Silent Witness (1996) s27e08 Episode Script

Death Of A Thousand Hits - Part Two

A strange accident, don't you think?
A lonely way to go.
In the middle of all this nothingness,
he happens to trip and impale himself?
He was alone.
He has distinctive tattoos on his legs,
and another one here on his left arm.
The tattoos strongly suggest
he is from Myanmar.
And one of the symbols looks like it
could be a police badge.
I'm his wife. You with him?
Have you seen this man?
The people we're up against,
they don't know you're here.
- Much better it stays that way.
- I don't care.
By stabbing himself with a stake,
he draws attention
to the injection wound.
If the injection killed him and it
didn't show up in the tox,
we're looking at a pretty
sophisticated method of murder,
one purposely designed
to obscure the truth.
Testator silens
Costestes e spiritu
Testator silens. ♪
Thanks for coming in at short
notice. Last night, I found
something that could be
a significant development,
so I wanted to share it
with you in person.
A second inspection of the body
revealed a needle mark.
What do you think he was injected with?
Something that induced a cardiac arrest
that didn't show up in the standard tox.
Suggesting it was by design.
The lab are running fresh tests.
How did our victim
make these kinds of enemies?
I mean, who was he?
Well, yesterday we made
our way back to the scene,
see if we could figure out
a couple of things.
So we think that he was transported,
briefly, in a vehicle, managed to get out
and made his way onto the beach.
Right. So explaining
the single set
of north-to-south footprints
and the witness who heard
screeching tyres
- from in front of the clubhouse.
- Yep.
The stray button is spattered with blood.
Expirated blood is consistent
with the broken nose.
I compared the stray button to the
buttons on the coat - a visual match.
Plus they bear
the same partial fingerprints.
Unlike prints lifted from the phone,
these do not match our victim.
Not his coat?
Not for very long.
Fingerprints, and likely the coat,
belong to this man, Kenny Tate.
So our victim pinched his coat, maybe.
So what about the phone?
Um, it's a cheap pay-as-you-go one.
Um, there's impact damage,
and it won't charge,
so I'm cloning the data,
but it's not straightforward.
Can I see Tate's mugshot again?
Hi, Kenny.
I'm DC Alice Kirk.
You're not in trouble.
Not at all.
I just need to know how this man
came by your coat.
He was cold.
- Said he'd just got here.
- To the town?
The UK. Wasn't dressed for it.
He gave us 20 quid, I gave him a coat.
OK. Thank you.
VELVY: Ah, Nikki.
I just had the call with
a Burmese community group.
Who helped with the tattoos?
One of them is a pathologist.
He says he knows you by reputation.
And if he can help identify
our John Doe, he's up for it.
The tox results.
They were falsified.
QUIETLY: The lab just sent over
expanded tox.
It shows he was killed with
a fatal injection of insulin.
Explains the cardiac arrest,
congested and oedematous lungs.
That's not all. The results
from the first tox screen
are on the email chain. Except
they're not the results we received.
What do you mean?
I mean he was negative
for drugs and alcohol
- first time around.
- Somebody doctored the results
once they arrived on the Lyell's server.
Who would do that?
There's something off with Shaw.
Come on, let's not jump
to conclusions here.
I'm not. And yesterday
she was behaving strangely,
to say the least.
I asked if she was OK.
She said her son
took his own life recently
- and she was upset about that.
- And you didn't believe her?
I didn't know what to believe.
I don't want to go
to a police station just yet.
I want to tell them why I did it first.
I think I owe them that, at least.
So, due to your security clearance,
Counter Terrorism have been
informed of your arrest.
- They're on their way.
- Yeah, I understand.
Do you know who killed our victim?
Injected them with insulin, no less.
Do you know our victim's identity?
I know the name by which he entered
the UK two days ago from Myanmar.
Htin Lwin.
And you think that's a false identity?
I've heard conflicting reports
about who he is.
He told border control
that he was in the UK to
attend an air-conditioning trade fair,
but that wasn't true.
How did he get in, then?
I used my
D Section clearance
to secure his entry.
Why did you do that?
Because | was told it was the only
way I'd ever see my son again.
You thought your son was alive?
That's what I was told.
Told by who?
Someone I met online.
Whose daughter went missing
in their gap year too.
He said that Htin Lwin was behind it,
and that if I helped
him get into the country, then we could
find out what happened to our children.
I followed Htin Lwin from the airport.
Oh, we all know what happened next.
Where's my son?
Where's my son, Adam?
I know he's not dead.
Did this person tell you to lie
your way into our investigation?
I did that off my own bat.
But once he knew
he wanted me to make you think
that it was an accidental death.
So we wouldn't look too closely.
Elinor, what exactly happened
to your son?
He went missing in Thailand.
His body turned up a few weeks later.
They said it was suicide.
They told me I couldn't
formally identify him
because his his body
was too badly damaged.
But DNA results confirmed that it
that it was my son. But I
I refused to believe it. I
I-I-I couldn't believe it.
I started questioning everything.
Researching online.
I became obsessed with
alternative rationales.
Conspiracy theories.
Suicide as population control.
Backpackers going missing
in Southeast Asia.
DNA results being falsified.
I mean, that's the trouble
with the internet -
whatever you're looking for,
however crazy,
the algorithm just pulls you deeper
and deeper in until you find it.
And if you want something badly enough
And what did you find?
He was the one whose daughter had
gone missing during her gap year.
He He showed me proof.
He said he'd been to Thailand
and a source had placed
my son in Myanmar.
He said he needed my help.
Just to clarify, when
Oceanfloor made contact,
you were already researching
suicide as population control,
missing backpackers,
that kind of thing? Yeah?
It's almost like he knew that.
Built on it.
I was duped.
Or manipulated.
I'm sorry, but if DNA
formally identified your son, then
I think it's unlikely that he's alive.
And this, in all probability,
is some kind of fake.
Htin Lwin had nothing to do with it.
Is there anything you can do to help us?
Anything to make this right?
Um, yeah.
The van that he was
The van that he was taken in
was a dark-blue Transit.
I wrote the number down.
Yeah, well, that was probably stolen.
But thank you.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
Dr Nikki Alexander.
Dr Emmanuel Moussa.
I hope I can help you find out
more about your victim.
- You helped me once a few years ago.
- I did?
Yeah. Your paper
on stair-fall injuries
got me out of a tight spot in court.
Where was that?
Back in Myanmar.
I first went over in '98.
A rural vaccination programme,
then disaster relief after the
cyclone a few years later. Hey.
Followed by six months
in a mission hospital, then
Well, after a while,
I stopped coming back.
Ballistic injuries?
- Yeah.
- Fairly recently sustained.
The Mangin massacre.
They barely made it out alive.
Five days in a leaky fishing boat
along the coast to Bangladesh.
I did the journey myself.
After the coup.
It was tough.
Shall we?
This is DCI Sean Lawrence,
Counter Terrorism.
DI John Flynn. Hi.
Um, it's through there.
Your boss didn't take it too well.
No. He was the most deceived.
He was found on Fincham Beach.
- This is interesting.
- It baffled me.
An opium scraper.
The scarring is months old, not years.
And I found a grey thread in the wound.
Prestressed polyester and tactical weave.
- The kind you often find in uniforms.
- Mm.
That and this tattoo made us think
that he might be a police officer,
possibly serving in Division 6 unit.
I think you're right.
I think he was a cop.
And I think he might have been at Mangin.
What makes you say that?
Two things.
Division 6 was the unit responsible.
And these scars
Just give me a second.
Excuse me.
Hey, hey, sh.
Um, Dr Alexander?
I think we might have ID'd your victim.
- What?
- Her husband
just got to the UK
and was supposed to meet with a man
in Fincham Beach.
Do you have the head shots?
Thank you.
I don't want to.
Do you recognise this man?
Htin Lwin.
Counter Terrorism are going
to keep it in-house.
If Shaw's death is foul play, it's
without doubt linked to our case.
I'm not going to get
anywhere near it now.
What about Htin Lwin?
He's still your case.
What, so you confirmed his ID, then?
As we suspected,
he was a serving police officer
in Myanmar.
And apparently he was
at the Mangin massacre,
- after which he fled.
- One of the bad guys, then.
His wife swears that
he never fired a shot.
But there is footage
that suggests otherwise.
- What, more deep fake, then?
- I don't know.
Killing a Counter Terrorism
officer, snatching Htin Lwin,
using a Home Office heavyweight
as a pawn.
Who would have the clout
and the reach to do all this?
His trigger-happy co-workers, maybe.
I mean, he broke ranks.
Maybe they just decided to silence him.
Then they're not waiting for
him to reach the UK to do it.
While duping the likes of Elinor Shaw
- with a top-shelf deep fake.
- Exactly.
This is someone big. Powerful.
He is my husband, Htin Lwin.
Thank you.
I know my husband.
I know his soul.
And I know that is a lie.
It looks real, but
it's not. It's
It's a trick.
Why did Htin Lwin come to the UK, May?
He was meeting with a reporter.
He was going to put Htin Lwin on TV
so that he could tell the whole
world the truth about the massacre.
It was social media.
Made them crazy.
It was mixed with lies.
Links to bad people.
All the police in
western Myanmar were on it.
This reporter that was going
to put Htin Lwin on TV,
what's his name?
Ian Fish.
I have accessed Htin Lwin's
phone and I need May's help.
He installed an encrypted
messaging app three weeks ago.
But it's password-protected.
It's eight characters.
The name of our son.
And Htin Lwin's
old football shirt number.
Did you have a name for if it was a girl?
Maybe we can pre-empt an address.
They're online.
- Let me.
- Yeah.
"Don't appreciate radio silence."
"Risked a lot to help you.
In UK?"
"In trouble?"
"Told you not to trust Fish."
Ask them if they still want to help you.
"What's one thing we have
in common, Htin Lwin?"
Wait, wait. That's
That's a test.
"He's dead. I'm his wife."
You have no idea who that was?
Thanks, I'll take it from here.
Do you want to see my warrant again?
ELINOR: If it's any consolation, you
weren't the only one deceived.
My advice?
Trust no-one.
Look out, please!
Please. Please.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Something wrong with the Lift?
- Thanks for bringing him in.
- You're welcome.
Tell me something positive about
the samples from the hotel.
Fingerprints scored a match on Interpol.
You know the way
to a man's heart, don't you?
His name, or the alias Interpol
know him by, is Jan Boll.
He's a hit man working out of Luxembourg.
We checked the ports
and the airport feeds
and facial recognition.
It's got a 73% match on a man
coming through Gatwick
a week ago under an alias.
73%? Like those odds.
Boll went on to hire a car
from an airport outlet.
- Aha! Boll has a friend.
- Mm-hm.
BMW sport they rented was seen on a speed
camera in Selby Garden Village this evening.
But only one of them
can be seen in the car now.
And nothing says they
weren't just passing through,
but I put a call through
to the local police anyway.
They haven't picked up the BMW since,
but they have found
the navy van that Shaw spotted.
And there's a body.
Did you help Htin Lwin
get out of Myanmar?
Yes. And his wife May Lwin.
I sent them the money to get the flights.
I did ten years
as a foreign correspondent.
Yeah. May Lwin said you were
going to put him on TV
to help him reveal the truth
about the massacre.
Was that ever a reality?
Yes. It was a reality.
So what changed?
Htin Lwin was killed with
a lethal injection of insulin.
We almost mistook foul play
for accidental death.
So we know these are serious
intimidating people.
How involved were you?
What is this place?
Why am I here? Why aren't
I at a police station?
Come on, Ian.
Who got to you, mate?
You haven't answered my question.
Show me your ID.
So I take it I'm free to leave.
Yeah, but you did assist a man
coming to the UK
that resulted in his murder.
I mean, I could take you down
the station right now
and hand you over to Counter Terrorism.
Then I wouldn't be able to help you.
Or you can work with us to try and
find out who killed Htin Lwin.
You know where to find me.
No honour amongst thieves.
Well, they nicked the van, didn't they?
Extensive thermal injuries.
We'll have to see if they
hamper the investigation.
Significant damage to the clothing -
looks almost melted to the body.
There's a single gunshot entry wound
to the back of the head.
But whose head?
Boll or his mate?
Cuts on his right hand and knuckles.
May Lwin said she heard breaking glass.
So Boll, I'd say.
But DNA will confirm.
Maybe letting May Lwin escape
sealed his fate.
All right, so
we've got the body
of the guy that we've already ID'd.
I don't know, Alice.
Got a goody bag here.
There's another gunshot wound
in the back of his right leg.
Nails on his right hand are broken,
with possibly blood caught underneath.
Right. So what are we
looking at, then?
flight, then
Postmortem will hopefully confirm.
Broken phial.
Have a look at this.
- Hmm.
- Where you going?
- Do you remember that robot, Felix?
- How could I forget?
It was handing these out at iTechCon.
That's what I saw.
That's what I saw on the CCTV
of the sports car -
an iTechCon parking permit on the dash.
So, what, Boll and the other
guy were at the conference too?
What if the app May Lwin referenced
was also Kaskade?
What would that prove?
Well, at the very least that they're
crap at safeguarding their users.
Dr Moussa. Sorry to trouble you.
It's OK.
I wondered if it was possible
to speak to May Lwin,
if she's there.
Mm, I'll put her on.
May Lwin, the app that
the police were all using
right before the massacre,
what was it called?
So you've written a ton of articles
about the platform Kaskade,
and that's why Htin Lwin
got in touch, yes?
He believed the app was corrupted
somehow, that it was
pushing his fellow
officers into dark places.
Have I got that right?
Htin Lwin identified something
in the way the app worked.
An algorithm designed
to keep you scrolling
and clicking, like all algorithms.
But this one was skewed a certain way.
Skewed how?
It pushed their buttons.
Fed their anger, their worst fears.
And once it figured out those fears,
it really went to town,
pushing them to the darkest,
most malign places.
And if that includes a massacre, what?
Kaskade doesn't care?
They care about the clicks, nothing else.
Each click is revenue,
and they're not about to waste it
regulating content.
"Kaskade Incites Massacre"
sounds like a massive story.
Especially if you've got
Htin Lwin as your star witness.
They got wind of it when plans
were already in motion
to bring him back to the UK. I had
every intention of getting him
to as many newsrooms as possible.
So what did they do?
Blackmailed me.
Well, framed me, then blackmailed me.
Sorry, Kaskade framed you?
How do you think?
The most sophisticated I've ever seen.
They knew I had a drug problem once.
I've been clawing my way back for years,
rebuilding all the bridges I burned down.
They produced images of me
snorting lines,
shooting up, smoking crack,
which I never did.
- But they were smart about it.
- In what way?
The footage matched locations
I'd spent time in,
lined up dates-wise.
They knew everything.
- Making it hard to disprove.
- Impossible.
In some of the footage, I've got
enough coke
- to meet the supply threshold.
- Prison.
Not just the end of your career, then.
Even if a year from now,
I somehow found a way
to discredit the images
technically or whatever,
so what? Mud sticks.
Once an addict, always an addict.
My career's over.
It's too late for me to start again.
So you sacrificed Htin Lwin instead?
I didn't know they were
going to kill him.
We found evidence that someone
else was helping Htin Lwin.
Htin Lwin mentioned someone online.
Something like that.
He was cagey, but I had
a feeling it was an insider.
A Kaskade employee?
Or former employee.
I got the sense that they'd
gone dark on him. Cold feet.
You see a lot of wannabe whistle-blowers.
They want to do the right thing,
break ranks with the man,
but when push comes to shove
Cornflower messaged back.
They want to meet.
May Lwin?
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Htin Lwin was a good man.
Do I know you?
No. I work for the Lyell Centre.
We carried out the forensic
work on Htin Lwin.
I heard your talk at iTechCon.
The one that was rudely interrupted?
Not as rudely as your
security detail hit back.
My dad always said
you are the company you keep.
Guess I didn't heed that too well.
Price you pay for making VP
the right side of 30.
Global Strategy Head, please.
I made VP two years in.
- Less.
- Doesn't surprise me.
The Kaskade love dissent
until it comes their way.
Then they're not so keen.
Then it's a whole new ballgame.
Does that game include murder,
deepfakes, then blackmail?
I'm going to expose them.
- Who and what they are.
- Kaskade?
I can't let you get in the way
of that. You need to step back.
Oh, no, we want to help.
Not hinder.
We tie Htin Lwin's death to Kaskade,
that'll hurt them.
But we need you to tie Kaskade
to the Mangin massacre.
Two sides of the coin.
We need both sides.
You want to take them on?
You have to do it covertly.
- Yeah, we knocked our server out.
- It's a start.
- But you need to go further.
- Can you help us?
We do this together.
Isn't that why you made contact
with Htin Lwin? To help him?
The two over there in the blue Skoda.
- Are they with you?
- Yes.
If you could take Kaskade down solo,
you would have done it by now.
No, I go to the police!
My fault. My fault! Please.
Please! For Htin Lwin!
- Hey.
- Hey. How did it go?
Scared her off.
Well, I might have
some consolation prizes.
I'm all ears.
The glass phial tested positive
for insulin.
And DNA from under Boll's nails
is a match to a Roger Gallop.
He's got a record?
No. DNA's on file
because he's a member
of the Diplomatic Protection Group.
Wow. What happened?
No idea. Just says he took
early retirement
and he's firearms trained.
He put it to good use taking out Boll.
OK. See you soon.
I gave my contact at iTechCon a call.
- OK.
- Explained we had someone
who was at the conference
in our body store.
As I understand it, security, CCTV,
entry accreditation is laid on
by the conference itself.
That's useful.
She got hold of conference security
and sent over the last day's CCTV
with the rest to follow.
That's good, isn't it?
They know we're onto them,
- and they're fighting back.
- How?
Ten minutes later, they call back.
Their entire hard drive
has been breached and wiped.
It's all gone?
Well, no, we still have footage
from the last day,
and our guys are on it.
On the left, we have Jan Boll.
That must be Roger Gallop in the middle.
Do we have any more on him?
Yeah, yeah. He emigrated
to the Virgin Islands
about a year ago.
We're currently tracking
his known associates, but he's
probably gone to ground now.
On the right is Mark Foster,
head of security at Kaskade.
Last seen at iTechCon.
We think Kaskade were worried enough
to crash the security company's server.
Cara, did you make out
what they were saying?
Did they say Htin Lwin?
It's difficult to see.
Can we zoom in?
I think so.
It's still hard to know for sure.
We should bring in a forensic lipreader
to take a look, just to clarify.
Someone who can testify in court.
If they have mentioned Htin Lwin by name,
then that would be pretty hard
to explain away as a connection.
That could be used as
circumstantial evidence, couldn't it?
Possibly, yeah.
Keep your eyes on that charger.
Go close on it, Velv.
Double USB port.
Looks like the one I recovered
from Boll's backpack.
Do you think we can get Foster's
prints and DNA from that?
If we can, this would prove
they were with Foster
the morning of Htin Lwin's death.
It's doubtful with the fire damage,
but it's worth a shot.
May Lwin's right.
We do this together.
Come in.
Um Just have a seat.
We've got a visitor.
Any new platform breaking into
the market has to have a thing,
and Kaskade's thing
is what we call "rage fermentation”
- in internal memorandum.
- Rage fermentation?
It's all about the algorithm.
It finds out what riles you up -
I mean, what makes your blood boil,
and then it feeds you more of the same.
Except that's not quite true.
It feeds you more of the same, but worse.
Incrementally darker.
More twisted.
More fucked up.
You like a post about
your neighbour stealing a cow,
the next day, it shows you one
claiming he's stockpiling weapons,
and the next he's burning
a factory down, and the next he's
killing your friends.
And that's what happened in Myanmar?
The day after, they were high-fiving
in our office.
I mean, they were proud.
Like they'd figured something out -
a difficult equation
or a fucking Rubik's Cube.
An algorithm cooked up in Silicon Valley was
inciting genocide on the other side of the world
in a country ruled
by military dictatorship.
I mean, how cool was that?
What did you do?
I went to the CEO.
I told him what I'd witnessed.
He's a good guy, or so I thought.
He gave me the old NRA, "Guns don't
kill people, people do,” line.
But applied to algorithms.
Right. But he said
it was my perogative
- to take a different view.
- Prerogative.
Um, sorry.
In-built pedantry chip.
It's OK.
Numbers are my jam, not words.
I spoke to a lot of people at iTechCon.
I'm not sure
where you're going with this.
JOHN: Did those people include
Jan Boll and Roger Gallop?
- Not to my knowledge.
- What's that supposed to mean?
It means those names
are not familiar to me.
Sometimes you don't catch somebody's
name if the music's loud or whatever.
So plausible deniability, then.
You think the truth is something you
can buy, don't you, Mr Foster?
I mean, you look at me with my
my facts and my evidence
and you laugh, don't you?
I think we're getting
a bit philosophical here.
What if it was just you
and the two of them in the bar?
You know, no music
just having a proper conversation.
Intelligent man like you, I mean, you'd
remember that - it was only a week ago.
Perhaps if you told me who these two
men are or what they've done
Right, so that might help, sort of,
like, you know, jog your
- jog your memory.
- Worth a shot.
Well, within hours of meeting you
- at iTechCon
- I dispute any such meeting took place.
they abducted and murdered Htin
Lwin, a serving police officer
who'd witnessed the sharp end
of the Kaskade algorithm.
The genocidal end, no less.
Oh, he had standing. He had credibility
to shout it from the rooftops.
But you, being head of security,
couldn't allow that to happen, could you?
This all sounds somewhat fanciful.
Well, you know, a week ago, Mr Foster,
I might have agreed with you,
but now my eyes are open,
which is bad news for you.
I'm not sure about that.
You've tied two men
to a brutal murder. Well done.
I hope you lock them up
and throw away the key.
What you haven't done, John,
is forge any link worth the name
to me or the company I work for.
But if you continue to smear and besmirch
myself and/or Kaskade,
the tables will turn very sharply indeed.
You said the truth
is something you can prove.
Where's your proof? Where are your
facts and evidence?
Cos all I'm hearing is an angry
copper blowing off steam.
Where's Sanderson?
Left over an hour ago,
said she'll be in touch.
Check the footage from iTechCon.
What? Why?
I think she's Oceanfloor.
Check the footage.
She switched it.
Oh, man.
It's not Foster.
That's a different guy.
She knew our server was down.
Knew she had to come in person.
What do you mean, she knew?
How did she know?
I told her.
JOHN: Gabriel, can you send me
the iTechCon footage?
I need to play our ace.
I can see multiple prints.
That's good.
Can't lift them, though,
without removing the soot.
So going to apply silicone,
let it dry,
lift the soot off. But
There's a risk the silicone
will lift the prints.
It's a risky business.
- Worth the risk?
- Always.
Pass the box.
Here we go.
Look at that. Beautiful.
JOHN: The last time we met,
you told me that you never
actually met Jan Boll,
the man we strongly suspect
of murdering Htin Lwin.
Do you want to revise that statement?
No. Don't think I do.
Then why are your fingerprints
all over his phone charger?
And why does the barman recall you
rather than the man you deep faked
as Boll and Gallop's drinking companion?
Facts. Evidence.
Obviously they count for
something, Mr Foster.
And, speaking of evidence,
tampering with it
is a very serious offence.
What, you think a phone charger and
fingerprints can cause me problems?
- Seriously?
- Yes, I do
Yes, I do.
The matching print plus the witness
means we caught Foster in a lie.
- Flynn says the CPS want to help.
- Good.
It proves that Foster was conferring with
Htin Lwin's killers hours before the murder.
Controlling the way people think
is a valuable commodity,
something people pay a lot
of money to be able to do.
Htin Lwin was about to expose them,
and they couldn't let that happen.
I've actually got some footage of my own.
SANDERSON: ..we call
"rage fermentation”
in internal memorandum.
It's all about the algorithm.
It finds out what riles you up -
I mean, what makes your blood boil,
and then it feeds you more of the same.
Except that's not quite true.
It feeds you more of the same, but worse.
Incrementally darker.
More twisted.
More fucked up.
You like a post about your
neighbour stealing a cow,
the next day, it shows you one
claiming he's stockpiling weapons,
- and the next
- You sneaky bastard.
What are you going to do with that?
I've sent it to Flynn.
But how did you know?
I didn't.
I was as taken in as you.
So you just routinely film
visitors to the lab?
I did it as a precaution
after receiving some friendly advice.
"Trust no-one."
I knew it wasn't genuine.
I knew it.
It's just the beginning.
The truth is coming out.
Not much of a turnout.
Yeah. It's good we came.
What do you think they'll put
on Elinor Shaw's gravestone?
"Daughter. Mother." Dates.
A small clue to a bigger story.
I saw a gravestone once that had a recipe
engraved on it.
Fudge cake, I think.
Practical grandmother.
Who obviously made good fudge cake.
I saw another one that said, um
It was for a fella in the 1800s.
It said his life story
was written in water.
Think about that statement
of insignificance.
- Dust in the wind.
- Mm.
"For dust thou art
and unto dust shalt thou return.”
Third book of Genesis.
- Show-off.
- Can't help myself.
Who are you?
Who am I?
What are they going to write
on our piece of rock?
In memoriam?
Who's going to visit our grave?
Who will weep when we're gone?
I need to tell you
I love you.
And I know this is a twisted,
crap place to do it, but
I need to say it.
Right now, right here.
Am I completely off my head?
I love you too.
So much.
That's what I'll put on mine.
"She loved me."
- A small clue to a bigger story.
- Yeah.
Let's do something tonight.
Like what?
- Don't know. Something.
- Surprise me.
- Surprise you?
- Yeah. Surprise me.
Remind me who we are.
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