Sisters (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 I'm a virgin.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're a beautiful woman.
I'm flattered.
No, no, don't say that.
Isaac really likes you.
He wants to take you out.
Have you confirmed your DNA yet? [GROANS] No, I've got to get onto that.
Abraham Gill is in prison for manslaughter.
You think that I'm doing time because your father jerked off into a Petri dish? And what about Dad? The last moments of his life are going to be about being sued.
You see, you were born Born to be alive.
Our song has gotten over 18,000 views on YouTube overnight.
I slept with Amanda.
- You had no right, Edie.
- What? You're not the only person this involves.
Did you enjoy sleeping with her more than me? You two are in for a shitty couple of months.
Is sleeping with women something that you really need to do? No.
I'm just trying to imagine a future where our marriage still exists.
I'm just .
trying to think of a way we can accommodate that.
I wonder if it might help if we establish times when we're grappling with this, and then, other times, when we just focus on other things.
Oh, I'm grappling with this all the time.
[SIGHS] Now, I know there's going to be a lot of mums out there with kids who are asking, "Mum, why is Miss Roxy on the news?" I mean, what's happening? What do we tell them? Yeah, yeah, you can't say spunk.
Can't say man-mush.
[WOMEN LAUGH] How do you explain that to a 6-year-old? I would just say, "Families come in all shapes and sizes", "and Miss Roxy is on the news" "because she has a very, very big family.
" Ah, yes, perfect.
That's great.
Say that.
The in-law factor.
Just so many in-laws now.
- Do you have a boyfriend? - Sorry? Are you in a relationship of any kind? [STAMMERS] Not now.
Not right now.
Not at the moment.
- I have a date this week.
- OK.
Um, I just haven't met that special someone at the moment.
It's just that my partner's got a lot of cousins.
I'm trying to keep up with the names.
Well, thank you again, Roxy "Caribou".
Did I say it wrong? Fuck! Found bank statements from 1984.
It's an expandable file.
Vita used to bring it in to the office.
If memory serves, it had a handwritten label, shares or investments or something.
Honestly, Butch, I thought she left all the financial documents with you? No.
She was a very discreet woman, your wife.
I had the wills, but she liked to keep all the financial documents here.
[WHISPERS] He's really gone downhill, Julia.
We should have been on to this months ago.
Oh, my God.
I think I found 1980s babywear.
[LAUGHS] Actually, nurse.
Do you think you could look up there? Aye, aye, captain.
Oscar's actually not a nurse.
He's one of the brothers.
He's one of Julius' kids.
He's marvellous.
He's Scandinavian.
Isn't he? Not that I prefer any of them.
They're all wonderful.
Mediterranean, Oriental.
Actually, nurse? Don't worry about it.
Julia Come here.
- He's the son? Is that confirmed? - Yeah.
Well, then he shouldn't be listening to any of this.
I strongly advise you to ask him to leave immediately.
So, we need to start quietly transferring things into your name.
All the property, all the investments.
And we don't want anyone to be across that, particularly not another claimant.
Oscar's not part of the class action.
- Not yet.
- No, he wouldn't do that.
He lives with me.
- He lives with you? - Yeah.
Look, Julia, you're a lovely girl.
You always have been.
But there are three things we need to do right away.
Cut all contact with these siblings, clear out your house, and start transferring as many assets as possible into your name.
Otherwise, you're going to be left with absolutely nothing.
Julius Bechly, even when he was a young man, he was a bit pigeon chested.
Bret's an asthmatic now, and I can't help but think that there's got to be some correlation It's weak.
She goes on to use the word "violated" several times.
She becomes quite emotional.
Yes, but she's not a lead.
We need a lead claimant who radiates damage.
When's Roxy's father being interviewed? Both Ron and Diane Karibas are scheduled for Thursday.
See, with him, it's all there, the pain of it.
Dreamed of having a daughter, ended up with a living princess, and found out it was all bullshit.
I been tracking a new potential claimant, Abraham Gill.
He was confirmed this week, via DNA testing.
He's serving 20 years for manslaughter.
I don't really think that convicted criminals are a direction No.
That's vivid damage.
Set up a meeting.
Has anyone approached Julia? Julia Bechly? She has very provable damage.
She slept with her brother.
Julia despises this case.
Has anyone taken the time to outline it to her? Carl.
There is zero chance.
[PHONE RINGS] - Hello? - CARL: Julia.
It's Carl from Logan Hawker.
How are you? OK.
I was wondering if you'd be free for a drink tomorrow night.
Why? I'd like to walk you through the class action.
Outline the damages I believe you're owed.
You want to talk to me about suing my own father? See, I wouldn't put it that way.
And I understand why you'd be wary.
Yeah, I hate this class action and everything about it.
Well, you wouldn't have to engage in any discussion.
You could just sit and listen.
Really, what do you have to lose? Um, my faith in humanity.
I'm confident I won't extinguish that.
Come on, Julia.
I know that this ordeal has thrown you into a range of situations.
I'll do my best to ensure this one sits at the more enjoyable end of the spectrum.
A, gross, and, B, can you please delete this number? [PHONE RINGS] Hi, you've called Julia.
Just leave a message.
[BEEPS] A, Come on.
Don't you want to know what you're up against? And, B, tomorrow night I'll be going to Bar Juliette.
I'll text you the address.
I offer this information with very little hope, and far less expectation.
You have a lovely evening.
[PHONE PINGS] You have one new message.
[PHONE RINGS] Oh! Oh What are you doing? Um, it looked like you weren't breathing.
And, um I'm training CPR, so I thought I should check.
That's all.
Good He said this was kind of like Centrelink.
This is not like Centrelink! Look, it'll take your mind off the radio thing.
I don't think this is going to take my mind off anything.
I actually think this is going to put my mind on bad things.
We only have to stay for 15 minutes, and he is our brother.
So we can't treat him differently from the other brothers.
Oh! This is not like the other brothers.
Oh, my God.
I wasn't aware that you were also visiting today.
Using the Facebook page to recruit people for the case? Ah, I wasn't actually the one who made the first contact, - so I'm not sure.
- He's only just got his results.
This is literally the first time I'm seeing him as his sister.
And in the same meeting, he's going to be asked to sue me.
Me, too.
- No, not you.
- Not either of you, actually.
Just Julius.
Look, I'm happy to leave.
I'm very happy to leave.
No! Let's just get this over with.
Honestly, I thought there would be glass, and we would have to speak through a phone.
It's fine.
There are guards everywhere.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Here we go.
[BUZZ!] - You came? - Hello.
Sir Abe, this is Roxy.
You look like my mum when she was young.
Oh Yeah, it's a connection through the dad side.
Again, I'm just saying.
I'm Edie.
She's a lawyer.
And a sister.
Who's primarily here as a lawyer.
Actually, no, I'm just here to meet you, no agenda.
Yeah, but in time, she's going to ask you to sue me.
I'm just glad that you're all here.
You know, I haven't had anyone visit in almost a year.
- I visited.
- Yeah, apart from you.
[LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] - Family, huh? - Yeah! - Yeah! - [ALL LAUGH NERVOUSLY] Now that we're all confirmed, I've got to tell you something.
I shouldn't be here.
It's bullshit.
I'm innocent, and no-one believes me.
The ruling didn't take the report into account.
- It did.
- No.
Um It hasn't even been submitted yet.
Yeah, here.
"The ruling took into account" "the manufacturer's report" I'm not talking about the manufacturer's report.
- I'm talking about the other one.
- There was no other one.
Am I wrong? Tim .
I am sincerely very sorry for any role I may have played in you and your wife's The report from the clinical trial.
The doctor who ran the trial for chymosin said about the implant, "I wouldn't want my wife to have one.
" That report! I think, um .
it's in the conference room, maybe.
Something the matter? No.
The guy's house who I broke into, his name is Lleyton Hobbes.
I reckon he was, are you going to take his name down? Oh, they confiscated my pen, so He wanted to kill his brother.
- Mm-hm.
- He wanted to kill his brother! I reckon he was looking for a way, and then, bingo! Break-in.
And he thinks, he thinks this is perfect.
I can kill him tonight, and that bloke will get pinned for it.
[BUZZ!] Um, Abraham, I'm wondering if perhaps we could circle back around to your upbringing What, you think I'm bullshitting? - No - You think I'm making this up? - No, she really doesn't.
- That's just her listening face.
She always looks like that.
Abe, I'm not a criminal lawyer.
I can put you in touch with someone I'm done with lawyers.
Just as my sister Just as my sister, you believe me? GUARD: Abraham, keep it nice, or the visit's over.
Abe, I believe that you are a victim.
Really, you have been a victim of crimes since conception, - and that - Oh, my God.
I just want someone to fucking believe me.
Abe .
Julia tells me that you've got quite a good singing voice.
[WHISPERS SONG] Time was on my side When I was running down the street It was so fine, fine, fine A suitcase and an old guitar And something new to occupy my mind, mind, mind See, you were born - .
born to be alive.
- Born to be alive.
ROXY AND ABE: See, you were born Born born born to be alive.
[SNIFFS] You know, I'm normally normally better than that.
I just haven't been practising.
[BUZZ!] Thank you.
[BOTH SPUTTER AND LAUGH] What? What? What is that? What's up? [LAUGHS] I don't know.
I'm so sorry.
We are not laughing at you.
You were absolutely amazing in there.
Yeah, I can't wait until Christmas.
[LAUGHS] Oh, my gosh.
Oh, Roxy.
Are you OK? I just really want to go and have a bath and watch season two of The OC.
Roxy's got a big date tonight.
- Stop talking about it, please! - Do you? Who with? Nobody.
I don't know.
I probably won't go.
- Isaac.
- Julia! Oh, my God! He seems like a really, really nice guy.
It's just everybody has found out about it.
Oscar, Kasey, everyone, and they just won't stop talking about it.
Yeah, but everyone's excited for you! No, but it's just it's too much.
I really thought that the best thing about having family would be having all these people know everything about you, but, really, it's just like the ugliest, most embarrassing version of yourself is in your face all the time.
It's actually horrible.
Oh, Roxy.
Do you guys want a lift back? Ah, no.
Um, I'll Yeah, see you later, then.
Edie .
how are you doing? Um [CHUCKLES] - You have one new message.
- [BEEP!] Please call me.
Carl has arranged a mediation for you, me and Amanda tonight.
Call me as soon as you can.
I see myself as being filled with love and happiness.
I accept I don't have to do .
anything to be loved .
and happy.
I I accept [EXHALES] I don't Rox.
I only need six.
- You know I can't.
- I know you've got them.
You always have them.
You take twice as much as I do, as well as other stuff, too.
I can't lose this gig.
And Felicity said that if anyone caught You give them to me, or you will lose this gig.
I could say things that mean you would never get to work with children again.
Well, thanks for coming, everyone.
Your attendance tonight, that's our first sign of progress.
It's already a win.
So why don't we kick off by just saying in our own words why we're here tonight.
I sense it's for my benefit.
But frankly, I'd prefer it if we weren't here.
Oh, thank you for your honesty.
We're here because my wife Edie fucked our colleague Amanda.
- Tim.
- OK, OK, good.
Well, perhaps we could start by all agreeing with the following statement.
"This is a very uncomfortable situation.
" Can we all agree on that? Jesus Christ.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You look absolutely stunning.
Oh, thank you.
- This place looks amazing.
- Yeah.
I haven't actually been here before, but I cross-checked on several websites, and it came very highly recommended, so Wow How are you? Good.
Really, really, really good.
The reaction to the song's been, like, really so overwhelming, but, I'm so great.
How do you feel about a glass of champagne? Great.
Really so great.
Excellent decision.
I can only stay for half an hour.
Incredibly important appointment at 9:00pm on a weeknight.
Incredibly important.
And I'll also let you know in advance that whatever you say, I won't be joining your class action.
You came all this way just to refuse me? No.
I thought you'd buy me a drink.
Cocktail or wine? Cocktail.
Then wine.
I absolutely acknowledge that what we did was hurtful, and inconsiderate and wrong.
But moving forward, I honestly can't see the value of hashing over it.
Hashing over it implies that we've talked about it already.
[STAMMERS] Tim, we've talked about it nonstop since I told you.
OK, so Tim, you disagree? I know next to nothing about what happened.
What more would you like to know? I've given you dates.
We had sex three times, starting one month ago.
But what even is sex? - OK, OK.
I think - What? .
drifting into territory that might be better covered in a therapeutic setting.
So perhaps, just to recalibrate, could we all agree on the following statement? "Our legal cases are our number one priority.
" No, I'm serious.
What is it? Is it like rubbing up against one another? Tongues? Hands? What? I'm not comfortable with this.
I don't care what you're comfortable with.
Two times hands and tongue, and the third time just hands.
Happy? How many times did you cum? We're really drifting here.
Then four.
Then one.
But that was in the office storeroom.
- Um, mostly podcasts now.
- Ah, right.
I did listen to music a fair bit in my 20s before podcasts were invented, - but now mostly podcasts.
- Mm-hm.
I do really like your music, though.
- Oh, thanks.
- Yeah.
They're taking their time with that butter.
Julia told you I'm a virgin, didn't she? What? No.
[WHISPERS] Oh, my God.
No-one said Oh, my God.
Roxy, it's fine.
- I'm so embarrassed.
- Please don't be embarrassed.
- Sorry, I - No, that's fine.
I'm terrible at this.
No, no, no.
I'm sorry.
I just I just need a moment.
- I - Roxy, Roxy.
I didn't lose my virginity until I was 22.
22? CARL: You're lying.
I am not.
I just, I just I don't care about money.
It's never been something that's important to me.
[SCOFFS] But with all due respect, you've always had like a financial safety net.
You've always had family houses to live in.
Houses that I'm certain are quickly being transferred into your name.
Why are you so obsessed with money? See, I wouldn't describe myself as obsessed.
You know, every dollar you earn, someone has been through terrible pain.
Someone always has to lose in order for you to win.
[CLEARS THROAT] What? Oh, you think you know me.
You don't actually know anything about me.
I bet you were captain of the debating team.
My school didn't have a debating team.
You just love taking charge of a conversation, and herding the other person right into the corner.
Do you feel cornered? No, because I'm not going to be cornered or herded by you.
Did you say you didn't have a debating team? We had a sheep paddock.
Should I order that bottle of wine? Or is that too much like drinking pain? Well, order it, and then I'll assess.
TIM: But you must be at least bisexual.
You said so yourself.
She made you cum half a dozen times in an hour.
Yeah, because it was new.
It was illicit.
I'd be lucky if I make you cum once.
- Oh, my God.
- Twice was a triumph.
I'd be at it for hours.
I'd give myself RSI.
It's not like it's an equation, Tim! This many orgasms divided by this gender equals lesbian! Isn't it? I'm going to refrain from answering Obviously, there was an attraction to Amanda.
A very strong one, but that doesn't negate my love for you.
And it's not a platonic love.
I love you fiercely! But dispassionately.
[SIGHS] You know, I really don't think that my situation with Amanda is a million miles away from you and Julia.
How is this anything like me and Julia? I just think maybe the best thing is to, ah, to draw this session to a close.
ROXY: I feel like men see me as this pixie princess 15-year-old, and either they're not interested at all, or they're too interested, which is worse.
For me, it's like I went from being nerdy kid to middle-aged professor who never dates anyone with no middle bit.
Do you think that you hit a point, and it's like it can never happen, or do you think that, do you think that it could always be just like, like, one little shift? I hope the second thing.
Roxy, would it be OK if I was going to ask to kiss you, but that's kind of tragic if I have to ask.
[LAUGHS] I love that you asked.
JULIA: You do realise that you failed? You failed dismally at getting me to join your stupid swing party.
You have never once, throughout this whole experience, since your father admitted what he did, you have never thought, "Hey, this is unfair.
" "It's not fair that I'm being put in this position.
" OK, yeah.
Yeah, I have.
So what, in your mind, would the world look like without any claims being brought against you father? I'm not saying that he doesn't have to face the music.
I'm just saying if he wasn't being sued, we could all just get to know each other as a family without having guns pointing at us.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
If you love suing people so much, who would you sue in your life? Um I've officially silenced you.
You possibly have.
[GIGGLES] One thing I would sue for if I could is that I can't have sex with anyone anymore because I never know who I'm related to.
So you want a damage? That's a damage.
But it's not one that you can really sort out in court.
Of course you can.
Would you like to? I've always been aware.
I've been excruciatingly aware our whole marriage that you find Julia more sexually stimulating than me.
But I never cheated with Julia.
Yes, I want to have sex with Julia.
I want to have sex with everyone in the park, on the tram, anyone.
Because I'm getting nothing from you.
And am I that repulsive? No You're not repulsive.
[CRIES] God, Tim.
Can we just go home, please? I just I just want to .
go home with you, and .
just sit in our house, please.
Please can we do that, Tim? [SOBS] If at any point, um .
I'm doing anything that .
makes you feel uncomfortable Actually, would you mind turning off some of the lights? - Of course.
- OK, thank you.
Oh! Sorry.
Ah! Got it.
- Yes! - [LAUGHS] You did it.
- Is this OK? - Mm-hm.
I am so sorry, Amanda.
- Where are you? - Please, don't.
I genuinely thought we had something.
But .
I realise now I'm .
just a thing in this conflict with your husband.
- No, that isn't - You have a very full day tomorrow.
I have to go.
Security code 342.
Do you want a drink? I can order you one.
Can you .
choke me? It'll cost extra.
Did you Are you OK? Perfect.
I could keep going.
Do you want me to keep going? I want to .
lie awake and talk all night, and tell each other childhood secrets.
You start.
- Hello, Dolly! - [GASPS] Sorry, did I wake you? Um, first when you crashed into the front door around 3:00 am.
Ah, then when you made yourself French toast in the kitchen around 4:00am.
And then when you just mysteriously burst out giggling in your room around dawn.
Awesome pash rash.
Did you get a DNA test first? Oh, shut it! [LAUGHS] - Shut up! - It's huge! It's not! It must really hurt! Mum.
Oh, hi, Edie.
I've become such an early riser.
I don't know what to do about it.
I don't like it.
Not happy.
Do you eat breakfast here now? [LAUGHS] - What's going on? - Oh, nothing's going on.
I just I slept last night in the admin office.
- Why? - [SIGHS] Can you stop sighing and just tell me - what's going on, please? - Oh, my lease came up.
And I just do not want another lease right now.
What? Honey, if you were going to catastrophize, if you're going to micro-manage, and you're going to take responsibility of something that's got really nothing to do with you, I'll tell you something from the bottom of my heart.
Go to Syria.
Fuck you, Mum.
Fuck you! How could you not tell me something like this? Oh, it's so complicated.
And I actually like it here.
You know, me and the girls.
You're checkmating me! You're checkmating me like you have checkmated me my entire life! First, you tell me that you have this disease, this awful disease, that I might have.
And you don't let me respond.
You don't let me process.
And then, you just tell me that you've lost your house like it's nothing! It's not nothing! I haven't lost anything.
You're going to pack up your stuff.
I'm going to come back after work, and you're coming to my place, and you are sleeping in the spare room, and that is not even a discussion.
It felt like a death.
I mean, I know no-one died.
I shouldn't say No, Ron, please, speak freely.
Roxy was my girl.
I was never that special, not a crash hot career or sports.
But I loved being her dad.
But I'm not.
And along with all of the other pain See, I was one of five.
And I see my father, and me and my brothers.
I know that might not seem important, but it is to me.
And that's what Julius Bechly took from me! Thanks, Ron.
Do you still think it's a good idea for me to go in there? Yeah, of course.
Take your time, and tell them the truth.
It's all we have to do.
Um, well, it's 30 years ago.
I couldn't really tell you any specifics.
But you do clearly remember Julius Bechly personally consulting with you? Yes.
So just in broad terms, then, how would you characterise your relationship with Julius? Why don't we talk about this past year, then? Ron said that, for him, the news felt like a death.
[SOBS] Please forgive me.
God forgive me.
God forgive me.
Diane, are you alright? I knew I knew.
Julius, he - .
called me after the third time - OK.
He said there was a way that .
he could help us.
Some people might think, Diane, that you're about to reveal information that might be detrimental to the case.
I knew it was wrong, but I I didn't think Ron would ever find out.
I've stopped for the moment.
It helped me to stop thinking about Daisy.
Sorry, Daisy? My child.
That's what I called her, Daisy.
I only held her for an hour.
I was 15.
She was Father Benjamin's.
[SOBS] Right.
Let's just have a breather, shall we? [ELEVATOR DINGS] Alright, that's it.
OK? Just one more.
Hang on.
Should I give this to you? I thought you were all worried about the government getting your DNA or something? I am, which is why I only want the results verbally, not by a phone or email.
Please respect my wishes.
You know how sometimes he fakes it? He's not faking it.
I can't stand the rain Against my window Bringing back sweet memories