Silent Witness (1996) s23e08 Episode Script

Hope, Part 2

1 What I can see? A skull.
Could be male or female.
One thing's for sure, this was no accident.
I'm afraid your mum has cancer.
48-year-old Derek Marshall, reported missing by his sister, Ann Carson, in 1999.
You don't think that Sue had something to do with this, do you? You cannot take away a person's right to extend their life, if that is what they wish.
Sue's dead daughter is in one of those tanks.
I can't find any records for Hope Marshall.
If he went looking for this child, you'd never find her.
That little girl is me.
Jack! Testator Silens Costestes e spiritu Silencium Testator Silens.
Most of the blood is concentrated in two pools on the carpet, and there's no blood anywhere else in the room that I can see.
I found the razor blade on the side table.
So, it would seem she cut her wrist sitting here and this is where she bled out.
Same way her husband killed himself.
There is one blood pool under each wrist, either side of the chair.
It's likely she was sat in this position for a long time.
Could be she was unconscious.
Perhaps she also took an overdose of drugs or drink.
There's a smear.
See? Was she reaching out for something? But what? Maybe she knocked this down.
Anything? There's no blood on it.
Probably written earlier.
Suicide note, perhaps? Myra, could you bag these, please? Thanks.
Get them back to the lab, see if I can lift anything from them.
She was wearing this when we saw her last.
I wish It doesn't matter.
It wasn't your fault.
You kept your promise.
I just wish she could have known that Hope was all right.
You know, as all right, as you can be when you've been dead for 20 years.
Wouldn't have changed anything.
If we can find out the truth about what happened to Hope, then that's still something good we can do.
How are you holding up otherwise? Well, you know, it is what it is.
And how's your mum coping? The chemo seems to be going well so far.
I'm doing OK.
You've been at the hospital all night.
Now you're here.
You have to look after yourself as well.
I will.
I am.
Circulatory collapse due to significant blood loss, leading to cardiac arrest as the cause of death.
She chose to die in exactly the same way as her husband.
That says a lot.
I think so, yes, but if you look closely, there's a distinct lack of hesitation marks, and I might expect to see at least a few in a suicide attempt of this type.
None at all.
Not one, no.
Mind you, they're not always present.
Also, whilst the direction of the cuts themselves is consistent with what I'd expect to see, a right-handed person like Sue would naturally use more force with her right, her dominant hand, less with her left.
Just here the wounds are identical.
Almost too perfect to be true.
Murder dressed up as a suicide.
Hope's scan shows enlarged lymph nodes and spleen consistent with leukaemia.
She was ill.
Yes, but not to the extent I'd expect to see in someone who died of the disease.
You don't think the leukaemia killed her? I'm not sure there's any way of telling definitively.
Not after all this time.
Not after the way her body has been prepared.
Toxicology also shows that Hope had medicine in her system.
That Hope Marshall doesn't show up on any hospital records.
But Derek and Sue must have got her help somehow.
Hope had long hair, so I was able to get a good idea about how long she'd been taking the medication.
Around six months, I think.
I think she had a form of acute myeloid leukaemia.
Eminently treatable.
And yet the drugs in her system were those often given to manage cancerous tumours.
Fluorouracil, to be precise.
Entirely the wrong type of cancer.
And whoever they found to help her got it very wrong.
They didn't help her at all.
These drugs would have made her very ill.
They would have done absolutely nothing to make her better.
She didn't have a good death, I'm afraid.
The clues are all there.
Morphine in her system for at least two months prior to death.
She was suffering.
I'm afraid she was.
Even if Derek was buying the drugs on the black market, surely someone must have diagnosed Hope initially.
Derek and Sue could have taken her privately under the official radar, using a false name.
Why? Why would they do that? I don't know, but I do believe that if they'd got her some proper treatment Hope might have lived.
And her heart, 292.
That's odd.
Thomas, Hope's scan results are back.
Clarissa, sorry.
I need DCI Raymond on the phone.
What's wrong? The uterus is nulliparous.
Cervical os is small and circular.
No caesarean scar.
It's seems like she's never given birth.
Hope isn't her child? We compared Hope's DNA to that of Sue and Derek, and neither of them were her biological parents.
Was she adopted? No records of that.
Illegal adoption? Did they buy her? The illegal route sounds more feasible.
And that's a good reason not to register with any hospitals or schools.
They didn't want to draw any attention to her.
Any leads as to who she might be? We've got DNA, but she's not on any database.
Well, what about Sue Marshall's death? Yeah, the razor blade has Sue's prints on, but it looks like they were deliberately placed there.
Not consistent with Sue holding the blade herself.
Anything else? We know the front door was locked from the inside as we had to break it open ourselves.
So, the only way out was via the bedroom window.
This was the only window left unlocked.
No signs of forced entry anywhere else.
Fingerprints? Yeah, just a partial print I lifted from the frame of the window next to the door.
Did you run it through the system? I have.
No matches, I'm afraid.
Let's see what else we can find to identify Hope.
If she was bought illegally, there may be some sort of money trail.
I'm Dr Alexander.
I'm taking your DNA swabs.
Would you like to sit down? It's very quick.
Just on the inside of your mouth, if that's OK.
That's it.
All done.
DI Raymond will be in touch in a couple of days.
Thank you.
This Me.
At least, I think it's me.
Thank you.
Can you tell me about your sister-in-law's pregnancy? What do you mean? Was it normal? How did she look? How did she behave? Well, I didn't see her very much.
Hardly at all, in fact.
So, it would surprise you to know that Sue was never pregnant, that Hope wasn't their child.
No, that can't be true.
Your brother never told you, then? I thought you were close? Well that would have been Sue.
She was always trying to drive a wedge between us.
How can How can you lie about a thing like that to everybody? And no-one else ever asked where this baby came from? How should I know? I mean, Sue was always a fantasist.
I mean, I'm not surprised it was all a pack of lies.
A fantasist in what way? Oh, well Jealous, possessive.
Always making up stories about Derek, all in her head.
Derek was my brother, but she treated me like I was the other woman.
Did you think Derek was having an affair? I don't know.
She wasn't just possessive about Derek.
She was, erm, controlling Hope too.
They hardly went out at all, either of them.
Well, people can be overprotective about their kids.
We found glasses with Derek.
But he's not wearing any in these photos.
Oh, well, he didn't, he didn't he didn't like them.
He only, he only wore them for reading.
Is this your boy, the one in Australia? Yeah.
That's Mark.
Is he your only one? Yeah.
My husband died before he was born, so there wasn't a chance for any more.
I'm sorry.
It must be very hard since he moved abroad.
Yeah, it broke my heart.
They're two different girls.
The resemblance is remarkable though, identical to the naked eye, when in actuality, they're not.
Hope had a small mole on her left cheek.
Her eyes are slightly wider apart, Carla's nose is slightly rounder.
Her hairline is also a slightly different shape.
They're twins, surely? I mean, statistically speaking, there's roughly a one in a trillion chance of two complete strangers having matching facial features.
Not only do the two girls share the same DNA, they also have the same genetic mutations that are thought to contribute to childhood leukaemia.
Hope was Carla's identical twin sister? A twin she didn't even know she had.
Mum? Just tell them.
Tell them what you told me.
She was snatched from Travis Maternity Hospital.
Your baby was abducted? They never found her.
My twin sister.
"18-year-old new mother woke to find one of her baby twin girls gone.
" Poor woman.
Can you imagine losing a baby like that? Certainly puts things into perspective.
"The Travis Maternity Hospital was undergoing renovation works.
" So, it would have been even more chaotic.
"They failed to secure the building when they realised "the baby was gone.
" Grace? Why didn't you tell Carla about her twin? In my experience, erm, an abduction like this defines a family forever.
It's, erm like a shadow that never goes away.
I'd just done my 14th birthday when the girls were born.
I thought you were 18 when you had me.
My parents were ashamed of how young I was.
They couldn't bear all the questions, all the probing.
They just wanted it to go away.
So the police kept my real age out of the papers.
And, erm.
I just wasn't ever allowed to talk about it to anybody.
From that day on, I was 18, whether I liked it or not.
Can you tell us any more about the abduction? The babies were tiny.
I had a really hard labour, I nearly didn't make it.
And, erm she was just one day old when they took her.
Went to sleep, she was there.
And I woke up and and she was gone.
I was utterly alone and, and completely overwhelmed.
I just, I just remember I kept saying "There were two of them.
" But the doctors and the and the police they could barely look me in the eye, never mind keep me informed.
Everything went through my parents.
They made all the decisions and I was just told nothing.
If it was one of mine I would keep looking.
I would never give up.
I was a kid.
I was a kid with a newborn baby to look after.
I didn't know what I was doing.
It was just too much.
But I never stopped looking.
Still, even now, 30 years later, I see someone who looks a bit like you and I I think, "Maybe" It never gets any less painful.
How could I burden her with that pain? We have some information for you both.
It's not good news, I'm afraid.
We think we may have identified the woman who stole your baby and brought her up as her own daughter.
You, you found you found my baby? Is she all right? She passed away when she was 12.
Oh! I'm so sorry.
Well, look at that.
What? I've found some big cash withdrawals that Sue made straight after the house was sold.
It amounts to £10,000.
A few days later, Paul Simmons paid in two lots of £5,000, cash, to his own account.
Our resident concrete expert.
He had the knowledge and the access to the car park work site.
Thanks, Colette.
Is that what she gave you the ten grand for? Disposing of her husband's dead body? No, it was my money.
She gave it back to me.
End of.
You said you didn't lend to mates.
Well, I don't, after that.
All very well for to him to kill himself, but the rest of us still have bills to pay.
Well, who said he killed himself? Pretty good at mixing cement, aren't you? It is my job.
Do you remember these? We found them in your mate's home-made tomb.
The one with the perfectly mixed cement? They're not mine.
Well, they weren't Derek's.
Derek's long sighted, but these are for a short sighted person, like you.
We managed to lift the DNA profile from skin cells on the arms of these glasses.
I think the swab will prove they're yours.
Then we can place you at the scene.
Did they get caught in Derek's body when you dropped him in? I couldn't afford to lose that money.
How else was I going to get it back? Sue had already been through so much with Hope's illness, when she found Derek dead, she she freaked out.
She just left him there in the bath for days.
Go on.
He left her in so much debt, she needed the insurance money to survive.
She had this crazy idea that she could cover up the suicide and dump the body.
She tried to cut his hands off.
But she couldn't.
That's when she called me.
Couldn't believe my eyes when I got round there.
It was like a blood-bath.
And, at that point, you didn't think to call the police? How could I do that to her? Took his body to the car park and I covered it up with concrete.
Got your ten grand back in the process.
Paul Simmons, you will be charged with preventing the lawful and decent burial of a dead body.
Oh, no.
There was one more thing.
Did you work on the refurbishment of the Travis Maternity Hospital when a baby was stolen in 1987? No, I didn't.
But Derek did.
Oh, it's all right.
They've took her for an X-ray.
Thank you.
Oh, they know how to put the wind up you, don't they? Are you the one she Yeah, she's got a good right hook on her.
I'm so, so sorry.
It's all right.
She didn't dislodge anything.
Well, the apple never falls very far from the tree.
Good for you.
Shows there's a bit of fight there.
I wish my mum would holler like yours sometimes.
Hello, Mum.
She's not had a great day.
I'm sure she's happy to see you though.
How are you feeling, Mum? MUM SIGHS Do you need a drink? Or anything? There you are, Penny.
SHE SIGHS It hurts.
I know.
You've done really well.
Is the doctor available? I'd like an update, if possible.
She'll be doing the rounds later on.
I'll ask her to pop in.
Erm, Miss Coleman, she did tell you about Mum's prognosis, didn't she? Don't worry, we're not holding out any false hope.
OK, just wanted to check that you understood the reality of it.
I'm a doctor.
I understand perfectly.
Thank you.
MUM GROANS "I'm a doctor.
" Of forensics.
"Not holding out any false hope.
" What's that supposed to mean? You've given up on her.
Hey, hey.
Do not take this out on me.
Let's let's just Let's just wait until we've had a proper update.
From a proper doctor.
I don't need to.
I read her notes.
And? Her creatinine level is increasing, which means her kidneys are failing.
Her blood pressure's dying, and her liver function tests continue to rise.
Her body's shutting down.
You knew it wasn't going to be easy.
But this is what you decided to do.
Right? "Keep trying.
" "Never give up.
" I had that conversation with her a long time ago.
Clarissa, you were very different people then.
Lost something? Huh, just had Sue Marshall's tox report back.
Shows evidence of sedation.
That's why she didn't move.
That's what I'm thinking.
How was it administered? Not sure.
Just checking to see if any bruising has appeared postmor postmortem.
Now, there we are.
Administered by needle.
Is that Grace Beaty? This is the CCTV from outside Sue's flat.
The timeframe fits.
That's around the time we estimate Sue's death to have been.
Grace had motive.
Sue took her baby.
She also has opportunity.
She was there at the time.
We have her on CCTV.
Grace couldn't have known it was Sue who took her baby.
She didn't know.
Why should she be punished? It's not fair.
You OK? Feel so at home here among the dead.
Never bothered me.
But the dying No-one warned me this was going to be so difficult.
She's your mum.
You can't help thinking, "What would I would have become "with a different mum, with a different upbringing?" My mum gave me all that tough love when I was a child.
There was never any room for self-pity.
God knows what I would have ended up as if she hadn't.
School was tough, girls weren't always nice, and the teachers were well-meaning.
I'd cry every day.
Didn't want to go.
Mum would just coax me through the school gates.
"Come on, it'll be all right.
" Sweet weren't allowed at school.
Nothing fun ever was.
You'd get a detention if you were caught.
Before she left me every day, Mum would slip a toffee into my pocket.
My fingers to her lip, and say, "Sh.
" My day ever got too bad, sneak that toffee out, and it was glorious.
And eat it and think of Mum, and it was like our little secret.
Our victory.
How is she? Confused.
And in pain.
Makes me wonder why I'm putting her through it all.
You're doing the best you can for her.
You're a wonderful daughter.
WHISPERS: I'm not so sure.
Wonder who'll look after me when I'm an old lady.
Who will my Clarissa be? We'll be looking after each other.
Drunk in an old people's home somewhere, giving the staff hell.
THEY CHUCKLE Thought I was supposed to be the victim here.
I'm very sorry, but this is a murder enquiry.
Can't believe you're doing this.
This is ludicrous.
I was only there because I got a note to meet somebody about the baby.
They didn't turn up.
They never do.
Why didn't you mention this before? Had a lot on my mind.
Can I have the note? Yeah.
Not as often as they used to, but they still come, occasionally.
It was just another hoax.
Can I have, erm? Uh-huh.
Thank you.
I'm glad she's dead.
Just a bit light-headed, tired, that's all.
Shall I get you, erm? I don't need a nurse, Max.
I meant some chocolate.
Had one of those days today, Mum.
MUM GROANS I guess your day wasn't much better.
If it's time to stop please, Mum give me a sign, just a small sign.
I don't want you to suffer like this.
I don't know what to do.
Who will look after my Clarissa? You won't be much use to her if you don't eat.
Not much use to her anyway.
Remember when I asked her? If I could marry you? She gave you such a grilling.
I thought you were going to give up on the whole thing.
Nearly did.
I remember exactly what she said.
She said "I'd say to take care of Clarissa.
"But she won't let you do that.
"And I'd say to always put her first.
"But she won't have any of that, either.
"Don't ever tell her want to do, Max.
"She'll do the exact opposite.
" Doesn't sound like me at all.
Her only advice was that we should stick together.
And she also told me that it was now my job to tell you when you're being pig-headed.
You being pig-headed.
And, whatever you do, don't eat this.
Grace was telling the truth about the note, and there's no forensic evidence to place her at the scene of Sue's death - wasn't her fingerprint.
Derek's death, Hope's abduction, Sue's murder.
They're all connected.
Does make me wonder if someone killed Sue to stop her revealing the truth about the baby though.
I've been looking at the evidence again and I'm wondering if the person we're looking for has some kind of medical background.
Medical? Why? We found meds in Hope's system.
So, someone sourced and administered those drugs.
And we know from the bruising around the injection site that Sue was sedated via syringe.
I identified the substance Clarissa lifted from Sue's clothes.
It's a glycerol-based compound.
Like the one Adam Brookham uses in his cryogenics process? Identical, in fact.
Trace amounts likely transferred accidentally through contact.
The medical link could point to Adam too.
After all, he knows about anatomy, came from a medical background, and he has access to purchasing all sorts of chemicals and drugs.
Why not for fluorouracil? Adam's known Sue for more than 20 years.
He certainly knew all about Hope's illness.
Could he have been there when Sue died? Sue's phone records have been released.
Her last contact was a text message she sent.
Guess who it was to.
Well, let's bring him in.
It's a message from Sue, but I didn't see it for at least an hour or so.
This is a partial fingerprint we found outside Sue Marshall's flat.
It is yours, so we can put you at the scene.
I was there.
I won't deny it.
I thought the message was odd, so I went to check on her.
"Come quickly.
I want to be with Hope.
" I looked through the window.
I saw that she was dead and there was nothing I could do for her.
Call an ambulance? Call the police? Some people will stop at nothing to try and discredit my work.
I didn't want to give them any more ammunition.
Why did she contact you? To begin the process.
But it was too late.
There was nothing I can do for somebody that far gone.
So, I left her there.
I thought it best not to get involved.
You've got quite a history of that, haven't you? Looking the other way.
If you're talking about a poor woman driven to take her own life, I think I would look a little closer to home.
Oh, yeah? Sue Marshall was pretty upset when she thought you wanted to hurt her daughter.
Only Hope wasn't her daughter.
What? She was snatched from her real family when she was a baby.
I don't know about that.
And Sue didn't take her own life.
She was murdered.
Look, I didn't go inside the house.
I looked through the window and then I left.
If I thought she had been murdered, of course I would've called the police.
Oh, that's very decent of you.
The fact is you knew a young girl had died in suspicious circumstances, but you took the body.
That's perverting the course of justice.
No, hang on a second.
I have not committed a crime! I've been looking through your records.
You order cancer drugs on a regular basis, don't you? Including fluorouracil.
We're a research company.
We have vast amounts of cancerous tissue to do research on.
Did you supply the Marshalls with fluorouracil for Hope? What? No! I think you did.
Was Sue Marshall about to confess everything you'd done together? She just made contact with Hope's birth mother.
Was she about to tell everyone that you froze Hope before she was dead? That would be murder! Did you? No! But it is your ultimate ambition, isn't it? You were working with a child nobody knew existed.
You could pretty much do what you wanted.
Was she your lab rat? HE BANGS HAND ON TABLE Adam Brookham, I'm arresting you for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and the suspected murder of Sue Marshall.
BUZZER Hi, can I help me? I'm Ann Carson.
Erm Thomas Chamberlain asked me to come and sign some papers to release my brother's body.
Thomas isn't here right now.
SHE SIGHS Should I come back? That might be best, if that's OK.
I'll get him to call.
I'm just quite keen to lay my brother's body to rest.
I don't like the idea of him being in here.
Maybe then we can all move on.
You've had a lot of shock recently, especially finding out that Hope was It's a it's an awful time for everyone involved.
Especially for that poor mum.
Losing a baby like that, she was just a schoolgirl herself.
It's terrible.
Maybe they maybe they were trying to help her in some way.
chest Here.
Sorry, on my chest.
Let me help.
Does it feel like you're having a panic attack? OK.
Just it's going to pass.
All right? Nothing's going to happen.
I'm going to stay with you.
OK? Just try and breathe with me.
OK? Slowly.
In, out.
In out.
OK? Just feeling better? I'm so sorry.
Don't be silly.
You're having a stressful time at work.
Well, in truth, it's my mum.
She's She's dying.
I'm so sorry.
End-stage cancer.
That is so stressful.
You're a good person to have around in a crisis.
I'll remember that.
You must be medically trained.
Erm I'm a an accountant.
The only thing I can resuscitate are your books! You, er, seemed so confident though.
Erm, well, I did dip my toe into nursing.
You know, many moons ago.
Erm I did a little training, but it wasn't for me.
I suppose that sort of training stays with you.
Suppose so.
You've hurt your hand.
I burned myself.
How did you do it? Boiling water.
I wasn't paying attention.
It's this business with my brother.
Finding out that he he took his own life.
It's changed everything.
I'm sure it has.
Erm it's just a thought, about your poor mum.
I've got a friend who has links to a pharmaceutical company.
I mean, maybe my friend could get her onto one of these new drugs trials, you know, they're extremely difficult to get onto.
Maybe I could pull a few strings? Did your friend get cancer drugs for Hope too? Sorry, I don't understand.
You know, someone gave Hope the wrong cancer treatment.
If they'd given her the right medication, she could have been saved.
Listen, your mum is really sick, by the sound of things.
I wouldn't leave it too long.
GENTLE SNORING I don't believe it.
We need to talk.
There was no way Ann could have known Grace was a schoolgirl when she gave birth.
It wasn't in any of the papers.
The only way she could have known is by being there.
And look.
Look at the health visitor's comments.
"Newly widowed.
I'm concerned about Ann's capability "to look after this newborn son and seven-month-old little girl "she's already taking care of.
" Ann is the link to Adam Brookham.
She had fertility treatment there.
That's how she gave birth to her only son, Mark.
Clarissa, what are you doing? I did some digging around last night.
Ann was an agency nurse back in the day and did, in fact, take some shifts at the Travis Maternity Hospital while she was training.
Ann knew the hospital.
She had the uniform.
She could have blended in.
What if she snatched Hope with Derek? That's quite a leap.
Is it? We know Ann wanted children and must have had problems conceiving.
Her husband died, along with her chances of conceiving naturally.
Maybe she killed Sue to stop her revealing the truth.
Ann always thought she was a loose cannon.
She was incensed by the way that Derek's body had been treated.
If she knew that was Sue Ann has an alibi for the time of the murder.
I had it checked out.
Check it again.
She's had medical training.
She had access to drugs.
It all fits.
We have Adam Brookham in custody for Sue's murder.
We have his fingerprint at the scene.
Maybe he didn't go inside the flat, just as he claimed.
What are you asking? Ann has a bandage on her right hand.
She says it's a burn.
What if she cut herself when she murdered Sue? OK, stop.
I interviewed her the day after the murder.
There was no bandage on her hand.
Well, it could have been a small cut that became infected later on.
Clarissa! You are duty-bound to investigate this case to the best of your ability, and that includes following up on my leads! You had fertility treatment with Dr Adam Brookham.
Is that correct? I miscarried three babies.
It's not a crime, is it? I want to have a family.
And Adam Brookham helped you.
He's a brilliant man.
He's brilliant.
I wouldn't have my son if it wasn't for him.
I owe him everything.
Did you introduce Sue and Derek to Adam? Yeah.
Erm Adam came to my son's first birthday party.
You trained as a nurse, I understand.
Yes, for a couple of years.
Erm, it wasn't for me.
I didn't even fully qualify.
Did you work at the Travis Maternity Hospital? Yes.
When you, when you're a trainee, you have to move around and we all had to do shifts on maternity.
The health visitor's report from after your son was born states there was a seven-month-old little girl living with you.
Oh, yes.
So, why was Hope living with you? Well, I told you, Sue was a mess.
I was just being kind.
I wanted to take the pressure off my brother.
And then, when Mark came along, I couldn't cope with both.
So, Derek took Hope back home.
Sorry, what what is all this about? Would you mind removing the bandage from your hand, please? Why? Well, I'm interested to see how you hurt it.
It's it's a burn.
Well, then our police surgeon can remove it for you and we'll get all this cleared up straight away.
All right.
She'll even put on a fresh one for you.
Satisfied now? I am so sorry to have troubled you.
Look, I'm not going to tell Thomas about this.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Then why did you come directly to me with your theory? Why didn't you go through him? Clarissa I know you've got stuff going on, but you need to sort yourself out.
Come on, then.
If it was Thomas she'd called and not me, you'd be getting the third degree by now.
Why can't you all just let me get on with my work? You should be spending all your time with your mum while you still can.
She doesn't even know who I am, Jack.
She barely knows who she is.
What are we meant to do? Just stare each other in silence day after day? I don't even get to say goodbye to her, because she's already gone.
It makes no difference to her if I'm there or not.
But it makes a difference to you.
You won't get this time again.
Don't live with regret.
She's your mum.
I thought you, of all people, had my back.
I'm sorry.
Clarissa, what can I do for you? I think I should take some time off.
OK, I'll arrange cover from from tomorrow.
Take as long as you need, yeah? We're here whenever you need us.
Need a hand? Ever since I was little it's always just been me and Mum.
She's the one constant I've had.
Soon, she won't be here any more.
And it's sort of terrifying.
I got your back.
It's a match, wild parsnip sap.
I've called DI Raymond.
I don't I don't understand.
Well, you can clearly see wild parsnips stems broken beneath Sue's window.
The sap is highly toxic.
If it comes into contact with the skin when exposed to bright sunlight, skin will burn horribly and blister.
That's why Ann's burn didn't show up immediately.
And why her hand wasn't bandaged when DI Raymond interviewed her the next day.
Ann must have left via the window, broken the stems and the sap transferred to her hand.
Oh, this area.
Brilliant, thank you so much.
POLICE SIRENS BLARE Right, Scott, around the back.
Paul, with me.
Mrs Carson! It's the police! OK.
Quinn, upstairs.
Check in there.
Clear, Gov! Clear, Gov! Clarissa, yeah, I need your help.
OK, hold on.
I'll wager this will have traces of sedative and Sue's blood on it.
Put out a call to pick her up.
But she's disappeared, Gov.
CLARISSA: I might have something.
Come on, Clarissa, what can you give me? Ann doesn't know she needs to hide, so her mobile's on.
I'm tracking her GPS.
Honing in on the signal now.
She's at Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5.
PILOT: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard this flight PILOT: Flight time is an hour and 15 minutes.
Police! Coming through! Excuse me! Get out of the way, please! Thank you.
PA: Thank you very much, ladies and gents.
Please can you make sure your seat belts are securely fastened, tray tables stowed away, and your seats are in the upright position for take-off? There will shortly be a safety demonstration.
In the meantime, please study your safety card in your seat back.
ENGINES POWER DOWN DOOR OPENS Ann Carson, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Sue Marshall, and for the abduction and unlawful death of Hope Marshall.
It's like she's been here waiting for me all this time.
What am I supposed to do now? I don't want to leave her here, all alone in this cold place.
You can You can only do what feels right for you and for Hope.
That's not her name.
Her name's Rebecca.
I think I'd like Rebecca to rest in peace now.
The treatment's taking its toll on Mum.
It's time to stop it now.
WHISPERS: I don't know how to do this.
I'm going to get some coffee.
Clarissa Hey, Mum.
I know you're frightened of leaving me alone, Mum.
But it's OK.
I'll be OK.
Because of everything you taught me I can take care of myself now.
And I want to say thank you.
Hello, Mum.
Frank You can't leave that baby alone for five minutes.
Can you? Not for five minutes.
You're besotted with her.
Sh! Toffee.
I love you, Mum.
Sweetheart, would you wake up today? I promise you would recognise my face I want to show you how I've grown in this place In this place I'm not alone and I know I'll be OK But it's always hard when the winter comes to stay And I can't help remember all the words I never said It's killing me that you're not here with me I'm living happily But I'm feeling guilty Oh, you won't believe The wonders I can see This world is changing me But I love you faithfully Yeah, it's killing me That you're not here with me I'm living happily But I'm feeling guilty Oh, you won't believe The wonders I can see This world is changing me But I love you faithfully.

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