Signed Sealed Delivered (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Something Good

1 [Oliver]: Previously, on "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" When you know how strong you are, you stop worrying about all the things that you can't do, and you start dreaming of all the things that you can do.
[Cheering] We never did get to have our dance, did we? [Shane]: No.
Do you think we could remember the steps? We could give it a try.
You'll miss the dearest pal you'll ever, ever have after you've gone after you've gone away [] [Trevor, in the booth]: And we're out.
- You liked that? - How do I say this? Um wow.
[Chuckles] What's your name? Billy.
You write your own stuff, too, I bet.
- Yeah a few.
- Well, let me hear something.
- Really? - Yeah! Come on.
The only thing open was Szechuan Pavilion.
- So who is that, anyway? - Lynda Hawkins.
Lynda Hawkins? Didn't she open at Mile High Stadium tonight? Yeah, she did.
Then she and her whole band walked in and said they wanted to jam.
[Billy]: My dad got it when he was my age, but he decided the music business wasn't for him, so he gave it to me, and taught me how to play.
I call her "Daisy.
" Wow.
She's a classic.
My daddy gave me my first guitar, too.
When I play I know who I am.
Well, play me something.
Lynda Hawkins [Chuckles] Billy must be freakin' out.
[] I'll be labeling tracks in studio "A".
[] [Other players join in] [] Tell me there's a reason life can be so hard maybe there's a "why" for all the sorrow Good track, buddy.
Well done.
- Thanks, Trevor.
- Yeah.
Sounds like you guys had a fun night.
We love to do drop-ins when we're in a new town.
Okay, so I've addressed this and she's - I'm sorry.
What's your name? - Jennifer.
Jenny is stamping it, and all you have to do is write a letter to my agent, mail it, and it'll get back to L.
before I will.
I can't believe this.
It's a great song, Billy.
Trust me.
I know a good one when I hear it.
And so will R.
And it's gonna change your life.
Send me love every day and send me on my way deliver me just deliver me [Oliver]: It's a one-time event and I've heard he's an excellent speaker.
And so, I took the liberty of reserving four seats for us.
It will certainly be educational, and I believe a great deal of fun.
That not only doesn't sound like fun Attending a weekend seminar on mail is the, tsk, opposite of "fun.
" I imagine we have differing notions on what constitutes fun, Ms.
I have no doubt that we do, Mr.
For example, I thought that the dance classes we took were fun.
- You did? - I did.
And I was disappointed when you felt it necessary to end them.
- You were? - I was.
That was not fun.
But disappointment is a fact of life, I suppose.
Fun, on the other hand, is not a fact of life, it is something that you pursue, something that you create, not something that you spend a perfectly good Saturday afternoon on, listening to some bigwig drone on about the future of home delivery.
You know, you could've just said you were busy.
But then what would you have learned? Now what is all this? We're trying to clean out the box.
Well, if you wanted to have a garage sale, you should've picked a different garage.
This is the "small unattached items" bin things that have been removed from public mailboxes, that have fallen out of unsealed or poorly-wrapped packages.
There's nothing to connect them to an address, so they exist in this odd state of melancholic unbelonging.
[Rita]: It's a sad way of saying they're lost.
It's strange way of calling it "junk.
" Oh, regulation 775Q requires the disposal of all non-valuable, unattached objects.
- That would be "junk".
- Postal regulations failed to attach a deadline to the disposal of such objects, thereby allowing us a little extra time to spend with each of them.
Why would you want to spend an extra minute on any of this stuff? I used to ask that question, but then we found an old comb, and I wanted to throw it away, but Oliver figured out that it belonged to a man who had gone bald, and it was his last memory of his hair.
A sentimental comb? He was a very sweet man.
[Oliver exhales in anticipation] Shall we? Hmm? - Ahem.
- [Shane sighs] - How are we gonna deliver that? - Well We start with the words written on it "R.
, play this now! "It's a hit.
This guy's a star.
Trust me.
" Not much to go on.
Well, not on the outside, no.
[Click, whoosh] [] [Billy]: Tell me there's a reason life can be so hard maybe there's a "why" for all the sorrow sometimes I can leave behind the days that broke my spirit when I tell myself you're waiting there tomorrow.
Don't you know don't you know I wake up every morning because you believe in me [Clicks stereo off] Hey, we were listening to that.
McInerney, the same rules apply to a recording as they would to a letter we only read, or listen, as far as necessary.
Oh, and you heard enough to crack the case, then, Detective? Enough to know where to start.
Norman? What are your thoughts? Well, it sounds like an audition recording, professionally recorded, but not extensively produced.
I didn't recognize the singer, nor the song.
At least there's one thing we know for sure, right? Yes.
That's for sure.
The songwriter was in love.
- Love? - [Rita]: Oh, yes.
Deep deep Unspoken, unrequited, "I can't tell you to your face, "so I hope, one day, after listening to this song, you just figure it out!" Kind of love.
[Shane blurts out]: Yes! [Casually]: I was gonna say something like that.
Even if that's true, it hardly helps us.
Somebody out there needs to hear this song.
Besides R.
We have no intention of giving up, Ms.
- Do we, Norman? - Oh, no.
Norman I think it's time Ms.
McInerney met Serge? [Rita gasps] Serge? "Serge?" He's our secret weapon.
[Rita]: He's the "pawnshop king.
" I'll leave this to you.
I'm off to a departmental meeting.
Have fun! [Chainsaw roars] So Serge is your friend? My cousin.
[Revs saw] Serge? [] Serge says 50.
Take it or leave it.
So, Serge, uh, what do ya think? Huh! Well, uh, Serge says that every recording studio has its own unique acoustic signature, and we could take it to an acoustic engineer for sound-printing.
Well, there's a good use of our time.
Any chance Serge could help us with the artist? [] Serge doesn't recognize the singer, but the voice singing back-up belongs to the lead singer of a pretty famous band.
- Her name is Lynda Hawkins.
- Lynda Hawkins? Thank you, Serge.
I, uh Recently had my apartment fumigated.
I think he likes you.
[Forced chuckle] [Camera shutter snapping] Um [] [Chuckling] Terrific.
Hold it.
Yes! Fabulous! Okay, now let's get you by the pneumatic tube.
Okay, great.
Oh! [Laughs] Oh, geez! You know, it's just a little weird to be doing this without my section leader.
He never said that you were coming.
Oh, well, I get these brainstorms and just go with the flow.
Sometimes, it flows before anyone else knows.
Did you do that on purpose? - What? - The rhyming part.
Oh! Huh! [Laughing] So did you have much competition for the Miss Special Delivery contest? Well, it wasn't a ton, but I still can't believe I won.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm doing it, too.
- [Both laughing] - Wow! I really didn't think I had much of a chance, but I got a lot of coaching from-from Shane.
She's the new tech lady from - From Washington? - Yeah! - Shane McInerney? - Yes! [Gasping] Becky! - "Shaney"! - [Both squealing]: Oh! Becky! I can't believe it! I don't believe it! - Oh! Look at you! - Oh, you look so beautiful! - So do you! - Colorado's done you wonders! Oh! What are you d I'm gonna be here for a few weeks! [Excited babbling continues] "Shaney"? She's from the U.
in Washington, D.
I didn't know Shane had any friends.
Oh, yes, she's very sophisticated.
[Excited squealing] Oh! How long has it been? Too long.
Oh, way too long.
What's she doing here? She's, um heh! She's taking my picture for "Mail Monthly" magazine.
I wish I knew.
I would've dressed up a little more.
Oh, don't worry about it.
I think you look Um, I have something to look at.
[Rebecca]: What is this? [Shane]: Norman made it for me, so I can roll it around the place.
Kinda steampunk-on-wheels.
[Laughs] Very impressive, Norman! Uh, thank you ma'am.
" Ooh! Now I'm a "ma'am".
So when did this happen? About a month after you left.
They called me in, gave me a new title, and all sorts of power.
What were they thinking? I fly around, doing whatever I think will improve Uh, how did they put it? "Awareness, goodwill, and increased reliance on the work of the post office.
" I always knew you'd get your dream job.
And you wait.
I thought you were transferred to direct line operations? It's a long story.
Which is why they invented lunch, Shaney.
How's 11:30? Perfect! Oh! I can't wait to hear everything about D.
! And everybody? [Shane]: Um ahem.
I'll walk you out.
Thank you.
[Sighs] I could never call her "Shaney.
" I could never call you "Norm.
" I could never call you "Reets.
" I wouldn't mind.
Hmm? So That was my best friend from when I worked in D.
She's like a big sister.
She knew you really well.
Oh, yeah.
We have been through the postal wars together.
Where's Oliver? I wanted to introduce him.
Oh, well, he came in after the department meeting, but then he left.
He said he needed time to think.
That can't be good.
Alright, well, let's, uh, press on with "L.
," who must be Lynda Hawkins.
Yeah, I remember that guy.
Real sweetie.
Man, was he talented! He was supposed to send that song to my agent, but guess it got lost in the mail.
Yes, well, we're trying to return it to him.
We just need his name.
Oh, wow.
It was about a year ago.
I only met him just the once.
But the recording studio was just a few blocks away from the Mile High Stadium.
What was it? "Deep" something "Deep Rock Sound!" - Great.
- So, we'll meet you at the new century, right? We bought out the whole sixth floor.
Yeah, if you find him, tell him that song could still be a big hit.
Nice ride! And ask him what happened.
[Shane]: Well, what do you mean? [Lynda]: Well, he was supposed to come to a party with us that night, and he never showed.
Probably had a girlfriend who didn't want him partying with us.
What makes you say that? Nobody writes a song like that about nobody.
You guys can handle this, right? Deep Rock Sound.
Here is the address.
Here's a list of questions you'd probably ask anyway.
Um, I-I wouldn't ask this.
- This is about girlfriends.
- I know that, Norman.
That's why Rita is going with you.
I'm off to lunch.
[] I heard you were looking for the manager? I'm Jennifer Becker.
Becker, we're from the United States, uh Postal Service.
[Awkward chuckle] And we think that this unattached item might have a connection to your studio.
Where did you get that? Uh, it probably fell out of an envelope that was improperly sealed.
No, that couldn't have happened.
That thing meant everything to Billy.
He would have sealed it, for sure.
- Billy? - Yeah, he worked here part-time for us, for a while.
This was his song on the CD.
I put the stamps on the envelope myself, and he was gonna mail it.
But it never got to where it was supposed to go? No.
Could you tell us Billy's full name and his last known address? He said that his last name had too many syllables to sound like a successful songwriter, so he used his middle name and he called himself "Billy James," and he worked here in exchange for studio time.
We never needed an address to send him a paycheck.
Making it much harder for us to find him.
Well When the going gets harder Squeeze the lemons into juice.
I'm sorry.
It's just the night that Billy was gonna mail this, he walked out the door and never came back.
Well, he did for a second.
[] Can you believe that just happened? Lynda Hawkins was my back-up singer! This has been a pretty amazing night.
Yeah! Well, I forgot to put Daisy away.
Um, I already did that.
Sorry it got so crazy tonight.
Hey, welcome to the music business.
I'd almost given up, and then Lynda walks in Yeah.
That's how it happens.
You never know when you're gonna get your break.
But if you're good, and you hang in there, then it can happen.
And then you've gotta take it, and You know, you've gotta send that envelope, you've gotta go to the party, schmooze the right people Do you think I'm good enough? I do.
I've loved every song that you've written.
So which one did you record with her? Oh, a new one.
You haven't heard it yet.
I'd play it for you - but now is not - I get it.
[Chuckles] You'd better go to your party.
I bet they're serving better food than cold noodles from Szechuan Pavilion.
Well, I will see you tomorrow.
It's already tomorrow.
Yes, it is.
[] That was the last time you saw him? March 16th.
He left, and we never heard from him again, and there was no way to track him down.
We have our ways.
So, no address, then? Starving musicians spend a lot of time on their friends' couches.
He talked about staying with his sister sometimes, but her neighbors complained about his motorcycle being too loud.
I I never knew her name.
What kind of motorcycle was it? It was an older bike.
He said it was the only thing he owned that was worth anything 'cause it was vintage.
He loved that thing.
That And this.
A '52 Gibson J45.
That was his? He named it "Daisy.
" Practically never put it down.
For some reason, he decided he could live without it.
I guess that party with Lynda never ended.
Oh, but, um, Lynda Hawkins told us that Billy never made it to the party.
[] When they said I was going to Denver, I was hoping I'd be lucky enough to run into you.
But the dead letter office? I know.
It's crazy.
But, um It was a total accident, and, um, it's actually It's actually okay.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
That Rita and that funny Norman guy? I mean, they're, like, from another dimension.
[Laughs] Wait till I tell you about Oliver.
[] [Puffs] It's clean.
I told you I keep it polished.
Norman's very thorough.
Didn't you think it was weird that a musician would leave his guitar here and then never come back? Stuff gets left here all the time.
So you never went looking for him? No.
I just figured Billy was another musician who came and went, like all the rest of them.
That's so sad.
Imagine waiting all that time to hear back and thinking his music was rejected.
It's hard to guess what Billy's thinking.
Or if he's even thinking about this at all.
Um hey, can you provide the names of anyone else who worked with Billy? Um Co-workers that would be you musicians he worked for, contacts from, uh, old session logs, et cet et cetera.
Boy You guys sure take this seriously.
It it's just a CD.
I mean, he's probably recorded it again somewhere.
Well, we take our job very seriously because It's a serious job, and it's ours.
Can I answer any more questions? Let me check.
Oh Did he have a girlfriend? No.
Not that he mentioned.
Oh, that's too bad.
We were hoping that he wrote the song for someone he fell in love with.
I've never heard that song.
- Could I listen to it? - I'm sorry.
We can't.
Well, could you tell me was it Beautiful? - Mm, I'm not sure.
- It was so beautiful.
Whoever he wrote it for, he loved her very much.
And he's very smart, obviously educated, and, um thank you.
And [sighs] I don't know.
Sort of charming in an old-fashioned kind of way.
He has the weirdest sense of humor.
Scratch that.
I'm not even sure he has a sense of humor.
[Laughs] It's more of a More of a sense of irony, really.
He goes to church and sings in the choir.
He's very generous and fair and He's stubborn.
[Groans] Oh, God! He is so stubborn, Becky.
He talks like he expects us to be Better, somehow.
And that's it.
Oh, and he loves words.
And he's married.
How did you know? He was at the department meeting.
He was the only one in a suit.
And he had a ring on his left finger.
Yes, but, uh, his wife left him standing alone in front of the pony express exhibit at the National Postal Museum, moved to Paris, and didn't send a forwarding address.
So he's married to somebody in Paris.
Shaney Shaney, do you think maybe God's trying to tell you something? Like stop getting hung up on unavailable men? Uh, Steve wasn't married.
Yeah! But he was never gonna get married! And somewhere in that crazy heart of yours, you knew that, but you'd still be there waiting for him to grow up, if you hadn't been transferred to Denver.
That was good timing.
Was that you? Did you have me transferred? I love you too much to answer that question.
Oh! Becky! Let me just say this.
Don't make me transfer you to Seattle.
[Laughing] Are you really interested in this guy? [Shane laughs] No.
Of course not.
We're just friends.
- Mm-hmm? - We're not even close friends.
I did take a couple dance classes with him As a favor, but I do think that he is finally admitting that his wife isn't coming back, but, um, I do see that he still hasn't given up hope.
Well, then it's a good thing you're not interested in him.
Right? Right.
Well, at least now you recognize what a nice man looks like.
Steve was a jerk! Go out there and find yourself another Oliver, an available one.
Okay, you know, I'm not really sure there is such a thing.
You're right.
You know what? I-I know you're right.
I have got to get back into circulation.
And, oh, wow! - I've gotta get back to work.
- Oh, no, no, you go on.
I'll just take care of the check.
Thank you! - Oh, this was fun.
- It was great.
Yeah, it was really great.
And, um, I'll see you later? Yes, you will.
- I'll see you later.
- Okay.
Oliver! It was, um Very ungentlemanly of me to remain here where I could overhear your conversation.
On the other hand, um It would have been just as ungentlemanly of me to stand and make my presence known, thereby Embarrassing Ms.
I was caught in something of a quandary.
[Chuckles] You really do talk like that.
[Chuckles weakly] I won't say a word.
And for what it's worth? That chick in Paris was crazy to leave you.
[] [Sighing heavily] And she never knew his last name because Because it had too many syllables! Oh! You told her that already.
Oh, the guitar's name is "Daisy.
" - What else? - Well, she didn't think that he had a girlfriend, but she thought Lynda wanted to be because she was flirting with him that night.
There is something about guys that write songs and play the guitar, I guess.
"Maybe there's a reason that life just seems so hard, "maybe there's a why for all that sorrow, "sometimes "I can leave behind "the days that broke my spirit "when I tell myself you're waiting there tomorrow.
" [Takes a deep breath and sighs wistfully] I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with a guy who felt stuff that deeply? Maybe he was really ugly.
Some of our greatest poets were not handsome men, Norman, and yet they seduced women with their words.
Well, there you are.
We were about to call out the cavalry.
That was some thinking you must've done this morning.
- Yes.
It was.
- And? And once again, sadly, your curiosity shall not be satisfied.
How was the department meeting? Quite enlightening.
There will be a visiting envoy from Washington spending a week or so with us.
I know.
She is an old friend of mine.
I know.
I saw her again later, at the Mailbox Grille.
Where do we stand with our mysterious song? Well, we're not much closer than when we started, but we do have a partial name and former employment.
And I spoke to the bands that used to record at Deep Rock Sound.
They remembered him and thought he was a great guy, but nobody knows what happened to him.
And the cowbell guy said That if we find Billy, to tell him that he has a standing offer to buy his motorcycle.
So Billy rides a motorcycle.
An old one.
That might offer us something.
McInerney, don't vintage vehicles usually - have "vintage" license plates? - It's a long shot, but But we cannot give up hope.
[Keys clacking] [Rebecca singing over Billy]: to see Look at me something good something strong tells me that I That's the sixth time she's listened to that today.
Well, that just shows you.
Billy wrote a hit.
How are we doing, Ms.
McInerney, hmm? Well, I found a motorcycle license plate listed to a "Billy James Antonopoulos.
" Oh! Yeah.
Too many syllables.
But the registration hasn't been paid in a year, so I'm running a search to check for outstanding warrants, any stolen oh.
- Oh, no.
- What? Billy's motorcycle was involved in an accident, over a year ago.
I'm gonna run a search for hospital admission records.
Maybe rehab and outpatient centers.
I can't help but think this stretches the limits of legality, Ms.
Yes, but, uh I didn't hear that.
[Sniffs] I think I can authorize extreme measures if it provides "awareness, goodwill and increased reliance on the work of the post office.
" You can see why we're such good friends now, right? - Mm.
- Ms.
Starkwell? Is it true that you used to run tours through the National Postal Museum? When I was an intern in the executive program.
- Have you been? - No.
But Oliver has! That's where his w-w-w um It is something I shall never forget.
Rita? Uh Did, um, did you tell Rebecca about your ideas for the Miss Special Delivery evening gown? Oh! Yeah! Okay.
So here's what I'm thinking Um, blue taffeta with silver pockets down the sides to symbolize the slots on the post office wall, you know, like, um, "local," "domestic," "international.
" "Bulk.
" Oh! Okay.
I've got something.
Billy James Antonopoulos, age 26, was admitted to South Denver Memorial Hospital emergency a year ago Oh.
Uh he's still there.
Uh, pardon me.
We're looking for Billy Antonopoulos? He's over there by the window, playing checkers.
Thank you.
[] Pardon us.
Antonopoulos? Hi.
We're from the United States Postal Service.
We're attempting to return this "unattached item" to the original sender.
This was something I sent? Yes.
Unfortunately, it was separated from the envelope and it was never sent on to Los Angeles.
I'm sorry.
I don't really know what you're talking about.
I'm Billy's sister, Kelly.
Billy was in a motorcycle accident about a year ago, and there are a lot of parts from his past that he's still a little fuzzy on.
We were very sorry to hear about your accident.
Believe me, so was I.
You know, there's a lot I've forgotten from around the time it happened.
Maybe this was one of those things.
Hey, uh, would you like to hear it? Sure.
Why not? Um, I had a second cousin that could only communicate using words to songs by Barry Manilow.
I'm afraid I don't remember who that is, either.
[Click] [] Tell me there's a reason life can be so hard maybe there's a why for all the sorrow sometimes I can leave behind - the days that broke - Stop.
Turn it off.
I don't know who that is.
I-I didn't write that song.
I've I've never heard it before.
Um - Kelly? - It's okay.
It's okay.
Well, that was definitely his voice.
And it was gonna be a hit? Lynda Hawkins thought so.
And he has no idea.
He was in I.
for weeks, and, uh, he's been here ever since.
Our parents are gone and I do what I can, but, um [Sighs] What do the doctors say about his memory? What doctors always say.
To "wait and see.
Be patient.
" That someday, something will click, but it never has, and he just keeps getting sadder and more lost.
The other day, he even looked at me and asked if he had ever been in love, and it just broke my heart, because I think he had.
We are very sorry to have upset him.
It's okay.
It happens a lot.
They say it's part of the healing process, but I just can't help wondering if he'll realize how much he's lost the music, the girl Even the guitar.
[] [Shane]: What did you say, Rita? She kept it in a special cabinet.
Not with stuff other people left behind.
And she kept it polished.
And she wanted to know if the song on the CD was "beautiful.
" Wait.
And you said that she remembered the exact day that he left? Mm-hmm.
Why would she do that? Oh, my gosh! She was in love with him! [Oliver]: Oh, isn't that a bit of a stretch? A woman keeps a guy's guitar in a closet, and all of a sudden, they're in love? Oliver, do you play checkers? On occasion.
Great! You two, back to the rehab center.
Rita and I will see you later.
[] - Hmph.
- Yeah.
So you found him? Yes, we did, but there's I suppose he wants his guitar back.
But you'd think he would have come for it himself.
[Shane]: Jennifer All we're supposed to do is deliver what gets put in the mail, but sometimes, when we do, things get a little more complicated than that, and I'm thinking that this is one of those times.
Do you think that Billy could've been in love with you? Maybe.
That night, I almost found out.
[Billy strumming softly] [] Well, it's not all there yet.
It's missing something.
Well, sing it for me.
Maybe I can help.
I don't want you to hear it until it's finished.
This is a recording studio.
I hear unfinished songs all the time.
Well, not this one.
Not till it's ready.
Ready for what? For you.
Well, I can't wait to hear it.
Nobody ever believed in me like you.
I do, Billy.
[] You are not gonna believe this, but a band just called, they're on tour, and they wanna book the whole place for the rest of the night, and they're big-time, too.
Let's set up, Billy.
We've got a long night ahead of us.
The song he recorded that night, I think was the song that he wrote for me, but I never got to hear it.
[] I took one look at him singing with Lynda Hawkins in that studio and I was so happy for him [] But I couldn't stand there and just watch it happen.
Watch what happen? The big break.
[Engine roars] I didn't tell you everything about the last time I saw Billy.
He came back one more time.
[] Hey.
Did you forget something else? Yeah.
I can't leave you here.
I'm okay.
I gotta stay and close up.
Well I'm not going to the party, then.
Billy, you have to go.
You've been working here, hoping for your big break.
This is it.
This is how it happens.
The band comes through on tour, they invite you to a party, and then you travel on the bus with the headliner, and before you know it You're the big headliner.
A chance like that doesn't walk through the front door every day, so you got to take it.
Jen, it's just a party.
No, it isn't, Billy.
It's a crossroads.
And we both know where you've gotta go.
I want you to go.
[Sighs reluctantly] Okay.
But I will see you tomorrow.
I'll be here.
[Jennifer]: I just assumed he went to the party, got the big break.
And when he didn't come back the next day, I told myself he'd made the right decision.
[Engine idling] [Revs engine] [Tires squealing] [] Jennifer, if you could hear that song, you would know that he was in love with you.
He sings about someone who believed in him, someone who gave him strength.
That had to be you.
If it was, then why did he leave? He didn't leave.
He just Forgot.
Do you have any fours? Ohh! I can't believe this.
That's the fifth game I've lost.
And I'm the one with the traumatic brain injury.
- Come on! - Well, at least you have your sense of humor.
Actually, I haven't laughed in a long time.
So, you found your sense of humor and your song all in one day.
Not bad.
I think he might've found something else, too.
Billy, look.
It's It's dad's guitar, it's Daisy.
[Shane]: And Billy This is Jennifer.
I think I'm supposed to know you.
Before your accident, we were Really good friends at the studio where you, um, left this guitar.
I'm sorry, I don't [Sighs] But I get these flashes sometimes and I know it's weird, but I remember music every time I smell Chinese food.
- [Laughing] - Does that make sense? No, we, um, we ate an awful lot of that.
Okay! I-I got some for us the night that you left, but, um Well Wow, I remember that! You were going to sing that to me, but we got interrupted.
[Kelly]: So you're the one.
I'm sorry? Billy wrote a song at my house.
He said it was his first love song, and he wanted to play it for "her" when the time was right.
But you don't remember I don't.
But The day the accident happened, you made a U-turn.
That's right, and you said that if he changed his mind, he could always Come back for some Chinese food.
Billy, I think you were going to play her your song.
The one I don't remember? Sometimes, your heart remembers what your mind forgets, Billy.
You always said that when you played Daisy, it made you remember who you are.
Let's try.
[Begins strumming tentatively] [Remembering the melody] [] Tell me there's a reason that life can be so hard maybe there's a why for all the sorrow sometimes I can leave behind the days that broke my spirit when I tell myself you're waiting there tomorrow.
Don't you know? Don't you know? I wake up every morning 'cause you believe in me [Stops abruptly] That was you, right? It still is.
Do you wanna Keep going? Yeah.
If you wanna stay and listen.
Something good something strong something tells me that I belong with With you Don't you know? You're the only reason for the show you're the only reason for the show [] That was really cool.
I think I'm gonna cry.
Well, I guess you were right, Ms.
He was in love with Jennifer, hmm? And you were also right, Mr.
A box of junk isn't always a box of junk.
Oh, yes.
Well, you should see our box of unidentified shoes.
That was a joke.
I'm working on my sense of humor.