Shut Eye s02e10 Episode Script

There's No Place Like Home

1 Previously on "Shut Eye" I have this bad habit of fucking up the good things in my life.
And you've been good to me.
So, of course, I'm going to try to fuck it up.
Police! Get on the ground! It's okay, Charlie.
Linda would say that you're feeding my delusion.
I'm feeding your curiosity, which is something you cannot have enough of in this business.
Fonso Marks of the Gypsies.
And you fuck with Gypsies, Gypsies fuck you.
All right.
I asked a question, I got an answer.
No hard feelings, right? We are on the precipice of something here.
I know you can feel that.
You don't think I have someone? It's fucking hard, but I bury it.
I put it to one side for the sake of the work, for the sake of what we are trying to achieve.
Go home to your family, Charlie.
I got a feeling, Foster, that you and I are going to be great friends.
There are a lot of rules involved in being my friend.
And it usually requires making a few new enemies.
The most important part of the con is actually identifying the right mark, right, someone ready to be taken.
Charlie, please, take over the retreat.
They need help as much as I do.
I can't.
Maggie will be there.
She'll talk you through it.
Let's get you checked out.
I think that's a good idea.
I have a present for you.
It's from your mom.
My mom's in jail.
You never heard of visiting hours? She wanted me to give it to you.
Come on.
Open up.
Open the door, Charlie.
[SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] Oh, my God! [SCREAMING INDISTINCTLY] Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What are you doing? What about her? We're not here for her.
- Oh, my God! - Aah! [BREATHING HEAVILY] Syl.
Wake up, get dressed.
Leave me alone! I just want to sleep! It's visiting day.
Come on, let's go.
Ugh! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [BUZZER] Hey! [LAUGHS] Hi, guys! Sit down! [GASPS] Look! Oh, you guys are the best! I was [SNIFFS] just starting to go in withdrawals.
[CHUCKLES] You smoked a whole carton? It's only been a week.
No, of course not.
I traded most of them for perks.
You would be proud of Mom.
I'm getting to know the system.
[CHUCKLES] So, how's tricks, guys? You having big fun at Auntie's? Her house stinks.
- Oh, yeah? - She stinks.
Shut up, Sylvia.
What's eating you, kid? You mean other than you're in jail? Baby.
I just couldn't sleep is all.
You never could.
[CHUCKLES] Me, neither.
He had a bad dream.
Last night? He woke up screaming like a baby.
Charlie, what'd you dream about? Uh, Syl, why don't you give your brother and I a minute, huh? Okay? Manny, can you help my daughter? Thanks.
- Okay, baby.
- Mnh-mnh.
Tell me what's going on.
It was just a dream.
[SIGHS] The woman, the one that you did deals with, she came to the house, but she wasn't alone.
Did they have guns? And, uh, someone got hurt? Do you know who Jeane Dixon is? The White House Psychic? I hear the First Lady, she won't even she won't even make a move without consulting her.
And I read her book a while back, and she talks about these sort of dreams she has that come true.
Like, she saw Kennedy get shot long before it ever happened.
They're called premonitions.
Yes! Right! Okay, yes.
So, what if your dream is one of those? You said psychics aren't real.
Yeah, I know, I know.
But I had the same dream last night.
Charlie they shot her.
They shot your auntie, right? Oh, my God.
Um, okay.
You need to get your sister, and you need to get out of there.
- What are you talking about? - It's like JFK.
Charlie, this is a warning.
They are coming for you.
- Listen to me.
They are coming.
- Come on, Haverford.
- It's not a dream.
- Let's go.
Charlie, listen to me.
Get your sister and run! Don't wait.
Do you hear me?! [DOOR CLANKS] - You're late.
- I, uh, took a little detour through the Twilight Zone.
You're not lying to me, but you're not telling me the truth.
You think you can read me that well? - Better every day.
- [SIGHS] Something happened to you, hence the sour demeanor.
No, I'm just worried about Paz.
Now you're lying.
Why aren't you? - Aren't I what? - Worried about Paz.
Not so much since I spoke to him.
He seemed stable, calm.
I think they gave him meds.
That'll do it.
I wanted to thank you for saving my ass this weekend.
You do remember my ass, don't you? You seemed pretty preoccupied with it - the other day.
- Maggie, come on.
Oh, I am only trying to break you out of your funk.
You're poised, Charlie.
You're gonna do great things this weekend.
You're gonna help a lot of souls.
Make a shit-load of money for you.
Make us a shit-load of money.
Right, "us.
" What's this? This is your home away from home.
No Wi-Fi, no mini-bar? Well, Paz preferred a simple, Gandhi-esque lifestyle while in the confines of the retreat.
Gandhi was a big believer in celibacy.
Yeah, no sex before seminars.
Wise words.
What is it, Charlie? Tell me.
What is bothering you? It's here, isn't it? Where you helped Paz hear the universe? Indeed.
It is the perfect environment for hypnosis.
- Or manipulation.
- Or therapy, depending on your point of view.
What's your point of view, Maggie? You should try it.
It's really rather soothing.
No, thanks.
I'll pass.
Come on.
Let me introduce you to the rest of the team.
Folks, this is Charlie.
Hello, folks.
We have data collection, event staff, marketing, and security.
And Elizabeth you've already met.
Liz, please.
Oh, right.
I've been tweaking your schedule for Saturday.
- I'd like to go over it with you.
- I need to make a call.
Paz never used the phone on retreat.
I'm not Paz.
- [ENGINES REVVING] - [LAUGHING] I don't You just accelerate with the right-trigger.
Right here.
Right trigger.
Okay, okay, okay.
- Hold that one.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God! There's a turn.
There's a turn.
There's a left turn.
- I don't understand! - Can you turn? - Oh, my God.
Shift up, okay.
Um, B! - B! B! Press B! - I'm doing B! Wait, wait.
This is shit.
- Hi, honey.
- Hey.
How you doing? I'm good.
Still good.
Yeah, I don't mean to bother you, I just wanted to make sure you're all right.
You're not a bother.
You just haven't called this much since I was pregnant.
Trying to tell me something? - Shut the fuck up.
- [CHUCKLES] How's it going out there? You full of peace and truth? I'm definitely full of something.
It's just not my audience.
It's It's not my style.
Bullshit, you'll be great.
Oh, shit! What? You Are you all right? Yeah, yeah, just a kitchen crisis.
I got to go.
- Okay, bye.
- [CLICKS] - Come on, one more.
- I can't.
- One more.
- You're too good.
And I suck! - Come on.
- No.
- We can be on the same side.
- Unh-unh.
[SIGHS] So, uh, was that the hospital? No.
Checking in for the umpteenth time.
- Oh, well, that's nice.
- And controlling.
Since he left, he's been calling every hour on the hour.
I know how he feels.
Paz is in a great place.
He's getting the care he needs.
Yeah, I know.
I guess it's It's just that [ENGINES REVVING] Honestly, I'm a little more worried about me.
I mean what if Paz never hears again? He was my my conduit, my teacher.
I mean, Paz has been there for me forever.
[CHUCKLES SADLY] If he doesn't get better, I just I don't know.
I don't I don't know who will be there for me and my baby.
I will.
[CHUCKLES] [SMOOCHES] Come on, partner.
It's quitting time.
Let's go get a michelada.
My treat.
[CHUCKLES] I'd love to, but I suspect I'll be burning the midnight oil this evening, so Let's go.
Come on.
Something I can help you with? Nope.
You sure? Yeah, yeah.
It's, uh family business.
Ah, okay.
But I'll take a rain check.
You got it.
Go home.
Enjoy an evening with the family.
All right.
Vaya con Dios.
What? I got to teach you Spanish.
[SIGHS] This better be good.
As good as this Cohiba? [CHUCKLES] Nicely done.
Now that I'm no longer marime, I had hoped to seek the counsel of my Rom Baro for some sage advice.
Yeah, go ahead.
Just make it snappy.
Here's the thing.
I have a t had a tenant who stopped paying his rent.
- What happened to him? - I don't know.
But according to the terms of his lease, I'm within my rights to confiscate whatever was left behind on the property.
[CHUCKLES] What'd you find, Fonso? Wait till you see this.
Close the door.
Apparently, there's a buyer in place a biker named Cordero.
I got no idea All right.
You're in over your fucking head here.
I'll handle this.
I'll throw your family a percentage.
You're too kind.
Doesn't mean you're not a piece of shit.
I realize that.
You got a light, Charlie? [SIGHS] Mom.
You smoke too much.
Well, that's true.
And you drink too much.
According to you.
And you snort way too much.
[SIGHS] People in glass houses shouldn't walk around naked, you know, or whatever the fuck it is.
Can we just get on with it? 'Cause I need to lead a seminar in the A.
You have a seminar? That's fancy.
Can I just get a light, please? Mom! [MATCH HISSES] Oh.
What the hell are you even doing here? What You tell me.
[CHUCKLES] Is this about the Slydini knot? 'Cause I've told you a thousand times When you visited me in prison.
When I visited you in prison I didn't do it on purpose, Mom.
Charlie, it doesn't matter.
It was fate, meant to be.
If you did it or not, it is what it is.
I don't believe in fate.
Well, you better fucking start.
Why, because of my vision about my wife? Linda, right? She seems so nice.
She's my kind of gal.
[CHUCKLES] I wish I'd met her.
But, no, Charlie, this is not a vision.
This is a premonition.
How's that? Remember that premonition we shared? Like it was yesterday.
Sylvia and I weren't kidnapped.
Auntie wasn't killed.
Hmm, mm, maybe that wasn't the point.
What the fuck does that mean? Maybe it had something else in mind.
- What is "it"? - Fate, stupid.
I told you, I don't believe in fate.
Then what do you believe in, Charlie? Great question.
Well you'd better find an answer before your Goddamn seminar in the morning.
Right? You want a bump? Not you.
Jesus, Mom.
[SNIFFING] Relax, kid.
The question is not, "Is there a higher power?" The question is, "Why is the higher power such an asshole?" [CHUCKLES LIGHTLY] [MUFFLED CHUCKLING] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] Did Josip take the bait? Yeah, he took the bait.
Hook, line, and sinker.
What would be the next step? We wait for my guy to show up with the cash.
What about your partner? Suspects nothing.
I know, but what about them, you know? The Rankos.
I mean, if the Council dissolves.
Well, we'll form a new one [DOOR CLOSES] with new leadership.
With the Marks family on top.
- Jun-bi.
Uh, I can't offer what he could, uh, but I've been around.
I've seen things.
I've learned things.
And I want you to give me a chance to share some of that with you.
My approach is quite different.
To some, it may even seem harsh.
My intent is not to offend but to challenge.
Challenge you to look inward, to see what it is about you that pushed you here today, to kick you in the ass.
To help you To help you, uh, stop being passengers in your own lives.
Get you behind the wheel.
[SIGHS] Despite what some of you have heard from others in my trade, there is no road map.
There is no such thing as fate or destiny.
Your path is not pre-determined.
There's no cosmic GPS telling me where or how far to go.
And I'm ready.
I'm ready to throw out the fucking map and go off-road.
Who is with me? [SCATTERED APPLAUSE] I said, "Who's with me"? He's losing them.
Maybe the hippies, but they're here for yoga and massage.
Look at the rest of them, the young ones.
- The bottom line is - He's reaching them.
the universe doesn't work for us.
Let's get this out.
I want it online.
It doesn't give a shit about Let's see if Charlie Haverford can go viral.
It's up to all of us, all of us, to decide for ourselves how things shake out.
Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? And who do you want to share this journey with? Do you want be a tourist? Do you want to stay on the sidelines and just watch? No.
You want to get behind the wheel and drive.
- Yes.
- Then say it.
- I want to drive.
- Say it again! I want to drive.
[CELLPHONE VIBRATING] Hey, where are you? I'll be right there.
Shit! - Hey.
- Hi.
So, when does your mom get home? I don't really know anymore.
Uh, sometimes Nora comes over, and sometimes my mom goes to Nora's.
Who's Nora? Uh, my dad's doctor, therapist, or something.
- Is he okay? - They don't tell me much, but from what I hear from the walls, he's doing better, yeah.
So, then, why does your dad's doctor keep coming over? I don't know.
She's pregnant.
My mom likes her.
Yeah, I don't know.
My family's fucking crazy.
I'm crazy about you.
[CHUCKLES] It's been two weeks.
Now, I want the rent by tomorrow, or I'm going to raze your shop and make it into my own, personal parking garage.
We clear? Don't make me do that.
I know you're a nice man.
Excuse me.
- Hi! - Where's the Bimmer? Charlie doesn't want me driving it.
Now that he's a rock star on the self-help circuit, he doesn't want any hint of impropriety.
- His words? - Yeah.
- Sounds like an asshole.
- [CHUCKLES] So you in the shop full-time now? - [CELLPHONE RINGING] - Yeah, seems that way.
- Speak of the devil.
- I'll see you later.
- Hi.
- Hey, there.
- Am I on speaker? - Yeah, sorry.
I'm working.
So, listen, we're thinking about adding another weekend.
- "We"? - Yes, sorry.
Linda, it's Maggie.
Liz and Adam are here, as well.
Hi, Mrs.
Don't mind us.
- [SIGHS] - How's Paz doing? Much better.
Think he'll be out soon.
Charlie, he's been asking for you.
He wants to come visit when he gets out.
Oh, I'll send a car.
I was thinking I would drive him myself.
- What about Nick? - I'll bring him, too.
Be great for him to see what you've been up to.
Sure, that sounds great.
[CHUCKLES] Maybe wait until you get here to tell him about the "no phones allowed" rule.
- Hey, you bet.
- I got to go.
[BEEPS] [SIGHS] I'm sorry, but we can't give refunds after the retreat has already started.
If you'll look at your terms and conditions I don't care about the terms and conditions.
Marty, Marty.
What's going on? Oh.
Hey, Charlie.
Marty here was just expressing his dissatisfaction with our new direction.
It's not you.
It's me.
I just I think maybe I need a little more coddling with my self-help.
That's totally fine.
My techniques are not for everyone.
Yeah, so I guess the new you and the old me just aren't a great fit, then.
Well, we wouldn't want you to stay if you're not getting anything out of it.
Give him his refund.
- I'm not allowed to - Do it.
I don't have to wear anything weird, do I? Define "weird.
" I don't know, like a toga or something.
More like a karate outfit or something you play tennis in.
That sounds cool, I guess.
Unfortunately, this one's being stubborn.
I want to go.
I really do.
It's just, you know, I'm on-call this weekend.
- I know.
- You know I tried - to get out of it.
- I know! [CHUCKLES] So, I'm I'm thinking this would be good.
- For the crib? - Mm-hmm.
- The crib? - Yeah.
Nora's going to stay with us once she's closer to her due date and maybe a little after.
And triangle pose.
Steady breathing.
Warrior II.
Oh my God.
Well, well.
Look what the Lambo dragged in.
- What, no valet? - Nor is this the parking lot.
in and out Babe, I think they just got self-parking.
Oh, that's disgusting.
I know, but you don't mind, right? Not for you, sweetie.
I miss you.
[ENGINE REVS] You've been busy.
Going international? I have no fucking clue what country he's from, or, to be honest, how to pronounce his name.
It's like Totten-something.
Totenberg? I don't know.
I've been calling him Toto.
- He thinks it's cute.
- Vegas mark? Yeah, he's, like, royalty or something.
All I know He's got a shit-ton of Euros.
Pay for that? Among other things.
Why the fuck are you here? More like building a better bank account.
The glasses are fucking ridiculous.
[LAUGHS] Where is he? - Where's my big bro? - Busy.
In the meantime, there's someone here you owe an apology to.
To think, man, you're that good at your first con.
Are you kidding me? [LAUGHS] Got a lot of potential, kiddo.
Next time I go to Vegas, you should definitely come with me.
Don't take it personally.
I needed the money.
You didn't even know if it was going to work.
A situation presents itself, you take advantage of it.
That's kind of the first rule of what we do.
So you burn your own nephew? That's what you do? I know.
It sucks how it all had to happen.
Hey! I needed it to fix this.
My face is my business, and business was shit.
It was a one-time thing.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
They did a good job.
Right? Thanks to you, business is booming.
Okay, okay.
You didn't join me.
I'm wondering why.
This is a sacred place.
I know.
You told me.
Just before you smacked me one.
I'm sorry about that.
I often found solace here, and now all I feel is just unclean, unworthy Unworthy or unclenched? Oh.
[CHUCKLES] Definitely clenched.
I feel confused.
I feel scared.
You're a mess.
But I know what you're going through.
I know how you feel.
You feel lonely.
You feel abandoned.
You feel like you've failed.
But who have you failed? My friends, my family, - my fo - Wrong.
You feel scared and confused because you fear you've failed the universe.
I don't know.
You think the universe is looking down on you, its conduit, disappointed and disgusted.
And you just can't figure out why.
And I'm here to tell you, Paz, that's fucked up.
Just because the universe speaks to us, doesn't mean that he, she, or it isn't full of shit.
Why do we always assume we are the problem? Why can't the universe be wrong sometimes? Why can't it be vain, petty, and quite frankly, an asshole? [CHUCKLES] You know, they say the universe works in mysterious ways.
Why? Why all the mystery? Why can't it just fucking tell us what it all means? What is it afraid of? [LAUGHS] [LAUGHS] I love you, Charlie.
Tilting at windmills, but you own it, man.
I don't know what else to do.
I can't say I hold with your cosmology, but I'm inspired by your struggles.
You got guts.
You never give up.
I would like to rejoin the fight.
Now, once launched, the app will broadcast, record, and transcribe everything you hear or say.
- So all I got to do is talk? - Yeah.
Now, why don't you try it.
Talk into it and watch.
Okay, let me reiterate.
It is imperative that Turner acknowledge these weapons as stolen goods and that he negotiate a fair price with Cordero.
Hmm? Got it.
And let me reiterate.
I do this thing for you my family stays safe forever.
Family, as defined by Rita Marks and your two daughters only.
What about your business partner, Bustamante? Are you prepared for him to go down? Whoa.
Nobody is going down tonight, okay? If this leads to an arrest, we'll have shown our hand and destroyed our case.
This is just a meet- and-greet, Fonso.
Nothing more.
I read you loud and clear.
Our belongings are no different than our own self-worth.
It is us who determine their value.
He said to never sell it.
He said, "No price could ever be put on its worth.
" He knew I didn't need the money.
For you, it wasn't about the money unlike your relationship with him.
Well, he was a provider.
He gave us everything we wanted.
But you'd give it all back for just one more day with him.
He was given it as a gift the day I was born the happiest day of his life is what he told me.
[CRYING] And now you know that money can't get you back any more time, nor someone's love.
But underneath all that neglect, all that pain, lives a better you.
Free yourself, friend.
Let us help you build someone better.
Do you want to build someone better? - Yes? - No, I'm the one asking you the question.
Do you want to build someone better? Do you want to build someone better? - I want to build someone better.
- Yes! Oww! Oww, oww! [MID-TEMPO DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Charles the Magnificent.
Ah, thank you.
I would love to put on a show, but, unfortunately, like usual, my sister comes unprepared.
Or does she? Oh.
Freshly stolen, I presume? The best kind.
[GASPING, APPLAUSE] Nora didn't make it? No.
How is she getting on after all this Paz business? I think she feels bad she couldn't do more.
There's nothing she could have done.
Unfortunately, Paz has become very reliant on hypnotism.
I'm afraid he can't function without it.
Without that connection to the universe, he's lost.
- Does Charlie know? - Of course.
How do you think he got Paz to go to the hospital? Show me.
I'm told it's very soothing the perfume of the flower, the rhythm of the movement.
It induces a hypnotic state.
He has no idea.
I devised a trigger word, one which puts him into a deep state of relaxation so he can receive information, instruction.
Instruction? [CHUCKLES] I'm sorry.
I- I just find it so difficult to believe that you fell for this.
Are you listening? Really? And this is all just a fucking game to you.
A game you and Charlie built a livelihood on.
I care about my clients.
More than their money? Paz trusted you.
He depended on you.
You made him believe that he had a gift.
- And now he doesn't need it.
- Because you don't need him.
And Charlie doesn't need you.
He is done saving you.
It is time, Linda, to move on.
[SIGHS] [ENGINE STARTS] [SPANISH MUSIC PLAYING] They call it a Mexican Bloody Mary.
What's this, uh What's that on the edge? Tajin spices.
Adds a little kick to it.
[COUGHING] Oh, man! Good, right? It's got an aftertaste.
Probably the clam juice or the Worcestershire sauce.
New phone? Uh, yeah.
Got a new plan.
Get you something to drink? After we do some business.
- And you must be - Turner.
They call me "Big Jim".
I run the West Coast Kompania.
King of the Gypsies? [LAUGHS] We prefer Romani.
But, yeah, I'm in charge.
Yo soy en cargo, ese.
I guess you were right about you being the middle man, huh? Have a seat.
Gonna harden my heart I'm gonna swallow my tears I'm gonna turn and leave you here in your wildest dreams You never had a clue [DOOR RATTLES] Fonso! Open up! I know you're in there! Open the fucking door.
I just [VOICE BREAKING] I need her keys.
I need her fucking keys.
I need Gina's keys.
Open it! [LOCK DISENGAGES] Special Agent Simms, FBI.
I need you to sit here and be quiet.
We'll talk to you in a little bit.
- Shit.
- What the fuck? Yeah, Fonso, what the fuck? Thought I was your partner.
Not on this one.
- Please.
- What, "please?" You fuck me over, and all you have to say is "please," you fuck? What am I supposed to say to that, "Thank you"? How 'bout the both of you shut the fuck up, huh? Oh! [GROANING] [GUNFIRE] Stay here.
Stay down.
Don't move! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - Move it! - Move! Agent down! Agent down! Down! - [BULLET RICOCHETS] - Oh! Aah! [BELL JINGLES] [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] I'm here! I'm here.
I got you.
I got you.
He's coming.
Aah! [GROANS] [ENGINE STARTS] Aah! [SIRENS WAILING DISTANTLY] [SIRENS APPROACHING] [SIRENS STOP, POLICE RADIO CHATTER] Orson Welles said it was an occupational disease when charlatans start believing the hype.
Magicians and mind-readers They have a term for it.
It's called a "shut eye.
" That's what happened to me.
After a while, it was just all too easy.
I didn't have to study people like I used to.
One look at them, and my eye did the math.
I thought, did the universe the universe give me this gift? Fuck no! I am the gift.
The gift has been within me all along.
And it's within you.
And you.
And you.
- Charlie.
- All of you.
Linda? Hi.
I'm, uh I'm Charlie Haverford.
My wife, Linda Haverford, she's here.
Uh, Haverford.
I'm so sorry.
- Syl, Syl.
- Charlie.
Oh, my God.
What What What did they say? So, she just got out of surgery, but they're saying she needs more.
They're about to take her back in, but she wants to see you, first, okay? Hey.
Just your dad, buddy.
[SNIFFLES] Cha-Charlie.
Go fuck yourself.
Loneliness Is the coat you wear A deep shade of blue Is always there The sun ain't gonna shine anymore The moon ain't gonna rise in the sky The tears are always clouding your eyes