Silent Witness (1996) s25e01 Episode Script

History, Part One

1 This programme contains some violent scenes UNZIPPING I can do that.
Have you picked up your freshers' pack? Yes.
Fussing, aren't I? Just a bit.
I don't want to mess up your schedule.
Make you late.
Trust me, I'd rather hit the campus bar than go to my next thing.
You OK? Going to miss you, that's all.
Good luck.
Thanks, Jeff.
As Health Secretary, it's my job to ensure the best medical care is delivered to all of us as quickly as possible.
The sooner doctors and nurses know everything about our individual medical histories, the better they can tailor our treatment.
And the reason we're here today is that the first Europe-wide health passporting programme will soon be rolled out by Unitas Health, promising your health data, instantly available, totally secure.
And now I'd like to hand over to Unitas Health's co-founders, Jomo Mashaba and Professor Sam Ryan.
APPLAUSE Thank you, thank you very much.
I'm really very humbled that in awarding us this contract and entrusting us with the health data of millions, that the independence of Unitas Health is being recognised.
I'm big on independence.
Now, as a non profit organisation, we answer to no-one but the people that we serve.
Our independence, our integrity, is in-built and hard-wired, and that will never change.
At least not while I'm around.
APPLAUSE APPLAUSE CONTINUES - Minister? - Alice! Alice! Do you have any comment about the privacy? - This way! - Not now, Jomo.
- Alice - GUNSHOT, HE GRUNTS HUBBUB GUNSHO SCREAMING SHOUTING Get on the floor, now! Fiona, come here! Come here! GUNSHOTS BACKGROUND HUBBUB SIREN No, no, no, no, no We've had no flashes, no muzzle smoke.
Stay with us.
Stay with us! SIRENS GASPING PHONE RINGS Nikki Alexander.
Sorry, it's a bad line.
Can you say that again? It's Professor Sam Ryan, Nikki.
I need your help.
Testator silens ♪ Costestes e spiritu ♪ Silencium.
♪ Oscar Harris, Number 10 Special Adviser.
Nikki Alexander.
So sorry for the loss of Alice Reynolds.
Thank you.
You come highly recommended by Sam Ryan.
- You know her? - From her UN days.
Good to finally meet you, Nikki.
You've done extraordinary work at the Lyell.
That's very kind, but we just built on your foundations.
This is Jack Hodgson, Simone Tyler.
The Health Secretary died in the ambulance.
My husband Jomo was shot in the arm.
Is he all right? He'll say he was bloody lucky, and he was.
The threat level has been raised to critical nationwide, the Cabinet are sequestered in COBRA, and the Home Office have invoked a Status 2 Protocol.
The PM has requested hourly updates.
Whilst keeping the City of Liverpool Police and the coroner apprised, we've asked Sam to advise and bring in her own lab.
Well, that was a shortlist of one.
Thank you.
Now, the media are over this like a rash, so do not engage, please.
Of course.
And Number 10 have asked for you all to sign the Official Secrets Act.
There's no conflict of interest, given your presence at the scene? Chain of evidence concerns? No to the former, yes to the latter.
So you will carry out the PM.
My role will remain supervisory.
We've swept all these buildings.
The firing point has not been located.
PHONE RINGS Well, I'm going to leave you in the capable hands of Superintendent Boyle.
ON PHONE: Hi, I'm still - at the crime scene.
- Ronnie Boyle, DC Martine Chalal.
DS Martine Chalal, sir.
Has anyone claimed responsibility? No doubt the usual fruitcakes and loons are penning their confessions as we speak.
But we have no idea about motive? - Give us a chance, will you? - MAN: Sir! Excuse me.
So what's the deal with Sam? Never met her.
Always felt like I had Her imprint was everywhere when I joined the Lyell.
Ah! So it's her baby? So why'd she abandon it? Right.
First CCTV footage of the shooting.
There's more to follow.
- Jomo Mashaba? - Yeah.
Right next to the Health Secretary.
Looks like she knows what she's doing.
- Can you send that to all? - I just did.
Alice Reynolds' phone and laptop have been seized Should clarify her recent movements and her activity.
As per Professor Ryan's instructions, no-one's touched anything.
- Can I? - Yeah.
You know, we do have our own forensics up here, believe it or not.
So Reynolds was shot around here? Give or take? Give or take.
No wonder they can't locate the firing point.
Bullet trajectory would narrow it down.
What's Status Protocol? Number 10 calls the shots and the City of Liverpool Police can go hang.
Ideally, we'll have our own evidence supplies, not just access to yours.
We'll duplicate and label accordingly.
Chalal! Thanks.
Sense some history there.
And not necessarily a good one.
Do you see that building right over there with the blue panelling? What about it? You need to check it out.
We used this new Vigil network to put this whole area under a microscope.
It gave us ten persons of interest, grading their likely involvement.
All from a database? A database that only works if you're asking the right questions.
But Vigil finds the link you didn't know was there.
Yeah? CCTV, face mapping, phone activity, financial activity.
Yeah, we know what it does.
They're trialling it in London right now.
Well, Downing Street have authorised it for this, and Vigil pinpointed the prime suspects.
Top of the list was a Kevin Wang.
- Does he have form? - He's a Chinese billionaire with a history of backing state operations, but also the proud owner of the Beckett Tower.
The top floor's been vacant for nine months.
Hell of a long way.
Vigil knows that.
We just need you to find the forensics.
Counter Terrorism are preparing to sweep.
CRASH Armed police! Nobody move! - First room clear.
- Kitchen clear.
- Dog's moving in.
- Bedroom clear.
Sniffer coming through.
- Clear! - Bathroom clear.
- Clear.
- All sections clear.
How's it all going? Nikki stayed at yours last night.
On the sofa.
On the sofa? That's pretty good.
- Baby steps.
- How do you know this? Apart from the fact that she never wears the same outfit twice? Yeah, apart from that.
Here's an idea.
Maybe you should keep your forensic eye on the job and not your colleagues.
So what's next? A date? You just answered a question with a question.
Like Jesus.
Just like him.
Let's divide and rule.
SAM: It's a while since I've been here.
Shouldn't you be with Jomo? He and Alice were close.
He'd much rather I was out, helping catch the bastards that did this.
Switch panel's over here.
Don't ask me why.
Do you want the full works or the downlight over the table? The downlight's fine.
Thank you.
When were you last here? God! Ten years ago? It was one of my first PMs for the UN.
A Kilhad Jitkah.
A prominent Iraqi businessman who'd died in police custody.
And how does that work? I mean, who approached you? The Iraqi government approached the UN because they deemed the first PM to be too favourable to the City of Liverpool Police.
They wanted a second opinion Exactly what we could offer.
International impartiality.
I set up the UN pathology arm in January 2011, and I didn't have a customer until the July.
And then things picked up? Mm.
By the time I left, I had ten full-time pathologists working across the globe.
Good for you.
Well the UN name, brand, goes a long way.
Simone? Coming.
CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS Yeah? Nicks himself on the handrail? What, and misses a spot while clearing up? Possible.
He's in a hurry.
Tall order, hitting the target from here.
Yeah, but they didn't all hit it, did they? Plus we searched all the surrounding buildings.
Well, nice work, Jack.
If this guy's in the DNA database, we've got him.
- Did you find any shell casings? - Nope.
And then they go and leave their own blood? I know.
Well, let's see what comes back.
Are you OK? Something smells off.
Are we being handled? By Sam? Ah, I'm probably wrong.
No | know what you mean.
The body is that of a 47-year-old female identified as Alice Reynolds.
The Health Secretary.
There are traces of fine dust or powder, yellow in colour, underneath the deceased's fingernails on her right hand.
I'll sample shortly.
There's a visually identical powder embedded in the heel of her right shoe.
Tests will confirm - if it's the same substance.
- I can do that.
Take samples of both, try to identify.
Thanks, Simone.
There's similar yellow dust in her hair.
And a faint abrasion.
So she hit her head? Maybe.
Or scraped it.
There's a vital reaction, some inflammatory reddening around it.
I'd say this abrasion happened some hours before she was shot.
There's a bullet wound on the right costal margin at the midclavicular line.
It has a narrow abrasion ring, confirming it's an entry wound.
No powder tattooing, smoke soiling or burns, which ties in with a longer range rather than close contact.
There is undercutting of the wound edges, suggesting an angled entry with a downward and medial trajectory.
I'll be able to follow the track more closely when I've examined the internal organs themselves.
The stomach is undamaged, and gastric contents are minimal, consisting of some amber-coloured liquid.
Toxicology will confirm, but there is a slight but distinctive odour of alcohol.
Possibly cider? The residual gastric fluid also contains some solid deposits which appear to be partially digested nuts and pulses.
Possibly a mix of some kind.
I'm now going back to look at the posterior aspect of the abdominal cavity to finish tracking the bullet.
The bullet entered the abdomen, travelling downwards and backwards through the liver, towards the midline, before going straight through the abdominal aorta and lodging next to the spine.
The torrential aortic haemorrhage would have been rapid and fatal, and it would Quite a clumsy injury for a sniper, in my experience.
Clumsy? They usually aim for the head, or the heart.
Maybe they did.
Target was way off - Right, Jack? - Right.
So that's the cause of death? - The, er, the wound? - Yes.
Most certainly.
I think it's possible that the deceased was in the early stages of pregnancy.
How early? Not more than seven or eight weeks.
And it didn't show up on any of the scans? To be fair to Nikki, there was no foetal skeleton on the scan.
And her history of fibroids could explain her enlarged uterus.
Is this all of a surprise to you? Well, her husband died two years ago of cancer, and her private secretary told me she'd been single ever since, so, yes, it is a surprise to me.
What about the sex? DNA will tell us.
It might also shed light on the father.
I'll take further samples now.
Thanks, Nikki.
There's supervising, and there's taking over.
Please accept my apology.
I'd prefer an explanation.
I still think it's odd, not to say questionable, that you have any kind of procedural role.
Your husband's a secondary victim and you were present at the scene.
- Number 10 - Sees no conflict of interest, you said.
But pathology's not their area of expertise, it's mine.
As a witness, you could be called to give evidence at the inquest, but you'll be compromised just by dint of knowing the findings of the PM.
All of which I know you know.
Good to see there's still a Norn Iron hand on the tiller.
What? Jack and I were talking before the postmortem.
As Jomo was shot first and after Reynolds was shot, a second attempt was made on his life.
- There's no proof of that.
- I'm sorry, Sam.
But the third bullet impacted inches from his head.
Do you have any reason to believe he could've been the real target? Sam? When we won the contract, we gained a data gold mine.
And the powerful enemies that go with that.
What kind of enemies? Rival bidders, who were disappointed, to say the least.
Big Pharma? Big Tech - it's all about data.
The functionality of the passports is a technical challenge, not a medical one.
OK, but it's the private nature of medical data that makes it so divisive.
Yes, it is.
But, look if you fly to LA, you need a passport.
You don't expect them to take your word you are who you say you are.
Why should they take your word you don't have Ebola or TB or a new strain of COVID? These powerful enemies.
Shooting Jomo was, what? Revenge? Because you won the contract? At the last minute, the Commission snuck in a new clause.
If, for any reason, Jomo and I left Unitas Health, the contract would be null and void.
For any reason? Death's a pretty good reason.
If you accept the premise that they'd kill over a lost contract.
It's a pretty big contract.
Bullet is a 5.
56s can be fired from any range up to 1,000m, but its effective range is 200-400m.
Not the sniper's calibre of choice? That would be a 7.
62 or a .
50 cal.
Run the clip, please.
So, at the moment of impact, Alice Reynolds is facing due north, perpendicular to James Street.
The wound track indicates an angle in the region of 30 degrees, giving us parameters for a firing point that also fits with footage of Jomo Mashaba being shot.
Parameters? But we've found the firing point.
What are those parameters? They're expressed as a cone of tolerance, essentially a broad vector.
Bordered by Dale Street in the north, Castle Street in the east, and Thomas Steers Way in the south.
And this vector includes Beckett Tower? Barely.
Jack? Given what ballistics indicate, I think Beckett is unlikely.
- What? - Too far away.
And only falls in the vector if you allow for UoM.
UoM? Uncertainty of Measurement, which adds minimum 2-5 degrees.
Oh, come on, Jack! The blood, the perfect line.
- You can't be dismissing this.
- I'm not dismissing We're not dismissing anything, we're interpreting new evidence.
What new evidence? - For one, the 5.
56 - Yeah, which you just said can fire up to 1,000m range.
With respect, until we know for sure what kind of rifle or ammunition was used, we can't jump to conclusions.
We're also waiting for important meteorological data.
Wind speed direction, moisture content.
None of which are likely to prove decisive.
You're saying that we should suspend judgment? I'm saying inferences about firing points - are pure guesses.
- BOYLE SCOFFS So we can't rule out the shooter fired from Beckett Tower! DS CHALAL: Dr Alexander? We can't rule it out.
But if ballistics and the investigation prove that a mid-range rifle was used Then it's a different story altogether.
How are you feeling? I'm fine, I'm fine, but they won't tell me when I'm getting discharged.
What's Scouse for "no time soon"? - Not working, are you? - Of course! We launch in ten days and we're still riddled with bugs.
I'm sure if you ask them nicely they'll allow you to announce that over the Tannoy.
People keep asking me, "Do we really need health passports? "Does their use outweigh all the privacy crap?" Bloody good question.
When our app was opened, the doctors knew everything, from my blood category to my full medical history.
The fact that I have a rare opiate intolerance which makes a fentanyl patch a sentence of death.
How did you become involved in health passporting? We'd only been together a few months when I suffered a heart attack.
Severe dilated cardiomyopathy.
His only chance was a transplant, but finding a donor was nigh impossible.
So we took a chance on a very risky, - untried procedure.
- JOMO CHUCKLES But it worked.
We didn't want anyone else to go through the same nightmare.
So we quit the UN and threw everything into building the first centralised organ list, matching donors and recipients across the world.
And Unitas Health was born? Pretty much, but first we had to invest in a pair of garden shears to hack our way through all the red tape.
Red tape devised to safeguard our privacy.
Delivering a health passport worthy of the name, some liberties may have to be moderately impinged upon.
What liberties? Isn't your app a glorified donor card? Pretty much all the data that is required is freely divulged to social media by millions of us every day.
In all fairness, we do ask for a little more.
For Unitas to fully function, we track you 24/7, 365 days a year, to safeguard you from infection or harmful contact.
Our charge is to hold that data responsibly.
Ah, well.
Sure hope so.
Cos, if I'd had a mental breakdown at 25, say, I wouldn't want that to jeopardise my job prospects because someone sells my records for the price of a pizza.
HE CLEARS THROA Are you up for walking us through the moments right before the shooting? Sure.
I'm going to show you some footage, that OK? Of course.
There's a woman walking behind you who throws herself on the ground before anyone else.
Strikes me she either has exceptional reflexes or some sense of what's about to happen? Reflexes.
But you can ask her yourself if you want.
That's Rosa, my PA.
She's on the way over with my laptop.
No exaggeration to say that we trust her with our lives.
Do you have a problem if I talk to Rosa directly? - None whatsoever.
- DOOR OPENS DOCTOR: I need you all to step outside of here for a second, please.
Do you know if they would have suffered? The baby? No.
- Was it a boy or a girl? - We don't know yet, but DNA will be able to tell us.
I always wanted a sister.
Me too.
Jo, did you have any inkling of this? I mean, she seemed happier.
Younger, even.
She was going out buying all sorts of new clothes and But I don't know who the father is.
Mum could be very secretive, even from me.
But she had to be.
Jo, if you don't mind, there are a few things, small details, that might help us find the people who did this.
What? There's evidence that your mum had a few drinks before she died.
Cider, to be exact.
But in your statement you mentioned that she had mineral water with her dinner.
She did.
Well, maybe she had something from the minibar when you got up to the room, or? Jo? I woke up in the night.
About midnight.
And Mum wasn't in bed, and I just, I thought she was in the bathroom.
So I went back to sleep.
The only reason she agreed to speak at the Unitas thing was - cos I was going to uni here.
- You can't beat yourself up for that.
You can't.
From what I've heard about your mum, she was strong-willed.
Stubborn, even.
That's what I don't understand.
She didn't even want to go.
To the Unitas Health launch? I got the feeling I don't know.
That somebody was twisting her arm.
So where did she go in the early hours? And was she drinking alone? Let's start with the hotel.
Room card data and CCTV should help, right? Sure.
- Thank you.
Sam? Oh, thank you.
- You OK? - Yeah.
Just a bit of delayed reaction, I think.
- How close he came.
- Sure.
I always feared it was too good to be true.
- You and Jomo? - Mm.
People said we were mad, getting married so quickly.
But when you know, you know, right? Right.
What's the point in hanging around, eh? SAM LAUGHS The doctor's in with your dad, and he's doing really well.
Oh, this is Nikki and Jack.
They're part of the investigation.
My stepson David and his wife Fiona.
It was Fiona's research that fixed Jomo's heart.
How is he now, though? Is he really OK? He's driving the doctors mad, but apart from that he's fine.
Sounds like Dad.
I've got Jomo's laptop in here.
Oh, I thought Rosa was bringing that in.
We said we were coming, so she told us to bring it.
What's the problem? Oh, he wanted to go through his diary with her, that's all.
- Did she say why she wasn't coming? - She said she wasn't feeling well.
She's not answering.
Maybe her phone's turned off? She never turns her phone off.
Something's wrong.
Why is Rosa not answering a big deal? She missed the briefing last night.
We need to get him out of here now.
- Hold that.
- Jack? MAN: Of course, yes.
Of course.
JACK: We're just pulling up.
See you in a minute.
No sign of Rosa Hernandez.
Chalal's got a warrant to search her room.
So Rosa asked you to take your dad's laptop to the hospital? Y-Yes.
Why? Because she's missing, and we need to find her.
Where did that conversation take place? Right here.
In her room.
And she gave you the impression she was going to bed? Well, yeah.
She said she didn't feel great I just assumed she was going to bed.
Yellow powder.
It's similar to what we found on Reynolds' shoe.
In here a sec.
Possible evidence of a fight.
Some blood on the follicles and the root is intact, suggesting it was pulled out rather than shed naturally.
I'll speak to hotel security.
Can I help you? Rosa Hernandez? Who the hell are you? DS Martine Chalal.
We're part of the Health Secretary investigation.
What are you doing in my room? Why don't you sit down for a second? Where have you been, if you don't mind me asking? I do mind you asking.
I went to buy some painkillers.
- Painkillers? What kind? - Aspirin.
There's a full pack right here.
I found some hair in the bathroom sink consistent with yours in length and colour.
There's blood on it, suggesting it was pulled rather than fell out.
So what happened there? When the shooting started, I hit the ground, like everyone else.
I must've cut my head, or grazed it.
I didn't even realise until | I got back here.
See? When I brushed my hair, a few strands came out.
So what? You actually hit the deck before everyone else.
Sorry? The shooting was caught by multiple cameras.
You reacted a good second or two before anyone else did.
I grew up in Guadalajara and did five years as a cop in Mexico City.
Gunfire was an everyday occurrence, - and you knew what to do.
Simone, where are you? Yeah, I'm almost with you.
Thank you.
I've ID'd the yellow substance on Reynolds' treads as sandstone, which is not exactly rare in Liverpool, but the particles are coated in a substance I've never seen before.
It looks natural, - but it's odd.
- Sandstone? Yeah.
- Ringing any bells? - Maybe.
You know, on second thoughts, I think a lawyer and a visit to the police station - sounds like a good - GLASS SMASHES SIMONE: What was that? Christ! JACK: Get down! Chalal, get down! Oh, my God! SIMONE: Jack? Jack? DS CHALAL: What do I do? Put your hands on here and keep the pressure on.
I just wish I'd got a look at them.
Don't beat yourself up about that.
A cartridge case is pretty good.
You OK, Nikki? How are you, more to the point? We're all very impressed with Simone's quick thinking and guts.
We've got the van's plates from the CCTV so every cop in Liverpool is looking for it.
SIREN Found these in Rosa's bag.
Four day passes to the Department of Health in Whitehall.
Jomo, David, Sam, Rosa herself.
Two weeks ago.
Seems a likely supposition they were visiting Alice Reynolds.
Maybe a catch-up before the main event in Liverpool? You remember what Jo Reynolds said? Yeah.
Her mum didn't want to attend this morning.
- She felt like she'd had her armed twisted.
- So maybe the catch-up didn't go so well? Trying to remember when we last did CPR training.
Last Christmas.
Christmas before last, I think.
HE SNORES Oh, I blacked out.
What happened? THEY LAUGH I've got a splitting headache.
Don't know why I'm drinking.
Maybe you haven't drunk enough.
Haven't had whisky in years.
I usually have a glass before bed.
- Really? - Yeah.
A wee dram, you know? - Every day? - Well, every night.
I never knew that.
Why would you? PHONE ALER Ah.
The blood on the glass, Beckett Tower.
HE COOS - Dove? - Close.
One more? Why not? - Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- This is me.
- Yep.
This is me.
Do you want some painkillers? No, no.
The Jack Daniels took care of that.
BEEP Night, then.
It feels about a million years ago now, but the taxi The taxi? I mean what happened in the taxi.
- Ah.
- After the flood.
You'd forgotten? No! - No.
- Good.
I was worried that I mean, did I overstep the mark? Only cos | kissed you and then you had to go and Yeah.
It was shit timing.
It's always shit timing with us.
- It is, isn't it? - Yeah.
Why is that? Morning.
Good morning.
- I'm coming.
- Mm.
Those painkillers still on offer? Might have to fight me for them.
- Oscar Harris.
- Mm-hm.
The PM leant on the police to keep this strictly on a need-to-know basis, but we have the contents of Rosa Hernandez's phone.
Given that Rosa worked with Jomo, I haven't shared this with Sam Ryan yet.
Alice Reynolds, with Could that be the man that we thought was looking for Jomo in the hospital? Yeah, that's him.
DS CHALAL: Looks like things got pretty heated.
Rosa took these at 1am the night before the Health Secretary was killed.
And, no, we have no idea how she gave her security the slip.
Now we know when she drank the cider.
Is there any news on the sandstone in the shoe? Yeah.
Getting there, slowly.
I looked into the weird sandstone as Sorry.
Can you just pause it there? Zoom in on the arm.
That looks like the British paratroop insignia.
It's not proving that he served with them, but if he did It could help with an ID? I was going to say, he would know how to handle a rifle.
Yeah, he would.
Not to tell you your job, Superintendent - Finding this man's a priority.
- THE priority.
He hasn't come forward yet, has he? We haven't identified the father of Reynolds' child yet.
Maybe it was him.
Well, if Rosa Hernandez took this photo, then maybe they're in it together.
Blackmail angle, maybe.
I'll have a friendly chat with Sam Ryan.
See what she knows.
Perhaps you could help with this, Nikki? Needs a gentle tread.
Jomo's beside himself.
- They were close? - Mm.
How about you? Me? When Rosa didn't show up at the hospital yesterday, you were very quick to assume the worst.
That was my sense, anyway.
Rosa has a son back in Mexico, raised by her parents.
The boy has a rare form of spin a bifida.
Rare, and expensive to treat? Making her susceptible? Maybe.
I just can't see it.
But you could yesterday.
So what's changed? What are you driving at, Nikki? I'll tell you.
I'm worried that I don't know all there is to know.
About what? Everything.
Rosa, Unitas, all of it.
And I can't dismiss the thought that you've hand-picked us, in the hope that you could influence us in some way, if needs be.
Not true.
You can trust me, Nikki.
Was it in Alice Reynolds' authority to stop you securing the health passporting contract? Our lawyers are still sorting so much stuff out, theoretically anyone could scupper it.
That's not much of an answer.
What's your link between Rosa and Alice Reynolds? You mean apart from the fact that they're both dead? Yes.
Apart from that.
Because Rosa was out taking surreptitious, possibly compromising photos of Reynolds in the early hours of yesterday.
Is that news to you? PHONE RINGS Hello? Got a lead on the ballistics from the Hernandez scene.
The cartridge case is missing its head stamp, as in someone's taken the time to grind it off.
Well, that's seriously risky, right? Bloody dangerous.
Clearly they thought the chance of someone tracing the bullet was more worrisome than a breech explosion.
- Meaning it's probably stolen? - Mm.
Thing is, the deeper you grind, the more likely the bullet is to cause that breech explosion.
So our thief's only removed the top layer.
With acid etching, I was able to recover the indentations of the stamp.
So a complete waste of time on their part, right? All risk and no reward.
So the head stamp tells us this cartridge case was produced by Radway Green, 2015.
According to the MOD, there are 32 army bases issued with rounds bearing this head stamp, but only one - in 50 miles from here.
- PHONE VIBRATES Martine, you're on speaker phone.
I'm at Maghull Barracks.
I'm still checking the inventory, but a case of 5.
56 cartridges was signed out ten days ago and went missing in transit.
The private on duty at the time, Charlie Black, is on leave, but CID just paid him a visit.
- Is he cooperating? - He's no-commenting, but they found keys to a lock-up.
Can you meet me there? Sure thing.
- CRASH - Armed police! Clear! Clear! Clear! DS CHALAL: What's in the container, Charlie? Your catch - you gut the fish.
- Team effort.
- If it wasn't for DS Chalal Just open the door, will you? All right? You've been at this a while, Charlie.
Piecemeal, is that how you did it? Little and often? Enough here to send you down for life and then some, so I'd say early cooperation is the only card you have to play.
Striation marks on the bullets show Rosa Hernandez and the Health Secretary were killed by the same rifle.
So it's highly likely they were killed by the same assassin you supplied.
Time to play that card, Charlie.
There were two.
Man and a woman.
I supplied a box of rounds and an SA80.
Woman came in.
Sounded American.
The man stayed outside by the car.
I never saw his face.
- Did she touch anything? - She wore gloves.
Knocked back my offer of tea or coffee, too.
But I got a camera hidden up there.
Show you, if you give me my phone back.
We're actually getting somewhere.
What do we think? Good enough to run through Vigil network? May be too grainy for a precise match, but you should get some candidates, sure.
SIMONE: FTIR results are back on the round that entered the motorcade.
Turns out there's a white residue on the bullet underneath the black paint from the car.
Took a while.
Labs dragging their heels? Kinder explanation is the substance itself.
It's unusual.
There's a combination of etching primer, oil-based components, some traces of anodised aluminium.
Evidence suggests that it's a different kind of paint to the car.
- What's it used for? - Mainly flagpoles.
Now, there's a fair few flagpoles.
But, based on distance and trajectory, this one's the favourite.
If we reverse the trajectory, can we track back to the sniper's location? Possible location.
We know the bullet hit the flagpole, but not the angle.
- Right.
- I'll take possible today.
Port of Liverpool Building.
Top five floors have been renovated into residential, so I'm guessing the best bet is the roof.
Yeah, it's a perfect sight line.
You can even see where the bullet chipped the flagpole.
This is the firing point, no question.
We checked this site.
Third time's a charm.
How do you think they missed it? Spread too thin? Under pressure to get a result? Doesn't matter We found it.
I hear you got prints and DNA.
Nikki? Sorry, it's just really slow.
No matches on the database.
Bloody hell.
This number is no longer in service.
Spun our female assassin through Vigil.
Didn't hold out much hope, given the grainy image.
Plus, it looks like she might have had a nose job - in the last three years.
- Have you got an ID? Just a close match to a woman fleeing a shooting in 2018.
- Where? - Stockholm.
- Who's the victim? - Morten Sondberg.
Made his name campaigning against the nastier end of the anti-immigration lobby.
Any sign of the bloke she's paired with now? Yeah, there is, actually.
Vigil gave us this.
Oh, he is camera-shy! Isn't he just? The senior partner, I'd say.
Anything else? Yeah.
A second postmortem was carried out by the UN.
- Sam Ryan? - Mm.
You can run it up the flagpole, but it sounds like a coincidence to me.
Credit where credit's due.
Hats off to Vigil.
RINGING Hi, this is Tom Faulkner.
Leave a message.
Tom, it's Dan.
Rosa Hernandez was following me.
And she thought she was being subtle but she wasn't.
Now she's dead.
And you know who's next.
SAM: I'm not sure how much I can help you.
I flew to Stockholm to do the Sondberg PM.
It was pretty uneventful, as far as I can recall.
But it was some years ago.
Two suspects that were never traced.
A man and a woman.
So what do you make of that? What do I make of what? Same two people are suspected of killing Reynolds.
You said on the phone.
Has something changed? Nothing else stands out? Sam? Tom Faulkner was there in Stockholm.
Who's that? Someone we both used to know.
Have you seen him lately? After he left the army, he went to work for the UN.
Doing security.
You said he was there unofficially.
There were threats from far-right groups to a UN presence.
They weren't deemed serious enough to send security.
Tom disagreed and gave up a week's leave to accompany me.
It was Tom at his best.
He's changed a bit since then.
A lot.
Hello? It's me.
Someone needs an update, and you're stepping out for a second.
It's Harris.
Just going to take it outside.
I'm outside.
I can't see you.
Tom? Nikki.
Do you want to know who killed the Health Secretary? Testator silens ♪ Costestes e spiritu ♪ Silencium.

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