Silent Witness (1996) s24e01 Episode Script

Redemption, Part 1

1 CHATTER Oh! Oi! RADIO CHATTER RADIO: Get prisoners to their cells.
ALARM SOUNDS Right, everyone out.
Come on, come on.
What are you doing? What are you doing?! Help! Help me! No! Go! That way.
ALARM CONTINUES Shit! Come on, move! No! No! That's enough.
Put him down, yeah? No! Help me! You lost something, boss? ALARM STOPS It's under control.
You can go back in now.
Testator silens ♪ Costestes e spiritu ♪ Silentium ♪ Testator silens.
♪ Thanks.
I'm Detective Inspector Dan Mason.
Dr Nikki Alexander.
- This is my colleague, Jack Hodgson.
- Hi.
- Shall we? - Mm-hm.
The name's Jay Selwyn.
27 years old.
Been in here nine years.
That right? Manslaughter.
When it all kicked off, the kitchen supervisor, Leon Tovey, evacuated the whole team.
Jay must have got left behind.
- I'd like to speak to that supervisor.
- Not possible.
They cracked his head open.
He got taken to the local hospital and now he's in an induced coma, poor sod.
- We know who attacked him? - Oh, yeah.
Lewis Harvey.
He's our resident maniac.
He's in an isolation cell now.
He got trapped in here? Um, mechanism does appear to be broken, so he wouldn't have been able to open it from the inside.
There's no damage to the inside of the door, though, so no indication he was trying to force it open, either.
Jay Selwyn, wrong place, wrong time.
Thoughts, then? Well, there's no blood traces in here.
Nikki? Um? What do you think? Ah Well, he has lacerations to his face and bruising around the left eye.
Looks like he's been assaulted.
Well, not in here, obviously, if there's no blood present.
The prisoners get their deliveries on a Wednesday.
Deliveries? Yeah, they can order stuff with their money if they've been well behaved.
It's all used as currency in here, so Wednesdays is always a bit tense.
Do you think that's how he could have got these injuries? It's when all the debts are settled.
What have you found? Shepherd's pie.
Apart from that, not much.
The body's ready to transport, so I'm heading back to the Lyell now.
You're not staying to help with the washing-up, then? I think I'll pass.
Nikki? Could you could you pop up to D Wing before you go, please? The victim's cellmate's keen to give a DNA sample.
Has to be squeaky clean for his case review in a few days, apparently.
Thanks very much.
- What's the name? - Um, Weston.
Scott Weston.
Scott's been moved out.
The place is falling apart.
Um - Ah, that's James' bunk.
- All right.
CAMERA BEEPS AND WHIRS As quickly as we take them away, they'll make a new one.
That's his brother.
Move to the back of the room.
I'm just going to swab the inside of your mouth.
And again.
I've told you before, I can't let you in without an appointment.
I need to see the governor right now.
You don't understand.
CAR ALARM BEEPS BREATHES HEAVILY GUNSHO They've said this building isn't fit for purpose any more.
I know it's been a difficult few days, but we all need to remain focused.
Transfers have all been allocated.
Inmates have all been informed where they're heading.
Some of them are moving further away from home and they're not happy about it, so let's be vigilant.
It's been like a tinderbox in here as it is.
Which is why I'm expecting pushback.
Look, it's our last week.
Let's make it a good one.
Oh, listen You do an impossible job and, together with your teams, you do it brilliantly.
Detective Inspector Mason.
I'm looking for Dionne Selwyn.
I was told she was here.
- Yes, please come in.
- Thank you.
Jay Selwyn, black male, 28.
Given observations of the body at the time and the ambient temperature of the fridge, I estimate that he was dead for at least an hour before he was found, although it's difficult to be precise.
There's small lacerations and bruising around the face.
CAMERA BEEPS AND WHIRS Blunt force injuries are consistent with the deceased being involved in some kind of altercation.
Multiple scars, both forearms, different ages.
Consistent with self-harm.
No offensive injuries to the knuckles, possibly suggesting that he was attacked rather than in a fight.
Slight discoloration on the abdomen.
Could be bruising developing postmortem.
I'm afraid there's no mistake.
I'm very sorry for your loss, Mrs Selwyn.
How did Jay seem to you? Was he in good spirits? Until those guards laid into him yesterday.
I only wanted to give my son a hug.
He's my son.
I should have held on to him.
I should have never let him go.
Mum, let's go home, yeah? Did he take his own life? Why do you ask that? Henry! The DNA report on Jay's cellmate has come back.
Scott Weston.
I know that name.
You do.
He went on a killing spree right here at the university.
That was him?! It was a bit of a shock to see him again.
Harry and I got caught up in it.
Oh, my God! We hid with some of the students.
Heard him coming.
Heard the gunshots getting closer.
I had no idea.
No reason you should.
It's been ten years.
I haven't thought about it for a long, long time.
Did he recognise you? I hope so.
Are you OK to be working on this? Yeah.
I'm all right.
It just took me by surprise, that's all.
I'm feeling a bit weird anyway today.
I've agreed to take over Thomas' lectures.
Oh, he'd be pleased.
I don't know.
Thomas was so good at all that, wasn't he? You'll be grand! You're a natural.
You're very good at telling people what to do.
I'm only good at telling you what to do.
Steady! You're sounding more and more like Clarissa.
I miss them.
Me too.
Hey, what's your problem? Come on, then! HITTING AND GRUNTING Come on! Incident in the recreation yard.
What's your problem? You are! Go on, do one! HE GROANS This is Jay Selwyn's heart.
It's enlarged, which is unusual.
We might see that in cases of fatal cardiac arrhythmia.
What might have caused that? Well, it's difficult to say.
He didn't have any known heart issues.
Bloke winds up dead in a fridge surrounded by hundreds of murderers.
Doesn't scream natural causes, does it? Well, the exact cause of death is, I'm afraid, inconclusive.
I've taken histology samples, but I don't expect anything more conclusive to come back from that unless the myocardium throws up something.
And what's that when it's at home? The heart muscle.
It'll take a few days to come back.
So based on the circumstantial evidence, the stress haemorrhages in his stomach, the fact that he wasn't wearing much clothing and that he was found in a very cold environment, I'd have to conclude that the most likely cause of death is hypothermia.
DOOR BUZZER - Will you excuse me for a moment? - Yeah, sure.
- Pamela - I thought it was you at the prison.
How are you? How have you been? Not great.
Scott's having his case reviewed by a commission next week.
He's trying to appeal his conviction.
That's why I was at the prison, to protest to the governor.
Scott's barely served ten years.
And now the prison's closing down.
There's a push to get him moved to somewhere low security.
This is the first step in reducing his sentence, isn't it? That's what's this is all about.
Reviewing on what grounds? They gave him a life order.
There's a whole online campaign now.
There's a psychologist who works at the prison.
Dr Taylor Lawson.
Have you heard of him? He's supporting Scott's case review.
It says it was an unsafe conviction.
He has an old scan of Scott's brain.
He said he suffered a head injury when he was a child.
- Is it true? - No! Maybe I don't know any more.
That's not the point.
He's saying it would be diminished responsibility.
He says he's got medical proof.
If he convinces this review board, Scott's appeal will go ahead.
You know as well as I do, if he got out, he'd kill again.
I went to see the governor.
I saw the police.
What were you doing there, was someone killed? You know I can't tell you that.
Do you think Scott's behind it? I will fight to my last breath to keep him behind bars.
Even though he's your son? It's the only thing I can do now for all those families that he destroyed.
- But I can't do it alone.
- It's not our responsibility.
Yes, it is.
You were the key witness at the first trial.
Maybe you could speak to the commission.
It doesn't work like that.
We have to speak up for those who can't speak up for themselves any more.
My God, what have they done to you? Jay is dead.
I'm so sorry.
I'm on my own now.
What am I going to do? - You have to tell someone - I can't.
I can't.
It's going to mess everything up.
I've got to get out of here, Paisley.
You will, I promise.
The appeal application gets heard next week.
Have you spoke to Mum again? Not yet.
HE SIGHS Paisley You don't need her, you've got me.
She hasn't even been to see you in ten years.
I do need her, though, don't I? Eh? I do.
She just needs to see the truth.
See the evidence for herself.
Yeah? You've got to make her see.
Argh! Sorry.
I'm not feeling good at all, you know.
I want to go back to me cell.
Don't! Wait, wait.
It's just a few more days.
No, I can't take a few more days, Paisley.
I can't.
If Jay was there, yeah, maybe I could, but it's just me now.
It's all on me.
Just try and concentrate on the appeal.
What chance have I got if I can't even persuade my own mum to give me the time of day? How is that going to look to everyone? Good afternoon.
Thanks for coming to this lecture.
Oh, hello again.
What are you doing here? I work with the prisoners and their families when I'm required.
I'm here to lend some support to some of Jay's closest friends.
Some of them have taken the loss pretty hard.
Oh, yeah? Like who? Now, the words "autopsy", from the Greek, meaning to see for oneself, and "postmortem", from the Latin, meaning after death, are interchangeable and you will hear both.
So the first incision is made from behind one ear and comes down the neck, round the front of the collarbone to the centre.
You will then do the same to the other side.
And the final incision to the Y will go straight down the middle to the pelvis, and this gives us access to the internal organs.
So, Billy, you found Jay's body, didn't you? I hear Jay could be a bit of a troublemaker.
Jay was all right.
Once they give you a bad rep in here, that's it.
Can't change no-one's mind.
And I suppose they labelled you the troublemaker's friend, didn't they? It must have been hard for you, especially when you're so near parole.
We weren't as close as we used to be.
Probably a wise move.
So, what do you think happened to Jay? Got himself in debt.
Who with? Don't know, man.
It's OK, Billy.
Withholding evidence in an official investigation, that's definitely not good for your parole.
All I know is Lewis was looking for Jay the day he died.
He'd already had a kicking and Jay knew if he didn't cough up, Lewis would send someone to finish the job.
As clearly illustrated here, you will see that the skin can be fully retracted over the skull without having to cut the face.
Excuse me.
Yes? When do you stop, uh, you know, getting affected by what you see? Well, I wouldn't be a very good pathologist if I was, would I? Well, no, it's a good question, actually.
Um I guess when I get into my car at the end of the day, I try to leave my work behind and to compartmentalise it from my home life.
So you think Lewis caught up with Jay? He lends money and then hikes up the interest.
I hear more about him than any other inmate.
Jay only had a week left here too.
I bet he couldn't wait to be transferred.
You must be joking.
What do you mean? Jay just found out they were moving him with Scott.
He was gutted.
I thought they were big mates.
They shared a cell, but Jay can't stand Scott.
Wanted to get as far away from him as possible.
Hello, Lewis.
Detective Inspector Mason.
I've got a few questions to ask you.
Yeah? Step inside, then, mate.
Come on, come on.
Come in! You were heard making death threats to Jay Selwyn the day he died.
HE SCOFFS He owed me.
He borrowed from me.
You borrow from me, you need to pay up.
Did you kill him? Open this door, Tony.
Come on, the man wants to talk.
Did you kill him? Look, yeah? I would've if I'd have got my hands on him, but slippery little Jay got away, didn't he? Hm.
So who did kill him, then? Come on, Lewis.
Nothing happens in here without your permission.
Let's just say, yeah, I've got a friend in the kitchen I didn't know I had.
LEWIS LAUGHS Come on, mate, come in! Come on, come on.
I don't bite! Come on! Come in, mate.
Come on, we'll have a little cup of tea, yeah? Dr Alexander, that was great.
- Thank you.
- Oh, my pleasure.
I'm Ollie.
I read your paper on asphyxiation.
It took my breath away.
Sorry I'm late.
How'd it go? It was fine.
I enjoyed it.
OK! This is the CCTV the day Jay Selwyn died.
Right, now, we catch him here and there during recreation time.
And then he literally disappears during lunch hour.
No footage of him anywhere and he doesn't appear in any roll calls.
And then we pick him up again on a visiting room camera early afternoon.
- Using quite a lot of force.
- Mm.
That's what Jay's mum said.
And that's where we lose him.
Could they have caused Jay's injuries? There were no signs of blood spatter in Jay's cell.
No indication an assault took place there at all, in fact.
Yeah, and look.
Here they are a few seconds later, minus Jay.
Who's that girl with Scott Weston? Uh, yeah, according to the prison officers, her name is Paisley Robinson.
She befriended Scott after he was convicted.
One of those.
Now, this is interesting.
The prison failed its last inspection.
Yeah, the report says the outcome for released prisoners was very poor, reoffending was high, and the governor's taken some flak.
So that's the real reason for it closing down, I think, failure to rehabilitate, and their death rate was a little bit higher than the national average, too.
Nothing horrendous, but above.
Do you think prison staff might have had something to do with Jay's death? Well, keeping an open mind.
Lots of people come and go, so plenty of other avenues to explore.
Jay's cellmate, for one, Scott Weston.
He's just moved up my list.
He's a suspect? Well, apparently him and Jay weren't as cosy as we thought.
But this doesn't really fit with Weston's MO, does it? It does.
Scott Weston started his killing spree at the university by murdering his friend and making it look like suicide.
Weston was jumped in the yard today.
Given a right going-over.
Same perp who attacked Jay? Well, that's always possible.
Either way, we should get pictures of Weston's injuries for comparison.
Would a forensic medical examiner not be better? No.
I'd like to do it, for continuity, especially if Scott Weston is a person of interest.
Got to run.
Pamela, what's happened? Who did this? We've spoken to the police.
Maybe they could relocate you.
It'll pass.
Always does.
It only takes one person to snap my picture at the supermarket and it's all over the internet - "Campus killer's mother found.
" What's the point? Guess it's the appeal.
Seeing his face in the papers again wakes up everyone's bad feeling.
The worst ones are the ones who are in love with him.
They think that it's all my fault, that I was a bad mother.
Maybe they're right.
It sounds like defamation of character to me, that psychologist is trying to put it all on you.
Don't you worry about me.
I'll be OK.
Why are you so sure that Scott had something to do with the prison death? Got away with it last time.
What do you mean? Ronan Flynn - another one of Scott's previous cellmates.
The coroner recorded an open verdict.
HISSING SHE GASPS SHE SIGHS RINGING TONE Hi there, you've reached Jack Hodgson.
If you leave a message, I'll get back to you.
LONG BEEP Anything new? I examined Jay's underwear.
I found semen.
It isn't his own.
- Could it be assault? - Might be linked to his death.
We can't rule it out, but there were no indications of sexual assault on the body.
- Could've been consensual.
- Or from someone who coerced him into it being consensual.
Well, whoever that person is, we need to speak to them.
- Run the DNA through the system.
- We have.
- Who was it? - No match.
Are you sure? A prison full of convicted criminals and no DNA? Yep, ran it twice.
Wasn't an inmate.
GATE CLANGS No-one's getting arrested.
We're just asking for some voluntary DNA samples from you and your teams.
We're around the inmates all the time.
Our DNA is going to be all over them - of course it is.
A union rep's going to call me back.
You'll have to wait.
Is that really necessary? And if they all go out on strike, what am I going to do, then? Jay had a significant amount of DNA on his clothes.
It isn't a match for any inmates.
So we just want to identify who it belongs to.
Do me.
We've been told to wait for the union rep.
If we don't do as they ask, they won't provide cover for us.
I've got nothing to hide.
Fine, I'll do it.
Well, you'll understand why I have to decline.
All right? Detective Inspector Mason wants us to examine your injuries.
Sit on the bed, please.
You ain't changed.
Put your hands out in front of you, palms up.
That looks recent.
And leave them there, please.
Tried to say I'm sorry.
And to the right.
Remove your top.
Skin a bunny rabbit, eh? That's what my mum used to always say.
CAMERA BEEPS AND CLICKS Skin a bunny rabbit.
This is Lewis's usual corner.
Lewis has been a busy boy.
If someone gave Jay a going-over, it'll be Lewis.
Jay owed him money.
There's no way all this came from one person.
I imagine a few unfortunate souls have left deposits on these walls.
I'll have to take multiple samples.
There is a nice, clear fingerprint in the blood.
If this is Lewis's print, it would give us potential motive and evidence.
Does Scott Weston have a reputation for being violent in here? No.
Never had a moment's trouble with him in all these years.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Men like Scott spend most of their time pretending they don't exist.
Blokes who commit crimes like his don't do well inside.
That's why Jay was so good for him.
Uh, excuse me.
I'm looking for Detective Inspector Mason.
I'm Dr Lawson.
You're the one advocating for Scott Weston's appeal.
Scott sustained an injury to the frontal cortex, aged six, leading to long-term neurocognitive, behavioural and psychiatric disturbance.
Please, take a seat.
Now, this created deficits in his emotional regulation with tragic consequences.
Are you suggesting he somehow wasn't responsible for his actions? Well, he was neglected as a child.
Scott told me some very vivid accounts of his mother's violence towards him.
I take it you've spoken to Pamela Weston about these allegations.
I have the brain scans, and his NHS records show that he was admitted for a traumatic brain injury at six years old, and he was unconscious for more than 30 minutes.
That would categorise the brain injury as "severe".
It's my belief that the damage, very sadly, made it impossible for him to suppress the impulse to kill.
RATTLING STOPS Sorry, this place should be condemned.
If Weston can't control his impulses, surely that's more reason to keep him locked up.
Well, now I've managed to identify Scott's condition, following his appeal, he'll be able to receive the right treatment and the most effective kind of rehabilitation.
If victims of these traumatic brain injuries experience problems with impulse control and aggression, then why is Scott so calm? Well I understand it's hard for us to accept, given the horrendous nature of his crimes.
I mean, that is true for me as well.
But Scott is a victim in all of this, too.
If he'd been on the right treatment, those crimes would never have been committed.
So who are the guilty ones, really? I've got something to show you! What's this? I was just looking at the samples we took from the exercise yard.
There were multiple blood sources, as we thought, but the fingerprint we lifted was set in Jay's blood.
So, likelihood is that was the location Jay was assaulted, and by Lewis.
- Did you find a match for the print? - Yep.
I'm going to speak to DI Mason about it later.
I presume it was Lewis's fingerprint in the blood? Ah, no, actually, it wasn't.
Er It belonged to Scott Weston.
Oh, wait, wait.
It's not enough to put him in the frame for murder.
You can't date the print and Jay died of hypothermia, right? Yes.
But it might just be enough to stop his appeal.
HE EXHALES SOFTLY CAR HORN TOOTS Thank you so much for bringing this down.
Mrs Selwyn was keen for him to be buried in his suit.
It's the least I could do, really.
I liked Jay.
He had potential.
I'll make sure it gets passed on.
Ah! Just the man.
You got a few minutes? Oh, I really should be, er Sorry, it's the the diabetes.
If I don't eat, I Oh! Would you like to sit down? Er, yeah.
Better? Ah.
My wife's got me on this paleo diet.
I'm starving all the bloody time! HE CHUCKLES What was it you wanted to ask me? Oh, yes.
Jay was assaulted shortly before he was found dead in the fridge.
And the evidence suggests it was Scott Weston.
We found Scott's fingerprint in Jay's blood.
Scott also has injuries consistent with an assault, which he tried to cover up.
But Scott was so keen for them to be moved together.
Scott requested to stay with Jay? I thought that was your request.
Well, it made sense for them to be kept together.
Scott was concerned where Jay might end up because of the terms of his sentence.
And Jay was on an indefinite prison sentence, is that right? No, the government has done away with them now, but there remains an unlucky few still serving them.
If you think sentences are too lenient, take it up with a court, not me.
I believe what I do makes a difference.
Otherwise, it's not justice.
It's revenge.
Leon, what can you tell me about the day Jay died? We were prepping for the dinner service, and Jay was a wreck.
He was convinced that Lewis was sending someone to kill him.
They'd already given him a going-over.
Thought he was going to top himself.
Sounds like you got to know Jay quite well.
Grew up on the same estate.
Hmph! Didn't think that was allowed.
I mean, for you to work with people you knew on the outside.
Yeah, I should have talked to the governor when I realised Jay was there.
He was so happy to see me.
What was the harm? If you knew Jay so well and you were worried about him, why didn't you alert one of the guards? I was going to.
I was.
Then the fight broke out and they were right there.
Jay started having a panic attack.
- Had to do something, so I hid him.
- In the fridge? It's the only place I could think of.
How long was Jay there? Erm I don't know.
I don't remember anything else.
The prisoners broke into the kitchen wing and attacked you.
Yeah, and killed Jay.
No, they didn't find him.
In all likelihood, Jay died of hypothermia, Leon.
Oh, no.
I I never meant to hurt him.
I swear.
He was family to me.
I'm sorry.
- Oh, hi.
- Hello.
Henry? I was just starting my shift so I thought I'd pop in.
I just need to do my final checks and sign the paperwork.
I suspect the coroner will release the body soon so if you could get him ready, that'd be great.
Someone stamped on him.
HE CHUCKLES Hypothermia masks the body's natural responses to violence, so the bruising's taken a while to develop, and in the process, it's mimicked other causes of death.
What are you saying? Well, the assault could have played a much more significant part in Jay's death than we first thought.
Jay was assaulted in the exercise yard and then left in the fridge to die, AND we can place Scott Weston at the assault - with his bloody fingerprint.
- Can we? That's not even enough to pin the assault on him, let alone murder.
There's something here.
Look this is the boot impression on Jay's body, an interruption in the original pattern.
Please get Scott Weston's footwear.
If we have something else to link him to Jay's assault then the CPS can charge him with something.
RINGING TONE You've reached Pamela Weston.
Please leave a message.
Damn! They must have started already.
- Where are you going? - To the case review.
Is that a good idea? Once they see what Scott Weston has really been up to, then his appeal will hold no water whatsoever.
At least wait until I've collected the evidence, please! Let's take some time to review this properly, yeah? Well, it's either his footwear or it isn't.
Just call me as soon as you know.
We are here today to consider if it's in the public's interest to allow an appeal application to commence for one Scott David Weston.
Dr Lawson, if you could begin.
It is my privilege to speak on behalf of this young man.
The potential new evidence I will discuss today will demonstrate that Scott Weston should have been tried under the banner of diminished responsibility.
- Has it started yet? - It's just about to.
- Is Pamela Weston here? - What is it? I have proof that implicates Scott in Jay's death - look.
In light of new evidence, the decision has been made to postpone today's case review.
On what grounds? For how long? Well, just until the new evidence can be fully examined.
What did you say to him? Eh? WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HIM?! YEAH, YOU'RE A LIAR! LIAR! I HAVE DONE NOTHING! YOU'RE A LIAR! LIAR! Liar! I have done nothing! Nothing wrong! Liar! "Having a great time, "don't wish you were here, not missing you at all.
" Don't tell me.
Clarissa? MESSAGE ALERT CHIMES No! - No, that can't be right.
- What is it? It's Jay's immunology results.
His mast cell tryptase is off the chart.
That means the laryngeal mucosal oedema wasn't caused by the hypothermia or the assault.
Then what? It was a result of angioedema, which is a response to an acute anaphylactic reaction.
He wasn't having a panic attack.
No, he was having an allergic reaction.
Shit! Anything in his notes to say he had allergies? No, nothing.
So he didn't die from the assault.
Scott didn't kill him.
- Well, no, not necessarily.
- Nikki.
They were cellmates.
They knew everything about each other.
If Scott knew that James had an allergy, he could have Just stop.
Can't you see what you're doing? You're allowing yourself to lead the evidence where YOU want it to go.
DESK PHONE RINGS Hello? Yes, this is Dr Alexander.
Oh, hi.
Yeah, what's the address? What?! - No! - What is it? It's Pamela Weston.
Testator silens ♪ Costestes e spiritu ♪ Silentium.

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