Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Cloudy Skies

1 Let's go! Doryo Bridge Feels so good! Next! Kousei! Go! I don't think so You'll go if you're a man! It's gonna change your whole world! But I have a lesson My mom's gonna yell at me Irritated Shoulder wheel backdrop! Tsubaki? Kousei? Hey, he can't swim! Kousei! He came to! Kousei! Again! Again! Aha! He's addicted now! Kao-chan, we came to pay you a visit Kou Tsubaki Watari The nape of her neck! Ever heard of knocking? Her skin's so fair! Delete that memory! Oh, wow, what a shock.
Now I can never be anyone's bride! Totsuhara University Hospital You really threw us a curve, getting hospitalized like this.
Well, my dad's so over-the-top.
I'm only here for routine testing, just to make sure.
Have you ever passed out like that before? It's the first time.
I've always been a little anemic, but this is a good chance to get thoroughly tested.
I guess I pushed myself a little too hard.
You know, all that violin practice, not to mention chasing after Mr.
Escape Artist all week long! Looming Drip Drip Drip The stress of not being able to rehearse together, and all That's right, that's right! It's all your fault! That's right, that's right! Kaori and I didn't make it to the next round.
One mishap after another.
A no-brainer for disqualification.
Performance interrupted.
The worst possible scenario.
All my fault.
You haven't said a word of reproach.
Hey, let's get going.
We shouldn't outstay our welcome.
Whaaat? I'm gonna spend the night! Okay, Kao-chan, see you at school! Come on! Bye! I'm staying over! No, you aren't! Hey Have you been playing the piano? It would be so much easier if she just chewed me out.
I haven't been playing.
Why not? It's like I have nothing to offer but my piano playing Is that a bad thing? Do you think you'll be able to forget? Gray skies.
Totsuhara University Hospital Looks like rain, huh? Hurry up, hurry up! What, you're not there? What were you talking about with Kao-chan? Huh? Oh, not anything major Then you shouldn't mind telling me! Keiko-chan? It's me, Ryo-chin.
Yeah, yeah.
You busy right now? Is playing the piano all I have to offer? No, not at all.
You have lots of good qualities, Kousei.
For example Oh, hey! Look at that! The sky! A sunny spell.
Do you think you'll be able to forget? Did you see me make the shot?! You gave me a heart attack.
What's that? I'm sending this to Kaori-chan.
Let's stop by the hospital tomorrow.
I hear she's getting discharged the day after.
Let's get her a present on the way.
So he already knows her email address I bet she'll get a kick out of that! I'm gonna pass.
You should go by yourself, Watari.
I'd feel awkward.
I'm the one who made a fiasco out of her competition.
And besides But You were the one she leaned on.
Kousei But that's only because I'm the one who can play the piano.
That's all there is to it.
No other reason.
Hey, I know.
I know that, but still.
I know that but you'll never know.
Don't hold back because of me.
Let's go together! We might catch her naked again! Watari! The captain shouldn't be slacking! Just watch all the dazzling plays I make! Someone's pretty pumped up.
You got that right! Our final tournament's about to start! And besides, after witnessing that spectacle, how can I not get all fired up? The way you two were that day It's burned into my mind! I'll never forget it! I'll never forget it! Do you think you'll be able to forget? The piano is just one part of you.
But in that moment, without a doubt The piano was everything to you.
And you're trying to rip that away by force.
As if you were plucking off your limbs That's why it hurts too much for you to bear.
Your face says the suffering is so painful, too painful to bear Do you think you'll be able to forget? No, not a chance! Because you and I are living for that moment.
You were great, middle school duo! Because you're a musician, just like me.
Good job, pianist! Unprecedented.
One mishap after another.
Even so, the people here won't ever forget us.
I won't forget.
I won't forget, even if I die.
Thank you.
It's all thanks to you.
Because you accompanied me.
Because you played the piano for me.
Thank you, Kousei Arima.
She's merciless.
That unbending gaze.
Even from the back, she won't let me give up.
Please support me! The one who was being supported was me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I see So I passed out again.
First Oof! Safe! Lucky! What the heck was that, Tsubaki? Yay! Little kids are so gung-ho! I know, even though the water's so cold.
Yeah, but you used to dive from the "Courage Bridge" all the time.
Not to mention, always shoving Arima-kun off it Kousei! That was no biggie! Kousei always laughed it off himself.
I wouldn't call that "no biggie.
" Sure it was.
I know it for a fact.
Did something happen between you and Arima-kun? N-N-N-Not a thing! Don't say freaky things like that! Nailed it Well, okay, then.
I mean, being upbeat is your only saving grace.
But yesterday and today, you kind of haven't been yourself.
Tsubaki Your eyes are cloudy.
Hey! If it isn't Kashiwagi and Tsubaki! What a coincidence! Yo, Saito-senpai! Long time no see! Hey, check out that uniform.
Now that's a high school student! I haven't seen you since graduation.
You burning up the league as usual? Oh, I'm on fire! How about you? It's tough being a first year again.
I'm nothing but a gofer.
And if they'd just let me play shortstop, I'd be the best, you know? The former captain of our baseball team.
Totally hot, dependable, and the one all the girls dreamed about.
So unlike someone else I know.
A complete tool, not to be depended on No one's idea of a dreamboat It's okay.
It's okay.
I do know that Kousei has lots of good qualities besides playing the piano, after all! Looks like rain, huh? Cloudy weather.
Your eyes are cloudy.
It's okay.
It's okay.
So why am I feeling so uneasy, then? Hey, Tsubaki? Yes? This was no coincidence, see.
The former captain of our baseball team.
Totally hot, dependable, and the one all the girls dreamed about.
I dreamed about him, too.
But I was never able to tell him, and my love melted away with the snow on graduation day, and it was over.
That's the kind of love I thought it was.
I'm happy.
I'm so happy.
Look, I'm serious about this, okay? And yet why why isn't my heart sparkling, I wonder? I bet if this was back around graduation, my heart would've been sparkling like a starry sky in winter.
So she's out of the hospital.
All right.
Don't get the wrong idea.
She just needed an accompanist.
Hop, skip, jump! Hop, skip, jump! As if you can see right through me, into my heart Hop, skip hop, skip Always, out of nowhere, you Hop Skip jump! just show up.
What are you doing? Isn't it obvious? Playing hopscotch.
She said she was waiting for someone.
Shh! Shh! There.
Why are you holding out your hand? My gift for getting out of the hospital.
I'll take it now.
No gift? That's horrible of you! Watari-kun gave me flowers! And you're the one who made such a mess of my performance! When I was gunning to win it all! You liar! Don't make women cry! This is why men are so! All right, then! I'll do something for you, okay? You'll do anything I ask? Sure, sure.
No matter what? No matter what.
Yippee! I knew it Hmm, what should I ask for? I know! Enter a piano competition.
It's your turn now.
There's no way I can do that.
Why not? You were playing fine that day.
Are you still afraid? There you go again, looking down! We're all afraid, you know to get up onstage.
Maybe you'll mess up.
Maybe they'll totally reject you.
Even so, you grit your teeth and get up onstage anyway.
Something compels us moves us to play music.
Is it like that for you, too? Everything you say and do it all sparkles so brightly.
It's too blinding for me, and I end up closing my eyes.
I'm a guy who hurled my precious sheet music away.
I don't deserve to be a performer.
I played with all my might because I wanted my mother to get well, and yet There are tons of musicians in the same boat.
I'm sure! Ones who think, "I'll be darned if I do this," or "Why don't you play it?" And yet, you pick it up again and you sit before that score.
That's how you create the most beautiful lie of all.
We're still only 14, you know! Let's pull out all the stops, and dive right in! Like this! Bombs away! Glug! She survived! Ooh, that was scary! It feels so good! I've always wanted to try that! Everything you say and do It all sparkles so brightly.
It's too blinding for me, and I end up closing my eyes.
But I can't help aspiring to be like you.
Do you think you'll be able to forget? That moment, when my music reached them Go! It's gonna change your whole world! There's no way I could ever forget that.
Huh? No way Onii-chan! There you are! Scary stuff! There's no way I could ever forget.
Because I'm a musician, just like you.
Gray Skies Huh? Where are your glasses? Oh! Episode 6 Way Back Watch Again Next Week!