Silo (2023) s01e10 Episode Script


[JULIETTE] We're being lied to.
Everyone has to see this.
- Everyone who?
- Everyone.
Is it Would it be possible
to get this up on every computer?
- No.
- What?
- Well, no, I mean, i-it's not impossible.
But all computer screens
are controlled by IT.
Now you wanna break into IT.
There are signal
boosters every 30 levels.
Okay, which is the lowest one?
I need to get out of
the Up Top and the Mids.
[DANNY] There's one on, uh, 126.
- Great, we'll go there.
- No, w-wait Wait.
There are security teams on every level.
And unless I'm mistaken,
they're all looking for you.
- There's no way
- I can get us there.
Okay, go and give me the watch.
- No, you're coming with us. Yeah.
- Like hell I am.
You asked me for a computer guy
who could do tricks, and
I got you the computer guy.
As good as he is,
Bernard is better. And he's
gonna trace it back here.
Do you wanna stay?
- Is that true?
- Yeah.
Fuck me.
Danny Ah, great. Real
great. All right. Fuck.
[DIEGO] Got it.
- [BERNARD] Where's the drive?
- [DIEGO] In an apartment on 22.
- [BERNARD] Whose apartment?
- It's assigned to Patrick Kennedy.
We need all raiders to 22.
- All raiders to 22.
- Who's he? A friend of hers?
- I thought you checked all
- He's not a friend.
But she did save his life.
[SIMS] We need all raiders to 22.
Knock it down.
- Fuck. We gotta go now.
- [JULIETTE] Not yet! The red light's on!
- [PATRICK] They're coming.
- [JULIETTE] Shit.
[GRUNTS] Go, go, go!
[GRUNTS] Okay.
[PATRICK GRUNTS] All right. Good.
- [JULIETTE] Come on! Pull the hatch.
- How are we gonna
[PATRICK] D, you gotta move.
Come on, come on, come on.
They searched the
level. She's not there.
She would've been seen on
the stairs. Where is she?
[WATCHER] Mr. Sims?
A message came through
from one of your agents.
Yeah, this is all my fault.
When I sent you home,
I thought I was clear I
expected you to stay there.
- Was I not clear about that?
- No. You-You were.
Yet you went to Nichols's
apartment. [CHUCKLES]
You think because you taught
her a class on the Pact,
a raider wouldn't tell me?
Why did you go to Nichols's apartment?
I thought if I could find out
why she said she wanted to go out,
I might be able to find her.
Did you find anything
that gave you some insight?
Did you find anything
that, uh, might explain why
she had you arrest me the other day
or why you agreed to it?
Did you find anything that might
explain why she went to my apartment,
threatening to kill my wife and my son?
Deputy, I can't help
but notice your hands.
You're holding your right in your left.
Why is that?
[PATRICK] Okay, Danny.
Gotta go in here. Move.
- [DANNY] Okay.
- [JULIETTE] Go, go, go.
- [PATRICK] Go, go, go. [GROANS]
- [GROANS] You okay?
It almost hit me!
- Okay. Where is it?
- It's this way.
Okay. [SIGHS]
- [DANNY] Here.
- Okay. Shit.
- Move, I'll do it.
[DANNY] Give me the drive.
Hey, hey, hey. Is that a camera?
- [JULIETTE] Yeah.
- [PATRICK] Yeah.
- Probably.
- Give me your hammer.
Anywhere a camera goes dark,
they're more likely to send raiders.
They're gonna send them as
soon as you plug that in.
[DANNY] Just give me
a second. Here we go.
The drive just popped on 126.
- [BERNARD] Where?
- [DIEGO] At our hub.
Go get Sims.
They found us.
Well, fine then. [GRUNTS]
I radioed Karins. She'll
be there in five minutes.
- Oh, shit.
- [BERNARD] What?
They're linking screens.
Come on.
- [PATRICK] Yeah.
Shut your eyes, all of you!
Shut your eyes! Shut your eyes!
Turn around. Cover your faces.
- Do what he says!
- [BERNARD] Move.
- [WATCHER 2] Yes, sir.
- You too, Robert.
What? [STUTTERS] What
happened? Did it shut down?
- They shut everything down.
- What? F Fuck!
- It's over. You gotta go. Go now.
- [JULIETTE] Okay.
- [JULIETTE] Go with him.
- No. No, w Hey, hey!
- What about the watch?
- You fucking kidding?
What you have just seen
you will unsee.
[MOLLY] This is Karins on 126.
We have two men in custody.
What about Nichols?
[MOLLY] We have the level on lockdown.
We'll find her.
- Yeah, we've heard that before.
- She's smart. And she's brave.
And she's not on 126 anymore.
- Where is she?
- She's in the trash chute.
That's how she's getting around.
- [JULIETTE PANTS] Oh, shit.
- [MOLLY] I see her.
- Has she gotten out?
- [MOLLY] No, sir.
Go to Recycling. Get anything heavy.
Nichols, get out at the next hatch!
I've been told to knock
you out of the chute.
- You get her?
- I'm not sure.
Make sure.
my God. Get out. Get her out
- [HANK] You should've come to me.
- What would you have done?
- I wouldn't have brought her here.
- Where else was I supposed to take her?
I don't know, but
- Judicial's here.
- What?
- Wait, how did they know she was here?
- I told them.
There is nowhere that we could
hide her they wouldn't find.
They'd tear Mechanical apart.
Everybody in the Down
Deep would pay the price.
- You asshole.
- No.
He's right.
I'm okay.
Uh, before you let 'em in, I,
uh I need a minute with Walk.
I'll try.
[SNIFFS] All things considered,
it would've been better if you'd
stayed in the Mids with your dad
when you were 13 years old.
Walk, listen-listen to me. There
are things I need to tell you, okay?
One minute, please.
- She's not going anywhere.
- [KNOX] Shirley.
- [HANK] Don't Hey!
- Don't.
Out. You, get out.
- Wait. She can't She can't leave.
- Shut up. Shut the fuck up.
- [JULIETTE] She hasn't left in 25 years.
- I said shut the fuck up.
You, over there now.
If we were alone, this would be
going very differently right now.
I wouldn't have hurt your family.
My son keeps asking if the
scary lady is coming back.
Well, how many families do you
think ask the same about you?
- Do you know what I do? Do you?
- Rob. Rob!
- Wait outside with your team.
[INHALES SHARPLY] If you'd been
able to do what you wanted to,
- you would've killed everyone in the Silo.
- People can handle the truth.
I wish I shared your optimism.
I'll have to put you in shackles.
[SIGHS] So I don't run again?
Really more for show.
I have a proposal. A deal for you.
In order to prevent rebellion
and severe Judicial repercussions
for your friends down deep,
I need you to stop saying
you didn't ask to go outside
and waive your right
to a Judicial hearing.
Just tell me what happened to George.
If you cooperate, I can
do better than tell you.
[SHIRLEY] I wish I'd
talked her out of it.
- Out of what?
- Going after that shitty
heat tape when ours ran out.
That's what pissed them off up top.
I'm sure they have a long list of
things she did that pissed them off.
Well, I'd better get
back to the control room.
Give Knox more of the silent treatment.
- Shirley.
- He turned Jules in.
You would've at least made those
assholes find her on their own.
Yeah, 'cause I'm such a hero.
Too scared to walk out that door.
Knox had no choice.
He had a choice.
We all had a choice.
Come on.
Come on, you old fool.
You're all she's got.
You're not gonna die.
Just feels like it.
Walker, what are you doing?
Getting some air.
Okay. Just wait.
Wait, just
I need water. Can I have water?
Okay, okay, okay.
[CARLA] Dogs! Settle!
You look well.
- I don't remember you being a liar.
I never expected to
see you up here again.
That makes two of us.
So, how are things in Supply?
What? Wait, this have
to do with Nichols?
Is this about that fucking heat tape?
- It is.
- You know that stunt of hers
brought Judicial down,
and that head of IT asshole.
The one who became mayor.
Why do they care so much? Your
tape is way better than theirs.
Yeah, I know. Doesn't make any sense.
Unless it does.
Unlock her.
And leave us.
If she tells anyone what she
sees, we'll have to bring them in.
She won't. We made a deal.
What is this? Wha
What are we doing here?
Mr. Sims.
I realize this is a
breach of our protocols,
but I'm making an
exception for the sheriff
- before she cleans.
Pull the surveillance of
George Wilkins on the stairs.
We never had a chance.
- How much do you wanna see?
- Go to where they stop.
- Volume.
- [DOUG] Keep walking.
[GEORGE] I need water.
We believe he deliberately
stopped in front of a camera.
By then, he knew what they looked like.
- [DOUG] Don't be stupid.
- [GEORGE] Take one more step
[BERNARD] Go in closer.
and I will be very stupid.
- [DOUG] What do you want?
- [GEORGE] You were ordered to take me alive?
- [DOUG] Yeah.
- So someone could torture me
until I gave up the hard drive
and the people I worked with.
- [DOUG] No. They just want to talk to you.
- [GEORGE] You're not a good liar.
Oh, well.
[DOUG] No!
[BERNARD] How we doing today?
Everything's pretty calm.
Hasn't been this quiet
since Holston walked.
I was rash when I said I was
worried about you being my shadow.
Tomorrow, when Nichols
is out on the hill,
we'll have another discussion, okay?
Thought you might not be
eating, so I baked you something.
I'm okay. I-I don't have
much appetite, so I'm
You remember what we always
said when you were little?
- Yeah, "At least one bite."
- "At least one bite."
Mom used to make this.
Dad, I, um
I'm sorry I blamed you for everything.
No. No, we should've talked
about it a long time ago.
Jules, honey, why'd you
say you wanted to go out?
- Was it something I could've done?
- No, I didn't I, uh
[CHUCKLES] I didn't know you were
such a good cook. It's really good.
Not bad for an old guy, huh?
[BERNARD] Bring him in.
You can go.
Lukas, owing, in part,
to your cooperation,
we have Juliette Nichols in custody.
What's gonna happen to her?
I'd be more concerned
about what happens to you.
I helped you.
Yes. And in recognition of that,
you will not be sent out to clean.
No, you will go to the mines.
Ten years.
Which is a shame,
because you have so much natural talent.
So much intellectual curiosity.
To sit in the cafeteria
night after night alone,
watching the lights in the sky.
You'll see no lights in the mines.
But maybe ten years of hauling
iron ore will set you straight.
They smell great.
Just, everyone's bringing me
food, Shirl, so [CHUCKLES]
I'm just not hungry.
Walk says if you eat 'em all,
maybe you won't fit
into the suit. [CHUCKLES]
- [SHIRLEY] You gotta taste at least one.
- No, I don't
- She said you should take the whole box
for luck.
Yeah. Yeah.
- Hey. I'm okay. I'm okay. Yeah.
"You wanted the truth.
The truth is I love you.
Have no fear, they're good in Supply."
Hey. I just got her down. [SIGHS]
Kat, there's something
I have to tell you.
What? [SIGHS]
Sims knows I have the Syndrome.
So what does that mean?
Are you fired? Do we have to move? We
We don't have to move.
And I'm not fired.
[SIGHS] The mayor and Judicial
are gonna grant me an exemption.
Thank you, Sheriff.
Do you mind giving us a few minutes?
Mister Mayor, if you don't mind,
- until it's official, I really
- I know, I know, I know.
He's such a stickler for the rules.
I can't officially swear him in until
Till I'm dead?
He'll make a great sheriff.
Probably should've been
him from the beginning.
Do you regret taking the job?
- Not at all.
- You could still be in Mechanical,
tinkering with the generator.
I want you to know that
I take no pleasure from this.
Any of it.
So quit.
Well, I think about
it at least once a day.
But I don't want to burden
you with my troubles.
You once asked me when
your troubles started.
When I stole the fucking tape.
No, your troubles started at conception.
Your parents weren't
supposed to have children.
But accidents happen.
So sending me outside, that's
your way of putting things right?
Mm-mmm. Hardly.
Every human life has value.
You've been of great
service to the Silo.
But once you became sheriff
and you started to look
into Wilkins's death
I outlived my usefulness.
You became a mortal
threat to our survival.
To our survival?
[SCOFFS] You know, if this
place needs the death of George
and Jahns, and Marnes,
the sheriff and his wife,
there's something very
wrong with this Silo.
And you know what?
I don't want to be of
great service anymore.
You were an engineer.
You watched the gauges day and night.
And if the pressure
got too high or too low,
you made adjustments,
because if you didn't, boom.
Well, I am an engineer, too.
But instead of a generator, I
keep the Silo running safely.
When Allison Becker and George
Wilkins opened that hard drive,
unless adjustments were made,
it was just a matter of time
before everything went boom.
Was my mom one of your
little adjustments?
That was her choice.
But you You know
the display is a lie.
So, why don't you just tell people
that it's okay to go outside?
And how about the door?
The massive door made of steel,
at the bottom of the
Silo, that George found.
Why don't you tell people about that?
The Founders left us
with many mysteries.
It's time we both
dressed for the occasion.
Congratulations, by the way.
You've attracted the largest
crowd we've ever had for a clean.
Even larger than Holston's.
I won't clean.
Nobody intends to, but they always do.
As the Founders, in their
wisdom, knew they would.
Which reminds me
your last request was granted.
[BERNARD] "Juliette Nichols,
you have been charged with
and convicted of violating the
cardinal law of our society.
Any spoken request to
leave the Silo is granted.
But it is irrevocable.
You've been asked to clean
and have been provided
with the materials to do so.
But you cannot be forced into cleaning.
Once outside the air lock,
you are outside the law.
We do not know why we are here.
We do not know who built the Silo.
We do not know why everything
outside the Silo is as it is.
We do not know when it
will be safe to go outside.
We only know that that
day is not this day.
Juliette Nichols,
on behalf of all the people of the Silo,
I hope you will clean
so that we will see the world
outside our sanctuary as it is
and thereby be reminded
that here is safe,
and there is not."
Juliette Nichols, have
you any last words?
I'm not afraid.
The display is a lie.
What do we do?
It won't be much longer.
[BERNARD] She'll be done
before she reaches the tree.
Right on schedule.
She knows.
Knows what?
[PANTS] They're good in Supply.
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