Shameless US s06e02 Episode Script


I was here last week.
Where the fuck were you? I recently experienced a tragedy.
I lost the love of my life.
She's dead, Frank.
She was my soul mate.
Well, I guess I'm gonna have to find and train a new assistant manager.
- Do we need one? - You should do it.
You'd be great at it.
- Can I come over tonight? - I'm busy.
- Did you fuck her? - What? Did you fuck her? Shit, stop! Stay away from her! You stay the fuck away from her! From who, my mom? That's my sleepover.
This is Nick.
Holy shit.
He's been in juvie since he was nine.
- How old is he? - Eighteen.
Had to let him out 'cause of his birthday.
He's my brother from another mother.
You feel? We're tight.
You need to pick up the pace a bit.
Nobody's waiting.
It's not a big deal.
I've seen trees grow faster than he's bussing that table.
Oh, shit.
You're not pregnant? I'm not.
We're Derek's parents.
We'd like to talk to you about the baby.
What baby? Derek and Debbie's baby.
think of all the luck you got know that it's not for naught you were beaming once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? round up the friends you got know that they're not for naught you were willing once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? It's too early for thinking.
Debbie's got to get an abortion.
Been hashing over this all night.
You need a break.
How could I have let this happen to her? You didn't.
Whenever a girl gets pregnant, the first thing people think is bad parenting.
Uh, you're an excellent sister/parent.
I should have made her go on the pill.
Do you want to, maybe, uh do your taxes while we're at it? Sorry.
I'm not really in the mood.
Seems like you are to me.
If she has this baby, she's gonna be like every other sad ass girl - in this fucking neighb-- - Okay.
You know, you got to shut up for a few minutes.
You need a stress reliever and I only have 12 minutes before my meeting.
So this is what's gonna happen.
You're gonna shut off your brain.
And you're gonna breathe into your body.
I can't breathe.
Your hand is on my-- Yeah, I said shut up.
Breathe through your nose.
You feel me inside of you? Yeah.
Close your eyes.
Yeah, let me do all the work.
ay, mama Now just let go, and give yourself over to me.
That's it.
Do it.
Good girl.
hey Nice job.
Now I got to blue ball it over to my meeting before work.
I'm gonna rally this family to make Debbie do it.
Well, take it easy on her.
You know how it is.
You tell a teenager what to do, they always do the opposite.
Hey, there's a nurse coming over to the diner today to give you your drug test.
Why? Insurance.
You have a felony drug conviction and you're handling money now.
See ya at the grind, Sparky.
Ooh, hello, Charise.
You too, Tamika.
Lovely to make your acquaintance, Kymberly with two Ys.
Hey, buddy, time to get up.
Gotta do our rounds before school.
- Huh? - Not you.
Go back to sleep.
You don't need to sleep with that hammer no more.
No one's gonna try to ass rape you in my crib.
Got your back.
Okay? You're the best tennis players on the planet.
Gemma, you have the number one backhand smash in the world.
Amy, you can serve and volley like no one's business.
- Gemma - Kev I'm thinking the subliminal message thing - is really working.
- Gemma Well, at least it put 'em to sleep.
gave you the nickname "The Sledgehammer.
" What, you saying my voice is boring? No, I'm saying we got 30 minutes to get down to business while Venus and Serena finally take a nap.
Oh, yes.
Let's do this.
You get a tattoo of a sledgehammer on your right bicep.
- Mm.
- Your dad's a little disappointed by this, but he can overlook it.
- Babe? - Hmm? As much as I love hearing your subliminal message voice, can we take this upstairs? Really? 'Cause it's kinda turning me on.
- Ooh.
- Come on.
Get away from my babies before I blow your heads off! You should've put muzzles on them! Damn it! Yanis woke up the girls again.
All right, I'll go deal with it.
God damn it, Yanis! Aw, come on.
You can't take them.
They-- those are my babies! We asked you to make them stop barking.
They're dogs.
They bark.
That's what they fucking do! Yanis! Shut up! My babies haven't napped in over a week because of your loud mouth.
Now, what is going on? These two rug-chomping dykebats called Animal Services on my babies! All right-- all right! Would you just calm down, and tell me the story without the gay bashing.
Look, man, I've had Michael, Tito, LaToya, Marlon, and Janet since they were eight weeks old.
They're not licensed.
I don't know what that even-- Lisa and Lisa, what is going on? There's feces everywhere, Kevin.
- So? - One of them is foaming at the mouth.
They could bite our kids.
Give them rabies.
Kids? I didn't know you guys had kids.
Not yet.
But soon.
Hey Tito.
Daddy's gonna get you outta there.
I need you to back away from the van, sir.
- Would y-- - Wh-wh-wh- What're you gonna do with the dogs? I'ma bring 'em down to the shelter.
Owner has seven days to get permits and provide a clean living area and pay for microchips and vaccinations.
Otherwise, they become candidates for adoption or euthanasia.
You can't kill my dogs, motherfucker.
Hey, get the fuck off me.
Don't make me fucking tase you! All right-- all right-- all right! Okay.
Yanis, you're gonna get your ass thrown in jail.
- He-- - You heard the guy.
You can get your dogs back.
Go start by cleaning up the mounds of shit in the front yard.
Go! Can you just go do it quietly? Oh Thank you, Kevin.
Just remember, Lisa and other Lisa, we were doing fine in this neighborhood before you two moved in.
Get outta my shit.
I'm taking 'em.
I need your help convincing Debbie to get an abortion.
- Sleeping.
- Can we talk about it later? Fine.
See you at work.
Can't wait.
Go sleep in your room, Frank.
I can't.
I just can't.
It's the last place in the United States I spent with Bianca.
I-- sick of hearing about your dead girlfriend.
My-- What? What's the ma-- What's the matter with you? How could you say something like-- What's the matter? How dare you blaspheme the name of Bianca.
How dare you! Good, God, Fiona.
Jesus! Good morning.
"Good morning to you too, Fiona.
" Friend Nick is still here, huh? Yup.
How long you planning on staying, Nick? A while.
You don't have a place to go? No family.
Does he talk? I got him covered.
- So, uh, hey, Debbie? - Yeah? - I just called the clinic.
- So? I made an appointment for you for Friday.
For an abortion.
They want us there this afternoon for your pre-screening.
I'll pick you up after school.
Not part of my plan.
But now that Derek's gone, - it's gonna-- - He's coming back.
His parents are assholes.
Did you talk to him? We love each other.
Debs, come on.
- You're 15.
- Yeah? Please, you're always bragging about how you had to raise us when you were 16.
Bragging? It was forced on me.
I didn't have a choice.
You have a choice.
Yeah, and I choose to have a baby.
You have your whole life ahead of you.
And I don't have my whole life ahead of me if I have a baby? You can have a baby when you're older and finished high school and college and gotten a job.
Right, so I should just stop being pregnant, then? - Yes.
- I'm not killing my baby.
It's not a baby.
It's a few cells.
Does this look like a few cells? The website says my baby's the size of an orange right now.
Totally looks like you just fucked a tadpole.
Debbie, be realistic.
How are you gonna go to school and have a baby? You want me to be realistic? Okay, I'll be realistic.
Knives are in the drawer if you wanna do a home abortion.
Carl! Leaving.
Here's a couple hundies for her abortion and Nick's room and board.
Where'd you get this? Earned it.
How? Let's go, Nick.
I'm taking this bag of flour with me.
Why? To prove to you that I can go to school and take care of a baby at the same time.
A bag of flour.
Are we cool with everything that happened? You're asking me that right now? you put your right foot in you put your right foot out Yeah, I mean, are we? I'm having sex with you, aren't I? you put your right foot in and you shake it all about - Talk dirty to me.
- Okay, um I'm gonna slap you with my big dick and come all over your face.
Jesus, maybe not that dirty.
you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around Never mind, never mind.
- I'm gonna come anyway.
- All right.
- Ah.
- Fuck.
you put your right foot in you put your right foot out you do the hokey pokey and your turn yourself around that's what it's all about Sorry, it was, uh It was weird with Theo in the shower.
Then you should kill him.
A gun or a pipe? Dealer's choice.
You have a good life insurance policy? Cool mil.
Make it look like an accident, though, okay? You are joking, right? Am I? Maybe Maybe not.
It's all yours, doll face.
You too, Helene.
I gotta get ready for work.
Will you start a pot of coffee, please, lover? Yeah.
put your left foot in you put your left foot out left foot in and you shake it all about Hey, yo, you stay out front while I go in and offer Mr.
Wu a little neighborhood protection policy.
Give you the signal if I need you, a'ight? who brings the fight to your door like us? who squashin' all competition like us? yeah, nobody round here they can try but they don't compare they ain't nothin' like us who always rise to the top? that's us who does everybody wanna be like? - us - Yeah if you all wanna win get yo' hands in the air and say yeah See you next Thursday, Mr.
Like taking candy from an Asian dry cleaner.
Used appliance store next, before school? You're gonna carry a bag of flour around all day? If that's what it takes to prove to Fiona that I'm my own person, yes.
Well, good luck with that.
She's a total control freak lately.
Tell me about it.
Acting like she's our mom.
It's my body.
I can do what I want.
I'm getting it from all sides.
Here she's jamming meds down my throat, and at work, she's ripping me a new one over some bullshit.
Found 'em.
Baby clothes? Gotta dress Desiree, don't I? _ Look what she's sending me.
Delete that shit.
Mm, look at Miss Thang in real clothes.
Oh, yeah, if you call Goodwill real clothes.
Least you're not schlepping burgers in a tron uniform.
I'm gonna miss the tips.
You can have the $1.
50 I got from Mr.
I mean, Atwater.
- Hey, Olga? - Yep.
Did you ever try to talk your daughter into having an abortion? Didn't get a chance.
She hid her pregnancy from me for six months.
Yeah, my kid sister was trying to do that to me.
- Debbie's pregnant? - Yes.
That sucks.
Adam, fry up this tissue with table 37's order of hash browns.
Guy's running my ass ragged.
- Sure.
- You guys, we shouldn't be frying up tissues anymore, okay? What about a shoelace? Let's not fry anything.
Not even the chicken strips? Of course the chi-- you know what I mean.
I don't think we do.
Maybe you should explain it to those of us not smart enough to become the assistant manager.
I don't need your shit today, Melinda.
Let me know when you do need it.
You used to ask Adam to fry up tissues, Fiona.
Yeah, and now I'm trying to be responsible, so cut me some slack.
Not gonna happen.
You're management now.
Hey, how'd it go with Debbie? Bad.
She thinks Derek's coming back.
- Is he? - Hell no.
How was your meeting? Well, me and my blue balls had a good time.
- Sorry.
- That's all right.
I jacked off behind the podium while I was sharing.
Am I a horrible person 'cause I secretly hope Debbie has a miscarriage? It's not a secret anymore, but it's understandable.
Sean, can I have Sunday off for my daughter's baptism? Ask Fiona.
She does the schedule now.
In fact, that goes for everyone.
Fiona's setting the schedule around here from now on.
Yes, Melinda.
That is exactly what it looks like when I'm doing it.
Listen, I'm-- I'm sorry about the, uh What? Broken knuckle 'cause you thought I was fucking my mother? Yeah, no I didn't exactly think you-- you were fuck-- Good morning.
I'm fucking my father, actually.
Bye, Daddy.
See ya, son.
Want some eggs? Uh, no.
Just coffee, thanks.
Actually, I should probably go too.
You had me worried there the other day.
You thought Helene was sleeping with Dylan? Right.
Yeah, about that.
I'm-- I'm sorry.
You do understand that the only reason you're having sex with my wife is because I allow it, right? Yeah.
Yeah, no, I got that.
Um I'm gonna go now.
Have a good day.
Yeah you say you got the touch I wish I could invent a machine that would just erase her memory from my brain.
You know, some people say that the sativa is a memory-erasing machine, Frankie.
I know that's funny, Gar.
I'm just not in a laughing mood right now.
Hey, free beer to anyone who helps us bring the rest of the stuff in.
Why the hell should we work for free beer when these hipster jackwipes are buying it for us just for treating 'em like shit? Another beer for my pal Tommy.
Thanks, asswipe.
Hey, what is going on with the smoke, Svet? Place is like a hotbox.
They can't light up in here.
They pay $12 for espresso, they could smoke my balls if they want.
Twelve bucks? Toke it up, folks! You don't really have balls, do you? Let me give you a little advice my shaman gave me when my grandpa died.
You have any of Bianca's things? You kidding? I got a whole shrine.
A hairbrush, underwear, bra, bikini, lab coat, shells, photographs, little jewelry box that I put-- Burn it all.
What? Bring it to the hospital where you first met her.
Light it on fire.
Guaranteed to help you find closure.
Seriously? Trust me.
You are too fine a man to hurt like this.
Be free, little Frankie.
Be free.
Holy fuck.
You're right.
I'm gonna do it.
Right now.
Hey! Take my lighter, amigo.
You're a good egg, Gar.
Burn, baby, burn.
Where'd we get an espresso machine? Uh, Carl and big scary colored man, they steal from fancy coffee place.
Svet, you do remember that my wife is black, right? So? Aah! Shit! What? Mind giving up your seat for me and my baby? It's a bag of flour.
Dude, get up.
She's obviously retarded.
- Her or the baby? - Just get up.
Thank you.
_ Hey, this is Derek.
Leave a message after the beep.
Hey, it's me, again.
Uh, call me back when your stupid parents aren't around.
Miss you.
Yo, there's Charleston.
Come on.
Yo, Mr.
Hey, Charleston, wait up.
- Yeah? - Yo.
Think you could take my backpack into school for me? Why? What's in it? Here's the thing.
Could either tell you could not tell you.
Not tell me.
Meet me at your janitor's closet in ten minutes.
You better make it 15.
I'ma stop at the cafeteria and pick me up a couple Milky Ways with this Benjamin.
It's the leg.
Yeah, all right.
A'ight, we're in.
Let's go.
This is it.
You're home, honey.
- Excuse me? - Oh, jeez.
Uh, this won't take but one minute.
What are you doing? Uh, I just need to light all this stuff on fire.
Are you nuts? I need security at bed four ASAP.
- Man with a bomb.
- This isn't a bomb.
It's Bianca's stuff.
Unless Bianca had a bomb in her stuff.
Bianca? Bianca Samson? Mm-hmm.
- Are you Frank? - Mm-hmm.
Put the lighter down now, jackass.
I'm not trying to hurt anybody.
I'm just-- I'm just trying to erase her memory.
It's okay, Lenny.
I got this.
Are you sure, Dr.
Joung? Yes, this is Bianca's friend Frank.
You know about me? Where are you, Ian? This is your sister and your boss.
It's after 11:00 and you're supposed to be at work.
Get your ass in here.
Hey, don't be sticking that in my chicken.
It's part of my job now.
That's a work of art.
And this work of art is undercooked.
It needs more fire.
Or it needs to be served to my customer 'cause it's already ten minutes late.
Who ordered the salmonella? - Hey, I'm off to a meeting.
- Another one? We're in the middle of a lunch rush.
You got this.
You're late, dude.
- Hey.
- He's gonna fire your ass if you keep showing up late.
I was helping out Debbie.
Well, good.
Did you tell her that she can't have a baby? - No.
- Why not? - It's not my business.
- Of course it is.
We can't afford another kid.
More water on 23 and a couple forks at 15, Ian.
- You got it.
- She's gonna ruin her life.
- You don't know that.
- Yeah, I-- We need to be a united family front, Ian.
You can't tell somebody what to do with their body, Fiona.
Just met with my buddy, Kirk Freund, over at Chapman Energy Systems.
Oh, yeah? Got you an internship with him for next summer.
Yeah, I'm not really an internship guy.
Hey-- hey, did you convince Debs to go? No, she won't listen to me, and Ian is no help.
I'm freaking out.
You're gonna be on the geothermal research team.
Uh, no.
I-I-I don't work for free.
Hey, do you, uh, do you want me to try? Yeah, would you? You're doing this internship.
Can-- can you get a car and-- and pick her up after school? We gotta get her in for a pre-exam today.
- Sure.
- You pay your dues now, the contacts you make will pay off later.
I gotta get back to work.
Right, all right.
When I was your age, I paid someone to work at their company.
Yeah-- hey, do you mind if I borrow your car? - What am I, Yuber? - No, it-it-it's Uber.
I-I'll have it back in a few hours.
That car is my baby.
No, I-I-I know.
It's an emergency.
I will be very careful.
We're not really friends.
I wake you up every morning.
I'd feel better lending it to a Chapman Energy Systems intern.
Yeah, I-I-I'll take the meeting with the Kirk energy guy.
Now, where are your keys? Probably left 'em in the car.
Thank you.
_ Mr.
Sullivan? Yes, Deborah? I need to go change my baby.
What? She's wet.
You realize that's a bag of flour in a dress, right? Oh, duh.
I'm practicing for when I have my real baby.
Well, just because you got yourself knocked up doesn't mean you should have special privileges over the other students who managed to keep it in their pants.
Fine, go.
My imaginary friend needs to drop a deuce.
Can I be excused? Sit down.
Shut up.
when this stage comes with you V, this ladder is for shit.
I need you to get off the phone and hold the ladder, please.
I am.
Fiona's spinning out about Debbie being pregnant.
Wants me to bring her an Ativan.
Yeah, well, I'm spinning out about Debbie being pregnant too.
Do you know in a couple years that could be Gemma or Amy? Not with the chastity belts we're gonna put over their vaginas.
Hipster maggots drunk last of the IPA shit water beer.
All right, I'll go get more when I'm done.
Coming down, V.
All right, folks.
That should do it.
You want to know why so many douchebag with top knot hair that smell like farm animal come into our bar? Not that we're complaining.
"Alibi voted Best Shittiest Bar on the South Side.
" No shit.
It also says that we have the skankiest and meanest Russian bartender.
Best Shittiest Bar.
Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Yeah, I know, me either.
I've never been the best at anything.
don't lie to me don't lie Sorry, forgot my wallet.
It's okay.
Bianca told me all about you.
Yeah? No money.
Always making her pay for everything.
Good times.
I don't know, you made her happy somehow.
She visits me sometimes in my dreams.
You too? I hear her talking to me sometimes.
I really miss her, Frank.
I do too.
What are you doing? Bianca's talking to us.
She's saying, "Go for it, you wacky kids, you.
" You're confused, Frank.
It's part of the grieving process.
You looked at me the way Bianca did.
Bianca had cancer.
That's the only reason she looked at you that way.
Didn't you ever ask yourself why someone with her success, beauty, and education would be interested in you? All the time.
Face it.
You and Bianca were together because of cancer.
Not just any cancer.
Stage four.
Terminal cancer.
I have to get back to my rounds.
It was nice to meet you, Frank.
Uh, excuse me? Can you tell me where oncology is? Next.
you go to rock to the rhythm with 'em got to give it to 'em got to give a lot more than the minimum - You know why you're here? - Buy a gun.
For what purpose? Purpose? Scare my fucking brother, who's being a complete and total douchebag.
Wrong answer, son.
Next! how I get down make 'em all sit down Yes? Hi.
I need to buy a gun for protection case there's a shooting here.
I'm scared.
Then let me soothe your nerves.
You, my friend, look like a Glock 17 kind of guy.
And for a mere $300, all this can be yours.
Can you teach me how to use it? Uh, we're not in the training business.
That's what the internet's for.
Okay, here.
cut out the top and the bottom plus the middle man All right.
Be safe, walk tall.
That's Carl.
He used to be white.
Don't fuck with him.
I hear he ate a kid's toe in juvie.
Two chicken parms for the sexiest paramedics in Chicago.
There's three tables in Olga's section that need to be bussed.
Yeah, I can see that.
Not blind.
Who ordered the Ativan? What if I can't make her get an abortion, V? Then slip her three of these Ativan and do it yourself.
I could just buy one of those RUD40s and crush it up in her soup.
- Fi! - I'm serious.
You can't go behind her back and give her an abortion.
Stop pacing.
You're making me dizzy.
Why not? She snuck behind my back and got herself knocked up.
Debbie's a smart girl.
Give her some time to process everything.
- She'll come around.
- What if she doesn't? This Ativan is not working.
- It was a little old.
- Jesus.
Short notice.
I could just push her down the stairs.
Stop smiling.
No one loves school.
It's not all coloring and glue like you remember.
Hey, girl.
I'm Carl.
What's your name? You don't want to tell me? That's all right.
I'll just call you my angel.
All right, settle down.
Settle down, people.
Settle down.
Turn to page 17 in your biology books.
See you in my dreams, Angel.
Who the hell are you? He's with me.
He doesn't belong here.
Because he's black? No, because he looks 35.
He's an old soul.
Page 17.
Who wants to tell me about mitosis? Hi.
I'm part of the cancer counseling staff.
The what? I travel around the ward tending to people's needs.
Oh, I didn't know the hospital offered that.
It's a new thing.
Do you mind if I ask what kind of cancer you have? Uh, skin.
And what stage are you? Two.
So you'll probably beat that.
It's what they say.
Well, that's a drag.
Excuse me? Oh, fuck me.
No dudes, no dudes.
Come on, daddy needs a pancreatic.
I'm so sorry, Hilary.
Uh, why don't you take a seat, and I'll have a social worker come by and talk to you about hospice.
Hi, Yolanda.
Hi, Bonnie.
Hi, Debbie.
Hi, Ramon.
How are things? Not good.
Pissed at my mom.
She wouldn't babysit Ramon this weekend so I could go to the mall.
That sucks.
Yeah, it's her stupid grandson.
I don't know why she has to be so selfish.
Do you guys think it's hard to go to school and have a baby at the same time? Totally.
I can't wait till I'm 16 so I can quit.
Three more years.
My baby keeps me up all the time.
None of my Forever 21 clothes fit me anymore.
My boyfriend ignores me.
My vagina is so big now.
Got to go.
My mom's here.
I have an orthodontist appointment.
Hey, Debs.
Bye, Bonnie.
What are you doing here? Came to pick you up from school.
Since when? Since I borrowed my professor's car.
Is that a bag of flour? Pretend baby.
Your niece.
So you, uh, want to get going, or? Where to? Take you anywhere you like.
Really? You have no place in mind? No, like where? I don't know, maybe the clinic.
Fiona send you? Yeah.
You gonna try to talk me into getting rid of my baby? Yeah, that was the plan.
Nice try.
Yeah, I had a whole speech.
You know, about not wanting you to be the girl at Costco, three kids hanging off your shopping cart, a fistful of food stamps, you know, desperate just to find somebody to take care of you.
Good one.
I just want what's best for you, Debs.
Well, looks like you borrowed the car for nothing.
I could still give you a ride home.
It's okay.
You sure? Yeah, I want to call Derek, talk to him in private.
No, I mean, you sure about not going to the clinic? Bye, Lip.
We're sorry.
You've reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
What? We're sorry.
You've reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
Please check the number and dial again.
Okay, I think this schedule accommodates everyone's requests.
What are you guys doing? Sorry, Miss Fiona.
Ian said it was okay.
You're gonna just sit there? Can't take a break? Did you pay for that pie? Did you clock out when you were smoking with V? I'm the assistant manager.
You keep reminding us.
What's with the attitude? Look, you're on my ass 24/7.
At home, "Did you take your meds?" At work, "You're late.
Pick up the pace.
" How about some gratitude for the job I got you? Gratitude for what? Sloshing through fry muck all day, having people snap their fingers at me, listening to my bitchy sister boss me around? If you don't like it, leave.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- I will.
- Fine.
I don't need this shit.
Really? Really? You're just gonna leave like that? - Good.
- Good! Go! Nice one, boss.
Nothing cuntier than firing a relative.
What? - This job sucks.
- Yeah.
Everyone's being a dick, and they think I'm a bitch.
Is this about Debbie? No, it's not about-- I don't know, maybe it is, okay? It's everyone.
It's-- it's Melinda and Adam and Olga and Ian.
I just fired Ian.
Or maybe he quit.
I don't know.
- Good.
- What? I'm sorry, Fiona, I know he's your brother, but he's an awful busboy.
I don't know that I can handle all this responsibility.
You are in and out of here all day long, going to a million meetings, leaving me alone to deal with everything.
I shot up.
What? When I was cleaning out Otis' locker, I found a bag of china white and his hype kit and, uh um, yeah.
You're just telling me this now? You had a lot on your mind.
Oh, shit.
I didn't think this was a thing.
You're sober.
It's always a thing.
So now I got to add this to my list of crap to worry about? No, listen, you don't have to worry about this at all.
Of course I have to worry.
No, this is my thing.
I've got it handled.
Handled? You found a bag of smack, and you shot up.
- That's handled? - Do you know how many bags of smack I've found that I didn't shoot up? Then why this time? Because I'm an addict.
So you gonna do it again? I don't know.
Why do you think I've been going to all those meetings all day? Oh, my God.
I'm in love with a heroin addict.
You've always been in love with a heroin addict.
But you weren't using.
Didn't make me any less of a heroin addict.
When did this happen? Last night.
We were together last night.
Will you promise not to do it again? That's not how this disease works.
You know that.
You've been to enough meetings.
I went to them because the court ordered it.
I wasn't paying attention.
Half the time, I was flirting with you.
I understand if you're angry and you don't wanna be with me anymore, but I I hope that's not the case.
Hey, Fiona.
What? Bitchy much? There's some nurse here to do your drug test.
Yeah, um, hey, I got to go.
I can't be here in case she wants to test me too.
Can we talk about this later, please? I want you to want me I need you to need me I'd love you to love me Svetlana, my friend Kermit over here is gonna sing "Stroke Me.
" Okay, I program into karaoke machine, you cock head.
I want you to want me I'd love you to love-- Hey, come on.
The fuck? Since when do we have a karaoke machine? Since half hour ago.
These beardos pay $5 a song to listen to old fleabags sing rock and roll music.
I acquire barber chair in morning.
Barber's chair? Yeah, these clove cigarette smelling dick holes, they like the straight razor shave.
I charge $30.
Here's to the shittiest bar in the South Side! Nasdrovia! now, everybody, have you heard? if you're in the game then the stroke's the word Where is he? Debbie Where's Derek? Mom told you he moved to Florida.
Did they make him change his cell phone number too? I just tried to call him.
I'll tell him you were asking about him next time me and him talk.
Well, what's his new number? I'm at work.
Why are you guys doing this to us? It's for the best.
But you had a baby, and they loved you.
Just give me a minute, okay? Let's go back here.
Debbie, Derek's parents were protecting you from the truth.
What? Derek was the one who wanted to move to Florida.
You're lying.
He doesn't want to have a baby.
Yes, he does.
We were picking out names.
You scared him.
He wants to go to the Air Force Academy.
Derek wants to be a pilot.
He wants to be a pilot? Yeah.
He's wanted to since he was a kid, but you didn't know that, did you? Because you never asked him about himself.
You only cared about the baby.
Guys want to feel supported, not trapped.
I-I didn't mean to trap him.
I'm sorry, Debbie.
I have to go back to work.
Excuse me.
What? You're taking up two handicap seats.
Shit, that's my stop.
No! My baby's on the train! My flour baby Desiree! You did all that for her? I did.
And you'd do those things for me? Every single one of them, and then some if you wanted.
Whatever's on your list.
Think of me as your cancer concierge.
But why? With Bianca, it was because I loved her.
Wish it was the same with you.
But who knows, maybe over time.
I'd like to say I was being selfless and I just want to make you feel better, but I've never been a selfless man.
No one really is.
Truth of the matter is, I just need to get Bianca out of my system.
And by having sex on the train tracks, that'll do it? One can only hope.
I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't been touched in over 15 years.
You let me worry about that.
Just hold that up to your pretty lips.
Slowly, slowly.
Hold it in your lungs.
Pretty soon, you'll feel the crack coursing through your veins, and all your troubles will just What'd I tell you? Hilary? Hilary, you okay? You can exhale now.
Hilary? Hey.
Hilary? Oh, shit.
Um Hey, are you at the clinic? Couldn't convince her.
Are you kidding me? No, she's got her mind set.
Well, we got to unset it.
Meet me back at the house.
We'll go at her together.
You're all good.
Great, thanks.
I'll just make a note of your pre-existing condition.
Pre-existing condition? The pregnancy.
My-- my sister's pregnancy? Your sister? No, you.
W-what? You didn't know you were pregnant? What? Congratulations.
I hope it's good news.
Take care now.
Debbie? Where are you? I have something to tell you.
- Knock first! - What are you doing? None of your business.
Let's go to the clinic right now, together.
They don't close for another half hour.
Oh, my God, how many times do I have to tell you, I am not killing my baby! - Why are you doing this to me? - To you? Why does everything always have to be about you? Because I'm finally almost free from raising you kids, and I don't intend to do it again.
- Nobody's asking you to.
- Of course you are! There's absolutely no way in hell that you're going to be able to raise a baby, and I am going to get stuck doing it! Oh, don't worry, I would never let you near my baby.
I don't want you fucking it up like you fucked us up! - I'm going to Florida.
- Florida? - What are you talking about? - Let go of me.
You don't even know where Derek is! Florida is eight million miles long! Too bad, Fiona, I'll find him! He wants to be a pilot, and I'm going to support him.
- He doesn't love you.
- Yes, he does.
You are not going to Florida.
- Ow, get off me! - Aah! - You are going to that clinic! - You're hurting me! Ow! Stop it.
You are going to that clinic! Help! My sister's trying to force me to get an abortion! Fiona, get off her.
No! We are going to that fucking clinic! Fucking Gallaghers.
That piece of shit Yanis woke up the babies again! I'm taking care of this once and for all.
How? I'm gonna cut his throttle cable when he goes back inside.
I'll be right back.
Can I come in? Uh-huh.
It was a it was a long meeting.
I'm sorry I'm so late.
It's okay.
Look, I can't promise I won't do it again, but what I can promise is that I won't-- You need to shut up now.
- Mm.
- Here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna shut off your brain and breathe into your body.
- Mm.
- Close your eyes relax and let me do all the work.
scattered pieces of us filling spaces we were silence followed us crying out our names come again, come again come again crying out our names come again, come again and we race to erase What the fuck? I thought you cut the throttle cable.
I did.
I don't know how he's riding without the throttle cable.
Are you sure you cut the right cable? Yes, there's only two cables, the throttle cable and the-- Aah! Aah! The brake cable.
Be gone, spirit of Bianca.
Oh, shit.

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