Silent Witness (1996) s24e09 Episode Script

Matters of Life and Death, Part 1

1 - I am so sorry, Michael.
- Why didn't you call me? I thought you said it was just a chest infection.
We did everything we could, Mr Robson.
Do you want to see him? Say goodbye? Do you want any of this junk? Don't you? We're deeply sorry for your loss, Mr Robson.
For the loss of income, more like.
SHOUTING What's this, a refund? Consent forms.
There's one for you.
SHOUTING We have to take him now.
Come on, Derek.
I'm trying to tell you.
Yes, yes, all right.
Careful now.
Someone was in there.
In Robbo's room.
All right, all right.
What have you given him? Only what you've prescribed.
Every night .
Best up the dosage, then.
It makes him sick.
When I want your medical opinion Miss Naidu, I will ask for it.
I'm trying to do my job.
I'm just I'm reporting to you how it Yes, and I am trying to do mine! What are you doing? Was it you? Did you kill him? God bless you, Robbo.
Hang on, hang on! Mr Robson.
Those forms I signed say that I consent to not having a funeral.
He didn't know his father's donating his body to medical training.
It's what your father wanted, Michael.
So why didn't he tell me that? I don't know.
I'm not going to let him do this to me.
Can we discuss this at the main house? Come on.
Safe journey, old friend.
Derek? - What's the matter? - Robbo.
- Robbo.
- He's going now.
Last night, every bloody one! All of it! Say goodbye, now.
Someone came for him.
He was killed.
I'm telling you .
it isn't right! Testator silens Contestes e spiritu Silencium Testator silens.
♪ Today, we begin the practical stage of the course.
I didn't get to dissect a real cadaver at med school.
Our bodies were on a digital anatomy tables.
Well, thanks to these kind people, they've generously donated their bodies to give you the opportunity to do it for real.
Now, as you know, pathologists start their postmortems in a variety of different ways.
Would someone like to tell me what their first incision would be? So, I would start from the sternal notch, then down the centre of the sternum itself, and then I'd extend the incision down the midline of the abdominal wall to the pubis.
As a forensic pathologist, I would start with an incision from behind each ear that comes to the sternal notch before proceeding down the sternum, to give a closer look at the anterior aspect of the neck.
But I think you're right.
I know some of you may have seen PMs, but, given this is the first time you're actually doing it yourselves, I would start with the midline incision.
Does anyone want to demonstrate? I'll give it a go.
- Anyone from over here? - Sure.
How deep do I cut? Well, if you start with the thorax, the breastbone is so close to the skin that no matter how hard you try, there's very little you can do wrong.
Famous last words.
It's cold and wet .
like leather.
Yeah, you have to be careful of the subcutaneous fat, it will make your hands very slippery.
I'll just change my gloves.
Would someone else like to take over for the next stage? I think I've cut further down than I should have.
Ah, yes, you have.
What is that? Ana, can you pass a petri dish and some forceps? Thanks.
It looks like an opiate patch.
There's another piece.
How did it get in his stomach? He must've swallowed it.
Was it a suicide? Maybe someone fed it to this guy to kill him.
That's all speculation.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
I'm just going to check the paperwork.
Don't do anything more for now.
Dr Alexander, my body's bleeding.
Henry, embalmed bodies don't bleed.
You know that.
You've cut your own finger.
Where are you living now? I'm still at my grandmother's .
until I find somewhere.
How's that working out? I've got my dad living with me.
I think I'm cramping her style.
This morning, she told me she wanted another tattoo for her birthday.
- What's this? - That is tea.
- Now I know why you're still single.
- Oh, ouch.
You and Nikki .
you never? What? Two gorgeous people like you No, she's with Matt.
Has been for ages, all very happy.
Thank you.
1A - Bronchopneumonia, 1B - Emphysema.
Would that explain the fentanyl patches? No, he'd been complaining of feeling unwell - sore throat and shortness of breath.
He was prescribed antibiotics but was later found dead.
There's some discolouration on the inner aspect of the upper lip .
with a torn fraenum and what looks like bruising and abrasions on the labial mucosa.
Difficult to be certain with postmortem changes and embalming but .
there may be a few petechial haemorrhages here.
Has somebody punched him? Maybe he was suffocated? What are you going to do? Let the police and coroner know.
So you think this death is suspicious? It's unexplained, certainly.
Either way, it won't be easy finding answers, given he's been dead for nearly two months and his body has been through the embalming process.
But nothing's impossible, right? If the coroner asks to have a postmortem, do you think we could come along and observe? - Can we? - I can ask, but it's not for me to say.
Listen, I think we'll have to stop for today, but I'll let you know what's happening as soon as I can.
- Cheers.
- Thank you.
I love watching you work.
Oh, thanks.
I really do.
I'm serious.
What's wrong with that? It's true.
Stop it.
You're being watched.
Ah! He fancies you, too.
What is that? Coprolites - preserved faeces from Bronze Age wetland sites, specifically looking at residual vegetation and parasite traces.
All right.
How about .
a blind date? I don't do blind dates.
I've got the perfect woman for you.
Simone, you barely know me.
So maybe we should ask someone who does.
Was he alone when he died? We have a policy here at Watercress not to leave anyone in their final moments on their own.
Good morning, Kate.
How's Bob today? Still not eating.
I'm going to take him out, see if it perks him up.
You could talk to Amrita, who was your father's main carer .
or Dr Young.
Dr Young was your father's doctor during his time here with us.
Good morning.
This is Hannah Robson, Nigel Robson's daughter.
Ah, yes, Robbo.
We're so very sorry for your loss.
Was he in pain? Well, your father complained of a sore throat, difficulty in breathing.
He had a history of emphysema.
We tested for Covid but that was negative, so I prescribed some antibiotics but unfortunately the following day, he was found dead.
I thought you said he wasn't alone.
He died in his sleep.
Amrita was with him in the lodge, before he slept.
Looking for Derek.
Um Outside with Amrita.
Do you need a hand? No, no, no.
I'm fine.
Have you talked to your brother? Not for an age.
Same with my father.
My aunt sent me a message last summer, saying that he was here .
and that I should come home and make peace and I left it and I left it .
and now it's SHE SIGHS Perfect.
What does she do? I'm not going to say anything more.
Don't want to ruin the surprise.
She's going to get the surprise, when I don't turn up.
When was the last proper relationship you had? Define relationship.
Someone you see more than once and you know their second name.
Why not? Take a risk.
It's just Dad, he's .
he's all over the place at the minute.
- He's got worse? - There's no getting better.
BUZZING And after what happened with Ryan Well, if it isn't Detective Sergeant Galloway! - All right? - Hello, all right? Because of the embalming, any residual blood will be hard and brittle.
Now, I'll be taking samples of his liver for toxicology to see if the fentanyl had actually been absorbed and for any other drugs and medications that might be present.
But first I'm going to remove Mr Robson's toenail.
With tissues that grow slowly, like hair and nails, we can test sections to look at possible drug administration over a period of time.
This is why I'm not a pathologist.
We know Mr Robson was complaining of difficulties with his breathing, so now we'll focus our attention on his internal organs.
- PHONE RINGS - As you know, fresh lungs are normally reddy-pink in colour and aerated, sponge-like and floppy I'll call you back as soon as possible.
whereas these are much firmer and more solid as a result of the embalming.
I'll call you as soon as No, that's the pathologist.
Yes, she's a woman.
Now, lungs with pneumonia usually have areas of consolidation.
But apart from some changes in the airspaces, consistent with emphysema WHISPERS: I'm at work! - .
the parenchyma appears homogenous - I've got - .
with no obvious consolidation.
- I've got to go.
I've got to go.
Um Sorry.
His lungs.
I'm totally with you.
So, if it's not pneumonia, could his breathing difficulties have been complications with the fentanyl patches? It's the right question to ask.
Let's hope that the body provides an answer.
But what do you think? Well opiates can depress respiration, so wait for toxicology? And we'll have to wait on histology to confirm whether there's any microscopic evidence that he did actually have pneumonia.
Hello? I .
didn't hang up on you.
- Sergeant Galloway? - OK, yeah, indeed.
Sorry again.
Next I'll be looking at the larynx, which I've removed for further dissection.
I'm looking at the thyroid cartilage.
And the hyoid bone, in particular the horns.
The horns are compressed .
and the hyoid bone is fractured.
Does that suggest he was murdered? Are you meant to be here? The other students have all gone.
I'm just waiting for Dr Alexander.
She said she'd help me with my research paper, so Well, she might be a while, so That's fine.
- I'll come back later.
- Right.
Look, it's OK.
It's all going to get sorted.
It's His wedding's been cancelled three times.
HE CLEARS THROA Sorry again about earlier.
It's just first it was the lockdown, then the second lockdown, then the venue went bust and, um .
now she's having second thoughts.
About getting married? What?! You married at all? - Not even a bit.
- Great.
So, my first instincts with this old boy is that he was going through all sorts of pain, so he thought he'd nick a few fentanyl patches off the old sweetie trolley.
How would he have got hold of them? I mean surely they would have been locked away.
Someone also cut the patches up so the fentanyl was more rapidly absorbed.
So the care home's got some questions to answer.
And there's the fractured hyoid.
Yeah, OK.
Look, look, I can see where you're going with this.
There is evidence to suggest that our guy was drugged and possibly that he was suffocated or strangled because of the bruising on the lips and the fractures, but how do we prove that? I mean, he could as easily have swallowed the fentanyl patches himself, and the fractured hyoid could have been a result of an injury from the postmortem.
I mean, come on, you and I both know what that body's gone through, some junior technician fumbling around trying to embalm the poor sod.
I mean, he probably injected the formaldehyde in the neck instead of the groin.
You're right, Detective Sergeant, the technician did use the carotid artery.
I'm a genius.
I am a genius.
So how do you explain the bleeding around the fractured hyoid bone? There's bleeding? It suggests that there was pressure on Mr Robson's neck while he was still alive.
Um This is what I love about you people.
I've just had the police on the phone.
They want to ask some questions about the recent death.
What kind of questions? I don't know.
They wouldn't tell me very much.
About Robbo? There's no need to worry about that.
Mr Robson died in his sleep.
You and I both know that.
But what Why would they? Oh Why would they want to come here if it's not suspicious? It's just routine questions.
It'll be fine.
It'll be fine.
Any results yet? Still waiting.
That student's back in reception again.
You know, the good-looking one.
What, Ollie? They're post grads, right? Yeah.
They're all doing really well.
You with Jack tomorrow? Yeah, at the care home.
I was asking him about crime scene management and he said, "Why don't you come along?" I'm looking forward to it.
I think.
You'll be fine.
- Night.
- Night.
- Have a good one, yeah? - You too.
I wanted to invite you to our Halloween party.
- Er that's kind - Oh, come on.
It'll be fun.
This department have to go in the goriest, most disgusting costumes.
And the tradition is that someone from the faculty comes and judges them.
With your strong stomach, you'll be You'll be perfect.
Any news on Mr Robson? Mm.
The police and two of my colleagues are going out to the care home tomorrow.
Will they find out who did it? ELEVATOR DINGS We'll have to wait and see.
At least think about it.
SHE CHUCKLES PHONE RINGS Hello? You called me? The, um the police They're looking into your father's death.
What do you mean? Why would they do that? I-I, um I don't know.
I'm I'm really sorry.
I still can't believe you didn't tell me what he was planning to do.
Your sister was here.
- What the hell does she want?! - Um sorry.
Are you meeting someone? Oh, I'm in the wrong place.
Don't worry.
- Simone was right.
- Huh? Simone.
Are you Liz? Hey, I'm only here because Simone told me I'd be missing out if I didn't come and she'd never talk to me again.
Ah, well, that might have be a blessing.
She can really talk.
Are they your dancing shoes? Um Right.
IRISH FOLK MUSIC PLAYS Tip, tip, toe! Tippety-toe! - Tip, tip, tip and toe! - You're good.
It's all coming back to me.
Woo! Oh! Whoa, whoa! You all right? Is that part of the dance? - THEY CHUCKLE - One, two, three, four.
- One, two, three, four.
- Ready? Here we go! KNOCK ON DOOR Jack? What? Wait? Hold on, Dad.
They say there's going to be a flood Oh.
Liz, this is my Dad, Conor.
Do you want some tea? Um That would be great.
Milk? Sugar? Just milk, thanks.
HE GROANS Oh, I'm sorry! Simone warned me about your tea.
Uh I make a wonderful cup of tea, actually! Has anyone explained that when a body is embalmed, the skin changes colour? The, um, family liaison officer warned me.
It's sometimes better to remember someone as they were.
I I don't remember him.
I thought he'd given his body to the university.
That's right.
He did.
So why is he here? The doctor said it was natural causes.
What are all these investigations about? Well, there have been a few issues that have come up since, that do need to be explained.
You think he was murdered? I'm not able to answer that at present.
The coroner has asked the police to investigate.
Long time, no see.
God, what happened to you? When my mum died .
I found myself on top of a railway bridge ready to end it all, just like she did.
I was so convinced it was all my fault.
I was 15 on the last train to London.
That's why I'm here.
Where is she? My sister.
I was told she was here.
Michael Robson? She has no right to be here! Michael? You shouldn't be here! Um, Mr Robson Neither should Dad.
Should we take this conversation elsewhere? They think that Dad's death is unexplained.
Like most of his life.
Why are you here? He was my Dad too.
And where were you when I was wiping his arse? Mopping up his sick? Have you paid for any of his care? I wasn't here.
No, you weren't.
No-one was except me.
You know, he kept going on and on about you, saying you'd come back.
Well, you're too late.
It's all over now.
You hear me? I'm sorry.
It's fine.
It's fine.
He's, um He's just upset.
Why do you think he doesn't want my father donating his body? I'm sure these questions will be asked as part of the investigation.
OK, thanks.
PHONE RINGS Simone, you all right? Yeah.
Just calling, see how you are.
What's happened? Nothing.
Shall I cook tonight? - Oh, that'd be lovely.
- Great.
See you later.
All right, bubs.
RADIO JINGLE PLAYS HE SIGHS NEWSREADER: Storm Freddie is due to hit the west coast later this evening.
It follows quickly on the heels of Storm Emily, that caused extensive flooding around the country, with damage to properties and infrastructure estimated to be in the tens of millions of pounds.
Oh! People in the effected area are being advised not to travel unless absolutely necessary, and, if possible, to move furniture and treasured possessions upstairs.
What the hell's happening to me? RADIO JINGLE PLAYS PEACOCK CALLS VEHICLE APPROACHES - All right, Jacky Boy? - All right, pal? - See you inside? - Aye.
- Liz had a great night.
- Ah.
Irish dancing.
Really? Yeah, just sort of came to me.
Got a list of tasks for you today.
- Ah.
Changing the subject.
- Nice.
I will be mentoring you during this investigation.
Your competency will need to be checked and double-checked.
Is that what Liz said to you last night? - Wow.
- SHE LAUGHS Is the DS here? Yeah.
He's inside, talking to the manager, Mary Thorpe.
He's going to speak to the doctor and a few key members of staff also.
We take his lead on this.
What are you implying, that I might use my initiative? Hm.
Mr Robson's room is in the lodge - down the way, there.
Still empty, I believe.
Heads up.
What? Er, I've been looking at a few places for my dad.
Not here, but it's, um It's like looking for a plot in a cemetery.
It doesn't have to be.
There's many people live in care homes happily.
You know, there's 24-hour care, they're safe, they're warm Yeah.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Who's this, then? - Bob.
- Bob.
He's a bit poorly.
How old is he? 16? Wow, that's a good age.
My daughter gave him to me when my husband died.
Absolute Godsend.
Nice to meet you, Bob.
- Bye, Bob.
- See ya.
It's coming to wash us all clean.
Door handles - don't touch them unless you absolutely have to, and, when you do, try to touch where normal users wouldn't.
- "Normal users"? - Yeah.
Think about the perpetrator.
Walk in their shoes.
Imagine their actions.
Learn to spot the things others might not see.
Look at your crime scene from all perspectives.
Take in all possibilities.
Don't turn the light on without checking the switch first, for blood and prints, and remember to look up.
The best clues are often above or behind you.
I'll talk about walking up steps and setting up a work space later.
- Check that with the CSM, obviously.
- Obviously.
Rule number one - always go to the loo before you go out to a scene.
DOOR OPENS Now you tell me.
Can I help you? Hello.
I'm Jack Hodgson and this is Simone Tyler.
Ah, from The Lyell? - That's right.
- I'm Dr Young.
Who's there? Don't worry yourself, Derek.
We do not want to overly concern the residents.
You seem a little young to be joining us, but Derek! .
there's room for a littl'un.
Derek, behave yourself.
- Getting jealous, my dear heart? - He used to be an actor.
"Used to be"?! Actors never die, they simply change agents.
I didn't order a bouncy castle.
- Word of advice - never get married.
- OK.
I told the manager, Mrs Thorpe, that you're going be opening the controlled medicine cabinet.
- Right.
- There's this one and there's one on the first floor landing of the main building.
Who else has keys to this? Myself and Mrs Thorpe and Amrita, the senior care assistant.
Mrs Thorpe is going to find the drugs books and the visitor book - which you both need to sign - but we're also going to need the incident book.
- PHONE RINGS - Want to take a look? Yeah.
She's up at the main house.
Hello, love.
What's a pinata? Robbo? Who are you? Where's Robbo? My name's Jack Hodgson.
Come along, Derek.
I heard him.
Yes, of course you did, my darling.
Sounded like someone was choking him to death.
Was it you? Come along, Derek.
Early onset dementia.
And he's taking those painkillers that make you go a bit doolally.
He's been gone for two months.
You won't find anything.
When you leave here, you leave without a trace.
I'm Beattie Elletson.
My husband was a copper.
I'm not police.
I didn't say you were.
Follow me.
Derek seemed to think he was strangled.
Robbo's wife was haunting him.
From what I could gather, it wasn't a very happy marriage.
Did you know she killed herself? Some 20 years ago.
I think that both his children were deeply affected by the things that happened all those years ago, mainly because Robbo refused to talk about it.
His dead wife talked to him, though.
SHE COUGHS I could hear him shouting at her to leave him alone.
It's sad, really.
Still, I suppose we all have our ghosts.
How long have you been here? Longer than expected.
Much of the time, I'm fine.
But then .
suddenly, I can't breathe and then it's all blues and twos and everybody's in a panic.
SHE CHUCKLES AND COUGHS - I'm a bloody miracle.
- Hm! I, er had better get back to work.
Robbo's been dead some two months.
We do still have his details, but we've taken it off the database.
I'll have to find them.
And the incident and the visitors book would be great.
Can't you see how understaffed we are? I understand, but I'm just doing my job.
You can look through the visitors book, but you can't take it with you.
I don't I don't see why not.
Well, you wouldn't, would you? You haven't been here these past 18 months, going through what we've been forced to go through.
I'm sorry about Robbo, he was a much-loved resident, but you'll have to give me more time.
- Oh, Mrs Thorpe? - Coming, Dot.
Those records would be so useful.
Mrs Thorpe! Yes, coming.
I'll get someone to bring over the incident book - from the lodge for you.
- Thank you.
- The incident book.
- Thank you.
Can I ask what it is you're looking for, exactly? Well, we believe Mr Robson swallowed a fentanyl patch.
- Fentanyl? - Mm.
That's a Schedule 2 medicine.
If we had any, it would have been under lock and key.
Well, the night Mr Robson died, the night you prescribed him antibiotics, you weren't actually here.
I was informed of the symptoms and prescribed accordingly.
Is that usual practice? In the last year or so, it's become harder and harder to be everywhere at once.
I called in the next morning.
When Mr Robson was already dead.
Come to arrest me? For medicinal purposes only, is it? Get a smoke in before the storm comes.
You know you could cause an explosion using a naked flame around oxygen? Next you'll be telling me smoking 40 a day is bad for my health.
Found anything? Very much doubt it.
Want my DNA? HE CHUCKLES Not sure we have reasonable grounds for that, do we? SHE CHUCKLES AND COUGHS My husband, bless him, used to think DNA was cheating.
Did he? THEY LAUGH You think Robbo was unlawfully killed? I don't know.
If he was, we're going to have a hard time proving who was responsible for it.
Robbo liked his puzzles.
His little games.
He'd have been laughing at us now.
THUNDER CRACKS AND ROLLS RAIN PATTERS Mr Robson was prescribed 20mg morphine capsules three times a day that could be topped up with Oramorph for breakthrough pain.
Dr Young prescribed according to the pain management ladder - paracetamol to co-codamol to morphine - but there's no indication that he went as far as prescribing fentanyl.
So how did it get into Mr Robson's gut? If these records are correct, and they are from the pharmacy, the care home haven't had fentanyl since before Mr Robson arrived.
The man in the room next to Robson said he heard him being strangled or suffocated.
- Yeah, I spoke with him.
- Uh-huh.
Come on.
You and I both know that a resident with dementia, their evidence isn't going to carry much weight.
And yet we know that the fractured hyoid bone - points to Mr Robson being strangled.
- Yeah.
All right.
Dr Young wasn't there the night before Robson died.
Who administered the antibiotics he prescribed? Well, according to the rota, senior care assistant Amrita Naidu.
It was her day off today.
I'll speak to her tomorrow.
The room was clean as a whistle.
I accept that it would have had a deep clean soon after the body was removed, but there was barely a speck of dust and the smell of cleaning products? Like napalm.
There's a presence of morphine metabolites in his toenail dating back to around eight months ago.
And there's no previous indication of fentanyl, suggesting that this is the first time he was exposed to the patches.
THUNDER CRACKS AND ROLLS Did the fentanyl kill him? It would have been enough to render him unconscious.
And then he was strangled or suffocated? Michael? Michael? Michael! PHONE RINGS Michael, it's me, Amrita.
I I helped you when you needed help.
I risked my job helping you with your father.
I need you to help me, please, Michael.
SOBBING Guys? "I know who killed Robbo"? Who sent you this? Must be someone from the care home.
You gave them your number? Is that unethical? Who did you give your number to? Well, I put it in the visitors book.
LINE RINGING Yeah, they're not answering.
OK, send me a screen grab of that number, I'll get in touch with the phone company.
And we need to get back to the care home now.
I sense I haven't passed my assessment with flying colours.
THUNDER RUMBLES PANTING DOOR OPENS Where have you been? I saw you.
If you leave now, they WILL get suspicious and come after you.
I can't protect you.
They're going to blame me.
No, I will not let that happen.
THUNDER BOOMS We've got to get the residents out of the lodge and up to the main house.
We are doing everything we can to restore power but I would urge people to stay where they are, upstairs if they have one.
Our teams are rescuing as many people as possible.
Just hold tight, cos whilst the rain is beginning to subside, water volume continues to grow.
The flood defences to the west have been breached, which means a large volume of water is heading our way and will almost certainly have a devastating impact.
LOUD DANCE MUSIC Oh! You scared me to death.
Who is it? Oh, it's you.
You look incredible.
Your outfit's, er I mean, wow.
You know you're here to judge the competition, not to win it? - Whoa! - Come on, let's get you a drink.
storm force winds are still pushing across England and Wales.
What are you going to do? It's clearly too deep.
What's the worst that can happen? Irreparable damage to the electrical system, water getting into the engine and it seizing, or we just get swept away.
Same number.
"I think they're going to kill again.
" Drive.
Thank you.
You haven't judged our costumes yet.
Come on, judge.
Take a seat.
How am I supposed to judge them when I don't even know who Henry is meant to be? You have to guess.
Wrong answer gets a shot.
Um Psycho? Jessica Fletcher, who else? I thought this was supposed to be a Halloween party.
There's going to be a very bloody murder and I'm here to solve it.
PHONE RINGS Whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's your night off.
Stop working.
THEY CHANT: Drink, drink, drink, drink THEY CHEER - OK, give it back.
- Nope.
Come on.
It could be important.
- I'm not finished yet.
- Please.
Next question.
Are you single? Give it.
MARY: The main house is on higher ground.
Let go of me.
Come on, Derek, we're just trying to save you.
- Save me from what? - The flood, darling.
- We need to get you all out of the lodge.
- Let it take me.
Take us all This is my home! SIMONE: Hey, Derek.
They're trying to hurt me like they hurt Robbo.
Derek, there's a storm.
What shall we take? What's the most precious thing you have? What's happening? - JACK: We have to go now.
- I'm scared.
SIMONE: Come on, Derek.
This way.
Me too, but I think we can do it together.
DEREK: Every inch a king.
KATE: My poor Bobby's not well.
- AMRITA: Let me take him.
- No, no, he's in pain.
DEREK: Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks.
Rage! Blow, you cataracts and hurricanoes SIMONE: Brilliant, brilliant, my liege, but we really need to get inside now.
I am a very foolish fond old man.
Four score and upward, not an hour, more or less, and and, to deal plainly, I fear I am not in my perfect mind.
All right, well, let's get you in.
Come on, Derek.
Up you get.
They told me I was everything! Tis a lie! I am not ague-proof.
Jack, it's Steve.
Hope you're able to pick this up.
We traced the fingerprints that you took at the care home.
One set has a problem.
It belongs to an Amrita Naidu.
She works at the care home but that's not her real name.
She could be the killer mentioned in the message sent to Simone.
LOUD MUSIC INDISTINCT CONVERSATION Ja DOG WHINES I think his hip has broken or something.
He had an operation last year.
You're right, he's not doing well.
The vet said it was only a matter of time.
How are you with a syringe, Jack? We need to get everyone upstairs.
There's warm clothes up there as well.
Will you get her back in her room, please? DOG WHINES It's for the dog.
Beattie's asked.
In my early life I was a vet.
I would do it myself but You can't kill the dog.
Poor fool is hanged.
My poor Bobby.
He's feeling so bad, in such pain.
It's for the best.
I know it.
Come on, everyone.
Please be careful.
NEWS REPORT: It's been estimated that a month's worth of rain has fallen in the last 48 hours Is that you, Jack? Well done.
Not easy.
Pop him down there.
Mary will take care of it.
You're freezing.
Come on.
We need to get you upstairs.
You know, I don't think I can manage this on my own.
Then I'm going to have to carry you.
I thought you'd never ask.
There we go.
Jack? GROANING If the town has been hit as badly as we have, we could be trapped out here for days.
We need to get you warm.
How are you going to do that, Jack, with no electricity? - Oh, thank you.
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