Shameless US s07e10 Episode Script

Ride or Die

1 Ah, man, you missed Shameless last week? That was the one where we were all naked.
And having sex.
With each other.
Why did you come back? Haven't you ruined my life enough already? I am dying, Frank.
It's okay.
I have a plan.
I bought a small business.
You have any tips for first-time owners? Yeah.
Don't do it.
Made a profit yesterday, 32¢.
Big news Attention residents! You have no legal right to keep Franny from her mom! So give us the fucking baby! Lana, what's going on? I am the owner of Alibi.
To being a family again! Hoorah! I wanted to ask if it would be okay if I worked here.
I need somebody to run my Fluff And Fold service.
I miss being around people with minds like Professor Youens.
And Professor Runyon.
Stay away from me.
Don't make this any uglier than you already have.
We admire the efforts that you have made to get your drinking under control.
But we stand by your expulsion.
You're drunk.
You gonna give me shit now? I already have one out of control addict in my life.
I don't need two.
I've had a hell of a day.
We haven't really spoken in weeks.
You're busy, no time for me and my shit.
- [man.]
Ian Gallagher? - Yeah? Mikhailo Aleksandr Milkovich escaped last night.
Mickey? rock music Think of all the luck you got Know that it's not for naught You were beaming once before But it's not like that anymore What is this downside That you speak of? What is this feeling You're so sure of? Round up the friends you got Kw that they're not for naught You were willing once before But it's not like that anymore What is this downside That you speak of? What is this feeling You're so sure of? [groans.]
That time already? It's orientation week for a new group of teens at the youth center.
Gonna have a bunch of 15-year-olds crushing on you.
- [chuckles.]
- [kisses.]
Wears off after a week.
Hey, you still tired? [moans.]
Feel like I was in a bar fight.
You were pretty restless last night.
Cops are out looking for your ex? - Definitely caught me off guard.
- [scoffs.]
Escaping from prison, that's-that's pretty wild.
Do you think he'd, um, try to reach you? I'm not getting involved in his shit.
I'm not.
All right, Mickey's fucking nuts.
I'll catch you for dinner later? Hope so.
rock music Bye.
You all done? [cell phone rings.]
Hey, Chad, what's going on? Go get your book bag.
Do you know what she wants? No no, it's no problem.
I'll be at Patsy's in about 30 minutes.
That's fine.
Thank you.
Come on.
Liam, come on! Gonna be late for school! I'm on CPT.
What? Colored People's Time.
Let me guess.
Frank? pensive rock music How many times does it take To hear the phone? To hear the phone? How many times does it take To hear the phone? To hear the phone? [blows nose.]
Hey, man, are we on the north side? Fuck me.
Hey, baby.
Oh, your breath smells like Pop Tarts.
- What's for breakfast? I'm starving.
- Coffee smells great.
If you are going to be staying here temporarily, we need to go over the rules.
Oh, Grandma's little cabbage patch.
First thing's first, there will be no drugs or alcohol in this house.
DCFS is going to make unannounced visits, so nobody handles Franny who is not sober.
Mostly sober.
No exceptions.
Curfew is 11 p.
which is also bedtime.
No sex in the apartment.
Anybody who eats the groceries needs to chip in on the groceries.
You know, it seemed like just yesterday you were at the homeless shelter begging for my help.
And now, you scammed your way into your own home.
I won't say I'm not proud of your ingenuity, but you might want to ease back on the Stalin-style home care.
It's not a scam, Frank.
Neil and I are in love.
And he's brain-injured, not deaf.
Aren't they cute? [Monica.]
Neil reminds me of that pet hamster - Debbie had as a kid.
- [Frank chuckles.]
The one you killed in the bathtub.
You remember that, Frank? Yeah that it was a total accident.
I was told hamsters could swim.
- Mm.
- Debbie's in love.
Love is not supposed to be cute.
Love is raw and destructive.
Love is you almost stabbing me in the heart with an ice-pick when we were having an argument.
That's the kind of passion you can't fake.
Well, Neil and I don't need passion.
Come on, Franny, let's go give Daddy a bath before Mommy has to go to work.
Bye, Franny.
Bye, Deb.
Our thrills don't have to end.
You goddamn right they don't.
You and me, we are immortal.
So I want to show you my plan.
I want to see your plan.
Aww, honey.
You look like shit.
Looking like a chip off the old block there, son.
Did you go on a bender alone? Fuck off, huh? Booze bums you out.
Change chemicals.
All right, well, next time we'll all get shitfaced together.
I'd rather drink my own piss.
Try a speedball after a bender.
Next day, you'll be moving like a pro.
Come on, Frankie, follow me.
Come on.
A stash? Wrong.
I was kind of hoping for cocaine.
Oh, we're gonna get all the cocaine we want with these.
We're gonna sell 'em? No, we're gonna use 'em.
Frank, I want to write a will I don't have anything solid to leave the kids.
Those kids don't need an inheritance.
It'll ruin 'em.
Look, I lifted this from my old dealer, Eric.
He had a plan to rub a police evidence room and get off with the drugs and the cash.
How much cash? Eh, those aces hold like 75 to 100 grand.
If we get off with half, we're golden, Frankie.
Wouldn't it be great to be outlaws together again? We could just get wasted together again.
No, remember all the thrills we had when we were kids? When I used to lure guys into the hotel and lock the bathroom door so we could run off with their wallets and drugs? Sweet bird of youth.
Look, I want to leave each kid five grand so they can get a good start in life.
Will you help me make amends, Frankie? - Want some? - Yeah.
Ohh, thank you.
[cell phone buzzes.]
That's the fifth time she's called this morning.
Let her bake.
I'm pissed.
And I still really don't understand what happened.
Deed, business license, liquor license, bill of sale, all with our signatures on it.
That looks just like my handwriting.
Because it is.
Mine too.
How does Svetlana own our bar and our girls? Not our girls, just our bar.
She told us we were signing adoption forms but really it was papers making her the owner of The Alibi.
- So we still own our girls? - Yes.
- And she still owns her kid? - Yes.
- Who owns the titty van again? - Still ours.
So technically, she just owns The Alibi? - Correct.
- Fuck her.
Her name is still on our bank accounts.
Bitch might be cleaning us out.
We gotta close 'em.
Can we get her arrested for stealing? What do we tell the cops when they see our signatures on the forms? - That we're idiots? - All right, I hate to tell you I told you so 'cause I know you're heartbroken, but this just proves that I was right about her without saying it.
You just did say it.
I worked at that bar my whole life.
So now what? What, Svetlana's our boss? Do we still get paychecks? The bar checking account is in her name.
We need to get her ass down here.
I got questions.
Oh, she can keep her lying Russian ass over that bar.
I don't want her back in this house.
- Then we'll go to The Alibi.
- I want to stab her fucking heart out Right.
I'll go alone.
[indistinct chatter.]
Chad said you wanted to see me? Yeah, sit down.
Order up! Everything okay? Morning, boss, and, boss.
- Coffee? - Uh, no, thanks.
- You can top her off though.
- Hmm.
You bought Wendell's Wash N Dry.
How's it going for you? Why, it's really starting to pick up, but-but I'm able to balance it with my job here at Patsy's.
Relax, Gallagher, I'm not firing you.
I want to buy you out of that lease.
What? Y-you want to buy Wendell's? I own the building.
And I'm absorbing all the outstanding leases.
I just bought it.
And I will give you 80,000 for it.
Just to take it off your hands.
'Cause public records show that's what you paid for it.
Yeah, I-I mean, put a lot of money into turning it around.
And I promised the woman that I bought it from that she could keep living in her place upstairs.
She's been there since the '60s.
Well, I really appreciate this offer And you don't have to answer today.
Tomorrow will be fine.
So, uh, I will see you here tomorrow at, shall we say, nine o'clock? It's $10,000 profit.
And that will save you the grief from having to run that dump.
"Dump"? - Ow.
- [cell phone clatters.]
Dude, what the fuck? [cell phone rings.]
Miss me? Mickey.
Where are you? [Mickey.]
Meet me at the south shore docks in an hour.
Drop the phone in a sewer.
[line disconnects.]
[cell phone clatters.]
[indistinct TV chatter.]
We figured it out.
The adoption papers thing? - Pretty tricky stuff.
- Hmm.
And I slept in shit room upstairs like you asked.
Now can we be a thrupple again? Uh, pretty sure that's a no since you betrayed us and stole our bar.
It is not betrayal.
I am superior manager at Alibi.
It should be in my name, not yours.
This is not news.
Oh, yeah? Then why'd you do it behind our backs? It's simple.
You would try to stop me.
Good point.
Still shitty.
The way you run bar, we are bankrupt in six months.
You are big, lovable poppa, but you are stupid manager.
I save us.
Now weave money for our family.
Well, we want it back.
And I'm not stupid.
You didn't know the difference between adoption papers and sales documents.
Wordy stuff confuses me, and it's not the same.
And taking our bar is way worse than being stupid.
It's cunty.
Overdraft charges on many checks, penalties for late taxes, no insurance, distributors overcharging for alcohol? Stupid.
V was in love with you.
And nobody breaks her heart but me.
Except I don't break her heart.
So that leaves nobody.
Taking the bar is not about love.
You tell V to stay in thrupple, everything is fine.
I handle money.
Family remains safe.
And what if we don't stay in the thrupple? Eh, this is not better option.
And now there's no deed.
This is only a copy.
I filed paperwork with county clerk and IRS.
Damn it.
Big Poppa Don't call me that.
It's creepy now.
Nothing has to change.
I still love V.
I still fuck you.
Do not ruin life for one small thing.
[machines whirring.]
She's about to nap for an hour, so what can I tackle? You think this place still looks like a dump? I could maybe hang up a few posters or something.
But I was only planning to do laundry.
Nah, just help me fold this stuff.
I gotta take food up to Etta.
Yeah, sure.
You talking to Monica yet? No way.
I stay clear of disasters.
Her and Frank are staying with me for a bit.
Getting crowded.
You still marrying Neil even though you got Franny back? Why wouldn't I? We're in love.
And please don't call it a scam like Frank and Monica.
No, of course not.
This where we drop off our duds? Yeah, just on the scale.
Like a donut? Complimentary.
Our happy hour wash starts today.
There's a DJ, comes in at 5 p.
You can pick up your load while listening to hip-hop and house music.
It's just a laundromat, right? [Debbie.]
Kay, 18 pounds at 75¢ a pound, that will be $13.
50, please.
Here you go.
Have a good day.
Hey, uh, you overcharged her.
It's 50¢ a pound.
- Sign's in the window.
- I took that sign down.
50¢ a pound is low.
As long as it's under a dollar, nobody really does the math and we increase profits by 50%.
Glad you're working for me, not the competition.
[pop music plays over speakers.]
Your dude looks like hell.
Not my dude.
[bell dings.]
[pans clattering.]
[glass shatters.]
Shit! Ow, fff-fuck! [bell dings.]
Hey, we got a first aid kit or something over here? Behind you on the wall.
Sss-shit! Thank you.
Rough night? - That's a massive understatement.
- [bell dings.]
You, uh, you got anything? You got any Adderall or weed? Um let me check my purse.
Dude's barely hanging on.
Should we say something? [exhales.]
I can't.
Uh, but his sister should probably know.
Morning, Etta.
You hungry? Got your favorite donuts from Patsy's.
Ate breakfast already.
[cat meows.]
Remember what I said? No more cat food.
Look, you got to get your breakfast from the fridge or from the cabinet from now on.
Food is food.
[sir wailing distantly.]
You know, it's the third time those cops drove down this block.
Some fuckery's going on.
Must be the Italians.
Think they're looking for Mickey Milkovich.
He escaped from prison.
You remember him, from the neighborhood? Milkoviches? I think one of 'em robbed us in '88.
[soft chuckle.]
You know, I'm hungry.
What's for breakfast? We're gonna be playing hip-hop and house music at the Mat tonight, so remember to wear your earplugs.
You wear your earplugs.
I'm coming to the party.
Gets pretty busy after 7 p.
Me and Wendell used to throw parties.
Oh, Howlin' Wolf once ate dinner right at our dining table.
He was the blues fella with the deep voice.
Well, it's not gonna be blues music, but you're more than welcome to come down.
I'll make sure nobody sits in your chair.
Oh, and if the cops pick up the Milkoviches, tell 'em we want our VCR back.
Will do.
[cell phone chimes.]
Evidence room's 203.
Isn't that kind of right in the middle of the police station? [exhales.]
- Yeah.
- Fireworks.
Partner creates a distraction by stripping naked in the hallway and setting his clothes on fire.
Then when the guard leaves his station, the other one slips in.
This plan feels a little sketchy.
Which one of us is gonna streak? - You? - You're faster.
But you look better naked.
A'ight, we'll flip a coin inside.
Thank you.
I'm gonna need two hits for this.
[sniffs twice.]
Ah! Ready, Clyde? Let's roll, Bonnie.
Am I happy to see you today, Gallagher.
I need a break from those rookies.
Been a long night of training a bunch of uninspired dipshits.
You good? Yeah.
Crazy morning.
You, uh, working a double? Paying for my daughter's senior year.
Fuck prom.
I'm recommending you to train next time.
You could do these in your sleep, plus, it'll look really good on your record if you ever want to advance.
- [alarm chimes.]
- Cool, thanks.
- Oh, okay.
- [indistinct PA announcement.]
Let's ride.
I'm not feeling good.
Are you fucking shitting me? You're sick? [retches.]
- Think I'm gonna puke.
- Just go.
- [retches.]
- Go.
You owe me, Gallagher.
funky rock music Okay, so the drugs are in that mailbox.
The cash is in that room.
Yes? - Nice and clear.
- Yeah.
Who gets naked? Uh, heads or tails? Heads.
- Son of a - [laughs.]
- I - Okay, listen.
So when you light the fire, I'm gonna Taser the guard, then I'm gonna run in, grab the cash.
I'll drop the stacks out the window.
You grab 'em and then run to The El.
I'm still not high enough for this - No, no, I got ya, I got ya.
- Okay.
All right.
[breathes deeply.]
Move those feet, bitch! - Now, walk! - Shit.
- Those guys look agitated.
- Yeah.
Eric didn't say anything about a SWAT team.
- Did Eric use his own product? - Yeah.
- Hey! - Yes, sir? Where the fuck are your clothes? I um I was robbed, sir.
- You were robbed? - They forced me to strip.
- Yeah.
- Wh-where might I report that? Level one.
- Level one! - Level one, thank you, sir! rock music You with Mickey? Hey! Back the fuck up, man! - Get his head! - Hey! Get off! What the fuck? [grunting.]
Now you see me I know you're mine Oh, no.
Hey there.
Where are the girls? Taking a nap while I do some housecleaning.
I want every trace of her out of here.
Well, we could just pack her stuff up and take it to her.
Or throw it out the window.
That's cool too.
How'd it go at the bar? - Is she dead yet? - [sighs.]
Svetlana wants us to keep being a thrupple and work for her at The Alibi.
I'd rather starve than work for that two-faced whore.
She called me stupid.
Am I stupid? Fuck her.
You're a sweetheart.
Doesn't really answer my question.
Kev, she's a backstabbing liar who made us both idiots.
What are we gonna do for paychecks now? I mean, can we collect unemployment? Hey, that looks like my T-shirt.
And-and-and that's my elephant! V, are you even pulling from the right drawer? Where the matches? On the table right there.
Wait, why? Lighter fluid? Downstairs.
Where is he? [scoffs.]
Barely functioning.
What's going on? Nothing.
What's with you? [dishes clatter.]
You wasted? On the clock? What, Sierra tell you something? No.
What are you, my babysitter now? Are you? I came in a little hungover.
I've got it under control.
Go home before I have to fire you.
[sarcastic chuckle.]
Oh, yeah? Fire me for what, huh? For not wiping the bread crumbs out of the booths well enough or for not cleaning the bacon grease off the grill with expert fucking detail? You want to piss away every single chance that comes your way, including this job, that's your business.
But don't drag me into it.
Go home and sleep it off.
You're done here today.
Ah, you can dock my pay or you can fire me.
Huh? You're the boss, big sis.
Yes! Check cashing hole ought to be good for some cash.
Couple of security cameras.
It's perfect! We gotta wait until the place clears.
You sure these aren't loaded? Yeah, I filled 'em with rock salt.
Rock salt? [sniffs.]
[both groan.]
Oh, God! Yeah! [grunts.]
[both groaning and grunting.]
[energetic grunting.]
Frankie, it's like old times.
- [van door slides open.]
- Motherfucker! [van door slides shut.]
Fuck you! I'll fucking fucking kill you.
The fuck is with the blindfold? The fuck's with you being late, bitch? [chuckles.]
You like the high school bleachers? Our spot, man.
Went all official on me? EMT.
I came from work.
You look good.
Not much else to do in there but work out.
So what now? Laying low with my cellmate Damon.
Mexican banger hit man motherfucker.
Cops come talking to you? Think I'd snitch? Look, I'm, um I'm getting some new IDs, some cash, and heading to Mexico.
You should come.
Come with you to Mexico? [laughs and scoffs.]
Thought a lot about you inside.
You're under my skin, man.
The fuck can I do? Hmm? Can I do? [Damon whistles.]
Think about it.
How am I gonna find you? Look up.
[van door slides open, shuts.]
[engine revving.]
- [door bangs open.]
- Hand over the cash and give us whatever's left in the safe! With a little more haste, honey! Or what? You gonna shoot me? Oh, what, it's bulletproof? I'm insulted! This is nothing but a window condom? between you and the people of this community.
You trying to rob us? You're the ones who are jacking up the fees on the minimum wage guys just so they can access their own money! That's a lot more criminal than what we're doing! Frank.
Look, everybody gets robbed sooner or later.
It's the only way to balance out the economy.
- Frank! - Come on, be a team player, go raw, and just fork er the cash! Craig! Some old-ass junkies trying to hit us again.
dramatic rock music [Craig.]
Which one of y'all wanna cash a check? [shotgun clicks.]
Uh, let's go.
No, no-no-no.
What uh this is a Pull, pull, pull it, pull! Oh, shit, go! Go! Go! [gunshot and glass shatters.]
How wasted was Lip? Very.
Should we be worried? Yeah.
We should.
Wow! This place really turned around, huh? You can hardly tell it was a shithole.
Thanks? How are things at home? Oh, V might be literally burning the house down as we speak.
What? Svetlana made us sign some phony adoption papers and now she owns The Alibi.
She took your bar? [sighs.]
V's on a rampage.
She wants to burn all of her clothes.
And frankly, I'm afraid of my own wife right now.
Svetlana stole your bar? She's like a sexy Russian ninja.
It blows 'cause we're either out of a job or we have to work for her.
Or we could sue her but we can't afford a lawyer.
And that OJ lawyer guy's already dead That is so fucked.
You should call my divorce attorney, the guy that got me out of the marriage with Gus.
- He's a shark.
- Oh, also, I know you and V still kind of hate each other, but she seriously misses you.
Do you think you can talk to her before she kills Svetlana? Or me? Uhh I gotta handle something.
Can you, uh, can you talk more later? Yeah-yeah, sure, can you just text me that lawyer's info? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
Well, the outside perimeter is 30x24.
So I'll have them send an estimate as soon as they're done.
What's going on? Margo thinks you're fucking with her, trying to raise the bid.
I'm not, I just don't want to sell.
You got a lot of folks throwing 90 grand at you? It's not about the money.
I-I mean, I-I fixed this place up myself.
I could have jumped ship right after I bought it and I didn't.
It's important to me.
And to all the people in this neighborhood who come here.
How much did you spend on repairs? About 8,000.
So counter Margo at a hundred grand and get ten Gs in profits.
But I wouldn't push it further than that.
A hundred grand? Yeah, she'll probably go that high.
But she's got a lot of irons in the fire, so she might walk if you don't move fast.
[indistinct radio chatter.]
Ma'am? - Everything okay here? - Peachy.
Happen to notice the fire in your front yard? [fire crackling.]
Husband piss you off? Wife.
Wife? Clothes are good and singed.
- Just put it out, okay? - Yep.
And if you see any suspicious activity in the neighborhood, be sure to report it.
We have reason to believe there's a couple of escaped convicts in the area.
Let's go.
I was a shit mom, Frankie and a shit wife, and I know that.
You're my wild card.
No game's worth playing without one.
You always make room for me to crawl back in, but not the kids.
Because they're fucking ingrates.
You're a great mom.
I'm crazy.
I know that and I can't fix it.
But leaving them the money is something.
We gotta make another plan.
[brakes hiss.]
Sweet destiny, what have we here? [Frank.]
A casino bus.
I think I know our next target.
- Yes! Yes! - [chuckling.]
Hey? Burgers.
From that new Shake Shack.
You, uh got time for a bite? Ah, I'm the middle of work shit.
I have to find placement for two of my teens before the morning.
Homeless shelter's overbooked.
Oh, sounds pretty hectic.
Yeah, like epic level.
Gia got kicked out for pulling a knife on some chick that she swears was stealing her bras from the wash.
It's I'm letting her crash at my place for a couple of nights until we get her situated.
Fucking crazy day.
I bet mine was crazier.
[cell phone rings.]
Oh, hold on one second.
Hey, Dina, what's up? No-no-no-no, uh, tell 'em to keep a slot open.
I-I'll bring her over right now.
Yeah, bye.
You gotta bounce? Yeah, there's an opening at Project Fierce for one of my kids.
It's a buzzer beater.
Uh, do you mind if I take this to go, or? Yeah-yeah-yeah, sure.
But, hey, I'm gonna call you later because I want to hear about your crazy day.
[upbeat hip-hop music playing.]
Denise Wright? Washer number seven.
Couple of old guys over there complaining about the loud music.
Might need to start a Senior Wash.
We've only made a profit so far of-of 20 bucks at the Mat tonight.
How is that possible? Couple more weeks like this and you're cash.
You're stressed cause of that Margo lady? Well, I'm thinking about her offer.
What about Etta? Well, I didn't say I was taking it, but I'm-I'm trying to think of good reasons not to.
'Cause we're South Siders and we don't sell out.
'Cause your sister's making really good tips.
[indistinct TV chatter.]
Forty bucks.
- [slurred murmuring.]
- Go right up.
You okay.
- I-I.
- What? [laughs.]
- Hold me up, hold me up.
- Okay.
- [laughing.]
I no, wait.
- Hold on, what are you doing? - I can't - Oh, you're No, I got it.
I got it.
Oh, no, this is the first one.
Okay, and then [laughing.]
- We're locked out.
- The f Shh.
The fuck? We can't where we gonna sleep? There's gotta be another way in.
bluesy rock music Shh! Yeah.
All right.
I know.
- Yes! - Yeah! Well done.
Oh! - [thud.]
- Ow! - Here.
- Yes.
Hey, what do you think you're doing, Frank? - I - No, wait! I told you there's a curfew.
- Yeah, but wait - We-we lost track of time.
You're already on thin ice bringing Frank around here.
- Oh, my God.
- You can't separate Frank and Monica.
We're Lucy and Desi, Barack and Michelle, Sonny and Cher.
I only know who, like, two of those people are.
What time is it? It's, uh, around midnight.
You doing homework? Yeah.
I was trying to calculate how long it would take me to make a profit of $10,000 at the Mat.
After I got past three years, I think brain shut off.
That long? Yeah.
[cell phone buzzes.]
What are you doing up? I couldn't sleep.
You ever, uh, think about what would have happened if you ran off with Jimmy-Steve? [scoff.]
Lying sociopath Jimmy-Steve? My life would be a non-stop psycho thriller.
And I definitely dodged a bullet with that one.
What if nothing ever gives you that same thrill again? Will you still feel like you dodged a bullet? I don't know.
Where's this coming from? Things have been weird between me and Trev since Mickey got out.
You mean since Mickey busted out of prison and has got half the Chicago Police Department circling the South Side looking for him? [scoffs.]
Can't get him out of my head.
I'm just trying to stop myself from doing something I shouldn't.
You turned your life around.
Mickey would set a match to it.
You've done really great without him.
And I'm really fucking proud of you.
I'm gonna see if I can get a few hours in an actual bed.
- Night.
- Good night.
[stairs creaking.]
[cell phone buzzes.]
Knew you'd come.
Knew you'd come.
Come here.
The fuck? What, you think my life hasn't moved on since you were locked up, Mickey? No, I just thought that you'd be down for me since the whole reason I did time was going after the bitch who tried to ruin you.
I'm not pissing away my life Stop.
Fuck! I have my shit together, Mick! And I-I have a-a fucking boyfriend! Boyfriend? Okay.
What you doing here then? Hmm? Tell me good-bye.
What? Fuck.
[pained groan.]
[heavy breathing.]
[intense white noise.]
[high-pitched ringing.]
Oh, no.
Oh hey.
- [thud.]
- Fuck.
Ah, fuck.
Lip? Hey.
You broke into my home? What? Are you insane? [panting.]
You can't be here.
Jesus, Lip.
[breathy mumbling.]
You've got to move on.
Get some help.
somber rock music [door handle clicks.]
[phone line trilling.]
What's up? It's Trevor.
Leave me a message.
- Make it good.
- [beep.]
Hey, uh, sorry I missed you.
Text me if you want to hook up later.
I miss you.
- [gasps.]
- Hey.
- I gotta go.
- The fuck? - [groans.]
- Back to work and shit.
I'm gonna see you again? Ahh.
[Tin Man.]
And him a brain.
Why, you're nothing but a great big coward.
- Hey, buddy.
- Huh? Debs leave you here while she went to work all day? Why do you smell like death and beer? [Cowardly Lion.]
Scare myself.
It's called "living," son.
Maybe Neil would like to live a little too? Want to? Could be some weed and ice cream in it for ya.
Debbie doesn't let me have ice cream because of lactose.
What kind of a woman denies her man lactose? [inhales sharply.]
You just don't need to tell her.
Why don't you come along with us? Cool.
We're on our way to see The Wizard now.
A hundred grand's a lot of money for that dump.
Twenty-five percent profit in 60 days.
Are you really gonna walk away from that? What's the obstacle here, Gallagher? I promised Etta Tesdale a place to live if she sold me her lease.
Who? The old lady that I bought the laundromat from.
She's got her cats.
She sits in her chair every day.
Where's she gonna go? Well, you can take her cats and her chair and put her in assisted living.
She probably won't even know the difference.
They get to play lots of bingo.
They love that.
I'm starting to turn a profit.
My family works there.
People in the neighborhood depend on it.
Why should I sell if I'm doing well? You're smarter than you look.
All right, name your price.
Hundred and twenty? [inhales deeply.]
I-I just don't think that my conscience will allow me to sell.
You've been doing your research, huh? I'm redeveloping the whole block.
So I will give you 160,000, which is double what you paid for that lease.
It is that or I will go redevelop another shitty block.
And there are plenty of those left around here.
So this offer expires at the end of the day.
As soon as he starts his engine, we make our move.
Son, dive down low, at an angle, so you you don't get run over, okay? If you scrape your face or bleed, - that would be great.
- [bus engine turns over.]
- Go.
- Yes.
[brakes hiss.]
- Ah! - Oh, my God.
- Ah! - What was that? Just hit that kid in the wheelchair.
Oh, oh, oh, jeez.
I'm sorry! I swear I didn't see you.
You-you came out of nowhere.
- Ah! - Oh, my God.
- [Neil.]
It hurts all over! Ow! - [Cox.]
Okay, okay, you're It's time to turn over that betting money, - gals and guys! - [shotgun clicks.]
So your wife's wife stole your bar And she forged your signature on the licensing documents? Well, we actually signed them ourselves.
All I hear is forged.
All we say is forged.
Got it? Uh, yeah, r-right, yeah.
She's also a Russian sex worker which you married under duress because she threatened the safety of your family if you didn't help her get her green card.
I'm supposed to say "right," right? Yes, you catch on fast.
Smart guy.
Thank you so much for saying that.
You're welcome.
And she also created a condition of sexual harassment in your workplace.
Well, we both screwed her, but I wanted to stop way before my wife did.
Pressured for sex.
Yeah, so we got any shot about getting our bar back? We do.
I'm going to have to see the marriage license, - documentation of the bar - Mm-hmm.
list of joint accounts.
You pay me my retainer fee, and we'll get started on the lawsuit immediately.
And when we're finished with her, she'll be begging Putin for reinstatement.
Um, what is a retainer fee? It's cash you pay up-front to motivate my tireless work on your behalf.
- How much is that again? - It's two grand.
lively rock music Put it in.
Put it in there! Come on! Hurry up! No, you can't hide that! Give it to me! - Hurry up! The whole wallet! - Scum! Oh, you were just gonna blow your pension at the slot machines! Put it in! [tires squeal.]
- Come on! - Get the meds! - What? - The meds! [crashing thud.]
[all gasp and shout.]
[brakes hiss.]
- God! - Come on, come on, come on.
- Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
- Come on.
Okay, thanks.
Shit! [vehicle alarms blaring.]
- Put it in.
- Okay.
I got it.
I got it.
Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit.
Hey! No! [shouting in Spanish.]
- [Grunts and laughs.]
- No! No! No! No! Puttin' it into overdrive, pal.
Slamming crowd today.
Happy hour wash in my new jam.
Thanks for spinning, Ariel.
Well, thanks for reminding folks to tip the DJ.
Hey, Sandy.
Look what I found.
What's that? [laughs.]
Eh, tip the DJ a quarter to play the Howlin' Wolf record.
Aww, Etta, the the happy hour wash is already over.
Yeah, the DJ just left.
I-I missed the party? I didn't get to dance to my favorite song.
Is-is there another one tomorrow? Howlin' Wolf, right? Uh-huh.
- You still wanna dance? - [blues music plays over phone.]
Okay, Sandy, but don't you step on my toes this time.
I got to leave you I've got to leave you - Oh.
- There you go.
I got to go away Wow.
- Come here.
- [laughs.]
I got to leave you I got to leave you I got to go away Take care of yourself darlin' I'll be back someday [Monica.]
Yes! Where have you been with Neil? He was our little helper.
I threw myself in front of a moving bus so they could rob it.
What? It sounds worse than it actually was.
You tried to cripple my fiancé? Well, I think he kind of took care of that a couple years ago.
It was for a great cause.
He was a natural.
- Neil is my future husband! - I know.
I don't care what it looks like to you.
He is good to me.
He does whatever I say.
He is sweeter and kinder than either of you have ever been.
And I love him, so stop treating him like a hamster on wheels! You're right.
You're right.
You're right.
He deserves a fair cut for his efforts.
- Here you go, Neil.
- Yeah.
- One-hundred dollars.
- How much was your cut? Well, Neil wasn't exactly the brains of the operation - Five hundred.
- What? If you're offering 100, you probably made at least 1,000.
- I resent that accusation.
- No.
Just give it to her, Frankie.
- Fuck [sighs.]
- Yeah.
Now get out.
- What? - Deb! - Now.
- You're evicting your tenants - after they pay? - Now.
What are you, a slumlord in training? - [Monica.]
- [Frank.]
Stop pushing! All right! - Jesus! - Deb! ambient music [cell phone buzzes.]
[cell phone buzzes.]
[cell phone buzzes.]
[cell phone buzzes.]
Hey, you coming or not, Gallagher? I'll be at the spot.
[knocks on door.]
Just a minute! I know things have been weird between us, but I really need to talk.
Me too You wanna go first? I fucked up and lost The Alibi.
I heard.
You? I cashed in on the Mat for a shitload, but I sold out Etta and I'm putting her in assisted living against her wishes.
I forced Kev to screw a pathological liar who cleaned us out.
I took a job away from my single-mother baby sister.
[both chuckle.]
We're assholes.
I know it makes me wack, but I was really in love with her, Fi.
Now my heart is broken and I feel like a fool.
She didn't deserve you.
You still ended up in a great relationship.
You got Kev.
So you won.
It sucked not being able to talk to you.
How about we agree never to be self-absorbed cunts to each other ever again? [indistinct chatter.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Coming in, buddy? Yeah.
[clears throat.]
[door hinges squeal.]
This good-bye? upbeat rock music Let's ride.
Black boots, black jeans, black beard Walking down the street in the morning air
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