Siren (2018) s02e13 Episode Script

The Outpost

1 Previously on Siren It looks like a person.
A person in a place impossible to reach without gear.
What do you think it means? Ricky, is there something you're not telling me? Helen's made contact with our kind.
You're telling me they're in Bristol Cove? Do you think the group was capable of murdering my father? They'd do anything to protect the secret.
They will be watching.
It'll be okay.
We can't let them see everything.
Not dark anymore.
Whatever you were exposed to down there, it helped.
This pattern of you not trusting me's getting really old.
What am I supposed to tell my C.
? Tell him that the mission was a success.
I'm on your side.
I need you to remember that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thanks for meeting me.
Tell me you got something more interesting than a pileup on the I-5.
Interesting enough that people in high places want it buried.
Oh, yeah? Take a look at that.
Tell me if it's the real thing.
Who is it? No clue.
It was taken the night the Klesco drill rig went down.
Underwater at the site.
Lighting, shadow, proportions.
There's no breaks in the footage.
Doesn't look like it was computer generated.
So it's authentic? Well, it hasn't been doctored, if that's what you're asking.
How deep did you say this was? About 2,500 feet.
No human could dive that deep.
I think somebody must be messing with you.
- Can you enhance it? - Mm-hmm.
Who are you? [SOFT MUSIC.]
Ben and Maddie are better.
Going to that place, I feel like myself again.
Thank you for taking us.
We make love? [OMINOUS MUSIC.]
Helen? I had an unexpected visitor.
Who's the lucky guy? You'll never guess.
Tall glass of water, baby blue eyes.
Levi's on land.
He showed up out of the blue.
Imagine my surprise.
But, apparently, we share an appreciation of classic film.
We'll be right over.
We gotta go.
Ryn, get dressed.
He's upstairs.
We go.
Uh, Ben, uh Everything okay? These people I met, the ones like me, I think they may be dangerous.
There are things you should know.
Ryn, I made some tea.
Ryn? What is this? It is almost time to make baby.
Mating season.
This is what happens? You glow? Yes.
It's mating season.
What is about to go down in my living room? Not now.
Females know when.
We choose partner.
Good you are here.
We will go back in water when I am ready.
You and Levi? Important.
Their population is dwindling.
Another problem, too.
We are many seasons without babies.
No one's gotten pregnant? How long? Very long.
Birthrates are down in almost all marine mammals.
- Why? - Lot of reasons.
Pollution, global warming.
Pesticides, pharmaceutical waste.
I'm so sorry, Ryn.
We could run tests on both of you.
Try to find out what the problem is before you go back.
Ben can fix.
We can try to figure out what's going on.
Hey, yo.
Where's Aquaman? He still with Helen? What's going on? Those dudes, the ones from the poker game, they came by my place last night.
I had to scale the balcony.
Thank God Janine was at her mom's.
I need him back, man.
To stand watch.
He's not your bodyguard, man.
I mean, you got yourself into this mess.
You gotta just find a way to earn that money back.
How? I can barely pay my own bills.
I don't know, maybe get a boring, shitty job like the rest of us? Now, if you'll excuse me, there is a, uh A mess in the men's room that I have to clean up.
Yeah, don't ask.
All right, just a pinch.
We're gonna take yours and Ryn's to the lab.
Gonna test for any hormones or chemicals that might be causing the infertility.
This means no babies? There might be an obvious cause.
Hopefully we can figure it out.
We'll also check your reproductive health What's happening inside you With a doctor before you go back.
- Levi, too? - His blood will help us, but we want to keep him away from the lab.
It's better if the military doesn't know he's on land.
All right, I'm gonna take Levi to Helen's.
I'll meet you guys back at the lab.
- Hey, man.
- Ben.
Hey, how's the, uh, internship? Lot of blood.
A sea lion got injured.
Can I do anything for you? Um I've got a source at Klesco Oil.
He claims the military is covering up what happened with the rig.
The military? Why Why would they be involved? I don't know.
I thought you might have a theory.
It sounds pretty far-fetched to me.
The guy seems to know what he's talking about, though.
I also got my hands on some surveillance footage.
- Surveillance footage? - [DOOR OPENS.]
- Ian.
- Hey, Maddie.
Good to see you.
This is, uh, Ryn, our other intern.
Maddie, why don't you go on ahead? - We'll catch up.
- Sure.
- You were saying? - What? You said you had some footage.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I do.
But it's too dark and grainy to be any good.
Uh If I hear anything, I'll let you know.
- Yeah.
- All right, I gotta go.
Uh, I'm looking for John.
Are you a family member? You could say that.
I'm sorry to be the one to tell you.
John passed away last night.
I was, uh, just here yesterday.
It was very unexpected.
In his sleep.
Um Did you, uh, notice anything, um, unusual? I mean, was he showing signs of dementia Confusion or paranoia? Oh, no.
I brought him his dinner last night, and he was his usual cheerful self.
If it's any comfort, I'm told it was peaceful.
Well, at least we can be thankful for that.
You and Ryn have a strong connection.
Something chemical between you.
Chemical? You're drawn to each other.
In mating season, this feeling comes.
Not Levi's choice.
On land, men make choice.
And women, too.
Ben mates with Maddie.
Uh, we call it sex.
It's another word for mate.
Who else Ben mates with? Well, Ryn.
Maybe Ben and Ryn make baby.
That wouldn't help your species, though.
So, what, you're just camping out here now, or? Hey, I'm taking your advice and looking for jobs.
Legit ones.
Anything good? Mm, sous chef? Dude, you barely know how to use a knife and fork.
Ah, requires culinary school anyway.
Oh, there's a good one Deputy Sheriff.
Hmm? Good pay, good benefits.
Shit, no DUIs.
I told you prom night would bite you in the ass.
Why is this so hard? I just want minimal hours, maximum capital, and no one to answer to.
You should just run for President.
I hear there's gonna be an opening.
Yeah, I'd be good, too.
Just keep looking, yeah? - You'll find something.
- Yeah.
Oh, you're very good at that.
Like in ocean.
It's beautiful.
You keep working.
I need to make a phone call.
I will watch Helen's shop.
Thank you.
Any change? Well, compared to her baseline, she has elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone.
That makes sense.
My body change during mating season.
I glow.
What are those? Are they hormones, too? They're similar, but they're not an exact match.
I never seen anything like them before.
I'll have them analyzed, but in the meantime, I would like to do an MRI.
Uh, he just wants to take images.
Like photos.
It helps us see inside you.
Like we did for my brain and Ben's.
Okay, yes.
We look inside.
- Hello? - Rick, it's Helen.
I'm sorry to bother you at work.
- Is everything okay? - No, it's not.
John Rooney, the older man we met at the picnic? He's dead.
What happened? Was he sick? No.
He died yesterday after suggesting to me that these people, our relatives, may be very dangerous.
Dangerous how? They may have murdered my father.
- Is that what he told you? - Yes.
And he thought that somebody was watching him.
Maybe they didn't like that he was talking to me.
So you think they had him killed? Well, it seems like more than a coincidence.
I'm Beth.
You Are like Helen.
Helen and I are family.
Like you and I.
Did you know there are many others here on land? Like us? Others.
Would you like to meet them? - They are here? - Not far.
They would very much like to meet you.
I can take you.
I don't know, Helen.
I think you're blowing this out of proportion.
They did abduct us.
Let's not forget that.
Out of desperation.
Well maybe this is desperation, too.
My gut is telling me something is not right.
Well, Beth didn't trust you, either.
Not until I told her.
Told her what? That they were here.
Who? The full-blooded ones.
Oh, Rick.
Oh, you Oh, you shouldn't have done that.
- Levi! Helen? What's going on? You need to get over here! Your sister has taken Levi! This is me? Inside? This is your reproductive system.
- You have a bicornuate uterus which can be found in whales and dolphins.
But you also have a single ovary, which is a feature seen in certain types of sharks.
So she's healthy? I see no damage, no abnormalities.
This is great news, Ryn.
Now I just need to analyze those samples we brought back.
Water from home.
If I work quickly, we may have some answers before you go back.
Levi's gone.
- Where? - I don't know.
He went with one of those people Helen was telling me about.
Didn't she think they were dangerous? Look, you keep working here.
Ryn can come with me.
Helen said there's a couple of places we can check.
Early mornin' Feet are freezin' Yo, no civilians behind the bar.
Come on.
But I don't mind It's all right - Is this yours? - [XANDER.]
What is it? Application for the Sheriff's Academy.
Must be one of the busboys.
Come on, Xan.
You're applying? Thinking about it.
You remember when, um, it was Career Day and Maddie's dad came in, gave a talk? Must've slept through that one.
You could really tell that Dale just I don't know, he loved what he did.
How proud he was.
Just be nice to feel that way about something.
You should do it.
I'm serious, Xan.
You'd be good.
Yeah? You would.
I found him.
The one I saw before.
He's with me now.
I need you to gather the others.
I will.
Voicemail again.
I'm sure she'll call back.
Yeah, well, we're not waiting for her to call back.
Ben and Ryn are on their way to the other place where they kept us, and we need to get in here.
So what do you want to do, break in? No, we'll use the key.
How do you know there's a key? It's the suburbs.
There's always a key.
- Helen, no.
- Yes.
My brother-in-law will press charges.
Relax, we're family.
Huh! You're more afraid of her than I am.
I'm not afraid.
I'm just trying to make things right.
Well, maybe you shouldn't have told her anything to begin with.
Caspian Ranch.
Sound familiar? No.
I saw this place in a photo John had.
Excuse me.
I don't mean to bother you.
Any of you happen to be out on the water the night the oil rig went down? Many tools.
Why? You never know what you might need.
All right.
Helen said that they had her in the basement.
Maybe they keep Levi there.
Why they do this? Take Helen? They thought she might tell people about who they are.
How they're related to your kind.
Like secret.
They are afraid? They think that if humans knew, they would do something bad to them.
This happened to my people.
Long time ago.
The massacre? Many, many killed.
Mothers made to watch their babies die.
Why do humans do things like this? Sometimes because they're afraid.
Sometimes, I don't know, angry.
You know about this.
Just from what Helen told me and from what I read in her books.
But when things like that happen, they're hard to forget.
Never forget.
No Levi.
Another room? Levi? Yeah, we should check it out.
These tools like ours.
That's Beth's car right there.
Yeah, this must be the place.
It's happening again.
I feel.
It's beautiful.
I must wait.
Go in water with Levi.
Hello? I think we found them at a ranch in Larchwood.
Beth's car is here.
Send me the address.
Ryn and I are on our way.
Of course.
If I find Levi, I'll text you.
Helen? Be careful.
We will.
Ready? Yeah.
Come on.
Commander Kyle would like to see you.
Me? Did he say what it's about? He did not.
We're looking for Beth.
What's going on? I'm not sure.
Helen, Ricky.
- Looking for me? - I've been calling you.
It's been an unusual day.
Really? Because I'm getting the feeling that abduction is par for the course around here.
- No one's been abducted.
- Where's Levi? He's perfectly safe.
He's one of us, Helen.
We wouldn't hurt him.
And yet John is dead.
Maybe the three of us should have a talk.
In private.
What's wrong with him? He's been adversely affected by prolonged exposure to the recording of your friend's song.
So you're torturing him? Quite the opposite.
This is the song that you recorded underwater.
We're hoping it'll reverse the damage.
Obviously, we're still in the early stages.
You wanted to see me? I did.
This way.
So I hear you're doing fertility tests on Ryn.
That's right.
We'd like to understand her reproductive system.
Well, it's come to my attention you have a male blood sample as well.
Where did you get that? We got it a while back, before the rest of Ryn's people went back in the water.
Well, it's important work, given the rapid decline in their population.
Who told you their population's in decline? There's nothing that goes on in my lab I don't know about.
Uh, listen, I'd like to do everything I can to help.
We appreciate it.
Well, the military has done advanced work around the world with endangered species.
We're using IVF technology to save the northern white rhino in Africa, so who's to say that we couldn't accomplish the same thing for your friends right here? You're talking about creating mermaid embryos here in the lab? It's a possibility, yeah.
If we had access to a male.
There's Helen's car.
She hasn't answered my texts.
No, no, no.
Ryn, wait.
John told me how dangerous your little group is.
This is a community.
Yes, we have a secret.
And, yes, they need protection from the outside world.
But they're your secrets, too, Helen.
You can understand that.
And you'd go to any length to preserve it.
Our survival depends on it.
But it doesn't mean we killed John.
My father was also killed.
Or was that just a coincidence? That happened before I was born.
- Oh, so you admit he was killed? - [BETH.]
I didn't say that.
Just give her a chance to explain.
You know You know, you can You can sit there in judgment.
But can you imagine what would happen if we were found out? Seeing how "others" are treated in this country? I can guarantee we'd be victimized, if not rounded up.
You're fearmongering to control these people.
150 years ago, Charles Pownall led a massacre.
You can't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen today.
That family, the Pownalls, they're all still around.
You know this.
You live in Bristol Cove.
What? We are Pownalls.
The three of us.
Descended from Charles.
What?! Our Our great-great-grandparents fled from the massacre.
They didn't lead it.
It was on the DNA test that led me to Rick.
She never told me that.
The three of us are descended from the baby Charles had with his mermaid.
Why would our ancestors hide the truth? - Maybe they were scared.
Sorry to interrupt.
We're ready out here.
Thank you.
I am warning you.
Don't say a word.
No one can know.
My God.
You are okay? Yes.
We go.
We just need to find Helen.
Meredith? Who's this? [GASP.]
What is your name? I am Ryn.
I am Beth.
I'm so glad you came.
- Where's Helen? - And who are you? This is Ben.
He's with me.
Do we know you? I don't think so.
Helen is here.
She's fine.
We take Levi and go.
No, no, please.
Don't go yet.
We've waited so long.
We weren't sure if those like you would ever return to land.
We're your Family.
We'd love it if you could join us.
Ben, you're invited, too.
We have to go.
Ryn and Levi are going back to the water.
Back? Oh, no, please.
Please don't go.
These are our people.
We stay.
I'm gonna come out swingin' - I ain't backin' down - Xander McClure? I'm Ian Sutton.
I know you? - Hey, Sutton.
- Hey.
Uh, Xan, this is the guy I was telling you about.
The, uh The reporter? Oh, yeah.
Uh, what can we do for you? You two have a minute to chat about the Klesco Oil attack? - Uh - Sure.
- Why not? - Why not? - I'm unstoppable - Yeah, sure.
You know, I spoke with a fisherman who remembers seeing you two the night of the attack out on the water.
Oh, yeah? Who? Anonymous source.
They said your boat was out there about three miles from the Klesco drillship.
Isn't that the same length of fishing line you guys purchased that day? - At, uh - [SNAPS.]
Walker Fishing Supply.
See, the thing I can't tell in all this is how the North Star burned.
Fuel line malfunction.
What exactly are you saying? I know you two had something to do with what happened out there.
Sounds to me like you got nothing more than a theory.
Look, I know something bigger's happening here.
Something with the military and whatever creature you guys caught way back when.
That's what I'm really after.
If you guys can give me proof of these things, something better than that crappy video you showed me, I'll make that the story.
I'll leave you and your eco-terrorism out of it.
Here's my card.
I'm sure you two wanna talk it over.
Something very odd is going on around here.
We have two new family members joining us tonight, and I don't just mean Helen and Rick, who some of you have already met.
Our family is blessed to be joined by two full-bloods.
There's Helen.
You think these people are bad? I'm don't know what they want from you.
Ryn, Levi, would you come with me? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
Ryn insisted on staying.
This place is getting stranger by the minute.
Everyone, this is Ryn and Levi.
"'Why do you look toward the sea, ' they ask?" The sistren who swam from you shall presently emerge.
Our sistren who rise shall be strong.
"Warriors of land and sea.
" Well, there goes my future.
Eco-terrorism isn't gonna look great on my résumé.
You think he'd take a bribe? What are you gonna bribe him with? Yeah, good point.
But we gotta give him something.
Just to shut him up till this thing dies down.
Like what? Like her.
No, we're not gonna do that, man.
We gotta think of something else.
Ben, it's happening again.
Not in here! Not in here.
We gotta get you guys back in the water.
Yes, that would be Yeah, I know why you look so familiar.
You're a Pownall.
Uh, you must be mistaken.
This man is a Pownall.
He's a descendant of Charles, who killed our kind.
I think now would be a very good time for me to tell your friends that there's more than one descendent of Charles Pownall here.
They'd never believe you.
- Why don't we find out? - I'm a friend.
I'm not here to hurt anyone.
Our visitors would like to leave.
Back off.
So you're just gonna let them all go, huh? [BETH.]
Don't worry.
We'll get them back.
You don't tell me before about your family.
We talk about it, and you say nothing.
I was afraid.
- Afraid? - Of this.
Of you thinking that I am the same as Charles.
Ben is friend.
Yeah, I'm trying to be.
In water, we kill for food, protection.
Ben's family kill because they are angry.
I'm ashamed that I am related to someone who could do that.
I made a mistake.
I should have told you.
Hey, we got Levi.
So he's okay? Yeah, he's fine.
We're almost there.
Watch and wait It's closer every step you take You can't run You can't hide On and on and on The bell is ringing And they know you're here Ryn, you're beautiful.
Time to go in the water.
Make more.
- On and on and on - Ryn.
The bell is ringing And they know you're here On and on and on The bell is ringing Oh, the time is near I see your halo fallin' Comin' unstable, darlin' Don't cry for mercy Nobody's comin' I see your halo fallin' I see your halo fallin' Comin' unstable, darlin' Let's get some rest.
We might not wanna go back to your place.
What do you mean? There are cameras in the houseboat.
They've been watching us? Who knows how long.
They were watching this morning.
Hey, man, if you're looking to kill me, just say so.
I'm not gonna kill you, man.
I just want to show you something.
What the hell? [IAN.]
What is this? A graveyard? [XANDER.]
Yeah, used to be.
Looks like somebody beat us to it.