Sick Note (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Constable Polly

1 This case has taken some very unexpected turns.
- Okay.
- Take a look at this.
Are you a spy? The only letters Mr.
Matthews would communicate.
A message he was trying very hard to deliver about his killers.
So you think Ash was killed by the KGB? Yes.
A hit and run didn't kill him, so they finished the job.
Not now! You're gonna wanna hear this.
A nurse has just confessed.
- What? - I've got a cardiac arrest.
She made a statement half an hour ago.
They're faxing it through now.
Shit! I thought this was a big case.
He can't put the finger of blame on us.
We've got nothing to fear.
It'll be all right.
I just want this to be over.
We're in the clear.
It's been a rough couple of days, but, er we can sleep easy tonight.
KGB! KGB! Out of my way.
Oi-oi, there goes George Smiley.
I will have you! Alpha Bravo five five, Kilo Golf Bravo.
Suspect wanted in connection with a murder investigation.
Out of my way! Oh, shit! Also, my key card doesn't work.
I need to get to the Chief, but I can't get access to the third floor.
Hello? Hello? Jesus! Great! I need to see Chief Superintendent Henchy urgently.
- Please can you buzz me in? - You need to come with us.
What? No.
I'm on an extremely important case.
I've got no time for this.
Buzz me in.
We've been told that you need to come with us.
By who? Ma'am, just the person I need to speak to.
- Get your hands off me! - Officer Hayward, you just need to come with the lads.
Be a good boy, yeah? - But the car, KGB - Take him down.
You don't understand! There's I'd just shut up if I were you, you fucking loony.
Rude! Sit down, Officer Hayward.
Now, there are concerns around here that you're having some kind of episode.
I can assure you, ma'am, that I am absolutely fine.
Running round the station like a bull in a china shop, shouting "KGB!" I tipped you for the top, Chris.
At this rate, the only top you're going to make it to is the top of bloody shit school.
I was wrong about the whole spy thing, but KGB is actually God, it's like sitting opposite your father.
You're a chip off the old block, Chris.
Ma'am, I'm not like him, I promise.
Good, because he was trouble, Chris.
Look, I'd like you to take a few days, clear your head.
Spend the time with your wife, you know? - How old's your little one now? - 18 months, ma'am.
Well, use this time to bond with him.
What's his name? It's Polly.
You called your little boy Polly? No, ma'am, he's a girl.
She's a girl.
Use this time to bond with her, then.
You won't get it back.
- But ma'am - That's an order.
Yes, ma'am.
Are you still gonna get paid? - Chris? - Yes! It's just for a few days.
What is this all about? Is it the Russian spy case again? It's not the Russian spy case.
The car number plate was KGB.
Why would the KGB have a number plate that says KGB? - That wouldn't be very secret, would it? - No, I didn't say that.
James Bond doesn't have a personalized number plate that says "Bond 007", does he? No, you don't understand.
I was wrong about the KGB thing.
That's a start.
Admitting you're wrong is the first step.
I'm not! I was wrong about one detail, but overall I'm right! Great, now you've upset Polly! Hey, don't cry.
Mummy and Daddy are just having a little discussion.
- Everything's all right.
- Everything is not all right! They won't listen to me, but they will soon enough.
So, you're right and the rest of the police force are wrong? Yes.
- Get out.
- What? - Get out the car.
- But we're miles away from home.
I don't care.
You can walk.
What is all this? Have they got to my boss? Why did they kill Ash Matthews? Am I onto them or am I just crazy? I'd say you are, mate.
Piss off, Sheeran.
Hello? Penny? Penny! Shit! I don't consider it that way.
And then, on top of everything else, you're not even being honest with yourself.
Oh, yes, I am! Penny, sorry about the past few weeks.
I think this free time is going to be really good for me and for us.
I'm going to prove it if it's the last thing I do.
I'm right, damn it! I know I'm right.
This is the log of Officer Hayward, Operation Prove I'm Right.
Sunday the 15th, 2200 hours.
I'm convinced there are two men out there getting away with murder, Daniel Glass and Dr.
Iain Glennis, but how do I prove I'm right? Think, think.
The answers are all there.
Don't worry, Dad.
I'll crack this one for both of us.
Sunday, 0700 hours.
Dreamt of nothing but this case, apart from my recurring nightmare of being chased by a man made out of scrambled eggs.
I must go back and speak to the witnesses myself.
Argh! And I must not sleep in that chair again.
Shit! Mr.
Matthews might have valuable information about his attempted murder.
Yes? Can I help you? What's wrong with your neck? How do you know there's something wrong with my neck? I'm a nurse.
It's my job to know.
I slept badly.
Anyway, that's not why I'm here.
You are Julie Galchinski, a ward nurse at the Thames Royal Infirmary? Yes, I am.
I feel we've met before, but in this life, not a past one! Um yes, we will have met.
I was stationed in Ash Matthews' room.
The patient you're accused of accidentally killing.
I'd like to ask you a couple of questions, if I may.
I'm getting used to it.
- Can I come inside? - No.
Nurse Galchinski, you were the last person to go into Ash Matthews' room before he suffered a cardiac arrest.
It was my duty to attach his feeding tube, and that is what killed him, but as I said to the other policeman, I didn't kill him.
Anyone could've got into that room after me.
There was no security on the door.
Well, er, there was, until I was commanded to step down.
I know the difference between the end of a feeding tube and the end of a drip line.
When I charge my phone, I don't stick a mini USB charger - into the Thunderbolt connector! - Look, I believe you.
No, you don't.
Why are you here? Where's your police badge? Hey, I'm the one doing the questioning here.
I know, I'll call 999 and see if they can verify that you're who you say you are.
What is that? Sunday, ten past 1200 hours.
Speaking to witnesses is a waste of time.
If you want to catch the big fish, you've got to follow the big fish.
Having purchased a high-tech listening device and disguise, I've tracked Dr.
Glennis to Barlow Lake Country Club.
What are you up to? what happened in the garden.
You haven't been arrested, have you? 300-foot range, my foot.
Can't hear a ruddy thing! Sorry, do you work here? Yes.
Yes, I do.
I just start today.
I've not got my uniform yet.
Right, you can give me a hand shifting some crates of avocados that just got delivered.
200 of ‘em.
200? Right.
Put your back into it, mate.
Sunday, 2200 hours.
Just arrived home.
After lugging the 200 crates of avocados, a second delivery of tomatoes arrived, 300 crates.
I've established that Dr.
Glennis frequents the prestigious Barlow Lake Country Club.
Other members include the recently deceased Kenny West.
Did Dr.
Glennis and Daniel Glass have anything to do with his death? Monday the 16th, 1400 hours.
Glennis seems to have injured his hand after visiting fellow suspect Daniel Glass at his place of work, We Cover Insurance.
Oh! Come on, wind it down.
Officer Hayward, what are you up to? Sitting in my car.
Right, so you're not surveilling anyone? Look, we had a call about a weird guy acting suspiciously in a car.
- Lucky for you I came to check it out.
- Lucky me.
Yes, lucky you! Because I'm not gonna report it.
I thought I was a bit heavy-handed with you last time.
I'm sorry about that.
Can you step away from my vehicle, please? You always were a prick.
Are you all right, sir? Er Yes, yes, fine.
I just I caught it on, er I can't remember what I caught it on! What a ninny! I don't know why this is being covered up.
They've even got to the lads in our precinct.
I wonder if they've got to the Chief too.
Their eyes are everywhere, Dad.
Watching me.
I need to be anonymous.
There's your dummy.
Good girl.
Tuesday, 1200 hours 45 minutes.
Daniel Glass is on a call to an unknown individual outside Dr.
Glennis's place of work, St Frederick's Clinic.
I'm good for weed, thanks.
Do you know anyone who'd buy cancer medication? Are you interested? No I'm not interested in cancer meds The evidence to link my two suspects to the murder of Ash Matthews has so far proven elusive, but this this is the missing piece of the puzzle that I needed to complete the jigsaw puzzle.
Glennis and Daniel Glass are liaising with known drug dealers.
Kenny West dead in mysterious circumstances along with Ash Matthews.
Far from being KGB spies, my investigation has led me to think that they're part of an international drugs ring.
What a lovely picture.
Wednesday the 18th, 0800 hours.
Daniel Glass appears to have arranged a clandestine meeting.
A deal must be going down.
I must not blow my cover.
Oh! Give me back my phone! You're welcome.
For shit's sake! Unfortunately, I was dragged away by important police business, but not before seeing Daniel's contact arrive Why are we meeting so early? dressed as a courier, the one and only Dr.
Look, we've got a big problem.
1100 hours.
After getting out of my disguise to deal with a private matter, I am now back in my disguise on the tail of Dr.
I can only assume he is delivering drugs to someone, but who? Where is he going? You and me are going on an adventure.
Daddy can't turn round because he hurt his neck staying up all night working trying to make the world a safer place for you to live in.
Your mother thinks I've gone mad.
Do you think I've gone mad? Of course you don't.
You'll grow up one day to be a police officer, maybe even a detective.
But for now, let's make you a constable.
Does that sound like fun? Constable Polly.
I know Kenny's house is around here somewhere.
This better not be some wild goose chase.
Oh, there, there, Constable Polly.
I'm sure this will be relevant to our investigation.
Oh, darling, I'll get your dummy for you just as soon as this naughty doctor has arrived where he's meant to be, okay? I can't stop, love.
I'll get it for you, love.
Nearly got it for you.
Ah, there.
All better now? Shit! Er, Daddy's just going to go and see if that nice man is still alive.
You're in charge till I get back.
Shit! After an unexpected development in my investigation, I've decided to take a breather to plan my next move.
Probably fine, isn't he Constable Polly? Daddy's just going to, er, drive us back to check that the nice man is still alive, okay? Oh, what a beautiful house.
If anyone asks, we're just a mother and daughter looking for changing facilities.
I wonder if there's anyone at the back of the house that can help me? Hello? Oh, God, he's dead! Shit! No, mustn't contaminate the scene.
Hello! Bingo! I need that camera.
It's still recording.
As if this'll work.
Let's see if I can get that footage downloaded.
For shit's sake! This could be the hard evidence I need.
Oh, Christ almighty! As if! Double bingo! Let's get back to HQ, Polly.
Right, let's see what the doctor was up to, God rest his soul.
This'll prove us right.
She'll be my boss one day, won't she, Dad? Botheration! 07700 900 843.
Iain Glennis speaking.
Oh, hello, Daniel.
Yes, I'm on his tail.
He didn't steal a car.
He took another You-Ber.
A You-Ber? Whose tail are you on? If I can cut a man's brakes, I'm pretty sure I can bash his brains in.
Cut whose brakes? Bash whose brakes in? When you said he'd stolen the Toyota Rav 4 with a Christian fish, I got to it before he did and snipped the brakes.
Red Toyota Rav 4.
Very interesting.
Yes, yes, I cut his brakes.
I'm not proud of it, Daniel, but There's our car, Polly.
it's either him or us.
Oops! We'll have to cut that little bit out, won't we, Constable Polly? Hello? Daniel? Hello? If he talks to me like that again, I'll cut his bloody brakes! He's psychotic.
I think we're getting close to where we had our accident.
Oh I think someone needs their nappy changing.
Motherfucker! Okay, okay.
Better remove us from this madness.
Delete selection? What are you doing? - Penny? - Why are you wearing my clothes? - I can explain.
- And my makeup? What are you doing? - You're insane.
- No, look, I've got it.
I've got the evidence that proves I'm right.
- Oh, I'm thrilled.
- I can show you.
Just let me prove to you that I'm right.
It'll explain all of my behavior.
Come on, Penny, for us, for our family.
Go on, then.
Just taking a little time to complete.
I had to delete a bit.
Come on! - I don't have time for this.
- Just give me a few more minutes.
- This had better be good.
- I promise you, when you see this, it'll all make sense.
What? Great, yeah, that explains everything.
I must've deleted the rest by mistake.
This isn't the clip.
- I don't know what's happening.
- I'll tell you what's happening.
I'm leaving you, Chris.
Penny! Shit! I'm sorry, Dad.
I screwed up.
But don't worry, I will prove I was right.
I'll make you proud yet.
Who are you talking to? I wasn't talking to anyone.
It must be the radio.
You're talking to that photo of your dad again, aren't you? No.
Chris! He was kicked off the force.
He wrote four episodes of The Bill before he was kicked off that for plagiarizing Miami Vice.
He became an alcoholic and left you and your mother when you were little.
You should hate that man.
My dad was a hero.
And they were similar plots! Not the same! Penny You.
I'm coming for you.