Shameless US s04e12 Episode Script


I spit out two kids, blew my husband, and taking care of this shithole.
I still had time to watch Shameless.
What's your damn excuse? $2.
Did you see that? These cheap motherfuckers.
I just want everybody here to know I'm fucking gay.
Aah! I'll fucking kill you! Aah! So you really came out, huh? It doesn't mean I'm gonna wear a fucking dress or anything.
What the fuck's going on with you? One minute you're like Superman, running around making pancakes, taking pictures of the goddamn sunrise.
And the next thing, you want to cut somebody's throat.
I couldn't help but notice the, uh, schedule.
I synced it to your new phone.
The schedule, it's just-- it's-- it's not me.
How's that working out for you? Just help me grab some candy.
My family lives in there.
The supermarket? In the van.
I'm the laughing stock of the 7th and 8th grade.
I thought he liked me.
He asked me to the dance.
I'll take you to the dance.
Well, hello.
Those adorable children.
Roger and I, we were gonna get married and adopt them before he showed his true colors.
All I need is a marriage certificate.
Francis Gallagher, will you marry me? It is my honor to declare you man and wife.
You may kiss the groom.
He's in serious condition, so they moved him up the waiting list.
What does that mean? - He's getting a liver.
- Where am I, Debbie? I'm Sammi.
I better get the doctor.
Where's mama going, Lip? Dude, what's wrong with you? I'm Carl.
Gallagher is suffering from postoperative delirium.
Mm, mom, stop.
We're in public.
Wait till we get home.
I'm not your friend.
I'm here to make sure you don't violate the terms of your probation.
Fiona never came home.
She violated probation.
Where are we going? Looks like Decatur Correctional.
Off the bus.
Single line.
No talking, no pushing.
think of all the luck you got know that it's not for naught you were beaming once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? round up the friends you got know that they're not for naught you were willing once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? Ow.
Dad? How are you feeling? Does this thing dispense morphine? Are you in pain? Yes.
A lot of pain? Yes.
Do you know who I am? What? Who am I? Sammi.
Good morning, Mr.
Early Bird.
Where-- where's my family? - I'm right here, dad.
- We're here, honey.
I think dad's back.
Where the hell else would I be? Do you know where you are? A hospital? A hospital where? Chicago.
What the hell is wrong with you two idiots? I'll go get the nurse.
Oh, Frank.
It's you.
You're back! - I knew you'd be back.
- Oh, Jesus.
Gallagher, I told you to stay off the bed.
You're gonna rip out his staples.
Gallagher? I don't think he's confused anymore.
Gallagher? We're married? Still sounds pretty confused to me.
- Since when? - Oh, honey.
You're a hoot.
I think he's in pain.
You in pain, Mr.
Gallagher? Yes.
Yes, excruciating.
What do we got going here? Demerol? Vicodin? What say we toss in Dilaudid, try to take the edge off of this bitch? Pain is a blessing, Mr.
Gallagher, part of the Good Lord's healing process.
I'ma go get your breakfast.
I'm so glad you're back, dad.
We're married? Isn't it wonderful? I'm gonna go call Gary, and have him bring the kids down.
M-mwah! Ahh.
Who the hell's Gary? One of your new Native American kids.
I think he's the one with the Justin Bieber haircut.
I have Native American kids? Five.
It's fucking freezing.
What's up with the heat? Fiona has us turning it down at night, save on gas.
I can almost see my breath.
Yeah, you will be able to soon.
Gas company's cutting us off on Friday.
What, Fiona didn't pay it? She paid what she could.
All right, well, I got some money from Amanda's folks.
Make a list.
We'll pay some bills, yeah? Amanda's staying? Why, you don't like her? I like her as long as she's helping us pay some bills.
Yo, up.
What are we supposed to do with him? We could drop him off at the butcher over at the Food 4 Less, see if they'll chop him up for bacon.
We having bacon for breakfast? Nah, we're eating Chuckie.
Oh, cool.
She's sleeping with you now? Your girlfriend sleeps with you.
Yeah, Amanda's 20, not 12.
Bonnie's 13.
I still don't want her sleeping with you.
She doesn't want to have sex, something about her mom's old boyfriend and a biker gang.
- Coffee? - Oh, yeah, here.
- Thanks.
- Outstanding bills.
What, electric and rent are late too? All right, can you get to the check-cashing place? Buy some money orders today? Yeah, absolutely.
More like 1,900 if you want to pay everything off.
All right.
There you go.
Hide it in your boot or something, okay? Nobody's gonna roll me.
I carry pepper spray and a shiv.
Handing out money? Bonnie's brothers need a few Z-Paks and a couple bottles of Rid.
You know, how much longer are Bonnie's lost boys gonna be sacked out in the living room? You said they could stay here.
Yeah, for one night.
All right, kick 'em to the curb, this isn't an orphanage.
When are we gonna go visit Fiona? It's three hours away.
Each way.
How the hell are we supposed to get down there? - Bus.
- Borrow your girlfriend's car.
No, look.
I'm behind on a physics lab.
I've got work-study shifts to make up and a paper due in lit.
Okay, this weekend.
You know, Jesus, guys.
It's 90 days in Country Club jail.
All right, it's not Guantanamo.
Okay, she's probably learning a useful trade, brushing up on her Spanish.
Happy birthday.
It's not my birthday.
I got you a little present anyway.
Make the day go easy.
Come on, guys.
Yo, Carl.
We taking all them to school too? No, back to the parking lot where they live.
What, they live in a parking lot? Van, but it's in a parking lot.
What are we gonna do with Chuckie? I have to take him back to the hospital to see his mom and Frank.
We're not all gonna fit.
Sure we will.
Do you own a suit? A suit? Preferably black.
Why, are we going to a funeral? Worse-- pinning ceremony at my sorority.
- What? - You know, white dresses, chanting, candles.
Do you own a suit or not? Uh, no.
No, not.
Well, then I guess we better get you one.
So you are Rainbow Boy now? The fuck you do to your hair? You wear pink sweaters and stink of man perfume now? I look shitty in pink.
What the fuck? You like the penis, yes? Not when there's tits directly above it.
You want it up in your poop place? No, I don't-- I want you-- fucking-- I want you to put it away.
Can you put that away? Put that fucking thing away, please.
Thank you.
You love him? Maybe.
I don't know.
Because he has a real penis? Yeah, I guess.
I hate the penis.
Ugly fucking skin stick.
Always trying to get in where it doesn't belong.
You like boys.
Maybe I like girls.
No penis is staring at you, hoping to explode like sticky volcano.
America-- it's land of choices, yes? Freedom to be me.
Freedom to be you.
McDonald's, Burger King on same block.
You choose.
One, both.
Shit, maybe we go to Wendy's instead.
Hold-- you're a lesbian? Maybe yes, maybe no.
Nika from tug shop.
She wants to take care of me.
The blonde with the lazy eye? She plays trumpet.
Strong tongue.
But baby no choose.
Baby is me and baby is you.
He has no vote, no America.
We must take care of him.
Not just me.
Otherwise I wait until you sleep, and I stab you and orange boy in the heart with screwdrivers, and I watch you bleed until you die.
No more bullshit about baby.
You help.
And Nika comes here to live.
On three, let's say Geronimo.
Ready? And Sarah, give Daddy Frank a kiss.
One, two, three.
Got it.
Oh, this will be good 'cause the tribal council might want a picture.
Let's see.
- What? - You're not dead.
You disappointed? You have a tube in your penis.
- Go away.
- And a big diaper.
Oh, Chuck, leave your pop-pops alone.
Pop-pops? - Are you our daddy now? - No.
- No.
Not yet, but soon.
Just a few more legal technicalities.
We've got to dot some Is and cross some Ts.
Got a big poo in your diaper? Oh, well, well, this looks like a convention in here.
Aren't you the lucky one to have such a big, loving family? Okay, up we go.
- Time for your morning walk.
- A walk? Oh, okay.
All right.
Uh, that sounds a little painful.
Can I get a little something extra for that? - Up we go.
- Ow! - Okay.
- Ohh, are you okay, dear? Ah, come on, not even a Percocet? A couple of oxys? Something.
Jesus! One foot in front of the other.
Let's try and make it all the way down to the gift shop today.
He's got a load in that diaper.
Chuck, show your pop-pop some respect.
Please don't correct my child.
Well, I'm sorry.
Somebody has to.
Poo's gonna run down his leg.
Chuckie, knock it off.
Watch TV.
I don't appreciate your tone.
Oh, well, um, you know, he's my grandson now too, so I've got to take some responsibility.
He's not your grandson.
He's your what, step-half-grandson maybe? And dad didn't even know you were married - until an hour ago.
- Let's see.
How about if we talk outside so we don't bother the kids? - Okay.
- We'll be right back.
Two months ago, he didn't know you existed.
He knew I existed.
And he didn't care.
I-I don't mean to be cruel.
But I think it's time for you to start thinking about your own life.
- Like, where are you gonna live? - Guys, watch out, please.
What? Wait.
What? You've been living at my house, eating my food, and selling my furniture.
With our new family, there just isn't enough room at the inn.
You're throwing us out? Well, we're going, all of us, to the adoption hearing at the reservation tonight.
And when we come back, I would appreciate it if you were no longer living at my house.
And I forgive you for selling the furniture.
Shit! Fuck! What? What? - Now? - Yep.
I haven't taken anything.
Leave it open.
You staying out of trouble? Yes.
And you going to your NA meetings? I'm not a drug addict.
- That's not what I asked.
- Yes.
And you're clean? Yes.
So I'm not gonna find nothing in that cup that makes me unhappy? Nope.
Let's find out.
Hey, man.
It's noon.
Rise and fucking shine, Cinderella.
I'm heading to Tommy's to get a dog.
Mandy said she'd watch the baby meat for a while.
Yo, sleepy-face.
Get your ass up, man.
Time to roll.
What's that, mumbles? Come on, get up.
I'm buying.
Hey, you okay? Feeling sick or something? Leave me alone.
All right, you want me to bring you back something to eat? All right, man, go fuck yourself.
Sleep all day, see if I care.
He okay? Who the fuck knows? - You're a freak.
- It's true.
- It has powers.
- Bullshit.
Hanging an umbilical cord around your neck? Two umbilical cords.
Twins-- twice the strength.
- Doesn't it smell? - Yes.
Well, it kind of smells.
Oh, my babies.
Mwah, mwah.
And you too.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How you doing, Mickey? - How's business upstairs? - It's slow.
You know, it's-- it's cold out.
How's business downstairs, Mick? That a fuckin' gay joke? I don't know.
Was it funny? No, it wasn't funny.
Then, no, it wasn't a gay joke.
Hey, if anybody's got something to say, fucking say it! Were you surprised? 'Cause I wasn't surprised.
I mean, Rock Hudson? That was a bit of a shock.
Ellen? That kid from Doogie Howser, MD? Ellen? Really? I had that one.
Yeah, no straight woman wears Adidas.
Rosie O'Donnell, that got me.
She looks just like my sister.
I thought your sister was gay.
Wasn't before Ellen.
Elton John-- Candle In The Wind.
That diver from the underwear ads? - Marky Mark? - Marky Mark's not gay.
- He did underwear ads.
- No, no.
Greg Louganis.
Yeah, he busted his head on the Olympic diving board.
Blood everywhere, kept going.
- Tough fucker.
- That NBA player last year.
Yeah, Jason Collins.
That took guts.
What about that kid that just came out in college football, Michael Sam? - Fergie.
- No shit.
Fergie? Well, maybe just bisexual, but still.
Mickey, have a seat, man.
No one gives a shit who you bang.
Let me buy you a beer.
To butt buddies, long may they slam and slap.
To butt buddies.
Who else? How's it going in there? Lip? - Yeah? - Come on out.
Let me see.
Uh, shoulders and lapels.
Are we happy with these lapels? Is this the Armani? Paul Smith.
- Let's try the Prada.
- Okay.
Stop fidgeting.
Jesus Christ.
You'll wear it for years.
I feel a bit like, uh,Pretty Woman.
Pretty boy.
- Kept boy.
- Boy toy, then.
What, that's better? I want all those bitches at the sorority suicidal with envy.
Oh, that's what this is about.
Why not? Is there anything on earth more enjoyable than humiliating your peers? Go, go.
Let's go.
Where's Ms.
Johnson? You're with me.
I didn't take it, bitch.
I haven't done any drugs.
Okay, if something showed up in that test, then there was something wrong with the test, or somebody put something in my food or something.
There's a woman here.
She's been giving me a lot of shit.
Get your stuff.
You're out.
Get in the car.
Cold out here.
Seat belt.
Hungry? There's a Sonic off the highway.
We'll stop and get you something.
We have deflated the balloon, and we are now ready to remove the catheter from the urethra.
Chuckie, come on.
You might feel some discomfort as the balloon passes through the meatus.
"The meatus.
" I think he means my dick.
Give me a big exhale.
Don't you normally knock people-- Aah! All done.
Now, let's get those staples out.
Turn on your side.
Chuckie, no.
We've started you on a course of - Come on, that's dirty.
- immunosuppressive neoral, which you'll need to continue for the rest of your life, to avoid rejecting your transplant.
There are a few side effects.
High blood pressure, hand tremors, headaches, increased hair growth, swollen gums, night sweats, and an elevated chance of depression.
You'll also be on prednisone.
Does that have a Dr.
Frankenstein list of side effects, too? Stomach ulcers, acne, cataracts, glaucoma, diarrhea, nightmares, insomnia, more hair growth.
What about a little something to take the edge off? What about pain meds? Tylenol works well for discomfort.
You are at increased danger of infection, so bathe regularly and wash your hands.
When can I drink? Alcohol? You can't.
What? Alcohol stresses the liver and can dilute your anti-rejection meds.
Well, what's the point of getting a new liver if the damn thing won't do what it's designed to do? Try near beer.
It's surprisingly tasty, and enjoyed by millions of retired alcoholics, me included.
He didn't say anything about pot.
I'll get it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Did you order a pizza? Extra large, cheesy crust with pepperoncini? Uh, yeah.
This must be the place then.
Food! How much? Uh, $16.
Here's 20.
- Oh.
- Keep the change.
I'll get my coat, and we can go.
Uh, go? - I'm-- I'm kind of working.
- I know.
I need a ride to the check-cashing place on Cermak and the gas company on 67th.
Pizza's here.
I'll be back in an hour or so.
I have to go pay some bills.
It's nice in here now.
I don't have to wear my parka inside anymore.
Debbie said we could turn up the heat.
- Want me to get us some pizza? - I'm not hungry.
That was funny at assembly today - when that chick threw up.
- Yeah.
Some kids just can't hold their Jager.
You hear anything from your mom? She'll be back.
She never stays away for more than, like, a night or two.
Want to spend the night here again? I thought your brother said he didn't want us around.
It's my house too.
I got you something.
You bought me that? Stole, but yeah.
You're not starting to like me or anything, are you? Like you? Like, fall in love or anything weird? No.
Good, don't.
Why not? Just don't.
I should get back to the van, in case mom shows up.
Thanks for the beer.
Come on, guys.
Time to go.
Time to go.
Let's go.
You know why you out? No, but thank you.
Yeah, don't thank me.
It wasn't me.
Non-violent offenders rotate out after 10% to 20% time served.
So what sent you on that bender, made you bust your probation? I don't know.
Maybe it just got too hard.
Letting yourself off a little easy, - don't you think? - I went back to jail.
There's nothing easy about that.
Sure it is.
The hard part is staying out and clean.
Relapsing is easy.
I'm not a drug addict.
- Yeah, so you keep saying.
- It's the truth.
Then what was all that about then, huh? I honestly don't know.
Then what's your sad story? 'Cause we all screwed up in one way or the other.
Not many white picket fences where we come from.
You're South Side? Born and raised.
My dad drank.
I loved him, but he was a drunk.
But you a grown-up.
There comes a point in time that you got to take control of your own life.
Whatever you from, whoever did you wrong, didn't do what they were supposed to do, wasn't being who they was supposed to be? It's just you.
No more excuses.
Yo, it's after 5:00.
You trying to set some sort of record? You're not still sleeping.
Get up.
Leave me alone.
Ian, are you high? You take something? Go away.
Okay, you want me to call the club at least and tell them-- Jesus! Leave me alone! Fuck's wrong with him? And in conclusion, I feel my husband and I can provide a warm, inclusive, nurturing environment that validates the cultural identity of our shared Native American heritage.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mrs.
I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we appreciate the diligence you have shown in caring for these children.
Well, then, I speak for most of us when I say your devotion is very impressive.
Gary, what are they saying? I don't know.
I'm taking Chinese.
I'd be-- I'd be happy to answer-- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
But if I can answer any questions-- Thank you, but give us a moment.
No what? You cannot adopt the children.
Their grandfather will take them.
Grandfather? Great-grandfather.
Why didn't you tell me you had a grandfather? He doesn't have wi-fi.
The Menominee Nation thanks you for your care of these children and would like to offer you $500 to defray any costs you may have incurred.
We can send you a check.
Or would you prefer chips for the casino? Give me your ankle.
You owe me 420 bucks for the last one.
Come on, let's go.
You're gonna be late for work.
So, you're another one of Gayle's hard cases, huh? Charlie Peters.
Minimum wage plus tips.
Good shift, you'll bring home If it rains or snows, closer to 8.
You wait tables before? Uh, cocktails mostly.
You come in drunk, you're fired.
You come in high, you're fired and I call Ms.
Johnson here.
We clear? You got a meeting? Not yet.
NA or AA? NA.
Al-Anon too, I'm guessing.
I got a meeting down the street at the episcopal.
Jackie Scavello, Fiona Gallagher.
You take her in the back, set her up with a locker, show her the ropes.
This one gonna make it? Who knows? Sammi called.
Frank's getting out of the hospital tomorrow.
We should go.
- Where's your girlfriend? - I don't know.
She's not answering my calls.
- Where's your boyfriend? - Working.
And he's not my boyfriend now.
He's my friend until I'm 16, and we can legally have consensual intercourse.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
Your brother here? I thought he was staying with you.
No, come on, man.
The other one.
- The-- the-- Lip.
- College.
Something wrong? gods of the Heaven bound with blood forever sisters and brothers we are bound together gods of the Heaven bound with blood forever sisters and brothers Have you ever seen Rosemary's Baby? we are bound together gods of the Heaven the Heaven bound with blood forever sisters and brothers we are bound together gods of the Heaven bound with blood forever You sounded amazing.
Ian? Ian, you all right? Ian, it-- it's Debbie.
Go away.
Ian? Do you know what this is? Yeah, we know what this is.
That wasn't so bad, was it? Uh, no, the chanting part was kind of creepy.
But hey, I look good in a suit, right? You know, I figured it was gonna be more wild toga party than coven.
Well, we're a bunch of engineering majors.
Our parties usually consist of us watching Big Bang reruns and bleaching each other's mustaches.
- Everybody want coffee? - Oh, yes, please.
- Yeah.
- Okay, great.
We've got a special on The Toddle House Breakfast.
It's a ham and cheese omelet.
It's got sausage or bacon, grits-- grits, um, with a choice of toast, and it's 4.
Okay, I'll be back to take your order.
Excuse me, I just got to go take a leak.
Mandy, hey.
You want some more coffee, sir? Uh, no, no.
Um, hey, look.
I didn't know you worked here.
I'll be with your table in just a minute.
You look great.
You want something else? More sugar? Cream? No, uh no, we're good.
Thank you.
I'm starving.
- Me too.
- I love Texas toast.
- What's Texas toast? - Thanks.
You know the waitress? Oh, I thought I did from school.
Did you guys see Karen's dress tonight? So what are you guys thinking, huh? Um how about the mega-omelet? Yeah.
I'm making French toast.
Oh, Jesus.
Are you crying? Oh, don't cry.
I'll start crying too.
Oh! Okay, okay, enough.
Jesus, stop.
School, come on.
We've got to get moving.
What? God, what? You want to get up? I'll make you a sandwich.
Or I could get my sneakers in the house.
We could go for a run at the track.
You want to go for a run? Get some fresh air? What do you say? Okay, okay.
How long has he been like that? Since yesterday morning.
And he hasn't gotten out of bed? No, he's just sleeping.
I can't get him up.
I-I tried.
Yeah, so did I.
And what about before? What was he like? Before, he was fine.
He was happy.
He's staying up all hours of the night, dancing, telling fucking jokes.
He kicks my ass every day.
I can't keep up with him.
We've got to get ahold of Lip.
He should know.
Know what? What's wrong with him? Uh, depression, I think.
He-- he's depressed? What do you mean he's-- We all get fucking depressed.
How the fuck could we not, living around here? It's not that kind of depressed, okay? Look, I could be wrong, but it could be bipolar disease, like our mom.
Bi-- bi-- bi-- What? What the fuck is that? It's manic depression, Mick.
It's like high highs followed by low lows, over and over again.
We'll get him an appointment at the clinic, and we'll see what they say.
No, no, look.
He-- he's low.
- We cheer him up.
- It's not like that.
He may have to be hospitalized.
What do you mean, hos-- Like a psych ward? No fucking way! No fucking way! He's staying here.
He could end up suicidal.
Then we hide the knives until he perks up.
I can-- I can take care of him.
Okay, let me take care of him until he's better.
It-- it can be weeks.
It's mood swings, okay? It's almost impossible to handle.
Don't fucking tell me what's impossible! We're taking care of him here.
You, me, us.
His fucking family.
I have to get to a meeting, okay? Um, we'll call Lip, and we'll let him know what's going on.
Okay, come on.
He's not going to some fucking nut house.
You hear me? He stays here.
He's staying with me.
Hey! You see a van parked here, bunch of kids living in it? It was here yesterday.
Yeah, they were here.
Must have left.
Good to see you.
The meeting's about to start.
After you.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
Uh, excuse me? You're not allowed in Mr.
Gallagher's room today.
What? Mrs.
Gallagher has requested that you not be allowed in the room.
He's my dad.
She's concerned that your presence is upsetting to Mr.
Sheila! Sheila, get your fat ass out here! Please, I don't want to have to call security.
- I'm just gonna-- - I'm gonna fuck you up! - Call security.
- You fuck with the bull, you get an ass full of horns! Keep your voice down.
You can't keep me away from my dad.
He is my husband.
- I'm his blood.
- I'm his wife.
You've got your kids.
He's the only family I've got.
No, I lost the kids.
The tribe wouldn't let me adopt them.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
So now you have room for us at your house.
Let me see my father, you bitch.
No! I'm the one he's chosen to spend the rest of his life with.
You're just one lucky sperm.
Oh! Get her-- get her-- get her out.
She says I can't see my dad! Mrs.
I am so sorry to-- She just assaulted me! Everyone in this hospital! I was assaulted! Hi.
What's going on out there? Catfight-- Sammi and Sheila.
Over what? You, I think.
Who's winning? Hard to tell.
Maybe the rent-a-cops.
You ready to get out of here? Absolutely.
Ladies, I need you to keep it down.
This is America, and in this country, people have a right to see their families.
It's fine.
Okay, we're gonna work it out.
I'm just gonna go and see my dad.
Oh, no, God damn it.
Dad? Pops? Your dedication to nicotine is admirable.
What is it, five degrees? It's at least ten.
Bipolar, huh? Can't be sure.
But it looked painfully familiar.
We should have some of Monica's lithium somewhere.
It's not like she ever took it.
And I always worried it'd be me.
Oh, there's still time.
You know, I hear you could have your first psychotic break anytime in your teens or 20s.
Mental illness Russian roulette with Monica's DNA as the bullet.
Is alcoholism genetic? It's the nurture part of nature and nurture.
All about the environment you grow up in.
Oh, that's very encouraging.
Is this family ever gonna catch a break? Well, you're out of the pokey, and, uh, I passed my midterms.
That's great, good for you.
Barely, but I passed.
I bet you aced 'em.
College is a lot fucking harder than it looks.
You actually have to apply yourself.
Who exactly is Amanda? My, uh, roommate's ex-girlfriend, who I ended up with when she tried to blow me in my sleep.
Somebody can blow you in your sleep? Well, at some point, you wake up.
Is it getting serious? Well, it's certainly getting fucking weird.
She buys me shit.
- Nice shit? - Yeah.
Sounds like a keeper.
It was me, Lip.
Not Frank.
Not Monica.
Not nature.
Not nurture.
It was all me.
I'm 23.
It can't be about how much they screwed us up anymore.
It sounds kind of like AA.
You been drinking the big book Kool-Aid? A bit.
Attendance is a condition of my parole.
You're not perfect, Fiona.
None of us are.
Looks good, George.
Hey, Chuckie, grab the hose.
Hook up our water, okay? What are you doing? Homesteading.
You're camping in my yard? Not your yard.
The vacant lot next to your yard.
Complain to the City Planning Department.
They should get around to sending somebody to investigate by summer.
Have you seen Frank? - He's not here? - No.
And I talked to Debbie, and she hasn't seen him either.
I made a pot roast for Frank.
And it seems like a shame to have it go to waste, if you guys are hungry.
We could eat, thanks.
Chuckie, pot roast! Is this good? Give me the bottle.
Are you sure? Absolutely.
That all you got? That's it? I'm still here, you fucker! Frank Gallagher! I'm alive! You see me? You see me standing here? You lost, asshole! I'm alive, motherfucker! Me, Frank Gallagher! Alive.
Little nip won't hurt you.
Are you gonna go in? Is this the right house? - Jack? - Hmm? Are you gonna go inside? No.
Not tonight.
Come on, let's go.

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