Six (2017) s02e03 Episode Script


Previously on "Six" When do I do the next one? Mr.
Mohammed! FBI! Open up.
Rip was at our house.
They must've followed him from there.
- They know where we live.
- No.
I'm not going back to that house, and neither are the kids.
I'm gonna find whoever did this, and we're gonna make them pay.
We're gonna put them in the ground, okay? On the ground! Hey, Caulder.
You okay? Aah! You still getting those headaches? Dad? Dad? This is the last time.
Do you understand what I'm saying? We need to spend some time apart.
We're doing that.
Or maybe maybe see other people.
Ah, Gina, my number one spook.
My asset from Bosnia Tamerlin Shishoni.
But you know him as "The Prince.
" You'll take care of them, yes? That was our deal, remember? You bring me Stankevich, I'll take care of all of you.
Did you screw us?! Are there more coming?! Your asset burned us.
Where's that son of a bitch? He killed the one person I trusted.
He tried to kill you.
Help me find him.
- Yes? - Prince? Forgive me, but I need to confirm your wishes directly.
The game may have been compromised by the Americans.
That's unfortunate.
I spoke to Boko Haram.
They'll accept Michael as compensation along with the girls.
Our other plans are unaffected.
What are you waiting for? I know Michael acted imprudently, but he is valuable to the cause.
Michael's cause is himself.
He is not without arrogance.
Or ambition.
Emir Muttaqi I know you love Michael as a father loves a son.
And it will put a hole in your heart, I promise you.
But remember, other people have made that sacrifice.
I trust in your wisdom.
Prince visits the place where his wife and kids were massacred by the Serbs.
By the fence.
Couple hundred meters from the village, just east of the church.
You sure about the date? Same date every year.
You better not fuck me.
He said John is the Prince.
He told us where we can find him.
It's all in there.
He said the Prince will be in that field in 72 hours.
Nasry's our only source.
I know it's single-source, but it's the best Intel we have.
Vince is hit! Your asset burned us.
Vince, hang on.
Where's that son of a bitch? Gina! are you listening? Sometimes you gotta roll the dice.
Okay, you want John, I want the Prince.
You're saying it's the same guy.
This may be our only chance to grab him.
Now I'm running this up the chain.
Michael, please.
What am I supposed to do? Tell me what to do.
who had been held by the FBI for questioning in connection with the murder of Richard Taggart.
Taggart, the controversial former member of SEAL Team Six whose confession divided the nation was considered a traitor by some, a hero by many.
Hey, dude.
You wanna get a beer? Hey, man.
Did you see the news? They, uh, they just let that asshole go.
Yeah, well, the dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.
What, you, uh, what, did you read that in a fortune cookie or something? No, it's, um It's from, uh Alex? - You still at the Lamplighter? - No.
No, that place sucked.
I'm at the Holiday Hotel.
You wanna crash at my place? Mi casa su casa, catch some waves.
It'd probably do you some good.
I don't surf, Alex.
Therein lies the problem, man.
Hey, what'd Lena say the other night? No, just, you know, she, uh she wants some space or whatever, you know.
Well, I guess it's time to let the bear out of the cage, huh? Hey, um, look, uh, room service is here.
It's dinner, so, um, I'll I'll call you later, okay? - All right.
- Okay, bye.
Ah! I went by the house today.
It's still not rented.
Anabel, I told you not to go back there.
Why? Whoever did it would be, like, super stupid to come after us now.
Dad, help me out here.
Your mom's right.
We're safer here, at least until we know we have the guys who did this to Rip.
Are you serious? I miss my room.
I miss home.
This is crazy.
- No! No! - Why can't we just go back? No! Hey.
I want a gun.
Guns are my other life.
That was the deal.
I never bring my other life home.
I need a gun to protect the kids when you're not around.
You know how hard we train just to use a gun safely, right? You'd be dangerous to yourself and to the kids more than anybody else.
We're safe, Bonita.
I promise.
Really? Tell that to Rip.
Ahh! Whoo! Hit it! Ride the lightning, mother - Whoo! - Ohh.
- Get that out.
- I got you, I got you, I got you.
Whoo! Oh.
- Yeah! - You're up, Fish.
- Mnh! Mnh-mnh.
- It's Taser time, bro.
Oh! I'm not doing that shit.
Oh, it's getting late! I'm outta here.
Oh, hell no, bro.
A bet's a bet.
- Come on, bro.
- Now I told you they'd let that so-called suspect go.
Freakin' Saudi, man.
That's an instant "Get Out of Jail Free" card.
You're up.
Let's go! All right, I'll bite, man.
Why do you think they cut that suspect loose? Because our government is full of globalist plutocrats are in bed with the Saudis.
Have been since they found oil in the sand dunes in 1938.
Am I right? 15 of the 19 shitheads who took down the Twin Towers? Saudi.
Come on, guys.
Read a fucking book.
Follow the oil.
Every time you put gas in your car, it goes directly into the pockets of the Islamic terrorist.
That's what we're bleedin' for.
Problem isn't Islam, okay? It's extremists, whatever religion.
Uh I don't see Buddhists blowing themselves up.
I mean, come on, man.
Islam is just incompatible with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Look, man, you do remember something called the Crusades.
It cuts both ways.
Come on, Hah-vard.
That shit was a thousand years ago.
These guys? Right here? All the past 10.
Guess what they have in common? - You keep track? - Oh, come on.
Like you don't? Because you're a sleeper.
He don't wanna shoot his boys.
I get that.
In fact, I respect it.
That was Mohammed.
That was Ab Whoa.
If I tattooed you with every guy I've killed, I'd run out of skin.
Keep your bullshit up, I'll add you to the list.
Easy, Fish.
- I'm out of here.
- Good.
You got, uh, any theories on my kind you wanna add? No, man.
I love brown people.
Come on.
Let's do this! Who's up? and do whatever the hell you want - Answer me! - and get away with it? Huh? Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't do anything.
I do not believe you.
That's what your kind say all the time.
Come on! You killed a goddamn American hero.
You think you can get away with that? Huh? No, man.
I didn't do anything.
Is that what you think? I had nothing to do with it.
I've heard your people tell me that all kinds It has nothing to do with me.
Nothing to do with me.
Look me in the eye and tell me that.
You son of a bitch.
Get up! Get up! Get up! - Hey! - Get up! Get up! Stop! Leave him alone! He didn't do anything! I'm gonna call the police! Get out of here! I'm calling them! We'll be back! You better be gone, Hadji! Thank you.
Why why do they hate us so much? Let's get you back to your place.
I can help you get cleaned up.
Please, I'm afraid to be out there right now.
I just wanna sit for a bit.
- You shot that man? - Let me explain.
We're building something beautiful.
For all Muslims A family.
You should join us, and I'll introduce you to someone.
- And once you've heard him - No, you can't build with hate.
The Koran preaches peace.
Show me.
If you can show me where it says that, I'll I'll turn myself in.
I'll get you the passage.
It's in my room.
Aah! Hold on.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
- Jackie.
- Can I come in? Uh yeah.
Expecting company? Well, you never know when the Dalai Lama might drop by.
Um, you want a coffee? No, I'm good.
Look, if this is about Dharma and Anabel That's not why I'm here.
I need a gun.
Why you come to me? I can't buy one, and Ricky will know I took the money.
Bad idea.
Come on.
It's a handgun.
It's not a nuclear weapon.
And I won't tell Ricky where I got it from, okay? Jackie, have you thought about this? Like, seriously thought about it and talked to Buddha? I haven't been able to sleep since it happened.
Please, Alex.
This is for my family.
Wanted to get a look at him myself.
My Arabic's rusty.
"I seek refuge in you from the difficulties of affliction and the burdens of hardship, "from evil judgments, and from my enemy's malicious rejoicing.
" He's begging Allah to protect him.
Why is he crying? It's part of the dua Islamic supplication prayer.
He cries to show he means it.
Headquarters approved a kill/capture mission.
Make the call.
I want my own assault team.
Hey, Bear! Stop jerking off.
We're going out, dude.
Come on, dude.
Hey, Bear, if you can't get laid in this place, you have a serious problem.
I thought we were just going for a drink.
Hey, we are drinking, are we not? - Here we go.
Cheers, man.
- Cheers.
Listen, it's time for you to get back in the saddle.
'Cause you know Lena is.
No, she's not, bro.
Oh, come on.
The whole "I need space" speech? Do I need to spell it out for you, man? She wants to date other people.
So let's get you seeing some other people.
Hey, I'm, uh, I'm Joe.
- That's nice.
- Yeah.
Your wife let you out? Nice try.
- That's fair.
- "Your wife let you out," dude? - You think that's funny? - Jesus, Bear.
It's a symbol, man.
Prison of monogamy.
Whoo, it's heavy.
Hey, two more shots, dude.
Four more shots.
Four more shots.
Bring us the bottle.
Come on.
Uhh! Come on! What is this? Oh, come on.
You know you wanna try this.
- No way.
Yeah? - Trust me.
- Mmm.
- Oh! Mmm.
No, this tastes like spiked Kool-Aid.
You can't put this in your body.
So you, uh, like to live dangerously, huh? Uh It's okay.
So do I.
Let's go somewhere quieter.
Some some somewhere else Somewhere else? You're cute.
I'll go tell my girlfriends we're leaving.
- Don't go anywhere.
- Oh, I won't.
I'm I'm not going.
- Hey.
- Joe? It's Elise.
Lena forgot her cellphone.
Um where'd she go? She's out.
You know, it's, like, after midnight, so Look, Joe, I gotta go.
I swear to god, if you're telling me that you guys are sisters Hey, Bear, open up.
We got company, man.
- Bear! - Bear! Bear I'm sorry.
You guys should go.
But But - I know, I know, I know, I know.
- We just got here.
I know, I know, I know.
I know, uh, but it's complicated.
He's complicated.
So come with us.
- Mm, that's not complicated, is it? - No.
I can't.
Let's go, baby.
He's not coming.
That's not fair.
Oh, that is bad.
That is bad, bad, bad Bear! Bad Bear! They're gone, thanks to you.
Come on, man.
Open up.
I'm not leaving till you open the door.
Come on, Bear.
Never leave a man behind.
That's what I always say.
Come on.
We got recall.
I need you to sober up right now.
So your finger or mine? - Get that away from me.
- Your finger or mine? Come on.
- I'm not drunk.
I'll stick with coffee.
- Come on.
- Okay! Okay! - Let's see the finger! - Okay, okay, okay - Get it done.
Good boy.
Please tell me that's not embalmed.
No, man.
Rubber cast.
- Of a real finger? - Yep.
UBL's son.
Had it made after I took him out.
So it's like your lucky charm? Uh, "talisman" in Harvard speak.
I take it with me on every op.
I like to leave prints wherever I go.
I got Agency turds chasing a dead man.
How did we end up with Red Squadron's trash? I don't know, man.
It kind of makes sense in its own mentally challenged way.
- You're kidding.
- What, a finger, a rabbit's foot - What's the difference? - Uh, first off, it's not a rabbit.
Okay, let's do this.
Wheel's up in 60 minutes.
- Hey, anybody know where we're going? - Yeah.
Look who's here.
Your bunk or mine, baby? Yours.
Mine's too high for you.
Oh, see? Our kids are gonna be hot and funny.
This is your op? Yeah, we're working together.
Okay, just to be here clear, if th is gonna work, then I'm in charge of the guys on the ground.
That's how it works.
I'm just here to point you in the right direction.
And that's in the direction of the guys who killed Rip? Yeah.
HVI is Tamerlin Shishoni.
That's John from Bosnia.
Thought you shot him.
He survived.
Went underground, became "The Prince" and a Hall of Fame bad guy.
We think he's in bed with the Russians.
This guy right here is the money and muscle behind the Ummah Movement The Tanzania bombings, the Dubai attack, and Michael Nasry.
- Yeah, where is that asshole? - We took care of him.
Look, if you guys want a shot at the guy behind Rip's murder, the Prince is it.
Now we got one shot.
Every year, the Prince visits the place where his wife and kids were massacred by the Serbs.
On the anniversary of their deaths Sarajevo, Bosnia.
The flower fields on the outskirts of the city.
with a handful of his most loyal guards and a personal driver who's been with him since the early days of Chechnya.
- They're all highly trained and - Not your regular mujs, I guess? No.
Former Russian Spetsnaz operators.
I know, guys.
Been there, done that.
So you know what we're up against.
They'll travel in some kind of armored convoy.
And each man would give his life for the Prince - in a heartbeat.
- This is a capture/kill mission.
Preferably capture, but I'll take him any way I can.
So why don't we just drop a couple Hellfires on target? Because we need visual confirmation first.
And how solid is the Intel? Solid.
Are we gonna have a problem? Last time I heard the words credible source" coming from you, things did not turn out well.
This time, we're after the same thing.
What is that? Payback.
Golf Charlie, pushing data now.
Stand by.
Standing by to receive traffic.
Transmission received.
Stand by.
Okay, I need positive IDs on all these guys.
Running them through the database.
Got PIDs on a bodyguard and the driver.
They're tied to the Prince's organization.
What about him? Can't confirm it's the Prince.
Stay on him.
- Why we holding up? - Roger that.
We're waiting on a PID of a possible HVI.
We already IDed two of his guys.
It's him.
Tell me about Mr.
Hat and Glasses.
Still no confirmation that it's the Prince.
They're rolling out.
Driver's on his cell.
Are we burning their phones? Yeah, the Predator's up on them.
It's a number we haven't seen before, but it matches with the others in the Prince's org.
Delta One, this is Golf Charlie.
We haven't IDed the HVI.
- What are you thinking? - Let's move on these assholes.
We move when we know it's the Prince.
They're on the move.
Stay on the convoy.
Hey, Delta Five, this is Delta One.
Come back to the van.
We're moving.
Convoy stationary at what appears to be a sporting venue.
Guess they're into MMA.
Seven packs leaving the vehicles.
Entering the south entrance of venue.
Delta One, I need you to keep eyes on.
Request to send personnel into venue.
Roger that.
Hold on.
Hell, we can get in there.
We can try, anyway.
Trevor, Caulder, you're up.
I'm going with them.
I'm the only one who's ever seen this asshole Shishoni in person.
I have a better shot at IDing him, right? Just don't get burned, all right? This is turning into a shitshow, dude.
- Could be worse, fellas.
- How so? Could be boxing.
We got Delta Two, Three, and Four entering west entrance of venue.
Yo, you think that's him? Can't tell.
What, you don't recognize the douchey hat? This is Delta One.
We have eyes on targets.
No PID on our HVI.
I'm about to piss myself.
- Well, hold it.
- I have been since we got here.
Mind over body, man.
Stay here.
Jesus, man.
I'll be right back.
Go after him? Give it a minute.
They went in right after you.
Did they make you? We might be burned.
This is Delta One.
Our guys might be compromised.
They're exiting through the back door.
We'll be in the alley in less than one mike.
Potential HVI just split off with the bodyguard.
This is Delta One.
Group has split in two with possible principal targets still internal.
Rest of the group is exiting on the south side.
Positive ID on the HVI? Negative.
Recommend you execute.
While most of the crowd is still inside.
We haven't IDed him.
I know, but this is as good as it's going to get.
Definitely a shitshow.
Possible collateral damage, Bear.
We can abort.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Uhh! All right, bring it in.
Load 'em up.
Where are you? Potential HVI and bodyguards are headed to South exit.
You okay? Yeah.
Uhh! Ah! Ah! Blue, blue! - Blue, blue, blue! - Ah! Blue! Blue! This him? - I don't think so.
- Caulder's hit! Okay, take him to Cline.
Have her ID him.
That guy.
It's not him.
I hope your guy's doing okay.
I'm not getting on in plane, Bear.
- Bear, it is a scratch, man.
It's nothing.
- No, not again.
Look, I told you there's a team of people waiting for you in Landstuhl.
That's not gonna happen.
Drop it.
Okay? - You're overreacting.
- Yeah, well, that's Yeah.
Look, I would like somebody other than Trevor to take a look at your arm.
All right? Okay, we're gonna be waitin' for him when you get home.
It's gonna be all good.
All right? You got this.
You said your Intel was reliable.
This is the second goddamn time.
Somebody lied to me.
Yo, having that shit on your phone will get you bounced, bro.
Oh, like I'm the only one? I saw you, dude.
You like this shit.
We all do, man.
You just gotta own it.
"I seek refuge" "and the difficulty of affliction" "from the burden of hardship" "from evil judgment" "and from my enemy's malicious rejoicing.
" Allahu Akbar.