Shameless US s05e08 Episode Script

Uncle Carl

I'll tell you this one time what you missed on Shameless.
Next time, I'm gonna break both of your fucking kneecaps.
Okay? Okay.
This is what you fucking missed.
I slept with my ex.
- Since we've been married? - Yesterday.
My class schedule didn't come through.
The registrar said my financial aid pack was incomplete.
Forms should have been sent to your house at the beginning of summer- registered mail.
I just had to take out a $5,000 cash advance because nobody told me about these goddamn fucking papers.
Hi, we're here to see Ian Gallagher.
This place is already wigging me the fuck out.
There he is.
And look who's here.
- Just the sedation.
- I'm, uh- I'm gonna go.
Where the fuck is everybody? - Kev and I are separating.
- What? The only thing he cares about is the damn babies.
- She's living upstairs.
- You moved out? No.
I no longer live in Milkovich house.
I stay here now.
- What the hell? - My proposition includes cook, clean, and wifely duty.
Duty? This isn't right.
Oh, no.
Oh! Oh.
Consider it like rent check.
Get out of my house, Frank.
Frank, if you don't get out right now, I will shoot you.
You don't have the guts.
Ouch! Ooh.
- I love you, daddy.
- Yeah.
I love you too, Sammi.
think of all the luck you got know that it's not for naught you were beaming once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? round up the friends you got know that they're not for naught you were willing once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? Okay.
Rise and shine! Ian's coming home from the cuckoo's nest this morning.
So let's all make a little effort to make him feel welcome.
Yes, dear.
Good thinking.
Breakfast in five.
- My mom shot you.
- Yes, she did.
I don't get why just don't use her face for target practice.
Because prison is no place for a man with naturally tight glutes.
Skank bitch did it to you.
It'd just be self-defense.
Not after the fact.
And, son, it's important to know the difference between a skank bitch and a deranged psychopath.
Your sister Sammi is the latter.
So? So, when you have a skank bitch in your house, you stand up to her.
You push back.
Eventually she leaves.
But with a psychopath, you have to take a different approach.
But in the end, she will crawl back to the syphilis-ridden gutter from whence she came, and I will reclaim my bedroom and my life.
She started the war, but I'll win it.
War! Boom, boom, boom! That's right, my little eggplant.
Boom, boom, boom.
Boom, indeed.
I'm out.
Off to deal drugs on a Saturday morning? - Yep.
- Impressive work ethic, son.
You do your old man proud.
What? It's Muff.
Is Amanda in there? - No.
- Bullshit.
Tell her I'm not fucking leaving till she faces me.
Turns out lesbians are super possessive.
I fucking love you, Amanda.
I fucking love you, you bitch! I let her go down on me, like, twice, and now she thinks we're married.
So what do you want to do? 'Cause I have to pick up my brother in a few minutes.
Amanda, come out here and face me! I'll let you borrow my car if I can hide under your bed.
Yeah, done.
Hang on.
I haven't come yet.
- Right.
- Be quiet, though.
I fucking love you.
Easy, killer.
Whose face are you picturing on that bag? - Monica.
- Who's that? - My mother.
- Mother? I thought she was dead.
Not dead, just gone.
She stayed around long enough to ruin our lives and pass on all her fucked up genes.
You're worried about your brother? You know what? Maybe he'll still be okay, 'cause, you know, my dad's got hemorrhoids, and I got 'em too, but way less bad.
You're awesome.
Motherfucker! Stop! - 'Sup, G-Dogg? - "'Sup"? Boy, you been blessed with an education.
Try to sound like it.
What is up? Try "Good morning, sir.
" - Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, Carl.
And congratulations.
You just got a promotion.
- I did? - Look, one of my runners took a bullet this morning, so I need you to take a run for me this afternoon.
A run? To where? Flint, Michigan.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I can't believe we're back here.
I know.
It makes me want to throw up.
Are you still married? I think so.
I'm not sure.
Gus is silent.
And you know how good I do with silence.
Silence in our house usually means someone stopped breathing.
Anyway, he's going on tour for a while, so I don't know.
Maybe it's a good thing.
You figure out tuition? No.
No, I got an idea, though.
Is it an idea that could land you in jail? You're here for Ian Gallagher? Yeah.
Come with me.
I thought Mickey would be here.
Yeah? I didn't.
Bipolar one, acute mania with psychotic features.
- This means- - No, we know what it means.
Can we take him home? I understand that there's a family history, and that this diagnosis is difficult to hear, but I do need to go over a few specifics as regards to Ian.
He's resisting his diagnosis.
We had to make med-compliance a requirement for his release.
All right, so what, you're saying we need to hold him down and make him take his meds? Well, I'm saying that it will take his meds about two weeks to really start working.
Until then, yes, I am suggesting he be carefully supervised.
I'm giving you a one-week supply of antipsychotics, mood stabilizers and sedatives.
He needs to take one pill from each bottle, with food, three times a day.
You have a week to get him to a psychiatrist if he's insured and- Or a clinic if he's not, which he's not.
We know the drill.
Don't be surprised if he mostly sleeps until his meds are properly balanced.
Ian should be here shortly.
Good luck.
Hi, baby.
You ready? - Hey, what's up, Gina? - Morning, Kev.
I hear you got some kind of- Yeah, I've been wanting to talk about these working conditions.
- Ow! - Hold still.
- Ooh.
- Ugh.
I think it's infected.
We have to take you back to the ER.
I still don't understand why you shot him, mama.
Because, Chuckie, fatherhood comes with responsibilities that go far beyond shooting sperm into a V hole.
And I have decided it's time to teach your grandfather those responsibilities, because, clearly, he never learned them.
He's like an untrained dog who keeps shitting all over the house, so we have three options- run the dog over, send the dog back to the pound to be gassed, or train the dog.
And I am choosing to train this dog.
Isn't that the option you prefer, daddy? Yes, it is, dear, and I really appreciate you taking such good care of me.
- Hey, look who's home.
- Ian! - Hey.
- Well, would you look at this.
It's like a great big family reunion.
There's more than enough food for everyone, okay? - Ian! - Aww, look at that.
Hey, you want some coffee, Ian? Oh, no.
I'm tired.
I just need to lay down for a bit.
All right.
He's totally Monica.
Without the great ass.
He's just overmedicated for now, Debs.
Don't worry.
I'm moving back in for a little while.
- Gonna keep an eye on him.
- Uh, I don't understand.
I got this now.
And I thought you were married.
- I am, but family comes first.
- You got married? But your husband is your family.
Okay, fine, but Gus is going on tour with his band, - so it only- - Oh, my God.
You can't let him go on tour without you.
Wait, did you really get married? What do you care? Fiona, in my younger days, I slept with every member of the Guns 'N' Roses cover band Buns 'N' Hoses.
And that would matter to me why? Because they all had wives they left back at home.
I am telling you, the 1,000-mile rule- that's real.
The 1,000-mile rule? Yeah, when you're on tour adultery doesn't count.
How do you know that? How'd you not know it? You okay here? Yeah, go.
Thanks for coming today.
I'm the goddamn father of the bride.
Why didn't I get an invitation? Because you're an untrained dog, pops, and no one wants you shitting on the floor.
I got to go to work.
Debs, he already had them this morning so his next dose is at lunchtime, - with food or milk.
- Okay, got it.
If he doesn't want to take them, call me.
- I'll come help.
- Okay.
And he'll probably just sleep today, but keep a close eye, okay? I will.
- Hey, where you been? - Ian home? - Yeah.
- Sweet.
- Yo, Phillip.
- Thought you were in school.
No, I was.
I just- I have a little tuition problem.
So what, you pulling a Frank, day drinking? No.
Listen, I need to make bank, right, and fast.
I'm talking Oprah money or they kick me out of school.
Look, man, I'd love to help you out, but I only got, like, $23.
75 in the till.
No, listen, listen, I was thinking We start up the ice cream truck again, except this time without the truck.
- I don't get it.
- Well, it's dorms, right? I mean, they're a permanent ice cream truck.
Look, I'm the RA, which is, like, king of the fucking dorms, and it's pledge week, which means everybody's wasted 24-7- seller's market.
Yeah, man, I hear ya.
I got kids now.
Yeah, I know, which is why you need the money.
Hey, Kermit.
You ever bartend before? At my niece's wake.
It was a sad, sad day.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Hey, bartend for me for a little bit and wait for V, and then you get to drink for free all week.
I always wanted to go to college.
Didn't mean to wake you.
You got any water? Thanks.
What's it feel like to be crazy? Um, like I'm under a wet blanket and cotton mouth.
They give you shock therapy? No.
Could be me next, you know.
You ever think about painting yourself and running around naked? I think about that.
Or flying? I dream about that.
That doesn't make you crazy, you know.
What about pushing someone on the tracks when the train's coming? - You ever thought about that? - No.
I heard about some guy that thought he had x-ray vision and could see girls' titties through their clothes.
Maybe it's not that bad.
You ever been to Michigan? Hey.
You move back in? - No, just visiting.
- Hey, there, neighbors.
Hey, how's the separation going? - I have a date tonight.
- With Kev? No, with Eddie Murphy- not the real Eddie Murphy, an ex I found on Facebook.
I don't know if I'm gonna go.
Hey, hi.
As you know, Lisa and I purchased this plot of land, and we are turning it into drumroll - a community garden.
- Don't go, V.
I'm serious.
Learn from my stupid mistake.
As members of this community, we encourage you to join for just a $2,000 buy-in.
That'll cover the cost of the plots, the fence, the irrigation system, - and the chicken coop.
- Wow, just $2,000? Yeah.
Sadly, your aboveground pool will have to go.
But, hey, it's fall.
You won't need it till next summer, so Thanks for taking it down.
Good- good talk.
This neighborhood has gone to shit.
Right? Check it out.
My boss gave me a shit ton of drugs to take on a bus to Michigan.
Oh, my God.
- You really improved at math.
- No, somebody got shot.
- Give your old man a taste.
- I will if you come with me.
But you got to buy your bus ticket.
Dad, your pills.
Oh, thank you, dear.
Listen, uh, I was thinking of taking a little field trip with young Carl this afternoon.
Get in some father-son bonding.
Oh, that's a nice idea for tomorrow.
But today we've got to go to the hospital to get your wound checked, and I promised Chuckie that after that, you'll teach him to toss a ball with your good arm.
Uh, of course.
That's a better plan.
All right.
Hop to.
Put the drugs on Chuckie.
Just strap him up.
Why? Because you're 14, you look like a criminal, the cops can spot you a mile off, while Chuckie- they take one look at that mongoloid, and all they want to do is look away.
Buy him a bus ticket.
Yeah? And give your old man a taste for the effort.
Ian's bipolar with psychosis.
You knew that already, right? Knowing it and having a lifelong diagnosis are two very different things.
Got it.
Meanwhile, Gus is going on tour for I don't even know how long, and apparently that means he's gonna fuck groupies in every state.
- He said that? - No, 'cause he hasn't said more than ten words to me in three days.
In fairness to him, that is my fucking fault, but still.
He's giving you that cold, silent thing.
And I don't know what to do with that.
I keep waiting for the fight-and-fuck.
- The what? - You know, the big fight- blood, tears, screaming- and then you fuck, and then it's over.
But Gus isn't like that.
And with this silent thing, it's, like, never over.
Usually the silent thing from a guy means it's over and he hasn't told you yet.
- The fight? - No, the marriage.
You have not told him that you don't want him to go? No, I was giving him space.
Speaking as somebody who's sabotaged more than one marriage, I'm not sure space is what he needs from you right now.
Groveling might be a better idea.
You think I'm kidding? I'm not.
You should beg him like a dog.
Beg him not to go.
- I got tables.
- Okay, it's your divorce.
You're kind of a dick, you know that? Yeah.
Have we met? Asshead, get in.
I thought you said we were going to play catch.
What's in those bags, Carl? Horse.
Why are you taping horse to my tummy? Because I'm your uncle and you're my niece.
And you do what I say.
I think you mean nephew.
I think I mean keep your mouth shut and keep it shut no matter what, and don't tell anyone a word about this, or else I'll tie a fucking tire around your tummy and set it on fire, even if you are my niece.
Okay, Uncle Carl.
Which one's your room? I'm not going to my room.
Too many drop-ins.
Kid attempted suicide in this room, so it's empty.
We can set up shop in here.
Oh, yeah, the kid weighed, like, 320 pounds.
He tried to hang himself.
I think it was more of a cry for help than an actual attempt, though.
I know it sounds depressing, but, you know, really, the kid just got some bruises on his fourth chin.
No, no, no, no.
It's just- I miss my girls, you know, that's it.
Hey, do you mind if I call 'em? Yeah, go for it.
Do your thing.
- Da? - Hey, Svet, it's Kev.
How they doing? They are napping with Veronica.
It's good, isn't it? Yeah.
It's possible she give them vodka to help sleep, but worse things happen in world.
Listen, I'm gonna be gone most of the day and, uh, maybe tonight, so can you help out V in any way? And also tell her that I need her to cover the bar for me tonight? Cover bar with babies? Oh, God.
Maybe I should just check on it and have Debbie babysit.
Ah, it's okay.
I babysit.
Oh, Svet, thank- You okay? Yeah.
Just uh- Well, hey, can you, uh, be sad and roll joints at the same time? There's 18 frats on this campus.
I want to hit 'em all.
Where are we going? Michigan.
- When will we be back? - Tonight.
I miss my mom.
Be a good little niece, and there's more junk food where that came from.
You alone? Uncle Carl? Sorry about that.
This new liver really churns 'em out- three craps a day, like I'm 18 again.
That's good, dad- healthy.
But why don't we cover your ass while we wait, huh? Hey.
Frequent flier Frank.
- What's that? - You.
Frequent flier Frank.
You're a bit of a legend around these parts.
Honor to finally meet you.
I sense sarcasm.
I smell infection.
Have you been cleaning this regularly? I have, but he had a liver transplant last year and with the antirejection meds, his healing process has been a little wonky.
Got it.
How'd you get shot? He was cleaning his gun, and it backfired.
He was cleaning his gun, and it backfired into his outer arm? Uh-huh.
You sure about that story, Frank? - He is.
- I am.
As a matter of fact, I'm glad it happened, because Sammi is such a good caregiver, and it affords me extra time with her.
You see, I missed the first and I think I can safely say we both enjoy me being hurt.
Oh, Kev.
Oh, my- Uh What the- what the fuck? I cook, I clean, wifely duties.
You are landlord.
I am tenant.
Uh, are you kidding? I'm not gay.
Ah, what is gay? This is not about love.
This is about oral manipulation of sex organs as stress relief.
No stress is good for bond with babies.
Tongue is tongue, no? What the hell? I'm halfway home already.
hey all you kooky kids out there get down to the dizzy X sound head down now days go up in San Francisco know there's a giant up in Carolina blew that do that don't you want to make it fat kick it up shout it out just because you can because a holiday come Ian! Ian? Hey, there.
Uh, Ian, isn't it? I remember that 'cause that's my therapist's name, and he's a ginger too.
Anyway, uh, I was wondering when you think you might be able to get to taking down this pool.
Mm, well I'm coming down off some heavy lithium right now but maybe in an hour or two.
Ian! Oh, my God, there you are.
Here I am.
Ian, what happened to all your pills? They're gone.
Yeah, I-I can see that they're gone, but gone where? Did you swallow them? No.
They're flushed.
Ian, why would you do that? They make me feel awful, Debs, like life is not worth living.
I feel so much better just knowing they're gone.
You know what I find really moving, Sammi? The way you love that boy of yours.
- You messing with me? - No.
No, my Monica didn't have much interest in our brood.
Her love was transient at best- fickle.
Fact is, she left us high and dry.
But the way you are with Chuckie, he's the center of your world, and you'd never leave him.
I- I find that inspiring, sincerely.
Dad That means a lot.
Hello? What? Wait.
Who- who is? What? He was what? I'd like to make a concerned citizen report about a large satchel filled with hard drugs.
N- n-no, I demand a lawyer.
I- I demand you stop questioning him right now! Wait- wait.
I'm coming.
Let me talk to Chuckie! Put Chuckie on the God damn phone right now.
There's some sort of an emergency.
You really think I can ask him not to go on tour? - No.
- Then why'd you suggest it? Because I'm trying to hasten the end of this thing you're calling a marriage.
I can't tell if you're kidding or not.
Neither can I.
- I'm asking for your advice.
- Yeah, I know.
But it's complicated for me.
You're the one that said we couldn't- Yeah, I know.
I'm, um- I'm just calling a spade a spade.
You need to decide what you want here.
- With you? - With your husband.
Keep up.
I'm trying.
Okay, walking on eggshells and sitting around feeling guilty isn't a decision.
You need to make a decision.
I told him what I did.
I told him I was sorry.
I sent Jimmy away.
What the fuck else am I supposed to do? You're scrappy, Fiona.
You know how to fight.
Don't pretend you don't know how to fight.
- So? - So either fight for this marriage or cut him loose.
Let him lick his wounds and move on.
You know, this halfway thing you're doing, giving him space, is kind of fucked, right? If this is a relationship you want to save, then you got to fucking save it.
- Fiona? - Hey.
You okay? I'm sorry.
It's all my fault.
I'm so sorry.
What happened? He flushed his pills.
That's $756.
Your outstanding bill is still over $6,000.
I know, and I'll keep making the payments.
It's unusual for us to take payments in cash.
Honestly, it's unusual for us to take payments at all.
No, I get that, and I, uh- you know, I really, really appreciate your patience with me.
Phillip- It's, uh, Lip.
I figure I-I'm gonna be here a lot.
We might as well get to know one another.
Lip, have you considered taking a semester off, working and saving your money? You can come back next semester with your financial aid paperwork intact and maybe have a little extra spending money in your pocket, instead- I won't make it back.
My, uh My little brother Ian was just diagnosed bipolar.
You know, and- and every day I'm here, I ju- I feel so fucking guilty, you know, that I'm not there helping.
You know, and the only reason I-I stay is, uh You know, I can't help.
Yeah, look, 'cause I spent my whole life, uh, trying to help my- my mom, um You know, has the same disease.
And there's no help for it You know, except the- the little ones, uh, Debbie and, uh, and- and Carl and- and Liam and my sister Fiona.
You know, I-I could be there for them, but I'm not You know, 'cause I'm here 'Cause I'm told that- that staying here, you know, that's- that's something I could do for those kids, you know, in- in a big way.
You know, in- in a real way, uh, someday.
So I'm here.
But if I go back to the house well, then I'm in it, you know, and- and I can't get back out of it.
You know, so I'm- I'm gonna keep coming here, and I'm- I'm gonna keep, uh, making these payments.
I'm gonna- I'm gonna show up, and I'm gonna count 'em out, and then, you know, that'll be my part.
And your part, I hope, is, um patience.
Please, you know, I just Fuck, I just need a little time.
One more week is all I can do.
You need a prescription for a refill.
I understand that that's officially true.
But you know that these prescriptions are only written for people who do crazy shit, like flush their meds down the toilet 'cause they don't want to take them, so maybe you can just refill them 'cause you know it's the right thing to do instead of giving us the official line.
Officially, I will go to jail if I do that.
Get a prescription, and you can have a refill.
Come on.
Come on.
When did you fall in love with yours? There was no falling, just being.
He comes out, they hand him to me, everything changes.
Before Yevgeny, I was selfish.
Now I would die before I let him die.
It's simple, complete.
I never made that change.
Kev did.
I didn't.
Some do, some don't.
I hate him for changing, and he hates me for not.
Because you Americans like everything to be right or wrong.
If someone is like you, it is right.
If someone is not, it is wrong.
But this is not real.
Life is not so this or that, black and white.
No, you should be happy your Kev makes these changes, because if no one does, this is how babies end up in dumpsters.
I don't give a shit about Chuckie, but I'm pretty sure G- Dogg's gonna kill me.
No, he won't.
There's nothing to be gained by killing a perfectly good corner boy.
And it's not your fault that they came with drug dogs.
That's the luck of the draw.
G- Dogg will understand that.
You really think so? I'm almost certain.
I'm fucked.
What should I do about Sammi? Should I run away? No, it makes you look guilty.
Stay here, stay cool, let the storm pass.
He's not gonna listen.
Well, it doesn't mean I can't talk.
We need to get meds and crush 'em up and put 'em in his food, like, in a smoothie.
Well, let's let that be plan B.
- Where is he? - Backyard, I think.
All right.
Flushed your pills? You get that that's a full-on Monica move, right? - I'm not Monica.
- Come on.
Let's go to the clinic.
Let's get you a new prescription.
Debbie feels like it's her fault 'cause I left her in ch- Now you're trying to manipulate me like we used to do with Monica.
- Ian- - I'm not Monica.
I didn't slash my wrists over Thanksgiving dinner.
- I went for a drive.
- You took a baby.
I took him for a drive, and, yeah, I guess it was a really long drive, and I didn't plan ahead but I did not hurt that baby.
I took care of the baby.
I fed the baby.
I sang to the baby.
I love that baby.
I get why everyone's freaking out, but, I mean, you pulled some pretty serious shit not too long ago and everyone didn't try to turn on you and permanently medicate you.
- I went to jail.
- So did I.
And now I'm out.
I'm not Monica any more than you are.
Debs? Debs? Where's Debbie? She said something about going out to buy drugs.
Are you serious? You couldn't stop her? I'm injured.
Besides, it'd be a little hypocritical.
- Debs! - So strident.
Debbie! Oh, God damn it.
Debs! Hey.
What's going on? What is not going on? Everything is fucked.
Why are you dressed like that? I told you, I have a date.
And I told you not to fuck up your life.
I'm not kidding.
I'm serious, V.
Do not fucking do that.
You guys are happy.
And you can be happy again, but not if you go fuck someone else.
And the two of you- I mean, I can't handle it if you can't figure this shit out, okay? And- and maybe that's not fucking fair, but you guys- you're Kev and V.
So figure it out.
It's not fair.
You're married too, Fiona.
And you were happy too, and then you fucked Jimmy.
So figure out your own shit instead of putting it all on me.
I'm sorry.
- What? - Mickey here? Ian fucking sent you? No, Ian didn't send me.
Ian flushed all his meds down the freakin' toilet.
What happened to your face? Nothing.
What the fuck do you want? Can you help me get these drugs? Iggy! Can you get that shit? Who the fuck gets high on lithium? - No one.
- So? So I can't get 'em.
I can get you crack, crystal, horse, E.
But this shit, no.
There's no market for it.
I'll take some fucking crack.
You got money? Fine.
When are you gonna come by to see Ian? He's been home all day.
Maybe if you were there- Did you guys break up or something? Because I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to kidnap your baby.
I'm fucking busy, Peppermint Patty.
Go whine at someone who gives a shit.
Frank used to drink like this.
When Monica was around and they would fight, he would angry drink.
It never worked.
He always came back to her.
You can't drink him away, Mickey.
It won't work.
- Veronica Fisher.
- Hey.
- You look fine, girl.
- Thank you, Eddie.
You look yeah.
Mmm Damn, princess, how long has it been? Long time.
Those lips feel like yesterday.
Should we sit, or should we find someplace more private? I'm sorry, Eddie.
But you look Yeah.
But I'm married.
And I have twins- Amy and Gemma.
Oh, I remember them well.
Hello, Amy and Gemma.
That's not what I- What? Ew! Shit.
V? That's Amy.
You see that little tooth growing there? Aw, he's so sad.
Bet I could cheer him up.
He's, like, 40.
He could be your dad.
So? I like my dad.
- Hey, you guys.
- Did you bring an extra amp? Yeah.
I brought the extra, extra amp.
I thought that one was broken.
Lots of hours to fix that on the road.
So you told 'em, huh? You didn't tell your friends? No, I did.
So you got a minute? Okay.
Here's what I know.
You're a good guy.
And I'm an asshole.
That's pretty clear.
But you know how I know I'm changing? You're a good guy, and I don't want this to be over.
I hate what I did.
I hate that I hurt you.
And I want to take it back, and I want to make it right.
And I don't even know if I really know what love is, you know, except a thing that I fuck up all the time.
But you I respect the shit out of you.
And I miss you.
And all day today when everything in my family is just falling apart, I just kept wishing you were with me.
And that's what I know.
I just need a couple weeks.
I got to get Ian settled and get him back on his meds, cover my shifts at the diner, but then I can come, at least for a little while.
I can help carry shit and make sandwiches for the guys and- On- on tour? In- in the van? I want to be with you.
Why is that funny? Oh, come on, you don't want to be in the van, Fiona.
It's exhausting, and it's kind of disgusting.
I mean, it's ju- it's just- it's a- it's a bad idea.
Well, I think it's a bad idea for our marriage for us to be apart right now.
I think what was bad for our marriage was your decision to sleep with your ex.
Listen, I-I think it's cool that you offered, but I-I need to get out and think a little.
And you think too.
W- we'll both think.
We didn't think much before we got married, so Will you water my plants? Okay.
I'll call you from the road.
Trying to give me shock therapy? It's supposed to be good for you.
You need to plug it in first.
Hi, I'm Dr.
Intake said you're hallucinating? Yeah.
I-I see knives.
I see knives in the walls.
And I want to cut myself.
And I want to cut you! Have you taken any drugs today, Debbie? - No.
- It's okay to tell me.
I ran out.
I ran out.
I need my lithium.
You're 14, and you've been diagnosed as bipolar? Yes, yes, which is why I need my lithium.
I can give you a sedative now.
Can you tell me the name of the doctor that diagnosed you? I- I don't remember.
And I-I don't need a sedative.
I need my lithium.
I can't write you for lithium without your psychiatrist's consent.
But I-I see knives.
Well, do you want me to put you on a 72-hour hold? - Like in a psych ward? - Yeah, exactly like.
- Hey, how's Ian? - Not good.
Well, what do you mean? They said he'd just sleep for the day.
Hey! Hey- What's- what's going on? My innocent son is under arrest, thanks to your brother.
- What- Ian? - Carl! Sammi says Carl put drugs on Chuckie.
- I didn't.
- Carl, if you did that, - then you- - It's not a question of "If.
" There is no way that Chuckie was smuggling heroin - by himself.
- Heroin? What the fuck's the matter with you? Carl, you have to do the right thing and tell the cops it was you.
No, I don't.
Why would I do the right thing? Because my son is in jail, and it is your fault! He's not going to be in there for that long- a week maybe.
He's only ten.
He's 13.
He's a little small for his age.
You- you mean slow.
You said "Small.
" But I think you meant "Slow.
" - I meant what I said.
- Okay.
Fiona? Dad? Can I get a little backup here? Uh, best to turn yourself in, son.
Chuckie is family after all.
Thank you.
Chicago Police! Open up! - Shit! - Oh- go, run! - Carl Gallagher? - He ran that way.
- What the fuck, Sammi? - Sammi! - Why would- - That's right.
I told them it was Carl, and I told Chuckie to tell them it was Carl.
Put your hands in the air now! All right, don't shoot.
I'm white.
Looks like a tough night for the new liver.
if I don't get rye whiskey I surely will die sometimes I drink whiskey, sometimes I drink rum rye whiskey, rye whiskey, rye whiskey rye whiskey rye whiskey, rye whiskey I think this might be the end with Mickey- the diagnosis, you know.
Even if I don't believe it, I'm pretty sure he does.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, I already blew it with my husband, and I don't even have any kind of diagnosis to pin it on.
That is kind of a diagnosis, though, right? Kind of is.
I miss you guys.
If I do have to stay at home- Don't worry.
I'm moving home tonight.
They're still questioning your brother.
You're probably gonna have to wait another couple of hours.
Don't say anything! Ask for a lawyer! I want a fucking lawyer, motherfucker.
Sorry I'm late.
ooh ooh ooh ooh Hey, Uncle Carl.
I didn't know we were going to be neighbors.
Will you tell me a story?
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