Silent Witness (1996) s24e07 Episode Script

Brother's Keeper, Part 1

1 MUSIC PLAYS CAR PULLS UP - I thought you said nobody came here.
- Nobody does.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Stupid git's left the engine running.
Get in! Hurry up, before that loser notices his wheels are missing.
Let's do it.
CRASH Morning.
I'm DI Lisa Brodie.
Nikki Alexander.
This is Jack Hodgson.
It's this way.
We got a jumper? Possible.
But there are drag marks inside, which I'd like you to look at.
The deceased carries no ID, but a young couple were in the building at the time.
They heard the car arrive, someone go up the steps, saw the engine on, decided to go for a spin, when He's got significant facial injuries.
But, because of the position of the body, it's unlikely they were caused by the fall.
And the blood pooling around the body is unusually small.
No glass on the ground, so it would appear .
the window was not smashed here.
Nice shoe print on the back of the car.
CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS Fingernail in the boot.
Cinderella? Looks like a match.
Maybe not a jumper, then.
Bruising on the knuckles seem more consistent with a fistfight than the fall.
Yeah, I agree.
I think he put up a fight.
- Against who? - Drag marks on the floor, stairs, balcony indicate the presence of another person.
There's also a potential match between this shoe print and the shoe print on the balcony.
They don't match the deceased's shoes.
Someone else was here.
Petechial haemorrhages in his eyes.
Facial bruises.
Compound nasal fracture.
What appears to be part of a circular intradermal bruise above the left supraorbital ridge, approximately one centimetre across.
Fractured mandible.
What is it? Looks like a fine white dust.
There are circular scars on his left and right forearms.
They look historic.
Could be cigarette burns.
Knuckles heavily bruised.
Fractured fifth metacarpal on the right hand.
Missing fingernail on the right index.
There are clearly injuries on his body which are consistent with an assault or an altercation.
Some are recent, but others appear to be older.
There's also some lividity on the anterior aspect of the chest and abdomen.
Can we turn him? There's lividity on the front and back of his body.
- Jack.
- Cara, sorry I'm late.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, thank you, Cara.
Adam? He was a good guy.
DOOR CREAKS OPEN Dad! Oh, it's good to see you, son.
- Jack Hodgson.
- Brother.
- My saviour, as always.
- Good to see you.
All right? Thank you.
Let's see if I can do this.
Er Cara, great to see you.
Just the basics.
Erm I'm hungry.
Do you want to go somewhere for a bite? Food! For food.
Sorry, pal, straight home for you - it's the rules of probation.
What, I can't take my daughter out for a meal on my first day as a free man? Ryan, I need to sign off that you arrived at your place of residence.
Then you sign off after we've had a bite, OK? Look, come on.
Jack, Ryan needs all our patience and understanding.
Yeah, of course.
There's also some haemosiderin.
See the yellow? These are from older injuries.
How much older? At least 18 hours.
He's been around the block.
Cause of death could have been from traumatic brain haemorrhage.
Was the brain haemorrhage caused by the fall or did it occur before? Well, he didn't die in the fall.
He landed on his back .
so the lividity should all have been there.
But we found some lividity on the front as well, so he died in a different position and then the body was moved after death.
Possibly transported face-down in the boot of the car.
Prints or trace samples in the car? Plenty of prints.
They all belong to the owner of the car, who reported it stolen, and the two kids who found the body.
So someone steals a car, drives to an abandoned building, drags the body up the stairs and throws it off the roof, where, by accident, it lands on the roof of a car being nicked for the second time that night.
Yeah! What about the two kids? They see anything? We talked to them at the station.
They didn't see anyone.
Looking at the historic bruising, though - broken nose, raw knuckles - could be a boxer? At least a bit of a street fighter.
I agree.
The fracture of the little-finger metacarpal - is called a boxer's fracture.
- That's useful.
Thank you, both.
"Da Tang Noodle House.
" Gotcha.
Jack? That kid's got a mighty left hook.
Take a look at this.
Looks like our man.
Erm, can I help you? Kieran.
Kieran Johnson.
Why, what's happened to him? Is he in trouble? When was he last at the gym? Last night.
Was he his normal self? Any disagreements with anyone? No.
What's happened to him? You're THE Michelle Lafferty? Pioneer of UK female boxing? Are you a sports historian? Nah! I dabble a bit in MMA.
You've got some real talent here.
Yeah, you saw Ben Coogan out there, yeah? Yeah, he's good.
But this gym isn't just about finding talent, you know? It's about helping young people off the street, giving them purpose, self-respect.
"Jab, don't stab.
" Yeah, exactly.
So, what's happened to Kieran? Until we've had a chance to speak to Kieran Johnson's family, - I can't - Let me tell you about Kieran's family.
His father was a drug dealer who lost his head, literally.
His good ol' mum was a religious nut, but got her kicks from branding Kieran with burning cigarettes.
And as for his worthless brother, all he ever does is sponge off him.
So .
when he came here, he had nobody.
We're his family.
We've found the body of a young male who we believe to be Kieran Johnson.
Yeah, we did see Kieran here last night, doing some training.
But I didn't speak with him.
Did you, Ben? OK.
And your names? I'm Lee Coogan.
This is my brother - Ben.
In-house CCTV? No.
But, according to witnesses, Kieran left the gym around 8pm.
- His wife and brother are next of kin.
- Chin up, bro.
You go get changed, then we'll grab some pints.
SNORES GENTLY All right, come on.
Come on, Daddy.
- Hm? - Come on, Daddy.
Jesus! Jack? Look, I've been in a dark place.
But but thanks to you and Cara, I I have a life now.
I'm glad.
I know you're feeling low, but it wasn't any All the shit we've been through social workers, foster parents, debt collectors .
none of them ever ground us down.
Why? Because together .
we're unbreakable.
Come on.
Now .
let's go get some dinner before I collapse with hunger.
Noah Johnson? Yeah? I'm DI Brodie.
This is Jack Hodgson, forensic scientist.
I tried to reach you yesterday, but you were not at home and - .
not picking up.
- Yeah, I do shift work.
I'm sorry to tell you that your brother was Kieran's dead.
I know.
Teresa, his wife, told me.
Do you mind if we have a look around your flat? Sorry, I'm late for work.
When was the last time you spoke with your brother, Mr Johnson? Honestly, I can't remember.
I can check my call list, if you like.
Do you know where he might have been two nights ago? - How was your relationship with Kieran? - Yeah, fine.
You've spent some time in prison for burglary, car theft What's that got to do with anything? Yeah, I did.
Now, if that's all For someone who's just lost his brother, he doesn't seem that bothered, does he? When did you last see your husband? Er, Kieran went down to Lafferty's Boxing Gym night before last, like he always does.
He said not to stay up.
He never came home.
He didn't ring or or text? Did he have a computer, laptop, tablet, anything like that? No.
I Excuse me for a minute.
- Anything? - Signs of a possible struggle, but no way to tell when it happened.
They're here now.
What if they find something? I don't know.
All right.
I will.
I will.
TOILET FLUSHES That's a lot of bears.
He bought her a new teddy every week.
Kieran was close to his daughter? Kieran? He took everything personally.
But around Emily he was .
understanding, patient.
We've been trying for another baby for a while.
Do you know where he might have gone after boxing practise at the gym? Did your husband have any enemies? The whole world was his enemy.
Who were Kieran's friends? Kieran didn't do friends.
The guys at the gym were just competition.
He only had respect for Michelle.
She trained him.
She was like a mother to him.
Honestly, I think he loved her more than me.
I haven't told Emily yet.
I mean, how? How do you do that? Excuse me.
WHISPERS: I found a used condom in the bathroom.
OK, thanks.
Mrs Johnson? You said you and Kieran were trying for another baby.
Then can you explain the presence of a used condom in the bathroom? One, two.
One, two.
Keep those hands up.
Jab! Nice, bro.
All right? Nice.
One, two.
One, two, three.
Boom! There we go.
Good work, bro.
I hate to ask this, but .
Miss Lloyd's after me again.
It'll be the last one, I promise.
You promise?! Because six months ago you said it was only going to be one fight! I know.
But, look .
I'm laying everything we have on this one, OK? You win, and I'll have cleared my debt with Miss Lloyd, plus we'll have - plenty left for us! - What if it happens again? - It won't.
- You don't know that! OK! Message received.
Look .
just think about it.
Ben? Quick word? You can't take any more.
You need to pull out, now.
She'll come after him .
after me.
Listen, if you don't do it now, you'll never get out.
Listen I know what you've been through.
Yeah? I'll be beside you every step of the way.
Oh Oh, it's all right, honey.
It's all right.
FOOTSTEPS APPROACH Found this on a protein-bar wrapper in Kieran Johnson's locker at the gym.
"Maddington"? A place name? Person? We're looking into it.
Seminal fluid in the used condom tests positive for Kieran's brother, Noah.
He's on the police database.
Noah was having sex with his brother's wife? Erm It looks that way.
A look at Kieran's bank account was instructive.
He's been making cash deposits of five grand into his account every two weeks.
The day before his death, he had 20 grand in there.
However, the day after, he had all of a tenner.
Hm! The rest had all been transferred into Teresa Johnson's account.
Are we any closer to tracing the site of Kieran's death - before the fall? - Ah.
I've contacted an archaeology colleague and he's sending over someone to assist.
I'm Simone Tyler.
Professor Rowan sent me.
Ah, of course.
- Hi.
I'm Nikki Alexander.
Come in.
- Hi.
And this is Jack.
- Simone Tyler.
- Hello.
- Oh.
- Oh I'm so sorry! It's fine.
Er Happens here all the time.
I've got a napkin.
Lucky I didn't get the large latte.
And there goes my lunch.
Come on, Simone, we'll get you set up over here - while Jack cleans up.
- Sorry.
Jack will fill you in on the case later and provide you with the deceased's clothes and shoes, and I will get the body ready for you to examine in detail.
And then we can have a briefing.
Dr Alexander, I-I'm not sure I'm the right person for the job.
- Really? Why? - I'm not used to dead bodies.
I'm more into reconstructing ancient habitats from environmental traces.
Well, that's exactly what we want you to do here - reconstruct the environment last visited by Kieran Johnson.
I'm just a research fellow.
Well, why don't we give it a go? Any problems, I'll be sitting right over there.
Noah and I, we .
we were going to run away together .
take Emily with us.
Can you explain why, on the day of Kieran's death, the sum of £19,990 was transferred from Kieran's account to Teresa Johnson's? How should I know? Kieran was He'd become unbearable, so obsessed with the boxing, with making it, so angry at everything and anything that stood in his way.
Sometimes that included me.
Traces of your seminal fluid were found in a condom in the bathroom of your brother's house.
I came here voluntarily to help clear up Kieran's death .
not to be insulted.
Noah hated the way Kieran treated me.
Noah made all these promises about a new life, but .
he couldn't go through with them.
Look, Noah, whether you had an affair with Teresa Johnson or not is is your business.
But what I need to know is .
did Kieran find out about it? Were you at Kieran's house the night he died? My brother was always there for me.
When I got out of prison, he got me a job.
He never stopped believing in me.
I did not kill him.
I never said you did.
Apart from a few blood droplets on the T-shirt that belonged to Kieran, I found nothing usable on any of the clothes.
Well, luckily, particulates are my speciality.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
And it's a good thing I brought this guy, then.
- Oh, good Lord.
What is this? - This .
is my friend.
UNZIPPING Ah, you brought your own! All right.
OK, mister, time to suck it up.
MACHINE WHIRS Let's see what we've got, then.
What is it? Hay pollen.
Hay pollen.
Er, excuse me, erm, I think I've got something.
What is it? Diatomaceous earth - used in things like worming products and animal feed.
Hay particles and animal feed.
What do you think? Could be from a farm.
Could be a place to start.
Examining the body might help you pin down a last location.
Erm Yes.
It's late, and I haven't prepared the body, so tomorrow morning's fine.
See you in the morning.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
She's good.
Much better than she thinks she is.
Where were you? You're supposed to be in by eight.
Meeting old mates.
Ryan, the rules of probation State that I need to inform you of where I'm going.
Won't happen again.
What do you have there? A bottle of Irish single malt.
I intend to savour every drop.
- What's going on here, Ryan? - Just the sweet taste of freedom.
That's the problem right there .
never a straight answer.
- MUSIC PLAYS - Gran? Let's go out for a drink tonight.
Shouldn't you keep a clear head, Simi? You just started a new job! Oh, I'll be fine.
Remember when you guest lectured at Glasgow Uni? - Mm? - You left after three weeks.
Yeah, it was cold up there! Or that time when you refused to join the research group with that famous professor of ecology.
Yeah, to be the token black woman on an all-male group? No, thanks.
Don't let another opportunity pass you.
Tina Turner night again, is it? I'm in.
SIREN WAILS BEEP PHONE: You have one new message.
Hi, Dr Alexander.
Simone Tyler here.
Just wanted to let you know I won't be continuing on the case.
Professor Rowan will send someone to replace me, though.
Thanks a lot.
Oh, come on! Do you want some help? THUD SHE LAUGHS Dr Alexander.
Thank you.
When I look at you, you know what I see? Ha.
Last night's hangover? I see someone who has the confidence to doubt herself.
I think you might need to get your eyes tested, Doctor.
You know, my first day at the Lyell, I thought I had the answer to everything.
First lesson I learned - overconfidence can lead to tunnel vision, any scientist's worst enemy.
Well, I've got nothing to worry about, then! I see someone who is methodical, observant, and you have a set of skills that we need for this case.
In other words, you don't have time to find anyone else.
Well, there's that, too.
Emily, this is Simone.
Hey, Emily.
Hot chocolate.
Loads of marshmallows.
I'll only be a minute, sweetie.
Will you be OK? - Mummy! - It's OK.
That's a lot of teddies you've got there.
Who's your favourite? Ready? Ah-ha! I bet he's got a cool name.
His name's Mr Puddlington.
Puddlington? Wow! That is a cool name.
It's because he likes to jump in puddles.
And what are his mates called? This is Miss Laughington because she loves to laugh.
And this is Mr Snugglington, because he loves snuggles.
Do you also have a teddy called Maddington? It's Mr Maddington cos he's always mad.
He's at home.
There you are! Will you hurt Mr Maddington? I'm just going to take him for a quick checkup.
He'll be back with you before you know it - that's a promise.
See what I've got? Don't mind us.
Lisa, this is the forensic ecologist who's assisting us, Simone Tyler.
Simone, this is DI Lisa Brodie.
Do you two know each other from before? In a manner of speaking.
Come and look at this.
Hm! - Careful! - What? Or you'll have one very upset little girl to answer to.
You're better with a scalpel, aren't you? NIKKI CHUCKLES This won't hurt a bit.
Let's see what's on it.
Thank you.
MAN: I'm offering Ben the opportunity that most young boxers would kill for! LEE: It's not the right time.
MAN: Listen, if Ben is lacking a little bit of, you know, self-belief, then there are ways of stacking the odds in his favour.
LEE: Steroids and enhancers? Ben'll never go for that! MAN: He doesn't have to know anything about it.
Lee Coogan will tell us who that is.
Hang on a sec.
Our mystery man is offering Ben a career, so most likely he's a boxing promoter of some sort.
Now He's not one of the bigger promoters, or else I'd have heard of him.
Mid to low level is my guess.
London-based, probably.
Glenn Scowcroft, owner of GTS Promotions since 2000.
Clients include Ah.
No Kieran Johnson here.
If that footage was posted online, Scowcroft would be investigated by the UK Boxing Council.
It'd do severe damage to his career.
The 5K biweekly cash payments into Kieran Johnson's account Kieran could have been blackmailing Scowcroft.
Oh, good work, Jack.
- Really good work.
- Ah, you know.
In my spare time, I, er, I like to juggle.
I do card tricks and I mix a mean margarita, if you're interested.
SHE CHUCKLES Somehow, I don't think I'm your type.
And what made you choose this job? I was always fascinated by the stories that bodies can tell.
Yeah! See, when I look at a habitat, each fragment of soil, each pollen grain, each insect tells me a story - where it came from, how it got there.
It's the same with bodies and I wanted to put that knowledge into the service of solving crime.
Why crime? Because I think it's important to know the end of the story of someone's life, what actually happened to them, and that can make all the difference to those who are still living.
It's a deepfake.
It doesn't prove a thing.
Was Kieran blackmailing you? Were you paying him 5K every two weeks? Yeah, I loaned him money regularly.
I felt sorry for him.
Why? Kieran had potential when he was younger, so I signed him on for a bit, briefly.
But, to make it in the big time, you've got to have patience and talent as well.
- So you dropped him? - Yeah.
How did that make Kieran feel? I suppose he was worried about supporting his family, so I decided to help him out.
When did you see Kieran last? Three days ago.
Said he was going to have it out with Ben once and for all.
- Ben Coogan? - Yeah.
I've wanted to sign Ben for some time.
He's a real talent.
And Kieran hated him for it, said he was overrated and he was going to prove it to me.
What do you think he meant by that? Maybe they were going to fight it out.
And did they? Why don't you ask Ben? How did you get here? No! What do you mean, you're not going to fight?! I need you to do one thing! And because of her you're going to snake me?! Have you lost your whole mind?! Do you realise what you've done to me?! Ben, can I have a word? Alone.
I've no secrets from her.
SHE CLEARS HER THROA After you finished training on Sunday evening, where did you go? Uh Uh, home, then straight to bed.
Glenn Scowcroft claims that Kieran bore a grudge against you.
No, Kieran was Kieran was just competitive.
Did Kieran want to fight it out with you, prove who was better? Did that fight take place the night he died? Ben was here with me, training till late, the night Kieran died.
You're prepared to sign a sworn statement to that effect? Of course.
Come on.
I think time of death was most likely between 11pm and 3am.
Glenn Scowcroft was entertaining that night.
The last guest left his house at around .
1am, which is when his phone was turned off.
That leaves two hours without an alibi.
Toxicology back? Er, yes.
We found traces of Temazepam in Kieran's body.
Sleeping tablet? Correct.
He would have been drowsy and fatigued at the time of his death.
Any connection to the traces of fine white dust found on Kieran's face? No, that's plaster of Paris.
Right Well, in order to get one over an opponent, boxers have been known to sprinkle a layer of plaster dust over the bandages that cover their fists.
As the boxer begins to sweat, the moisture causes the plaster to harden, magnifying the impact of the blows.
It also indicates that whoever hit Kieran wasn't wearing boxing gloves, just wraps.
Kieran had a grudge against Ben Coogan, challenged him to a fight.
It's possible they had a fight and Ben hit him too hard.
We need evidence.
- Simone, what have you got? - Er .
yes, so, first of all, I found traces of hay particles on Kieran Johnson's trousers.
Oh! Oh, sorry! Uh On his .
trouser legs and under the soles of JACK CHUCKLES .
the soles of his, er, shoes.
Erm, hay isn't particularly uncommon, but, along with the diatomaceous earth, it suggests he was on a farm.
We also examined Kieran's lungs and inside were a number of fibres of a cotton-synthetic mixture.
Meaning? When I examined Kieran, I found petechial haemorrhages, which, although not absolutely diagnostic of it, are commonly found in deaths from asphyxia.
So, along with the fibres in the lungs, is it possible that Kieran was suffocated with a microfibre cloth? It looks that way.
So Kieran wasn't killed by a blow to the head.
Why didn't you tell me you'd been assigned to a murder case? Hello to you, too! Oh, I didn't think it was that important.
We're living together for over a year and you've still got your suitcase in the corner, ready to go.
You keep your own food in a separate part of the fridge and every time you take a shower you lock the door! You are so bloody secretive! You're the one who didn't want Jack and Dr Alexander to know we were together.
And now I'm obliged to bring it up with the Super, because our relationship could be seen to jeopardise this case! Oh, wow.
Are you even serious about coming with me? Of course I am.
Then why haven't you applied for your Australian work visa yet? I will! I will.
Who else is going to make you breakfast in bed? As long as it's not your scrambled egg.
KNOCK ON DOOR Ryan? They don't call you Sherlock for nothing.
You bring this into my house? Are you mad?! Look, the way things work inside is, you do favours.
This This happens to be one.
I can't keep covering for you, Ryan.
And yet that's exactly what I did for you.
For God's sake! I need to deliver it.
It'll be out of your house by tomorrow evening.
I just can't believe you! The stupidity of it! Everything OK? - Everything's fine, Dad.
- All good, Dad.
Come on, you go downstairs.
Come on.
Kovic! Yo! You look different.
New haircut? HE GROANS Oh! Miss Lloyd! Just the person I wanted to see.
Er, about tonight Ben signed with promoter Glenn Scowcroft and has a legit fight on this evening.
You've made some good money betting on your brother, enough to pay me back almost everything you owe me.
He'll be He'll be too knackered to do two fights in one evening.
Bets are already in, we've got a full house.
Either you get him to show up tonight .
or we will.
Kovic, show him how we do it.
- Thought you'd gone home.
- Mm-hm Getting a bit crowded in there.
Fancy a drink? Actually .
I've got a better idea.
This is great.
You can just feel it, can't you? Huh? Feel what? - Alarming levels of testosterone? - Yeah, that too.
MUSIC AND CHEERING APPLAUSE No, I mean the anticipation, you know? The buzz! I feel something, all right.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, we have something special for you tonight.
In the red corner, a man who needs no introduction, Grant "Let's Have It" Lomax! CHEERING And in the blue corner, our special guest for the night, a young man He's not looking too happy.
You wait till the bell rings.
a young man so fast you'll never see him coming, Ben "The Tornado" Coogan! CHEERING He's not going to last! He's just gauging what his opponent's made of.
Just wait.
Just wait.
He'll come through.
There's his brother Lee.
Ooh REFEREE: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
BELL RINGS Here he is.
He looks happy.
They don't.
Looks like they lost a few bob on the match.
Shall we go home, then? Yeah, in a minute, yeah.
What? We need to talk.
No, Lee, come on! BEN: Lee Lee! Lee! I don't like the look of that.
MICHELLE: No, Ben, leave it.
Jack BEN SHOUTS BEN: Get away from him! BEN SHOUTS What a fight, eh? Jack, stop it! Stop it! - Who the hell were they? - Sore losers.
Are you all right? Hey! - Wait a second! - Hey! Ben? Ben! BEN! I don't know what you were thinking, wading into a fight like that.
If someone punches me, I have a tendency to punch them back.
Punch back? You looked like you were auditioning for Rocky.
What's going on with you? Ryan.
He brought a gun into the house.
Did you inform his probation officer? Look, I know you feel indebted to Ryan for what he did for you years ago .
but at some point that debt is paid.
At what point, Nikki? At what point? You don't know what I've done.
What? - What is it? - Keep still.
What are you doing? Huh? Look.
What does that remind you of? The bruise on Kieran Johnson's face.
PHONE VIBRATES Dad? Sorry, meant to tell you I was going to be late.
HE SOBS Jack Da, what's wrong? Dad! Let's go, Ben! You got this! Come on, keep moving! Good one! Go on! Move! Keep your hands up! Get up, Ben! Get up! Get up! Ben! Dad Jack? - Dad - Don't try and move.
We've got an ambulance coming.
Ryan he had a gun.
I tried to take it off him, but He took my money, my bank card.
Did Ryan do this to you, Dad? Don't judge him, son.
He didn't know what he was doing.
Jack It's OK.
It's all right, Dad.
It's all right.
Shh It's OK.
It's all right.
He didn't mean to do it.
He didn't mean to.
ENGINE ROARS I'm sorry! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm sorry
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