Shetland (2012) s03e01 Episode Script

Series 3, Episode 1

'Welcome aboard this NorthLink ferry service to Lerwick.
'Journey time today will be 12 hours.
'Expected arrival time is 7:00am tomorrow morning.
No, I haven't! - No, I didn't! - Get off me! - Listen to me! Get away from me! Go on! Just get away! Are you all right? I fell on my arse.
It's no big deal.
What's your name anyway? - Leanne.
- I'm Robbie.
Agh! It's mad, isn't it?! I want a drink, Leanne.
You want a drink? - Yeah.
Yeah! - Let's go.
You're lucky you're here now cos, in the old days, they never bothered with candles in Shetland.
- You'd just stick a wick in a puffin and away you go! - No! Seriously, and it's no better for the poor wee bastards with green energy.
Those wind turbines are killing machines! The whole place is just feathers and decapitated puffin! I'll show you round, if you like.
Who was that man? What happened? Why was he so angry with you? Hey, Leanne .
you want to have some fun? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Lerwick.
The time is now seven o'clock in the morning.
On behalf of NorthLink Ferries, I'd like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we're looking forward to seeing you on board again soon.
Look, I'm just talking about getting out sometimes -- being a bit more normal.
What do you mean, "normal?" I get out plenty.
But when was the last time you had a date since Mum died? Look, Cass, I'm fine.
Yeah, well, I'm not.
OK? I don't want to feel responsible for you being happy -- not on my own.
Would passenger McGonagall Jimmy.
flying to Qatar? Hey.
Look at you, Angel Girl.
University life's suiting you, I see.
Hi, Rhona.
They let you and Jimmy fly together? Shetland's entire criminal justice system on a plane? Our flight's been called.
We should probably go.
Would any remaining passengers travelling on this flight please proceed immediately to gate 25? Thanks for visiting.
It's been brilliant.
- Bye, sweetheart.
See you.
- Bye.
Cheers, lovie.
- You will tell him for me? - Yeah, yeah.
This is an announcement for passengers - Dad! - .
flying from Glasgow to Malaga I love you.
please contact a member of staff immediately.
Hey, Jamie! Jamie! Hello? Hello! Is anyone there?! Hello?! Hello! Anyone, I'm in here! Help! Help! Maybe if you had a name.
- A full name or an address, or place of work.
- No.
All right, Billy? Robbie -- that's all I know.
How was Glasgow? - How was Cassie? - Good.
Er where's Sandy? School run.
One minute he's a bachelor about town, the next he's moved in with Jenny and her kids.
All a bit bloody born-again, if you ask me.
Ah, well, you know, as long as they're happy.
Of course she's happy.
Last time I saw her old man, he was in the cells -- at least Sandy just works here.
Are you coming to the pub? Er no.
- No, I'm going to catch up here, thanks.
- OK.
- Well, see you tomorrow.
- Yup.
Again? Wasn't she in this morning? Aye, lost track of some boy on the ferry.
I don't think he was as keen as she was.
Story of my life.
Right, I'm off for a drink.
Yeah? No whisky chasers.
- You told me to remind you next time.
- Whatever.
Give us another one.
Come on, man, you've been sat at that stool half the day.
It's time to move on.
Aye, fair enough.
You just missed a call from Dr McLean.
Ah, mother or son? Not Cora -- Paul.
He's on duty at A&E.
He says it's urgent.
All right, here, have a curry.
- Jimmy.
- How are you doing, Paul? It'll have to be confirmed, but everything we're seeing points to MDMA.
I collected him from school.
He played in the garden and then on the beach.
They're saying it's ecstasy.
Was he playing on his own? Yeah, yeah, he knows not to go in the water.
Well, what about school? Where does Callum wait for you? I mean, could he have picked something up on the road? No, he waits in the playground for me.
Do you know what? I even keep Calpol locked up in a cabinet he can't reach.
You can search the house.
There is no way Which beach? St Ninian's.
- We need some help in here.
- Callum? What's he doing? Callum! He's unresponsive.
He's having a tonic-clonic seizure.
- I'm increasing his oxygen - Callum, please, what are you doing? - You just come with me.
- Someone get the BM machine.
- Callum! Is he OK? - Come on, give them some room to work.
- Support his airwaves - Is he going to be OK? I'm Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez.
There's lots of stuff washing up on the beach and I just need to know where it's coming from.
It'll be the wind bringing it in.
It's fell away now, but oh, there was a flying gale earlier.
When it blows from the south, things get snagged in it.
Yeah, down there.
You see, I cannae get a signal up here.
Can you phone that number? Her name's Tosh.
Tell her DI Perez says to come down here and to bring Sandy with her, and tell her she's going to have to seal off the beach here.
- Have you got that? - Aye.
Ah! Hey! Come here! Come here! Ah! Ugh! Come! Ah, oh Ah Ah Ah! Sir, are you all right? Yeah.
Did you see the car? Just the lights.
Sir! - Paul McLean called from the hospital.
- Mm-hm.
The substance has been confirmed as MDMA but it also contains PMA, easier to synthesise, cheaper to make and when mixed with ecstasy, toxic.
He's sending through the information now.
- What about the wee boy, Callum? - Kidney failure.
They're testing his mum as a possible living donor.
I've put out a warning and we've got uniform on the beach.
The bags are still coming in, but not so many.
And I spoke to the coastguard.
Given yesterday's wind, their guess is that the rucksack went in somewhere due south of St Ninian's.
Or it could have been dumped where we found it.
There's no wallet in the rucksack? No ID, no phone? No.
We have found this boarding pass.
We just can't make out the name.
"O "B" And I think that might be an E.
Billy, that girl that came in yesterday was asking after the boy on the ferry -- what was his name? I was lucky I had booked anywhere, so Just Wish I'd brought warmer clothes.
I didn't know it would be so windy.
- Bye, Leanne.
- See you.
So you came into our station twice yesterday.
The sergeant didn't believe me because I only met Robbie on the boat.
He thinks he gave me the slip.
And why are you so sure he's wrong? There was this man early on in the crossing and he and Robbie were arguing, and the man pushed Robbie and Robbie fell, and other people saw this -- not just me.
And we were going to get off the boat together.
He said he'd show me around.
And you've got no way of contacting him? - You haven't got a phone number, or? - He had mine.
Right, look, I don't have his number.
I don't know where he lived.
I don't even know his last name, but I am telling you -- he never got off that ferry.
The man that Robbie was arguing with -- can you describe him? He was a tall guy Dark hair, beard and he was wearing these rings.
These big silver rings.
Leanne, did Robbie have any luggage with him? A rucksack and a holdall.
What was the rucksack like? - Red and black.
- And the holdall? It was big full.
How do you mean, full? He said he'd been on a shopping trip.
- And where was the luggage when you woke up? - Like him -- gone.
The airline lists for everyone named Robert or Roberts flying out of Shetland in the last two weeks.
I'm pulling up addresses now.
Have you cross-referenced this with the ferry? I'm on it, but the persons you roster won't be complete.
You can pay with cash on the day and walk on without ID.
- The ferry sails at 5:30 tonight.
- OK, then we'd better get a move on.
Tosh, you make a start to Billy's list of names.
- Sandy, you're with me.
- Been to Aberdeen and back since yesterday.
- What are we looking for? - Anything.
Anything that relates to this guy Robbie.
I mean, there was almost a kilo in that rucksack, so if there's also a large holdall that's full, then that scares me.
Maybe he found out the batch was dodgy, dumped it and did a runner.
Maybe somebody else found out and didn't like the fact that he'd come back with dodgy goods.
So what next? Go and join Tosh.
I'll catch you up later.
I've got a call make first.
Andrew, it's a social call.
How are they doing? Oh, aye, they're loving it.
- America -- who wouldn't? - Ah.
Sit down, man.
You're making me nervous.
Right, well, the reason I'm here is that a six-year-old boy took ecstasy that he'd found on a beach up at St Ninian's yesterday.
I heard.
It's terrible.
The tablet he took was cut with PMA.
You should alert the hospitals and the drugs agencies.
Aye, and now I'm alerting you.
Have you? Have you seen anything like that in the last 24 hours? You had any change of supplier recently? Hey, come on, Andrew.
This isn't just some tweaky batch.
This could kill people.
Not recently.
Maybe nine, ten months ago, I heard there was a new guy on the block.
- Ambitious.
- And does he have a name? New is all I know.
You know, back in the day, you used to go to a party, take an E, a bit of whizz and smoke some dope to take the edge off the comedown.
Then someone decides what Shetland needs is sniffer dogs with a nose for dope.
Well, people still need something for the comedown.
So, hey, presto.
Overnight, you have a heroin problem.
A lot of unintended consequences.
Just put the word out, eh, Andrew? Please.
Jimmy, you got time for a drink? Er, no, not really.
Er, five minutes? Not drop out -- leave.
- She has a plan.
- For Christ's sake.
Well, I'm not entirely happy about it either, Jimmy.
- Why would you not tell her that? - I did.
She's given it a lot of thought.
- It's a mature, considered decision.
- To which I'm saying no.
You're not the only one who has a say, though, are you? What, you want to go there? You really want to go there? No, I really don't but, at the same time, I'm not going to roll belly up to avoid a fight either.
Why? That's what you normally do with Cassie.
Right, come on.
Well, you know, ever since I've known you, you'll do anything to avoid being unpopular, whether it's what time she went to bed or whether she should study for exams, or how much pocket money she should have got, you know.
I've always been the one that paid the price for you being spineless.
- Sir.
- Hey, Tosh, how you doing? 'Still working through the list.
'Sandy is with me.
' Can you see what's written on that shirt? Something care house.
Heather House -- it's out by Hemelville.
'Do you want me to check it out?' Yeah, why not? Looks like he might work there.
And, judging by the post on the mat, he hasn't been home for a few days.
- So how long has Robbie worked here? - Three years, maybe a little longer.
He moved there from the south.
Do you know what brought him here in the first place? Spirit of adventure, I think.
Police? Has he come about the food? Have you come about the food? Alec, there's nothing wrong with the food.
And put your thyroid scar away -- you're not scaring anyone.
I'm scaring her.
Viola, would you help Alec with a new dressing, please? He's upset.
Robbie always brings him a present when he's been south -- some kind of cigarettes he can't get there.
And does he go south often? Especially recently.
Some friend who's not been well.
But he'd have let us know if he'd had to stay.
Got a name for this friend or any relatives that we could get in contact with? I don't think he was close to his family -- he never talks about seeing them -- but I'll see if any of the others can help.
The thing I dread about being old, no-one touches you any more, but Robbie sits with them, he holds their hands, he talks to them Even Alec, and God knows he's not easy company.
The residents love him.
We all love him.
Excuse me.
Do you happen to know who owns the white van out in the car park? Sorry.
Hey, hey! Stop! Get out of the van! Sandy! He is a cousin of Jenny's.
I've met him three, maybe four times.
The man's waste of bloody space.
Well, I just need to know if you can be impartial, Sand.
Yeah, sure.
Next time, you'll hear me coming, won't you? Where's Sandy? Can I talk to Sandy? Well, seeing as you're known to each other, Craig, that's not such a good idea, for both your sakes.
That's a nasty bump on your van -- how did that happen? - Someone went into me.
- When? - A couple of days back.
They didn't even leave a number.
Do you know a boy called Robbie Morton? Wait, there's a guy called Robbie works at the care home.
Is that who you mean? - So you do know him? - I know who he is.
Where were you last night? So you were at home last night, but no-one can corroborate that? I live alone.
Excuse me.
- Sandy? - Did you go to St Ninian's beach at any point? - I never drink and drive.
- Who said anything about driving? I just assumed.
It's too far to walk.
So you didn't go to St Ninian's beach? No, I didn't.
We found what we're pretty sure is blood in the back of your van.
Can you explain that to us? - Hello! - Hi.
- Oh - Sorry.
I got held up.
Right, let's get you ready for bed.
Is it hair wash night again? - Oh, here.
- Sandy! - Sandy will do you a sarnie.
Logan, tea! - Stop that.
- Jenny, your cousin Craig What is it this time? He's in a bit of trouble.
What? - I'm sorry, I can't say.
- Oh! I didn't want to know anyway.
I just wish he'd bloody grow up.
Right, you, come on.
Come on.
Oh, oh! Yes, story time.
Come on.
I thought you'd be back yesterday.
Where have you been? Drinking.
You all right? Aye.
I am now.
Ah! Deer? There aren't any deer in Shetland.
Apparently it was an import.
He claims there's some freak in Brae who pays for dead animals.
Who the hell puts roadkill in the boot of a van in Aberdeen and then takes it on a 200-mile sea trip? So Craig admitted he was on the ferry? Yes, but he doesn't know Robbie and he wasn't at St Ninian's.
And he doesn't know anything about a rucksack or a holdall, and presumably he didn't kick lumps out of me, either.
Did we get the CCTV back from the ferry yet? - On its way.
- OK.
Right, well, let's get the blood analysed and you two can go and visit the guy in Brae.
And let's issue a missing person's press release on Robbie Morton.
Hello?! Hello?! Anyone home? I'm home.
What do you want? Help yourself.
Oh, aye? Where is she from? SHE is from Glasgow.
Lowrie, do you know a man called Craig Cooper? Yes.
Have you had any contact with him in the last few days? Yes.
Could you elaborate? Well, he brought me a deer back from Aberdeen.
It had been hit by a car.
Why would you want a deer? It's very damaged, isn't it? It's the It's the trauma to bone and tissue that interests me.
Where's the deer now? Er, in the tank.
- The tank? - Aye, the water tank round the back.
I-I use it as an incinerator.
So My work is not to everybody's taste.
There's an exhibition soon, though.
You should come.
I swear to God, a fox and two weasels in the freezer and a barbecued deer in the garden.
And you're saying that, pending blood results, Craig's story checks out? This part of it, at least.
'All right.
Well, make sure that he knows that we might want to talk to him again.
' - Sandy is speaking to him now.
- OK.
I'm going to talk to the girl that reported Robbie missing.
So you're not going to take your man up on his offer of a date, then? What date? There was no date.
Exhibition opening -- that is a date.
That's a classy date.
What, as opposed to your idea of a date, which is to wait for someone's husband to get two years for fraud and then ask them out? Jenny chucked him out before he was even charged and you know it.
Sandy Wilson, master of the long game.
Yeah That was a date, though.
Who told you about the driftwood rule? Er, at the board where I'm staying.
You know, they said, if you keep it above the high watermark, then - no-one else will touch it.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
I think that's nice.
It's Robbie, isn't it? Something's happened to Robbie.
We don't know what's happened to Robbie yet, Leanne, but we are treating him as a missing person now, so I'm going to have to take a formal statement from you, OK? Yeah.
Leanne Fiona Randall.
And have you ever been known by any other name? No.
What's your current address? Oakhill Hotel, Station Rise, Aberdeen.
It's where I work.
I'm I a live-in -- I'm in hospitality.
So tell me what you saw.
What happened? Wall got in my way.
Come and help me in the studio.
So the man pushed Robbie and Robbie fell.
He tried to make out like it was no big deal, but You could see that he was shaky and upset.
He said that he wanted a drink, so we got some beers and started talking.
I think that Robbie felt safer with other people around .
in case the man came back.
So we talked and you know.
- Uh-huh.
- Hung out and, at some point, I fell asleep.
And when I woke up, Robbie was gone.
Go on.
He said he'd show me around so I waited .
but he never got off the boat.
Is there anything else you want to add? You know how some people are confident and it makes you feel small? Well, Robbie was confident but not like that.
He was just He was just happy in his own skin.
If Robbie hadn't wanted to see me in Shetland, he would have just said.
And would you have been sad if he had? Yeah.
- But don't write that.
- No.
- So how long are you thinking of staying? - I don't know.
I came away at a bit of a whim.
I was owed some time off work, so Doesn't really feel like a holiday now.
But don't want to go back, either.
You have to find that man.
You have to.
You know, there's a wee charity shop near the Market Cross and it sells outdoor wear, so it might be worth paying a wee visit if you're thinking of staying a while.
Get something to keep the wind off.
You take care of yourself.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- People are talking.
- About what? That kid.
Reliable, good product, regular supply.
- He's disappeared.
- Right.
Is there a name in relation to any of this? - How's that Peerie boy doing? - He's looking for a new kidney.
You know, they only use that cos you've made it harder for them to get hold of what they really need.
No, Andrew, they use it cos they make money out of it.
The kid who's disappeared, is his name Robbie? - Right.
- And the other guy that you were interested in -- the new supplier -- I couldn't find a name for him.
But it turns out the kid was working for him.
I've been through the CCTV of all the public areas.
The deck camera definitely shows a scuffle.
We've had a couple of replies from folk who say they witnessed it, - but no-one who heard what it was about.
- Excuse me.
- The ferry list's in.
- 462 passengers, 312 of them male.
- I just need to have a quick word.
- I'm sorry, he's in a meeting just now.
- It's really important.
- Sorry, can I help? - Do you want us to start trying to? - Hang on.
- Please! You have to come.
You have to come now.
Those? So you're saying that the man that Robbie quarrelled with was wearing rings like those? No, not like -- the same.
He was wearing those exact same rings.
Excuse me.
That poster -- do you happen to know where the rings are from? Yeah.
It's Freya Galdie.
She's got a studio out by Nibon, but the exhibition opens tonight, - so you'll more likely catch her there.
- OK.
Is it for yourself? Er I'm not sure I could get away with it, actually, especially the crown.
That's a brudekrone, a Norwegian bridal crown, so, no, probably not.
But everything else is for sale.
Well, I'm not here to buy, unfortunately.
See the rings on the flyer there? - Mmm-hmm.
- They yours? - Mmm-hmm.
OK, I'm Detective Inspector Perez.
Do you have records as to who you sold those to? Um, actually, they weren't sold.
I gave them to a friend.
- Oh! Well, would you mind telling me who? - Freya! Michael, this is Detective Inspector Perez.
He's been asking about your rings.
Yeah, we're looking for someone who was involved in some minor altercation on the ferry the night before last -- - somebody that fits your description.
- Oh.
- I just want to ask you a few questions.
- Sure.
- Let's go somewhere a little less public, shall we? - OK.
I won't be long.
So, what's this about? Well, like I said No, I mean, there was an exchange of words on the ferry.
It lasted all of 30 seconds, that's all.
Doesn't merit questions from the police, let alone a detective inspector.
The boy you argued with is now the subject of a missing persons enquiry.
Next time a stranger picks a fight with me, I'm walking away.
Is that what happened? - He picked a fight? - Aye.
Well, some of the blame is mine.
I was twice his age and at least twice as sober.
I should've known better.
It's just Sometimes, someone pushes your button, you know? Maybe you don't.
Missing person? Shite! I'm going to have to take a statement.
- From me? - Mmm-hmm.
All right.
Mind if we do it at my place? It's only a few minutes over there.
I can get back to the party.
Moved from Inverness ten months ago, still haven't got round to unpacking.
Tea? Aye, thanks.
What is it you do here, Michael? Security consultant.
Mostly construction.
What was the ferry trip for? Oh, I'm still back and forth seeing clients.
Left it a bit late to book a flight.
So the boy with this big bag -- he banged into me and I told him to look where he was going.
And he, well, he didn't like that at all.
A few of the witnesses, they say that you pushed him and you were angry, and he was scared.
Aye, by the time anyone looked over, that would be about right.
You see, I'm a big man, Inspector, and the world is full of cocky wee Davids looking for a Goliath to take down.
Sometimes you get sick of being in someone's ego trip.
But You could see by his eyes that he'd taken something -- it speeded him up, made him quick to the draw.
A better man would have walked away.
What happened to your hand? Oh, I'm not sure.
I think I was drunk.
I must have had an altercation with a wall or something.
Well, thanks for your cooperation.
Will you still be around if I want to talk to you again? Um, I've a trip to Aberdeen for a few days, but otherwise, I'm all yours.
- Hello.
- 'Hello, Dad.
'Are you angry?' No.
'I'm not angry.
I just have some questions that I need to ask you.
' It's a big door you're shutting, Cassie, 'and it's one that I never got to walk through, so maybe I'm setting 'too much store by it but I need to know' this is the right decision for you.
'It's gone midnight, 'you're home alone working again and you're worried about me?' Well, no, I'm not working, actually.
I'm reading.
Have you ever read Finnegans Wake? No-one's read Finnegans Wake, Dad.
'It's a book people pretend to read.
' Hmm-hmm.
It's open.
The way he was watching me .
and his books.
These big tomes.
You know what it reminded me of? Reminded me of a lifer's cell -- no possessions and it's full of the books that nobody but a lifer's got the time to read.
Jimmy, can I have a word? Complaint? What kind of complaint? - Aggressive behaviour, incivility, inappropriate language.
- What? - You want me to read them out again? - No, it's I was with Michael Maguire for long enough to take his statement and at no point was I aggressive or uncivil or inappropriate in my language.
I mean, if I had been, why would he have let me in his flat? That's one of the instances that he cites of aggressive behaviour.
- Apparently, you forced your way past him.
- Let me see this.
No, no.
This isn't a complaint.
No, this is a strategy.
Michael, where have you been? Aye, I'm sorry.
I had to sort a few things out.
I didn't know where you were.
I didn't know what was happening.
I was scared.
Don't be scared.
It's all right.
I'm here now.
- Well - What? I I wasn't scared for myself.
I don't ask, Michael.
It doesn't mean I don't deserve to be told.
I'm fine, Freya.
His arrival in Shetland coincided with a change in the local drug supply.
He's been linked to a missing person.
- He probably lied his way through - Jimmy, you can't talk to him.
Because he's had you hogtie me with a bogus heap of bullshit.
Whatever it is, Jimmy, whatever it is, this has to be dealt with by a rank inspector.
And until I can find someone to come over here and take your statement, you are to stay away from Michael Maguire.
Do you understand? Someone is yanking both our chains here, Rhona.
Does that not concern you? Hello? This way.
Over here.
Where did the body come from? From inside that.
It came off the ferry on Friday.
Those containers, you can only open them and shut them from the outside.
You cannae lock yourself in.
Right, get the body down.
The container's the crime scene.
Sandy, you call Cora.
Get the boy down.
On whose authority? Tosh, I want a complete media blackout on this.
- No sirens, no flashing lights.
- OK.
Ah, for f Sandy, can you see what she wants? Hello? Sir! Sir! You have to stop.
She says we're being denied access to Robbie Morton's body.
- What are you talking about? - They won't tell her why.
The team's on its way from the mainland.
We can't touch him, sir.
We can't touch him.