Silent Witness (1996) s27e03 Episode Script

Grievance Culture Part One

Mum! Ow!
I'm coming, darling.
Come on, Trip.
Come on. This way. This way! Come on.
Come on. Watch this. Go on, boy. Go on.
Not the mud again!
Trip! Come on, boy.
Come on, Trip. Trip, back here.
Come on.
Good boy. Come on, darling.
Come on. There's a good boy.
Testator silens
Costestes e spiritu
Testator silens. ♪
NIKKI: Does it hurt?
MUFFLED: Only when I breathe.
Can you help me here?
- Got it?
- Yeah.
- MUFFLED: I hate the mud.
- What?
- I hate the mud.
- Do you?
But you like getting punched in the face?
It's one of my favourite things.
What are your other favourites?
A needle in the eye?
- Mm
- Colonoscopies?
- Getting to know one another?
- Huh?
Good-looking woman, strapping bloke,
out in the fresh air,
having a lovely little chat.
Enjoying yourselves?
While we are battling the elements!
Who are you?
Warren Bull, Detective Inspector.
And I'll need you to get a move on.
We're moving as fast as we can.
Between social interludes.
Did you know that 95 miles
of the Thames is tidal?
And we are standing about, well, mile 91.
MUFFLED: Couldn't give a shit about that.
He said he didn't know that.
See, time is running out,
and the tide is coming in.
I think we'll be OK.
We've got, um, 47 minutes.
Student of the tides, are we?
MUFFLED: No, just professional.
What's wrong with him?
He bit his tongue.
I know the feeling.
I have to bite mine all the time.
47 minutes, you say?
If you need anything, let me know.
Thanks for having my back.
I've got your front too,
unless something's changed.
Dial it back. You sound a bit pervy.
I meant to.
PROFESSOR: And the next one, Haidar.
And the next one.
Thank you, Haidar.
These are crime scenes.
What is a crime scene?
A place where a crime took place?
A place where a crime took place?
Well, yes, of course, you are correct.
Now ask yourself how
you got into this university,
because I'm struggling with it.
Can anyone advance the discussion?
A crime scene is a collection of facts.
Your job is to find and assemble
those facts without bias.
- CHILD: You've taken them.
- CHILD: No, I haven't.
It's an emergency to me.
He didn't come home last night.
It's not normal.
Why do I have to wait 48 hours?!
Why isn't he home?
My husband comes home.
- What's he doing?
- Looking after the body.
Looking after dead bodies.
Imagine doing that for a job.
It's a bit of a conversation killer.
"What do you do for a living?
"Well, I look after dead bodies.
"Really? Oh, fair play to you."
Probably gets you further than
saying that you're a police officer.
Have we been able
to identify the deceased yet?
Fingerprints and DNA
didn't come back as a match.
Nothing on mispers yet
that fits his description.
The deceased is a white male,
approximately 40 to 60 years old.
PROFESSOR: We will not be doing
any of that multiple-choice
online assessment nonsense.
HAIDAR: The department recommends it
because it's less subjective
and protects you from complaints.
I know why they recommend it.
It's bollocks.
Excuse my French.
The midterm exam will not be online.
Yes, sir.
CELESTE: The Dean may object.
Well, let's hope by then we are
more intimate with the Dean.
Tell the class
there will be three essays,
subjectively marked,
followed by a one-to-one
extremely subjective tutorial with me
where they can defend their work.
Yes, sir.
Celeste, we should devise
a practical exam
for later in the term.
Stage a crime scene that can be
investigated and assessed.
I'll put some ideas together, sir.
Thank you. Have you got a list
of the members of the panel?
Elizabeth Newport is the chair.
Oh, young Lizzy.
Sweet but ineffectual.
Oh, Harrison Cairney!
You know about this guy?
You don't want to be left alone
in a lift with him.
No. Scum rises to the top and
drapes itself in the cloak of woke.
Valerie Fullerton!
Wasn't she part of the management
of that lab in Manchester?
She was. She insisted
she had nothing to do with it,
and then it turns out
she was the administrator.
She can lie with a straight face,
make her perfect for academics.
Oh, I read your paper on the
detection of synthetic drugs.
I have some thoughts and ideas,
but it really is first-rate.
Excellent work.
- Thank you.
- Does that, um, drug you described,
does it does it really make you randy?
Well, we better keep it away
from Cairney, then,
Professor Priapic!
Right, well, wish me luck.
You won't need luck, sir.
You'll make a fantastic dean.
There's no-one better
in the country anywhere.
Well, that's very kind of you, Haidar.
It's also very true.
Good luck, Professor.
Thank you, Celeste.
Do you think the panel
will judge me subjectively?
Hello, uh, Cara.
Um I don't sign.
Sorry. Um
Your work has been excellent,
and I think you're ready
for some practical experience,
so we need to find you a work placement.
I'll ask a few people,
and we'll get something sorted.
Do you have anyone to work with
on your assignment?
OK. Well, just let me know
if there's anything
I can help you with.
Dr Alexander?
Oh, thanks.
The lungs were overinflated
and overlapped in the midline.
Frothy fluid is present in the airways
and the alveolar spaces of the lungs.
Let's have a look at his heart.
The pulmonary oedema
appears to be non-cardiogenic.
And there were no other obvious
causes of death at postmortem.
What does that mean?
He drowned.
- How long was he in the water?
- Not certain.
I can do a "less than",
based on water temperature
and evidence of predation,
or rather lack of it, in the water.
I'd say less than 24 hours,
possibly less than 18.
Water temperature
MUFFLED: ..11 degrees Celsius.
Sorry, I heard "water temperature".
11 degrees.
The cold water slows decomposition
and makes determining time of death
more generalised.
- No trace.
- Blood tests are negative.
He has a significant head injury. Velvy?
Water has washed away
any blood spatter pattern,
but there was extensive
subgaleal haemorrhage,
so it's most likely
it occurred before he died.
Does anyone have any idea
how this happened?
MUFFLED: Blunt-force injury.
Blunt-force injury.
He understood.
Presumably there's no weapon found?
- No.
- Distinguishing marks?
Wallet? Money?
- No.
- Was he wearing a watch?
A tan line where the watch
would have been?
He did.
- VELVY: Marks & Spencer.
- Hmm.
You run for drugs?
- Yes.
- No class A's:
- opioids, cocaine, heroin.
- Or B's or Cs.
We picked up no illegal drugs
in the blood screen.
Medical condition? Heart attack?
We didn't see
any obvious medical condition
in the postmortem.
No stroke, no heart attack.
We did find a significant
subdural haematoma
as a result of the blunt-force
injury to his head.
Operating theory: robbery or assault
resulting in death.
That's where I end up,
but we don't know motive.
CPS would look at it as homicide,
but more likely manslaughter.
And it's hard to be certain of motive
if we don't know who he is.
Well, I won't argue with that.
MUFFLED: Diatoms?
Help me.
We can look for diatoms in the body.
Diatoms vary on the basis
of morphological
and taxonomic characteristics
of a particular habitat.
It's possible to find
the location or site
of the drowning by comparing
water found in organs
- with water from possible sites.
- Mm.
It's a river. Doesn't the water
and diatoms move?
It may help.
We'll need his dental charts.
Fairness is about emotion.
It's about how we feel.
Justice is about facts.
Our students, our society tends
to confuse these two things.
The fundamental principle of justice
is that equals should be treated equally,
and unequals unequally.
Really? This is your conception
of justice, Professor Cherry?
Not mine. Aristotle's.
You've heard of him?
We forget that we are the law,
individually and corporately.
Justice and fairness are our
responsibility, not grievance.
It would be my goal
as dean of this school
to not simply equip the students
with the tools to pursue justice -
working a crime scene,
harnessing technology,
creating plausible scenarios
based on our understanding
of human behaviour -
but to aspire to fairness.
Plato observed that it would be
better to be guilty of manslaughter
than of a fraud
about what is just and fair,
and the Greek geezer was right.
The very stability of our society
depends on just and fair,
symbiotic but separate concepts.
Where we have gone wrong
in our society is to confuse
grievance with fairness,
and allow that conflation
to impersonate justice.
MUFFLED: Do you mind?
I can't do it myself.
- Ah. Yes, I see it.
- Huh?
Hold still.
Agh! F
Did I get it?
Oh, I think you did.
That stuff's so good.
How bad did you lose?
What are we talking about?
Your face.
This is what winning
looks like, baby. Ow
You won?
You enjoy, uh, this?
- Fighting?
- Yeah.
- It's a reminder.
- Of what?
Being alive.
You're looking sharp.
Oh! Dressed to kill.
Maybe dressed to impress.
To kill not so great,
considering where we are.
I'll stick with impress.
Who were you impressing?
An interview panel.
But I can't imagine they'll be
judging me on my clothes.
Have you seen his shoes?
You should get shoes like that.
NORMAL VOICE: My shoes are fine.
Oh, my God. He can talk!
Your shoes are functional.
Those are "take me to the dance" shoes.
Did they take you to the dance?
I haven't heard the music yet.
How far do we think the deceased
travelled down the Thames?
Well, Old Father Thames
is a fickle thing.
Oh? Father, not Mother?
- Mm-hm.
- Male, not female?
- You got it.
- Sexist.
I didn't name it.
You gave it a presumptive pronoun.
Oh, well, the river's the great provider.
It's just the history of it.
The cultural history defence.
Don't try and hide behind that.
Old Father Thames was also the source
of the spread of diphtheria,
cholera and scrofula.
Killed tens of thousands.
- Leave it male?
- Yeah.
Can we just get back to the question?
Jack won't be able to remember it.
Too many blows to the head.
Well, the ebb and flow of the Thames
can reach four to eight knots,
up to 10mph.
Flows out and ebbs back
at roughly the same rate.
Flow tends to last longer
than the ebbing tide.
Two high tides and two low tides a day,
12-hour cycle.
How far the body would have floated
depends on when it entered the water.
Boom Boom.
It becomes tidal at Teddington Lock.
- Correct.
- How many crossings are there
between Teddington Lock
and Hammersmith Bridge?
Could he have fallen from a boat?
No reports from Port of London Authority.
Slipped on steps
leading down to the river?
It feels like an assault.
I don't know. That requires two actions:
the assault and then
dumping him into the river.
Dead weight, difficult to move.
Unless he was assaulted on a bridge.
How high is the bridge balustrade?
His weight?
Um 92kg.
A dead lift of nearly 200lb
over a 1.2-metre-high balustrade?
He's 6' 1", 188cm.
Hit from behind, then pushed.
Momentum. No dead lifting required.
He could have fallen from the bridge.
Strikes his head on the foundation
before he hits the water.
There you go. Here.
We'll run DNA?
Can someone make sure
I'm on mispers alerts?
I need to see them
as soon as they come in.
We need more police.
Oh! Sorry.
Vanessa. Hi.
Come on in.
What kind of project?
Disruption of a crime scene.
All right.
You two partners in crime, huh?
Yeah. OK.
I can help. Who's your professor?
- Peter Cherry.
- Cherry? No way!
He's a Wu Li master.
He's brilliant.
Crazy nutjob, though.
He's up and down like a yo-yo.
I hate him.
Yeah, of course you hate him.
You have to, to survive.
He makes you feel like a fool
because you are, compared to him.
You're lucky, though.
You might not know it now,
but one day you will.
Trust me.
Oh, shit. Sorry. Sorry.
Uh, what does he want you to do?
You know it's a trick question,
don't you?
Never mind.
Has he given you a crime to assess?
- Photos.
- Photos? Mm-hm.
OK. My advice?
Step one: break it into quadrants.
One, two, three, four.
Right? Step two:
make a list.
What you find in each quadrant.
Yeah? Three
See you tomorrow.
What? Did you think
I was going to do it for you?
You all right?
See you later.
- Jack.
- Hmm?
How's your tongue?
That's a bit of an intimate question,
and I'm probably not the one to ask.
- I mean the cut.
- I know what you mean.
You're winding me up.
That's what I love about you, Prof.
You're lightning-fast.
I think I need some more
of my magic gear.
Where do you train?
A gym not far away. By Euston.
Agh! Bollocks.
That stuff is so great!
I want you to train me.
To do what?
To fight.
Are you winding ME up, Professor?
Don't be daft.
I want to fight just once.
I want to know what it feels like.
- To hit someone or to get hit?
- Both.
You need to rethink this.
I think, Jack. It's what I do.
It's what I've always done.
And I
I don't know what it feels like
to live a visceral life.
I'm starting again.
And I want to feel everything.
Train me.
Nice and relaxed.
Punches in bunches.
Keep trying.
No pressure.
Do you like music?
Of course I like music.
Mozart. I particularly like Stravinsky.
Ma Vlast is a favourite.
I was thinking of something
with more of a beat.
Stronger by Kanye.
Lose Yourself, Eminem.
Ah, I see.
I'm not familiar with those.
Why would you be?
That's it. Keep going.
Really good stuff.
I'll leave that to you to find out
Hello, madam. How can I help?
I called 999.
They asked if it's an emergency.
They said to call here,
but no-one answers.
I can't find my husband.
He hasn't come home.
I don't know where he is.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
I, um
I missed my last train,
and, well, I thought that
I decided that
I slept here.
Thank you for for waking me.
- Velvy, are you OK?
- Yes.
A cup of coffee
and I'll be as good as gold.
Thanks for seeing me
on such short notice.
I wanted to speak to you in person.
Blood spatter through the ages.
Potential for a paper, I think.
I'm afraid I have
some disappointing news,
and I wanted to tell you in person.
Who did you hire?
We intend to announce it tomorrow.
You ticked a box.
I appreciate you might feel entitled
Entitled? Yes, I do.
Entitled by 35 years of experience.
Entitled by being good at what I do.
You hired to buff up your image.
We hired who we believed
was the best candidate.
Best candidate?
There's no better candidate!
Peter, I don't want to belabour this,
but, as you know, there's been a
complaint by a student
about some of your views,
which the university is still reviewing.
One student.
All over social media.
So 35 years of experience is sacrificed
on the altar of
a 20-year-old's sensitivities,
along with freedom of thought
and expression.
Peter, you attract controversy.
I said nothing controversial.
I don't think you get to be
the judge of that.
The complaint,
the controversy,
is just your excuse.
Shame on you.
The panel was unanimous in its choice.
Unanimity does not guarantee quality.
Less accomplished,
but you get to virtue signal
and to impress all your liberal friends
in academia at the expense
of my humiliation!
I wanted you to know.
Do you think it's fair?
Do you think it's just?
We live in an age
of unreal reality, don't we?
The triumph of artifice over substance.
Merit is sacrificed
for appearance every day.
What happened to us?
The people on that panel are criminals.
They are enemies to justice.
And there's no justice
without fairness, is there?
DNA from the bridge plinth
matches the deceased.
He fell,
hit his head on the way down,
possibly concussed, and drowned.
Camera might've picked up something.
Hello? Yeah.
I need you to review
some footage from a camera.
Hammersmith Bridge,
south-west, last 96 hours.
As quick as you can. Ta-ra.
The DNA suggested
it's likely he was British.
You can really tell from that?
No drugs or alcohol.
What about mental health?
Someone must miss him.
No missing persons report?
Nothing I've found. Not so far.
There's so many.
Did you know that a person
is reported missing in the UK
every 90 seconds?
That's 98,000 adults every year.
85% are found within two days.
14,700 aren't.
That's tens of thousands of people.
Running away from something.
Taking a break from their lives.
Maybe one day they wake up,
they don't recognise their own life.
Don't know who they are any more.
Maybe he's one of them.
Oh Perfect.
Well, just give me
the time and date it went down.
Camera's out.
Has been for several days.
Not an accident.
Mind out, mate!
Oi! Idiot!
Can you help me, please?
A couple of quid? For food?
For food?
What happened to you?
Why do you allow yourself
to live like this?
- Allow? I'm a victim.
- Well, of course you are.
We're all victims.
Do you know what you are?
Yeah. I'm hungry.
You're unfulfilled energy.
You harassing me?
Potential discarded.
Leave me alone.
You don't know anything about me.
I know more than you think.
- He's harassing me.
- No, no, no!
I'm sympathetic. Here.
Look, for you.
Why would anyone care
if you eat or live or die?
Genuine question.
Oh, piss off, old man.
Peter, this is completely inappropriate.
That's right. And you know
inappropriate intimately.
You will excuse me.
Do you know what it feels like
to have your career destroyed
by an allegation?
You will.
I thought you were
the most qualified candidate.
Did you?
You killed me, Harrison.
That's what you did.
Remember her?
When she was your student?
I've tracked her down.
They all fall in love with you,
don't they?
Then they see who you are.
How many were there? Did you lose count?
It's all over for you, Harrison.
Are you threatening me?
Think of me more as your Cassandra.
More of a prophecy than a threat.
What do you think? New job?
You think he's leaving?
Goes to an interview all dressed up.
Tells me he's starting again.
- Thank you.
- Let me show you out.
Oh, I've taken enough
of your time. Please.
I can show myself out.
Thank you.
It is my absolute pleasure, Professor.
What was an absolute pleasure?
Oh, the smile's too much.
I can't take it.
I've been appointed Dean
of the School of Criminology.
You're leaving us?
No, no, I'm staying.
I'll still be working out of here.
Well, that's fantastic news, Gabriel.
Oh, I didn't expect to be selected.
It's a big job.
Guess the training
will have to go in the bin.
No, no. I'll make time.
I'm committed to the training.
Good stuff. Good stuff.
I didn't have time to finish it. Sorry.
Are you done?
MORE CLEARY: Are you done?
Great. Got it.
Do you mind if you just send that to me?
That guy you know? At the Lyell Centre?
He's kind of hot.
This is Dr Alexander.
Nikki. Nice to meet you.
- Elaine Robinson.
- Do you want to come this way?
This is Velvy.
Is he in there?
We do need you to identify him.
Are you ready?
We are human.
We fall prey to systematic distortion,
unsupported by evidence,
otherwise known as bias,
in virtually everything we do.
Love is a distortion.
Love is blind.
MAN: What's happened?
So is hate.
WOMAN: Is he dead?
Bias can help protect us
by making us disproportionately
wary of danger.
A child learns what's dangerous
through trial and error.
If a white dog bites a child,
then they are less likely
to trust white dogs
until their ability to reason
can trump their fear.
I dare say
that many of you will never
acquire that ability.
We bring bias to every crime scene.
We can't help it.
It's like a sauna in 'ere.
PROFESSOR: If we're good at our job,
we are aware of that bias.
Heart attack?
I'll let you know.
CHERRY: Bias, which we not
unreasonably develop through experience,
can make us deny the facts
of a new experience.
It's really dry.
Who put the towel over him?
Best check.
CHERRY: A crime scene
is like a time capsule.
Maintaining the integrity
of the crime scene
once it's discovered is critical.
You found the body?
JACK: Anything?
No marks.
- You?
- No.
Heat and steam
we're not going to get much.
Do the honours?
There may be ejaculate on his thigh.
CHERRY: We instinctively assign
value to some things we discover,
and dismiss other things.
We might get something else off the body.
CHERRY: The defiance of expectation
is always surprising.
- No cameras?
- No. Privacy.
CHERRY: It catches us off guard.
NIKKI: Thanks so much.
CHERRY: And it can distract us
from where our focus should be.
It plays on our bias.
Who found this?
I know him.
Harrison Cairney.
He was on the interview panel.
You like mushrooms?
I do. Yeah.
I like 'em too.
Couldn't eat 'em for two years
whilst I was in prison.
- There you go, darling.
- Thank you.
Your lab in Manchester faked
the result of my drug test.
Said | was guilty.
I went to prison because you lied.
I didn't lie.
How could someone do that?
What? What do you want?
- Hundreds of cases, Valerie.
- I didn't do the testing.
- You ran the lab.
- The university ran the lab.
I was just overseeing the
All those people in prison,
nothing to do with you.
Your career continues unscathed.
Leave me alone.
You took no responsibility. Moved on.
New job.
Your reputation unsullied,
unlike Roy and dozens of others.
What makes you think
you're fit to judge anyone?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Where's Cara?
- Uh, I don't know.
She'll be here.
I did the work you asked for.
- Let's see what you've got.
- You buying or am I?
- What do you want?
- Rum and Coke.
- Rum and Coke, please.
- Right you are.
Are you from Ireland?
Six Counties.
Does it hurt?
No, it's fine.
Excuse me.
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
Are you sure Cara knows about tonight?
Of course.
I like older guys.
They've got, I don't know, more depth.
Yeah. Uh, we need to reschedule
when Cara can make it.
This doesn't feel right.
Then why did you ask me out?
I didn't ask you out.
And Cara knows nothing about us meeting.
- That's not my fault.
- OK, I'm gone.
Thought you were going to
help me out with the project.
Three basic punches.
Six if you want to count both hands.
You hear me?
You're right.
The music really helps.
Good. What are you listening to?
Overture, The Marriage Of Figaro.
Mozart. Do you know it?
Punch, punch.
Punch, punch. Punch, punch.
On your toes. On your toes.
Bob and weave. Bob and weave.
Nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one.
Boom! Yeah. Are you ready?
He's ready.
He's ready.
It's a good start.
I'm not going to be helping
Vanessa going forward, OK?
I'm not going to be helping
Vanessa going forward.
She's not your friend.
We can't.
Not with her.
Yep, that's me.
BULL: Did he have
a history of depression?
The business was difficult with Covid.
He was happy.
My husband was happy.
We were happy.
What kind of business was he in?
Ant Robinson was an electrician.
He knew which wire to cut
to knock out the CCTV.
Speculation, but, yes.
So no-one would see him
take his own life?
So there'd be no record of
what happened on that bridge.
Well, suicide
in this demographic is common,
even when there are no signals.
I just want them to reach out
for support.
VOICE CRACKING: It's really hard.
Mrs Robinson.
Do they still call you that
when your husband's dead?
Do you still get his name?
How can I help you?
Tell me who killed my husband.
Who took him away from me.
He loved me.
Who killed
Who killed my husband?
So, I'm sitting in this pub,
waiting for Cara,
with this 20-year-old girl.
She's all dressed up, working too hard,
wants to play in the big leagues,
thinks putting out
an "open for business" sign
is enough to attract customers.
- Usually it is.
- Well
Then I get a text from Cara.
Cara's great friend Vanessa
hadn't told her we were meeting.
So did you go shopping?
Piss off!
I worry about Cara.
Do you think she has friends?
Real friends?
- Cara will be OK.
- Will she?
I think she's a bit naive.
- She'll probably believe Vanessa.
- Why would she do that?
She's a woman and she's Irish.
She'd jump off a bloody cliff
to a conclusion.
That's all Irish women generalised!
You want to offend anyone else?
Nah, that's enough for one day.
I'm feeling a bit tired now.
Anyway, I really only care
what you think.
Oh, that's sweet of you.
Hmm. As if any student's
going to steal your man!
- You're way too hot.
- Oh, you're my man?
You're like a possession
that can be stolen.
- You know what I mean.
- Like a watch or a
Or a bicycle.
- Bicycle?
- Bicycle.
A bicycle!
For all its obvious connotations.
A very special bicycle, mind you,
because you're a very special person.
Keep it going.
You'd be,
I don't know,
Sports Personality of the Year,
if they had that sort of thing for,
you know,
this sort of thing.
That's so special.
Dr Alexander.
Testator silens
Costestes e spiritu
Silencium. ♪
Silencium. ♪
Silencium. ♪
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