Shining Girls (2022) s01e05 Episode Script


1 You put on any perfume today? Wear your hair different? Anything like that? - His face was narrower.
- We'll get there.
We'll get there.
You were on your way home.
You go your usual route? Look.
His chin is like this.
- See? - I understand wanting to rush this along.
I wanna make sure we sketch out the right man.
- His eyes were this far apart.
- You know what? - Let's look at the catalog.
- They were deep set.
- Okay - How about you listen to me and draw what I tell you to? What color were his eyes? - Blue.
- You saw the whites on both sides? Yes.
What about his nose? The eyes aren't right yet.
- Do they look close enough? - Yeah, but I can help the That's all that we want.
The composite isn't a portrait.
Some stranger won't recognize him off the street.
- That never happens.
- Then what am I doing here? We just need enough details for someone who knows him, so they can recognize the sketch.
It won't work.
No one knows him.
Hello? Hello? Somebody? Can somebody help me, please? You going to cut that shit out, man.
Okay, no one's coming.
Can you come over here? Can you give me a hand, please? They strapped me down.
You cut your flexor tendon.
Somebody let loose on you, huh? - How tight are those things? - Tight enough.
Now, you you get 'em off me now.
- There's no name down for you.
- Come on now.
You don't have no ID.
Please, take these off.
They found you unconscious on Racine.
There's cash in the inside pocket.
It's yours.
Just come on.
Yeah, somebody already cleaned you out.
Them paramedics, they are sneaky.
Hey, take these fucking things Hey, you all right man? What's going on? How long have I been here for? You come in last night.
They usually move the long-haulers upstairs.
What time? How long? How many hours has it been? It looks like the ambulance brought you in around midnight.
Oh, shit.
I gotta go.
I gotta go.
I gotta go.
You gotta get me outta here.
I gotta get outta here.
I can't be away from the house this long.
- You got someone waiting for you? - I need to go home or I'll end up like fucking Leo.
I need to go home now.
I need to go home now! Like, the nurses must have had good reason to strap you down.
If you let me up now, I'm leaving.
But if I have to wait for someone else, I'll be coming by your bed on the way out.
You take 'em off.
Do not swing at me.
I dealt with enough bullshit today.
Can I talk to her? See if she's okay? She's getting her stuff.
She'll be out here soon.
It's definitely the same guy.
That's what she said.
You think she's lying.
Where is everybody here? Y-You can't be the only person on this.
We had Kirby in for a composite, we have patrol officers still at the bar.
I don't know how much more you want me to do for an assault with no injuries.
It's not one assault.
It's multiple women dead over multiple decades.
Yeah, and I've got detectives reviewing their old notes, looking at all the old cold cases, and nobody What? What is it? Is this from last night? Is this who Kirby saw? Why? How do you know him? He was outside of Julia Madrigal's house.
He He said he was her neighbor.
- He talked to you? - At the wake, when it was wrapping up.
He ask about Kirby? He wanted to know about Julia.
No judgment here, but were you sober? No.
But I talked to this guy for a good couple of minutes, and and that's him.
You bring Kirby with you to Julia's house? Yeah, she was there.
Must be where he's seen her.
How you feeling? - Did you drive here? - Yeah.
We have to go back to the bar.
From last night? The police were there already.
That's him.
He had a tattoo? Where did you get that? Lynsky wouldn't release a copy to me.
I took it.
Hey, Kirby.
Hey, slow down.
You have to take the day.
Marcus and your mom are waiting for you.
Your car's in the lot.
We can go through here.
No, wait.
You have to go there and tell them that you are okay.
Are you okay? I'll see Marcus when we get back to the office.
We don't need to be here.
There has to be someone who saw him.
Police already canvassed for witnesses.
I know how he found you.
I saw him at the Madrigal house.
- He talked to you? - Yeah.
He wanted to know about Julia.
He wanted to know about what I was going to write.
Listen, I shouldn't have brought you there.
He must have seen us together.
No, he's been watching me for a lot longer than that.
Since I was a kid.
Like you guys you guys grew up together? No, he has just always been there.
I remembered him from when Rachel and I were living at one of her fucking boyfriend's places.
He came up to me, I was on my own.
And he was the same as last night, exactly the same.
Okay, listen.
Maybe now is not when we have to figure this out.
It's not just him.
Okay? Things change for me… from one second to the next.
- They're different.
- Please don't do this.
It happened the first time after my attack.
I'd been out of the hospital for maybe a year.
I had been back at work that whole time.
So I go into the Tribune, just like always.
Security says that I hadn't been there for months.
They hadn't seen me.
No one had talked to me.
There was someone else sitting at my desk.
And then I go home and my mom is there.
She says she's been crashing with me.
I hadn't lived with her since I was a kid.
She had no idea what I was talking about.
No one did.
Things changed for me just like that, and nobody knows any different.
And then it happens again, and again.
- Have you talked to Marcus about this? - That's what I'm telling you.
I never married him.
I just came home one day, and he was there.
I don't know what to say.
All right.
Look, I came here last night and I found these.
You remember these, right? I told you about them.
How the fuck does he have this matchbook from this bar, six years ago? Because this place has probably been in business for a while.
It was a fucking laundromat last week.
We came here together.
Yes, we came here together, but it looked just like it does now.
It wasn't any different.
- Hey, Jinny.
- Hey, Sheila.
I need a favor.
Um, when did I report my keys stolen? Any activity saves to the logs.
You got your new one? Hmm.
This was activated a week ago.
But the old one's still on here.
Someone's been using it.
Who? It must be you.
You're coming and going on the same days.
The times are off.
My old key was used at 8:25.
I'm always upstairs by 8:00.
Why is someone following me in? Uh, e-either way, it stopped a couple of days ago.
Whoever it was, they must've figured out their mistake.
Hmm? - Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
This is all from the article? - Let me find Abby.
- Okay.
I'm gonna have to call you right back.
- Oh.
- Got it.
Got it.
- Is this all from this morning? - Uh, yeah.
Abby has us running the phones.
- It's a blitz.
- We just heard what happened.
Are you okay? You don't need to be here.
Where else would I be? Did Abby set a folo? - We're about to talk it through.
- Great.
See you in there.
Obviously, the story's gaining traction.
The home edition sold out.
Reader engagement is overwhelming.
We've got all the clerks covering leads.
I mean, most are junk, but there's a few maybes.
Yeah, a serial rapist, his release dates line up, and a young woman called about her dad.
His route passes some of the dump sites.
Anything credible we share with CPD? Dan, how do you wanna handle folo? I have a Summer Francis profile ready to go, but I wanted to call the DA about their Madrigal suspect cause there's no We should cover what happened to me last night.
You sure? We can give that a day to breathe.
No, we should run with it.
I have a copy of his police sketch.
They really don't want us to release that.
We can't wait.
People need to see that.
Look at the shit show.
If we print this, it's gonna be a hundred times worse for the police.
They won't have time to actually look for him.
- What am I supposed - Why don't we table this for today? We need to make space for the Summer Francis profile.
What's going on with the new commissioner? The city council hasn't reconvened - to confirm Wilby's appointment yet.
- Okay.
What else could we I have a piece on Calumet docks, union rally.
That's still not gonna free up enough space.
Everything okay? He's been coming to my work.
I just didn't know.
- Do you recognize him? - I don't know.
I lead a dozen tours every week.
I see hundreds of faces.
Since your keys went missing, has anything been different? Like things are one way for you and then they change, and no one notices but you? I've never had anything like that happen.
Have you? At the bar last night, he saw it too.
How can we be the only two people who see something? I just don't get it.
No one really knows how we're connected.
Take two particles.
They could be connected somehow, like there's an invisible thread linking them.
They can't act independently, so if you affect one, the other reacts in kind.
Their actions are entangled.
One impacts the other, even across all of space-time.
You ever see things change here, like how it did at the house? When they wheel someone out, it's the only time anything's different.
No, no.
I-I'm serious, Leo.
What do you want from me? Huh? All I see are these fucking lights, and they make it hard to remember.
- I should probably come back… - Yeah, well… …to the house with you.
…that's not what we talked about, you know? Nah.
Yeah, can't happen.
Come on.
I'll walk with you.
I saw a change outside the house.
Well, sure it's not like the lights? - Maybe you're starting to slip too.
- Oh, no.
- Someone else was there.
They saw it too.
- Then why are you asking me? Because I never brought her back to the house.
- She couldn't possibly understand - Hold on, she? Where did you meet her? You know, uh… just out.
Are you sure she saw the same thing as you? She saw something change? Oh, yeah.
And you know what? I could tell it wasn't her first time either.
Maybe it's her that's making it change, you know? Maybe she knows something you don't.
Last one.
Hi, I'm Kirby Mazrachi.
I asked you about the key chain you lost.
Uh, why are you here? Your key, it was found on a woman who was murdered.
The photo I showed you was from a crime scene.
Come on up.
- Hey.
Thank you for letting me up.
- Come in.
He watched me for years.
I had no idea.
I'm not you.
Then why was your key left inside a dead woman? But you said this photo was from 20 years ago.
Are you sure they only made these last year? Hubble returned its first picture of Jupiter.
We did a whole exhibit.
What's that? Probably the rain.
It's supposed to pour all night.
Look, I have to get going.
I'm covering the midnight show.
The latch always sticks.
You don't have blinds.
Aren't you worried about people watching? Let them.
I'd rather have the light.
Where's Dan? He's in the conference room.
Okay, just let me know Can you confirm what we sent over, Detective? We tried to review the files on the woman you sent us.
- Who's that? - Lynsky.
- You were saying? - And it seems like you pulled most of your background from our property warehouse.
Initially, yes, but we followed up on everything we found.
Have you reached out to the Madrigals? Could they identify him? Is that Kirby? No, we haven't circulated the composite yet.
Listen, did either of you interact with sealed evidence? Kirby, the seal on your evidence bag was cut.
Detective, I'm afraid we'll have to call you back.
It's not like he says.
Showing up at a property warehouse is questionable.
Accessing evidence, that's flat-out illegal.
It's my stuff, Abby.
Th They're not doing anything with it.
They're not building a case.
It's just dumped there.
Did you take anything out? Leave anything behind? No.
Absolutely not.
Dan? I don't know.
I wasn't with her the whole time.
Do you seriously think I planted evidence? That could be how the matches got in there.
Kirby? Hey, hey.
Hey, no.
You're okay.
You're okay, you're okay.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey, let's go.
Your mom said she's gonna call later.
Rachel doesn't understand why you're not talking to her anymore.
She seemed pretty wrecked about it.
She asked tons of questions about you, most of which I could not answer.
Like what? We've never been to that bar.
Why were you there? It was a dead lead.
And he just followed you in? Look, I've been going over this all day, so can we just eat? Yes.
Here you go, dig in.
This is What is this? Oh, don't be modest about your creation.
Is it bacon and Is it peanut butter? With grape jelly.
It's your happy food.
I've never had this before.
What are you talking about? I'm not taking credit for the combo.
I'm serious.
I don't know what this is.
When you say shit like this, I do not know what you want me to do.
This isn't a test.
I'm being honest.
Fine, don't eat the sandwich.
Well, maybe I like it.
I don't know! Are you fucking with me? Because I cannot keep trying to guess what's going on in your head.
Never asked you to.
What? I don't know.
Kirby, I don't know.
I'm tired too.
I'm tired too.
It's good.
I'm glad.
You just missed us.
The service is over.
Can I help? You're Rachel, right? I'm Dan Velazquez.
I'm with the Sun-Times.
Did Sharon send you? She left her phone off the hook.
No, she doesn't know I'm here.
Well, she's not returning your calls either, huh? Why's she pissed at you? Oh, I'm sure I did something.
What about you? When was the last time you guys spoke? Why? What did she tell you? Not much.
Well, if my daughter has something she wants you to know, she will tell you.
Yeah, that's been my experience with her so far.
Was she always like that? Look, I don't want to be quoted in your paper, okay? I don't know how you duped Sharon into it, but look what it got her.
I'm not sure that's fair.
She almost got killed last night.
Take some ownership.
She ever have problems with being reckless? You really don't know her, do you? Not even after the hospital? I mean, she was in there for a while.
- Her mental state couldn't have been good.
- Yeah, it was shitty.
So what? So, was she ever unreliable? Was she unstable? About what? She ever lied to you about what happened to her? She's not a liar, and she is not crazy.
That was my gig.
I mean, one of us had to have their shit together, right? Mmm.
Oh, aw.
No, leave that.
Let's go back to the Montreal one.
Why, what's this? The MACV in Saigon.
They look so young.
We were.
Who's that? Oh, that's Guzman.
Yeah, that's our tunnel rat.
Sounds like a good time.
The VC, they dug all these underground bunkers everywhere.
And they'd booby-trap 'em with mines, snakes, anything.
When we come across one, you gotta clear it.
And that was Guzman's job.
The smallest guy in our platoon.
Do you still talk to him? Mm-mmm.
No, no, no, no.
He didn't make it back.
We were patrolling in the Cu Chi district and came across a hole.
Guzman didn't wanna clear it, so I went for him.
Took his flashlight and his revolver, and climbed down.
It was completely empty.
Somebody had already cleared it.
While I'm figuring that out, my platoon was getting ambushed on the top side.
By the time that I climbed back up, half of 'em were dead.
So… Do you ever think it should've been you? No.
No, I don't think it should've been any of us.
But we don't get to choose.
What's that? Oh, I don't remember him.
His tattoo.
Where Where's that from? Oh, that's probably from his battalion.
A lot of guys got that over there.
He has the same tattoo.
- That was on the guy from last night? - Yeah.
Well, he's military then.
Theo was looking for you.
He said Grainger won't be free for your run-through until tomorrow.
Where are the kids? They were getting antsy.
I sent 'em down.
So, these are our bolometer readings.
They're how bright each star shines.
And, uh, we use them to measure how far away the stars are from us.
And, uh, this is Jinny.
She loves charts and children.
So, uh, Jinny, do you wanna, like, maybe tell them about your trip to the Arecibo telescope? Um, I'm sure they'd rather see the ones that we have here.
They're on the roof.
Thank the scientist.
Come on, guys.
Let's head out.
- Thank you! - Okay.
- You're welcome.
- You're welcome.
Bye, guys.
Have fun.
They're not gonna see anything with the rain.
Doesn't matter.
Let them mess around.
They might get into it.
Somehow, I do not think that we have any Keplers in that bunch.
Were you able to calibrate Ogden for the live feed? I can't have a lag during my talk.
They carry messages from the heavens.
The The ancient Egyptians, it's what they said about bees.
This one has no wings.
I talked to Bertie.
He said you asked for my notes on Julia's clients.
Only the veterans? I can't follow up on my own story? Julia's client's on the second floor.
Excuse me.
You need to sign in.
Name, time, uh, resident you're here to see.
Fuck me.
This is you, right? - Yeah.
- Not gonna lie, you look pretty rough here.
They only use the glamour shots if you get killed, so… I'm sorry that happened to you.
Did you know Julia Madrigal? I usually work nights.
She was real popular with the residents though.
Gordie's in room 203, upstairs.
Do you mind if I hang one of these up? That's the guy? Yeah.
Do you know him? Yeah, he's been here a bunch of times.
He knew Julia? No, he wasn't here to see her.
Why are all the rooms different? Well, all the residents on this floor are memory-impaired.
Mostly dementia, Alzheimer's.
But if they're here, they're advanced.
With this population, all we can really do is keep 'em calm.
Keep 'em safe.
The stuff in their rooms, that's what they remember? Yeah, it's familiar.
We started doing it a year ago.
Seems to help.
I'm not sure how much Leo can tell ya.
He has his good days and his bad days.
He looks too young to be here.
Alzheimer's? Early-onset? No, not from his scans.
I don't think they could find anything wrong with him.
Must be psychological.
What are all these? Hey, Leo, where'd you win all your medals? You got what, three, four of 'em? Gallipoli? That's World War One.
He kept trying to run away until I caught him watching Paths of Glory downstairs.
Once we put all this stuff up, he stayed put.
please come to the front.
- Hang out here for a minute.
- please come to the front.
Hey, Leo.
I think we know your friend.
Can you tell me about him? Maybe he came here to see you? There might be some contact on file, some family we could talk to.
I'll stay with him.
You were infantry? Like them? There are no other photos up.
No family? What's his name, the man who visits you? Don't tell him that you came here, okay? Tell who? Is this him? He won't let me back.
Back home? Back to the house.
Where is it? We can We can go together.
No, you stay away.
Don't go near him.
I'll tell him that you told me.
What did I say? You t-told me where to find him.
I did? Wh When? Just now.
Does he know tha-that Does he know that I took it? Uh-huh.
That's why I'm here.
I have to take it back and give it to him.
But you don't know him.
You can't.
I know him.
You told me where to find him.
No, I didn't.
But he won't know that.
Not after I find him and tell him it was you.
Give it back to him.
Please just don't tell him I took it.
All right, you ready? Let's see.
All right, get going.
No, no, not like that.
Like Teenie's.
Just be you.
No French.
- Why? It remind you too much of Paris? - Yeah, maybe.
That's him.
That's his voice.
I know you never made it there.
- Leo said so.
- He doesn't know.
Camera's rolling.
You gonna start? She knows him.
No, I'm not.
Turn it off.
Hey, Jinny.
How do you know Sharon? I saw you two together.
You mean Kirby? That's not her name.
I want you to talk to her for me.
I can do that.
What do you want me to say? You're already saying it.
See, um, when I, uh… When I feel something, she knows.
Did you find any contacts in the records? Leo is a ward of the state.
I'll check with the VA.
What? What is it? It's not your car.
She knows, and… Yeah.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I told you.
Not today.
I'm gonna take the train.
What do you think I drove here? A Celica.
The seat belt on my side, it was broken.
Whoever sat there must have smoked.
There were burns by the window.
You are right.
My ex-wife didn't give a shit about that car.
- You remember it? - Yeah.
I sold it a couple of years ago, and definitely didn't drive it here.
When things change for you, do you recognize it? Sometimes.
Other times, they're just random.
Maybe they're what's to come.

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