Shameless US s06e11 Episode Script

Sleep No More

1 Billy, tell 'em what they missed.
Billy? Fiona Gallagher, will ya marry me? Yeah.
Wanna do it right this time.
Immigration's gonna put her back on the next boat to Moscow.
- I'll figure it out.
- We took care of it.
Courthouse this afternoon.
- In and out and hitched.
- What? You two having sex? - Dad.
- No.
Hey, stop! Who the hell are you? The law, motherfucker! I think I wanna be a cop.
I ace the test, then I get the paperwork to get certified.
"Have you ever spent any time in a mental institution?" Your mental health is none of their business, lie.
I'm sorry I didn't have time to finish your work.
I was busy getting fired, kicked out of my room, and forced to write a ten-page essay on the dangers of drinking.
You're smart, Lip, but grow the fuck up! Oh, like you? A drunk has-been thriving off of other people's work? No wonder your kid wants nothing to do with you.
Contractions are only three minutes apart.
Oh, Debs - Are you okay? - My water broke.
Push, push, push.
Keep pushing.
Hi, Francis.
Francis? - After her grandfather.
- Frank? You were right.
I need to do this on my own.
Think of all the luck you got Know that it's not for naught You were beaming once before But it's not like that anymore What is this downside That you speak of? What is this feeling You're so sure of? Round up the friends you got Know that they're not for naught You were willing once before But it's not like that anymore What is this downside That you speak of? What is this feeling You're so sure of? - Kid's got a set of lungs.
- Yeah.
How 'bout a cup? I'm good.
Not everyone wants your microbes in his food.
Are those my drawers? How long do you think she can go for? Uh, she stopped for, like, a half an hour last night.
I'm glad I moved back home.
Wouldn't wanna miss this.
That sounds like a hunger cry.
Debs might not be producing enough milk.
She might need to supplement with formula.
- Someone should tell her.
- Not you? It's none of my business.
She's made that abundantly clear.
She's not sleeping, eating, showering.
I wish she'd let one of you just hold the baby.
Well, maybe she's got that postpartum thing.
You know, when girls go feral in corners and gouge anyone's eyes out who gets too close.
What're those, uh, things called that guys wear at weddings? The flower things? Uh, yeah, boutonnieres.
- Lip and Ian get 'em, right? - Yeah.
I gotta meet with the florist, figure out what I'm orderin'.
If they're walking you down the aisle, they get 'em.
Uh, and ushers, groomsmen Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, my daughter will be accompanied by her father as she ambles to the altar.
Her who? Oh, you mean that deadbeat that consistently fails to take care of his family? I may not have been present for your first steps or your first lost tooth or your first blow job, but as patriarch, I'm entitled to my traditional place of honor next to you for your big day.
Then it's my traditional right to ask said patriarch to pay for it.
What? Done.
I'll pay.
- In money.
- Cash.
Well, you know, if you're catching up on, uh, Dad shit, you can cover my tuition.
Teach me how to ride a bike.
I never had a sweet sixteen.
Could throw me one after the wedding.
Has anyone seen Carl? Uh, yeah, he left a half hour ago.
At 6:00 in the morning? Did he say why? Find somewhere to sleep without a screaming infant, maybe? - All right, kid, let's go.
- No way.
- He's got Headstart.
- That's where I'm taking him.
A white rose for my boutonniere.
Hey, which florist? What time? The Armenian on Clark at 1:00.
- See ya there.
- Wow.
Be funny if he actually showed up.
What would he do? Pretend to reach for his wallet? - Frank owns a wallet? - I can hear you.
Those are my boots.
Hey! Get used to it.
Hey, Debs.
Where you off to? School.
Missed a bunch.
Gotta catch up.
With Franny? Yeah.
Great, have fun.
Yeah, I can take ya.
It's too cold to walk with a baby.
No, thanks.
I'm driving right by the school.
Come on.
Don't make it a whole thing.
See ya at work.
I gotta do some, uh, reading for class.
She needs help and sleep.
Yeah, so do we.
- Oh, shit, it's them.
- Fuck, Immigration.
- Fuck! - Don't forget your lines.
Okay, okay, okay.
Lester from USCIS.
- Oh.
- Immigration? Met at your bar a few weeks ago? Just a routine mandatory check to see if the living situation is as reported.
Please, come in.
So I've been crashing on their couch as you can see.
I was supposed to move out, but I've been pretty strapped for cash.
This is the home you and your ex share with your two children? Yes, yes, it is.
Until she fell for that no good commie slut.
Okay, you discover your employee's being deported.
Moments later, your live-in partner of many years dumps you then runs off to city hall to marry this employee because they're "in love.
" Can you fucking believe that shit? No.
Mind if I head upstairs? Well, I don't know if they're receiving any guests right now.
You know, they do a lot of gay sex up there.
Agent Lester Hibbert here from USCIS.
Routine unannounced check.
Let me know when you're decent.
All good.
Thank you.
Uh, Mrs.
and Mrs.
Fisher, do I have your, uh, permission to look around at your personal belongings? Oh, go on.
We have nothing to hide.
Junior police training program? Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
4:30 to 7:30.
Start raising my GPA, hit the gym.
And what do you want from me? Well, they don't allow convicted juveniles in the program.
Thought maybe you could, uh, pull some strings.
You want to be a police cadet? Make the world a better place.
Stomp out evil, preserve humanity - Yeah - Boom, you're a hero.
When's the last time you bought a bag of groceries? Or did your own laundry? You know what comes before civic duty? Personal responsibility.
Own your shit at home first.
Pass the syrup.
Come on.
Get everything you can.
There ya go.
Like shirts, pants, stuff like that.
Raggedy looking stuff.
Yeah, what else you got? These are great.
Oh, fuck.
Ah, yeah, they're gutting the building next door.
Hey, it's gonna get even noisier around here.
Maybe we should, you know, crash at your place a couple nights? Uh just till shit calms down? Nah, it's even worse over there.
Trust me.
Worse in what way? You can't tell me? - It's just chaotic.
- I can do chaotic.
So, nervous for your big day? No.
Nah, excited mostly.
Figured I'd be a janitor the rest of my life.
You're still gonna be cleaning up vomit and dumping garbage, just in a fancier uniform.
- Better pay too.
- Oh.
Check it out.
Turkey sandwich, chips, an apple, and a treat.
Now go save lives.
Shh, it's okay.
Don't cry.
Can't bring a crying baby to class.
Oh, can I at least pick up my assignments? You need to talk to the counselor and figure out how to continue your studies at home.
Well, I want to finish school, so let me learn.
Okay, here's a lesson: use condoms.
His parents were mauled by vicious rebels.
He has AIDS.
Please, give money.
Yeah, save that 20 for a bag of Peruvian mangoes.
Tropical fruit is more important than a dying orphan.
Keep shivering.
That's really great.
His immune system is breaking down.
We need money for doctors.
Oh, you have no money? And you're going into a grocery store? Interesting.
- Yo.
- Hey.
Ah, we're a study lounge all a sudden? Well, I'm doing my TA work off campus.
Aw, you're missing all that eye candy, man.
Hot coeds wearing little mittens and scarves.
Ready to be unwrapped like little Hershey's Kisses.
Mmm! Man, I'm telling you, I miss my rape-walking days.
It gets old pretty quick.
What, did something go down at Screw U? Oh, burn a bridge, run for the hills: The Gallagher Way.
I'm not fucking running, okay? I'm just doin' what I gotta do.
What kind of boss lets you lay low like that? Didn't exactly let me.
If you'd have pulled that shit with me, I'd have fired your ass so hard you'd have left skid marks.
I can't lose my TA-ship.
You know, I'd have to drop out, you know? And I care about my education, you know, unlike these dinosaur professors spouting archaic bullshit, just sleepwalking across chalkboards for 30 years.
Oh, poor baby.
Sitting in a bar bitching about mean teachers and free grant money while the rest of us are shoveling shit just to make ends meet.
Fuck you.
So, Kev, how are your two hot lesbo wives doing? Fake lesbos.
It sucks.
Think it's fun for me living out of a suitcase in my own home? Why you gotta do that? 'Cause Immigration shows up at 7 a.
going through my shit to make sure that the fake lesbos are for real lesbos.
They gotta bang each other too? What part of the word "fake" don't you get? Ah, the part that always sees 'em in here bein' lovey-dovey.
Oh, giggling and touching.
They're bonding.
Do I feel left out? Yeah, a little.
Do I like it that V's got a new BFF? Not especially, but do I think that she wants to munch a cooch? Hell no.
Oh, hey, I thought you two were in school.
We got kicked out.
Franny wouldn't stop crying.
Thought maybe Svetlana or V could help.
Nah, they're at home getting their vaginas interviewed.
Whoa, whoa, what do you mean you got kicked out, though? I had to meet with a counselor, and he forced me to enroll in a alternative program for teen moms.
They call it distance learning, but you know what I call it? Discrimination.
I think you can only claim discrimination, you know, if your issue isn't your own choice.
Well, I didn't choose to be a part of a family that didn't support my decision in having this baby.
Debs, we wanna help you, okay? You just keep refusing.
Fine, just - Hold her while I go pee.
- All right.
- Here? - Support her neck.
Okay, I got her.
I got her.
Don't let the death of an orphaned African child be on your conscience this holiday season.
$20 buys him food for a day.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Our "I Do" package includes the bridal and maid of honor bouquets, two bridesmaids bouquets, and one altar piece.
- How much? - Starting at 800.
Got anything cheaper? Hoo! Hell are you doing here? I said I was coming.
Toasty in here.
What's wrong with Liam? Is he sick? Convincing, no? Eye shadow and Vaseline.
It's a gypsy trick.
Hey, go wash your face, and good work today.
Are you the fiancé? Ha.
Uh, I'm the proud papa who's paying for this enterprise.
- Don't listen to him.
- What's the damage? The lowest I could go is 650 for our rustic basic.
How much is the deposit? Um 30% down, which comes to 195.
No, no, no, no.
Cash okay? And then she picked up my babies, one on each hip, and she whispered into their ears and they both stopped crying immediately, and I was like, "Damn.
This crazy Russian is magical.
" I knew then that I wanted her in my life forever.
And, Mrs.
Fisher, when did you first realize you were in love with Mrs.
Fisher? Oh, first time I saw her.
We were in bar where we work.
This thing happened speaking Russian.
It's when your eyes, they climb onto your head.
This happened to me.
Well, your individual interview answers line up for the most part and your joint interview has been shockingly credible.
I've been at this job eight years.
Never seen a setup quite like this.
So did we pass? Well, I don't buy a word of it, but so far I don't have any evidence to the contrary.
I'll review your documents, follow through with family and friends.
I'll make a few more follow-up visits.
Can't wait to see how far you ladies take this.
People are pretty swell around here.
I don't hire assholes.
'Cept for this guy.
Oh, don't let her near your lunch.
She goes apeshit over salty snacks.
Listen up, crew! This is Ian Gallagher, our new trainee.
The only person besides me to get a perfect score on both the written and the practical.
- Ooh! - Act civilized so he'll stick around.
Uh, label and date your food, please.
This is your locker.
Uniform's inside.
Doesn't fit, let me know.
Napping cots around back, and, uh, we'll hit the wagon in about 20 for rig check.
Don't be late.
Hey, hey.
I, uh, got you a redeye.
Looks like you could use a kick, but you might want to, uh Listen, I, uh, prepped some notes for your lecture later on scale relativity, and, uh, here are some of the take-home quizzes for next week.
You know, some other shit I was supposed to do.
That all? No.
Uh No, I wanted to apologize you know, for saying that vile shit uh, about your Your family and stuff.
I was in a really bad place, and I really Papers in my box need grading.
You're invitin' people you barely know to my wedding.
I know their characters, not their stats.
How many folks ya think Sean'll want? Uh, his kid, uh, a couple Patsy's people, some people from AA.
Hey, I need ya to count that paper stock.
Well, that's a whole buncha names.
I'm an esteemed member of this community.
The marriage of my eldest daughter is a notable event.
Ya gonna charge a cover? When you're knee-deep in brand-new kitchen appliances with matching flatware, I'll be expecting a thoughtfully worded apology.
- I'll go ring up your bill.
- Okay, reception.
I know this cozy restaurant.
It's great food.
It's got private rooms.
You like Brazilian? - Where's the money coming from? - Irrelevant.
This is about your smile as you dance the night away.
I don't get it.
This sudden interest in my happiness? I can't stop thinking about that infant Deb squirted out on my kitchen table.
I fucking missed it.
I'm tired of missing stuff.
Okay, we'll check out the Brazilian joint tomorrow morning.
Come on, Liam.
Oxygen tanks are full, defib has fresh batteries, gas is at 90%.
- Linens? - Right there.
- Restraints? - Are in the gurney.
- What's left? - Can't think of anything.
Aw, jeez, what'd I miss? Ah it's a kick, huh? I remember my first time flippin' that switch.
My heart skipped.
I was like, "I'm here," you know? You make it a habit, and make it quick.
One of the top five rookie errors is taking too long with rig check.
What are the other four? Being too detailed in your reports, using a bag valve mask improperly, not learning the names of your patients, and not going out to drinks with the crew after your first shift.
You will be counting on these people.
You gotta build trust.
Station 14 Card 28.
Patient is non-responsive.
Can you copy? - Go ahead.
- Station 14 copy.
Standing by for 10-20.
It's a nursing home call.
We get about five per day.
Meet you later for drinks.
- Hey, bring your girlfriend.
- I'm gay.
Well, bring your boyfriend.
No one gives a shit.
Have fun with the grannies.
And here comes the hand-o-saurus, goin' from your nose, way down to your toes.
- I got your toes.
- Jeez, I suck at this.
- What subject? - English.
Personal essay based on The Hero's Journey.
Wow, that's like college level.
We didn't do that till freshman year.
Ugh, yeah, this is so much harder than regular English.
It's like they want us to fail.
What the hell is a call to adventure? That would be when you got pregnant.
- So where am I now? - Resurrection.
When the hero gets tested at home.
- God, you're smart.
- Are you testing Mommy? Are you testing Mommy? Yes, you are, come here.
I knew it wouldn't be easy, but everything terrifies me.
SIDS, jaundice, germs, reflux I keep a mirror by my bed and check her breath ten times a night.
Brrrr! Good God, it's cold out there.
All right, we did pretty good today, hey! Go change your clothes.
Oh, ho, we get to touch her now? - Hey, you - Stop, you're filthy! - Have you talked to Derek? - Not yet.
I keep hoping he'll call.
- What about his parents? - No.
- They hate me, screw 'em.
- Scandalous.
What kind of a man turns his back on his family? What's their name again? Delgado.
Come here, you.
- Come here.
- Careful! Hello, little Miss Gallagher, how are you? How are you? Whoa, whoa.
It's your grandpa.
Yes, it is.
Gotta start pinching pennies around here.
Diapers are like 30 bucks, and formula's like 25 a box.
- Well, why formula? - I told him to get it.
- I breastfeed.
- Yeah.
Well, Fiona said that you might need to supplement.
Well, Fiona can suck a turd.
If she had her way, Franny would be a blood clot splattered at the bottom of a trash can at some clinic.
You're not falling for Frank's "father of the bride" shtick, are ya? Nothing to fall for.
Well, from here, it looks like ya might be.
I'm not letting him in.
I'm letting him pay.
There's a big difference.
Just don't want you to be disappointed again.
Frank has let me down my entire life.
This will be no different.
I just wanna watch him fake like he's a human for a while.
- For fun.
- Yeah, fun.
Ok, let's make a bet.
How long till Frank bails? I give it two days.
If that.
If I win, you have to go down on me every night for a week.
And if you lose? Same deal.
You drive a hard bargain, Gallagher.
- He didn't buy any of it? - Not one word.
Well, when is he coming back? Could be tomorrow, next week.
I'm gonna break my neck flying down those stairs like that again.
Maybe you should just stay down there.
Are you serious? Not worth breaking bones over.
This is some bullshit.
You know, I hope Svetlana really appreciates what we're doing for her.
What about us appreciating her? You know that woman speaks four languages and can play the accordion blindfolded? And her childhood was completely fucked.
She could tell you stories that would turn your hair white.
We're lucky to have her.
She's so mysterious.
She's like the sphinx.
Part-cat, part whatever-the-fuck.
All right.
Guess I'll head down.
It's only temporary, baby.
Yeah, I know.
It still blows.
Good night.
Good night.
You wouldn't happen to have a son named Derek, would ya? - Why? - I'm the father of the underage girl he knocked up.
Remember her? Cute, freckled, redhead? The girl your 17-year-old son abandoned when she told him she was gonna have his kid? Derek didn't want her to have that kid.
Well, she had it anyway.
Woman's right to choose and all that.
And, boy, is that little thing cute as a button.
But she can work up some bills.
Be nice to get some help.
Did I mention my daughter's underage? What do you want? Money, obviously.
You know, we could sound-proof the walls.
Yeah, or buy earplugs? Or figure out how to get more food into that baby.
Has she let any one of you hold her yet? - Yeah.
- Both of you? - Yeah.
- Gang's all here.
Must be "infant fucked us o'clock.
" 3 a.
Hey, did you use my toothbrush last night? - Which one's yours? - The light blue one.
Let me be perfectly clear.
Don't take my underwear.
Don't use my toothbrush.
Don't wear my boots.
Hey, if it's under this roof, it's fair game, dem's da rules.
If you don't like it, there's a door right there, and we have another one right here.
All right, Frank.
- Yo! - Hey! - You made it! - Yeah, of course.
I'm not gonna miss an old-school Gallagher blowout.
- Aw.
- Thanks for texting.
- What's the occasion? - Uh, Deb's kid.
- It's gonna be a long night.
- Another long night.
How was your first day at work? Eh, a little hectic, but I did good.
- And how's the firefighter? - When do we get to meet him? - Ian! - Oh, look who's here, hey! Oh, there she is, here.
Put that out, put that out.
Look at this! Oh, my God.
She heard you laughing and wanted to say hi.
Hey, lady.
She is a beauty.
Hello, lady.
- Oh.
- Her neck, her neck.
Support the neck.
She's delicate.
Let's head up.
Come on.
Deb, she's so sweet.
- I love the hair, don't you? - She's been so fussy.
Got a head of hair on her already.
Look out, boys, here she comes.
Oh, my God, she's a Gallagher.
Hi there.
Where's Fiona? Aren't you a bottle of bubbles? She left early with Frank.
Trying to set a good example for Franny.
When life gets tough, you smack on a smile your face and face the day.
Morning, Carl.
Did you buy eggs? I can make us up a scramble.
Lip, you want eggs? Morning, baby.
Rise and shine, Ian, I'm making eggs! How is she so fucking perky? Overactive adrenal gland from sleep deprivation.
Think she's headed for a major crash.
Got clippers anywhere? - Why, you wanna cut your hair? - Want something more cop-like.
I mean, I'll look.
Fuck you, Frank! Who would do this? The lady he gave genital warts to.
Or one of G-dawg's boys.
Shit, could have been that blind bookie Frank screwed over last spring.
- So this is normal? - Everybody hates Frank.
- It could have hit Franny! - It's okay, Debs.
No, it's not "okay.
" You should stop making yourselves fine with this shit.
Set a fucking boundary.
You're not helpless.
You know, it's your house too.
50, 55 people will be around 4,000.
Includes hot buffet, salads, hors d'oeuvres, tables, dance floor, and P.
We charge extra for booze.
But you may bring your own.
Oh, Pop can scrape that together overnight.
Right, Pop? Four grand is not begging-with-Liam money.
Four grand is selling-Liam money.
Well, pony up.
The lady's waiting.
I did my best, but there There was no way that they could Yeah, Sean totally called it.
Sorry to have wasted your time.
Thank you so much.
Now listen, I was going to say, I did my best to get 'em to give me bigger bills, but it was late, and he was running low.
What the hell was that you pulled last night? We're married.
Married couples have sex.
Oh, you gonna act like this a real thing now? You prefer to act like your seven orgasms were not? Seven.
Damn, I lost count.
Look, I know you feel like you owe us for what we did but I owe nothing.
I take what I want when I want it.
You could stop me.
I love Kevin.
I'm not gonna fuck it up again.
A woman can have romantic feelings for more than one person.
She loves two children at once, two friends We play pool now.
- Don't lock that.
- I take pool very seriously.
I have a business to run.
One game.
It's slow.
Of pool, an actual game.
With holes and balls and shit.
No balls.
Maybe holes.
- When you need 'em by? - A week ago.
Hey, look, uh, how long do you plan on putting me through this shit? You need a date? Just curious.
I understand you feel misused.
I tend to bristle when accused of abusing my position.
But if you feel like you're the one pushing the boulder up the hill while I carry the pebble, that's a problem.
Bottom line: you and I have boundary issues.
My fault, probably.
Moving forward, I'd like us to err on the side of professionalism.
What the fuck's that mean? It means you keep your shit to yourself.
Helene, your dick, the sorority parties, all of it.
And I'll do the same.
I'm your employer, not your daddy or your girlfriend or your therapist.
Also, don't put me in the awkward position of having to decide whether to terminate your scholarship.
Do your job, I'll do mine.
Sound good? "Ventures into region of challenged" Hey.
Shh "Ventures into a region of wonder.
Gets challenged" - Hey, what's up? - Hey! You're not gonna believe this.
Frank just forked over $1,000 in cash for my reception.
- Are you fucking serious? - Yeah, I know.
It's insane! That piece of shit.
I mean, you don't You don't just decide when you get to be a father.
Ah, w that's Frank for ya.
No, I mean what's the fucking point? I mean, why even have kids if you can't stick by them when shit falls apart, or like Like if you're the fucking reason, I mean You know, all these old narcissistic fucking alcoholics should just crawl in a hole and fucking die.
Wow, that's dark.
I-I thought you'd think it was kind of funny.
Well, I guess I'm not in the mood.
- Something going on? - No.
Nothing, I just I didn't get any sleep.
I was up It was a rough morning.
Look, I gotta get this, uh Some work done.
Are you coming home for dinner later? No.
No, I got class tonight.
Well, I'm on my way into the church to drop off my marriage license, but I'm free after.
You sure you don't wanna talk Yeah, I got to go.
Your new liver can handle all that, Frank? I'm celebrating, God damn it.
I love the weight of this in my hand.
- Oh, yeah? What's the occasion? - Fatherhood.
I did something selfless, and I feel spectacular.
Paying for shit you're supposed to pay for doesn't make you Jesus.
It does if you've committed your life to sticking it to the man.
I exist on the fringes of society.
I live by the code of the dragon.
Bank-rolling a wedding It's downright heroic.
So I wake babies from nap, I bring them home, and I cook dinner.
Tonight, I make borscht.
It's my babushka's recipe.
A little bacon, a lot of misery.
Sounds amazing.
Come here.
First of all, I love you with all of my heart, and I love us.
That's good to know, baby.
I love you too.
Wow, you smell fantastic.
I'm in a situation.
We had sex last night.
It was an accident.
Is it gonna happen again? It already did.
O-on purpose.
It's not just sex.
Oh, my God.
- Are you a for real lesbo? - Hell, no.
You still got me dick-whipped, but something's going on.
"Something"? What the fuck, V? I thought you two were bonding like a couple of regular girls, not carpet munchers! We were, and then we weren't.
I'm just as confused as you are.
I'm not confused! I am fuckin' pissed off.
And strangely turned on.
Which is very confusing.
This is like my worst nightmare and greatest fantasy all combined into one.
Oh, my God.
Does she feel the same way about you? I didn't ask, and honestly, I don't even know how I feel.
Then why the fuck are you telling me? Because I want to keep doing it.
With her.
And with you.
And with you and her together, but And I'm not sure what to do about that.
All right, stop.
I need to think about this.
But I have a massive erection, and I need to wait for that to go down first.
The Klein-Gordon equation.
The Dirac equation.
Glad to have you back.
And the free field Einstein equation.
Or we could use the scale relativity theory to explain the origin of how wave functions are generated.
You know, like most people do.
That's an option, of course.
No, it's the standard, actually.
People stopped using field theory for this shit back in the '90s, which is about when you started pickling your frontal cortex with Scotch.
Both ways of reconciling wave functions are perfectly valid.
Well, I mean, not anymore.
You know, you should read up on it.
Maybe you'll learn something.
- Excuse us.
- What, what, what? Fucking what? You smell like a distillery.
You're losing your shit.
Go home, sober up.
I changed your shirt when you woke up covered in your own vomit.
I listened to you bawl your face off about some student you fucked eight years ago.
I helped you shave your face before your faculty meeting 'cause your hand was so fucking shaky.
You need to stop talking now, Lip.
You're doing damage to yourself.
You don't give a shit about me.
You don't give a shit about me, because you don't have to.
Right, you're just sitting pretty in your ivory tower, and I'm a fucking insect crawling on the wall, till you squash me, right? What, 'cause that makes you feel fucking powerful? 'Cause you fucked up your own life, and you fucking hate yourself for it.
And I was your ticket out of the gutter, pal.
And you just blew it.
You're officially fucking fired.
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! God, God! Fuck you.
Fuck you, fuck! Okay, wait, so we don't cut the jacket for IV access? No, not if it's leather or down.
Leather's too hard to cut, down, you'll be pulling feathers out of the rig for months.
- Got it.
- Nap time.
See you in 20, okay? Yup.
The results from your background check came in.
You voluntarily committed yourself to the Cook County Psych Ward? I'm on medication now.
For? Bipolar.
You lied on your application? I got perfect scores on my exams.
Did you lie on your certification too? Well, you wouldn't have hired me if I'd told you the truth.
You're firing me.
I can't have someone - on my team I don't trust.
- Shit.
It's paperwork, all right? That shit is meaningless.
We don't allow people with a documented history of mental illness to work here for a reason.
I'm good at my job because of my illness.
I can stop a bipolar kid from jumping through a window on a fucking 26 call.
Debbie? Debbie? Yeah.
I dropped her.
I fell asleep, woke up.
She was facedown on the floor.
Okay, it's okay.
Hey, look.
She's fine.
I got you.
It's okay, hey.
Not even a scratch.
She's fine.
Fine, look.
Not even a scratch.
Babies are resilient.
I can't stop her from crying.
I can't even feed her enough.
I'm a terrible mother.
You care so much.
Okay, that's all that she needs.
Come here.
Hey, you're burnin' up.
Does your breast feel tender? Debs, you got a clogged duct.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It happened to Monica all the time.
We just need to clear the duct.
Okay? A warm compress and some Ibuprofen.
You'll be all good.
I'll go get a hot water bottle started, okay? I got it.
Okay, I'll get Ibuprofen.
She wants her mom.
Go on.
Freezing in here.
Someone leave a window open? Oh Can I talk to you for a second? Sure thing, son.
Frank, a brick came in the front window today.
It's addressed to you.
Usually they come after the holidays.
You don't see a problem with this? Well, not if no one got hit.
You know, I thought you were gonna thank me for dropping a load of money on your wedding this morning.
Where'd you get the money? In an honorable, ethical fashion.
Define "honorable.
" Coaxed from an unwilling party.
Define "party.
" The parents of the boy that got Debbie pregnant.
It's amazing what the threat of a statutory rape charge will do to make a man start sweating coins.
You threatened Derek's parents by accusing their son of statutory rape.
You did what? Debs! We need to maintain the upper hand if we're gonna get him to keep writing checks.
This is her life.
This is Franny's family.
You know, they're not a human ATM machine, Frank.
You're taking money from them? Their son spooged a baby into you and then flew the coop.
That's abandonment.
They owe us! - He'll never speak to me again! - Shh, shh.
Okay, hey, calm down, calm down.
Frank told Derek's parents that he statutory raped me so he'd give him money.
Really? Oh, fuck, Frank.
That's a dick move.
It's a move that paid for the deposit on your restaurant You're welcome.
Do you hear yourself? Even when you say you're helping, it's all about you.
Wind up another brick through the window No problem, no biggie, it's just my kids' house.
It's What's for supper? I'm famished.
Frank? You're not paying for our wedding with your crooked money, and you're not gonna ruin her relationship with her new family, and you're not gonna smash Fiona's heart for the 500th time! Okay, good lord! Enough of this shit.
That's my pork chop! Excuse me.
That's my pork chop.
This is my house.
It's my fucking family.
And yet, you treat 'em like shit.
You don't deserve to walk your daughter down the aisle.
- Aah! - Huh? What, what? - Stop! - Stop! Frank! - Stop! - Stop! Stop this! Oh, my God! Frank! - Stop! - Stop! Ah fuck! Stop! Oh, my God, you're gonna fucking kill each other! - Frank! - Mother - Stop! - Aah! Hey! - Hey! - Stop it! - Hey! - Stop! Oh, my God, what did you do? Chokehold.
Cops do it.
Is he breathing? Daddy? Frank? You're a fucking asshole, Frank.
God! You were doing so great.
Ya almost pulled it off.
And then you had to go fuck it all up again.
Get the fuck outta here! Go! What the fuck is wrong with you? You're on parole.
You wanna go to jail for fighting with that fucking asshole? I was standing up for you.
I don't need you to stand up for me.
I can stand up for myself! That's not fucking standing up for me.
That shit's not about me.
That's about your fucking ego! My heart is not getting shattered.
I don't have a heart when it comes to Frank.
Come on.
Let's get you cleaned up.
You like that, motherfucker? Oh, you feel that shit? Fuck you, Youens! Hey! Hey, what the hell are you doing? You say you want satisfaction I said I'll give you reaction 'Cause I'm feeling sentimental And a bit experimental And I wanna see you cry Is a smile what you want Freeze! What the fuck! - Get the fuck off me! - Stop moving! Fuck! Shit! The fuck you looking at? Somebody who got his ass kicked pretty good.
I was defending my family.
From what? My daughter's fiancé.
Arrogant fucking dirtbag.
Struts around like he's God's gift to mankind.
Newsflash, buddy.
You run a garbage-y diner in a garbage-y part of town.
Nothing to strut about.
Man, what I wouldn't give to see him bounce off the bumper of a rig doin' 80.
Then get pierced by the wing of a low-flying plane.
And then butt-fucked by a flock of Canadian geese.
- How much? - How What? How much what? How much money, dumbshit? The fuck are you talking about? Hypothetically speaking.
Say a fella just got canned.
Eh, like an hour ago.
Say this same fella, he's got no moral issue extinguishing the life of an arrogant dirtbag.
Go on.
Now, this newly canned fella meets an irate guy on a train.
Irate guy needs a dirtbag taken out.
How much would he pay for that? What if irate guy only has two grand to his name? - In cash? - Maybe.
On his person? Maybe.
Canned fella might wanna talk some more.
This is my stop.
It's half.
The other half when it's done.
" So Are we gonna have a fuck schedule or a fuck calendar? You see, like, Sunday will be V and Kev.
Monday will be V and Kev and Svetlana.
Tuesday, just be V and Svetlana.
Am I gonna get my own night with Svetlana? Oh, shit, that's awesome.
Oh, date night! Am I dating both of you in addition to fucking you? Do we all go on dates together? Who's gonna be the third wheel? I'm wondering if we should tell people.
No other dudes.
No other dudes.
Part of me wants to brag, but the other part's like, whoa, this is kinda freaky-deaky.
Keep it close.

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