Silent Witness (1996) s23e02 Episode Script

Deadhead (2)

1 So who is Manfred? It's a chatroom for people who struggle with suicidal thoughts.
How many people are on here? It's Rowan Cole.
"I want to knock "myself out and let my aircraft take me.
" "Do it.
Stop hurting.
With you.
" This is incitement to suicide.
You don't know the half of what I've done.
SCREAMING So who was on it? Ezra Heller.
Jonathan Kraft.
Ex US Ambassador Jonathan Kraft? Matt, can you give me a call? Jonathan didn't make it.
A couple of pilots.
The captain, Alex Vitarnen, and Rowan Cole, a non-flying pilot.
Rowan Cole was seeing a psychotherapist.
Did he express suicidal thoughts? Not to me.
Peter Sachs.
Shot himself through the roof of his mouth.
Desperate men looking for someone to trust and he's praying on them.
I haven't been completely honest with you.
Matt? The last moments that plane was in the air, it was trying to pull up.
Which is why the tail hit the ground first? Right.
So, what? Did Alex come around and find the plane in a steep dive? He was fighting to save the people on board? Nikki, you with me here or what? Can I catch you up? Yeah.
ANSWER MACHINE: Hi, this is Matt.
I can't get to the phone.
Please leave a message.
Well, everything's been catalogued and laid out, so it's up to you what you want to see first.
So what does the flight data recorder tell us? The FDR will give us stuff like the heading direction of the aircraft, airspeed, altitude, et cetera.
But it's not going to tell us who was flying the plane? No.
It won't tell us whose hands were on the controls, just that the inputs were being made.
The plane was in a dive, then it levelled out, then dived again.
Am I right in thinking that the nose came up just before impact? Yes.
And that wasn't the autopilot? No, it wasn't engaged.
So the two steering yokes.
They move in unison.
Though the FDR can record that the plane was being moved or put into a dive, it won't be able to tell you which yoke, which pilot, did that.
But you got fingerprints from both, right? Yes.
Extensive patterning on Alex's.
Less so Cole's.
Cole shouldn't be flying at all.
He wasn't rostered to fly this trip.
He was just a pilot hitching a lift home.
Can we see the steering yokes? Sure.
Which one had Cole's prints on it? This one.
We're looking for blood.
Cole had lacerations on the palms of his hands.
Yeah, there's handprints.
Where most of the blood is, it's where his hands would've been if he was flying the plane.
See here, these tears on his palms? Right.
X-rays confirm fractures of the thumbs and both wrists.
It's more than straightforward impact damage though.
The way they're broken suggests specifically that his thumb and fingers were firmly closed around something on impact.
Holding on to something like a steering column? More than holding on.
Fighting with it.
Pulling back hard.
Like maybe when you put the plane into a hard dive then changed your mind at the last minute? So, are we saying he was definitely flying the plane? I can't confirm that, absolutely, but his injuries may be consistent with it, yes.
The aircraft's descending at six thousand feet per minute.
But at fifteen hundred feet, whoever is flying the plane panics and tries to pull up.
But too late to save the aircraft.
And 15 seconds later, the tail and rear fuselage hit the ground.
Immediately after that the rest of the aircraft hits the ground.
The cockpit and central section break away and the fuel tanks in the wings ignite and the passenger cabin bursts in to flames.
This is all borne out by the Flight Data Recorder.
So, Rowan Cole.
What were his movements before boarding the flight? Did you manage to Yes.
He flew out of the UK the day before to pilot an empty aircraft from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, to Dubai.
But the job was cancelled.
The client changed their mind.
So he hitches a ride back to the UK on Juno 537.
When did he know he'd be on that flight, then? Just a couple of hours beforehand.
It couldn't have been his intention to target Kraft then, could it? So it's pilot suicide? A few people on the chatroom are using a Virtual Private Network.
Which is what, some sort of device to hide your identity? Normally your internet service provider gives you an IP address that we can trace you to or ID you that way.
You paid for it, so you'll have given them your info or whatever.
If you're using a VPN, it takes you to a remote server, usually in another country.
What, and that's it? Yeah.
In effect, that's who you are.
The server.
No name, no address, no payment details, nothing.
This guy, Manfred.
He's using multiple VPNs.
If I trace him to a server, well, there's another and another and another.
So he's untraceable? Pretty much.
But here's the interesting thing.
I traced this user to his ISP.
The police got a warrant for LoneRangerUK78's payment details.
He's your guy.
Peter Sachs.
We've got more from Cole's smartphone.
He's been communicating privately with Manfred on a secure messaging app.
The messages were encrypted, but This is how it looks after we got access.
These are from a user called Ridley33.
Ridley meaning Rowan Cole? Yes.
He's at Schiphol in Holland panicking because his flight's been cancelled.
The Dubai flight presumably? Mm-hmm.
"Schiphol cancelled, "back to UK with one crew, three cabin, and me, deadhead.
" "Need to take my life so bad now.
" He's going to be on a flight with other people, but he still wants to bring it down.
So he's got a dilemma.
He wants to die now, but that involves killing other people.
Manfred tells him to do it anyway.
Manfred killed them.
By incitement.
By inciting Rowan Cole.
TEXT ALER So who else is he private messaging? All the people on that chatroom are potentially at risk.
Ezra Heller, the boy on the plane.
He's conscious.
Help! Dad! Ezra.
Was this your seat? Here by the window? But you didn't stay in your seat, did you? The other guy took me.
To the flight deck? To meet the captain.
And then you went back to your seat? And while you were on the flight deck, did you see him do anything, the other pilot? That's enough now.
He texted.
Just a minute, please.
He texted.
And you saw that clearly, did you, Ezra? Did you see who he texted? Did they have a name? No.
Well done, Ezra.
Thanks for that.
How's he doing? It's watch and wait.
It's so tough for you.
Telling him about his mum as well.
I'm sorry, I didn't He doesn't know.
I can't tell him.
No, text.
Yeah, definitely text.
Here's Jack.
I'm just going to put us on speaker phone.
I've not started to try and recover texts, yet.
Everything was deleted.
Just a sec.
Hi, Clarissa.
There's a list of numbers Rowan Cole called and texted, but no content yet, not from the texts.
It's in a file called RCTXT.
Yep, I've found it.
Well, the last text he sent was at 05:34am to 07700900475.
So, 12 minutes or so before the plane went down.
We're just looking that number up.
The last person he contacted was a John Stanley.
His psychotherapist.
I'll get a warrant.
So, when we spoke previously, why did you withhold that information? Why didn't you tell me that he'd texted you from the aircraft? You must have realised it was relevant to our enquiries? How is it relevant who he texted? I didn't tell you about it because I didn't think it was important.
If it is.
And I didn't reply to it, so it wasn't a conversation.
Rowan was searching for direction in his life.
Answers to things that had happened to him in the past.
Childhood events he'd not been able to come to terms with.
He'd never been taught how to love freely.
His parents were damaged people.
And he couldn't accept that he was capable of being loved.
Or that he could love in return.
He didn't trust anyone.
Me included.
And progress was limited, at best.
I don't remember asking for an analysis of his psyche.
I'm sorry? That's because I didn't.
Why did he text you? To thank me for our work together and to tell me he wouldn't be around for a while.
That all? Yes.
So why delete it from your phone? I do that regularly.
I delete old texts.
See, I don't get why he would text you at that moment just before the plane came down to tell you that? Neither do I.
What was so important? I didn't even know he was on a plane.
I didn't realise that at the time.
But you did after it came down? You must have known then.
His name was among the dead.
It was across the press.
And yet when we spoke, you made a decision not to mention something that you I was shocked.
You were shocked? Yes.
And ashamed.
With hindsight, I .
think perhaps he got in touch with me because he wanted my help.
And what did I do? Nothing.
I didn't pick up on his desperation.
My fault.
The whole thing.
My fault.
So you told me nothing because you felt guilty? Howdy.
I've sent you a pic.
It's a wee bit of foil that pops out when you push a tablet through the blister pack, you know.
Yeah, I've got it.
You'll be delighted to know it's from an Alprazolam pack.
You think it's a good thing he killed himself? Are you being rhetorical or are you actually asking me a question now? People struggle.
And people recover.
You prey on them when they're at their most vulnerable.
No! My practice is founded on the principles of self-determination.
I try and help people to take responsibility for who they are and how they act.
Who .
is Manfred? Are you Manfred, Mr Stanley? Hiya.
Jack has found evidence of Alprazolam at Stanley's apartment.
But he was prescribed it some years ago for insomnia.
So he has it legitimately? Yeah.
And the prescription hasn't been renewed in over five years.
It's a fairly common drug.
And Jack hasn't found anything else.
There's nothing to link Stanley to Peter Sachs and there's no evidence on his computer that he was on that chatroom.
Jack's going to take away his computer and look more deeply, but It's not enough.
We'll have to let him go.
We'll keep an eye on him.
OK, that's all booked in for you.
Would you like to add breakfast? I'll just take the room for the night if that's all right.
No problem.
And I'll pay cash.
Leave a message.
Ella? Ella? MOBILE PHONE RINGS Help! Dad! Jack.
Manfred's online.
What have we got? Look.
DI Rosen.
It's Clarissa Mullery.
I don't know if your people have flagged it, but there's been activity online.
Manfred's on the move.
Yeah, we've got him.
All units from DI Rosen, suspect is on move.
turning right into Thornton Rise.
Suspect is turning right into Cerrington Road.
He's messaging again.
What's he doing? Typing and driving? This guy's got serious pretensions.
Another message from Manfred.
"Mohammed's coming to the mountain.
Stay calm.
"Won't be long now.
Will leave it for you.
" How's he doing that? Voice command.
He must have his phone on him.
He must be messaging that guy right now.
Let's grab him.
All units.
He's turning.
He's going back the way we came.
Up Thornton Rise.
All units, suspect is on Thornton Rise.
He's heading home.
Get out of the car.
What did I do? Stand over there.
Raise your arms.
Where were you going, Mr Stanley? I was heading into town until I realised I'd forgotten my phone.
Just stay there.
Anything? Car's clean, Guv.
It's not him, is it? He's not our man.
Where are you? I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said what I did.
If you've taken her to punish me No, no.
That plane.
Something I said online made it happen.
SoI've got somebody helping me.
It's going to be OK.
We're going to be with Tommy soon.
I love you.
Kyle?! PHONE CLICKS PHONE DIALS Emergency services operator.
Which service do you require? Police, please.
Connecting you now.
Hello, sir.
I think someone may have left something for me here.
Room 1020.
One second.
There you go.
TV: What's your mum going to say? Do you think you could do it, Holly? I think you can.
Help! DAD! Did Kyle talk about wanting to end his life? We both did at the beginning.
At the beginning? Yeah.
September last year.
Can you tell me about that? We had a son as well as a daughter.
He was five years old.
Kyle took them out for the day.
I was working.
He was playing with Ella .
and there was a lake.
When he realised .
Tommy was face down in the water.
I'm so sorry, Kate.
And Kyle blames himself? It was him.
It was his fault.
What's happening, Matt? I don't know.
I .
I was about to board my flight, and I thought, "What are you doing? "Why am I going?" Maybe it's all this stuff with Jonathan's death has .
reminded me ofof losing my brother Dan.
I mean .
was there something I could have done to save them? There is nothing in the world you could have done to save Jonathan.
Dan, then.
I mean, maybe if I was there, I would have made sure that he didn't swim out so far or .
or something.
I don't Look, I understand that's how it might feel, but you can't spend a lifetime blaming yourself.
Yeah, but you don't understand how I feel, do you? Because it didn't happen to you.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know what to do to make it better.
I know people you can talk to.
This is what we know so far.
Her husband called her.
She thinks he's suicidal.
She mentioned Juno 357 to the attending officers, so obviously they flagged that up to us.
Mentioned what? That Kyle was responsible, that he posted something online that encouraged the pilot.
I was told he'd left his smartphone behind.
That's it.
He, uh, probably didn't want it traced.
Wiped his browser history.
There's an app here.
It's the same app Manfred uses for personal messaging.
I'm going to crack on with this.
Yeah, I'll Sorry about that.
Does the name Manfred mean anything to you? Or Jordyor Lewis? Does that sound familiar? You're doing great, Kate.
What do you think he's thinking right now? In Kyle's head .
Tommy's in another place.
He said before, when it was bad, he wanted us all to be there together.
It wasn't like a rational thing.
It was a reaction.
I wouldn't, obviously, but Ella So Kyle's logic is that he wants to reunite himself and Ella with Tommy? Is that what you're saying? OK.
Kate, be back in a minute, all right? He's been back online.
Direct messages.
Calls himself Jordy6699.
Messaging Manfred? Jordy's expecting something to be delivered, and Manfred says he'll leave it for him somewhere.
He asked them for them in the chatroom.
So why's he got his daughter with him? COMPUTER BLEEPS BLEEP Got you, Jordy6699.
SHE LAUGHS Kyle Cunningham's room, please.
OK, thanks.
With me.
Go on.
Check the room.
We had fun, didn't we? You know I love you, right? I love you, too, Dad.
All right.
Take your stuff.
You've got to go home now.
I said you got to go.
ENGINE STARTS We've got a match.
Fingerprints on the box of tablets match an unidentified profile found at Peter Sachs' house.
You didn't go to the scene, the Peter Sachs scene, did you? No.
Shall we take a look? Yeah.
This is where he shot himself? Yeah.
So if someone was with him, they'd come in through the main garage doors here.
This door into the house, maybe.
Where does this go? I've got blood here.
These are from Peter Sachs' house.
These are from the crash site.
Same boot tread? Same boot tread.
So possibly the same person at both scenes.
We've got someone with Peter Sachs around the time he killed himself, we think, and the same person visiting the crash site, visiting Rowan Cole.
Are we saying we have Manfred's fingerprints here? Yep, and likely his footwear marks, too.
We just don't have a name.
I've got a lead on the gun, too.
From the serial number you recovered, it's registered to Gregory Anthony Bell.
Died a couple of years ago.
Ex-parachute regiment.
Must be an old service weapon.
Probably kept it after he was discharged.
Or sold it.
Somebody did after his death.
Cause of death - suicide.
Can I just, um? He's got a son.
I've unravelled the VPNs and traced Manfred and Lewis' IP addresses.
They're the same.
They're the same? Yes.
You mean they're the same person? Yes.
LEW1SR8 is another online ID for the same guy, for James Bell.
Son of Gregory Bell, the gun owner.
Be careful, Jack.
Anything? Not yet, guv.
This looks interesting.
You want me to get the enforcer? Nah.
Prefer a lighter touch.
OK, let's see what we've got here.
Peter Sachs' wedding ring maybe? Huh.
A tie pin.
Rowan Coles'? Maybe James Bell went out to the site, took a trophy from Rowan Cole.
Did he track the flight? Maybe he knew in advance roughly where Cole was going to bring it down.
One or the other.
Juno Airlines.
Damage likely from the crash.
These were from James Bell's place.
Clean? Yeah.
Lots of tiny spots.
We need to send this off for DNA profiling straight away.
Lewis? Yeah.
I hoped you'd say yes to me being here with you.
Come on.
Let's go.
It's hard to leave.
Even when you really want to.
That instinct.
It's so strong.
Where? OK.
ANPR's picked up Kyle Cunningham's van.
Where? Heading west out of London on the A4.
I told him to do it.
It was my fault.
I'm responsible for the death of innocent people.
The people on that plane.
I don't set out to harm people, but it's like .
my presence, my energy, it's Better not here.
Better not here.
I feel the same.
That's the last sighting of him? Yeah.
So where's he going? What did Jim Bell say online to Kyle - you know, about where to meet? "Somewhere special for you.
" His son drowned.
Where? Where did that happen? WATER BUBBLING ELLA LAUGHS We never talk about Tommy any more.
I can't remember his face.
DAD! Help! Help! ELLA LAUGHS I love you, Dad.
Jim Bell.
I think you might be looking for me.
Just need this, please.
I don't pretend to know if there's an afterlife.
Of course I don't.
I don't preach religious dogma.
But I've been on the cusp of life and death.
I've seen it.
I watched my father suffer.
I held his hand.
Tell me about the chatroom.
If you read my posts, you'll see they're mainly about the sanctity of life.
The joy of it.
And encouraging desperate men to take their own lives.
You had a message exchange with Rowan Cole when he was at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.
Did I? He messaged you to say that he was being put on an alternative flight but that he still needed to take his own life, and you replied .
"Don't hesitate.
" Yes, take the flight.
Don't hesitate.
Come on.
Don't wait there alone.
Come home.
Get help.
You're saying what you wrote him is open to interpretation, are you? When you were arrested, you were wearing Kyle Cunningham's wedding ring.
Why was that? He gave it to me to give to his wife.
So you had arranged to meet, then? In a way, yeah.
He'd hinted previously that he would go there, and I went to try and find him.
And when you found him, you just, what, walked away? I believe people have the right to self-determination.
People in distress? Yes.
People who might be mentally ill? People who could be helped? Kyle Cunningham wanted to live.
He crawled out of that place on his hands and knees.
He's in A&E now.
He told me he wanted to die.
You told him that.
He reached out for help, and you told him to take his own life.
Why would you do that? Because you like the feeling of power it gives you? People have the right to choose.
Like your father? He chose what he wanted for himself, did he, when he took his own life? Or did you choose that for him? Tell me about Peter Sachs' wedding ring.
He gave it to me, like Kyle did.
Also to pass on to his wife? No, for myself, as a gift for trying to help.
His wedding ring.
His marriage meant nothing to him.
It was a token.
We all know what this is, Jim.
These are killings, pure and simple.
A kind of murder by proxy.
You get to kill all these people without actually having to lay a hand on them.
You just encourage them to do it to themselves, and then you take a token to remember them by and to remind yourself of how powerful you are.
How clever.
They were all desperate men in their own different ways.
I just tried to help.
That's all I did.
Is that how it began .
with your father - helping to end his suffering? But it felt good, right? And all of a sudden, there you are with all this power.
So we've got enough to charge him with assisting a suicide, certainly for Kyle Cunningham, but we can't prove any more than that, can we? Hiya.
This is Peter Sachs' wedding ring that Bell says he gave to him.
Want to take a look? You see it? Sure.
It's a small amount of gunshot residue.
Which means the ring was removed from the hand after the gun had been fired.
After? Which in turn proves it wasn't given to Bell by Peter Sachs.
Sachs was already dead when Bell took it.
So you're saying James Bell was actually with Peter Sachs when he shot himself? More than that.
My turn.
James Bell's clothing.
So this is the shirt we found at his house.
DNA confirms it is Peter Sachs' blood.
When a gun is fired at someone from close range, you can get a fine mist of blood spraying back from the entry wound.
Peter's hand showed a minimal amount of this.
James Bell's shirt sleeve, covered in it.
Obviously, we can't say exactly what happened.
Perhaps Peter Sachs changed his mind, but James Bell pulled the trigger.
DOOR CLICKS James Bell, I am charging you with the murder of Peter Sachs and the manslaughter of Alex Vitarnen, Jonathan Kraft and Miriam Heller, and, under Section Two of the Suicide Act, encouraging or assisting the suicide of Rowan Cole and your father Gregory Anthony Bell.
Hey, mate.
You want anything? What can I get you? Are you ever going to tell me about Mum? FOOTSTEPS APPROACH Hey.
I'm just waiting for Nikki.
How's it going? Good.
You? Yeah.
Sorry to hear about your friend.
Nikki told me you worked together.
Yeah, he was a good guy.
He was working with Syrian refugees.
Kind of my area.
I was in Damascus for a couple of years.
At the conference in Amsterdam, he had asked me to go along as an advisor.
And I said yes, but then I pulled out .
so I could spend time with Nikki.
You telling me you should have been on the plane? I haven't told Nikki yet.
I wasn't expecting you.
I'm going to leave you guys to it.
I've left something in here.
Good to see you.
Nikki Alexander, pathologist.
Jack Hodgson, forensics.
There are strong indicators that the body discovered this morning is Jason.
So when you going to pick Malcolm Wilde up? I've swabbed for DNA.
We'll see what comes back.
How'd you come by those scratches on your neck? Despite what people want to believe, the person responsible's unlikely to be an outsider.
Do you see a freezer big enough to store a body? We're talking about the reputation of an assistant commissioner widely tipped for the top job.
It's not my fault you're desperate and he's not cracking! # Testator silens # Costestes e spiritu Silentium.