Six (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

The Reckoning

Previously on "Six" The Prince wants to trade Andrew Hall for a high-valued Jihadist prisoner.
- You behind this? - The President's behind this.
Village is 5 kilometers up that Valley.
Exchange is there.
Two down.
You're on me! Says the Prince sent them here to kill all the SEALs and Michael.
Prince's men own these mountains.
You give me the Prince, and I'll give you his kingdom.
Michael Nasry, the asset you let go? Letting Nasry go was our best shot at getting Hall back.
He could end up being our highest-placed asset.
Your clearance has been revoked.
That is complete bullshit.
I found it in the glove compartment of your car.
Who gave it to you? Goddamn it, who gave it to you?! You have a serious brain injury.
You really have to avoid any activity that could lead to another head injury.
They're here to kill us.
We need to leave.
Holy shit.
Let's reset, go again.
- You good? - I'm golden.
I don't appreciate my car being broken into, Aubrey.
You have one minute.
I warned you not to contact him.
He pinged me like I said he would.
- Could be an FSB dangle.
- You gonna tell the President that? Pass up our once chance to rescue his friend? - What do you want? - Besides my job back? No more bullshit murder charges.
- I run the asset.
- Out of the question.
I'm not negotiating.
Nasry won't talk to anyone else.
I run him.
And I want a lethal finding in writing from the President authorizing the assassination of the Prince.
I'll forward the text to the lab.
Have them nail down the location from the humidity and temp recorded in the pixels.
Him, I need.
But you, you're more trouble than you're worth.
FSB has your safe houses pegged.
They don't know my network.
Just trust me.
How'd he do? - He is ready.
- Outstanding.
- Delta, gather 'round.
- Caulder.
Word just came in from higher.
We're on the hook for another shot at Andrew Hall.
- Nasry? - Yeah, he contacted the CIA.
- Hell just froze over.
- Cline was right.
Goes without saying, sir, but we want this one.
- We want Nasry.
- No promises, but if I can make it happen, believe me, I will.
As soon as the OGAs chime in, I'll let you know, all right? Short leashes, no drinkin', all that shit with your home lives, do it.
Yo, dude.
Remember Bosnia when you got shot? You got something to say, say it.
You're not ready.
The guys they're loyal.
They see what they wanna see.
But me, I see things clearly.
- What do you see? - A selfish prick so desperate to get back on this team, you're willing to risk all our lives.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, Buddha.
What the hell were you thinking giving my wife a gun? What? She could've shot herself or the kids, you asshole.
What'd you expect me to do, huh? She was terrified.
I made a call.
It's my family, it's my call.
Do you understand? Do you understand?! You wanna hit me, hit me.
I understand, Buddha.
Welcome back to the team.
What the hell are you doing? If you wanna live, you'll shut your mouth.
FSB raided the house.
They raided the warehouse, too, seized my plane.
They're cooperating with the Americans.
Take a ferry to Samsun.
I have friends in Turkey.
So do they.
You're gonna go east with just a handful of guys.
I don't trust you.
I don't trust your friends.
Azerbaijan is filled with American military advisors.
I grew up in the village in the northeast called Ititala.
Far away from Uncle Sam's mercenaries.
There's an old copper mine there worked by my father and my father's father.
We'll regroup there.
Why don't you tell your dad about the team? Dad, I made the traveling team.
Good job.
Good job, kid.
Hi, hello, we're here.
Anabel, why don't you go next door and get your brother a burger? - He's not eating his fish.
- Yes.
Come on.
Where are you? 'Cause you're not here.
Keeping tabs on this thing I told you about.
Going after Rip's killer.
That's good, baby.
Listen, it's It's my fault, too.
Me and the gun, my stupid fears.
He introduced us.
Do you remember that night? Yeah.
He always brought me home.
Son of a bitch who gave the order to kill him, he's still breathing.
But you're home now.
With me, the kids.
Isn't that enough? So which one of you newly minted frogs is gonna help me get Taggart out of here? Wow.
Oh, instructor Taggart.
Um hey, amigo.
Goddamn, you're so beautiful.
Um, Juanita, right? Jackie.
What major? - Pre-med.
Come on.
Let's go.
- All right, um, come here.
Come here, yeah, I got your pants.
I got your pants, all right.
Yeah, all right.
You got that? Let's go.
I've got you.
I've got you.
Watch your step.
- Okay.
All right.
- Step, step, step, whoa, whoa.
Come on, big boy.
Let's go.
Next time, keep it in the men's bathroom.
- Oh, come on.
- Oh.
Up, up.
Come on, you're almost there.
Almost there.
It's right here.
- Yep, right here.
- All right.
All right, all right.
Come on.
- Oh! - Okay.
Thank you, thank you.
Hey, uh Thank you, Jackie from pre-med.
I'm Ricardo Ortiz, and it was a pleasure to meet you.
And it was, you know Bye, Ricardo Ortiz.
Gotta work.
All right.
Bye, Jackie.
Will you take me to get something to eat? We have a hit.
This video was taken in Chechnya.
Two days old.
He could be in China by now.
Find out where that is.
Heather was a very beautiful girl, a great body about helping the kids with their hair - and getting dress - It was a changing community at the time.
Woman: Football is king in Bettendorf.
Wes is is a big deal Hi.
Can I come in? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Clear this.
I came by the house.
Yeah, uh, it just it just doesn't feel right, you know? You want a-a drink? I got a mini bar.
- No, I'm okay.
- Sure? Yeah, I'm okay.
I've missed you.
Joseph, are you sure you're okay with this? Yeah.
Yeah, you? You really wanna try again? You know I do.
No, I mean, having a baby.
I think that we should just work on us, like you said for now.
All right.
Good night.
Good night.
Allah Akbar.
Allah Akbar.
Allah Akbar.
Allah Akbar.
Allah Akbar.
To my son, who served both his God and his country with honor.
You inspire our family and bring hope to our community.
What's going on, man? Come on.
I know you.
What happened? There's this, uh, this little boy, who's about the same age as yours.
His name is Bajadour.
And when his village was attacked, this kid fought beside us.
He got shot.
But we patched him up.
Just like you would've, cuz.
When the whole thing was over, one of the attackers, he All of the villagers took turns killing this guy.
One by one with stones.
I tried to stop Bajadour.
The kid took his own turn, too.
I joined the SEALs thinking I can make a difference.
This kid made me realize I never will.
How's it hangin', dude? It's hanging right, bro.
Where'd you get your ink? Some dude in the marina here in Virginia Beach.
Why? You looking to catch hepatitis? I just thought I'd get some skulls of my own.
What's the matter? Pictures aren't doing it for you anymore? It's not that, it's just Figured it's a better way to keep count, you know? I'm not keeping score, dude.
These are victims.
This cat, yeah, he deserved it.
So did this one.
Blew up a school in Peshawar.
But this? That's a mom Lost her entire family.
But she came at me with an empty gun, so I shot her in the face.
You think this is some sort of badge of honor.
This is the Mark of Cain, dude.
Rein that shit in, Harvard.
Too late for me, but I gotta believe you got more to life than making your body a fucking scoreboard.
We'll stay a day or two at the mine and then head south.
Our friends in Hezbollah have organized safe haven in Iran.
I-I need to take a Go.
Let's go.
They're static.
Let's get ISR on that position.
By the time you do, they'll be gone.
I think he ditched the phone.
- - Okay, pack your bags.
So when does your dad get back? We're gonna kill them, Marissa.
All of them.
Alex? Hi.
Got some General Tso's chicken.
Is there a story here? You have no idea.
Are we going to California? We're on call.
You asshole.
You didn't tell them? When are you gonna tell them? That your head's gonna explode? It's not gonna explode.
What about us? We could have a life.
Be a family.
The surf shop.
We could have a surf shop.
Mom was right.
I shouldn't have reached out to you.
Hey, I love you.
Don't fucking touch me.
You call them.
Call them.
Call them right now.
Tell them the truth.
You tell them or I will.
I love you, but I need this for me.
I'm not sticking around to be handed some bullshit American flag.
Yes or no? I'm sorry.
- Where's Caulder? - Helicopter races.
Ready? - Gentlemen! - Hey.
It's official.
We're on the clock to get Hall.
He's still traveling with the Prince and Nasry to the Azercorp abandoned mine and mill in northwest Azerbaijan.
We have new intel that they'll be here in 36 to 48 hours.
That's a daytime hit.
The President is aware of the risk.
His or ours? We have new intel on the tunnels.
There are 200 kilometers of them on several levels.
What information do we have about exit and entry points on those tunnels? Just that there is an entrance in the mill itself.
We'll just use that one.
Rescuing Hall is our operational goal.
Then capturing or killing the Prince.
And what about Nasry? You will not kill him.
If you capture him, and I wanna make this very clear, if you capture him, you will let him go.
- Christ.
- He's our asset.
Are we clear? We're clear.
Okay, let's go over this again.
11 levels, top levels are structurally unsound as per intel and there's been no heat signatures up top the last couple days.
Two points of entry, one up top, one down the bottom where Golf and Hotel will provide containment.
We will fast rope in, make infil up here, clear top to bottom.
What do you know about that village? Ititala.
A click away.
Used to provide workers for the mine.
Now a lot of the men have left for Syria, Iraq, wherever Jihad takes them.
We'll keeps eyes on.
I definitely preferred your jet.
My father used to work that crusher.
A slave to his Russian masters.
But definitely a good place to hide.
Haven One, this is Cobra Four Four.
We are vectoring to target now.
Roger that, Cobra Four Four.
Delta One, Haven One actual, Golf and Hotel are en route, over.
Copy, Haven One.
30 seconds.
30 seconds! 30 seconds! Allah.
Allah Akbar.
Allah hu Akbar.
Nasry's inside.
Eighth level.
Yeah, he better be.
Push that to the assault teams.
Move! Move! Move! Special forces! Special forces! How did they know we're here? One of your men must've got careless with their phone! I know their tactics! They'll drive us from the top down, squeeze us out the bottom and kill us.
We have to make it to the mine.
Call in more men from the village, trap them here, and kill them all.
Aah! Hotel, moving to set.
Hotel set.
Delta set.
Golf set.
Give me a weapon.
I've fought against them before.
if he even thinks about shooting me.
- Behind you.
- Uhh! Aah! Clear! I've got eyes on Hall! - Delta has eyes on Hall.
- What about Nasry? All due respect, Cline, I can't give a shit about Nasry.
Okay, let's move out! Fish, take us out! Into the mine.
Now! Haven One, this is Delta One.
We're on the ninth level.
About to enter the mine.
Chase, turn the lights off.
They're on us.
We'll use the air shafts.
Okay, call to take us out.
What's Delta's sitrep? - Anyone have eyes on? - We still have no comms, sir.
They're inside the mine.
Goddamn it.
Caulder's hit! Hurry, they're still on us! Let's go.
Move or I'll blow your head off.
It grazed my helmet.
I'm good.
Go, go, go.
Caulder, move.
Caulder, move.
Aah! Give them Hall.
That's who they want.
- I see Hall! - Leave him or we're dead.
Aah! Aah! We're gonna get you out of here, sir.
Let's go.
Hey, we got Hall! Take us out! Well, we got Hall.
Let's move.
Let's move! Nasry's up there! I'm gonna get Nasry! Hey, hey, what do I tell Jackie if you die in here? Do you hear me? You hear me? We move out the extraction point right now.
Let him go.
We'll drop a Damn it! Nasry's phone pinged.
He's in that building.
Any other signatures? Can't tell.
- They're gone.
- Hey, we need to leave.
Wait! We wait for Fyodor.
Sit down.
Sit down opposite me where I can see you.
The fighters from the village They will come.
This is Delta One, Haven One One.
We're at the southeast entrance.
Touchdown, touchdown, touchdown.
They got him.
They got Hall.
Whoo! Raptor Six Six, wheels down at extract.
Unloading Two Troop now.
All right, that's everybody but Delta.
What about the Prince? Nasry? We're lookin'.
Okay, boys, bird is inbound moving to LZ block.
Roger that.
Let's go.
- Hey, are you good? - Yeah.
- Are you good? - Yeah! Sir? I have multiple tangos moving toward Delta.
It's an ambush.
Delta One, you have multiple tangos west of your extraction point and on your right flank.
Get a fire mission on them.
Get Golf and Hotel back on the ground.
We're being flanked! Sir, stay down! Viper Three Three, get DAPS on those tangos.
Raptor Six Six, how far are you from the target? We are 5 miles out.
2 minutes.
Where's the LZ now? Sir, let's go! Uhh! Keep your fucking head down.
Haven One, Trident Five Two, we are taking fire.
The LZ's hot! Let's move! Let's move.
Fish, Trev, we gotta get out of here! Trevor, move.
- Check! - Fish, Trev, let's go! - Come on, come on, come on.
- Haven One, this is Trident Five One.
It's too hot.
We're egressing the extraction point.
Negative, we have two eagles on the ground! - Hey, I got shot.
- Hang in there, Fish.
Haven One, this is Trident Five One.
We're outta here.
He's been taken in the side.
Put it down! Put it down! Hall! Hall! Put it down! - I'm sorry, Bear.
- No worries, brother, okay? We're here with you.
All right, Armin? We're here with you, brother.
You're gonna be good.
All right? Okay? We got you.