She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) s04e03 Episode Script


1 This time I am going to win.
I don't care what it takes.
We are opening that portal.
I won't.
I need to tell Hordak.
He'll understand.
Get her out of here.
What did you do to me? Why did you do it? Stay away from me.
We're on the edge of greatness Turning darkness to light We're right beside you, ready to fight We're gonna win in the end We must be strong And we must be brave We must be brave We gotta find every bit of strength That we have and never let it go We must be strong Was this your doing, Entrapta? Entrapta? Entrapta? Entrapta? Hmm.
What happened here? The rebels managed to capture one of our bots and retrofit it with some sort of surge device.
It decimated an entire squadron of our machines.
Not to speak ill of the dearly departed, but exactly how many battles have your bots lost us lately? You'd be wise to watch your tone.
Aren't you tired of losing? After all, clock's ticking.
Big Brother Prime could show up any moment.
Even you, Catra, should fear being this bold in my presence.
I Cool trick, huh? Lord Hordak, I'd like to introduce you to Double Trouble.
They're our newest asset in taking down the Rebellion.
Apologies for being rude.
I was getting into character.
Did it work? Be honest.
I'm open to constructive criticism.
A shape-shifter.
Impressive indeed.
Do not attempt to deceive me again.
So, what's all this about? The bots were a part of the occupation of Elberon.
A failed operation.
The rebels seized the town.
It seems their technological capabilities have increased since Since Entrapta returned to them.
It is of no consequence.
I will improve our machines and we will seize Elberon back.
Elberon? Why? It may have escaped your notice, but we are trying to win a war.
See, you're thinking about this wrong.
Elberon doesn't matter.
It's what it can do for us that counts.
And what do you propose? That's when Adora turned her sword into a giant spear, skewered a bot, and then used the bot to hit more bots.
Then Bow used his oil slick arrow to slip them up, and then right off a cliff.
Bam! And I kicked them.
Yes! Get them.
But we were totally surrounded.
And then My new surge device worked perfectly.
Took out the rest of the bots in one go.
And I kicked them.
Those bots didn't stand a chance against the Best Friend Squad.
I really wish I could've been there.
At least you'll be back soon, right? Uh Soon.
There's just one more thing we have to take care of.
Just some really boring wrap-up stuff.
The people love us because we saved Elberon, so they're throwing us a celebratory dinner.
A dinner? That sounds fun.
Oh, it's really not a big deal.
Yeah, I bet they do this for everyone.
You guys, of course they wanna thank you.
You freed a whole town from Horde control.
I just Well, if you need us, we can totally skip out on this dinner thing.
No way.
Go enjoy your victory.
Great, because I am famished.
Are we going now? You really aren't missing anything.
You know, we'll drop by to be polite and then head home.
I'm sure it'll be super boring.
What is it? What's going on? - Nothing.
Super boring.
- Gotta go.
Wish you were here.
It's a party.
It's a big party.
And it's for us.
It's a big party for us.
As individuals? Is that normal? Does this happen often? Ah, there you are.
Our heroes.
Oh, we couldn't possibly thank you enough for liberating our town.
We sort of do this a lot.
You really, really didn't have to go to all this trouble.
It was supposed to be a small dinner.
You know, a quiet meal, but then word got out and suddenly everyone's invited.
So here we are.
Rowdy, calling attention to ourselves, basically sitting targets.
What was that? Okay, okay.
Terrifying booming sounds were probably a bad idea.
You saved us.
I mean, it's my job.
It's what I do.
It's So it's not a big deal.
At all.
And Tech Master Bow of the Rebellion.
Oh, you have to show off your arrows to the kids.
- They're obsessed with them.
- Really? Hey.
We've heard stories of your victories, but to see you destroy those bots in person? Mm.
That's nothing compared to when She-Ra took on the monsters of the Northern Reach.
Or when she single-handedly won the Battle of Bright Moon.
Oh, I wouldn't say single-handedly.
I mean, I guess I I guess I played kind of an important part.
Kind of important? Try huge.
You fought off the Horde, you united the Princesses, and you saved Etheria, and you are the coolest.
Uh, yeah, I mean, that was pretty cool, wasn't it? One day, I'm gonna leave Elberon and join the Rebellion, fighting side-by-side with you.
I'm Flutterina, by the way.
Oh! I'm shaking hands with She-Ra.
Can you believe this? All of this is for us.
People like us.
But we told Glimmer we wouldn't stay long.
I mean, but we have to stay.
It would be rude not to.
Right? Right.
We'll just stay for a minute and then Me cake! There's a me cake! This is the best party ever.
Whoo! Yeah.
This is so fun.
They've got stories about me.
Not some long ago She-Ra of the past.
Me, and what I did.
I know, right? This is awesome.
We should rescue Elberon more often.
- It's the Horde.
- We must get the villagers to safety.
Our scouts have reported a bot.
It's bigger than anything we've seen.
It's on its way here.
Oh, we need to evacuate the town.
Everyone, stay calm.
You're under our protection.
Let She-Ra handle this.
She-Ra! - Are you sure we shouldn't prepare? - We love you.
As I always say, cautious today, here tomorrow.
Don't worry.
After all, it's my job and I'm pretty good at it.
Enjoy the festivities.
Why do our parties have to end with the Horde attacking? Bow, it's okay.
Stay here and watch the townspeople.
- There's no reason for the party to stop.
- Are you sure? Swift Wind and I can deal with this.
You heard the mayor, it's one bot.
How tough can it be for She-Ra? Just stay and have fun.
We'll be right back.
She-Ra and Swift Wind forever.
Uh That one's bigger than usual.
Nothing we can't handle.
Piece of cake, huh? Does cake normally grow back and turn into more pieces of cake when you cut it? Looks like these can multiply.
We need to be careful about how we destroy them.
How do we carefully destroy something? Is it magical sacred bond time? Can't say I'm too impressed with Hordak's new toys.
Did that feel a little too easy to you? No, like they said in Elberon.
We're awesome.
Let's get back to the party.
Hey, everyone.
Just wait until you hear about Where did everyone go? Is this one of those parties where people hide and shout "surprise"? He said that happens before the party starts.
Something's wrong.
- What was that? - There.
Huh? You're back.
What happened here? The Horde, it was awful.
They attacked as soon as you left.
Bow tried to fight, he's the only reason some people were able to escape.
But they took him and everyone else.
That bot in the woods.
It must have been a diversion so that I'd leave Elberon defenseless.
And I fell for it.
This is my fault.
We need to find them.
I know I'm small and I'm not a Rebellion fighter, but I wanna help.
So, can I come? Are you okay? I'll be fine.
Where are we? Where are my arrows? The soldiers took our weapons when they tossed us in here.
We're doomed.
What good is the Tech Master without his tech? Bow without his bow? We should have evacuated the town instead of listening to She-Ra.
She-Ra and Swift Wind won't rest until they find us.
But that doesn't mean we can't work on getting out of here.
I'm still Bow the Tech Master, even without my arrows.
I can get us out of this.
Look at us.
You and me in the field, side-by-side.
Taking a bunch of random prisoners from a party, putting said prisoners in a big pit, guarding said pit.
Ugh, if that doesn't say friendship, I don't know what does.
The super pal duo is back.
- What about the weapons we confiscated? - Oh, yeah, you gotta see this.
Huh? Huh? I know it's just cut up pieces of paper, but isn't it so much fun? We need to focus.
She-Ra was in Elberon.
Which means she's nearby.
Do you think she'll try some secret attack? Oh, I'm counting on it.
Is that why you kidnapped everyone? Some plot against the Princess Alliance? I could help if I knew what you were up to.
You know, like old times.
It's for a new strategy, that's all you need to know.
Oh, yeah, sure, sure, gotcha.
Uh, feeling a little left out is all.
You know, ever since that whole portal thing.
Get over it then.
There's the guard post.
If we can get inside, we can figure out where Bow and the others are being held.
How are we supposed to get in there without being seen? I mean, you're She-Ra.
And I don't exactly blend in.
- It's a side effect of being majestic.
- I think I have an idea.
Oh, no.
You've caught me.
How will I ever get away? Oh, no.
- This must be where they're keeping them.
- What do we do? We save them.
For the honor of Grayskull.
Wait, this doesn't make sense.
The map said the pit would be here.
- We'll handle this.
Stay out of sight.
- Okay.
- Oh, yeah, they regenerate.
- We forgot the bots regenerate.
This isn't my first time in a Horde cell.
Luckily, they didn't search you well enough.
Can I borrow this? Yes.
Hey, Adora.
Took you long enough to show.
I thought I'd have to kidnap another town to get your attention.
Oh, that's right, you were having a party.
Must've thought you were pretty special.
Can we skip the speech? I'm done playing your games, Catra.
Too many people got hurt when you set off that portal.
I hope it was worth it.
Because I won't let you hurt my friends or anyone else ever again.
You were the one who left the villagers unprotected.
You're good enough at hurting your friends without my help.
But you're still terrible at spotting traps.
Pretty good, huh? I got the idea from Shadow Weaver.
At least she was good for something.
If only your friends could see you now.
No guards? Weird.
All right, that's everyone.
Now let's get out of here.
- Bow.
- Flutterina? What are you doing here? It's She-Ra.
She's in trouble and she needs help.
You know, Adora, your whole self-righteous hero thing is getting old.
At least I finally found a way to shut you up.
Ow! Hey.
Get away from She-Ra.
Looks like your friends came to watch.
Why don't we put on a show for them? - We have to do something.
- Wait.
Swift Wind.
Three cheers for She-Ra.
Thank you.
We couldn't have gotten out without you guys.
Thank Flutterina.
It was her quick thinking that saved us.
I know you think I'm just a kid, but I'm ready to join the Rebellion.
I wanna fight the Horde and keep my people safe, like She-Ra.
The Rebellion could use someone brave and clever like you.
We'd be honored.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Catra, there you are.
Are you okay? Don't worry about that Adora stuff.
I'm here and there's nothing we can't fix, because that's what friends are for.
I'm sure Hordak will understand.
- Oh.
If Entrapta was here maybe we could - Stop it.
Stop badgering me.
Stop hovering around me.
Just back off.
I don't need to explain myself to you.
We're not friends.
Oh, and Scorpia? Keep Emily out of my sight or I'll sell her for scrap.
Understand? Sacred bond, saving the day.
I'm joining the Rebellion.
Can you believe it? Me, Flutterina.
This is the most exciting day of my life.
You okay? Ugh.
I put everyone in danger because I thought I could handle everything.
I was excited that everyone was treating me like a hero, I forgot to act like one.
Elberon's safe and we got a new recruit for the Rebellion.
You're right.
I couldn't have done it without you.
- Thanks, Bow.
- Anytime.
Now let's go home.
Did it work? Like a charm.
The plan is under way.
Welcome to Bright Moon.
Those idiots won't know what hit them.