Shetland (2012) s05e01 Episode Script

Series 5, Episode 1

- Do you want coffee? - Yeah, cheers.
I could use one.
You out last night? Only to put out the bins.
Does that count? Just couldn't sleep.
Guy upstairs snores like a buffalo.
- You? - Er, no.
Er, it's like a silent retreat, ma house, these days - without all the fun.
Tosh, you've still got your earplugs in.
Thank God! I thought was having a psychotic episode.
Don't get too comfortable, folks.
You need to get down to Minn Beach, now.
Looks like it's been severed just below the elbow.
Has there been any reports of accidents at sea or out on the rigs? No, I've already checked with the coastguard.
Bone's been cut clean through.
And look at the fingers.
No fingerprints.
They've been burned off.
Any chance the owner's still alive and bleeding out somewhere? Oh, I doubt it cos this looks like it's been severed postmortem and it's been in the water for a few days.
Sandy, how long do you think it would take something from Norway to wash up here? Not sure.
About a week, probably.
Tosh, will you check the tidal streams and see if we can figure out where this came from? Sorry to keep you, Jimmy.
I just want to do a couple of tests myself.
And we have a problem.
I've found traces of Lye on the hand and lower arm.
What's that? Sodium hydroxide.
It's used as an industrial cleaner, or to make soap, but it can turn a body into liquid in three hours if heated to the correct temperature.
Are you saying somebody's tried to dissolve that hand? More than likely.
And I'd forget about tidal streams.
There's soil under the nails.
Lime and fertiliser - common on crofts here.
It suggests it came from Shetland.
Tidal report.
With the prevailing currents, it doesn't seem likely that Sandy, Sandy, it's fine.
It looks like we might be looking a wee bit closer to home.
Somebody's attempted to dissolve it in lye, then attempted to dump it at sea.
This just in.
A severed head has washed up by Eswick.
Tosh, you're with me.
Sandy, find out which businesses are using lye, where it's sold, and who's buying it.
We'll need to get a forensic team from the mainland.
OK, Cora.
Just give me the basics.
Well, it appears to be the partly dissolved body parts of a young male.
I'm making an educated guess that the hand is from the same person.
The peat cutter says he's been working in this area for a couple of days.
He hasn't seen anyone dumping anything into the sea.
Looks like he sustained a head wound before he died.
Any chance we can get some DNA out of the hold-all? Sandy? Genuine lye, there's quite a few folk using it on the isles.
Handmade soap companies.
The paper mill uses it for pulping wood.
The most recent buyer was Hayes, a scrap merchant dealer and building contractor.
Aye, I know who you mean.
I'm DI Perez.
This is DS McIntosh.
Aye, what brings you up here? We've found some remains - a young man, African, or Afro Caribbean - we wondered if you knew anyone fitting that description? African? What, he fall out of a plane? There's no need for that, Prentice.
No, we haven't seen anyone like that.
What do you use that for? Use what? The lye.
We're doing more scrap metal these days.
It's good for cleaning the grease and fat from engines, ovens, cookers.
You sold any of it to anyone? No.
Any of it go missing? Not that I'm aware of, no.
We did have some stuff go missing - some tools.
They might have taken more.
Haven't checked.
Why didn't you report it? Wasn't worth the bother.
You lot never get it back, do you? Well, check now and let us know.
Charmer, isn't he? They been here long? Long as I remember.
He'd be daft as a door brush to do something like this and use his own lye.
Maybe he's not as smart as he looks.
Picked up a young guy on the town CCTV from five days ago - matches the victim's description.
This was him on Harbour Street, heading up towards Commercial Road.
Do you recognise him? No, he's new to me.
Right, check all the footage that we've got from the harbour and the square, and see if you can find him again.
We've got hardly any locals from an Afro-Caribbean background and they're all accounted for.
No temp staff missing either.
OK, so he was a visitor then? Well, CCTV lost him about here.
The bus station.
Must have been going somewhere.
Is this everything he left with you? It was, aye.
He never came back for it.
Toothbrush, change of socks, not much else.
Do you know what bus he got on? He didn't wait around that long.
Probably the 14:50 up to Eswick.
Did he give you a name and address? Just a first name.
You got a pencil I could borrow? Aye, sure.
Pipeline? Daniel first appears four days ago at the ferry port, with his haversack, at 7:20 a.
Then we see him in Lerwick town centre at 9:23 a.
, where he goes from shop to shop, but he doesn't seem to buy anything.
He then shows up at the fish processing plant at 11:23 a.
, where he spent half an hour.
Tosh, find out, if you can, what our guy was doing down there.
And then we pick him again, at the harbour, where he takes an interest in a boat called The Silver Darling.
That boat belongs to Calum Dunwoody.
Looks like we need to speak to Mr Dunwoody.
I'm pretty sure I saw him heading out to sea the other day.
He probably won't be back for a few days.
Billy, get in touch with the coastguard and request that he come back in again.
Right, and then we've got nothing until we pick him up again at the bus station, where I think we can assume he got on the bus to Eswick.
And then, shortly after that, he was killed.
The press are already calling, just so you know.
Thank you.
He spoke with an accent, but I didn't recognise it.
African, maybe.
What did he want? To a have a look around.
I said not unless he told me why.
He said he was he was studying to work in the fishing industry.
I smelt a rat, told him to bugger off.
Why? It's not like you have trade secrets to protect, is it? He could have been checking on our staff levels, our machinery, who knows? All right, we'll be in touch, Mr Laird.
The DNA from the toothbrush matches.
The body is Daniel.
But there's no match in the database for his DNA.
And they found traces of cocaine in the hold-all from the inlet.
Not in the haversack, though? No, just in the hold-all.
I got the feeling Laird, the fish factory manager over there, was fobbing me off.
I'd like to dig a bit deeper, if that's OK.
Yeah, that's fine by me.
Oh, shit, I have to be somewhere.
I know, I'm late, I'm sorry.
Some things never change.
You're here now, that's all that matters.
Come on through.
There's plenty of food left.
Er, no.
Em, I can't stay.
I've just come to show my face.
That's a shame.
OK, everyone, a toast.
To Chris and Alice.
This is their official welcome to Shetland.
- You settling in OK? - Yeah.
How about the refuge, how's that coming along? Well, still putting the last of the funding in place, but we're opening tomorrow come hell or high water.
Listen, see if you need me to make any phone calls, just ask me.
I will.
How's the renovation going? Well, I'm not allowed near the place until he's finished gutting it.
We're going to turn it into an outdoor activities centre.
What do you think? - Yeah, I think that's a great idea.
And how long till we can move in? - Tell him.
Four or five months.
No time at all.
If you get bored of this place, you can always move in with Jimmy.
Oh, yeah, you'd love that.
One big dysfunctional family.
Cheese and pickle.
No tuna? It was either that or tongue.
I got some background on Calum Dunwoody I think you should take a look at.
It seems he was in a bit of financial difficulty.
And if he was defaulting on payments for his boat, he might have gotten himself involved in drugs.
With the men coming in to work on the new refinery, there's a market for sure.
Do you want me to get a search warrant for Silver Darling? We don't have reasonable cause, not yet, so let me speak to him first.
Billy, get an image of Daniel out to the media tonight and make it nationwide.
Somebody, somewhere, has to recognise him.
An artist's impression of a young man whose remains have been found on the Shetland Islands.
Anyone with information on the identity of this young man, known only as Daniel, are urged to contact Shetland Police.
He was in his early twenties, with short black hair, and was wearing a light grey suit Mr Dunwoody? I'm Perez.
I hope you've got a good reason for interrupting my trip, Inspector.
You do know this is how I make my living? Aye, I'm sorry.
I didn't really have much choice.
There was a young guy who was seen down by your boat the other day, and he's turned up dead, so we're just trying to work out who he was.
What young man? What are you talking about? Young black guy in a grey suit.
When was this? Just before you went out to sea.
Aye, parts of his body have washed up on the beach.
That's terrible.
You don't think I had something to do with that, do you? I'm just trying to work out why he was be so interested in your boat.
I never spoke to him, so how would I know? The Silver Darlings.
One of my favourite books.
I've never read it.
My wife named the boat.
So, how's things going anyway? I hear the quota hits some people harder than others.
You managing to make ends meet? Aye, you know I'm washing my face, y'know.
Thought about branching out? I think I'll stick to fishing for the moment.
I can make it work.
Right, so if I was to get a search warrant for your boat, I wouldn't find any trace of drugs or anything like that, no? You can do what you have to do.
But I'm telling you, I don't know who that young guy was and my wife can vouch for my whereabouts every single night before I left.
Here's the deal, Calum, I don't want you going back out until I get a clearer picture of what that young man was doing here.
I need to work.
Well, you will .
but not until I get some answers.
The clothes in the bag .
they all belong to your mystery man.
His name was Daniel.
Sandy, I need some information about this clothes shop in Nigeria.
I need to know if they made a suit for somebody named Daniel and, if they did, when? I like a challenge.
I'll get Inspector Perez.
Miss Lennox? I understand that you have some information regarding the young man's remains that we found, is that right? It's my boy.
Your son? Daniel, it's my Dan.
I'm sorry, are you sure? Well, I wouldn't be here otherwise, would I? That's Daniel with his sister Zezi.
May I make a copy of this? Yeah.
Can I see him? There's no need for identification purposes.
We can take a DNA swab from you.
No, I want to see him.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Why? We only have part of him.
I haven't seen him since he was little.
Him and his sister live with their dad.
Where was that? Nigeria.
Look, I know this is really difficult, and I'm so sorry to have to ask you, but was he involved in drugs in any way? We just have to establish what he was doing on Shetland.
Knowing his dad, I doubt it.
So you didn't stay in touch then? Who did this? Someone here? Yeah, it's possible.
His name was Daniel Ugara, he was 21, from Lagos in Nigeria.
Tosh, check his social media, e-mail accounts, all of that.
Sandy, check his mobile phone records, see what you come up with.
Are we thinking he was a drugs courier? It's a possibility, but let's keep an open mind.
Because if he was bringing anything in, it'd be good to know who for.
Yes, but just remember he's a victim in this case, not a suspect, OK? Prentice, how you doing? Fancy a pint? Oh, I'd love to, mate, but I need to get this stuff packed up and get up the road.
Maybe later? Leave it.
We need to have a chin-wag.
Aye? What about? You know what about.
See you in the pub.
Don't make me wait too long.
How you doing?I'm all right.
Nice to see you.
Yeah, you, too.
Where's your lunch? Oh, I had a really big breakfast.
Are you sure you don't want half? No, I'm good, honestly.
It beats what they serve in the canteen.
Can I be nosey? What's with that hut on the side - high voltage on the door? Why do you want to know about that? Just seems odd.
If it's dangerous, it should be fenced off.
Nobody seems to go in there, except the supervisor.
Why does it have two separate pipes running from it? Honestly, Tosh, I just come in, stick my headphones on, turn up my music and get to work.
- Mags? I have noticed that, whenever the Super goes in there, the tank room fills up even though the silo is empty.
OK, say that again and imagine you're talking to an idiot.
If there's no fish in the silo and the tank fills up, then it's coming from somewhere else.
So there's always rumours that some fishermen try to beat the quota, but everything that's landed is weighed.
You'd have to fix the scales, then everybody at the plant would have to be involved.
But if there was another pipe that bypassed the scales and silo OK, is there? From the way Mags described it, there could be.
And the valve that switches the fish supply from one pipe to the other is probably in the mysterious "dangerous but apparently not that dangerous" hut.
Why would Daniel come all the way from Nigeria to get involved in a quota scam here? Undeclared fish worth millions? It's got to be sold somewhere.
Maybe he wasn't selling, maybe he was buying.
I'm not sure about that.
I mean, let's not throw it out completely though.
Sandy, get me some background information on Prentice Hayes.
Ask about.
I want to know what he's capable of.
Are you sure you want to do this? We've been trying to get in contact with the family in Nigeria, but we haven't had any luck yet.
Do you have you any contact details for his father? No.
Can we stop? I need a drink.
Thank you.
I get the feeling that there's something you're not telling me.
And I need to hear it.
Have you got kids? A daughter.
She's left home now.
You think I'm a shit mother, don't you? I can tell.
But I had Daniel when I was 17.
Had his sister when I was 18.
Their dad was older - a student.
Didn't last.
Then social services got involved - they said I was an unfit mother.
I don't know what they was expecting, I was only a kid myself.
So I decided they would be better off in Nigeria with their dad.
I thought they'd be safer there.
Safe from what? He's dead, their dad.
He died a couple of months ago.
Why didn't you tell me that sooner? I'm telling you now.
How do you know that? Daniel contacted me last week.
What did he say? He wanted money.
I haven't got any.
I don't know why he thought I did.
Barely getting by.
I had to borrow the money to come up here.
How much money? 30 grand.
We agreed to meet, but I I couldn't.
I couldn't.
You didn't go? I didn't have anything to give him.
I thought he was better off without me.
But I was wrong.
I know that now.
Bad business.
This body found up by the inlet? Got any idea what happened? We're working on it.
I hope they'll be sending up the heavy squad to sort it.
It's bound to affect tourism.
We all need to make a living, eh? You a relative? Who are you? Paul Kiernan.
I run this place.
Well, if it's tourism you're worried about, a lick of paint would'nay hurt.
Seriously, again? This time she means it.
You got anything stronger? Say when.
Sometime this week.
I knew she was pissed off, I mean, that's a given, that's a normal state of affairs really, but this.
She's met someone else.
I'm sorry.
And she's selling the house.
Can she do that? It's in her name.
And she's leaving Shetland.
What, with him? No, with the Big Top.
Aye, with him.
Who? I don't know.
I didn't ask.
You didn't ask? Is that weird? I don't know what to say.
I thought the two of you were finally in a good place.
Listen, can I just bunk here for a few days? Just till I get somewhere sorted.
What about one of your holiday lets? I need them full.
I'm I'm broke.
This new bar idea has cleaned me right out.
Is it a problem? I don't know how much more rejection I can take.
Yeah, you can You can have Cassie's room until she comes home for the summer.
Top man.
You know the problem, Tosh? All the single men on Shetland are single for a reason.
Honestly, the well has run dry.
We have to Tinder.
Are you kidding? We know everyone on Tinder.
There might be some fresh meat.
Well, you Tinder away.
I'm going to my bed.
Tosh, isn't it? Oh, hi.
It's Donnie.
We met at the exhibition opening at the museum last year.
I work at the plant with Mags.
Oh, that's right.
Oh, you don't remember, do you? It's the story of my life.
No, I do.
You're the Invisible Man, it would appear.
So, how are you doing? Good, thanks.
I've just been stood up, so Maybe she looked in and saw you doing the crossword? No-one likes a swot.
Oh, mind you, I bounce back pretty quick.
Can I get you both a drink? Erm You're OK.
I'm actually up early.
See you later.
See you.
Let's focus on the processing plant.
I mean, these scams are worth millions.
And Daniel must have been there for a reason.
I can't see one, yet.
Well, let's bring in Marine Scotland anyway.
Their forensic accountants can go through the books.
Kill two birds with one stone.
What it is? I just can't see someone being hacked to death over black landing, I don't care how much money's involved.
Gavin Laird has a lot to lose, Jimmy.
He owns that plant.
People have killed for less.
Look, we found traces of cocaine in the hold-all that was used to dump Daniel's remains.
The way in which they tried to dispose of the body has all the hallmarks of drug traffickers.
Oh, except they didn't do a very professional job, did they? This is your investigation, just build me a case that will stand up in court.
Here you go, Rosie.
Do you think this is a charity? Where's our money? There, take it.
It's all there.
Jamie, let's go.
See ya, Rosie.
See ya, Jamie.
Hi, I'm DI Perez.
Shetland Police.
Mind if I have a quick word? No, sorry, I haven't seen him around here.
What's your name? Rosie.
How long have you been staying here, Rosie? About three weeks.
I've got a job at the refinery, in the canteen.
She's the same.
It's cheaper than a hotel and nearer.
Carla Hayes own these caravans, doesn't she? That's right.
You're an awayday girl, aren't you, Rosie? And so's your pal.
No, we're not.
But you know what an awayday girl is? Aye.
They come over on the ferry to turn tricks.
When they get enough money, they go home.
But that's not you? No.
You sure you haven't seen him? Is that the man in the newspaper? That's right.
Tell him, Rosie, he's doing us a favour.
- What? Tell him.
- I don't He was here last week, looking for a girl.
Prentice told us not to say anything about him.
What girl? He didn't say, he just asked who was staying here.
We told him it was just us.
Has Prentice got something to do with this? He has, hasn't he? Look, I'm not gonna make your situation any worse than it already is.
If you want me to put you in touch with a refuge, or call your family, or even if you just want somebody to talk to, then you call me, OK? Billy? Boss.
You know those caravans up by the new pipeline? I do.
Let Social Services know there's some vulnerable young women up there, OK? Aye, no problem.
It seems Daniel was up there looking for a girl - I need to know who.
So get Tosh to call me soon as, all right? I'll let her know right away.
Listen, I need to go.
I've got somebody right up my arse.
Are you on your way back now? Boss? Jesus! Jimmy? Jimmy? I'm getting your car checked out.
How's your head? Sore.
You thinking Prentice Hayes has something to do with this? Could have been trying to warn you off? If he is, he's going to fuckin' regret it.
She's been here for hours, waiting for news.
Right, Tosh, what have you got? Daniel's social media - just photographs from uni, mostly.
OK, enough, enough.
He was looking for somebody.
Did he have a girlfriend? Not in a relationship.
And nothing on here to indicate that he was involved with drugs.
Mind you, I don't suppose Pablo Escobar's Facebook page did either.
I got Daniel's phone records.
He didn't make many calls, internet mostly, but he did receive a few from different cities all over - Madrid, Amsterdam.
Anything local? Calum Dunwoody, Prentice Hayes? Not that I can see, no.
Data's encrypted.
The tech boys are talking to the carrier, they'll get us it as soon as they can.
Look at this.
Seems Prentice Hayes is pretty active on social media himself.
That's him with Calum Dunwoody at Up Helly Aa two years ago.
Let's go.
What do you use this tank for? We get rid of animal carcasses in there.
Do you dissolve them? Don't get ahead of yourself.
Sandy, there's traces of blood and tissue in this tank.
Get the forensics team over here to check for Daniel's DNA.
Will do, but we've got a problem.
Get out of my way! I just want to know what's going on! You lost? Wee bit far from home, are you no? You laughing at me? Olivia, wait, wait, wait! What are you doing here? You found something, didn't you? I can't talk to you about that! Go back to your hotel and wait there.
I just want to know how my boy died! I know, I know you do, but this could be a crime scene, so you can't be here now.
Wait, I'll give you a lift back to Lerwick.
I thought you were going to help me.
I am, but that has to work both ways.
You're just you're you're getting in the way here.
Thing is, this is an island, right? And you all know each other? OK, so what do you mean by that? What, you think that I would turn a blind eye to what happened to your boy? All I'm saying is you all look out for each other, yeah? Oh, no.
Let's just get one thing straight.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Let's just get the one thing straight.
I don't turn a blind eye to anything.
I need the air.
I'll walk.
It's going to take you hours.
Hours! Ah, hello.
I bring gifts.
Then you are welcome.
One Hundred Years Of Solitude? Right, OK.
Yeah, well, for some reason, I thought of you.
You've been on your own too long, Jimmy, you're beginning to like it.
Hey, have you nothing better to worry about? A million things, but you're top of my list.
You have to eat your ice cream before it melts.
So you're saying I'm past it? No, I just don't want you to end up like some Shetland equivalent to Miss Havisham.
That's how? That's how you see me, is it? Well, you're behind the curve - my days of solitude are over.
Duncan's moved in.
They haven't split up, have they? And then some.
It's not easy, is it, marriage? Maybe you have the right idea.
You and Chris OK? Yeah.
It's not perfect, but yeah.
Don't worry - you won't have me and Duncan living here.
It's not an epidemic.
Shit, I'd better go.
Read that.
You'll like it.
See you later.
Daniel, give them what they want, please! Just give them what they want.
They'll kill me! Please find a way! - Tosh? - Sir, there's something you need to see.
Blood traces for the Hayes yard - roadkill right enough.
Thanks, Sandy.
What have you got, Tosh? Found this in Daniel's inbox.
Daniel, give them what they want, please! Just give them what they want, they'll kill me! Please find a way! That's her.
It's his sister.
Olivia, I have something to show you.
I think it's your daughter.
Are you OK with that? Is that Zezi? Where did you get this? It was sent to Daniel.
That's who he was looking for.
I know, but she's in Lagos.
There's a possibility that she's being held somewhere else against her will, so if you have any information at all Here? Oh, she's she's in Shetland? She's here? No, right now, I don't know where she is.
Well, I tell you what - instead of judging me, why don't you imagine that is your girl in that picture and you go and find her? Olivia, can I have a second? Um This is my number, if you ever want to talk.
About what? About whatever it is that happened to you.
Excuse me? I'm just saying, no-one's blaming you for any of this, so you shouldn't blame yourself.
I'm not.
Billy, can you request a copy of Olivia Lennox's social work file for me? Aye.
No problem.
Thank you.
Give them what they want, please! Just give them what they want.
They'll kill me! Please find a way! And you think that was filmed here? Well, Daniel came here to find his sister, so I think it's safe to assume it was, Rhona.
By who, the Hayes? There's no way Carla would be involved in something like this! No? Well, Prentice Hayes is renting caravans to awayday girls up by the new pipeline.
Which might explain why Daniel wrote pipeline in that notepad.
I've known Carla for 15 years.
This is not her, trust me.
Get your overtime claims in now because there's no more time off until we find Daniel's killer and whoever's holding his sister.
Daniel, give them what they want, please! She could be dead already.
I mean, they're not going to get their money now, are they? We don't know that.
They'll kill me! Please find a way! Play that again.
Daniel, give them what they want, please! Just give them what they want.
Can you hear that? Is that music? Please find a way! Sandy, can you isolate the background? Can we do that? I can lose everything except the background.
That's the song that was playing in the bar at the Macbay Hotel.
Let's go.
She was here.
We missed her.
This isn't about drugs.
It's people, Tosh - they're selling people.