She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Light Spinner

1 [bleating.]
[all laughing.]
[Light Spinner.]
Impressive casting, Micah.
But you allowed yourself to become distracted.
You can't expect me to out-cast Light Spinner, the greatest sorcerer to ever walk the halls Mystacor.
[Light Spinner.]
I've no time for your flattery.
If you're going to interrupt my lessons, you might at least apply yourself.
I want focus as you conjure your own illusions.
- Light Spinner, wait.
- [Light Spinner.]
What is it? I'm bored.
I've been doing light illusions since before I can even remember.
Teach me something real.
I wanna levitate, and travel through mirrors, and shapeshift.
You know, the cool stuff.
The Guild forbids third-years from learning such things.
You know that, Micah.
The Guild of Sorcerers prides itself on being out-of-touch geezers.
We wouldn't want anyone to learn actual magic or anything fun.
- That's a poor likeness of Master Norwyn.
- Then teach me shapeshifting.
[Light Spinner.]
Patience, Micah.
You must start at the beginning.
Why do you bother? You're never getting out of this cell.
We're on the edge of greatness Turning darkness to light We're right beside you Ready to fight We're gonna win in the end We must be strong And we must be brave We must be brave We gotta find every bit of strength That we have and never let it go We must be strong [shouts.]
Lord Hordak? [gasps.]
Why is Shadow Weaver still in the Fright Zone? She's She's my prisoner.
A dangerous one.
I want her banished to Beast Island.
What? [groans.]
Lord Hordak, Shadow Weaver is still useful to us if we can get her to talk.
She knows about Etheria than anyone else.
And also about the Fright Zone.
Have you considered the consequences if that information were to fall into the wrong hands? That won't happen.
Without the Black Garnet, she's completely powerless.
I can handle her.
Hi, Catra.
What are you doing here? I'm a Force Captain.
What are you doing here? I've been integrating the First Ones' tech we got from the Northern Reach into Hordak's portal mainframe.
But it maybe slightly, completely overloaded the Fright Zone energy grid.
We're gonna have to redesign that.
What Entrapta is doing does not concern you, Force Captain.
Were you having a meeting? Sorry, again.
I guess I should be going.
No, you stay.
You have two days to extract whatever information you can from your prisoner.
Then you will banish her to Beast Island.
- But - Do you understand? Or do I have to make myself understood? No, Lord Hordak.
I understand.
We should be able to initiate our first test of the portal machine as soon as I rebuild the electrical grid.
[door alarm buzzing.]
You actually moved it.
How? There's magic everywhere.
The Princesses channel powerful elemental magic through their Runestones.
But sorcerers can learn to channel lesser power through spells and incantation after many years of serious study and discipline.
[Light Spinner.]
The Guild brings those who have a talent for magic to study here in Mystacor.
But I only train the truly gifted.
You're one of the most talented students I've ever seen.
But you lack dedication.
I'll prove to you that I'm worthy.
Here, I'll show you.
Not yet.
First, you must promise to do exactly as I say.
Huh? [laughs.]
Who else has been teaching you? No one.
I just did what you taught me.
Did I do something wrong? No.
I knew you were gifted, I just didn't realize how gifted.
You have incredible power.
And I'm the one who will mold that power.
- So, you'll keep teaching me? - Of course.
- We're going to do great things together.
- Yes.
I mean, ahem, thank you, Light Spinner.
The Guild needs talents like ours more than ever before.
Perhaps No, you're not ready.
I I know I have a lot to learn, but I'm ready for anything.
What is it? [Light Spinner.]
Show me.
It's awful.
Why would you conjure this? It's no illusion.
This is really happening.
An army has invaded our lands.
They call themselves the Horde.
The Princesses have proved ineffective against their strength.
They've accomplished much in a short time, more than our so-called leaders have.
- We have to do something.
- Easy, Micah.
The Sorcerers' Guild meets tomorrow to decide a course of action.
I have a plan to give us the power needed to stop the Horde.
I only hope that Norwyn and his followers can see the threat as clearly as you do.
You'll make them see.
If anyone can do it, it's you.
- [groans.]
- [laughs.]
- How'd you find me? - You always come here when you're upset.
Also, I looked everywhere.
Now, what's troubling my bestie? - I'm not your bestie and I'm fine.
- Oh, I don't accept any of that.
Yeah, well, get used to not getting what you want in life.
Hordak is making me send Shadow Weaver - to Beast Island.
- Wait.
Beast Island is real? Oops.
That's not good.
Oh, shoot.
Okay, let me just fix that.
Uh, Catra, can I get a hand? Catra? I thought Beast Island was just a story they told to keep us in line.
Being sent there is supposed to be a fate worse than death.
I bet there's some nice stuff, too.
Maybe Shadow Weaver will write and tell us.
What is wrong with you? People don't send letters from Beast Island.
They go and never come back.
It doesn't matter how hard I work or what I do, Hordak doesn't trust me.
He never listens to me.
Shadow Weaver is useful and she can help us.
Seriously? Because she hasn't exactly given us any information.
Why do you really wanna keep her around? She's never been very nice to you.
I kind of thought you hated her.
You You wouldn't understand.
[Light Spinner.]
We can no longer stand by while the Horde conquers more and more territory.
The Princesses have been unable to stop them, and now they have taken a Runestone, the Black Garnet.
- No.
- No.
It can't be.
[Light Spinner.]
We may not have Runestones, but there is a way we can make ourselves strong enough to stand against the Horde.
Cast the Spell of Obtainment and take power for ourselves! What you propose is forbidden, Light Spinner.
The Spell of Obtainment leeches power, turning the caster into a magical parasite.
- If it does not kill the caster outright.
- But I've modified the spell.
Tonight the three Moons of Enchantment come into alignment.
This will make all the magic of Etheria stronger.
Think of the good we'll do! There can be no good from this.
- So we do nothing? - The Princesses will settle the problem.
Etheria will take care of itself as it always done, without resorting to twisted spells.
You know I'm right.
If we don't fight, if we don't become stronger, we won't have a planet to protect! Be satisfied with what you have, Light Spinner.
Some power is not meant for you.
You're all blind.
What did they say? [Light Spinner.]
They refuse to lend me their strength to do what must be done.
They never listen to me.
After everything I've done, I still haven't earned their trust.
Norwyn and those fools don't care about magic, they just wanna hold the rest of us back.
Then go back and make them understand.
The Horde will destroy Etheria if we don't stop them.
If you want to help Etheria, there is another way.
Pack your bags.
You're going to Beast Island.
Oh, that's right, heh, you don't have anything.
- When? - Don't you care? It's a death sentence.
What don't you get about that? You're a goner unless you can give me a reason good enough to convince Hordak you're worth keeping around.
Don't you have anything to say? Just give me something! I've given everything I have to the Horde.
You really are useless.
You are getting what you deserve.
Take pity on an old, powerless woman.
I know my days here are numbered.
I want to see my old Sorcerer's Guild badge one last time.
It must be among my things.
Bring it to me.
It's the last thing I will ever ask of you.
You don't get to ask things of me anymore.
The Spell of Obtainment is difficult.
You must stay focused, though.
- Once we begin casting, we cannot stop.
- Are you sure about this? We need this power.
It's the only way to protect our people.
Do exactly as we practiced.
Light Spinner, what's happening? What is that? [gasps.]
Hold it steady.
Do not stop now.
- This This isn't right! - No! [roaring.]
[grunting and gasping.]
Light Spinner! [grunts.]
[Light Spinner groaning.]
Light Spinner! [grunting.]
Micah, what is the meaning of this? Light Spinner? [Light Spinner.]
Micah, how could you? After everything I've taught you.
- The spell was working.
- The spell was evil.
You saw what it was doing to the room, to us.
You've always hungered after power.
Bringing you into our ranks was a grave mistake.
[Light Spinner.]
The only mistake was seeking the approval of a fool like you.
You're all weak! None of you deserve my help.
[grunting and shouting.]
The spell worked.
I am stronger than all of you.
Light Spinner, please, don't.
[glass breaking.]
What business do you have in the Fright Zone? [shouting.]
[Shadow Weaver.]
Tell Hordak there is someone here who can help take him to victory.
So, have you come up with anything to save your skin? You know I haven't.
Why do you insist on delivering my meals yourself? Surely, you have more important things to do.
- I like seeing you in shackles.
- We both know that's not the only reason.
What do you want, Catra? Why? [sighs.]
Why did you treat me the way you did? Why was I never good enough? Really, I wanna know.
Because you remind me of myself.
You always have.
Nothing was ever easy for me either.
I wasn't born to power like Adora and others.
I had to earn my power.
Fight for it.
Why should it be any different for you? I was a child when you took me in.
What could I have possibly done to deserve the way you treated me? I am nothing like you.
You are old, and bitter, and weak.
But you are like me.
And just like me, you're losing your position with Hordak.
I can see that even from my cell.
- You don't know what you're talking about.
- You're being pushed out.
I am not.
It's just Entrapta understands all that tech stuff.
Come here.
She's earned his trust.
How did you let this happen? Don't you see? I want you to go further than I did, but you need to be smarter than me.
- Stronger than me.
- Then help me.
- Come up with something so you can stay.
- I will try.
But I'm tired now.
Come back later.
[baby crying.]
[Shadow Weaver.]
Was your excursion successful, Lord Hordak? I arrived too late.
I found something but it's useless.
Put it with the other orphans in the infirmary.
This one is different.
Can't you feel it? She has power.
Fine, take it.
Just get it out of here.
[Shadow Weaver.]
Oh, don't worry, little one.
We're going to do great things together.
It's time.
Uh, okay.
I know it hasn't been that long, but I figured we could brainstorm together.
Come on, two devious minds such as ours are Huh? [sighs.]
You were just using me all along.
[grunting and shouting.]
A little to the left.
This good? Better.
Okay, now, Glimmer, move yours more to the right.
My right.
Why are we up on the roof [yawning.]
in the middle of the night again? You know how I thought my Tracker Pad had broken back in Alwyn? Well, I've been studying it, and I realized the garbled static I keep getting on my screen isn't a bug.
It's picking up some kind of transmission.
With these three moons in alignment, all transmissions should be stronger.
Adora, higher and more out-ish! [grunting.]
- Guys? - [Bow.]
Hold still! It's working! We did it! Guys, you gotta see this.
- Please tell me you got the message.
- Some of it's degraded.
- Can you read the rest? - "Serenia.
" - What's a Serenia? - I don't know.
But if it has to do with Mara, it can't be good.
[closing theme playing.]