Six (2017) s02e00 Episode Script

Mission Debrief

- Hey, Chase.
Hell of a party, huh? What's up? I was about to ask you the same thing.
Just, uh, cleaning my gun.
I haven't broke it out in a while, so It's midnight.
Is it? So what, did you come here to clean your gun to or what? No, I just I just come down here to think sometimes.
- It's peaceful.
- BEAR: Yeah.
Rip never made it to his party.
[CHUCKLES] Well, Rip is a complicated guy.
[LAUGHS] So I've heard.
You know, I I hear a lot about him, but I still don't know him.
Maybe you can help me out with that.
I think I've earned it.
Rip was an incredible operator.
A mentor.
And he taught us everything.
OK, the next evolution is gear exchange.
There will be one air source for two people.
You will swap equipment in a precise order with your mask blacked out.
So stay in physical contact.
You panic, you lose touch.
Your buddy might die.
- [GASPING] - [INAUDIBLE] Where'd you go? Huh? - I panicked.
- Hey! It doesn't matter who's fault it is.
Just work the problem that's in front of you.
MAN 1 [ON RADIO]: Delta one fiver three three, you have four to six hostiles moving north on buildings one and two.
[GUNFIRE] [GRUNTS] RIP: Call the move.
Move, move.
You know, at first, it's like a video game.
Then you realize those shoot back and you get even better at pulling that trigger.
The hard part's learning when not to shoot, like that unarmed kid back there.
Just be careful of guys who can't or won't tell the difference.
But Rip, he just lost himself along the way.
[GUNFIRE] [GRUNTS] It's a back brace.
Woman on the west target.
She was wearing a suicide vest.
Someday, you'll have responsibility for your own team.
Err on the side of bringing them home.
You just bury it.
Bury it.
Bury all of it.
You know, the rules say no booze over there.
But I let my men drink.
I figure, what's it matter? Live and let live.
[CLAPBOARD CLAPS] Two of my senior guys violated an SOP written in blood.
We executed the plan.
Called an audible when we needed - to, man.
- We went in too hot.
We lost our flow.
Graves's journey is what it takes to become a leader and to truly be a leader.
What did you expect me to do, Graves? - Huh? - I expect you to follow orders.
We were committed, bro.
No, you got yourself in a bad way.
Lessons are being learned for Joe.
And in order to become the leader that he's going to have to be, he can't be everyone's friend.
He has to separate himself from the group and he has to be their leader.
See you at the kill house.
See you at [INAUDIBLE] The key theme is that it's very lonely at the top.
[INAUDIBLE], take two.
Graves is struggling with, what kind of a leader is he going to be? BARRY SLOANE: And we're getting further and further into the minds of these characters.
And it's a difficult place to be.
[GUNFIRE] Graves! When something traumatic, like the shooting of a close friend It can set off many different emotions in people, and they can react in very different ways.
But you have to move on.
Well, I'm sorry, jefe, but I can't do that.
I'm never gonna do that.
BARRY SLOANE: Buddha is expressing it in a very aggressive, very clear, very outward way.
He's going after and he will kill these people.
Clear out now! I'm in! BARRY SLOANE: Joe is going inside himself further.
He's becoming numb to it.
Both are terrifying.
Both are very dangerous.
ASE: That's heavy.
Anyone ever tell Rip to get out? What, tell Rip to quit? That's that's funny, man.
I mean, he was still our team leader, still a guy we looked up to.
No, he was he was still Rip.
Until Afghanistan? Yeah.
That was the worst of it.
The worst of it happened there in our last op together.
Everything just fell apart.
RIP [ON RADIO]: Be ready to move.
MAN 2 [ON RADIO]: Delta one, this is Banji 22.
Shots away.
Let's go! [EXPLOSION] Help! Saying she got shot.
She needs help.
Help me, help me.
Hey, what are those guys doing? - Hey! - [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [EXPLOSION] Looks like Muttaqi struck again.
He's surrounded by civilians.
Command wants us to take a shot tonight.
BUDDHA: Well, let's do this.
- [EXPLOSION] - Open! - [GUNFIRE] - [GRUNTS] OK, we got a squatter.
That's gotta be Muttaqi.
[EXPLOSION] [SCREAMING] Wait, I'm American! No, wait! Ow! Wait, man.
I'm from Detroit, OK? I'm from Detroit, guys.
Come on.
I know I should be a Pistons fan, but I love the Lakers, man.
I love Kobe Bryant.
I know a lot of people don't, but I do.
It's not him.
It's not him either.
- He a Pistons fan? - No, no.
He's just he's just a [BLEEP] driver.
He doesn't even speak English.
- Where's Muttaqi? - I don't know, man! They don't tell me anything! I swear to God! He was supposed to be here! - Maybe - Why'd you run then? I was scared.
Please, I I want to go home.
- [GUNSHOT] - No! He surrendered! He was an American.
He's not a [BLEEP] American.
He was working for Muttaqi.
Let's put this one on the bird.
It's not gonna make a difference, amigo.
He'll be out in two weeks.
Let's put this one on the bird.
Let's go.
Erase that [BLEEP].
We need it for the shooter's - statements.
- I said erase it.
Hey, dude! Buckley, Fishbait, out.
Get out now! RIP: Give me the camera, Caulder.
Give me that god [BLEEP] camera.
All the [BLEEP] you said to us Everything you betrayed it all.
He was a traitor.
He was an unarmed American - who surrendered.
- Just deal with it, Caulder.
- This is war.
- And we are warriors, not - savages! - We're done here.
Hey! Do you even remember what you said to me about killing? The hardest lesson to learn is when not to pull the trigger.
You said, watch out for the guy who can't tell the difference.
I made the call.
And I'd make the call again.
Bear? I don't have a problem.
Amigo? Maybe you shouldn't have shot that guy.
But we're a team.
And no one is saying [BLEEP].
That's right.
Erase it.
Buddha first season to second season, he's a complete different guy 180 degrees.
We could say that this Buddha this season is a lot of the Buddha we've never seen.
All his instincts got back to warrior mode.
We're going to find whoever did this and we're going to make them pay.
We're going to put them in the ground, OK? He was the one character that never brought the work home.
Don't say that! Never say that! He has to put his family kind of on hold, because he has a commitment to To get a vengeance.
No matter where you go, I will kill you.
He is actually the most viscerally and emotionally affected by Rip's shooting.
- What are you doing? - Getting ready.
It really kicks him over the edge and pushes his family apart.
Now, he is on all the time.
And this is not only about bad guys.
He's questioning his own team.
So what's up? Rip would have never taken us to task in front of the team like that.
Well, Rip's not team leader anymore.
He hasn't been for two years.
The sense of revenge and loss really makes their continued sacrifice and heroism that much more on edge.
For Buddha this season is how this new dynamic is affecting his relationship with Bear.
Now, he is really questioning him.
And he's even questioning Rip's decision of making Graves the team leader.
I still think you made the wrong call.
You get your own team and you make your own calls.
So now we have a lot of tension between these two guys.
You know, we have two of these two forces who are always clashing.
- [SCREAMING] - Hey, hey! Hey! - [INTERPOSING VOICES] - Easy! Easy! This one is so personal.
So then Rip just disappeared.
He seemed to just fall off the face of the Earth.
I tried to reach out.
I just had a ton of unanswered phone calls.
So I just had to stop calling.
I just hoped that he'd be OK.
- [KNOCKING] - Rip, get up.
CHASE: Yeah, well, I'm not sure there's much you could have done.
So then he found himself in that private security job in Nigeria.
And then when that whole Boko Haram [BLEEP] storm started, I I think he started to find himself again.
Get the girls inside.
- What? - What? Take the girls inside.
Now! - [GUNFIRE] - [SCREAMING] Girls, run! Look, America.
Your crusader warriors are weak.
They believe in false gods.
We will fight to death until only the Qur'an rules the world.
You will see our strength.
You will feel the steel of our blades.
If we do not get $10 million in one week, I will cut his head off.
[SOBBING] Esther.
Esther, Esther! Come.
Come here.
Untie me.
[GRUNTS] [NECK CRACKS] Get back inside.
We are not going back - inside that cell.
- Go! Run! [GUNFIRE] - [SCREAMING] - Richard! Esther! OK! Put your weapon down.
We introduce a new character in the second season of "Six.
" My name is Olivia Munn and I played Gina Cline.
Gina works with the CIA.
People don't realize that Navy SEALs or Delta Force or special operations people get ordered into combat by policymakers.
OLIVIA MUNN: She is the person who creates the orders and executes the orders, and the SEAL Team Six guys that have to go off and do the mission.
This is a capture or kill mission Preferably capture, but I'll take him any way I can.
This character is a kickass dedicated CIA officer who is the female CIA equivalent of our guys.
We have new intel that they'll be here in 36 to 48 hours.
That's the daytime.
She has a personal vengeance that she's trying to exact.
That's a very dangerous power.
Tying into the theme of vengeance and what it does to us.
That can affect judgment.
Ortiz and Gina met a long time ago on one of her very first missions.
And that didn't go very well at all.
Are we going to have a problem? Last time I heard the words "credible source" coming from you, things did not turn out well.
This time, we're after the same thing.
What is that? Payback.
Although Gina and Ortiz have a shared mistrust, they have a common bond of vengeance.
Do you copy? I need him alive! She goes into the field with our guys.
Who's in charge? Is she in charge or is Bear in charge? When Graves and Gina first meet, he's definitely trying to let her know that this is his group.
Lady, I don't know what you think you're doing, but you need to get the hell off my target right now, OK? You know, working with a different agency who might have conflicting goals - is a challenge.
- This is my op.
You're my shooters.
Where's my guy? Bear's job was to bring his men home.
Gina is pushing him into areas of risk he might not be able to bring - his men home.
- Put that gun away.
Get your guys back inside.
BEAR: [INAUDIBLE] Get your guys back inside there, OK? She's really great at knowing exactly what the goal is.
And nothing and no one will ever get in her way of reaching that goal.
Look, this is what we do.
We take risks and we follow orders.
So if we gonna drink, we might as well bring out the good stuff.
Don't you have somewhere better to be? Not really.
You want some advice, Chase? Yeah.
Have somewhere better to be.
I don't think that's part of our DNA.
Knowing teams ain't [BLEEP] I'm always on the job.
Well, the problem is, Chase, so are the bad guys.
And we all learned that the hard way.
And so did Rip.
MAN 4: Who's that? MAN 5: I want to go home.
- Please.
- [GUNSHOT] No! That's the man who killed my brother.
I understand your desire to maximize the purchase price, my friend.
But your organization swore allegiance to mine.
We had an agreement $5 million.
If I see the SEAL first.
Nothing is impossible.
I see the SEAL or no deal.
Employees at a refinery in our search sector confirmed suspicious Boko Haram activity nearby.
We identified an abandoned village which we believe may be where the hostages are being held.
[YELLING] [GUNFIRE] Grenade! [SCREAMING] [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] On me! No hostages! Who are you? You don't recognize me? Should I? My brother Omar, he was a good kid An unarmed kid who had surrendered right before you murdered him.
I remember now.
I made a mistake.
I'm sorry I didn't kill your mother [BLEEP] I just need you to read this for camera.
Look it over and let me know when you're ready.
Akmal, show us what Esther and Na'omi are wearing.
Akmal has the detonator to these.
Hey! I'm just a Muslim kid from Michigan who found out that the American dream was a lie for someone like me.
America made us both.
You know, actually, you could say we made each other.
I never thought we'd have this opportunity, but here we are.
And you were right.
It is about us.
I don't want them to be part of it.
I really don't.
But sometimes, there's collateral damage.
Right, Rip? Make me believe it.
My name is Richard Taggart and I'm the face of America.
Everything that I'm about to tell you comes from my heart.
For 17 years I was a soldier on SEAL Six, the most elite special operations team in the world.
On September 3 in Kunar, Afghanistan, 2014, I murdered an unarmed American who had surrendered peacefully.
I I know now [COUGHS] excuse me.
This is very hard for me to admit That I was nothing more than a hired assassin.
I committed war crimes.
To my brothers on Seal Team Six, look inside your hearts.
Let your better nature, let the truth, let it shine through.
It's not too late.
I am proof of that.
His sole purpose, he believes, is all in this team.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry I wasn't there.
Caulder's crisis is existential.
Does he continue to be a SEAL? You know, what do I do if I can't do what I love the most? There's nothing but this.
Not for me, man.
That's who he is as a person.
He is a soldier first and foremost and a team member first and foremost and everything else second A father second.
Caulder, he is the uber warrior.
The only thing in this life for him is to do the job.
This season really forces him to reassess what's important to him.
Call them.
Call them.
Call them right now.
Tell them the truth! He's faced with kind of a real deep question of, who is he if he's not a warrior? Re-assessing who we are as human beings and what it does to us and kind of seeing that dark space or seeing red, recalibrating who you are and what you're capable of doing to kind of get revenge, so to speak [GRUNTS] I should have killed him in Chad.
Is eye-opening for all of us.
We are not innately good.
We are not innately bad.
We are innately grey.
We are constantly given the opportunity to choose between good and bad and make those choices in our lives.
These characters are given those choices on a regular basis under extreme circumstances, and they have to make the right decision, or, at least, they have to make the decision that they believe is correct.
Exploring that grey area and being pushed to our limitations, I believe, is the biggest part of season two.
[SCREAMS] Why are you really here, man? Oh, no.
I'm I'm good.
You didn't come down here in the middle of the night just to clean your gun.
I'm, um, not exactly in the best place with my wife right now.
Sorry to hear that, man.
You know, sometimes, we forget that it's the people at home who will pick up most of the tab for what we do.
LENA: It's been a year since Sarah died.
I need a baby.
I'm making an appointment with a specialist.
Those doctors We can't afford it.
- It's not about the money.
- It will be! Joseph! What are you thinking? Tell me right now! You don't want to know.
No, I do.
So yesterday, I I shot a woman.
I dragged a kid out of a bed, screaming.
I dragged her down a flight of stairs past three dead bodies, and then I threw her in the back of a van.
I should I shouldn't - have told you.
- No, no, no, no.
You should.
Joseph, you do these things for a reason To protect us.
I shouldn't have told you.
All I know is death.
Everything I see, everything I touch, I destroy.
Joe? I don't think we should have a child.
CAULDER: How did you find out where I lived? Court records, Alex They're public.
Did you make this? Yes, I made it.
Where is your mother? Like I would know.
Just because I'm your father doesn't Look, you know this isn't cool, right Showing up here unannounced - in the middle of - What? This everything.
Look, I just need a place to crash for a few days, OK? No.
No, not OK.
CAULDER: I did make one mistake.
Which mistake are we talking about? I'm a warrior.
It's who I am.
It's my path.
I have to live like I'm already dead.
I think it would be a good idea if you weren't around anymore.
Then you came to see me.
Hey, I love you.
Come home to me, Ricky.
I always do.
GIRL: Daddy! BOY: Dad! Hey.
Hey, hey! Oh, I missed you guys.
I told them about Buck.
[GUNFIRE] We got a man down behind the southwest building.
- MAN 5 [ON RADIO]: How bad? - He's urgent, surgical.
[EXPLOSION] GRAVES: This is Delta one.
We need immediate cas evac.
[INAUDIBLE] two two, this is Delta one.
Do we have sitrep on the cas evac, over? Buck didn't make it.
What's the matter? Hey, anybody know where we're going? Yeah, Bosnia.
Jackie's really supportive of what he does.
I think she's accepted that he's a SEAL, that his life is always on the line.
She lives moment to moment with him.
She's so strong.
She's so good at what she does.
She's the hardest one in that family.
You know, you feel like they're going to be together forever.
Nothing's going to shake this family.
The relationship with Buddha before was more of a team co-parenting.
This season, we kind of take that away from her.
So you go after him and they come over here and they take you out? - No.
- Is that how it works now? No, no.
For [BLEEP] sake, no! You know, it's a great marriage.
It's a family life.
And that's going to be put under pressure.
Take something.
Stay away from my wife! Stop! Joe! Graves tries really hard with Lena to make her that emotional anchor for him, and he's looking in the wrong place.
This is not how we get back together.
Bear is so determined to get her back.
And she's unsure if she wants to be pulled into the SEAL world.
I feel like she's finally coming out of her shell and she's wanting things for herself.
Things have to change.
We have to change.
This is a huge shift in who he is.
Caulder finally kind of starts to enjoy the fact that he's got this, you know, beautiful young woman who's brilliant and intellectual and smart and independent and carefree.
So, uh, we're having a daddy-daughter moment, huh? I guess we are.
She definitely can't quite understand what Caulder's going through.
I mean, who could? But it took me 18 years to get a dad.
I don't want to lose him now.
Like I said Find somewhere better to be.
I'll work on that.
Hey, Bear.
I wouldn't trade this job for the world.
Yeah, me too.
We love this [BLEEP].
And those schoolgirls, they wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for us.
Yeah, we do good.
So did Rip.
[GRUNTING] [GUNSHOT] [YELLING] This is a hostage rescue.
Watch your shots.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Go.
Come on.
Come on! Akmal! [GUNFIRE] MAN 6: [INAUDIBLE] We're about to be overrun.
Delta, making entry.
- Run! - [GUNFIRE] [SCREAMING] Get down! Don't kill him! Just slow him down! [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] No! [SCREAMS] - Get up! - [GUNFIRE] - There they are.
- On me! [GUNSHOT] We've got to get you out of here, Rip.
You were there.
My brother begged for his life.
I won't.
Shoot him.
- I already did.
- Come on.
Let's get Rip out of here.
Come on! Let's go.
All stations, we have Taggart.
Yeah! [APPLAUSE] Thanks for letting me in on everything.
Hey, you're on my team now.
You earned it.
Richard Taggart? Mind if I get a video? Who are you? I'm Marissa from Oregon.
[GUNSHOT] [PHONE VIBRATING] Hello? Something happened.
It's not good.
Your acid burned us.
Vince, hang on.
We're exploring in this season what it means to want to kill another person for revenge and what it does to you.
Bring everybody and make sure they're packing.
Their father figures is shot.
Their sense of fear and vengeance and vulnerability sends them off on the whole season two.
This season two's gonna blow your mind.
It's a lot more intense.
Down! [GUNFIRE] [BABY CRYING] - Who were they? - Gina.
Those [BLEEP] killed my source.
- That's not on us.
- We are diving deeper down the dark rabbit hole.
Bring him.
BRUCE MCKENNA: The themes are more human in some ways, because it's about revenge.
It's about the cycles of violence.
It's about payback.
GINA: He killed the one person I trusted.
Help me find him.
What does vengeance do to us? Hey! Come back here! I said I said I'll tell you who is! I I said I'll tell you who he is! I said I'll tell you who he is! DAVID BROYLES: And can we ever get payback? GINA: He told us where we can find him.
It's all in there.
They're rolling out.
Sometimes, you gotta roll the dice.
So you're saying it's the same guy.
This may be our only chance to grab him.
The consequences of vengeance become unintended and unexpected.
Positive ID on the HBI.
Recommend you execute.
[GUNFIRE] Somebody lied to me.
MAN 7: The line between good and bad, right and wrong gets a little blurry.
Golf charlie, we're pushing data now.
This time, we're after the same thing.
What is that? Payback.
The themes are very different.
They're darker.
They're more complex.
I don't make the same mistake.
I make sure my enemies are dead.
BRUCE MCKENNA: Everyone in the world understands hatred and the desire for vengeance.
It's one of the rawest, most elemental human emotions, and the most dangerous.
You betrayed us! Try to negotiate with me again and I'll have your tongue cut out.
You can trust me.
I don't understand.
I gave you what you wanted.
He is playing us.
Go ahead.
Get your payback.