Signed Sealed Delivered (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

The Treasure Box

1 Previously on Signed, Sealed, Delivered: So when we were talking about Oliver the other day, he was sitting right behind us? We're a secret branch of the post office now? "The postables"! The Postmaster General of the United States has instructed me to confer upon you "The Dark of Night" award.
First stamp honoring an American woman? Martha Washington.
First native American to be put on a stamp? Pocahontas.
The year 1860 is significant for what reason? The first year of the Pony Express? Name three postal workers who later became famous in the entertainment industry.
This was the tie-breaker in the "fun facts" category at last year's "Miss Special Delivery.
" Bing Crosby, Rock Hudson and Walt Disney.
Man! Walt Disney worked for a post office? - He did.
- It is a "small world.
" Abraham Lincoln was postmaster.
So was Harry Truman.
Yes, but I bet none of them received the "Dark of Night" award.
Our work ought not be measured by accolades, Ms.
McInerney, but rather, the satisfaction of those we serve.
Well, in that case, you might want to stop polishing those cups.
What do we have? Wow Somebody is definitely looking for this.
Exquisite workmanship.
Should be a stamp or a mark or "made by somebody" something on the bottom, but Seems like it's one of a kind.
"Here it is.
"And remember, wherever you keep your treasure, "that's where your heart will be, too.
And that's the real secret.
" Wait.
What what does that mean? It means that what you love says a lot about who you are, so, probably doesn't matter who made this box as much as who it was made for.
"And that's the real secret"? Does that mean that there's another secret? Like a riddle? Or or a puzzle! - Oh, my gosh! - Hmm? It's a puzzle box! These have been around for thousands of years.
They look like regular boxes, but the detail and wood inlay hide sliding panels that need to be opened in just the right order.
This is going to take some time.
So, please, talk amongst yourselves.
Rita? You going to have a snack? No, I'm not hungry.
I am I'm so nervous about the pageant.
Rita, you're gonna be fine.
You've got your dress, you've got your talent, you're gonna ace the "fun facts" category.
Thing is, I can only remember what I've read, and, obviously, I haven't read enough.
I mean, the whole Walt Disney-mail-carrier-thing, that really threw me.
Got it! Wow.
How did you do that? It's a mathematical formula One up, two down, two up Three down.
So even though the box might seem empty, there could still be something valuable locked inside.
And it's Another key.
I was really expecting diamonds.
Well, it's not over.
That's a key to another box.
A safe deposit box.
Mountain high bank! That's 91616 Acoma Street.
That is Denver's second-oldest continuously-operating financial institution, founded in 1897.
Well done.
How did you do that? Books.
Books with pictures.
"A compendium of miscellaneous banking paraphernalia.
" Ms.
McInerney, we will need some essential paperwork, then we'll take this key, drop by the bank.
But Rita still needs to work on her fun facts, and we haven't even cracked zip codes or unique modes of delivery.
Whell, then you must stay.
You guys are still coming tonight, right? Opening night reception, 6:00.
We wouldn't miss it for the world.
That's great.
Here's your tickets.
The Brown Palace Hotel.
Got it.
It's right across the street from the bank, so we can just meet you there.
And don't be late.
Ramon says the speeches start right at 7:00, and the dancing starts at 8:00.
- Dancing? - Ramon? Yeah.
That's right.
He owns your old dance studio, Oliver.
He's become a very popular local personality these days.
He even taught the cha-cha to the weather lady on the "Wake Up, Denver" show.
I guess you just never can tell what the day will bring.
- Ryan! - In here.
What did mama say? Ryan? We realize, it's a bit unusual, however No, no, it's okay.
We actually sent out letters last month telling people to come get their stuff from the boxes and move it to the new bank, so we've had people coming in Without keys, and keys coming in without people.
- It's been a real mess.
- Well, I am sorry to hear that.
Do you know if box 471 has been emptied? - Or transferred? - 471? It's on the list of delinquents, so it's scheduled to be drilled open and auctioned off with all the other unpaids next week.
Well, it's a good thing we came when we did.
Do you know how we can reach the owner? I don't know.
The, safe manager quit last week, so I'm actually filling in for him today.
And what a fine job you are doing.
Thank you.
Well, you wanna go down and open it now? Yes.
Let's go.
It takes a lot of halls to get down here? Yeah, we got myriads of 'em.
Actually, the word "myriad" is an inclusive noun.
Here we go.
In there? Ryan Ryan? Ryan It'll take your key and mine to open up the box.
Let me just see if I can find the right one Uh, what's happening? Oh, uh, I think we should probably move towards the Oh! Hey oh! Oliver No! No.
No-no-no-no-no! No Oh, dear.
Ryan? Ryan.
All customers and employees must exit the building immediately.
Do not stop to retrieve personal belongings.
Hello? Hi, daddy.
Oh, uh, I'm sorry, I am not your father.
Ryan? Get over here now.
Now! No, no, no.
Wait! Wait.
Ryan? Ryan, Ryan Hello? Hello? All customers and employees must exit the building immediately.
Do not stop to retrieve personal belongings.
Oh, wow.
That is some sash.
Thank you.
I couldn't decide whether or not I should wear my hair up or down.
I can't do my tie.
I can help you.
I I'm I'm not really very good at doing, doing other people's ties.
You know what? I have an idea.
No cell service, no Internet.
What's shakin'? Well, Jason, it appears we are all locked in a vault and no one is answering the red phone.
Well, that's 'cause they're probably all outside at the fire drill.
Banks don't have fire drills at 5:00 - on Friday night.
- You must have received "new employee" training once.
That might be helpful.
Last week.
I want you to remember all the way back to last week and see if anybody said anything about, breathing in a locked vault, for example? Yes.
And ? Once it's closed It automatically seals and then it probably can't be opened for 12 hours.
"Probably" or "definitely"? Definitely probably.
I don't know.
Probably? It's an old bank.
Press on, Jason.
But There's up to 13 hours of air just in case somebody does get trapped in the vault.
There you go.
13 hours.
That's more than enough time to rescue somebody locked in a vault.
There are three of us breathing.
Well, that's debatable.
My point is, Ms.
McInerney, 13 hours translates to 4 hours, 20 minutes of air for each breather.
Not to mention, nobody knows we're down here.
Are you actually writing your will? No.
Times such as this, provide one with a A certain clarity.
Oliver, this is very serious.
- I know.
- We could run out of air and stop breathing.
I don't believe that's going to happen.
However, what I am concerned about that Jason's batteries will be running out soon, and we will be forced once again to converse with him.
You're right.
Could be worse.
I could be at The Brown Palace, dancing the Paso doble with Ramon.
I would not allow that to happen to you.
I've got to do something to keep myself from going crazy.
Let's play a game.
Okay, I will say something, and you say the first thing that comes into your head.
- Ready? - No.
- Car.
- Burator.
That's a Norman answer! I know.
- Apples.
- Autumn.
I used to float on Boulder creek on an innertube in the summer when I was a kid.
You were a kid.
Is this game over? - No.
- Peaceful.
- April.
- Paris.
- Christmas.
- Holly.
"Holly" the plant, or "Holly" your wife? Wow.
Everybody's completely dressed.
No, no, no, wait.
Oliver will tie your tie.
We just need to find him.
He's gotta be in here somewhere.
Rita! Señorita Rita.
Well You look ravishing.
And this gentleman is your Brother? No, no, no.
This is my Norman.
I mean, Norman is mine I mean Norman is my co-worker, and he needs a tie.
No, I mean, he has a tie, he just needs a tie - he just needs it tied.
- Say no more.
Allow me.
Little tiny mailboxes! That's That's very charming.
Oliver gave it to me for Christmas.
- Ollyveer? O'Toole? - Yeah.
The postal man? - Yeah.
- Oliver is our boss.
He and Shane should be here any minute now.
Yes, the beautiful Shane.
I remember them.
Such a beautiful couple.
Well, actually, they're not a couple.
Well, what do we truly know of love, Normando? Well Voila.
I have never seen anyone tie a tie the way you just tied that tie.
Of course not.
Now, if you will please excuse me.
Normando a pleasure.
He's weird.
I think it's too late to teach Jason English.
But not too late to teach him something.
Jason? So what's so important about what's in this box, anyway? We don't know, but someone considered it important enough to keep it safe and hide the key.
Not important enough to pay the rent on the box.
Everything that passes through the U.
postal system is important to someone.
To some stranger.
So what? "If one is called to be a streetsweeper, "then one must sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music " Hey.
Hey! My goodness.
Jason! Well done.
McInerney? Would you like to do the honors? You know, sometimes, they actually come up empty.
Well, no diamonds for Rita.
What are they? Letters.
No envelopes, no return addresses, just a whole bunch of letters.
It'll take us a while to read through all of these.
Probably, two to three hours Probably.
January 2nd, '08.
"Dear friend, May I call you Katherine? "Happy new year, "although it's difficult to imagine "a new year that could ever surpass my happiest new year's.
"I must confess something about that night "I had no intention of walking "from the exquisite silence of the snow-covered Central Park "all the way down "to the rollicking festivities of 42nd street.
"But surely something led me there to you.
"In fact, "Providence itself has made something of a believer of me, "because nothing less than a miracle "could have directed my eyes to your eyes "or my lips to your lips "at that moment "when that beautiful ball dropped at midnight and everything old became new once again.
" "Although they were not the first lips "I have ever kissed, until we meet again, they will be the last.
" "I hope you will write to me.
"Things move so quickly in the world these days, "and I am a great believer "in the power of a letter to remind us of what lasts.
" "Yours sincerely, Jonathan from New York.
" Wow! A letter-writer who picks up women in Times Square.
A romantic who befriended a lady lost in the crowd.
"February 4th, '08 "Dear Jonathan, "how long it's been "since I received a letter, "a real letter, "and never one like this.
"This has already been a year of firsts for me "my first trip to New York, my first date with a stranger, and yes, it's true " "my first kiss.
" Well "I know it's hard to believe at my age, "but I have never been considered a great beauty "and I guess I've always behaved "as if I believed it to be true.
"That night, standing in the cold, "surrounded by a thousand happy strangers, "I felt free and fresh, "and perhaps it was at that moment that you saw me feeling beautiful.
" "And then you walked up and made it so.
"We live so far apart, "the day we meet again may not come, "but I shall never forget the hours we spent "walking up 5th Avenue, "sipping tea at the Plaza, "and riding the carriage in the park, "dancing under the stars "Kissing goodbye.
"I hope you will write again "and tell me more of your life.
"Thank you for walking into mine.
Yours sincerely, Katherine.
" Jason, what do we have so far? New York, Times Square New year's Eve '08, the Plaza, Central Park, somebody named Providence, and an ugly chick named Katherine.
She's not ugly.
She's beautiful.
- How do you know? - She's beautiful to Jonathan! Yeah, the guy who couldn't get a date on new year's Eve.
Yes, well, he certainly seems like a gentleman to me, someone I wouldn't mind taking to lunch someday.
Lunch I'm so hungry.
Cool! I usually take my nap after lunch, too, so Good! That's a good idea.
Any sign of them? No.
But I think I see Oliver's car parked over there, by the bank.
They're about to start the program.
Very atypical.
Oliver's more reliable than Than a Than a mule delivering mail bags to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
Yeah! I mean, I wasn't gonna say that, but, yeah! Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? Will our pageant contestants kindly take their places on the stage? Go ahead.
I'll keep an eye out for them, - and I'll watch your purse.
- Okay.
Thank you.
"Dear Katherine "as I sit here at my desk in the Flatiron Building, "I look out the window and realize "that all that mankind can build "with steel and glass and stone "can never compare to a life "built on a foundation of love for another and faith in something greater than oneself.
" "You spoke of those things as the sun came up "on new year's day, "and even if we can't keep dancing "I would like to keep that conversation going.
"Write to me.
Yours, Jonathan.
" "March 17th, '08.
"Dear Jonathan, "I don't believe in coincidence or fate.
"I believe our lives have purpose and meaning.
"I believe it is no accident that we met, or even that we both work in " "triangular buildings.
"Yes, I have taken a job "at the beautiful Brown Palace Hotel.
"It is Denver's elegant, three-cornered landmark "and reminds me "that two of anything is always stronger with a third "a cord of three strands is never broken, "a building of three corners can withstand the winds, "and two hearts joined by a greater one "can withstand anything.
Yours, Katherine.
" "Dear Katherine, I told you that I keep an office "in the Flatiron Building, "but I neglected the details "for fear it might seem trivial to you, "a lady of letters and books.
"I am a journalist, a sportswriter, "who travels around, writing about baseball.
" Baseball? I would've thought "To many, baseball is just a game "played by overgrown boys, "but in that game, "I see the best and, sometimes, the worst of our country and its men.
" "Dearest Jonathan, I attended my first baseball game last night.
" "I sat behind home base and tried to see what you see, "but the truth is, "all I could imagine "was you sitting next to me, making jokes and singing along with the band.
" "And I am every day inspired "by the everyday heroes who take up bat and ball "and swing for the stars.
"Perhaps someday I will know the joy "of standing with you "as we cheer on the Tigers or the Cardinals, or my beloved Red Sox.
" "Until then "I must imagine you beside me, "inspiring in me "new ways to write of courage and triumph, "of diamonds and triangles "Of the places we must run "before going home.
" "Have I gone mad, Jonathan? "Did I fall in love with a stranger last new year's Eve?" "There is nothing crazy about falling in love, even when " "When something tells you, "against all common sense, "that you have met the one you've been waiting for "all your life.
" "All my life And then I let you go.
" "Why did I let you go?" "Why did I let you go?" Ladies and gentlemen, it is my extreme pleasure to welcome you to the opening festivities of the 63rd Annual Miss Colorado Special Delivery Pageant.
The judges have made their decisions and now it is time to announce the 10 semi-finalists who will be competing in tomorrow night's pageant.
Will the following contestants please step forward when I announce your name? Tiffany Delmonico! Miss Terminal Annex.
Tracy Steadman, Miss Boyd Annex! Carla Nirnenbarger, Miss Bonnie Brae.
Evelyn Nightsmith, Miss Snow Mass Village.
I'm here.
I made it.
Willow Baransky, Miss Fort Morgan! Finally! Where were you? I was at the bank, and the alarm went off, and they evacuated everyone so fast, that I left my cellphone on the teller's counter, and I had to wait forever before the security guy would let me back in.
- Joanne Appleton - It was a nightmare! Miss East Aurora.
Jennifer Rapaport, Miss Telluride.
Leslie Whitmore, Miss Castle Pines.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, our last semi-finalist That lucky lady who will be joining these other nine, one of whom will become Miss Special Delivery, is Rita Haywith! Miss Denver Main Branch.
Miss Rita Haywith.
Rita? Well I suppose we have enough for someone to locate a sportswriter named Jonathan who is fond of the Red Sox.
Or a lady named Katherine, who very well could be across the street at the hotel this very minute.
Or at home with Jonathan and the children.
Attending a ball game together.
Or dancing under the stars.
I hope they're dancing.
They got together Right? I mean, that must be how all the letters ended up in the same box.
"Wherever you keep your treasures, that's where your heart will be, too.
" I have to know that they're together.
We only have three letters left.
I have to read these letters, if it's the last thing that I "Sweet Katherine "Sometimes in the night, when I'm on the road "in another town, in another room "I hear a train whistle.
"I never know where it's going, "but I always lie there, "imagining it's headed West, "to the Rockies, to Denver "To you.
"And I bless that train as it rolls by.
"You are the best person I have ever known "Even if we have shared little more than a kiss "and our hearts on a few pieces of paper.
"But I have run out of words to express my love "And I'm running out of road.
"The road ends where you are "Dear friend, dear lady, my love.
" "Will you marry me?" "Dear sir "I am writing to you from the Brown Palace Hotel, where your friend, Katherine, has been employed.
" "She has described you as her fiancé, "and so I feel it is appropriate for me to inform you "that she is very ill.
" "She's very ill with a rare form of pneumonia.
- Her doctors at St.
Joseph " "She's taken a turn for the worse The enclosed note " "My dearest Jonathan "With the few breaths I have left, I want to speak words of love.
" "All we've ever shared have been words, "but they have been good words and true words.
"And now I am sending every letter you wrote to me back to you " "So that even if we cannot be together in this life " "the words that we created together can be kept somewhere side-by-side.
" "Dying is hard, my love, "but not hopeless.
"And "as I walk through the valley of the shadow, "I fear nothing but the thought that I may have left only one word unspoken " "Yes.
" "Yes, I will be your wife.
"Perhaps not in this life "but in your heart.
" "Dear sir, "thank you for your letter of December 20th, '08.
" "I am leaving for Denver immediately, "and by the time you read this, I hope to be at her bedside.
"If, for any reason, I am delayed, "please tell her that I love her "and I cannot spend another new year's Eve, "another new year's day, or any other day of my life without her now.
" "Tell her to swing for the stars.
" "Tell her to breathe.
" "Tell her to live.
" "Yours truly, Jonathan Walker.
" She had to have written another letter There's gotta be another letter.
There's gotta be another letter in this box - Oliver - Shane.
She Please tell me that she lived! She had to get through it! Shane I know that she She she's gotta be alive.
She's gotta be alive.
Right? She lived? It's okay.
I'm so scared.
I know.
I don't know I don't know how to pray, Oliver.
- You do.
- It's okay.
- Please? - I already have.
Come here.
- Yeah.
- Well, I'll be.
This is Homer Finnegan, the security guard.
Give me that! - Are you in the vault? - Hello? - Oliver? - Norman! Thank God, you're here! I knew it! I knew this was what happened to you! Rita's here, do you wanna say "hi"? Rita? Why isn't she at the pageant? Well, she was worried, too.
Like me.
We were worried.
Well, please send Rita our very best.
May we assume there is a plan to release us? Well, I have this cousin He has a cousin! Who who ? Who and I can't go into details used to do one thing, but, now he does another, and he helps banks test their security systems to see if they're safe from people like my cousin.
Anyways, he's talking to the bank president and the police and everybody, and they think you should be outta there any minute now.
"Any minute now"? Because, if it's gonna be a lot of minutes, I'm not sure if we can live with that, Norman.
- Literally.
- No, you're fine.
The book says you've got plenty of ventilation.
We've got plenty of air.
Are you sure? Because Jason said that No, I'm positive.
They keep the room climate-controlled for all the stuff that they keep in the boxes.
Isn't that great? We're climate-controlled? That's not what you said, Jason.
I may have gotten it confused with the meat freezer at my old job.
You think? Okay, see you soon.
So, Jason.
Tell us Did you find this interlude instructive? Something about Beethoven being a garbage man? "If a man is called to be a streetsweeper, "he should sweep streets so well, "that all the hosts of heaven and earth "will pause "to say 'here lived a great sweeper who did his job well.
'" Martin Luther King said that, Jason.
And he was also talking about associate assistant bank managers, and postal workers, and kings, and presidents.
Put your heart in your work, Jason.
Be happy.
The light of day.
You forgot this.
Ladies first.
There you are.
Are you okay? I got you this.
Thank you, Norman.
Excellent work.
I'd like to personally thank your cousin for his assistance.
They had to take him back.
What was in the safety deposit box? Love, Norman.
Lots of love.
That was the secret? Always is.
And, Rita, you look fantastic.
How did your reception go? Right! Did you make the semifinals? I don't know.
We left before they finished announcing them.
You left? What? To find us? Friends don't leave friends locked in bank vaults.
And we're friends.
Right? Yes, Norman.
We're friends.
I feel as though I know him already.
All I wanna do is go to the game! That's all you ever do! - Katherine? - What do you wanna do? Why do I always have to think of something? Because you're the only one who wants to do something! And that's my point! I work all week, I'm tired, and all I want is Ahem.
Yes? Mr.
Jonathan Walker? Yeah, that's me.
Where'd you get that? Well, we're from the U.
post office and You found it.
Who is that? - Well, the - It's the post office.
They found they found the box.
Well, the shipping box was damaged, so we had to use the key to open the deposit box, to read your letters to return this to you.
I'm sorry.
Our letters? Yes.
Your letters.
Yours and Katherine's Love letters.
Katherine? Let me see those.
I never thought I'd ever get to read these.
They're not yours? No, I'm Jonathan Walker the fourth.
These letters were written by Jonathan Walker My great-grandfather.
So my dad shipped this box to us just before he died, and it got lost in the mail.
He got it from his dad when he got married.
And he got it from Jonathan, who got it as a wedding gift from great-grandma Katherine.
They lived.
Not in our time, but they lived.
And every Walker man since has gotten this box and that key and the message that the secret to true love lies somewhere in these letters.
Because they poured their souls into those letters.
And they were always kept in a safe place.
"Wherever you keep your treasure, that's where your heart will be, too.
" When were they married? 1910? 1909, maybe.
1908 First year they dropped the ball in Times Square on new year's Eve.
I feel as though I've lost a kindred spirit.
So I guess it's my turn to read these.
I hope that you do.
Better yet, read them out loud, together.
Miss Telluride, you have 15 seconds left to complete your answer.
Pasadena Washington Park? Upper West Side, New York City.
10023? That is Correct.
Good job.
This is gonna be really close.
And now for our fifth finalist, currently tied for first place, please welcome Miss Denver Main Branch, Rita Haywith! She looks so beautiful.
She is.
Miss Denver Main Branch, only one question stands between you and the most coveted title in the Colorado United States postal system.
Here we go.
For the crowd Name 13 U.
government-approved modes of mail transport.
- You have one minute.
- She knows this! No! Wait! She only memorized 12.
You're kidding? Do that thing you do.
- Pray.
- Cars, trucks, trains, boats, ferries helicopters subways, seaplanes, airplanes, hovercrafts bicycle and feet! That's only 12.
We need one more.
Wait! Mules! Reliable mules deliver mail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon! Yes! Miss Rita Haywith! You are Miss Colorado Special Delivery 2014! My gosh! Really? Thank you! I can't believe it.
Hi! Thank you! She's Miss Special Deliv'ry Yes, she's our post office queen from Rocky Mountain to field and fountain and every zip in between By plane, train, bus, mule, or livery you bet she'll get those letters through So, hail Miss Special Deliv'ry and all things postal from coast to coast'll sing she's the damsel we stamp and cancel the holy grail of first-class mail Miss Special Deliv'ry That's you!