Sister Boniface Mysteries (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Song for the Dead

1 [light melodic music.]
[Radio DJ.]
Well, Great Slaughter definitely has a case - of the hippy hippy shakes.
- Reggie, Reggie! [Radio DJ.]
Four lovely lads tipped by "Wild Beat" magazine as the next big thing are playing a string of local gigs, starting in the old Town Hall tonight.
Here they are, The Queenmakers with their new single, "Out of Sight.
" Out of sight - [camera clicking.]
- [melodic rock and roll music.]
She's so sunny, I'm not wearing shades She's so bright So, is it true you all hail from Manchester? That's right, Tony, he's our creative force, he writes, he plays bass, the fans call him the moody one.
Yeah, well, that's 'cause I've not met you all.
- [Alan chuckling.]
- [camera clicking.]
And there's Pete, now, he may be the baby of the group, but he plays lead guitar like an old soul.
[camera clicking.]
[melodic drumming music.]
The best rock and roll drummer in the country.
He, well, he lets his drums do the talking.
[camera clicking.]
And then of course there's our rhythm guitarist and lead singer, Reggie.
Oh, yes, where is our fan favourite? Sorry to interrupt, DI Gillespie.
Oh, no problem, I hope? Your officers have everything under control? Of course, now this one managed to twist my arm to get backstage.
All in a good cause, I assure you, how exciting.
Um, the sisters wondered if we could impose on you for an autograph? So we might auction your album at the next fundraiser.
Of course, Sister, yes.
- [camera clicking.]
- She's a rocker at heart.
-I'll have you know, -[camera clicking.]
I was actually quite the jiver back in the day.
Now that I'd like to see.
- There you are.
- Thank you.
And now it appears we are one corner short of a square.
Ah, yeah, well, Reggie's just giving one of the fans a guided tour of the changing room.
I'd like one of those myself.
Out of, out of, out of sight [camera clicking.]
[background people chattering.]
Oh, sir, I'm not, I just didn't think I'd see anyone.
You look lovely, Peggy, very um, pink.
[solemn orchestral music.]
Thank you, Reggie, the triangle is squared.
I've got to say, I didn't know the press round here was so impressive.
Careful, flattery will get you headlines.
What about a personal interview then? Maybe I could help put the story to bed.
- [camera clicking.]
- Seriously, Alan, what have you done to these shirts? I thought someone had left a pin in mine earlier.
Not me, anyway, you look sizzling.
Now time to give those fans what they want, huh? [laughs.]
Ooh, just listen to them out there, this will be a show to die for.
[audience screaming.]
[melodic orchestral music.]
Ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah [audience screaming.]
[camera clicking.]
How we doing? [audience screaming.]
Are you alright? [audience screaming.]
Where's Reggie? Oh, he's probably thinking of some grand entrance as per usual, come on, let's get on with it, let's go.
- Ready? - Yeah.
- One, two, three, four.
- [drumsticks tapping.]
Out of, out of, out of sight - [audience screaming.]
- [melodic rock and roll music.]
[soft tense music.]
Sorry, folks, it seems, ah It seems Reggie really is out of sight.
We're gonna go and grab him and we'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
[background people chattering.]
[soft tense music.]
Oh, what-what the hell is going on? Wait, ask Reggie, he never come on flipping stage.
Is there a problem? We seem to have mislaid a lead singer.
Well, we need to find him now.
Well, don't panic, he can't have gone far.
Why don't you two try the back, Mr.
Pritchard with me.
You come with me, sir, we'll try the gents.
[solemn orchestral music.]
He's dead.
This is absurd, he can't be.
This cannot be happening.
Excuse me, sir.
Fetch Sister Boniface.
[Felix sighing.]
Ah, ladies and, -ladies- -[mic feeding back.]
Ladies and gents, I'm so very sorry, um, - Reggie is ah, ah, unwell.
- [audience gasping.]
So I'm afraid this performance has been cancelled, well, will be cancelled, thank you.
[audience complaining.]
[solemn orchestral music.]
[camera clicking.]
Was he on any medication? Um, I don't know.
Anything recreational? Certainly not.
Looks like a heart attack.
It's as if he was looking for something.
He unbuttoned his collar and [light orchestral music.]
He appears to have a nasty sting on the back of his neck.
Hymenoptera-induced anaphylaxis.
Was he by any chance allergic? - Yeah.
- Hm.
Yeah, bees and wasps and stuff, I think that's what he said.
I'll follow up with his doctor.
And lads, if you can not speak to the press, keep Reggie's death quiet, until we can release an official statement tomorrow? We'll talk then.
[soft orchestral music.]
[camera clicking.]
[light orchestral music.]
[camera clicking.]
[Peggy sobbing.]
[Felix sighing.]
How did you find this out? What do you mean? Everyone's talking about it.
Where is the inspector, is he with the band? What? The band at the house they're renting.
No, he went out to the Town Hall.
Why? [Peggy sobbing.]
[solemn orchestral music.]
[girls sobbing.]
- [Sam sighing softly.]
- It appears word's got out.
Oh, really, you think so? Oh, sarcasm, I see.
Is there something you need, Sister, because I have my hands pretty full? Last night's reading, Miss Christie's "A Death in the Clouds.
" Madame Giselle appears to have been stung by a wasp, until Poirot deduces that the murder weapon is in fact a dart dipped in the venom of the South African Boomslang snake.
Sorry, what are you saying? Well, simply that I feel the scene warrants a closer inspection.
Okay, but only because I want to see the look on your face when you're proven wrong.
Right now I'm more concerned about who leaked this.
[light orchestral music.]
- [newspaper rustling.]
- [Sam sighing.]
[coin clanking.]
- [solemn orchestral music.]
- [birds chirping.]
Well, it's leaked.
Local paper, it'll be in the nationals this evening.
What do we do now? Well, for what it's worth, the record company says the radio hasn't stopped playing us, since the news broke.
The police are here.
Did Reggie have any enemies, any angry fans, anything like that? Reggie was loved.
Charismatic, cheeky, charming, he was the quintessential bachelor.
[Peggy sobbing.]
Is she okay? Fine.
There, there, love, we understand.
I just, I can't believe he's gone.
I know, love, I lost my son around the same age.
It's too young to die, it is, but time heals in the end.
Ivy Adams, our housekeeper.
Wish it was under better circumstances.
[Peggy sobbing.]
WPC Button, maybe you should go outside and get some fresh air? How about within the band, was there any artistic differences? Not really, no.
Oh yeah, happy families.
Right, so the only person to have an argument with Reggie recently was you.
Yeah, alright.
We had a barney yesterday morning, but it was only about the set list.
I sometimes come off the drums and sing a number, give the others a break, Reggie wanted it cut.
[hand patting.]
Fallings out, you know, who plays what, it's not exactly unusual in our world.
No, exactly, so what's with all the questions? Well, until the cause of death has been confirmed, I'm duty bound to investigate every possibility.
You mentioned that he was with someone in the changing room? Groupie, yeah, typical Reggie, I'm afraid.
I'll need a description of her and I'd like to see his room.
- [light orchestral music.]
- [clothes hangers rattling.]
Sorry, hiked up the habit for an impromptu fingertip search.
[clothes hangers rattling.]
And are you impromptu fingertip searching for anything specific? A killer.
Is that a wasp? Apis mellifera, a female worker honeybee.
- Oh? - Missing a stinger.
I'm afraid she's quite dead, the act of stinging is fatal.
Yes, I'd say she's our girl.
How'd you know it's a female? Drones don't possess a stinger, only the women have what it takes to protect the hive.
- [light orchestral music.]
- [jacket rustling.]
I hear you found a bee.
Well, I discovered something myself -from Reggie's room, it's a- -Adrenaline kit.
Yes, I suspected as much, issued to patients with extreme allergies.
Well, this is what Reggie was scrabbling around for in the changing room, so I'm sorry, Sister, but I am right and you are wrong for once.
Your bee was merely an accidental killer.
Go on, spit it out.
Observe, a swatch from inside Reggie's shirt, just below the collar, the yellow, powdery substance is pollen.
Note the blob of strange matter at its centre.
Now, isn't she marvellous? I've grown rather fond of her actually.
Anyway, there's a similar blob on her thorax between the wings.
So? So the blob on the shirt and the blob on the bee are identical.
Glue, peculiar as it sounds, our bee was literally stuck into the back of Reggie's shirt.
Someone who knew about Reggie's allergy and was close enough to the band to gain access snuck into the changing rooms prior to the show.
But with a live bee, how? Well, bees can be quite docile, when warm and well fed.
A drop of say, sugar syrup would've kept this little lady very happy.
[fingers snapping.]
So do you see? This means it was no accident.
This was cold-blooded- Murder? [Sam.]
It looks that way, I'm afraid, sir.
What an almighty ballcock.
Well, there are already fans camped in vigil on the streets, the whole place is starting to look like Lourdes.
We're working through who benefits from his death, starting with the band.
There is also a mystery groupie, that WPC Button and I are following up.
And you think she's up to it? Why do you ask that? She's just tried to give me a commemorative candle.
She's a fan, she's taking it pretty hard.
Hm, yes, well, it's all a bit of an experiment, this, this WPC in Great Slaughter.
Just keep an eye, yes, hm? No room for dead wood.
[solemn orchestral music.]
So you are a taxi driver, Tom, as well as a window cleaner and a gardener? [Tom speaking incoherently.]
He says, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop.
" But you gave this woman a lift, do you remember her? [Tom speaking incoherently.]
[Tom laughing.]
He reckons she was the only girl leaving the gig, instead of going in.
That's great, I mean, you can take us to her address? [Tom speaking incoherently.]
- Okay, great.
- [car engine starting.]
[Sam knocking on door.]
Yeah, that's probably them.
No, no, of course I won't say anything.
Yes, yes, I know what will happen if- But- - Oh, God.
- [receiver clattering.]
[Angie exhaling heavily.]
[soft orchestral music.]
[Sam knocking on door.]
[door clicking open.]
Angie Yates? Yeah.
The police, can we come in? [soft orchestral music.]
We used to date, now there's sense of view, know what I mean? Right, well, let's just say you wouldn't exactly call it formal courting.
I knew he was playing here, so I got a room and I went over to arrange to, you know, to hook up after the gig, just for the night, but he never showed.
What happened? Miss Yates, that is what we are trying to figure out.
Thank you.
Harlan's of Grosvenor Street, very fancy.
Ah, y-yeah, a present.
From Reggie.
Sorry, did, did you want one? No.
Thank you.
[door clicking open.]
[soft orchestral music.]
[Angie sobbing.]
[door thudding quietly.]
Ah, Mrs.
Adams from the house? Ivy, please.
I didn't want to interfere, but I thought you'd want this.
The postman dropped it off this afternoon.
Such a lovely lad.
Well, goodnight.
Thank you, Ivy.
[door thudding.]
[background office workers bustling.]
So what is it? [soft orchestral music.]
Oh, my good Lord.
Who is that? Well, it's not Angie Yates.
Thompson Photographers.
It just says as requested, is it blackmail? No, I've seen photos like this before, the convenient staging.
My hunch is this is a put up job at Reggie's request.
At Reggie's, why? Faked evidence of adultery.
It's normally used to push through a divorce.
But he was a bachelor, why on earth would he want a divorce? The single has been on the radio all day.
The record company estimates it's up to number 10 already.
Yeah, could be even higher by tomorrow, - when they announce it.
- [suitcase clicking.]
What's this? No, no, no, Pete, The Queenmakers must go on.
We, we need you to sing for us.
What, Reggie's part? No, no.
But you've a voice to die for.
Just think what solace you'll give the fans.
It's true, mate.
You do what you wanna do, Pete.
We're a brotherhood, huh? You wanna selfishly ruin everyone else's career? Peter, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, huh? [Pete sighing.]
[hand patting.]
[Alan chuckling.]
It seems our local reporter has got the proverbial bit between her teeth.
She's now claiming it's murder.
It's conjecture, sir, Ruth Penny has heard nothing from us.
The eyes of the world are upon us now, Gillespie, we need that killer behind bars, pronto.
I want every officer pulling their weight, every mind focused, every boot on the ground and I'll, I'll be in my office.
Gentlemen, I bring news.
Oh please, no more.
Overnight, I managed to isolate a number of pollen types from Brenda.
Sorry, our bee, I met a Sister Brenda once at a lecture, well, see, something about those hairy, little mandibles.
Anyway, um, in examining the pollen, I've identified three types of flora thus far, fuchsia, lavender and the common daffodil.
So deduction, Brenda was plucked from a garden containing all three of those flowers in close proximity.
Find the garden and we find our killer.
[fans screaming.]
[cameras clicking.]
I'm here to heal the people's heartache.
The Queenmakers are not splitting up.
[fans cheering.]
Far from it, in honour of their dear friend, Reggie, the boys plan to give the fans what they so sadly could not two nights ago, a concert with a new lineup, tonight, right here in Great Slaughter Town Hall.
Now, please, this is a difficult time for the band.
There'll be no questions right now.
- No, no, no.
- [fans screaming.]
[cameras clicking.]
[press members shouting questions.]
Who was he with? Was he with anyone? Is someone cross about our story? Well, we have to keep you on your toes.
All you're keeping is me from doing my job properly.
You embarrassed my team and you're jeopardising this case.
Well, don't go red in the face, you'll clash with your tie.
- [Ruth laughing.]
- A boy is dead, and all you're doing is pedalling muck.
Muck? Well, we'll have to agree to disagree on that one.
[soft orchestral music.]
- [Sam sighing.]
- Sir.
What's this? From the local records office.
- Wedding certificate? - Hm.
Reggie Wallis was married.
Not only that, look at who he was married to.
[soft orchestral music.]
I'm sorry, alright, he kept it a secret for the fans.
The fans? Alan said it would limit popularity, if Reggie was taken.
Honestly, he made me sign to it, keep my mouth shut and I'd be looked after, but talk about Reggie and I'd be cut off.
Look, I didn't kill him, why would I? I bloody loved the idiot.
What's this? I think you know.
Evidence of adultery.
He was gonna use them to divorce you.
- Stop, please.
- [soft orchestral music.]
You didn't know? I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised.
I'm pregnant and I told him, I told him when he was in Hamburg, but he went all quiet on the phone.
Divorce, divorce, now is there any way you could've got this wrong? Sorry, we confirmed with the photographer.
-Alan set up a shoot- -Alan? Yes, Alan set up a shoot at Reggie's request.
Right, well, I'll bet Alan didn't tell you Reggie was leaving the band.
She's lying.
I mean, honestly, I've never even met the girl.
It's funny that, I wonder how your very rare, handmade cigarettes ended up in her hotel room.
You paid her a visit after Reggie died and you threatened her to stay quiet, didn't you? I did it for the band to protect them, their reputation.
Well, from what I hear, they were splitting up anyway, only now with Reggie's murder, you get a boost of publicity, Pete gets to be the lead singer and you get to keep your 20%.
You honestly think I'm the one who does best out of this? For a start, Tony is the one who's contracted to inherit Reggie's songwriting royalties.
They wrote songs together officially, but it's no secret Tony did all the work.
No idea what you're talking about, mate.
It must've been galling, him taking all the credit, all the adoration, you're the creative force and yet all those fans' eyes automatically go to him, lovable Reggie.
Oh, let me tell you about our lovable Reggie.
He's not the nice guy that everyone thinks he is, alright.
- Tony, don't.
- No, he pushed Pete about, he's made him feel like a toddler.
Anyone working for the band gets it in the neck.
Am I wrong? Am I wrong, say something for once.
I had a friend, a really close friend, who passed away a couple of years back.
Reggie just treated it like some joke.
The guy could get into a fight with a wall, he's even picked on little, old Ivy, like he reduced the poor thing to tears.
I was hoping I wouldn't be mentioned.
But he upset you? It was the day the boys moved in.
I did my utmost to get everything ready, but Reggie spotted a swarm of bees, all against the drainpipe over there.
[birds chirping.]
He was very upset, bit scary, truth be known.
Anyway, I had them removed and I realise now why he was so angry.
You don't think the bee came from here, do you? It's possible, although I can't see any lavender.
[soft orchestral music.]
The thing is, sir, there's enough tension in that band to string of flipping guitar.
They all had reason to bump Reggie off.
But that's not right.
I mean, you can't really think the band did this, sir.
They're lovely.
Peggy, I think you're maybe a bit close to this one.
Maybe you could man the front desk for a while, ey? Right.
Hm, well, I'm sorry, Gillespie, old boy, I fear this case highlights what we've all suspected, having a woman in the mix simply doesn't work.
A team should be lean, mean.
Probably best I, um, I let WPC Button go, hm? [hand patting.]
I'll leave that in your hands.
Perhaps he can be persuaded? Not unless someone can snap Button out of it.
- [Sam sighing.]
- [light orchestral music.]
- Right.
- [Sam knocking on door.]
And then, come in.
- I'll call you back.
- [door clicking open.]
[receiver clattering.]
Look, um, sometimes when the blood is up, you, ah, you overstep the mark.
Alright, you've attempted an apology, what is it? [door thudding.]
Peggy is very emotional.
She's acting like Reggie's some kind of saint and that her world is over, her job is at risk.
You're concerned for her? Well, I don't want to be a man down.
Kids today, if they're in love, everyone has to hear about it.
What happened to good old British restraint? Oh, you mean repression? I thought our handsome bachelor didn't believe in love? - I don't.
- [gentle orchestral music.]
Well, if you could come up with something, that might snap Peggy out of it.
Alright, I'll think about it.
Oh, poor Peggy, first love, God, that's the scar that never heals.
Who said that? Me.
[soft orchestral music.]
[phone dialling.]
So we have more pollen? Oh, but not just any pollen, this belongs to the typha, a genus of monocotyledonous, more commonly known as the bulrush and as I'm sure you'll remember from the story of Moses, they tend to grow by rivers.
- Now this is my pollen map.
- Okay.
[light orchestral music.]
Deduction, isolating the typha, we can now focus on this specific area close to the river, we just need to find the garden hedgerow or meadow containing all these plants.
Gentlemen, the van is outside.
The record label now thinks we are somewhere in the top five within all the periodicals, the top five.
We find out in an hour.
All you need to focus on now is blowing us all away as a trio, huh.
You ready to make some history, huh, Pete? I, ah [laughs.]
At a boy, at a boy.
Hey, let's go do this one for Reggie, eh? Come on, Sunny.
[hand patting.]
- Al.
- Mm-hm? Um, did you know in the contract Angie's cut off from any of Reggie's royalties? She's got a kid on the way.
No, I don't, listen, try not to worry about it now, okay.
I will look into it.
We've got four suspects, a nun chasing flowers, a WPC in denial and nothing new to work with.
Look, Felix, we must be looking at this wrong.
Miss Penny, you can't be in here.
No, it's okay, Felix.
Do you have something to help? Peggy, can you come and join us please? This is the "Liverpool Standard" from two years ago.
Brian Cortlin.
I know all about him.
He was The Queenmaker's original roadie.
Handsome fellow.
One can still appreciate the form.
This story doesn't end happily, I'm afraid.
I'll say, he topped himself.
Well, he was found dead in his hotel bathtub, electrocuted, it was all kept very hush, hush at the time.
Do we know why he did it? Well, there were rumours of bullying, which left Reggie in a pretty unsavoury light.
Well, that's a lie.
Look, I know this journalist, they're convinced that Reggie was the reason that he did it.
You know, you newspaper people, you're all the same with your big words twisting everything.
Hey, Peggy, let's keep an open mind here.
No, Reggie was a good man! You should all be ashamed of yourself! Okay, that is enough, you and I need a serious word.
But in the meantime, Tom Thomas' and Ivy Adams' statements, I noticed they don't have signatures.
But, sir, the concert.
Well, you'd better hurry along then.
[paper rustling.]
[Sam sighing.]
Look, I tried, besides you didn't let me finish.
Look at the dates, the night Reggie was killed.
Was the anniversary of Brian Cortlin's death.
It's a coincidence.
Well, possibly not, "A close friend that passed," that's what's Sunny the drummer said, remember? And Reggie openly mocked his loss.
Well, perhaps that's what this is all about? Revenge.
- [Sam sighing.]
- [solemn orchestral music.]
Ah, Detective Inspector, what do you want? Sunny, could I have a quick word, please? I think it's time we talked about Brian, don't you? [gentle orchestral music.]
It was suicide.
Brian took his own life.
Do you know why? Why? We know at the time that it was suspected that Reggie- He was homosexual.
He was our driver, the roadie.
You know, we'd only just started out and he was like one of the gang.
But Reggie somehow worked it out.
And he used that against him? Hm, threatened to expose him to the police, made him work for less money.
See, that's the thing, Reggie had a real nasty streak like that.
He dominated people.
So that argument you had about the set list? It was about Brian.
See, Brian was from round here.
It was the anniversary of his death and I just thought given the crowd, it might be nice to mention him.
Reggie didn't agree? "Why mention that flipping queer?" I think were his words.
Were you and Brian close? He was a mate.
Perhaps more than a mate? Personally I believe love is love.
[gentle orchestral music.]
[Sunny sobbing.]
We couldn't tell anyone we were together and I couldn't even stick up for him.
You can't help who you fall for.
Look, I don't want any trouble, please don't make this public.
You don't know what that's like, you're scared just 'cause of who you are.
I could lose everything, be locked up.
We're not interested in that.
[gentle orchestral music.]
Did you know anything about Brian's family? No, no, not really.
I think his dad died when he was young and then his mum remarried.
But I never met them and none of us were invited to his funeral.
Honestly, I hated Reggie, but I never would've killed him, he weren't bloody worth it.
Here, fuchsias, violets, lavender and the common daffodil.
- So that's it then? - Well, not quite.
You'll remember the linchpin to my whole strategy was the common typha, the bulrush.
And you didn't find any of that? Well, I couldn't see into the back, I did try.
I may or may not have damaged the owner's fence in the process.
Thank you.
Okay, well, where is this place? Willow Cottage on Fox Hill Lane.
Sorry, Willow? Salix alba, a deciduous tree with slender, drooping branches often said be weeping.
No, I mean, I just, I checked.
Willow Cottage was Brian Cortlin's old address.
Apparently has a mother who still lives there, Ivy Adams.
Of course, she remarried.
Brian was Ivy's son.
Hang on, that sweet, old woman is no murderer.
Oh, but Sam, you're forgetting one thing, a mother's love can be the deadliest thing of all.
Gosh, I gave myself tingles just then.
Button's there right now.
I need you to sign there.
[soft orchestral music.]
You've a lovely house.
Ah ah ah ah ah Alright, Peggy, love? Yeah, I-I just Nothing, nothing's wrong.
You sure about that, Peggy, love? Wait here, please, I'll be right back.
Ah ah ah You've got this, Pete, yeah? Oh, hang on, one moment.
- Al.
- Yes? Listen, ah, doing a bit thinking.
Mm-hm? I want a portion of our money to carry on going to Angie.
I do, I mean, I don't know what Reggie was thinking, divorcing her, cutting her off, when she's just about to have a- Will you just focus? You are moments away from the single, most important performance of your career and you're wittering about some girl.
Reggie had no problem with the idea, I don't see why you should.
Hm, what, it was your suggestion? Look, all of this can be sorted out later.
Right now, I don't want it affecting your performance, okay.
Yes, I'm here, sorry about that.
- [background people chattering.]
- Okay, call back in 10.
[tense orchestral music.]
Ah ah Ivy? [gas hissing.]
[door clicking open.]
[Peggy coughing.]
It was you, wasn't it? How could you do that to our Reggie? [Ivy.]
You should leave, Peggy, love.
Now just wait a second.
You know, you could hurt someone doing that.
I always knew my Brian was special right from when he was young.
See, he only ever wanted to share his life with a man and he found one, that's what he said.
He'd write to me on the road, he sounded so happy.
But then, he said Reggie was onto him, threatening, degrading for months, 'til all my letters stopped.
[solemn orchestral music.]
It was a couple of days after we heard he died his note arrived.
"Sorry, Mum, I can't live with it anymore.
" Reggie.
Reggie Wallis drove my boy to his grave.
He took everything.
I had no choice.
Now it's over.
I just want to be with my boy.
- I know, but.
- [Ivy sobbing.]
- [stove clattering.]
- [gentle orchestral music.]
I don't think Brian would want this.
- [Ivy sobbing.]
- Would he? He loved you and he'll wait for you.
[Ivy sobbing loudly.]
[soft orchestral music.]
[car door clicking open.]
Peggy, love, Brian's letter about finding love, I wonder if you could make sure it gets to Sunny? [birds chirping.]
[Sam clearing throat.]
[soft orchestral music.]
[car door thudding.]
Ah, WPC Button, I have to admit I'm impressed, even a little surprised.
So I want you to know that I'm putting you forward for a commendation, well done! [laughing.]
Just what we need, ey, Gillespie, a WPC on the team? Oh no, the concert.
Peggy, don't panic, follow me quick, we must run.
[footsteps running.]
- One, two, three, four.
- [drumsticks tapping.]
Out of, out of, out of sight [fans screaming.]
She's so sunny, I am not wearing shades She's so bright, yeah, she's so bright She's so pretty, hope she never fades She's so bright, yeah, she's so bright Everyone's falling in love with you, yeah Everyone's saying they'll all be true I'm the one, baby who'll help you see the love Ah, ah [motorcycle whirring.]
- [audience applauding.]
- [fans screaming.]
[all laughing.]
From the ashes they rise! That was the performance people will tell their grandchildren about and I have news, "Out of Sight" is now the number one single in the country, this is the big time, huh? [laughing.]
So what do you say, huh, Mr.
Lead Singer? I say you're sacked.
[Alan laughing.]
We'll manage ourselves from now on, 'til we find someone who's less of a weasel.
Right? You, you, you'll hear from my lawyer.
- Sorry, Alan, take care.
- Ungrateful! Well, what is it? We thought you should know we've arrested Ivy Adams.
What, why? Ivy was Brian's mother.
She wanted you to have this, a letter he sent her.
[gentle orchestral music.]
You missed us, Peg, think we'd better do an encore.
[fans screaming.]
There's someone very special we'd like to dedicate this last song to.
Peggy Button, get up here.
[audience cheering.]
- Come on, don't be shy.
- [all laughing.]
Peggy, this one's for you.
[audience cheering.]
- One, two, three, four.
- [drumsticks tapping.]
[melodic rock and roll music.]
I feel Peggy may have a new crush.
That's all we need.
It's just first love that never heals, right, - that's what you said? - Oh, you can't believe what a journalist says, Sam, you know that.
- [melodic rock and roll music.]
- [audience cheering.]
Ah ah ah ah Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [melodic rock and roll music.]
Ah ah ah ah
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