Shots Fired (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Hour Five: Before the Storm

1 Previously on "Shots Fired" MAN: He's saying you refused to get help for emotional trauma you suffered on the job.
Unless you show the court you're working to fix these issues, you're gonna lose your child.
EAMONS: My initiative is privately funded by Arlen Cox and the Cox Group, Financial.
(applause) A standing 8:45 tee time at Crystal Lake.
If you can spare the time.
Oh, well, thank you, sir.
We've been hiding him out because we didn't know what else to do.
One of them police sedans chasing down Joey.
An older white man got out of the car and shot him.
If you saw this man again, would you recognize him? Yeah.
So what's the deal with the Houses? Keep hearing it's like the Wild West down there.
Personally, I never ran any tours there.
Tours? It's nothing, it's stupid.
It's like a tour of duty.
The weed that was found in Jesse's glove compartment.
It's the same strain of marijuana found on Joey Campbell.
These two cases are connected.
Open up a case on Joey Campbell.
I want to know who murdered him.
I'm proposing the "Jesse Carr Call 1st" bill.
MODER: Can I help you? I'm in.
Somewhere I wanna go there I wanna go there With you Your light is my witness Oh, and your tears RADIO HOST: Next caller, you're on the air, what's your take? MAN: They opened the case on Joey Campbell to save face.
The DOJ don't care about him.
They don't care about any of us.
They're putting on a show.
And if you think they're gonna bring justice, you're kidding yourself.
I'm tired of waiting for people in power to do the right thing.
It's time we rise up.
Douglass said, "No struggle, no progress.
" But how many more black folks gotta die before the real Sir, can you please turn off the? CALLER: We're gonna be heard.
HOST: Next caller, what have you got to say? WOMAN: That kid in the Houses, I'm sorry, but that's what happens over there.
That college boy, he had his whole life ahead of him.
He was unarmed WOMAN: Just right this way, ladies.
Are you guys doing okay do you need any coffee or water? There's a crafty table around the corner.
You can help yourselves to whatever you need.
Just around the corner.
So we'll get you mic'd and you'll be on the air in less than three.
Three minutes? Yeah.
Don't be nervous.
It's easier than it looks.
Sorry I'm late.
How are you, Alicia? CREW: Five, four, three, two I've been living in the forest I've been living in the forest Mmm I've been living in the forest (grunts) Whoa! Oh, hey.
Sorry, man.
What the hell is this? The concierge told me about this spot.
Really, it's a coincidence.
I don't believe in coincidence.
If that's true, how did the marijuana found in Jesse's car match the same weed found on Joey? Jesse went to the hood for barbecue, not drugs, yet Joey's weed was found in his glove compartment.
How does a cop who doesn't believe in coincidences explain that? You read the report.
Lieutenant Breeland found the weed, ask him.
Sounds like Breeland's got your back.
I got my own back.
For what it's worth, I get it.
The pressure, being the only one.
Yeah, we got something in common.
Both of our jobs are putting brothers away.
I heard y'all opened up a case for Joey, too.
Yeah, you know anything about that? I know nobody expected y'all to be here this long.
If our stars don't shine in the darkness Where do we go from here? Where do we go? Do we hold onto the dream regardless? Where do we go from here? I'm Amy Holmes, and today we have an exclusive sit-down with the women at the center of this story: Alicia Carr, Shameeka Campbell, and the woman that brought them together, Pastor Janae Jones.
- Thank you, ladies, for joining us.
- Thank you.
Alicia, how are you? Uh tired, you know, of waiting.
HOLMES: And Shameeka, how are you coping? Well, I miss my boy, but people are looking into things now, so that's something.
HOLMES: I can't imagine how frustrated you must feel about the lack of progress in your son Joey's case.
Do you think that the circumstances surrounding his death may be a contributing factor to the delay? I'm sorry, "circumstances"? Authorities say that Joey's death was a drug deal gone bad.
PASTOR JANAE: Two boys lost their lives.
Both allegedly had drugs on them.
One is being portrayed as a student with a bright future and the other, a thug.
HOLMES: Which brings me to a tough question, Alicia.
We're just learning now that Jesse's toxicology report shows that he also had alcohol in his system.
So my question to you, Alicia, as a mother, were there any warning signs that perhaps your son was troubled? My son our sons are the victims.
You've both aligned yourself with public figures Pastor Janae and Governor Eamons' political opponent, Penn Moder.
Alicia, do you feel like you're getting the support you need from Mr.
Moder? I'm-I'm sorry, I-I, I was under the impression that today was supposed to be about our boys.
It's-it's also about relationships.
And-and yours as well, Pastor Janae.
Uh, you have a surprising collaboration with Governor Eamons.
She credits you with inspiring her educational initiative.
Her initiative is being funded by the Cox Group, Financial, the same company that's building a private prison in our community.
I had nothing to do with inspiring that.
(door closes) PRESTON: Morning.
How was your run? Beck seemed genuinely surprised about the matching strains of weed.
You buying it? Actually, yeah, he covered.
Question is, what is he hiding? You find anything? Maybe.
I was going through some of Breeland's reports and I found a pattern.
Here he's listed as the arresting officer.
Then in parentheses on the line below is the name A.
The name is listed on a few reports like that.
What do we know about him? There's no record of an Officer Koppell of any rank in Gate Station or surrounding counties.
Sheriff's dispatch acted like they never heard of him or her.
Well, the department knows we opened a case on Joey.
Pretty damn sure they're not going to help us out with this investigation.
This came in about an hour or so ago.
Who's this? Forensic artist sat with Cory.
This is Joey's shooter.
(someone whistling) Lieutenant, can I get a word? Sure.
The weed in Jesse's glove compartment box.
How'd it get there? What are you asking me, Deputy? You know what I'm asking you, Lieutenant.
Was it there before or after I pulled the kid over? You know, Josh, I've been awfully supportive of you throughout all this.
You don't want me any other way.
Did you tamper with my crime scene? Did you check the car? You know I didn't.
Then you better watch what the hell you're saying.
I'm saying it was a clean shoot.
Not without the evidence I recovered.
You think you own me now, huh? You think I won't talk about what's been going on here? Who's gonna testify on your behalf when the DOJ presents your case? You need to remember who your friends are.
(door closes) - MAN: Excuse me.
- (door closes) (van drives off) You hate being asked, "How are you?" much as I do? Yeah.
Words don't mean a whole lot.
Sometimes you just need a hug, you know? I am tired of talking.
What keeps you going? Music.
When it gets too quiet.
Yeah, I've been wearing out my Kelly Price playlists lately.
After after Jesse's funeral, his girlfriend, Cara, she sent me a link to this song I just can't stop listening to.
On the hardest days When you want to just stay in bed.
Do you believe our boys are up there watching all this? That was rough, I know.
But we're national now.
This kind of coverage will create so much pressure, soon enough they'll have to make an arrest.
You don't have to do any of this.
Pastor, we speak for our sons.
Not you, not your church.
Alicia I am sorry.
Truly, I never meant to speak for your son.
Oh, I got Thursdays off if you ever want to, I don't know, grab coffee or You take care of yourself.
GRIMES: Feelings of stress or anxiety? ASHE: No.
Excessive drinking or drug use, reckless behavior, promiscuity? That's wrong.
You look tired.
Do you have trouble sleeping? Sometimes.
What keeps you up? What doesn't? Please don't answer my questions with questions.
Then stop tiptoeing and ask me what you really want to ask.
Why did you refuse psych after you killed that teenager? I'm a self-helper.
Taking a life is bigger than you imagined.
Do you talk to anybody? Not really.
- Do you have anybody? - I have Kai.
Are you struggling with this separation from her? You realize just taking up a half-hour of my time is not the treatment the court is hoping to see.
(sighs) A partner of mine, only real mentor I ever had, once told me if you have one person in your life who you can just be you with, you're lucky.
That's Kai.
She's my one person.
So yeah, when I can't see her, it's hard.
(timer beeps) (sighs) - Hey.
- Hey.
Turns out Koppell wasn't the only anomaly in the files.
What'd you find? There's a Sergeant Derkin partnered with Lieutenant Breeland on one arrest after another.
Until all of a sudden, he's not.
Not with Breeland, not with anyone.
16 years with the department, hometown boy, born and raised in Gate Station, class of '98.
ASHE: We're looking for a Sergeant Derkin.
He's no longer with the department.
Why not? Transferred.
Where? Out of our jurisdiction.
Anything else? When? August 31.
August 31.
Two days after Joey was murdered.
(knocking) Is this a good time? If by a good time you mean the worst time, then yes.
You reached out to me.
Sorry, I we're getting it from all ends.
Our donors are freaking out from the town hall backlash, and having Pastor Janae criticize our prison jobs agenda on national TV isn't helping.
And then there's you.
You're working two cases now.
I'm impressed.
But No "but" I just want to make sure that the case that brought you here remains a priority.
"You" want to make sure? The governor wants to make sure.
And why is the Carr case a priority? You, you know what I mean.
Actually, no, I don't.
That's why I asked.
Can we start over? (phone rings) Hey.
MAN: Just proofed it.
Want me to send it out? No.
Nothing goes out without my approval.
Did you include the request from the governor? - (phone buzzing) - (sighs) (Sarah continues speaking indistinctly) All right, I have 30 minutes, and then it's off to Raleigh to huddle with the boss lady.
Is everything okay? Sorry, I have to go.
Koppell! (muttering) Hey, there.
Preston Terry.
We met back at the fundraiser for Governor Eamons.
Of course, at Arlen Cox's home.
If you're here to take me up on my offer, you're gonna have to change that suit.
Ah, no, unfortunately, I'm on the clock, Doctor.
Please, it's George.
That's your given name? If I had changed my name, I'd have picked something flashy.
What's your involvement with the police department? My involvement? I'm sorry, am I being investigated for something? What does A.
Koppell stand for? A.
? Isn't that some sort of nickname of yours? I think I know my own nickname.
Are you familiar with the Joey Campbell case? Of course.
Were you anywhere near the Houses August 29, - the night he was murdered? - Absolutely not.
- You're sure about that? - I'm sure.
Are we done? I'll keep in touch.
Terry, thank you for coming down.
Please, sit.
Terry, I'm concerned your attention has been divided.
I understand your concern, Governor.
But if I had any doubt that the Joey Campbell case was connected to Jesse Carr's, I would have never brought it to Washington's attention.
Listen, I sat down with the boy's mother.
I was in his room, for God sakes.
It's a tragedy.
But how is it a DOJ case? We're investigating potential corruption within the Gate Station Sheriff's Office.
And how is my friend Dr.
Koppell involved in any of this? We're still investigating, Governor.
You're still here because I told Deputy Chief Carroll I had confidence in you.
You realize the moment these questionable leads of yours dry up, I can no longer say that.
I also realize that if I fail, Joey Campbell's killer roams free.
But I don't see that happening.
- Hey.
- Hey.
George Koppell is one of Eamons' most generous supporters.
Getting summoned to the Governor's Mansion only adds to my suspicion of the guy.
What sent you to Koppell in the first place? Well, his name didn't ring a bell at first till I saw it on the governor's campaign donors list.
Wait a second.
You saw this list where? Look, it doesn't matter.
I rattled the guy enough for him to call the governor in a panic.
There's a reason for that.
Are you sure? Yeah.
I mean, it was dark, but it ain't this dude.
Dude who shot Joey looked different.
- Different how? - Don't know.
Does this man look familiar? Yeah, I've seen him around.
He used to work the neighborhood.
Was he there when Joey was killed? Told you, I didn't see the cops' faces.
People are saying you're the wrong kind of witness.
Are they right? Now, what the hell you mean by that? He told you what he knows.
And you stand by this rendering of the shooter? Yeah.
I mean, it was dark, like I say.
And that was a month ago.
And I barely remember you.
You don't forget the face of a man who murdered a boy crying for his mother.
I'm sure, 100%.
Not him.
Give the kid a break.
Composite sketches aren't foolproof.
When this much time has passed, a person's imagination can trump memory.
We can't give Washington time to have second thoughts.
You back to trying to impress them? It's not about me.
It's about the case and making sure they don't shut it down.
You mean, now that the governor is no longer in the Preston Terry fan club? So what, you don't think I should have talked to Koppell because he's friends with Eamons? I never said that.
(phone buzzes) Akino.
Got it.
Text me the address.
Sergeant Derkin registered firearms in Mason County, a couple of hours out of town.
They have one police station there.
I'm gonna see if I can track him down.
What's the address? I'll meet you there.
It's a solo trip.
Why? Because I talked to Koppell alone? Doctors and lawyers speak one language, cops another.
They don't move cops around for nothing.
This path you got us on is something.
Good work.
I'm sorry, what was that? Don't be a smart-ass.
- (knocking) - Come in.
Little late for lunch, isn't it? Dinner.
Wife had me bring it over.
Doreen called her.
Said y'all were having issues.
That's putting it mildly.
She packed up and moved out.
Just want to say we're here, me and Sandra.
Whatever you need.
I appreciate it.
You know I got an anniversary coming up? Yes, I do.
20 years on the force, Calvert.
I'm going to reserve my congratulations until it's official.
(chuckles) You know, with all this noise going on, now you and Doreen, if you could've done anything differently, after all your years on the force, would you? Being a sheriff is a business of crisis.
But it's the life I chose.
It's the life that Doreen chose when she made her vows.
I regret hurting her.
But would I have done anything different? Hell no.
And the air has been so thick in this town that I haven't been able to be what I needed to be with her.
- I just - Yeah.
It's getting hard as hell to breathe.
(indistinct radio transmissions) Sergeant Derkin? Yeah.
Ashe Akino.
Investigator with the DOJ.
- You don't look happy to see me.
- Does anyone? - Depends.
- On? Which side they're on.
You're a long way from home.
What did you do to get transferred out here? Cops are transferred all the time.
Yeah, maybe.
You patrolled the Houses with Lieutenant Breeland.
You see anything the night Joey Campbell was killed? It was Breeland's crime scene, you must've talked to him.
So, you were there? But you weren't listed on Breeland's report.
Any idea why? - Why don't you ask him? - Stop playing with me.
There were two cops on the scene when Joey was shot, and you must've really messed up to get sent to this hell-hole.
I requested this transfer.
You chose to come out here, to leave your squad, your family? I got no family.
Did A.
Koppell have anything to do with you high-tailing it out of Gate Station? A.
? You don't even know what that means, do you? The governor's got a lot of rich donor friends, but Koppell, he wasn't the auxiliary deputy on that night.
So who was? Break's over.
If you change your mind Or if you just need to talk.
ASHE: Preston, I need you to go through the police reports and flag any name with "A.
" attached.
isn't any one person's initials.
It's an abbreviation for auxiliary deputy.
Thank you! Thank you! (crowd clamoring) Hold on, hold on.
Look, political correctness is killing this country, okay? We've all heard the governor's supporters hollering, "What about Joey?" You know what I want to ask the governor? (crowd chanting "What about Jesse?") I want to ask your governor why the cop that killed Jesse Carr is still walking around free.
What about Jesse?! (crowd chanting): What about Jesse?! What about Jesse? What about Jesse? - What about Jesse? - Yeah! - MAN: Let Moder talk! - WOMAN: Go home! - You got no business here! - Let Moder talk! How many of y'all consider yourselves pro-life? (applause) If you're pro-life, how can you not respect the life of a murdered child? Any child? You can't chant "What about Jesse?" and not care about Joey.
(jeering) And if you're chanting "What about Joey," I want to hear you say Jesse's name, too! (cheering) We live in a city that is separated by tracks, and further divided by race and class.
And turning our anger on each other won't change anything! It'll just further divide us.
So let's take this moment to truly be pro-life.
(protestors continue chanting and shouting) (chanting): What about Joey? - MAN: Get outta here! - (chanting): What about Joey? TV REPORTER: Tensions escalated this afternoon when protestors supporting Joey Campbell clashed with attendees at a Penn Moder gubernatorial campaign rally.
Pastor Janae Jones surprised the crowd by taking the microphone, causing emotions to flare (engine starts) (sniffles) (softly): I can't.
(switches engine off) And I didn't even have to ask.
Come on, Ma, this is important.
What you working on? Short story I got to read in front of the whole class tomorrow.
The teacher was cool with me writing about Emmett Till, even though none of the kids ever heard of him.
Don't go doubting yourself.
You'll be teaching them something.
Took guts, facing them people at that new school.
I'm proud of you.
(sighs) I apologize for not reaching out sooner.
Why didn't you tell me the Cox Group, Financial was financing your education initiative? We need prisons.
That's our reality, and our state prisons are overcrowded.
Overcrowded with my people.
I'm trying to change that.
My education initiative is the first step in breaking that cycle.
You cannot dismiss that.
I'm not dismissing it.
I just don't want my name attached to it.
I know how these private prisons operate, trading prisoners like-like Lincoln never made his proclamation.
Do you want me to refuse the money, just wash my hands of these children? - That is not what I'm saying.
- Well, you're in the room now.
You have to do more than just spout ideology.
You need a plan.
My plan is to be heard.
These protests will not stop the prison from being built.
If anything, they're just endangering this initiative.
The fact that it's funding poor black schools is a slap in the face.
You make deals in order to make progress.
That's the difference between you and me.
What you see as progress, I see as compromise.
Compromise is how you get things done.
That's politics.
Politicians make rules and set boundaries.
Leaders are visionaries who know no boundaries.
Janae, I know how much Gate Station means to you.
Together, we can get ahead of this and keep our city from becoming another Ferguson.
Ferguson was a tragedy, a rallying cry that spawned a movement.
A movement still alive today.
Have you ever considered that maybe I do want another Ferguson? Well, I guess that's the difference between you and me.
Good luck to you.
What do you got? I dug through the reports and found another I.
Turns out this guy Christopher McFarland is not only an auxiliary deputy for the Sheriff's Department, he's also one of Governor Eamons' top donors.
60 years old, fits Cory's description of the shooter, and he owns this whole damn building.
What's going on? I need to head back to D.
Personal matter.
Carroll said he'd give me the time off, if you're down.
You think you can handle everything here without me for a couple days, boss? You okay? I said it was personal.
I think we both want to keep our personal lives to ourselves.
Got it.
What do you think you're doing? About to have a conversation.
The hell you are.
You're harassing members of my community, and you have no right.
We have every right to question potential suspects in a murder investigation.
Not while destroying everything in your path.
You are guests in my house.
These are my people, you understand me? If your people were doing their jobs, we wouldn't be here doing ours.
You ready to do your job, Sheriff? You can start by explaining why A.
Koppell and A.
McFarland were listed on multiple police reports in the Houses.
Are these ride-alongs? Those men are among a handful of volunteer auxiliary deputies, professionally trained, duly sworn, law enforcement personnel.
A handful? How many is that? - Four.
- How many 60-year-old men are you hiring down at the department to patrol high crime areas? These men are trained civilian deputies who want to make the world a better place.
By cleaning the streets one black man at a time? (muttering): Oh, boy What comes with these deputy certifications? A gun, a badge, and a VIP tour of the Houses? Your department is running tours of the Houses.
Taking the governor's rich white friends to poor black neighborhoods like they're on safari.
That is not what this is.
This is an above-board program.
All this time we've been looking at these other people, but we should have been looking at you.
You look all you want.
I'm not going anywhere.
(thunder rumbling) Now we know why Breeland was so tight on Beck.
The tours.
You think the pressure got to him? Knowing his own people were being hunted? By the time he pulls Jesse over, he's off, paranoid and boom.
Another dead kid, but he knows this case isn't just gonna disappear like Joey's.
He's panicked.
Breeland shows up.
He's our dead end in both cases.
We got to get him to snitch on Beck.
Or we get Beck to turn on Breeland about the tours.
Or Sergeant Derkin.
That guy's got a lot of guilt, more than he can carry.
I think I can turn him.
Oh, on the upside, we got a roster of old white dudes to show Cory.
Hell of a lot more than we did yesterday.
This whole thing about the tours.
I can't wrap my head around it.
Wish I could say I was surprised.
How could you not be? People think that we're inherently good, because it makes them feel like there's a reason for all this, but when you do what I do, you realize that people got it wrong.
We're born bad.
We're just taught to be good.
You don't believe that.
What about your daughter? Kai? She's my heartbeat.
(crying): She's the only good thing in my life.
(sighs) I'm going back to D.
for a custody hearing.
That's why I needed time off.
I could lose my daughter, and if I do, it's my own damn fault.
Look, I know you believe in karma and you're worried this whole thing is gonna come knocking, but that's not how life works.
Not your life.
No matter how hard you try and hide it, I see the good in you.
So what's up with, with you and Sarah? Decided to settle for your Hillary? What? You know, instead of waiting for your Michelle.
None of my business, but, you know, dating the governor's aide, not a good look.
You know, for your career.
We have a suspect to I.
I'll see you back at Cory's.
And for the record, hooking up with my brother wasn't a real pretty look, either.
(siren wailing) (indistinct voices on radio) You mind shining that light a little to the left? You missed a yield sign back there.
You had anything to drink tonight, ma'am? I had one beer.
No law against that last time I checked.
Well, I'm gonna have to administer a field sobriety test, so why don't you step out of the vehicle? How about this you give me a Breathalyzer and we'll both be on our way.
Out of the car, ma'am.
You have my credentials, you know I'm an officer of the law.
I don't give a damn who you are.
Get out of the car, or I'm going to light your ass up! You can't talk to me like that! Give me your badge number.
Out of the car! Out of the car! Get your hands off me! Get your ass on the ground, now! On the ground! On the ground! All the way down, get your ass all the way down.
Now! (indistinct radio transmissions) Let's go, get up.
Let's go.
Up against the car and stay.
Just relax and there won't be a problem.
Deputy, her weapon.
I'll take it from here.
Yes, sir.
I will do my best to keep this incident out of the system.
Refusing a sobriety test, assaulting an officer, resisting arrest certainly won't get you your daughter back.
Kai, that's her name, right? (police car starts up) (knocking) You're still up? You know you're getting on that bus at the crack of dawn, right? Yeah, I know.
I finished my story, but I don't think it's good enough.
Come on, I'll take a listen.
What you got? "Over the 60 earthly years I've been in Heaven "I've bunked with a lot of people, and today I'm getting a new roommate.
" They got roommates up in Heaven? That don't sound fair to me.
"When I was 14, I visited my uncle in Mississippi, "where I whistled at a white girl "at the counter of a candy shop "My new roommate interrupts.
"Confused, he asks, 'Why would you do that?' "So I said, 'I grew up in Chicago, Trayvon, "'where whistling at a pretty girl didn't come with a death sentence.
'" SHAWN: "A few days later, "two white men dragged me out of my uncle's house "and threw me in the back of their truck, "where a black man was waiting.
"At first I was relieved.
Then I saw him laughing, and I knew it wasn't good.
" (engine revving) "The black man held me down while the white men tortured me, "and after my soul left my body, I watched them shoot me, "tie me to a cotton-gin fan, and throw me in the Tallahatchie River.
" (motor revving) "Over the years there were times when I thought the sadness "would never leave, but it did eventually.
" (protestors chanting on TV) "And here I am now, "hoping I can help the sadness leave you.
"Trayvon wasn't sure the sadness would ever leave, "and he asked me about justice.
"So I told him what God told me: "those who have harmed you will answer for their sins in the afterlife.
"Suddenly, there's a knock "on the door of the Heavenly home I share "with Trayvon Martin and a new face enters, "one unfamiliar to the both of us.
"'Who are you?' Trayvon asks.
"The boy answers, 'Joey.
Joey Campbell.
'" (protestors chanting) PROTESTORS: Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! That's him.
That's the man who shot Joey.