Sintonia (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

They Caught Cacau

Hey, hear me out.
Favela City.
Here, we're all brothers.
Look who's here.
Damn! Goddamn it! [Nando.]
We're all on a journey, following our dreams.
Just like everyone else.
What's shitty is that we can only dream with our eyes closed.
We don't have time to waste, bro.
In just one second, your whole life can change.
[gunshots, then woman screams.]
[Doni singing on phone.]
Stephano! And you are? - Donizete.
- Doni what? Donizete.
Hey, bro! Here it is.
- Thank you.
- What's up? Are you the friend from the condo? [laughs.]
- What's the matter? - This is Doni, remember? My friend who lives far away, so that's why he crashed here.
Right Honey, come and have lunch.
The maid is already setting the table.
- Come on, sweetie.
- Come on.
I'm fine.
You go.
Yo, fam.
This is MC Doni.
Check out this new song I made.
If you like it, share it, all right? I'm with you! Thanks! TITA'S PARTY IS ON VIP WOMEN + OPEN BAR UNTIL MIDNIGH FUCK IT, KEEP IT TRILL THE NEWEST ONE BY MC DONI! SUPPORT IT, FAM [man singing.]
Di, di-gui-dim, di-gui-dim Thrust it back for me Di, di-gui-dim, di-gui-dim, di-gui-dim Thrust it back for me Of course Of course, she [Jussara.]
Go try to get a job at Gato's meat market to help me out! [Cacau.]
Stop, Mom! To the cavaco sound [Jussara.]
From home to school and then straight home, do you hear me? [Cacau.]
Okay, Mom Stop! [Jussara.]
And be careful with that Rita girl, - I warned you already! - [Cacau.]
And stop buying these expensive sneakers and do something for your mother for a change.
Hey, Luana, all good? Let's meet in the park later today.
I'll get it from a friend, but this is the last time, okay? Talk to you later.
Nando, if you don't want to come with me to the bloc party, I'll go with the girls.
Yeah, then all the dudes will say my girl was at the bloc party? Not to mention your girls will all be chasing dick.
They'll be chasing dick, not me.
Besides, when was the last time you took me out to the mall? - Scheyla, I can't be hanging around.
- Why not? Damn, you ask a lot of questions, worse than a cop.
Don't talk to me like that.
I'm top secret.
I can't be taking risks.
Forgive me, Godfather! That's right.
That's why you're with me.
- Come on! - Right, baby girl? Your boss doesn't even know your name.
I don't care.
Soon everybody will know my name.
[woman on PA.]
José Inácio, please proceed to office number seven.
Hey, there.
- What's up, girl? - You good? Hey! - What's with the hair? - Ha.
- Enough of straightening it.
- I dig it.
I dig the new shoes too.
Looks cool.
Did you hear it? Oh, girl Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do.
You know what's best for you.
It's easy for you to say.
What's the big deal? You gotta go after your independence.
- Hey.
- Hey, good afternoon.
Otherwise you'll be asking for permission forever.
Have mercy! The time is now, sis.
Let's go.
Can I go peddling with you? Of course you can.
Your mom already hates me anyway.
- [laughs.]
- Yeah! But this is no cakewalk, you have to bust your ass.
I'll meet you by the barbershop, - Okay? - Sure.
- She's tired.
- Hey, Nando.
What's up, bro? - What's up? - I need to talk you.
Can you arrange something for me? Like a quick fix to make my day? Come with me.
He'll be back soon.
- [Nando.]
Are you fucking crazy? - [man.]
Why, bro? I'm with my family.
Show some respect.
Isn't it what you do? You're a user, right? You know where to find it.
Get out of here! Go! What's the matter? It's none of your business.
Fuck off! [man singing.]
She audaciously goes on shaking She goes on sitting She goes on thrusting - What's up? - Hey, Rita.
All good, Formiga? - Fine, and you? - Good.
- What's new? - I came to get that stuff.
- The stuff, right? - Yeah.
- This shit's great.
- Good shit? Sure.
Hey, this isn't on the cuff.
Don't get me wrong.
I'll deliver first, then settle it.
Hey, Rita, when will you give me some sugar? I'm always around.
That's the one.
Fucking brat.
[sirens chirping and wailing.]
[sirens trilling.]
Are you by yourselves? Damn, the dude is late again! Juninho fired him.
Goddamn it - Thank you.
- See you.
Look at the time, Doni! Sorry.
Go refill the stock.
Where were you? Doing a school project, but the bus back took two hours.
Let it go then, I'll do it myself later.
Let me help you, then we can have lunch together.
All right.
Oh, take these with you, please.
[cell phone chimes, then funk music plays.]
Son! No funk in the store.
Some customers don't like it.
Texting at the table? [cell phone chimes.]
[chiming continues.]
[chiming increases.]
What's up, MC Doni? This is Denise from Funkbeat.
We heard the song you sent to us and You're good, man.
We're going to be at the bloc party.
Show up so we can talk, all right? [crowd screaming and cheering.]
Drop the phone and eat.
What? School stuff.
Hey, my man.
- Hey, bro.
- All good? - Are you good? - What's up? I got here and found them working alone.
What happened? That dude is no good.
I kicked him out.
Come here.
These guys are making a mess.
This is no madhouse.
Cool to see your performance.
Bro, same wave.
We should stick together.
Same wave? All of a sudden you're a fucking drug lord, is that it? Hell, no.
I'm just doing what I think is fair and right Dude, hear me out.
You're greedy.
Just play it cool with that anxiety, because greedy eyes don't stand a chance here.
Dawg, this shit's really good.
Bro, this is imported stuff.
Straight from Spain.
Even those far from the stage will see it.
You bet, but my song needs 10 million plays so I can pay for all this.
Now I'm tight with the dudes at Funkbeat, so I'll pay.
Do you think it's that easy, bro? Hey, and them sharp bougie labels? Do you have some? Man, drop by my crib.
My cousin sells those.
Hey, guys.
What's up? Hey, bro.
All good? - [Doni.]
I'll drop by.
- Hey.
Yeah, I'll do that.
- What's up? - Hey.
All good? What the hell? Got into college? Yes, I got in with flying colors.
Joking - Remember the song I sent you? - Yeah.
The guys from Funkbeat heard it and asked me to show up at the bloc party to talk.
No shit? - For real.
- [Rivaldo.]
Doni, don't rush things, bro.
Because these guys like to talk a lot.
Drop it, Rivaldo! - Come on! - Drop what, man? We'll get to the bloc party with a Mr.
Nobody and walk out with a Funkbeat MC, motherfuckers! I told you I was born to shine.
You didn't believe me.
After I sign up with the label, I want all of you off my back.
I'll be at my mansion in Guarujá, with my mom and dad - Good one! - Real deal.
Then the hood's rich boy will be the hood's boy at the rich mansion.
Shut up, bro! [all laughing.]
Goddamn! It looks dope, bro! Let me see.
Cool! Awesome.
Tonight's the ball Speed up that car We're all coming We're all coming The favela has won Spread out the word We're all coming All done? Done.
Did Juninho drop by? Not yet, can you believe it? But he's probably coming back to do the pickup.
It's a matter of time.
I have a question.
What's the deal with Ritinha? She's my sister.
Just asking, man.
- It's Rita for you.
- That's how it's going to be? You're sleazy.
I know you.
- Me? Are you crazy? - Yeah.
Wait a second.
Hold this.
Damn, it's heavy.
Take mine, so you don't carry so much weight.
Take it.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
Everyone, we've got Black Friday here! Three lenses for 15 reals.
Get yours now.
Hey, guys, what's up? Good morning! Look, get your full three-lens kit here.
Do you know how much this product costs online? Tell them! Thirty reals.
Thirty reals.
But in my hands, madam, it's Black Friday.
- Black Friday! - Only for 15 reals! - Only 15 reals.
- Fish-eye, macro and wide.
You're missing out, my friend.
- Come get yours! - You're killing! Let's go? Not yet.
Hold your horses.
All right, everyone! Black Friday, 15 reals! Only 15 reals! Wow! We've got a customer here! Thank you.
God bless you! Come on, everyone Rita, let's go.
It's rush hour.
Cacau, you said you'd tag along.
Let's do it right.
You said it was going to be full of cops.
Easy! Damn, Cacau! Hey, girl, all good? Hey, everyone! - Come on, energy! - I think it's the cops.
Hey, everyone! - The cops, damn it! - What? We're taking a break.
It's a break.
- This way, damn it! - Stop! - I've got you! - [screams.]
No, let me go! I didn't do anything! - Where are the goods? - What goods? What's this? - Is this weed? - I don't know.
Let's go, girl.
Please, I don't know where this weed came from.
CHECK OUT THE DEALS OF THE WEEK XI MARKE Dad, I need to talk to you.
Look at that! - Doesn't he look like a parrot? - [laughs.]
Stop, Dad.
Do you think you're special? This will never earn you respect.
- Respect comes from work.
- I work hard here.
I know you want to have fun It's not for fun, I've told you.
I've got this thing.
You have to study and help me out.
Hear me out for once! Get that hair fixed.
Quit the hair talk.
I've got something tomorrow night.
Tomorrow night, we're going to church.
Get that hair fixed.
[engines revving and brakes screeching on TV.]
I prefer the soccer one.
Just because I kill it in this one.
Fuck it! Nando, are you a sore loser? Wait your turn to play what you like.
[knocking continues.]
Damn, Doni, you can't drop in here like that.
You didn't answer me, so I came down here.
- What's up, bro? - All good? Chill.
Have a seat.
- What's up? - Check this out.
The Funkbeat guys asked me to go to the bloc party for a talk No way, bro! Nando and I are going.
Right, Nando? Looking sharp, Doni boy.
Your friend will be there, he can watch over me.
Scheyla, leave us alone.
Damn! Funkbeat is dope.
Spill it, bro.
I know you.
What's wrong? I wanted to add in a little trap, but it's not coming together yet.
- Show me.
- Like this: [singing.]
Tonight's the ball Speed up that car We're all coming! Only the chorus.
Do it again.
Tonight's the ball Speed up that car "Party" instead of "ball.
" - Change it.
- Okay.
Tonight's the party Speed up that car "Ride" instead of "car.
" - Change again? - Yeah.
Tonight's the party Speed up that ride We're all coming Yeah, bro! It's dope! Tonight's the party Speed up that ride We're all coming We're all coming Cool stuff, bro! Rita has confirmed it.
You're coming too, right? The three of us.
Have you seen Cacau? [Formiga.]
If you see her, let me know.
Sure thing.
Give me your number.
Come on, man.
This is serious.
Chill, Ritinha.
She's probably just hanging around.
- All right, see you.
- Bye.
Hi, Mr.
Ismael, all good? - Is it still two for five? - Yes, okay.
- Have you seen Cacau? - [Ismael.]
- Okay.
- No problem.
Hi, have you seen Cacau? - No.
- No.
Cacau is fucking missing.
Where's my daughter? She's just a child, for God's sake! You want me to calm down? To hell with that! I want to know where my daughter is.
God, please protect my sister.
She got my daughter into her mess! I want my daughter! - [man 1.]
Afternoon, Mrs.
- [man 2.]
Good day, boss.
This place is a mess, isn't it? They'll tidy it up, Márcia.
When Badáwas around, it looked like this.
If my husband was smart, he wouldn't be in jail.
- Would you like some water? - Water? Go get her a Coke.
What's going on? Guys, here's the thing.
This is the order you'll get.
THE CHICKEN This is the rat.
What's the deal? I know this dude from a long time ago.
He's dirty.
He's fucking with our expansion.
Márcia, with all due respect to you and our boss Badá, who's in jail, here's the thing, we're going to kill this guy on our turf, but who'll do the job? The Higher Ranks - call the shots.
- Sure thing.
He's been fucking with us for ages.
He's better off dead than alive.
- Sure thing.
- I'm done talking.
Get the shit done.
Hey, boss.
Tell them I'm on it.
I'm with you till the end.
Now if I carry this deed out, do I get baptized into the Journey? [chuckles.]
Badáwill kill me if he hears I assigned this mission to a baby.
- You want to get me in trouble? - Boss, I'm nobody.
The cops don't know me.
If I go to jail or get killed, no problem.
That's true.
I just need some heat and a ride.
Don't you chicken out.
You won't budge, huh? And you like to talk.
Let's see if you're for real.
[Luana on message.]
Hey, homie, all good? What about the weed? Fuck, the weed! Damn it! Where's the weed? Was it in the backpack? [knocking.]
Hey, Rita! [knocking continues.]
Open the door! I know you're in there! [knocking continues.]
Open the door, bitch! If you won't open it I'll come back to get you! Watch out! - MUST GO CRAZY AT THE BLOC PARTY TODAY - KEEP IT TRILL BELINHA: DONDOKA'S NEW HIT TODAY, FAMILY! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHERE ARE YOU? CACAU? Cacau, girl! Where are you? I'm worried about you! Let me know.
Please reply.
I love you, sis.
[doorbell rings.]
Hi, Rita.
Hi, ma'am.
You don't need to ask.
Of course you can stay.
But what happened? It's personal.
Telling the truth makes you feel better.
Come with us to the church tonight.
You will feel really well.
- [Rita.]
Church? - [Lucrécia.]
What is it? Tell her, Doni.
I'm sorry, Mom, I can't go.
I have to meet the people who liked my song.
What madness is this, son? - Tell me, son! - It's not madness.
I need your help with Dad.
- Did you talk to him? - I tried, but he won't listen.
- Son - He won't listen to me.
I say it's important, but he pretends it's not.
Talk to him.
[cellphone chimes.]
He's right there.
That's him.
[police siren chirps.]
Let's go! Hurry! What are you missing? My mom's picture isn't here.
Damn it! I can't believe I left it in my bedroom.
SEE YOU AT THE BLOC PARTY I really need it.
Your dad's proud of you for staying and studying.
Go in ten minutes.
Did you lie to him? Lying is a sin.
I bought you some time until you can work up the nerve.
Listen, next week you'll go to church.
I'm in.
You're awesome.
- Be good.
- See you.
Let's go.
Easy, man! She said ten minutes.
But Jaspion and Rivaldo are coming.
Doni, I'm not sure I'm going.
You're not going? Are you crazy? I told Nando already! Funkbeat! Come on, let's go.
Hi, beautiful.
[rock music blaring over speakers.]
[motorcycle approaches.]
Hey! Get out! [woman screaming.]
Go! Hurry! Go! [music plays over speakers.]
[laughing and engines revving.]
Hey, guys! [Jaspion.]
Are you down for some adrenaline? [Doni.]
Quit fucking around! Let's get to the bloc party! [Rivaldo.]
Whoo-hoo! Let's go downtown, bro.
Hold tight! [engines rev.]
[siren chirps.]
Hold on tight! [men singing.]
[dance music blares over speakers.]
Oh, man.
- Fuck, yeah.
- Take a look.
[all laughing.]
Fuck yeah, Doni.
Are you with me? Doni, where the fuck is Nando? [cellphone ringing.]
What's wrong? You've been calling nonstop.
Bro, did you forget about the fluxo tonight? Are you with someone? No, I'm going home.
We're waiting for you here.
I need you here.
I've got a shitload on my plate right now.
- Seriously, man? - Yeah.
Rita is here with me.
I said it was gonna be the three of us.
Come soon, bro.
[man singing.]
If the party is wild She shakes her buns So shake it, go ahead [dance music blares over speakers.]
If the party is wild She shakes her buns Hey! Take it easy, it's all good! Look who's here, guys! - Nando, my man! - Brother! I didn't think you were coming.
- What's up, Jaspion? - Hey! Are you good? Where's Scheyla? Where's Scheyla? - Damn, she'll be pissed off! - No! Fuck! Have you met the guys? They told me the Funkbeat guys would be there.
Let's go there.
Sure, let's go.
[music changes.]
Everything okay, Doni? That's my song, man! That's my song, man! [woman singing.]
We're struggling for a long time People don't understand our situation What the fuck? They stole my song! Damn, I know this voice.
Play it cool, brother.
Play it cool? They stole his song! [woman singing.]
our homeboys riding a whip Wearing all the nice brands Rolling with the gear Who's singing this shit? - Doni, stop! - Fucking answer me! - Someone control this lunatic.
- Listen, Doni.
You're acting like a child.
Today is party time, tomorrow we'll fix it.
What's going on? What is it, man? This is my song! It's his song, bro? Shut up! It's Dondoka's new hit.
That bitch stole my song! Doni, hear me out! We're going to settle this tomorrow, now we go back home.
Let's go.
- Come on, let's go! - Let's go, move it! [Dondoka singing.]
We're all coming We're all coming Tonight's the party Speed up that ride [Rita.]
I need to stop by my house to get some stuff.
What stuff? Important stuff.
Just drive, bro.
First thing today, I'll pay Dondoka a visit.
Doni, that's not how it goes.
Take it easy.
What are you saying? I've gotta be quick.
The song will be old news real soon.
- It must be today.
- Chill, Doni.
- What? Man, his face is destroyed.
Wow, crazy [woman.]
Here she comes.
Hey! Where do you think you're going? What's going on? What's up, Rita? Having fun at the ball? Answer her! Were you having fun? Talk! It's all your fault.
My daughter's there with a bunch of crackheads right now.
You scum! Bitch! Where's Cacau? - Cynic! - Where is she? For God's sake! Don't play dumb, girl.
It's all your fault, Rita! Your fault! What's going on? Where's Cacau, please tell me! Don't play dumb, because she told me! She told me the weed was yours! Fucking stoner! [Rita.]
Where's Cacau? - You scumbag! Shitty stoner! - What weed? - Jussara, for God's sake! - Film her! I want everyone to see this.
I told my daughter not to hang out with you! - Let me go! - Are you scared now? Bitch! Are you fucking crazy? Fuck you! Show me respect! Do you think I raised my daughter to become a scumbag like you? - Please, Jussara! - You bitch! - You scum! - [woman.]
Beat the hell out of her! Who do you think you're dealing with? I'm not done talking to you.
Look at me when I'm talking to you! - [Rita crying.]
Damn! Stop! - Scum! - You bitch! - Easy! It's enough! Goddamn it! Stop! I'm not done yet! Get your hands off me! [cameras clicking.]
This world's full of crazy people.
- [woman.]
She has to learn the lesson.
- [Jussara.]
I'll kill this Rita! What the hell, bro? [women screaming.]
Stop this shit! Stop it! Stop now! Keep your shit together! What was that? Put the phones down, please.
If I see any of this online, you're screwed! Phones down, madam.
- What's this all about? - This bitch took my girl to join her in her scams.
And now Cacau is in there with a bunch of psychos! Do you think it's right? Bitch! Are you crazy, damn it? Before hitting her, you have to bring this to us! Bring it to you, my ass! I'll never fucking talk to you.
You don't handle anything here.
After Badáwas locked up this hood became a mess! Badá's in jail.
Now we're in charge! You know our hood's full of cops! Fuck your bossy attitude.
You know I've got my hustles too.
Fuck off! Where is Cacau, Jussara? Are you still talking to me, you shit? - Hold her! - Stop! - Hands off! - Enough! You watch your attitude, do you hear me? If I see you losing it again, you're in trouble.
Let's go to the hospital.
Only if you want to go to jail.
Let's go to my place.
Not your place.
I don't want your mom and dad to see me like this.
- Fuck you! - Watch it! [Jussara.]
Stoner! Subtitle translation by Patricia Bins Ely
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