't think so.
Can I sign him up? Your father would have to be seen by a specialist, then referred to us, so he can be put on the list.
Then he gets a liver? He'd have to wait for one to be available.
How long does that take? Sweetie, more than are on the liver transplant list.
That's a lot of dead livers you're gonna need.
enough to get one each year.
What about the rest? Doesn't work out for everyone.
What's the point of being an organ donating center if you're not donating enough organs? Someone from your family can donate a portion of their liver.
I'll do it.
You need to be over 18.
My brother and my sister are.
Well, that's a start.
Why don't you find out if they're a blood match with your father? I already know they are-- my father only screwed a Mexican whore while he was with my mom, and they can't get pregnant.
Everyone's blood type is different, sometimes even if they're related.
Take these at-home testing kits.
Prick the person's finger, put a drop of blood on the enclosed card.
It'll show their blood type.
Okay, thanks.
Sorry about the delay.
What's going on? Is she okay? Did we lose the baby? Oh, on the contrary.
Well, why is she bleeding then? Okay, we got your labs back.
Your estrogen, progesterone, and HGH are through the roof, which would explain the spotting.
All right, we'll take a look here.
Spotting, very common with implantation of multiple fetuses.
- Fetu-whos? - Multiple? Yeah, take a look.
Two babies? Nope, mm, three.
- Congratulations.
- Three? I take it from your reaction you weren't planning this.
Planning this? Who the fuck plans three babies? You need to make an appointment as soon as possible with your OB.
OB? I need to make an appointment with the vet.
I'm having a damn litter! Baby, you know what this means? I got a magic dick.
Take this form up to the front desk on your way out, and good luck.
I don't know whether to freak out or thrust my almighty dick in everyone's face! You need to be freaking out.
I'm having triplets! Triplets! Triplets! I got a magic penis, man.
I got a magic penis! - Would you shut the fuck up? - I got a magic penis.
I used to think that the power of love was just a song but now it's got hold of me SOS, is it real, or is this dangerous? I can't-- Mm.
I hope this isn't about me not calling you last night again.
Uh, no.
Actually, it's not.
It's about the clients loving you.
I heard back from all of them today.
Ah, do tell.
What'd they say? Well, you remember Leonard from the Gliders? Thanks.
He wants to order those souvenir logo cups that you guys talked about.
- Sweet.
- Yeah, that is sweet.
You know, you didn't have to go down there and sell them.
I just wanted you to say hi.
Yeah, well, when I got there, it seemed like a waste not to seize the moment.
Whoa, listen to you.
That's the kind of initiative I like from my sales girls.
Mm, anything to please the boss.
Okay, so now I do want to talk about you not calling me last night.
- Oh, dear lord, no! - All right, all right.
Listen, it's because I care about you, okay? I want to build trust with each other.
You don't trust me because I didn't call? Well, no, no, no, no.
I mean, you know, I-- My ex was always lying to me.
Yeah, so was mine.
Then just call when you say you're gonna.
- Okay? - All right, I'm sorry.
Get off my ass, dick face! Jesus, I'm gonna assume that was directed at another car.
Fuckwad is riding my bumper.
Uh-- and Carl's on the other line.
I got to go.
I'll call you back.
Or not, I don't know.
Carl, what's going on? - What's your blood type? - Why, are you hurt? Good news, you and Lip can both donate your liver to Frank.
Ugh, Carl, please, please stop worrying about Frank.
He is a black hole of endless need that will suck the life out of you.
His liver is rotting.
He smells like a monkey cage.
Well, he made his choices.
You have to help him.
- No, I don't.
- Fine.
Jesus! Bitch! Oh, fuck you, you fucking asshole! Fucking cunt! At least I don't have a tiny penis! Aah! You piece of shit! I almost hit your car! Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Back up, back up! Back up, back up, back up, back! Oh, shit! No! Oh, my God! Stop it, no! Back up! Back up! Bitch! I told her I hate her.
Gross medium average.
- What up? - Hey, sorry I'm late.
No, it's cool.
The party went on without you.
- That's impossible.
- Hey, this is-- What was it that I was calling you earlier? - Ripschwitz? - Uh, Lipschwitz.
Um, but you've entered the inner circle now.
- You can call me Lip.
- Okay, Lip.
So this is your sorority? Yeah.
I'm not super into it, though.
I don't live in the house or anything.
So-- so you got your own place? Mm-hmm, just off University Road.
I'd like to see that sometime.
- I bet you would.
- Hey, what are you drinking? You want me to get you something? Uh, yeah.
I would like you to get me that.
He's working on his PhD in thermo.
I'm terrified to talk to him.
You and I breaking up? Oh, you're cute, but I'm your tutor.
So? That's like me being your babysitter.
Now what do I say to Charlie Watts? That you're gonna show me your apartment off University Road.
You wish.
Come on.
Uh, just go flirt with him.
How? Like you're doing with me.
You're a freshman.
It's easy.
Yeah, but I fuck like a sophomore.
Still not happening.
You have to help me.
I gave you extra credit.
Okay, fine, um You know, give him shit.
Guys like it when you give us shit.
Shit about what? Well, you start with that plaid shirt from 1994.
Don't you talk about my Charlie that way.
Yeah, just go.
Go, go, he's gonna love you.
You know, but if he doesn't, there's freshman cock right here, waiting for you.
Call me when it's grad school cock.
Hey, douchebag.
- What's your blood type? - Um, I miss you too.
Can I come up there and test it? I think we-- we did it in, like, tenth grade bio class.
AB positive.
Why? All right, gotta go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
Hold on.
What do you want to know for? You'll just get mad at me like Fiona did.
- I gotta go.
- Okay, wait, wait, hold on.
Look, we don't have to talk about it if you don't want to, okay? You know, just tell me what else is going on.
- Dad's dying.
- Yeah, no shit.
- Why doesn't anyone care? - Hey, look, how's Liam's rash? - Doctor says it's eczema.
- Oh, okay.
What are they giving him for it? - Frank? - No, Liam.
He needs a liver.
- Liam? - Frank.
Oh, yeah.
No, I'm not surprised.
Hey, listen, do you guys want any cash for the cream? Fiona's new insurance covered it.
- Nice.
- I'm at my stop.
I got to go.
Dad! Frank! What? Where-- where am I? Am I dead? Is this heaven? Look what I got for you.
Perckie Cs.
Oh, son, I am so proud of you.
Give me your finger.
It's "pull my finger.
" No time for fart jokes.
This is business now.
Ow! O positive.
- Where you going? - To get you a liver.
Hey, you, you're, um-- you're that kid's older sister, right? Oh, could you be a little more vague? Yeah, fuck.
Sorry, um He wa-- he was my year at Lincoln Grove.
If you're talking about Gus, then yes.
Yeah, Gus.
- Yeah.
- Gus, that's right.
Um, hey, hey, they let him out of Shawnee Correctional yet? No, he got time added for being an idiot.
- Okay.
- Lip! Hey, man.
Who the hell are you? Uh, Lip.
Lip-- Lip Gallagher.
From Wallace Seet.
- Yeah, the one and only.
- Huh.
That's right.
Hey, what are you doing here? One of these rich frat boys need a date for the night, or-- No, you asshole.
I go to school here.
- Oh, shit, seriously? - Seriously.
Yeah, you're not the only smart fuck from the yards.
There are four of us here.
I guess five now, including you.
Shit, sorry.
I-- you know, I didn't know.
- Yeah, I will let it slide.
- Okay.
So how's it going? How you doing in this place? Yeah, not bad.
That's good.
Yeah, I sucked ass my freshman year.
It took me three semesters to catch up to what my classmates learned in high school.
Unbelievable what a shitty education we got back home.
Yeah, hey, you want to walk over to the cafeteria with me? You know, I was gonna blaze up with one of the dishwashers.
What? Yeah, you see, I was supposed to hook up with this other chick tonight, but then I got dissed.
So, um, I was thinking maybe, you know, me and you, we could smoke a fatty, maybe bang one out? Are you for real? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
You see, that-- that's my roommate down there with his girlfriend, hitting the bong.
You know, they're not gonna be back till, like, after midnight, so we're-- we're good.
Wow, so you think that just because you were some hot shit back home that that hood rat attitude is gonna work here? Fuck.
Excuse me for living.
I didn't realize this place turned you into a fucking Disney princess.
No, fuck you.
You're the kind of guy I came to college to get away from.
Fuck you.
Fuck me.
Fuck me! - Okay.
- Fuck me! Thought that's what I was doing.
Ah! Yes, yes.
Lord, have mercy! - Hey.
- Hey.
Here's the client folders.
Oh, yes.
Yeah, good job again.
Well, thanks for giving me a shot.
Hey, of course.
Oh, the windshield on the company car was cracked, but Mario's fixing it.
- Cracked? - Mm-hmm.
- From what? - I don't know.
A tree branch maybe, some kids.
It was like that when I got out of the arena.
Mm, but you didn't say anything about it when we talked on the phone? You were too busy giving me shit for not calling you back.
What an asshole I am, huh? Wanting to make our relationship closer.
Yeah, it's ridiculous.
All right, you know what? I'll make it up to you.
How about I give you a ride home? Just let me grab my stuff and we'll go? Great.
Oh, hey.
My dad's O positive.
What about your brother and sister? - Lip's AB.
- Oh, that's too bad.
And your sister? She wouldn't give me any blood.
Well, sometimes people aren't willing to go through-- That's why I need you to test this.
Think you can tell me her blood type from this? - No.
Mm, no.
No, no, no, no.
- Please.
No boy should be raised without his father.
Well, why didn't you touch it to the card and test it yourself? Oh.
- Hey, you made it.
- Uh, here I am.
Oh, come on in.
Get comfortable.
I'll, uh-- I'll get that for you.
I'll check that I didn't burn dinner.
- Okay.
- I'll get that.
Are your parents here? Um, no.
They live in Gary.
- This is your place? - Yeah.
- Dinner is served.
- I'm only 13.
What? I'm only 13.
Is that, like, years old? Uh, wow.
Um Uh, okay.
I hope you like chicken.
Who doesn't like chicken? I bet chickens don't like chicken.
Do you want to watch thatStorage Wars? - Uh, yeah, okay.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.
Oh, gosh, mama.
Three babies? - I'm gonna burst.
- Oh, baby, you'll be fine.
Your hips gonna spread.
- Here.
- Thank you.
You gonna have to have an abortion.
Wh-what? Oh, hell, no.
I'm not aborting my baby.
- Our baby.
- That I'm carrying.
For us, so we have the ultimate say in what happens to it.
Well, it's my body, and I'm not getting an abortion.
Mama, I can't feed four babies.
Does this look like an udder? Hire a wet nurse.
You got money now with the bar.
Yeah, no.
The bar's not making as much money as we thought.
What? Kate showed me the positive-negative columns in the books.
Positive side doesn't have much written in it.
I'm sorry.
It's not my fault.
Then you are definitely having an abortion, mother.
There's got to be an all-night clinic.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, what? - She wants me to abort my baby.
- Over my dead sperm.
You just said we don't have any money.
V, to ask your mom to have an abortion without consulting me, are you crazy? That's not right! I could punch her in the stomach.
V! Kevin, we can't afford four babies! Then you should've thought about that before you made me sleep with your husband! Mama, we'll go broke! I'm sorry, but the good lord Jesus put this baby inside my womb as a blessing to offer his love and light.
And now you want me to snuff it out just like that? - No! - Yes! You call me when you come to your senses, Veronica.
I'm sorry.
I'm conflicted.
You better get a ski mask and a getaway car, 'cause that's the only way we gonna be able to afford four babies.
- Yo.
- Hey, what's up? Hey, you just getting out? Yeah, man.
Long day.
Okay, yeah.
You want-- you want to blaze up? No, man, I'm sorry.
- I got to get home to the esposa.
- Okay.
If I miss the bus, she's gonna kill me.
- All right, man.
- All right, see you.
Hey, were you telling me the truth about the windshield earlier? You don't believe me? - Should I? - Of course.
Yeah, well, the police called, like, right before you got back to the office.
It was-- the logo on the car kind of totally gave you away.
You knew? Yeah, there's even an iPhone video.
Ted in Accounting showed me the YouTube.
What the hell? You set me up! I-- You're getting angry with me because you lied? No, I'm getting angry because you tricked me into lying.
How did I trick you? You did it all on your own.
Fine, I lied! Okay? I flipped the guy off, and he smashed my window.
Are you happy? Why would you lie about that? Because it's what I do.
I'm a Gallagher! Well, knock it off, Gallagher.
I can't believe you're making such a big deal out of this.
I'm sorry, Fiona.
I can't be in a relationship where there's lying.
Are you giving me an ultimatum? Yes.
Well, I can't be in a relationship with ultimatums.
So what do we do then? Promise me you aren't gonna lie.
- What if I mess up? - Just admit it.
How do you know I won't promise I'm not gonna lie, but that's actually a lie? Fiona, I know you think I'm blowing this out of proportion, but it's my thing.
I like you.
I really like you, but if you lie, I'm gonna go crazy.
And we'll both be unhappy, and the relationship will suck, and I really don't want this relationship to suck.
I promise I'll try not to lie.
Thank you.
Debs? Debs? Who was that? In case you're wondering, your blood type is O positive, which happens to be the same as Frank's blood type.
How'd you find that out? I've got my ways.
Now you can donate part of your liver.
Are you high? I am.
He's not.
Back up, back up! No! Oh, my God! There's no way I'm going under the knife for him.
He's dying! - Why is that my problem? - Because he's your father.
It's not like he was dealt a bad hand, okay? He drank through the liver that he had, and he wrecked it.
And now he wants to wreck mine.
No way.
I'm taking care of me for a change, not him.
- I'm sorry, Carl.
- It's okay, son.
If Fiona won't do it, I'll get my other daughter to.
Debbie's too young.
My oldest daughter, Samantha.
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