Shining Girls (2022) s01e01 Episode Script


1 You have to stay in there.
Do you mind? It's just the old knee… locks up after it rains.
It didn't rain.
Oh, no, no.
Not here.
Not yet.
You… make yourself a big top? So, what's what? No, no.
Don't tell me.
What's this? Ferris wheel? Yeah? And This? Tight rope? What about this? This must be… Well, what's this? This is a… - tiger? - Lion.
Lion? Ringmaster teach you how to tame him? No? Oh, boy.
What a shitty ringmaster he is, huh? Here.
Let's see.
Oh, yeah.
He wants out.
Come on.
At first, we find its shine, and then we take it away.
Now, a filly doesn't draw a crowd, but she's easier to break.
Can you hold onto it for me until I come back? I don't want it.
You'll take it.
You always do.
Hi, Grendel.
We'll also get some advice on how to talk to your children about this troubled world… Did you go on last night? Jesus Lizard went long.
Ate up my set.
I don't need all this stuff.
Your cousin only drinks out of old Burger King cups.
You're gonna want these when you get down to Florida.
You know, just so you know, I can't cover this place on my own.
I'm not holding your room for you.
Buy cat food if you go out.
Bye, Mom.
Oh, hey.
Did you get those city records I asked you to pull? Where's the tenth and 16th districting maps? Those need to come from Sulzer Public.
They said top of next week.
But you should resubmit the request.
My last day's Friday.
Sorry we're losing you - Kirby.
- Right.
Can you transfer the pickup to someone else? I'm heading out.
Do you need anything? No, I'm good.
Come on! Get out of here! …across a 12-block radius.
Power and gas have been shut off as a precaution.
But if you think about it Well, they gotta move that truck.
Hey! You can't be down here.
Dan Velazquez.
I'm with the Sun-Times.
- You need to head back up now.
- What's going on there? They're just trying to patch a way through the sewer lines.
No hard hats? DOT is upstairs, and half the 26th is down here.
City called a state of emergency.
All hands on deck.
This pipe's clear for the first time in 50 years.
What'd you find in there? When we find something, we'll let you know.
Sir, when you're ready.
Careful with her leg.
Get ready to move her out now.
What's up? Why are you at my computer? What? I have to get this upstairs by 4:00.
Is your computer not working? This is mine.
Since when? Since always.
Are you serious? You're over there, Kirby.
You okay? Yeah.
Some guy called for you.
Shawn Lynsky? He called, like, five times.
Your friends can't tie up our line.
We'll put some resources on it.
- I'm already on it.
- Okay, slow down.
Finish one story then start another.
Ben and Lakshmi have the flood covered, Abby.
They don't need me.
But we agreed.
You come back for some small pieces.
Meet your deadlines, and we'll go from there.
Hey, Ronnie Samuels over from the 26th says you were running hot with him.
I don't know who that is.
A police source.
A reliable one.
Did he mention anything about the tunnels off LaSalle? No.
It's his beat.
City workers found a body in a pipe off LaSalle.
A young woman called Julia Madrigal.
She went missing two years ago.
I'm just polishing up the Rochester shooting.
I can run the legwork - I'm good.
I'm good.
- Bertie's been filling in for you.
He's making inroads with the 26th.
They like him over there.
People like me, Abby.
Build back some goodwill.
Run with it.
Where'd you come up with the name Mazrachi? National Geographic.
It's some photographer.
- And Kirby? - I don't know.
Sounded fun.
And has it been? You know, it's important to regain a sense of control.
A new name, new look, those are good steps towards that.
You can't call me at work.
Well, your mom wouldn't pick up my calls.
After six years, probably not.
We found a woman in a city pipe.
Julia Madrigal.
You know her? Did you find him? There were similarities between your assault and Julia's murder.
- What kind? - I can't discuss specifics.
It would jeopardize the conviction.
But we have a suspect.
I need you to pick him out.
You sure it's him? I have never asked you down here before.
Take your time.
- I don't know.
- You don't know what you know until it's looking right at you.
- What's his name? - I can't tell you that.
Just Look these over and see if something clicks.
What about these? Really look.
- Kirby.
- I don't know, because I don't know what he looks like.
Okay? He could be the guy at A&P bagging my milk.
He could be the creep behind me.
He could be the asshole holding up the door.
He's everybody.
He's nobody.
He's all the fucking time.
- Can you remember anything? - Yeah.
His voice when he called me a whore.
This is Quincy.
Doors closing.
So, the room gets great light, and it also It has a fan over - Pretty fucking hot roommate.
- Yeah, you're pretty hot.
Hey, Kirby.
You there, honey? Kirby? Kirby.
Do you wanna see my room? It's got four walls and everything, big guy.
Get over there! Yeah, definitely.
Oh, my gosh.
You are sick.
Jinny, Theo was looking for you.
He said Granger won't be free for your run-through until tomorrow.
That's fine.
There's still time before the opening.
Where are the kids? They were getting antsy.
I had to send 'em down.
…are our bolometer readings.
They're how bright each star shines.
And we use them to measure how far the stars are away from us.
Do you know what's even better than stars? Telescopes.
We have some upstairs.
You can try and find your homes from there.
Thank the scientist.
Come on, guys.
Let's head out.
- Thank you! - Okay.
You're welcome.
Bye, guys.
Have fun.
You know, they're not gonna see anything with the rain.
Doesn't matter.
Let them mess around.
They might get into it.
Somehow, I do not think that we have any Keplers in that bunch.
Were you able to calibrate Ogden for the live feed? I can't have a lag during my talk.
They carry messages from the heavens.
The The ancient Egyptians, it's what they said about bees.
Well, this one's not doing much.
Has no wings.
Got caught on a call.
- I heard you talked to the ME.
- Yes.
Iris is always my first call.
Blow me away.
Who's the suspect? Pawel Banik.
Victim was a social worker.
He was one of her cases.
We had him in two years ago when Julia went missing.
- Got a confession.
- And you didn't charge him? What kind of social work Julia do? 10-96s mostly.
Did your suspect have a lawyer present? At the time, no.
You railroaded a mentally ill man.
Violated his Miranda right.
And now you want me to say that he murdered someone.
My wife used to read you on Sundays.
She thought you retired.
No, I'm still here.
If you say so.
But I looked you up.
Your charge sheet listed a domestic write-up, Class A possession.
What'd you get? I pled out for treatment.
Well, that seems to be going well.
Listen, I won't sell a case you couldn't make two years ago, okay? I was there when they brought him in.
Nobody took a phone book to the guy.
We just didn't have a body.
You know, the McDonald's on Clinton is close enough.
Buy me a burger next time.
- Jesus.
- Sorry.
What are you listening to that's got you so spaced out? Sometimes I just forget to take them off when the press isn't running.
It's different.
Can you file these for Lakshmi's flood piece? - The ones for copy are flagged.
- Yeah, of course.
Hey, Marcus.
I really liked your outtakes from city hall.
I thought layout should've moved them up.
Thank you.
I was only messing around.
Hey, hold up.
- You don't - Yeah, yeah.
Had to finish the roll.
There's a good one of you in here.
You pulling these for Dan? 'Cause he's waiting on 'em.
- No No, I didn't.
These are not - Hey, Dan.
Kirby's got your clips.
- Huh? - No.
They're… - For Julia Madrigal.
- Forget it.
I'll But I didn't put in any request.
You pull those for Bertie? Yeah.
I Puerile move, poaching a story running on the same press.
It's He knows better.
Oh, shit.
Shit, shit, shit! Who are you? Hi.
I'm with the Sun-Times.
Is Pawel Banik here? You come about Julia? We see you people all day.
I can't make more tea.
You come.
Can he Can he come here? We can talk outside, please? You come in.
Pawel in here.
Go in.
Are you Pawel? She likes the sound.
What sound? The fuzzy sound, the TV.
She likes it.
Who? Julia? No.
I don't hurt her.
I can't see you.
I told you I didn't do it.
I tell everybody I did not hurt Julia.
Why are you talking like that? Like what? I only knew Julia five months.
- Your voice.
It's not - You'll wake her up.
It's not Why are you talking like that? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Number 31 is up.
Sugar helps.
What happened in that house? Nothing.
He was just… putting his kid to bed.
Who sent you over there? I talked to Bertie.
You're not helping him on the story.
I never said I was.
You did.
If you're trying to get on a desk, that's not a way to do it.
I'm already leaving.
You can't fire me.
You get a better gig? I'm moving to Florida.
Where to? Orlando.
What's there? Just a cousin with a couch.
It's a change.
Yeah, it's a change.
Number 32 is up.
Food's up.
I'll go grab it for us.
Thank you.
I wasn't trying to take your story.
Is it personal? You know Julia? You don't seem like the kind of person who would walk into a stranger's house.
You knew Pawel? I thought I did.
Why would you know him? The detective who was on my case… he called me in.
Doesn't matter.
It's I thought it did, but it doesn't.
He called you in for what? He thought it was the same guy.
What someone did to Julia… they tried to do to you? It was six years ago.
Well, I get why you want a change.
But you picked the one city in Florida without a beach.
Why did the detective think it was the same guy? I was cut up like Julia.
I saw it in your notes.
But I heard his voice… Pawel.
It wasn't him.
What were you gonna do if it was? Hey.
I think your graphics are finished loading.
It's not gonna take much longer.
Do you wanna grab some lunch? Right.
So, I'll just swing by security and let 'em know about the roof door.
Don't worry about it.
I should've had my keys.
Our universe is a vast expanse of gas and dust.
Constantly colliding, evolving, expanding.
It is the cradle for billions of stars.
But all it takes is one star to change the course of a galaxy, a billion years into the future.
Please remember to gather all your personal belongings and visit the stars again soon.
That was just beautiful.
You know, I haven't seen anything that good in a long time.
The The show.
You don't think so? Yeah.
I try and catch it at least once a week.
You do? You must have it memorized by now, huh? - Pretty much, but I don't mind.
- Yeah.
You know, they did leave some things out, though.
Basically, all the stars that you do see, they're all dead.
The ones that are shining, they're exploding in on themselves.
So… Actually, that's only true for the most distant stars.
The ones in our galaxy, they live on long past us.
Yeah, well… That's not how I heard it.
So… You should try and check out the three o'clock lunar display.
- We just started running it.
- Oh, yeah.
I'll be sure to do that, Jinny.
I mean, I thought I I'd give you a minute, but you still don't recognize me? Have you been on one of my tours? No.
Then I don't know you.
No, not today.
I guess not.
Listen I'm sorry.
I'm making you nervous.
I I'm just here to look at the stars, you know? She thinks she was attacked by the same man.
All her scars… - Okay.
- …might match Julia Madrigal's.
- Really? I'll see.
I'll do what I can.
- Let's get that Kirby.
- So, Kirby.
- I'm hoping I can help.
I think you can, yes.
So, Kirby, this is my friend, Iris.
Kirby, it's so nice to meet you.
Don't worry.
They can't get out.
Come on in.
Here, have a seat.
First time Dan came here, I couldn't get him past the door.
She wasn't handing out candy back then.
- I'm fine.
- Okay.
I forget everything.
It's from the formaldehyde.
Now they're saying we have to wear masks, but after 40 years, what does it matter? Okay.
So, you were assaulted, yes? Yeah.
Aggravated assault 'cause he had a knife.
They identify the instrument? No, but there was wood in the handle.
They found some under my nails.
The incisions on Julia were distinct.
Is there scar tissue from your wounds? Across my stomach.
Lateral, medial? That's up and down, or side to side.
How thick is that scarring? An inch.
Maybe half an inch.
So, would you say the size of my eraser or my fingernail? Sorry.
I don't know.
Could I see them? I'll step out.
I told you what the scar looks like, so Well, the distinction of half an inch is relevant.
It tells me about the blade, your positioning, his mindset.
I told them all of this when it happened.
It didn't help.
There could be forensic similarities between you and Julia.
But if you wanna know if your lacerations are identical, I could probably tell you.
But I have to examine them.
Why don't you come on over here where the light's better? - On that table? - Yeah.
These are still warm from the dryer.
Hop on up, my dear.
All right.
All right.
I think maybe I need glasses.
All right.
All right.
He started on the anterior.
You were on the ground? He came up behind me.
He threw me down.
So I was on my back.
There's a stutter here.
He was interrupted? Yeah, someone walked past.
You couldn't call to them? There was some stuff in my mouth.
Was walking my dog.
He shoved something in it.
There's tearing here.
Was anything removed from your abdominal cavity? Some of my intestines.
I didn't remember it, but the doctor told me after.
Did he leave something inside her? Was there something inside Julia? What's that, my dear? - Don't touch me.
Get off me.
- What? Relax.
Get the fuck off me.
- Who are you? - I'm - Who are you? Where's Iris? - What's going on? Don't touch me.
Where's Iris? We were almost done.
I don't know what happened.
- Who's that? Where is Iris? - Calm down.
This is Howard.
- Who is Howard? - Howard is the medical examiner.
- What happened to Iris? - Hey, who is Iris? Kirby, hey.
Do you want me to call her? Who is she? You said it was okay for him to examine you.
You okay? Why the fuck did you bring me here? What happened? I don't know.
Voices voices Beckoning sea Come Come, come Mom.
Mom, Janet will call the super again.
What are these? Those were the only ones I could find in a full set.
You're gonna need extras when you have people over.
You okay, babe? I mean, they're just shitty plates.
Your cousin's probably gonna steal them anyway.
No, it's not that.
You don't have to move if you don't want to.
I can't stay here.
Why? After what he did to me… Things aren't how they should be.
You're just still working through it.
No, Mom.
It's not that.
We've talked about this.
Everything is like always.
And then it's not.
Things change.
They're They're not how I left them.
Nothing is where it should be, and I don't recognize it anymore.
You did not tell me that.
It starts with these little things.
And then big things.
Remember that prick, Jason? Yeah.
Aunt Darlene's first husband? - Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah? She gives him three boys, and the way he says thanks is to walk out on them.
Well, we found him… twelve years later, living in a commune in Oregon.
He went looking for peace and quiet.
He ended up on a dirt farm with another five kids.
And? Moving across country is not gonna get you something different.
If you wanna stop feeling this way, you better figure it out right here.
I thought you gave a notice.
You're off.
You know it's not Pawel.
This is what I have, and it's already late.
I know what happened to me.
It's what happened to Julia.
Did you talk to Howard? Yeah.
You scared the shit out of him.
Julia's attacker left something inside of her.
Ask Howard.
He'll find it.
You coming? Listen.
I appreciate you know what you know.
But I can't credit you on your impulse.
It's not an impulse.
It is what happened to me.
It is the only record I have, and it is the only one that matters.
It's not enough.
It should be.
The bid on the Navy Pier redevelopment, that should've come in.
I'm already on it.
I just put a phone call in to Harrison.
He assured me he will give me a heads-up on the front-runner.
Flush out quotes.
Try Dorchester at city hall.
Dan, you gonna file on Julia Madrigal this morning? I'm pursuing an alternate suspect.
A possible serial offender.
Where's this coming from? A source.
A credible one? I don't know yet.
Mom, let me in.
No! No! Mom.
Let me in.
Let me in.
Yeah? - Where's Rachel? - Wrong apartment.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
This is 2B.
Number's right there.
Rachel? Mom? Hey.
At least you're here.
Who's here? - Marcus? - Hey.
You all right? What's wrong? What happened? Nothing.
I just came home.

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