Shots Fired (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Hour Nine: Come to Jesus

1 Previously on "Shots Fired" The gun found in your office was the same gun used to kill Joey Campbell.
We had a break-in a few nights ago.
Maybe that's when the gun was planted.
Lieutenant Breeland found a witness who contradicted your theories regarding a link between the Carr and Campbell shooting.
Ruiz is prepping a new team to take over.
You both have a week to finish up.
The gun used to kill Joey Campbell - is yours.
- It was stolen.
Those two people are aiming to blame that killing on me.
ASHE: Someone broke into our work space, sucker-punched me, and I'm still mad about it.
They were after the video we recovered off Jesse's phone.
They don't have a video.
They're bluffing.
Jesse didn't open his door.
You pulled it open for him.
I got your text.
You're done messing with my daughter.
You were there when Arlen Cox killed Joey.
You ever want to be a mother to your little girl again, you better start figuring out what the word "smart" means.
(both grunting) I just lost Kai.
I killed somebody's child.
Why shouldn't I lose mine? Hey.
ASHE: Oh, my God, this is it.
Check this out.
Oh Oh With your permission I just wanna spend a little time - (moaning) - With you With your permission Tonight I wanna be a little me on you Oh, yeah, yeah With your permission I wanna spend the night sipping on you I can't have you getting all sprung.
I need you focused.
Never been more focused in my life.
The new team's arriving in two days.
I don't want them messing up what we started.
Then let's finish it.
You and me.
REPORTER ON TV: Breaking news report regarding Jesse Carr's murder.
The footage you're about to see was uncovered on social media.
BECK: What are you doing in this neighborhood? JESSE: Why did you pull me over? BECK: Because you don't look right.
JESSE: I didn't realize it was illegal to be in this part of town.
BECK: Depends on what you're doing here.
JESSE: I came for some fried chicken.
You released it.
I meant to send it to my account but I accidentally shared it with Jesse's network.
That's the story you're sellin'? Yeah.
Right or wrong, there's no turning back now.
You know that.
I know.
Ooh If our stars don't shine in the darkness - Where do we go from here? - Where do we go? Do we hold onto the dream regardless? Where do we go from here? BECK: License and registration.
- JESSE: What?! I didn't do anything.
- BECK: License and registration now.
- Get out.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, all right? - Out of the car.
Get out of the car! (reporter speaking indistinctly) My son's last moments now belong to the world.
They have taken everything.
Alicia Alicia Your memories of him, those are things between the two of you that ain't never gonna change.
That the world can't touch.
That's the truth you gonna hold on to.
Not this.
REPORTER: Sir did you know about the video, Sheriff? Does the department still stand behind Deputy Beck? Will Beck finally be arrested? I know y'all are anxious for answers and, uh, I wish that I had them.
We're just as surprised at this latest development as you are.
Any idea where the video came from? The department's spokesperson will be releasing an official statement later today.
I have no further comment at this time.
Thank you.
How can your department support a murderer? Deputy Beck has been suspended.
He is under a DOJ investigation.
We are not supporting a murderer, we are supporting the legal process.
Thank you.
- BREELAND: Tess, where are your sisters? - They're coming.
Y'all are gonna be late.
Oh, my God, Daddy.
It's nothing, I just got into it with another cop last night.
Are you okay? Yeah, it looks worse than it feels.
Does that have anything to do with that video on TV this morning? No, no, separate matter altogether.
Hope the other guy looks worse.
- Come on, girls.
- All right.
(groans) (car starts up) (scattered laughter) Yeah, okay, fellas, real cute.
You got a complaint, you can take it up with the department.
Sit down.
Don't make me say it again.
I know Breeland put you up to that stop.
You missed a yield sign.
You pulled your gun on me for failing to yield? That was for assaulting an officer.
So what happens if you shot me? What would you have done? Bury me and pray my body never washed up? You're really willing to go down for a superior officer who would put your life in jeopardy? You got nothing on me.
You're one of the deputies named in our corruption report.
Nobody comes out of this clean.
I know you got kids.
So think.
No pension, no paid leave, no future.
But I can make sure that doesn't happen.
I work with these people.
DOJ can protect you.
Rumor has it, you and that lawyer are gonna be replaced.
Where's my protection then, hmm? PROTESTORS (chanting): Justice for Jesse! Justice for Jesse! Justice for Jesse! Justice for Jesse! Justice for Jesse! My client maintains his innocence.
That video paints a different picture.
The video does not tell the full story.
It only kills my credibility.
Which is what you wanted.
I want justice to be served.
Did you orchestrate the release of the video? With all due respect, that is the least of your concerns right now.
BECK: I can't even have my family here.
Is that not a concern? They walk out of this house and have crazy people in their face.
My kids have people telling them I'm a monster.
- Calm down.
- Why am I here, Joshua? (sighs) What's this? Records of everyone who went through the Tours.
You mean the same Tours you told me you knew nothing about? - I have all this information already.
- Your documents are falsified.
After Joey's murder.
Those are the real things.
The Auxiliary Deputies never went through the required 480 hours of field officer training.
Nor were they ever qualified to even carry a weapon.
But they still went on patrols with Breeland and Derkin, carried their own personal firearms, and received department-issued Tasers.
It's all there dates, arrests, everything.
How long have you had these? Couple of months.
What do you want? We want Deputy Beck's cooperation in the matter to be taken into consideration.
He killed Jesse.
And his silence killed Joey.
I didn't murder Jesse.
You saved these documents because you wanted to speak up.
Then something stopped you.
Why the change of heart? I'm done bleeding blue.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but they just sent over the revised budget.
You're killing the education initiative? The riots wreaked havoc on funds we appropriated for Gate Station.
I asked Arlen if he would funnel his support for the education initiative to our rebuilding efforts.
Even with federal aid, we're nearly $12 million short.
Something had to go.
What about Shawn Campbell? We looked his mother in the eye and we made promises.
We can't just pull him out of Lorton.
I assure you I've considered every option.
- But - Sarah, we took a swing few others would have taken, but if we're being honest, the education initiative was a hard sell from the start.
We silenced our detractors.
And we did it without compromising.
Those-those parents who were so afraid of kids from The Houses coming into their schools stopped fighting us because they realized they had nothing to fear.
What kind of message are we sending if we just shut them down? Mr.
Terry, thank you for coming.
Join me outside? I'm assuming with this latest video coming to light, Deputy Beck's arrest is imminent.
My decision on whether or not to indict is imminent.
If you had listened to my suggestion from the beginning, this all could have been avoided.
What could have been avoided, Governor? The culture of corruption left unchecked by the city or the uprising that happened as a direct result of it? Are you able to substantiate your claims against the Sheriff's Office? Are you genuinely asking or are you looking for a way to get your name out from under it? I just spent 48 sleepless hours balancing the budget to help the people of Gate Station rebuild.
If you have hard evidence that a program I helped to implement is corrupt, I need to know.
Your Auxiliary Deputies were never qualified to carry any weapons, never received any training to get out on the field.
The reports were falsified to cover it up.
And you have the names of people involved? Names, dates, everything.
There may have only been one shooter, but Joey's blood is on a lot of hands.
If this is true, my heart will be broken and I can promise you, I will make sure those responsible are held accountable.
You fight dirty.
I guess I can respect that.
We do what we gotta do.
You need to cooperate with this investigation.
We know the training records were falsified, and we know you planted weed in Jesse's car to keep Beck quiet.
Did Beck say I planted weed? Anyone see me plant weed? No.
Do you want to know why? Because I reported exactly what I found.
So you're saying Beck's the one who planted it.
I did not say that.
Of course not.
You're too good a soldier.
So let me tell you what's in play.
You're either gonna take all the heat or you're gonna let us know how Platt was involved.
I wanna know why Arlen killed Joey.
And I wanna know how Pastor Janae got his gun.
I wanna know how it feels to fail and be replaced by someone who has to clean up your mess.
Someone who won't get stopped for a DUI while they're in the middle of a custody suit.
Funny thing about beating your bitch ass is your threats don't faze me anymore.
I'll fight you in the alley and I'll fight you in the courtroom.
Like I said, we do what we gotta do.
You think that the charges against Pastor Janae will hold up? I do.
Even though they've traced the gun back to me.
They can't prove a thing.
They've come in three times, saying I can get out of here if I sign a confession.
I have a master's degree, I've counseled hundreds of people, and yet the idea of signing a confession to something I didn't do sounds inviting.
I haven't exactly seen eye-to-eye with you on everything, but you don't belong here.
I'm gonna get this cleared up.
Keep the faith.
What about your faith? What about it? Have you lost it? Barely holding on.
Mind if I pray with you? Dear God, we come to you for guidance.
Quite possibly, we are both, in our own ways, incarcerated.
- GIRL: Got it.
- (laughter) What are you saying? We did everything we could to protect him.
And to protect our department.
And there is some honor in that, but There's only one course of action, Calvert.
Just keep your mouth shut.
If you talk, you'll go to jail for the rest of your life.
I kept quiet because you taught me to protect our own.
But Arlen Cox is not family.
I was protecting him for you.
- For me? - This should never have happened.
But it did.
And you were the superior officer in charge.
What the hell are you saying? We need to protect each other.
(laughter) - Good evening.
- Congrats, boss.
(chuckling): Thank you.
Made me proud to see you graduate.
Thanks for inviting me.
You're a man now.
I respect that.
And whatever problems that your mom and I have won't change that.
You used to be my hero.
Strongest guy in the world, I used to think.
But the, the minute you became Sheriff I was what, nine years old? See, when you were home, if I played too loud, I was in trouble.
If I cried too loud, I was in trouble.
You needed everything to be so peaceful because your important job was so stressful.
I didn't choose law enforcement.
Law enforcement chose me.
And it's been a blessing and a curse.
If I feel myself, even for one minute, turning into you, I will find another line of work.
I guarantee you that.
Thanks for the beer, Dad.
(car doors close) Ms.
Reed Wyatt, Lieutenant Breeland's attorney.
Why the secret meeting? My client thought about an earlier conversation he had with Ms.
He reconsidered and has now decided to come forward with information.
What kind of information? Information that could shed some light on the murder of Joey Campbell.
Unless he's giving up the actual murderer of Joey Campbell or the details of Jesse Carr's death, he can't help himself.
He has details that can lead to an indictment on at least one of your cases.
We'll need a deal.
I'm listening.
House arrest.
Disciplinary action within the department is something we'd consider.
- But no jail time.
- Two boys were killed.
You got a hand in it and you expect to walk? No jail time or there's no deal.
- Let's go.
- Hold on.
How can I get in touch? (car starts up) It's protocol.
I have to let the bosses know.
Protocol? Or are you fine letting him get away with murder? It's a negotiation.
You're kidding me, right? Think about everything he'll be giving us.
Think about everything he's done.
Everything he's done to me.
It's not about you, it's about our case.
Ashe, look, I didn't mean that, okay? Breeland's name is on all the falsified Auxiliary Deputy training records we received from Deputy Beck.
But we're in the driver's seat when it comes on to the Joey Campbell case.
We don't need Breeland to close it.
How can you guarantee his testimony without making a deal? We don't think we need it, sir, we've already tied the murder weapon to Arlen Cox.
Which was explained away by a theft report.
And you need more than just a strong hunch that Breeland planted that marijuana in Jesse's glove box.
Frankly, sir, instead of making a deal with Breeland, we think he should be prosecuted alongside Arlen Cox and Sheriff Platt.
Wait a minute.
You want to walk away from a dea that damn sure guarantees indictments in both cases? The records Beck provided you suggest corruption.
Breeland's testimony proves it.
We need this win.
The new team is already en route.
I'm authorizing them to make the deal with Breeland.
Davies will wrap up the case and we'll see you two back in D.
Good work.
Remember your first game here? Yeah.
They were all screaming and yelling at you - to get that damn girl off the field.
- (chuckles) Yeah, and when the crowd got too rowdy, you came up to me and you said, "Dad, if we win this, - they'll shut up.
" - (chuckles) Too bad we got our asses kicked.
It's been my proudest moment to coach you, Tess Breeland.
Dad, what's wrong? Things are gonna change a little, baby.
With my job and maybe at home.
I don't understand.
A week ago you called me a hero for helping those kids in the riots.
But I ain't a hero.
I'm far from it.
Why do you keep saying that? I was on the scene the night Joey Campbell was killed.
We saw what we thought was a drug deal going down.
We chirped our siren and he ran off.
So we chased after him.
Did you shoot him? No.
But someone else who was with us did.
It should never have happened.
We made a split decision to cover it up.
And we left him right there.
A little while later I came back to the scene, and he was still laying down there on the pavement.
And a crowd started to gather, so I called it in as a homicide.
You didn't mean for that to happen, though.
It wasn't your fault.
Sweetheart I gotta make this right.
What does that even mean? I've been trying to blackmail someone to cover it up.
But now I'm working on doing a deal with the DOJ.
I think the other people who I was involved with want me to take the fall.
But I ain't gonna let that happen.
Come here.
PRESTON: Left the fax number here for you.
Joey Campbell case files are in the blue box.
Jesse Carr's in the green.
All right.
We'll start with the Carr case.
Comb through what you have then see where we are before we move to indict.
PIERCE: You guys mind driving us around, giving us the lay of the land? You want us to be your chauffeur? (chuckles) An escort.
Is that a problem? PRESTON: Not at all.
I'll get the car.
PIERCE: We want a full confession for the Joey Campbell shooting.
That means identifying all of the players every witness, every officer, volunteer or not, and all the people that were involved in the cover-up that followed.
My client can't speak to any of that without incriminating himself.
Which is why we're offering Lieutenant Breeland full immunity.
What? No, that-that's not the deal I discussed with him.
Is everybody on board with this deal? - Yes.
- No.
Pierce, can I have a word? Full immunity? That's more than what he proposed.
I'm taking an aggressive stance to make sure we get full cooperation.
It's not necessary.
He wants to speak.
PIERCE: Carroll wants a win.
This guarantees it.
You can have both.
Since you got here, Mr.
Terry, this city has rioted, a police officer has taken his own life, and the community's distrust for the Sheriff's Department has grown twofold.
So I'd appreciate it if you would back off and let me do the job my way.
Well? Full immunity.
Do we have a deal? Write it up.
ASHE: So what happens when Breeland transfers to another department and another black kid dies? This isn't what I wanted.
You know that.
We can't let it go down like this.
What are you thinking? They're going to try to make Breeland the star witness.
We gotta get somebody else to talk first.
Weren't the parameters made clear enough? If you want to talk to me, contact my lawyer.
Consider this a social visit.
Oh we're friends now, huh? More than you know.
I confess to being intrigued.
There's a new witness who's willing to tell us everything he knows about the Tours and what happened the night Joey Campbell was killed.
None of which is my concern.
Are you sure you have nothing to get off your chest? By morning, I'm assuming he'll name you as the shooter.
And by then, it'll be too late to save yourself.
Kind of ironic.
Building a prison that may end up housing you.
You could've told me you forced Jesse's door open.
I know how it is going from zero to a hundred.
Yeah, well, he went for my gun.
Which is one detail that no one seems to care about.
I care.
You can talk to me.
I tried to talk, about the Tours, before this whole Jesse thing went down, and you told me not to.
Who were you trying to protect? - Me or the department? - I was protecting you and Kerry and those boys.
What were we gonna do, take on the whole department? Yeah, well, I'm done protecting them.
I'm coming forward now.
With the backlash from the department? Even more press outside your door? Doesn't matter.
I got Kerry, my boys.
And a bachelor party I gotta plan.
Ain't all bad.
Anna's dad is putting his foot down.
He's threatening to cancel the whole deal if you're at the wedding.
I'm working on Anna.
But well, the video.
"When Caleb and I became deputies, "we took an oath to serve and protect, "but Caleb's been doing that since the first day we met.
"Today, he took a vow for better or for worse.
"Five words used to describe one loyalty.
"Anna, today you are marrying my best friend, "one of the most loyal people I know, who will serve and protect you for better or for worse.
" Maybe the new guy can use it.
(sighs) I know how hard it is to come clean when you know that a wrong has been committed especially when that wrong has been committed by you.
(clears his throat) Unfortunately, I have remained silent in the face of a terrible wrong.
And today I want to free myself of this burden.
I can no longer keep silent about the death of a young man in this community, a young man whose face, by now, we all know.
I I killed Joey Campbell.
(reporters clamoring) ARLEN COX (on TV): That night I assisted Lieutenant Breeland and Sergeant Derkin when they pulled over Joey Campbell for questioning.
When Joey resisted and refused to cooperate with the officers, I reached out for my department-issue Taser and accidentally pulled my gun.
I'm ashamed.
I have to live with the fact that a simple mistake took the life of a promising young man.
Had Lieutenant Breeland not intimidated me, I believe that I would have come forward sooner.
But as an officer sworn to uphold the law, he did in fact intimidate me and he should have reported the accident to his superiors.
He allowed for Pastor Janae Jones, an innocent woman, to be wrongfully detained.
I can only assume that he had something to do with finding my gun in her church.
I'm going to turn myself in to Sheriff Platt.
You knew this was happening! Who knew this would happen, me? I-I didn't know this was happening.
Calm down calm the hell down.
Sit down, calm down.
I-I-I'm as shocked as you are.
Sit down.
He's placing himself in your custody! What the hell do you mean, you're shocked? Look at me.
It's me.
I'm not some stranger.
And I'm telling you, it's the first I've heard of it.
20 years.
20 years of loyalty, to be your fall guy? Derkin's gone.
It's your word against Arlen's.
I got your back, Calvert.
Do you? When can we talk? Your info is no longer needed.
What? We never presented you with a written deal.
Due to recent events, consider it null and void.
You did this.
What made you decide to come forward now? Well, actually, it was Ms.
Akino made me realize that I had the courage to speak up.
Akino? When was this? Earlier today.
She paid me a visit and persuaded me that it was in my interest to stop living a lie.
(train passing in distance) (dialing) (line rings) WOMAN (on phone): Good afternoon.
Child and Families Service Agency.
Hello? Hello? - Is anyone th? - (phone beeps off) (reporters clamoring) Pastor Janae, are you going to file a civil suit against the Gate Station Sheriff's Office? Do you have any comment about Cox's confession? The smartest move is to denounce Arlen Cox.
How about we get all the facts before throwing him under the bus? - The man is a murderer.
- Or it was a tragic mistake.
We were smart to not rush to judgment with Pastor Janae.
I'm not going to do it in this case.
He admitted to covering up a homicide.
- What more do you need to hear? - Understand, in moments of crisis, you don't turn your back on the people that got you there.
Not unless you're a hundred percent sure.
Hundred percent sure that what? He's guilty? Or that you can spin it.
I need you to back down.
This cannot be about money.
If I lose to Penn Moder, all the good I've done will be undone.
All the good I want to do will never happen.
I have learned so much from you.
And in this moment it's what not to do.
Thank you, Governor Eamons, for the opportunity.
Please consider this my last day.
(phone buzzes) Hi, Zabel.
Yeah, Ashe, I wanted to call you right away.
The judge made a ruling.
What did she say? (knock at door) Hey.
- (crying): I lost Kai.
- What? I lost her, I lost Kai.
- What are you talking about? - I lost Kai.
(sobbing) It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
Javier gets full custody.
I get visitation.
And until I do 30 hours of anger therapy, it has to be supervised.
Maybe I can help.
I know some people in family court.
They think I'm a danger to her.
I can visit, but I can't be her mom.
Ashe, we'll fix this.
Breeland has to be behind this.
Ashe, where are you going? I need to be by myself.
Campbell Something I should have said months ago.
I am sorry for your loss.
And for your son and for not receiving the respect you deserve.
(grunts) All of these walls around All of these walls around (glass shattering, people shouting) Caving in slow, baby WOMAN: We're sick of you! WOMAN 2: Get out of here! (people continue shouting) - We don't need you here! - You're a crooked cop! Never come back! Caving in slow, baby Caving in slow, baby (groans) All of these walls around All of these walls around Caving in slow, baby Caving in slow It's like there's something That comes Takes away all my air All my air Run away We ain't stupid, we know what you're doing.
We don't want you here anyway.
Get the hell on! - Run away - Go! Run away WOMAN: Get out of our neighborhood! (phone buzzes) Preston Terry.
CARROLL: Grab Ashe and put me on speaker.
Um, she just stepped out, sir.
How can I help? She approached Arlen Cox.
Even though there was a deal on the table with Breeland.
I, I don't think it was that deliberate, sir.
Like hell it wasn't.
She's one of my top investigators.
It was a brilliant move.
Pierce and Davies will stand by to assist.
But I want you and Akino to take the lead.
- (sighs) - Run this across the goal line.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate it.
I know Ashe will, too.
I'll let her know.
(line rings) ASHE (on voice mail): This is Ashe, leave it here.
Ashe, hey, call me back as soon as you can.
(sighs) ALICIA: So what happens now that the world saw that deputy kill my son? Look, we're still assembling all the facts of the case.
What more do you need? I really can't get into the specifics of the case.
How did the video even get leaked? I thought you had Jesse's cell phone in your possession this entire time.
Jesse's video will be hard to overlook now.
Okay, then.
(vehicle approaching) (gunshots)